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August 15, 2014

PS2: Dolphins 20, Tampa Bay 14 (Final): Moore, defense shine; plus Mark D'Onofrio yay/nay poll (vote now), your cheer/boo verdict on LeBron & more

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DSM reminder: The Dolfan Statisfaction Meter polls will be back in the blog this year, but they begin with the regular season. Look for the first one on Sept. 7.

PS2: DOLPHINS 20, TAMPA BAY 14: MOORE, DEFENSE LIFT MIAMI: Final: Ryan Tannehill was good, Matt Moore was better, Brady Quinn got his feet wet and the three Miami QBs combined for 26-for-37 for 280 yards tonight. Ground game sputtered (25-47) but offense was solid overall, with line allowing only one sack. Team also got 48- and 51-yard field goals from newly signed John Potter after a pregame groin strain by Caleb Sturgis. Dolphins' defense also was stout, limiting Bucs to 250 yards and recording five sacks. An all-round solid performance and improvement over last week as preseason reaches midway point. ..... Half: Matt Moore a sharp 10-for-14 including a 9-yard TD pass to Rishard Matthews. Ryan Tannehill also solid in half. Still wish first unit had played a bit longer. play ofhalf for Miami was Brent Grimes' strip near the goalline that turned a 42-yard Bucs scoring play into a touchback and Miami possession. Great hustle by the veteran corner. The huge negative in the half? The running game, or lack thereof. Dolphins had nine carries for minus-five yards. Embarrassing. ..... Original post: The Dolphins have a problem situation that is unique in the NFL, a situation that should make the rules for their preseason different from other 1aa1adolbucteams, and different from the typical August. Miami is the only team in the league with both a new offense and a whole new offensive line trying to learn it. That, for me, changes what coach Joe Philbin's mindset should be in these exhibitions. Usually the starters play increasingly in the first three exhibition games (but still not very much), and then maybe not at all in the final warmup game. In keeping with that norm, QB Ryan Tannehill and the first team basically played only the first series of last week's loss in Atlanta, looking very good, then disappearing. Expect a bit more first-unit action tonight upstate. I'd like to see a lot more. Next week, too. The new, coalescing line would greatly benefit. So would the new Bill Lazor offense in general. Sure, there would be increased injury risk open to second guessing. But this isn't a typical preseason for this team. Getting a longer look at the depth guys who'll be Nos. 45-53 on the roster is not as important as this new offense being totally in-synch and fully charged entering the regular season.

ONUS ON D'ONOFRIO'S DEFENSE AS CANES SEASON NEARS: Today was a "Football's Back In Case You Didn't Know It" day, as the Hurricanes held their annual Media Day event concurrently with the Dolphins 1aa1adonofriostaging their annual Kickoff Luncheon. At the UM interview-fest no assistant coach drew a bigger throng of inquisitors than defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio (pictured). I'd have referred to D'Onofrio as "embattled," except he and bossman Al Golden are close buds, so I'd doubt seriously if his defensive chief is in any jeopardy. They go way back to Penn State as teammates, and D'Onofrio also served on Golden's Temple staff. D'Onofrio I think is embattled, though, in terms of the way Canes fans view him -- and with reason. UM's defense has seemed in decline since his first season of 2011, when the opponent average of 20.1 points was solid. In 2012 that average shot to an unacceptbale 30.5. Last season it was 24.0, but included a gruesome stretch when the D allowed 41, 42 and 48 points in consecutive losses. UM enters this season talking improvement but boasting only one preseason All-ACC defender in linebacker Denzel Perryman. What is your degree of faith in D'Onofrio as the Sept. 1 opener nears? Vote and say why.

Poll result: Mostly cheers for LeBron's return, but lots of boos, too: We asked what reaction LeBron James deserves Dec. 25 when he returns to Miami for the first time (you may still vote), and 44.6 percent said "cheering," 24.4% said "booing" and 31.0% said a mix of both. We are officially conflicted, people.

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N'oD is a horrible coordinator, his bend but d'on't break scheme is a bad fit for Miami's athletic playmakers.

It will never work here and if Al Golden can't fire his best friend then unfortunately he's not the right man for the job here.

most Cane fans tend to criticize DoNofrio and most of them really have no clue as to why they do, they just play the results without looking at the big picture..

for me is real easy, this team is just coming out from under the NCAA cloud, it's been a long climb competing with the big power teams for top talent specially locally and we were mostly on the losing end on those battles, we simply didn't have the horses upfront (where EVERYTHING START'S) to be competitive, Golden/DoNofrio where forced to play true freshmen before they were ready both physically and mentally and those results showed in the field.

