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July 16, 2014

Dolphins vs. Heat vs. Canes poll extended through today only. Vote now!; plus ESPYs, World Cup in 245 seconds, Kate Upton & more

1aa1amandela1) It is SATURDAY, JULY 19. Thinking of the late, great Nelson Mandela (pictured), who would have turned 96 on Friday. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Post-LeBron Heat outlook poll, Stanton/Jeter/All-Star break, Pouncey's latest woe, Hot Button Top 10, my ill-timed vacation & more. 3Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Word of the day: balter: To dance gracelessly, without particular art or skill, but perhaps with some enjoyment.

WHOSE TOWN IS IT, ANYWAY? HAS LEBRON'S EXIT OPENED THE DOOR?: One of the little-considered 1aa1akingmiamibyproducts of LeBron James leaving Miami is the idea that, if this had become a "basketball town" over the past four years largely because of him ... is it still? (Was it ever?) Do the Dolphins now have a large opportunity to reclaim what once was theirs? I know this poll question is tough for some of you because many of us, me included, follow more than one local team closely and hate to choose. Still, you know your heart and gut feeling must start somewhere. The poll is limited to South Florida's four major pro teams plus UM football. Apologies to others, but this clearly is our Big 5 teams. And, apologies to the Marlins and Cats, but we imagine a three-team race for the crown. So, post-LeBron and moving forward, which of our biggest teams do you follow most closely or care about the most? King James is gone. In his wake, who's our King Team? Vote and say why.

Heat fans still optimistic in wake of LeBron departure: We asked in the previous blogpost, and 70.7 percent of you said you remain optimistic about Miami entering this coming NBA season, versus 15.9% who are pessimistic. The other 13.4% were undecided.

ESPN, NORMALLY LOATH TO SELF-PROMOTE, ROLLS OUT THE ESPYS: I've never fully embraced the ESPYS as necessary annual awards -- sports has too many already -- but here they came again last night, 1aa1aespyswith Drake (pictured) hosting. ESPN leads the league in self-promotion, and the ESPYS are the Worldwide Leader at its preening best. Not many Miami/South Florida athletes among finalists in this year's 34 categories. I wonder if LeBron James, up for best NBA player, would have thanked Miami fans if he'd won? New Heatnik Shabazz Napier was up for best championship performance while with UConn, Serena Williams from Palm Beach was up for best female tennis player; and IndyCar's Ryan Hunter-Reay, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, was up for best driver. Only Hunter-Reay won. An auction benefitting the V Foundation for cancer research was held, in conjunction with the ESPYS, and when last I checked the high bid among 258 items was $46,000 to watch a Mavs game with owner Mark Cuban. (I'd pay at least that much to not sit next to Cuban for two hours). Bargain: For a mere $3,050 you could watch a Heat game with Dan Le Batard, Papi and Stugotz, although I'd imagine Stugotz will scalp his ticket to a broker and miss the game. (For $1.99 you could smoke a cigar with me in my garage, if you bring the cigars).

THE ENTIRE WORLD CUP IN 245 SECONDS: Click here for a 4 minute 5 second video that summarizes the 2014 World Cup. For futbol aficionados, it may be emotional. For casual fans, it may further whet the appetite. For soccer agnostics, it may (hopefully) offer a glimpse of what they've been missing that so enthralls so much of the world.

1aa1akateupton"DEAR GREG...": "Your blog's OK but I feel like it has been a long time since you've had a gratuitously sexy photo of Kate Upton. Can this be remedied?" Dear Reader: That depends. Is there a gratuity in it for me?

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Check out the new Mrs. Reggie Bush.

My word, que clase de mulata mi socio.

Mami, si caminas como cocinas me como hasta la raspa!

Translation for the Grings; "Brickhouse!"


Et ego tres una vivere parvo felis sed alia duo capitula et ego succidi ius suum ab eis.

Thank You...Thank You....Thank You....Kate Upton

Kate upton. Bodacious. Real or fake?


besides the newly lebron less heat, the rest are a bunch of losers- would vote none of the above, and would have been in with 99% of the others vote. dolphins-kings? marlins-kings? panthers- losers!! UM football- let's see if they can win a big game-last year lost to duke-LOSERS!! a steaming pile of mierda is the way to describe the bunch from which we had to "choose"!

Chit...those tatas look real to me....

Hey Cote, it doesn't matter what that stupid poll says, this is a Dolphins town, it always was and it will always be...case close.

For all those who had so much to say about the Heat sure seems like they want be the Cleveland Heat....

