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July 14, 2014

Heat's post-LeBron outlook. Poll, vote; plus Wade sacrifices again, Stanton gags, Radio Tuesday, Pouncey's woe, Hot Button Top 10 & more

1aa1aklotzr1) It is WEDNESDAY, JULY 16. Red Klotz (pictured), maybe the biggest loser in sports history, yet beloved, is dead at 93. For 60 years he played for, managed or otherwise ran the Washington Generals and other prop-opponents that toured with -- and lost to -- the Harlem Globetrotters. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron-gone poll, Germany wins World Cup, Heat add Luol Deng & more. 3Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Dengue Fever: Mosquito-borne tropical disease.

Deng Fever: Heat fans' excitement over Luol Deng.

Updated NBA championship odds: New via our friends at Bovada, LeBron's Cavaliers are favorites ar 7-2, followed by Spurs 9-2, Bulls and Thunder both 13-2, and Rockets and Clippers both 10-1. Miami is 25-1, which is ninth overall and fourth in East.

THE HEAT OUTLOOK, POST-LEBRON: The flurry is settling. LeBron James is gone. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade (notably) will be back, along with Udonis Haslem (official today), Mario Chalmers and Chris "Birdman" Andersen. Wade also became official today, accepting a two-year deal not a longer one, which is a huge positive for the Heat. Luol 1aa1aboshDeng has been added, along with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger. Someone else may yet be added, but it will likely be a role player in that $2.7 million exception slot, not someone of great significance. Basically, we now know what the Heat will look like entering the 2014-15 season. The loss of LeBron is seismic and makes Miami appreciably worse. Now, it will be interesting to see how Bosh is deployed and if he is up to leading, and if Wade can develop a 3-point shot and revitalize himself phyiscally. Deng looks to me like a solid, underheralded add. The Heat's Big 3 is surely downsized post-LeBron, but I think Bosh-Wade-Deng make a decent one. (Bosh is pictured in what he posted on Instagram to announce he'd be back). An onus he hasn't had before will be on coach Erik Spoelstra. I think the Heat still will be among the top four teams in the Eastern Conference, a threat to compete to reach the Finals, but not a championship contender. What is your outlook as of now? How has Pat Riley done in response to the loss of his irreplaceable superstar? Take a dip in our poll and say why you feel as you do.

Poll result: Most fans understand, support LeBron's decision to leave: We asked -- Do you blame LeBron for leaving? -- the response was enormous, and 63.1 percent said no and wished him well. Yes-I'm-upset-at-him drew 17.8%, and another 19.1% were undecided or had mixed feelings. In Florida the percents were 61.5 no/wish well, 14.4 yes/upset at him, and 24.1 undecided/mixed.

STANTON GAGS IN HR DERBY; JETERFEST TONIGHT: Marlin's Giancarlo Stanton sort of choked in the Home Run Derby last night in rainy Minneapolis, impressively advancing to earn a bye, but then gagging with zero homers in the round that could have put him in the finals. Yoenis Cespedes won. Big letdown for Stanton, whose power is made for the Derby and who was a betting favorite going in. The Home Run Derby has pretty much become something that sucks, by the way. Tonight is the All-Star Game, a.k.a. a three-hour living euology for Derek Jeter. 

MIKE POUNCEY'S TAILSPIN: Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and brother Maurkice assaulted a man at Cameo night club on Miami Beach around 4:20 a.m. Saturday, according to the alleged victim, Ricky 1aa1apounceybdayVasquez. It is said to have happened during the twins' annual advertised birthday blowout (see photo). Vasquez on Twitter claimed he had been "gay bashed," and a woman who witnessed the beating also went on Twitter. A police report and a related lawsuit have been filed; no charges as of today/Tuesday. Whether or not there are, the Dolphins should publicly address the situation. Recall that Mike Pouncey was a figure in last year's Bullygate mess, embarrassed himself with a related Tweet, and was photographed wearing a hat in support of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez. When Pouncey underwent hip surgery last month I wrote in the blog, "I wonder if he is just coming into the prime of a Pro Bowl-caliber career, or if we have seen his best and can expected a flameout. That may be harsh. Let's find out." The latest alleged incident piles on.