I ask my Cane brothers, show me where the Ray Lewis, Ed Reed's, Russell Maryland's or Warren Sapp's where on the team, you want proof?..look at the last few drafts, you can't play great defense without those type players, you can be competitive but not a great team...

I actually think we are one more year away..this is not an excuse..its reality..

and Laz..Golden is the best thing that has happened to this program since Jimmy Johnson was here.

the Canes will be just fine..they are in good hands.

Al Golden is a great head coach but N'oD is a terrible coordinator. Golden has all the excuses in the world for his boyfriend, he even goes as far as throwing his own players under the bus to cover for him.

Al Golden is out of excuses, his defenses have been historically bad, some of the worst in the country and the worst in the history of the program. And when the defense is terrible again this year and costs Miami wins against inferior ACC opponents, Al Golden will either have to fire his boyfriend or he will deserve to be in the hot seat or let go.

Miami can't win with a defense that won't play man coverage. It can't win with a defense that won't blitz. It can't win with a defense that only rushes three players every play. All the talent in the world couldn't win with N'oD's terrible scheme.

Laz, Al Golden won at fackin Temple..Temple!..again I ask you now...tell me who have been the great players on the Miami defense since Golden have been here?

name them...

He was 27-34 at Temple and went to one bowl game. But he's a good enough head coach. N'oD is not a good enough coordinator, his defenses have been an embarrassment to the university, he has no excuses this year, and his horrible defense will cost Miami ACC games against lesser opponents yet again.

Book it.

Ok Laz..I'm still waiting amigo.

U see, when you have the horses up front to put pressure on the QB then you can take chances with the secondary and play man to man, you can't assume the guy is a bad coordinator when he hasn't had the players to work with.

if in the next two years the defense doesn't improve then I'll be with you calling for his firing but not until he gets better players to coach.

again..name the stud defensive players that have been on the defense the last 4 years..

even this year there is only ONE being mentioned as an all ACC..Perryman..that is it.

BTW...FSU has had like 15 drafted on the defense alone in that same period of time..just so you know.

Miami's defense was 116 out of 120 last year.

If N'oD can't adjust his horrible scheme to cater to the players he does have, then he's still the wrong man for the job.

No sense making more excuses for him, we're all going to see this upcoming season how bad of a coordinator he is.

sorry dude..I asked you a question and you can't answer it because you know I'm right..and the Canes where the 66th best defense last year in points against which is the only stat that matters...not good but not 116th best either.


or not the 116th worst..sorry.

Hope your excuses make you feel better, they won't help once the games start.

Not so fast, FZB. I don't think you've seen me tank two games.

FZB if points allowed is the only stat that matters then why do you continue to ridicule Kevin Coyle. Dolphins were 8th in points allowed last season. You make no sense sometimes.

BB..Coyle has good players to work with but DoNofrio doesn't ..that is a big difference.

Coyle inherited a defensive team that had players best suited for the 3-4, good coaches adapt to what they have until they get the right players for their system, Coyle in his short time as a coordinator has done nothing of the sort.

would you say our defense was a stout defense towards the end of last year?..the guy is horrible, he doesn't adapt or makes changes if DoNofrio doesn't show great improvement this year with better players then I'll call for his firing too.

and Joe is still clueless..yup.

Who does he have now? What stud defensive players does he have that will make a difference this year?

FZB Golden has signed 2011 Anthony Chickillo #5 DE, Dallas Crawford #8 CB, Jalen Grimble #25 DE, Gionni Paul #22 OLB, Denzel Perryman #28 OLB, Thomas Finnie #29 CB, etc... 2012 Tracy Howard #1 CB, Tyriq McCord #13 DE, Deon Bush #4 S, Raphael Kirby # 13 OLB, Jelani Hamilton #37 DE, Jawand Blue #18 ILB, etc... 2013 Al-Quadin Muhammad #7 DE, Artie Burns #10 CB, Jermaine Grace #11 OLB, Jamaal Carter #40 ATH (S), Devante Bond #13 OLB (JC), etc... These are all Golden's recruits whom he declared would be the building blocks for the return to the glory days. These are all defensive players who were pretty much sought after by the major schools. At some point your man crush on Golden needs to cease, because he is not getting it done defensively.

FZB.....You make no sense sometimes.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 15, 2014 at 04:41 PM

Doyle are you trolling out there?