They will not win close to 50 games. Maybe a 5-6 seed at best. Look at the Hornets roster. They are now pretty formidable with Stephenson. I would take that roster over the Heats right now and twice on Sundays.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 16, 2014 at 03:31 PM

i think you mean you would take charlotte's roster over that of your pathetic CELTICS.
"formidable" would describe miami's roster, and it's only 5 days old.
riley isn't done baby, and you WILL eat those ridiculous words..

In my town, there is a raincoat under a tree.
In the sky, there is a cloud containing the sea.
In the sea, there is a whale without any eyes.
In the whale, there is a man without his raincoat.

In another country, with another name
Maybe things are different, maybe they're the same.

If Lebron is really the self-appointed KING, then San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard is the KING SLAYER.

Lebron is more into Drama-Queening than Donald Trump and the late George Steinbrenner put together. The former "high school to NBA prodigy" has evolved into an adult whose grandest pleasure is not winning in but orchestrating big dramas around anything and everything and this RETURN HOME myth was a Drama-Queening opportunity that just could not be passed by. It even justified capitulating to the Cavs' owner who had denigrated him mercilessly in front of the whole world and called Lebron every name in the book and then some. In fact, the attack was so vicious that if this had been in a pre-civil rights era, the n-word would have probably been part of the vitriol.

But in this opportunity to escape back home that his advisors invented, his handlers who have been wanting to stick it to Miami from the very beginning sold him the idea that he could just like that renounce to the Jordanesque title chase; that he could pretend that the NOT 3-NOT 4-NOT 5 moment never happened; and that because the nation wanted the Miami Heat to fail anyway that the media would certify that Cleveland in such misery that winning once in Cleveland would equal all those 6 titles and 5 titles that Jordan and Kobe won, and of course, his handlers and their Drama Queen seized the opportunity of the bad way the Heat lost the finals which was similar in the bad way Lebron's Cavs lost to the Celtics before he bolted for Miami in 2010. Had Miami won this 2014 San Antonio series or lost it respectably and had present Cleveland not being so full of first rounders and promising younger players, this drama invented by that entourage of managers and hangers on would never have taken place.

The deception with which the whole process was carried out even to friends Wade and Bosh and to the Heat organization is one that has the stench of callousness and vindictiveness created by people in his team who seemed to be mad at the Heat top brass for not getting on all 4's and letting the Lebron entourage run the Miami Arena, Carnival Cruise Lines and have them all fly in the Heat plane to games.

If Lebron and his gang had been more forthcoming and done the right thing (ahh, that Spike Lee title for that move keeps coming up and Queen James just does not measure up to it all the time), Wade and Bosh and others would have been hit with a 2x4 in the forehead and perhaps made a more informed decision and also the Heat would have been able to move on from the beginning and go after other free agents more aggressively. But they did it in a nasty and dirty way for sure and the Heat always treated their players right and gave Lebron special treatment. For example, I did not see any other players' mothers or family inside the passageway to the locker room, as Lebron's mother would be. Frankly, it is embarrassing in a way that the leader of a team requires that sort of perk and I think most players would be embarrassed asking for their mother to be allowed in that area to have their mother kiss them and bless them. But, what the heck, this Drama Queen enjoys his drama and special treatment for family and entourage.

I say "EFFING KUDOS TO THE HEAT TOP BRASS" for holding the line to some extent rather than letting the inmates run the asylum. We should all be proud that in the long run this is the way a business is run and not set bad precedents that cannot be rescinded in the future. Let us not forget that this organization won a championship much before Lebron arrived and during the Lebron era there were also other players who played a big part in winning those 2 other titles in 2012-13 and in the midst of all this drama by this man, all of his teammates that made clutch plays and played clutch minutes are being forgotten. Wade played majestically in those 2 years they won and it was only this year that he fell apart. There were also those great moments from Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Bosh and even Shane Battier. They are unfairly all being buried.

At the same time, all of the Lebron entourage, that band of hangers on, who no doubt had it out for the Heat top brass because Mickey and Riley simply did not go and hide under a bed and let the entourage have the keys not just to the arena but to Arison's cruise ships and whatever else they fancied.

Lebron played and hustled more than anyone else. He was superman for sure. He gave his heart and soul in a style of defensive basketball that destroys bodies, specially when the Heat just does not play enough guys and refuses to develop players or give minutes to alleviate the grind on the star(s); this is a terrible fault and shortcoming that Coach Spolstra and Reilly have. They need to play many more men and develop more to play that defense or not play it at all. Nobody can take that grind. But Lebron was magnificent the last 3 years. I am not so sure in the Dallas finals when it seemed as if Lebron quit just a little bit, he did not play hard after the first 6 quarters, something happened in his head and he showed a little bit of quit there. Of course in that series Spolstra was out coached badly and he insisted in playing the horror show that was Mike Bibby.