HOT BUTTON: TOP 10 THINGS SOUTH FLORIDA SPORTS FANS ARE TALKING ABOUT: Hot Button is a 1aa1ahotbuttonnew feature of the blog because our Sunday notes-column package is on hiatus until August. Hot Button means what's on our minds as the sports week just past pivots to the week ahead:

1. Heat: LeBron leaves Miami: The unthinkable happened. LeBron James left Miami to take his talents (back) to Cleveland. The good news, relatively speaking: Miami contracts (Luol) Deng Fever.

2. Baseball: All-Star festivities: Marlin Giancarlo Stanton is betting fave in tonight's Home Run Derby in Minneapolis. Stanton and pitcher Henderson Alavrez will rep Miami in Tuesday's All-Star Game.

3. World Cup: Germany wins: Viva Deutschland! Or something like that. Lionel Messi and Argentina fell. The good news for Argentines? You were still better than Brazil.

4. Marlins: Slumping into break: Team had lost foive of six and slumped to fourth place in NL East entering the Midsummer Classic. BOLO alert for those playoff hopes.

5. Dolphins: More Pouncey trouble: With July 25 start of training camp looming, center Mike Pouncey finds himself accused of a gay-bashing at a Miami Beach nightlcub. True or not, an embarrassment.

6. UM football: 2 Canes get boot: JaWand Blue and Alexander Figueroa were kicked off team and from school relalted to a sexual battery on campus. Some students never learn.

7. British Open: Tiger tries again: Golf's third of four majors is this week, with Tiger Woods seeking his fourth British but first since '06. Remeber the old days when Tiger was the favorite in any major?

8. Panthers: Developmental camp: Recent No. 1 pick Aaron Eklbad led the young Cats skating in club's developmental camp. Yes, that in out Top 10  does mean the dog days are here.

9. Wimbledon: Fortnight ends: Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova won and anounced plans to use their earnings to buy the missing vowel in their surnames.

10. College football: Preseason awards: The watch lists are out. FSU quarterback Jameis Winston is listed in categroies of player of the year and crab-leg stealing.

MY ILL-TIMED SUMMER VACATION: Me and a family-n-friends party of six returned Sunday from a week's sojourn aboard the biggest cruiseship in the world, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. (I don't
1aa1agolfbahamaswanna say it's a huge ship, but we took a cab from our stateroom to dinner). The LeBron-gone news broke while I was away, and I wrote a column from the ship's Internet room somewhere off the Virgin Islands. We had a great time touring Nassau and St.  Maarten. Three of us played golf at the tony Oean Club near Paradise Island, Bahamas, not the most famous course I have played (Pebble Beach), but the most aesthetic with its ocean vistas. My kid Christopher and I (pictured) both birdied the par-4 17th. Birdies are routine for him. They make me do mental cartwheeels and backflips. NBA star Carlos Boozer was aboard our cruise, ogled and approached by fans who hated to bother him but did, anyway. I gained five pounds on a diet of alcohol and nonstop eating. Finished Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes over cigars on deck. Even did quite well in the casino especially on the roulette table, including a hit with five chips on 33 and four on 20. A great time. But I told you all to mind LeBron while I was gone. Geez I can't leave you people for a minute!

1aa1agermanrabbitDEAR GREG...: "...Your blog's OK but would be  better if occasionally you would show a picture of a man carrying a gigantic rabbit. Thank you." Dear Reader: I doubt there is such a thing but I'll check.

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I'm sure that buffet spread aboard was quivering each time you gazed at it.

Glad you had a good time and vacation.

You just gonna let your Joe Namath prediction sneak quietly away never to be mentioned again?

RELAX Heat fans, LEBRON is coming back. You have nothing to worry about. Dumb fans getting all worked up over nothing. LOL

Pouncey=dumb ass

Ill timed summer vacations, ill timed predictions. It's surprising you hit at the Roulette table.

I'm not Jenning anymore! The transformation is complete. I am now... someone else.

The East has

then possibly Miami, so at best Miami is now a 5 seed in the East.

Melo staying in NY is a game changer Phil Jackson is smart enough to make them into a contender soon more than likely. Rockets going after Rondo now after losing out on Bosh. Cleveland is crazy not to trade Wiggins for Kevin Love. That is a no brainer silly Cavs.

Deng fever settle down he wasn't that good in Cleveland last year not a game changer. Just grasping at straws now that Lebron is history time to find a new hobby besides LeBron love and alleging racism Greg.