"We have the best roster that we've had in the three years I've been here," Philbin told Dolphins fans confidently at the team's annual luncheon in downtown Miami.

I strongly disagree!

Are you kidding. The 2014 Dolphins are a bunch of pansy ass pussies.

...and that's why at the peak of your career, you're wrangling miniature ponies.

I like this kid, Jordan Tripp...He goes to the body like nobody you've ever seen.

You guys are not too bright are U?.. All I'm saying is it takes time to build a program specially one that had no talent and had to go through a very long NCAA investigation..this young 3-4-5 star recruits also needed time to adjust to college and mature physically.

They have shown improvement every year...over all they have better talent on both sides of the ball but now we have a huge question mark at QB...its possible we can have a better team but have a worst record because of a very difficult schedule..now next year is when we should be a very strong team, we will have two really good prospects at QB and we will have a lot of Juniors and seniors on both sides of the ball..

And if our defense doesn't improve then?.. Then its time to move on from DoNofrio..

What?!?!?! They've gotten worse every year! The longer they play in N'oD's horrible defense the worse they get.

2011: 21 scoring, 49 yardage
2012: 60 scoring, 81 yardage
2013: 65 scoring, 116 yardage

DOnofrio is a DISGRACE.... He should have been gone TWO years ago!!! Golden is a pussy with NO..Yes NO winning record... Just a great car sales man... with no guts to make tough desitions

UM hasn't been able to sign one top flight defensive tackle since Golden's been at the U. D-tackles are what make defenses go. Moten is somewhat highly rated, but certainly not elite. Wyche is a judo grad. FSU, Alabama and the rest of the SEC has signed almost all the elite D-tackles for many years. UM must start to get some of these guys or they won't catch up.

2011 - 6-6

2012- 7-5

2013- 9-4

If my math is correct then it shows their record has improved each and every year, you guys act like if the Shapiro/ NCAA mess never happened..I bet most of you have never set foot at Joe Robbie stadium...instead of talking so much chit why don't you guys get behind the program and look at the big picture..this is a small private university , they don't have the resources of the bigger programs ...we have been in the dumps because our last two coaches were terrible and then the chit with the NCAA happened...we are very lucky that golden decided to stay...he is the right coach for this program..period.

Unless he can fire his boyfriend, who has driven Miami's defense into the ground and kept them from reaching the ACC championship game despite a flourishing and dynamic offense, no.

He's not.

Sure...what ever...a flourishing and dynamic offense?.. ACC championship? ..well they did reach it but declined to go because of the NCAA cloud..remember?..

I'm looking at the Patriots/ Eagles game and Brady after and early int its looking like the same old Brady...this guy just needs to retire..

I'm looking for the offensive line to continue to continue to show improvement tomorrow, it looks like its set already however we now have Clay iffy for the opener, no bueno..that would be a big blow if he can't play.

4-3 or 3-4 who cares you said points allowed is the only thing that matters and Miami was Top 10. D. Jordan isn't good enough to play LB in a 3-4 either. Too much depth on the dline to be a 3-4 team my grandmother knows that.

Oh boy...now how do you know that Dion Jordan is not good enough to be a good LB since clueless Joe and Coyle have never played him there?... Come on man.

The guy never played DE while in college but our great coach decided to put him there..

"The more things change the more they stay the same."

Dirty Sanchez opens the second half of Patsy's v. Eagles game and he gets flustered in the pocket and throws a duck that hits a Patsy's DB right in the chest.

He sucks donkey dicks.

He he, another USC loser.

Of course the Patsy's surprise everyone when they took that kid Garafalo with their second pick. Kid looked great threw 2 TDs in a quarter.

Oh boy.

D'Onfrio is the rotting albatross around Golden's neck. The offense has been on a steady uphill trend, but the defense, with equal talent, has been horrendous.

I am still a fan of Golden, but his incompetent defensive coordinator must go if there is not significant improvement this year.

With the new rules in college and pro football leading to these wide open passing games it's hard to compare modern defenses with those of even ten years ago. As the preseason games are playing out sneezing on an offensive player will result in a 15 yard personal foul penalty.

Hell, the Steel Curtain would give up 35 points a game in this new "basketballized" football that they are shoving up our ass.

In the Patsy's game every other play there was a defensive penalty of some type. If they don't change the pass interference rule in the NFL to just 15 yards like they do in college the NFL will become a laughing stock and a joke. I mean even OC could win a game playing QB in the NFL. All he has to do is throw the ball downfield ten yards beyond the line of scrimmage and let the refs "matriculate" the ball down the field 15 to 45 yards at a time!