I am still baffled why they did not destroyed Dallas and why Lebron stopped playing other he does have a little bit of quit in him and he resolves it by turning it into some choreographed and scripted form of drama. In that sense, he is no match for the likes of Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, etc., who I could never imagine quit and turn something into some personal scripted dramatic effect such as The Decision or this laughable attempt to justify capitulating the title chasing in favor of The Return of The Queen and One Title in Cleveland Will Make Me The Greatest Ever.

Before he quit in that Dallas series, he had done a similar quit job just before he left Cleveland for Miami and now, 4 years later, there is this one definite quit job masterfully decorated with a letter to Sports Illustrated and series of posters and front page headlines that just had Miami Heat hating media pundits salivating and giving it the old OK even though the greatest basketball player in the planet was basically saying "NO MAS" Kawhi Leonard made him look human and trading "NOT 3-NOT 4-NOT 5" for just one trying to get one simple title in Cleveland.
Oh, Lebron, what an off-court show you put on here, what a drama, a big one even for a drama queen like you. Imagine Michael Jordan pulling out of Chicago and heading back to Carolina after Detroit beat them in the playoffs or Larry Bird saying "I want to go home to the Pacers" after they lost to the Lakers.

Well, BB, it doesn't get much better than that. Your boy, Garcia has two birdies through the first three holes.

El Tigre -2 thru 15. Not bad. Golf without a competitive Tiger is just not fun. So far it has the makings of a great leader board. Rory -5, Sergio -4, Furyk -4, Fowler -3, and Tiger -2.

Now if Phil plays well this could end up being a magical weekend.


the end of the world must be approaching. say it again: NORRIS-COLE-BASKETBALL-CAMP- learn basketball skills from a viw on the bench.

The afternoon group will have to deal with some wind. Tiger could have just as easily shot -5 or lower had he caught similar breaks to those of Garcia, McElroy and Furyk. Overall he's got to be pleased.

Ernie Els has started like I play. Deep rough off the tee. Rough on the other side of the fairway. Then...

chunk short into the bunker. Yup Ernie is having a prototypical Dr Jenning first hole.


Yea baby!

Go kid go.

Boy has to get some rest, bring a bottle of John Powers Gold Label and a 12 pack of Guinness draft into his room and call three or four trollops from down the road from Beatles land, and THEN he will be ready tomorrow afternoon to get over his second round collapses.

I sure hope that boy's management is listening to Mr. Woodcock. Come on Rory, two or three hos a half bottle of Powers and six or seven drafts and you'll feel like a million five hundred tomorrow.

Boy has the most talent on tour and the next guy isn't even in the picture. Problem is he left good old Chub and he hasn't been the same since. Chub knew how to get his boy relaxed he used the Alberto Tomba training regimen and the boy shot up to number 1 in the world in a New York minute.

I see great things down the road for Rory now that he dumped that broad and came to his senses. No self respecting world travelling multimillionaire sport superstar should even entertain the thought of getting married.

Memo to the blog: "You don't have to marry them to bang them."

Mr. Woodcock,

the greatest golf shot ever was the one rory mcillroy (sic) hit at the masters that was so bad that we got a view of one of the houses on the course. when the cameras followed him past that structure, i was dumbfounded, almost as much as when i watched a ladies' bowling tournament and saw a player of color roll TWO gutter balls in a row; she needed those blue bumpers that they keep around for the kiddies. TWO GUTTER BALLS IN A PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT-what a hoot.

BB, if Rory doesn't win it I'm with you on this one with Sergio Garcia. Us Garcia's have to stick together. My next favorite is my favorite tour player, The Mechanic, Mr. Gimenez (Tremendo Great Guy!), and last but not least I always root for Mickelson, his uncle is one heck of a nice guy and I have to root for the good old USA.

OC, you wanking off again with a 11 x 8 glossy of Tiger?

He he.

The boy has a bigger man crush on Tiger than Cote does.

The problem for Sports franchises in Miami is alot of Fair Weather Band Wagon Jumping Fandom! I'm from here and hate admitting it but it's a fact! As a Miami Native with lots of friends and family in the area as well I will however say the Dolphins were never mutually exclusive to that sad phenomenon! My Parents were Season Ticket Holders going back to before the Undefeated 72 Yr. My Old man got them when Robbie pried Shula away from Carroll Rosenbloom in 70 and was rewarded with 3 SB Appearances in a row!