The Heat will go as far as Bosh can take them. Now that he's "the man". If he can be a good as LeBron was as a threat. That is a BIG if.

Big Baby,


mr. deng seems like a pretty solid player. let's see his stas as compared to those of chris bosh


according to our real friend (the real) david in LA, bosh will go back to his former numbers of 20/10, and barring his getting older or hurt, i can see the real david's notion that as the prime guy he'll revert to his totonto stats; however, mr. deng is gonna get his share of rebounds and points and take a few away from bosh, who really played with nobody up there with the raptors. and i agree with you that as talented as andrew wiggins may be, i'd rather have the proven scorer and really big time rebounder in kevin love. having LBJ changes the dynamic of any team and with these two and kyrie irving (should he stay sound), the cavaliers have the makings of a competitive team (any team with LBJ is automatically competitive).

They will go as far as Wade takes them. If he gets his knees repaired then he might salvage his career if not Miami is toast.

Big Baby,

yessir, i did underestimate the argentines, who fought gamely. i am not acquainted enough with the history of german futbol to say that this is the best team they ave ever fielded; the 1990 winners were a good bunch, with all their top guns now managers of national sides. the 1990 team took dieguito and friends into a shootout, if i remember, and the core of the albiceleste was pretty much the same as the 86 winners. germany had a good blend of youth and experience this go-round: we'll just have to wait and see how yesterday's finalists look in the european championship in 2016 and in the copa del america.

Big Baby,

wade is certainly not the high-wire act that he was in the first few years of his pro career; i am not sure he is up for 82 games and playoffs (if they make it, which they probably will) at his previous athletic abilities-too many falls over the years have hastened his slowing down. i am afraid that he cannot perform as consistently as he did as a youngin, which was unworldly.

Then why did they resign him then? Do you have the details of that contract? I haven't been able to confirm that he is not still a free agent.

shadow I just listen to what 'the experts" are saying and that is that this German National team could be the best ever and that they are likely improving. I said before the Final that they were loaded it wouldn't surprise me if they were the best ever there is talent everywhere on that roster.

The Heat will be okay, but just okay. No way you lose the best player (by far) and not take a hit to your overall chances at a title. Interestingly, quietly, the team that easily won this past year only got better. They kept pretty much their entire team intact, and watch out if they don't happen to land Carlos Boozer on the cheap ($3M down from $16M) on Wednesday after Chicago is forced to amnesty him.

The biggest loser had to be the Lakers, as the Buss'es failed to attract any of the top marquee free agents, or keep Gasol. Look for Kobe to be opportunistic (read selfish) in continuing to register higher NBA points total.

That will have to be enough for this Laker fan.

Wade has not been signed as of yet.

Then why is Cote naming him as part of the Bosh- Wade - Deng trio in his poll? A bit presuming isn't it oc? If they were smart they wouldn't sign him spend the money somewhere else. I said last week Wade might be the biggest loser in all of this giving up 42 million he may never see that much again in his career.

The Heat will compete for the East next year. They probably won't win but they'll be competitive. Bosh and Wade are still very good players and the East is still very weak.

It's just a matter of fine tuning the contract terms and numbers. Wade and Haslem not signing with Miami would (at this juncture) be more surprising than LBJ's departure.

The Heat were not going to win the NBA title in 2015 with Lebron James unless the Mexicans retook the Alamo and San Antonio as the mid 2010's will be known as the Spurs dynasty era.The Lebron less Heat will be spirited and with luck could win 50 games but it will be Indiana or Chicago who will get whipped by the Spurs in four or five games in the 2015 NBA Finals.The Dolphins should show Mike Pouncey the exit door.Mr Pouncey who is probably an HGH or other enhancing drug user which may explain his boorish behavior has been a barrel full of trouble since he became a Dolphin.

Very excited about the Miami Heat this upcoming season, Riley once again working his magic, signing Luol Deng to 2 years, $20M when he had turned down larger contracts all through free agency, including 3 years, $30M from Chicago.

Everyone who's coming back is on two year deals, not only has Riley kept Miami a playoff contender in the East but he didn't sacrifice the team's future and the opportunity of the enormous 2016 free agent class to do it!