The Defense has been awful the last few years, regardless of the talent, it shouldn't be as bad the past few years. Canes not ready for prime time yet, but a trip to ACC championship and losing by less than 14 against FSU would be a success.

4-3 or 3-4 who cares you said points allowed is the only thing that matters and Miami was Top 10. D. Jordan isn't good enough to play LB in a 3-4 either. Too much depth on the dline to be a 3-4 team my grandmother knows that.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 15, 2014 at 08:48 PM


Your grandmother was a heck of a player.

miami dolphins 2013:

total defense #21

passing defense #16

rushing defense #24

give away/take away 14th worst

baby, no one gives a crap about points, ok?
stop with that BS; there is PLENTY of room for this defense, one that's gotten worse each of the last 3 years, to improve..
if we were able to stop anyone when we needed to we'd have beaten baltimore, and we might won won of the last 2.

Keep in mind that this is also Al's defense. I'd like to give Coach D'Onofrio this year to prove-out. Up until now we haven't had the depth nor the talent on defense, but I believe that excuse may be running thin. We now have some really good defensive players although DT could use some help.

If our Canes defense fails again this year, then I think it's time for Al to throw in the towel on his scheme/methodology and bring in another defensive guru and possibly DL coach to revamp and start from scratch. Al can still keep Coach D in another role/capacity if he doesn't have the stomach to let his good friend go. Coach Jethro may be odd man out if that DL can't get some pressure up front this year. That's been our primary Achilles's heel IMO.

I'm a solid Al Golden fan. I appreciate what he's accomplished to date. I'm optimistic on our defense, but if they do get gouged this season, then I believe it's time for Al to look in the mirror and make some difficult (but hard "right" over easy "wrong") decisions.

You don't care about points allowed david? You're incredibly moronic. Top 10 means you keep teams out of the end zone A LOT comprende? INT numbers have also improved following Coyle's arrival they were terrible under Nolan. No one is saying there isn't room for improvement but right now the numbers say they are very solid already.

David only you would disregard the value of a good red zone defense which they had two seasons ago as well. Tough to win the last two when your defense is on the field THE ENTIRE GAME. Baltimore? What did they give up like 23 points in O/T? Another offensive failure. Miami giving up 19 per game means they should have made the playoffs easily. Defense carries no blame for last season they did their job despite horrible play at LB.

Coyle was Bengal's DB's coach before his Miami gig. Using some NFL retreads - like former unproductive Fins S Atkins into a great unit. Has anyone else noticed the jump in production after one year by Jimmy Wilson & Nolan Carroll? Mark my word, either 2nd year CB's Taylor or Allen(?) is going to impress.

Weak link on D is LB's play vs run. Rookie Tripp has been impressing.

Lazor's offense will make a big difference, reports from NFL talking heads say. They claim this style O will benefit Tannehill, Miller the most. Also reported that WR's Matthews, Gibson, Landry could kill any team that over emphasizes shutting down Wallace & his speed.

Same reports are claiming that Miami's O line is going to be very good. Throw in the fact that this new O requires the QB to get rid of the ball quickly, there will be less pressure on T-hill & O line & more pressure on the opposing D.

and Laz..Golden is the best thing that has happened to this program since Jimmy Johnson was here.
the Canes will be just fine..they are in good hands.

Posted by: FZB | August 15, 2014 at 03:21 PM

Hey Al, good luck w/the season!

The Canes will have a good season. I will go 11-1. I don't think VTech is any good this season. They always play us hard. But F.Beamer seems to be losing it.

This is the first season we can really judge Golden and his defense. L.Coker and R.Shannon destroyed the U.

I would not say Golden is the best since JJ. That is a disservice to B.Davis. B.Davis had the U rolling. Remember he restarted that first round streak again with E.James.

You have to be a Big Dummy if you think the most important stat for a defense is Pts Allowed. A BIG DUMMY!!

David is right. That is how you judge a defense. For Yards Allowed and Turnovers.

That was some famous talking head trying to curtail his argument talking about the Ravens being better than the 72 Fins because they allowed a point less a game. Even though the Dolphins Pass and Rush Defense was better!!

Defense has always been ranked by those 3 Criteria.

Coyle is an Exceptional DB Coach!! Horrendous Play-Caller!!

At Least D'Onforio calls the right play. He just did not have the Athletes or the Hogs up front to run his System.