My families love of the game going back to my Grandfather who played Offensive/DL for Penn St back in the early 40's. Since we've all played and watched faithfully through the good and bad Yrs. I was not around for the 2 SB Titles of 72-73 given I was all of 1 and 2 Yrs. of age but remember the 82 team and will never forget the Mud Bowl Vs. Richard Todd and the Jets to advance or for that matter the privilege of having front row seats to Marino's 84 Pilgrimage through the record books those of us there for his 1st start Vs. Buffalo in 83 knew we were in for something special even though we lost that day.

My point in regards to Cote's question is everybody I know and grew up with has love for the Dolphins and Hurricanes 1st!! (Going back to the moment Howard Schnellenberger left the Dolphins and took the job in Coral Gables) The Heat have grown on us and NO not because of LeBron (LeBatard relaying stories now about how this going home thing was really orchestrated by "La Familia" translation LeBron's Posse of sycophants who bleed him like a leach and somehow feel entitiled) Riley's late 90's warriors were the ones who kicked off HEAT FANDOM they were alot of fun in their wars with the Big Bad Knicks of Ewing, LJ & Oakley.

The Marlins could have creeped up in a City were the game is liked and played but after dismantling 2 W.S. Winners (97,03) the fans were turned off and now there's just pure hatred in the City (And for very good reason) for slimey Jeff Loria! I don't know anybody that actually cares for the Panthers must be a Broward County thing?

I'll say in closing that while LeBron's time made for alot of buzz Locally at a time the Dolphins were descending into mediocrity (From Wannstedt moving forward really) along with the Canes plunging (Also losing there Home for a Baseball Park on what to many including myself was hallowed grounds!) My love of everything Football 1st NEVER WAVERED! You see the level of Competition at our local H.S.'s and you understand this part of the Country is a Football Factory 1st and foremost before it's anything else! The answer is simple we love Football 1st so you can say Fins and Canes are really a 1A/1B with the HEAT firmly in control at 2 and maybe someday when the Marlins get a new Owner they can enter in the conversation again!

Fin, you can say that about sports fans from Tierra Del Fuego to Iceland.

"Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan."

John F. Kennedy

No one on this blog epitomizes this concept more than OC. The boy has jumped on more bandwagons than Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, and Jessica Hahn combined.

Wassup, OC!

The afternoon group is putting the heck out of the ball.

Mr. Woodcock | July 17, 2014 at 11:32 AM

I hear you I'm just such a Diehard I hate it when attendance goes in the toilet then with improvement all of a sudden I see all these new faces in the stands claiming they were always there.

By the way was reading your post regarding the situation with the pier and the swimmer. As I know your aware of we had a similar situation here in South Point Park were you have the pier the Cruise Ships use to exit out into the Atlantic. You use to have alot of people jumping off that Pier into the Water which was made much deeper than just 50 Ft. for the Cruise and Cargo freighters.

I was one of those stupid kids! I us the word "STUPID" because you had people fishing who were tossing bait in the water off a pier known for Hammerhead sightings! You also have people flying through on smaller boats ect... To this day it amazes me nobody was ever killed there! The way they cured the situation was they banned swimming there period!

People have a right to fish there while swimmers have the beach (Which is a bit bigger than any pool I've ever seen) to swim. Also noticed you guys talking about Great White infested waters and I've been to Capetown South Africa and can tell you the sightings there are dailey. They have a few Guards on Life Towers on the surrounding hills exclusively for looking out! I took a boat trip to see Great Whites they take you to Seal Beach which is were the Geat Whites go to feast on there fav. meal and saw an 18 Footer up close off the ships side which was impressive got great pics of it!

Fin, do yourself a favor, instead of the 24 hour flight to Cape Town, hell the next time that you're in the 310 come down to the Manhattan Beach Pier and not only will I buy you an ice cold one at Shell Back Tavern but I will lend you my rubber duck floating O ring so that you can bob up and down in the pristine waters of Santa Monica Bay and tickle the backs of the white pointers as they swim below you next to the pier. I'll even take you picture floating by the pier with one of those bucket Mai Tais with the little paper umbrella in your hand to post here on the blog.

Boys, unless you're a Gayturd fan or a rat fink commie I don't think that you should be flying on Malaysia Air Lines......


At least Malaysia Airlines knows where this plane is

Dolphins are by far the king of South Florida. The Soft Bosh led Heat will be a nice 5-6 seed and be out in the first round of the playoffs.

Mr. Woodcock | July 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM

It's a 15 Hr. flight out of Atlanta's Hartsfield Int. were Delta has a direct flight. I go for work related purposes In Latin America they eat processed Corn meal they way we eat bread and I load the vessels in bulk while cutting the B/L and getting SGS Cerification. South Africa is the Worlds largest producer of Non-GMO Corn. I always take a few extra days for myself however.