Chalmers, Napier, Cole
Deng, Granger, Ennis
McRoberts, Haslem
Bosh, Andersen

Awesome start with 4 spots still up for grabs!

45 win team.

Big Baby clearly belongs in the LeBron posse...I think Heat franchise is better off without that band of sharksuckers.

Great post Rolo and the big winner in this shake up will be James Ennis. Two floor spacing big men to open up the lane for him I can't wait to see how he looks against real NBA competition! He dominated overseas and has looked amazing in the summer league, he's going to be a big part of the bench offense next season.

Interesting you said that Spivey it's been speculated that they are part of the reason LeBron left.

"it's been speculated by bitter loser Celtics fans"

Fixed that for ya!

Laughing all the way ha ha ha ha...

I even predicted it. Just like I predict a breakout season for Ryan Tannehill.

Big Baby is a loser nothing positive going on in his life so he has to spout negativity over the Heat even though his team is in the gutter with no change of getting out this decade too funny

What did he say that was negative and not true? Do tell please oh wise one.

"LeBron James left because of Miami fans"

Sad and pathetic and a "42 win team" is 20 games better than the shitty Celtics.

"it's been speculated by bitter loser Celtics fans"

Fixed that for ya!

Posted by: Bitter beer face | July 14, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/allure-of-the-seascarlos-boozer.html#storylink=cpy

Big Baby is a loser nothing positive going on in his life so he has to spout negativity over the Heat even though his team is in the gutter with no change of getting out this decade too funny

Posted by: The Truth | July 14, 2014 at 01:25 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/allure-of-the-seascarlos-boozer.html#storylink=cpy

atta boy fellas!
i couldn't have said it better myself.
big baby is a hating fool who has ZERO credibility concerning the miami heat, and the NBA in general.

for example, here is baby's "analysis" of luol deng:

Deng fever settle down he wasn't that good in Cleveland last year not a game changer. Just grasping at straws now that Lebron is history time to find a new hobby besides LeBron love and alleging racism Greg.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 14, 2014 at 11:24 AM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/allure-of-the-seascarlos-boozer.html#storylink=cpy

now HERE we have an interesting article, written in 2013, explaining just why deng is a great player, especially for a disciplined veteran team like miami:


when READING the article, and seeing how deng running through screens to wear a defense down, setting screens, taking charges, holding opponents to an efficiency rating of 11.9, creating optimal spacing and movement, one realizes that deng is a player quite similar to shane battier.
in other words, a guy who's value is not just relected in the stat line.
you need to look CLOSER.
pay attention TO THE GAME.

it's not just, "wow.. he dunk.. he good!"
or "wow.. he block shot.. he great defender"


last year was a down year for deng; he was traded to a crap team, an undisciplined team and a low IQ team, long on talent but short on IQ and fundamentals.

that is not the case now.

this was a HUGE pick up for riley, and like most of the garbage posted on this site, criticizing it will be easily proven wrong.

BB..no worries...we got the pimp-miester (Riley) and you only got whiny little bitch Danny Ainge..who's got the better track record?

if this allegations against M Pouncey are true I've lost all respect for the guy..Moron.

things I'm looking forward to this NFL season..

the Dolphins new offense..

the development of our young players.

how are offensive line is going to develop.

Tanny's development

of course everything depends on our clues less HC and his very inept coaching staff (other than our new offensive line, offensive coordinator and LB's coach) who were not here last year.

go ahead Joey, make me a believer....

FZB and david lol two guys who missed so bad on their Lebron prediction it's comical. You two look silly now that is just a fact. I would almost feel sorry for you guys about Lebron leaving if you both hadn't displayed so much arrogance about him staying. As it is your team has lost and so has Pat Riley. I would rather be Boston right now with a cash cow of first Round picks a very good coach and some young talent than Miami no contest. Enjoy mediocrity guys.

You look pathetic and bitter.

wow BB..what's with all this different names?..

on LeBron leaving..this decision makes no sense, the one thing it did is it took away all the pressure he had on him to win every year with his dumb comments of "not one, not two not three etc..from that respect he took the easy way out and went on running home to momma, either way I'm grateful for the 4 years he was here and the two c-ships we got.

Riles has a proven track record of excellence, he doesn't settle for second best, we will be a playoff team this year and next and will be ready to reload again in 2016...


Everyone knows Big Baby is the dumbest poster on this blog...been established long ago...