COYLE IS UNDERACHIEVING!!!! (Like Spo did the last 4yrs!!)

The Dolphins Defense has the Talent to be a Top 5 Defense, at Worst. No excuse to play so Vanilla!!!! And give up so many yards!!

Anybody who watched a Dolphins game knows that Coyle and his play calling sucked!! The Offense was not the one consistently giving up 3rd & Long. Playing Prevent to end the Half or the Game.

And that is not even including the Egregious misuse of players.

And the Dashi is #1?

Dashi did it because I know how tight some of you get.

Before some of you go on your Spo rant.

The objective was not to just reach the Finals!! The Point was to win the Finals!!

If the Heat would have won at least 3, LeBron would have stayed.

Heck, I believe if the Heat would have fired Spo, or Spo resigns after that debacle. LeBron would have stayed.

But who wants to play for a guy who in 6 years running the team, still can not run a half-court offense.

It took less than a Month for Doc to have one running when he was in Boston.

Just saying.

Dion Jordan ...

"The young man drafted to worry starting offensive tackles isn’t factoring against second-team competition."


Literal interpretation. Dion Jordan so far is a bust.

That's only because clueless Joe has him playing out of his natural position, that of riding the stationary bike.


Jamar Fletcher cost Dave Wannstedt his job.

Ginn Family cost Cam Cameron his job.

Dion Jordan cost Jeff Ireland his job.

You're incredibly moronic - baby

that would describe YOU, dummy, trying to explain how a defense ranked 24th against the run is "solid".. lol

jimbo, you are right; the pass defense DID improve, and i think miller and one of the other ireland corner's will have a breakout year as well..

David is Jeff Ireland your secret gay lover?

Hey at least the Dashi man agrees with me on Jordan...move the kid to LB..

Good test tonight for the Fins..O Line needs to continue their improvement and open some holes for the running game, its looking like Daniel Thomas is just hanging by a thread..I think he'll be gone but we have a free agent RB Damian Williams that's been lights out.

Clay's injury is troubling, he may not be able to play against NE..

Our LB's are average..Misi gets a pass since this is the first time he's playing MLB and Ellerbe should be better outside but Wheeler sucks...

Everyone knows Big Baby is dumber than a bag of hammers...

Hey at least the Dashi man agrees with me on Jordan...

Posted by: FZB | August 16, 2014 at 02:54 PM


That should make you question not only your judgment, but your sanity.

Looking to see if Miami can score more then 13 Points........

Been watching some of these games on NFLNETWORK, Lot of great QB play by starting Qs, Gotta hope that Tennehill will excel tonight...

GO PHINS........

So many good coaches (like Auburn,Texas,) can coach em up and get their players to make dramatic progress from year to year.NOT Coach D.He just can t seem to collectively get his players to attack the football...period.He teaches reactive football rather than an attacking,aggressive style.THAT is NOT Hurricane football-never will be.He s got to go as I ve been saying after year 1.He s been clueless since he arrived.Coach Golden has done his team,the Program and the fans a disservice by keeping him around.

Again I ask my Cane amigos...coach D is awful right?... Kindly show me since he's been here ( 3 full seasons) the all ACC players on the team..where are the studs like Sapp, Blades, E Reed, Lewis, Maryland etc..

See is really easy to bash the guy but no one can put out a top defense anywhere in the country with lesser talent...that is why I don't agree with you guys, now this is the first year that we have more talent both on the front four and the secondary..but our LB's?.., very iffy there..so if don't show major improvement this year? Then I'm with you guys.

Posted by: FZB | August 16, 2014 at 06:31 PM

FZ, It's called recruiting, Which by the super stars you named would be another reason why coach "D" gets a failing grade............

I agree Anti..recruiting is the key however the Shapiro/NCAA investigation put a damper on the whole thing..now is different , the Canes are on the same playing field with the big boys..All I'm saying is that it takes time.

Cane fans seem to have a very short memory..this team had no talent when golden took over in 2011 , Shannon basically destroyed the program, Golden had to scramble and get the left overs from the other schools just to sign his first class ..its getting there everyone just needs to chill and be a bit more patience ..

Next year and every year after that we should be very, very competitive...

In Golden I trust..

Almost time for the Dolphins game..Football is back baby..go Dolphins !

I agree FZB..drafing well is the key however the Ireland era put a damper on the whole thing..now is different , the Dolphins are on the same playing field with the rest of the NFL..All I'm saying is that it takes time.

Wouldn't you agree?