In honesty when in Cali am usually with my Wife and kids so it's always about the Theme parks, sight seeing ect... The closest I ever get to the water is driving through Malibu would love to take you up on that offer!

OC, wassup with the sunshine at the Open. It can't really be the Open if it looks like San Diego.

Any time buddy, the same goes to anyone on the blog. I'm always within a 15 to 20 minute drive from the Pier and if I'm home I can just walk there.

Lots and lots of talent 24/7, 365, year after year after year, by that pier.

Raw, even a Gayturd geek like you gets an invite to a free bucket Mai Tai at Shell Back. Hell, you can sit there with my buddy Mario, Florida Class of 1975, I'll buy a drink for any Dolphins fan, bud.

What are the odds really? 2 planes in such a short time span! 1 missing (I believe the pilot decided to take his life and everybody onboards)

This sitution is extremely dicey however because what is Ukrainian Airspace and what is Russian Airspace is still very much up for debate. One things for sure Obama better put on his Big Boy pants for this one especially if any Americans aboard.

Bubba self destructing.

Lefty - "I think I'll have another cheeseburger."

Looking forward to not watching any golf today!

Obama only wears diapers.

That 66 that my boy threw down this morning is looking awfully presidential. Now, if he just takes my advice the boy might be golden all weekend.

Nah. He's got a l-o-n-g tradition of shooting low sixties on Thursdays and following up with high seventies on Fridays. Not to mention that if the winds kick in, as they are supposed to come the weekend, his high ball flight game is ill suited.

The ban on long putters starting with the 2016 season can't arrive fast enough. *Adam Scott was unable to win anything until he started using it. Wouldn't be surprised if they also found 15 clubs in his bag.


Nalga, are you on drugs? He grew up in Hollywood, Northern Ireland, what you think the weather there is like Hollywood, CA?

The reason he's been tanking in the second round is that his new management is run by a church going tea totter freakin' good for nothing Pioneer!

A Pioneer in Ireland is a person who abstains from the drink. It is as rare a creature as a whooping crane. How the hell this boy dropped Chub for this ass clown is one of the great mysteries in life.

Nalgs, when are you coming out here again?

It's no secret that McIlroy hits a high ball as his natural ball flight. Even "HE" admitted that this morning at his post-game interview when asked by the reporter: "do you feel prepared to alter your swing if the wind starts kicking up?" Answer: "my coach and I have been working on that ...hopefully it will work."

Geeze, Woodcock. Do I have to inform you about EVERYTHING!?

See OC, that's why your new Delta Tau Chi name is Bat Shit.

Bat Shit, let's take a look at the high ball flight guys who have won the Open.





Bat Shit, I'm starting to think that all that Texaco BBQ is accelerating your arteriosclerosis.

Voted for the Canes, obviously, they are my favorite sports team and the next favorite team of mine is so far below the Canes that I couldn't see it with the Hubble.

Wassup, Bat Shit!

a plane crashes with 295 persons on board and our insightful president says "looks like it may be a terrible tragedy." Yathunk Barry?

Mr. Woodcock,

if joseph yearby is as good as promised, and mister duke johnson has recovered and stays sound, the QB mess is coral gables will be alleviated (provided the canes have a decent offensive line). being a fan of option football, i was rooting for nebraska in the famous game in the orange bowl- big fumble by the huskers' reserve but excellent runner helped greatly- but it didn't take long for me to see that as a redshirt freshman bernie kosar had an excellent grasp of the game and that miami was gonna be around for awhile. some of that swag was a bit much, and the game at the cotton bowl embarassing, but UM had fantastic teams that even a non-fan could appreciate. it would be nice for UM to be able to put the last few mediocre years behind and get back in the hunt for the ACC title (also would be nice for steve sarkisian to get your favorite university up and running again.)

Just read that M Özil from the German soccer team is paying for 23 Brazilian children to have needed surgeries.
Then I saw photos of the ESPYs and thought there was a massive prison break.

Mr. Woodcock,

i saw the bruins' new fangled uniforms and they are puke. they were better looking with baby blue with the curly numbers. i don't think that USC or penn state will "potchka" with their traditional unis. some of these nike uniforms are vomitous, of course starting with the ducks of oregon, whom they own. oregon's old uniforms (like from the dan fouts/bobbby moore days (green and yellow) really looked like upchuck. how much of a muslim did bobby moore>ahmad rashad turn into? is he fasting all daylight in accord with the moslem laws of ramadan? same with KAJ, and keith wilkes. hakeem olajuwon did fast on game days during ramadan, which being a lunar month can be in the long summer days or could wind up in the winter and be over by 5 o'clock.

so now no one is taking responsibility for that Malasian plane going down, the rooskie's are blaming the rebels and the rebels are blaming the rooskies but in the meantime there's 300 fackin people dead.