Chalmers, Napier, Cole----weak
Wade------------------on his last leg, literally
Deng, Granger, Ennis-----deng is a good defender, decent player....granger was cut by the 76ers thats all that needs to be said about him.
McRoberts, Haslem-----so excited about seeing this duo!!!
Bosh, Andersen----Bosh couldnt even be a #3 now he has to be the #1? Yeah, ok. Soft Bosh? Yeah, Ok!

chewing on nut sacks is the the biggest troll on this board.

say Pimple..where U been amigo?...we missed you around here..

Hey U think the Lizards can give Ga Southern a game this year?..hehe

Posted by: Rawpimple | July 14, 2014 at 02:24 PM

So don't watch or support them, no one's forcing you to...you need a hug or something buddy?

ROLO--Super excited to watch Wade and Granger limp down the court while Shabazz shoots 1 for 12 from the field and Bosh chucks 3 pointers. The most exciting part of watching the Heat next year will be to see what new tattoo or hairstyle Birdman will have.

So don't watch, it'll be great to have band wagoners jump off so that actual NBA fans can enjoy this team for once.

Good you should have your pick of lower level seats watching Mario Chalmers dribbling in circles and Shabazz shooting bricks while Bosh dances around the perimeter looking to avoid contact. You might even get to sit right next to Pat Riley so you can give him your opinion on what offense to run and who to sign next year. Super Exciting!

U sound bitter pimple..U need to relax dude..hey at least you have the swamp Lizards to look forward to (as long as they don't play Ga Southern)..they may even win 4 games this year.

As far as excitement goes I don't think I have any common ground with someone who finds enjoyment spouting negativity to strangers on the internet.

Tanning lobster soap.

The Heat will be better next year than anyone expects.

I think most people now expect the Heat to be a good team next season, if not a genuine title contender.

Vegas already has them pegged as the 3rd best team in the East.

So "better than anyone expects" isn't really accurate.

The Dolphins are GARBAGE.

The Heat will be better next year IMO.

Pouncey is a total jackass when will they finally cut his azz?

Pouncey says he had nothing to do with the incident. Another social media experiment gone wrong. This thing never happened Lulu or whatever that chicks name was and that wannabe guy seem to be pulling a fast one. Don't be so quick to judge Greg you aren't having a very good week despite all of that rest.

Pouncey is a LIAR. That's already been established.

Dolphins don't need to publicly announce anything Greg until a charge is filed.

Pouncey lied during the investigation last year. He cant be trusted.

Didn't Ross say the Dolphins would be more transparent?

He lied too.


The incident could have happened but with no charge being filed it seems unlikely at this point. There should have been witnesses galore if it really happened in a crowded club with people taking selfies and videos.

Didn't Pouncey admit on a tweet he was taking ecstasy?

Didn't hear that. Wouldn't surprise me.

Chalmers, Napier, Cole----weak
Wade------------------on his last leg, literally
Deng, Granger, Ennis-----deng is a good defender, decent player....granger was cut by the 76ers thats all that needs to be said about him.
McRoberts, Haslem-----so excited about seeing this duo!!!
Bosh, Andersen----Bosh couldnt even be a #3 now he has to be the #1? Yeah, ok. Soft Bosh? Yeah, Ok!

Posted by: Rawpimple | July 14, 2014 at 02:24 PM

With the Re-Signing of Rio (A bit surprising) I get the feeling Cole maybe on the block and dealt before the 2015 trade deadline. Alot of talk about how Riley doesn't like (Trust) playing Rookies Big Minutes but it worked out just fine with Wade at about the Mid-Point of the 03-04 Season. As a 4 Yr. College player like Wade I expect Napier to begin to pay dividends as well after the All Star break. You say the position is weak but I believe it will be a strength by the end of the 2015 Season!

As far as a 2-G backing up Wade while everybody was talking Ariza I was hoping Riley was looking at Darren Collison who signed with Sac. or still UFA Jordan Crawford from the G.S.W.'s as Back-Ups to Wade. Still could happen especially if Riley free's up Cole's 2 Mil with CAP space getting smaller since McRoberts/Granger deals were counted Vs. CAP after Deng addition.