Philbin's slack jaw will get an extra special workout tonight.
I just put a down payment on a beautiful bungalow in the paradise triangle of Miami Gardens, Carol City, and Opa Locka. Peace, tranquility and quiet jasmine filled nights await me.

Tom...The dolphins are not on the same playing field as everyone else since we have a high school coach in charge ..hehe

Alternative lifestyle blue makes the fins look like a bunch of sissies.


The Dolphins so not look good. My recommendation for Fish fans is to start drinking heavily. And don't forget I'm a doctor.

Clueless joe still has no running game. Typical dolphin clowns. Kept miller for Reggie great job!!!!!

f in the next two years the defense doesn't improve then I'll be with you calling for his firing but not until he gets better players to coach.

Posted by: FZB | August 15, 2014 at 04:02 PM

Make that the next 1 year. Why should there be more than 3 years, there are PLENTY of quality 4 star players on this year's defense. if they still can tckle, get pushed around at the LOS, and consistently can't get off the field in 3rd and 9 situations, a new DC and assistants are needed.

Is FZB D'Onofrio?

Lamar Miller is a bust.

Lamar Miller is going to have a breakout year in 2014.

last time i checked it was still the preseason.

that means starters aren't playing full minutes.
(lamar miller had 3 carries)

it means they're still shuffling positions and figuring out what will be the most effective, (thomas or turner at right guard)

it means we are probably seeing just more than 1/2 of the playbook and sets.

AND it also means, complete dumba$$es will be calling players "busts" when august is only 1/2 over.

some of you people on here really need to find another team; you make it really hard on real fans..

and one from the "i think i know football department":

All signs are pointing to Miami releasing Matt Moore. He shouldn't be out of work long if that happens. Frankly all of the other options suck besides maybe Kolb keep Matty for one more year!

Posted by: Big Baby | August 11, 2014 at 03:54 PM

Getting rid of Matt Moore is a good idea. He was a good security blanket before the Dolphins knew Tannehill
could play in the league. Now he's just an expensive luxury. Tannehill can play and we're not going anywhere with Moore Tannehill gets injured. Best to replace Moore with a less expensive backup.

I like the move.

Posted by: Tom | August 11, 2014 at 04:04 PM

"Matt Moore solidified his hold on the backup quarterback job, leading the Dolphins’ offense to 13 points, including an impressive 9-play, 71-yard drive to close the first half. Moore’s final numbers: 13 for 19, 158 yards, one touchdown and a 111.3 rating." -barry jackson

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/08/postscripts-notes-quotes-thoughts-from-dolphins-preseason-victory-against-tampa.html#storylink=cpy

Mouning guys...Tanny is having a very good pre season..very encouraging to say the least, this new offense fits him very well..HOWEVER we still can't run the ball and this very disconcerting..

Jimmy Wilson while a good nickel corner is not starting material specially at strong safety..we are in trouble there.

The Dolphins would be pretty stupid if they get rid of Matt Moore..

Rishar Matthews will make this team..and he should..Gibson has value, maybe they can trade him..for a vet guard.

The Miami Dolphins Dion Jordan, the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, recorded a sack and forced fumble against the Tampa Bay Bucs 3rd team in last night's preseason matchup.


Caleb Sturgis must still be suffering from a groin pull, otherwise, his replacement, Harry Potter did manage to kick a 51 yard field goal. But I'm confused, I thought Potter was a seeker.

Front page of the Herald sports section headline...

"Positive signs"

with a picture of Matt Moore and the caption...

"Matt Moore directed two touchdown drives to solidify his hold on the No. 2 quarterback job and lead the Dolphins to a 20-14 win over Tampa Bay."

the 2nd string QB solidifying his position is the best "positive sign"?

I'm getting the feeling we may be screwed as Dolphin fans yet again. Expecting Hickey and Philbin to overcome the carnage left behind from 6 years of Ireland may be too much to expect of any mortal man im a single year.

Did y'all see Jadeveon Clowney destroy that Atlanta RB? At 6'-5" 266 lb., Clowney is smaller than the 6-6, 275 lb. Dion Jordan, yet Jordan is having a hard time even playing better than a rookie 7th. rounder (Fede), hence the coaching's experimentation using him at LB.

Even as early as it is this year, there is little doubt that Jadeveon Clowney will make the Texans a much improved team. Say minimum three win difference, yet Dion Jordan has a tough time getting on the field.

Dad, let me know when we can start criticizing the Dolphs running game, after one season, two seasons, three seasons, four seasons, what?

Not until Lamar Miller is cut.

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