I'm sure Obi will do something drastic and stand up to Putin, like tell him not to do it again, or else? .

It gets worse. Israel just launched an air, land and sea operation into Gaza.

FOX News has great coverage.

Now, Now.
The Reggie Bush story. First of all I'd like to say that ON the field, Reggie can find a small hole and make something big happen, OFF the field Reggie prefers to find the big hole and make something small happen.

King of Miami in the sports world--not a Miamian, only a Dolphins fan. No vote from this outsider.

LeBron,,, gone. Best player in the NBA was schooled by a team that's talented from top to bottom & plays like it. I'm sure Cote continues to have mascara running down his cheeks but maybe now the Heat will look more like a TEAM and less of The King (self appointed) and some other guys. Heat shoulda kicked Bosh & Chalmers to the curb. A slightly declining Wade is still a great pro, great community guy & great mentor to the new blood coming in.

While at work, my wife negotiated with Time Warner to install cable over DirecTv. The Cable rep assured her that they would include the NFL Sunday ticket free this season for rewarding the switch. Young guy shows up to install while paid help is unpacking our goods off semi. Dude shorts me 2 receivers & hooks up the only one he brought wrong. Internet quality was sh*t. Needless to say, I followed through with them & hey "we don't have NFL ticket, we have Red Zone, NFL channel" you can watch your team 3 days after the actual game is over.... goodbye, got the dish planted & all is right in the world. OC, come on over the game is on (bring beer).

Posted by: the shadow knows | July 17, 2014 at 03:13 PM

Erickson lost control of what JJ unleashed but then again so did Jerry in Dallas.For whatever reason Jimmy had a way of reeling them in. I had no problem with the Canes antics back in the day as a matter of fact I enjoyed it! You bring up the Cotton Bowl but wasn't it Longhorns LT Stan Thomas who said and I quote.

"We'll rip the earings off those Hurricanes a bunch of Fags"

He set the tone and Robert Bailey enforced it on the 1'st play! You were either with the Canes or against them in those days! Today you have alot of teams tossing swagg! as there thing. It started here when the U's 1st real black Coach took over in JJ!

Woodcock a Mai Tai fan? very good drink sir.

Its still a basketball town like it has been the last 9-10 years.

Regular Bacardi, Bacardi 151, the fruty tooty crap, lots of ice, and a slice of pineapple with one of those red cherries, all served in a proper "bucket cocktail glass."

As a former Navy man you would appreciate it, Jimbo.

Shad, the Husker game at the OB for our first title only takes a back seat to the Super Bowl win for 17-0 in my book.

The 1960's era Bruins unis were the bomb. Very similar to the old Chargers baby blues. Yup, agree Shad. But you know what it doesn't matter the kids that they have going to these state schools like OC's kid don't even go to the games because they are either too busy studying (Studying as an undergrad? WTF is going on here!) or they are too busy filling out applications for some kind of horse crap program, or post graduate degree thing, or playing some dumass video thing on one of those little transistor radio sized gizmos that they all carry around. And if and when they go to a game not only do they not know a thing about football but they go dressed like if they were going to a job interview, white shirt, tie, slacks. And to further add insult to injury these geeks show up straight as an arrow, no beers, no bongs, no errors. It's enough to make a grown man cry.

We have zero chance to stay as an apex predator country over the next 100 years with the kinds of kids that we're producing. The Rusky kids will be having them for lunch by the time we old farts are gone. All this touchy feely crap they are becoming the soft Romans at the end of the empire who squandered what the Legions gained by strength. The new Huns are circling the wagons and these schmucks are voting for pansy assess like Obi and giving out little plastic gold colored loving cups to every single moron who signed up for little league.

A pox on all their houses. Freaking losers.

Well, the Heat are the toughest ticket to get so its clearly a basketball town. Half the town hates the Dolphins....

Good, good, good, I just loaded up on gold two weeks ago.

So the Lakers just squired Carlos Boozer through amnesty at clearance price. In essence they exchanged our old overpaid stiff for Chicago's old overpaid stiff.

Homas, we were winning something like 39-3 at halftime in that Cotton Bowl versus Texaco AND those hick refs in Texaco had thrown 200 plus yards in penalties against Miami had something like three TDs called back, and they penalized us for get this, "Boys, we'z don't dance in Texus."