As long as the Back-Up job isn't given to someone like L.Barbosa on the cheap with viable option there this team will still be a contender in the WEAK East with a deeper bench than at any point in the Big-3 ERA!In Riley we trust so "IF" a legit 2-G Back-Up can be had with a player like Crawford then unlike alot of you (And especially poster Big Baby) I believe the HEAT will still push for the 3 seed into the last couple of weeks of the Yr.

It's not a scrub line up Pat has put together so far! I also believe you'll see Wade work hard on his jump shot this Off-Season (Before LeBron and the dunking was a strength he just needs to fine tune again) Re-Defining himself the way Riley alluded to. Alot of Heart in Dwayne Wade and "IF" he physically holds up (Spotting up more will help) this team will push Indiana which will fall back this Yr.

The Wiz and Cavs are the teams pushing the East in 2015. LeBron never had an issue putting up 60 win Yrs. in Cleveland with a scrub team before and I don't see that changing with Wash. an up-n-comer IMO and the Pacers without L.Stevenson and Hibbert crashing back to Earth a mediocre (slow team) moving forward.

Yeah, Pouncey and Incognito were doing ecstasy at the strip clubs.

Pouncey is a loser.

Pouncey is about as dumb as ya get.

Didn't Pouncey admit on a tweet he was taking ecstasy?

Posted by: Mike | July 14, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Speculated during the Bullygate scandal last Yr. because of relationship to Incognito whose admitted an issue with it in the past. Never proven about Pouncey however possible both and J.Martin all took the drug on the Strip Club scene they were nown to hang in.

The problem with this particular Pouncey allegation (No Charges to date filed) is the talk of it being a hate crime. He and Bro apparently beat a man because he is gay and with the NFL (And alot of people these days) in full sensitivity PC Mode it could lead to Goodell's Conduct unbecoming policy of 4 to 6 game suspension with which he suspended Roethlisberger a few Yrs. back on the rape allegations for which he was never charged either.

Pouncey is a shady character for sure but until he does something more serious than wear a hat, tweet or tell the Bullygate investigator to pound sand then he should remain a Dolphin the team needs him.

Pouncey is a cancer and has no business on any team. He's as bad as Incognito if not worse. If Philbin wants his team focused he needs to cut Pouncey ASAP.

You might prove to be right Shula but it's too early.

Pouncey belongs in the funny farm with Incognito.....or in jail with A Hernandez.


Some good analysis there. I would point to that, however, that the Bulls with a healthy Rose AND Gasol will be considerably better than they were in 2013/14. Fourth seed may be more realistic. And keep in mind, Stephenson has yet to sign with anyone. The only offer he has received (that we know of) is from the Pacers.

The challenge for this new Heat roster will be Wade. I can see David's scenario unfold quite easily, i.e., the one that has Bosh's game improving due to being featured more. However, that blade has two edges and while that may do for Bosh, asking Wade to step up and to provide you with more minutes, more production, when arguably he was milking just the opposite under James may be asking too much.

OC Dolphin,

Your 100% right about Chicago but I really wonder at this point on 2 Reconstructed knees if D.Rose will ever be anywhere near the explosive player we saw in 2010. The addition of Gasol does make them much better however with a Front-Court now featuring Gibson, Noah and Gasol. They will be a headache for all and your 4th seed prediction sounds right but I didn't say they'd take it I said they'd push for it till the end and believe that.

I think a few guys on this team will be out to prove something in 2014-15. I believe that like in other NBA Cities like San Antonio and L.A. (When Dr. Buss was alive) Riley/Arison have put the HEAT on a level were there's a great deal of pride and tradition now involved and unlike some don't think they fold in the wake of James going home!

Pouncey is a shady character for sure but until he does something more serious than wear a hat, tweet or tell the Bullygate investigator to pound sand then he should remain a Dolphin the team needs him.

Posted by: Paul Pierce (the real truth) | July 14, 2014 at 05:47 PM

Been reading this Non-Sense about cutting Pouncey on the Dolphins Blog since last Yrs. Bullygate thing and with all due respect to them I happen to agree with you 110%!

Mike Pouncey isn't just a good Center but when healthy frankly maybe the best in the Game today aside from the best player on the Fins roster!

He so far has worn a hat defending a College Roommate allegedly abused Martin (A punk quitter in my book who bolted upon demotion!) and now fought a man with his Bro outside a Bar were it's being reported that the guy's gay.