We went through those hicks like crap through a tin pipe.

Loved every single minute of it. The more we danced, the more we pranced, and the more that we showboated, the more that Woodcock licked it, ESPECIALLY AGAINST THOSE STUFFED SHIRTS FROM NOTRE DAME!


The fact that they won the closed bidding process for Boozer suggests that they overpaid.

Like I said, "The Ruskies will have them for lunch." We have produced the softest most dependent generation in American history. Hell, I couldn't wait to move out of my parents house when I was a kid at 19 I said bye bye and never looked back.


OC, I don't know if you're paying attention but here in LA no one gives a rip about the Lakers anymore until they sign the next "latest and greatest" and if they don't give a crap about the Lake Show in LA do you really think that anyone on this blog gives even the smallest of all rat's assess in the planet?

Here, I'll prove it to you.

OK, boys, vote yes or no if you give a crap about the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here's my vote, OC: "Ah no, I don't give a rip about them."

I miss the Shreveport Steamers of the World Football League.

Woodcock, sounds as if you need to go swimming by to the Manhattan Beach pier splashing around the bloody carcass of a dead seal.

For the record OC...I don't give a rat's ass about "Los Lagos" ..

Hey I just read on the internet that my boy Tanny is set for a breakout season and since it was on the net then it must be true.

Where the fack is the Dukes-Ter?

Jimbo, there must be a mistake on your story with the cable company, don't U know that sales people don't lie?... I know I'm one of them ( insurance) ...maybe you misunderstood the poor lad...hehe

Mr. Woodcock,

glad you concur on the bruins' old uniforms. at the time the bruins and trojans had solid colored helmets with no pansy script ucla nd for sure no horrid too small for the helmet tommy trojan.

that 84 orange bowl was as great a game as could be. the only game that methinks was as excoting was 67 sc-ucla when they completely dominated us, but because their great punter but low trajectory kicker zenon andrusyshn had an extra point blocked by 6'8" bill hayhoe, they were shy a point for their three TDs. we bacically had 4 plays that got us three TDs- an INT off beban returned by pat cashman, an almost 60 yard reverse by earl mcculough (world class hurdler) that led to a great 12 yard run by #32, and the famous 64 yard run in then fourth quarter by said #32 and PAT to win the game. the bruins were all over us, but the four big plays resulted in enough points-21- to get us past ucla who were lacking the 21st point. the game was for everything- city bragging rights, trip to the rose bowl, heisman trophy votes (beban rightfully won that year-, and most importantly the #1 ranking, which both USC and UCLA claimed at one time, in the polls. no bowl game for the loser; i believe that syracuse with csonka came to play the bruins after the gutting loss and ran the bruins out of the stadium. #32 won the heisman the next year with what i think is still the greatest margin in heisman voting history. and as was the tradition, both teams wore their home unis, making it a colorful event. the bruins deserved to be heartbroken after losing on 4 plays out of 50 or so. tommy prothro was an excellent big game coach, and except for that across the field pass that got picked for a TD, his team was better than ours. and can you believe indiana went to the rose bowl that year? they haven't sniffed pasadena in almost 50 years!!

Why that reminds me, OC, of the penguin that's driving around LA and his car starts to make noises and smoke starts pouring from under the hood and he barely makes it into a garage.

The penguin gets out of the car a waddles up to the attendant who tells the penguin that he'll check the engine for him to see what's wrong. The penguin thanks him and waddles across the street to the ice cream shop while the attendant looks to fix his car and proceeds to order a large cup of vanilla ice cream and goes at it penguin style and gets covered in vanilla ice cream. When he's finished he waddles back to the gas station and sees that his car is up on the hoist and the attendant is working on it.

"Hey mister is my car going to be alright?"

"Yea, it looks like you just blew a seal."

"No, no, that's just vanilla ice cream all over my face."

He he.

Wassup, OC!

Anthony Rendon has been one of the Washington Nationals' top players this season, leading the team with a .287 batting average with 13 homers and 53 RBIs. The Washington Nationals star infielder said he didn't even watch Tuesday's All-Star Game. "I don't watch baseball (on television) -- it's too long and boring," Rendon said in a recent interview with the Washington Post.


Nats star doesn't watch baseball on TV because it's too long and boring. AMEN to that Anthony.

I watched that game live on TV and of course was rooting for the Bruins and O.J. Simpson's run for the TD in the fourth quarter through what looked like the entire Bruins football team, offense, defense, special teams, cheerleaders, and even the two mascots dressed like a boy and girl teddy bear was one of the most impressive football runs that I've ever seen. He became a legend on that run alone.