Alot of gay people in the 15th and Collins area of Miami Beach where they were. Early to speculate they beat him up based on that or for a drunken argument. No offences here warranting cutting loose our best player.

The irony in this is that the NFL told the Herald today that Pouncey will not be facing any penalties related to the Martin/Incognito issue and it's a 'case closed' for them.

Like him or hate him, by mid-October Pouncey will be back starting at center.


Riley's biggest concern should be the financial limitations that he has somewhat forced onto his team. The strategical gamble to have Wade and Bosh, and to a lesser degree Haslem opt out has the net result of increasing the length of time he must carry cap eating contracts going forward. Where as before, the team was obligated to just two more years of roughly $40M/yr. the new reality is that, at least with 30 year old Bosh, the team ties up $22+M throughout the next FIVE years. This does not as of yet include a diminishing Wade, who one would expect will not get screwed by management after leaving his two year, $40M on the table. Assume a new four year, $60M contract (guess). That's $15M + $22M = $37M on two players whose play, in no less than half of them, are in decline.

Those are nasty limitation.

wonder where lebron will be signing after two years? since he just signed a two year contract with Cleveland.

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.

Down came the rain
and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain
and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again.

Wow....there is an asswipe on the blog posting as me..hehe..

Just for the record, my last post before this one was at 3:16 PM ...THE REAL FZB, and just to probe is me ?... Ross is an asswipe , Joe is still clueless and Aponte is still a back stabing bitch .

red klotz, RIP (BDH)

i saw so many globetrotter games growing up in LA- even one i saw where the trotters played at dodger stadium in feb. of 64 that i (and everybody else) knew which gags were coming when. meadowlark, curly neal and friends were really entertaining but would have been nothing without their competition, the washington generals of red klotz. and the games featured on saturday afternoons on "wide world of sports".red klotz was still running around chasing the globetrotters into his 50s and probably 60s. the globies were fun, and they actually beat a team of REAL nba players sometime in the 50s. let's check:


and before he could enter the NBA, wilt also did a stint with the globetrotters after leaving kansas.

geez, they beat the george mikan (first great NBA big man) led lakers 2 out of three!! mind-blowing!!

Well the Herald is now reporting that Pouncey is not likely to face a suspension from the NFL on the Martin /Incognito deal...how could he?...fackin Martin is the one to blame here for being such a vagina.

FZB is no longer FZB he is now someone else.

How do you like your goanna? Medium? Well done?

The USA liked the World Cup. As the demographics of the US change the interest in soccer in the US is only going to grow.


interest in soccer in the US is only going to grow.

Posted by: Dr Jenning | July 14, 2014 at 09:38 PM

That could be true. It sure cant get any worse. lol

BB, I see that you have moved off the Argies and are now berating the Heat fans. Good move, bro, backing those stiffs was probably the biggest mistake that you've ever made on this blog. The Germans could have taken the field with Rin Tin Tin and an oom pah pah band and still gone through those Argies like crap through a tin pipe.

You would have been better off laying everything that you had on the Cubs to win the World Series than taking those losers.

He he.

With the LeBron drama no one knew soccer was even going on. The news was all about what LeBron's doing.

Yea, Dr. Jenning, you're quite right. As the number of Indians come through the border with Texaco like salmon going upstream under Obama's Grin, Jive, and Chuck program the number of soccer fans is growing by the minute.

26.5 million Americans watched the Germany v Argentina World Cup final. Game 5 of the NBA Finals had 18 million American viewers.

American tastes are changing.

American tastes are changing.
Posted by: Dr Jenning | July 14, 2014 at 10:36 PM


Hogwash is denying the obvious. Does he work for the Dolphins front office?

American tastes are changing.

Posted by: Dr Jenning | July 14, 2014 at 10:36 PM

In 1994 when the World Cup was held here in the U.S. I remember that TV Ratings were surprisingly high even though only a handful of games were televised Nationally. I saw on the News that the 94 W.C. is still to this day the W.C. with the highest Stadium attendance in History with an average of 89,000 spectators per game with the closing tournament hosting 3.6 Million spectators. When you take out the Euro demographic and the fact Latin Americans need Visas to enter the U.S. You get the idea that alot of folks were intrigued enough to pony up and attend from Coast to Coast.

It's also surprising given the W.C. was hosted in S.Korea/Japan in 02 were you figured Asian attendance would have been high in that Continent. I was also a bit shocked by the attendance record considering the 2010 games were held in S.Africa were I've been having gone from Europe were the trip isn't overly expensive and the Country is unbelievably beautiful making it a great destination for Europeans.

I was there in 2011 (Work related) and saw the Stadium they built in Capetown and, WOW! Yet our time hosting the event holds the record. I think it has alot to do with the Pageantry of the event and that it's a World Trophy being decided.

We after all love games with that World association even when they're really only played here like the winner of the Super Bowl being Crowned World Champ, a Heavyweight Title fight when the Divison has fighters worth while and the draws they are across America with their Billion Dollar paper view earnings. The World Series and so on! The reality is more kids are playing it today and we have a larger Latin population but much like MLB the games can be real snooze fests and I for one will wait out the Nielsen ratings for NBC's agreement with Barclays Premiere League before crowning the Sport anything in America were we prefer our modern day Colosseums and Grid-Iron Gladiators in a Sport with more Wire-to-Wire Drama.

Yea, Doc, and 26 million were Indians who watched it on black and white TVs......

American tastes are changing.

Posted by: Dr Jenning | July 14, 2014 at 10:36 PM

In the History of the World Cup the 94 games in the U.S. drew the biggest Per Game attendance record in the events History with 89,000 spectators per Game. The closing tournament like wise drawing 3.6 Million people. For whatever reason the Networks in large part ignored it only broadcasting a handful of games with little to no publicity yet it still drew very high ratings.

You take into consideration that you can drive to Brazil from any Latin American Country yet you need a Visa from them to enter the U.S. and you get a clearer picture for the point I'm making regarding who were the larger demographic in attendance in the U.S. Also an intriguing record for us to hold considering they hosted that event in Asia 12 Yrs ago and 4 Yrs ago in S.Africa were I've been a few times (Work related) and traveled there from Europe with the trip being relatively reasonable in cost and time in a beautiful destination.

You look at all these factors yet the Country with the Tourist Visa headache which follows they're own brand of Football is the record holder for attendance. My theory is it has the word World Cup attached! In the U.S. we love the pageantry of any Sporting event on that scale. It's why we call the Super Bowl Champs, the World Champs even though it's played here and only here. How about the draw a Heavyweight Championship fight can be with Billion Dollar Pay-Per-Views!

I could go on but I think you get my point! I for one will wait out the Nielsen ratings for NBC's deal with Barclays Premiere League before crowning that sport anything. It's a bit boring like MLB and here we tend to like our modern day colloseums and grid iron gladiators in a Sport with more wire to wire drama!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

bosh has shown no decline; i believe his numbers the last few years reflected not a decline, as much as the adjustment he made.
in fact, if you look at his numbers, his field goal % was at his career highest 2 years ago, and it was his 3rd highest this past year.


in his time here, his game actually expanded and got better. he is a legitimate threat from the outside with a DEADLY mid-range game, and his defense has been superb.
like the NFL, free agents are somewhat over-paid in the NBA too, but i like him at 30 years old, healthy with having no serious injury history, anchoring the front court for the next 5 years.

not sure what wade's contract will look like, but riley is not mortgaging the future at all.
for one thing, we'll need guys like bosh to attract other big names, many of these other deals are like deng's, only a couple years.
and in 2 years with the TV deal, many are expecting the cap to increase by a ton, which is why lebron's deal is only for 2 years.
pat riley has it covered, boys..

If anything, the World Cup proved to Americans how brutally boring soccer actually is.

Boring? Quite the opposite Mr Mike. The games were very entertaining and exciting. There is no doubt soccer is on the rise in America. It's headed to #3. Want to watch brutally boring? Turn on a baseball game. 3 hour plus baseball games are killing America's once favorite past-time.

average baseball game in 1975? 2:30. average game so far in 2014? 3:08. put that together with a game of nobody's and you have the perfect prescription for a dying sport.


Hey Mike,I am not a hater,nor a lover of soccer,but I must agree that watching a game that ends 0-0 in regulation and then ends 1-0 in ot,does not get my blood pumping. Then the fact that two teams, that I could care less about, are playing for that ugly-ass cup,well I would rather watch paint dry. Just sayin

Baseball is like a fast paced video game compared to soccer.

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