He went left, he went right, and then he just ran right up the gut between the entire Bruins D and when he got passed the last guy he put it in over drive and it was "See ya!" until he reached the end zone. Not one Bruin laid a hand on him and I swear each and everyone of the 11 guys on the field had a change to tackle him.

Mr. Woodcock,

USC was so inept that game that the starting QB, steve sogge- a high school legend from gardena high- was benched in favor of toby page, who might not have ben i more than a few of the trojans' victories. according to page, a pass play was called for that third down, but he saw the bruins overcomitted to stopping a pass to the right that he audibled "23 blast"- the incredible run that started left and then cut across the field to wind up in the corner. on prothro's TV show, when he watched that play he said "the only guy fast enough to catch him was (pointing to earl mcculough) this guy, and he for sure wasn't gonna tackle him. that play is one of the greats in college football history, despite the coach of ga. tech-i think it was bobby dodd- saying that the earlier 12 yarder where #32 broke 5 tackles within 12 yards of the end zone, was the greatest run he'd ever seen. it was truly a terrific run, but didn't carry the weight of the 64 yarder.

Mr. Woodcock,

for your viewing pleasure:

the 12 yarder: at about 2:30

the 64 yarder: at about 6:10

he ran through huge holes, courtesy ron yary and friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNUhKC7CCYU

Like I said he became a legend after that. But revenge is best served cold when good old Woody Hayes and his undefeated Jack Tatum Buckeyes went to the Rose Bowl the next year and defeated USC to win the national title. I rooted for Woody and Buckeyes big time that day.

Cleveland now says that it is prepared to deal Wiggins for Love. Boy, if that happens the East might as well mail in representation of the Cavs into the finals for the next half decade.

No Cha Cha.

Cavs were always after Love all along.Love s not exactly Bosh/Wade but close.JJ.....good luck...whatever.Lewis would have been good to keep but we llneed a decent replacement.Riles will find another shooter or two.Allen will be gone too I d guess.Heat did about as good as possible losing an NBA MVP.Hopefully,team chemistry works out and Heaters have a good run into the Playoffs.

Sergio with a nice and tidy 4 under. Go Sergio!

The only thing I'm piss-off about what Riley has done so far in free agency is that he re signed fackin Chalmers, he's just about the worst PG in the whole fackin NBA if not the rest of the world...

Oye Wood's ..the NFL might held next years draft in LA...I bet you can't wait.

Maybe they'll announce the Rams are returning to Los Angeles at that draft.

Worst kept secret in sports.

I'm still hopefull Ross moves the Fins to London.

Voted for the Canes, obviously, they are my favorite sports team and the next favorite team of mine is so far below the Canes that I couldn't see it with the Hubble.

Wassup, Bat Shit!

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | July 17, 2014 at 02:03 PM

Alot of hate generated UM's way because JJ ran it up but like he said in the 30 for 30 special when he let up Maryland came back on him from 31-0 so he decided he wouldn't stop scoring till the game ended! The Irish took offence to the beating we gave them on Faust last game but in reality go back and see all the games they won 66-0!

When you here of hatred towards the program you always here of the 90 Cotton Bowl but wasn't it Longhorns Star OT Stan Thomas that said the Canes were a bunch of queers and that he would rip off there earings come game time?

Today all over the NCAA landscape you see teams hot dogging it (SWAGGER!) and you can thank the Canes for that! Nothing more pathetic than the pretenders to the magic that was the U in the 80's. The College team that started the argument of pay for play was those Hurricanes, a bunch winning a Super Bowl with JJ!

With much respect please no posts about UF or FSU given they didn't dream National Champ till Schellenberger pulled off the impossible then Jimmy took it to another level! The down fall of the U is the turn over at Coach! With success comes the inevitable! If you want red neck middle of the pack talk to Bowden and remind him that his 30 Yrs. got him wide right 3 times!

Posted by: homas | July 17, 2014 at 10:45 PM

For whatever reason my computer posted under this name but 100% me!

For whatever reason my computer posted under this name but 100% me!
Posted by: fin4life | July 17, 2014 at 10:49 PM


great joke, woody.. i laughed out loud..

Cha Cha? NO! No Cha Cha!

Well wha U know...now all the faggery types can now marry in Florida, so if U like a dicky stuck up your rump Florida is the place to be, not that there is anything wrong with it..hehe

Canes baby!

-2 for Phil today. A good round to get himself back in the tournament.

Double bogey start for El Tigre.

FZB is still a daft retard...not that there is anything wrong with it hehe uhuhuh duhhhhhhh....

Keep an eye out for Jim Furyk. Steady asshe goes...

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