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July 02, 2014

On Garo's biggest fight. The back story; plus was World Cup a success for U.S? Poll. Vote!; also, Dolphins' Jordan suspended, Tannehill ranked & more

1) It is THURSDAY, JULY 3. For those who are asking, my radio appearances on the Dan LeBatard Show are scheduled to resume on Tuesday July 15. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): U.S. ousted as World Cup reaches quarterfinals, Heat free agency and Big 3 poll result & more. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Futblog! World Cup quarterfinals preview coming Friday: Apparently FIFA has decided to continue the World Cup in Brazil to its conclusion despite the elimination of the U.S. The nerve! Watch for our blog's round of 8/quarterfinals preview here Friday morning.

ON THE GARO YEPREMIAN COLUMN: I have a 1A column today on former Dolphin Garo Yepremian's fight with adrenal cancer and a brain tumor. You'd click Garo's Biggest Fight if you haven't yet read it. 1aa1agaroyMy email and Twitter response suggests the story has touched a lot of people. I won't reprint it here (you have the link), except to summarize by saying Garo, the lovable kicker from the '70s, has had a tough life but hasn't lost his spirit. The Garo Yepremian Foundation since 2001 has raised money for brain tumor research and now its founder was himself afflicted with a brain tumor. Can you imagine? The photo is from Garo's 70th birthday on June 2. The wide scar above his left eye is from his brain surgery to remove the tumor. I'd invite you to visit the Garo Yepremian Foundation at yepremian.org. From there you can find its Facebook page, where best wishes may be expressed, and where you'd 'like' the page to get updates on his medical situation and health. I thank the Yepremian family, especially Garo, his wife Maritza and son Garo Jr., for reaching out to me with the honor of sharing their story. I was a novice reporter yoo young to have covered Garo in the '70s but met and spoke with Maritza last August in a Washington, D.C. hotel lobby, the day the '72 Perfect Season Dolphins were being honored at the White House. That casual, chance conversation led to my being trusted to share this story, which is filled with pain and loss but ultimately offers the steady beam of light that is Garo's spirit and will. If my column helps increase traffic or donations to Garo's foundation even a little bit, it will have mattered.

WAS THIS WORLD CUP RUN A SUCCESS FOR UNITED STATES?: The question isn't simple. How do you define "success"? We seem to do so differently in international soccer, where we accept the U.S. is 1aa1aussoccernot top-echelon (yet) and so judge more leniently. The American sports mindset most other places is "winning is everything," but on world-stage soccer we seem to be more OK with stuff like progress and effort. Consider: The Dolphins go 8-8, the epitome of right-in-between, of average, and no fan is happy about that. But the U.S. men reach the round of 16 and advance no further in a 32-team tournament -- also sort of in-the-middle-average -- yet the gut reaction to the eliminating 2-1 loss to Belgium seemed to be praise. We applauded heart and grit as we nominated goalkeeper Tim Howard for sainthood. Are our standards too low? Should we be more demanding? The World Cup was filled with images like the one pictured, but peel away the surrounding patriotism and simply judge the team for its performance, by however you define success, and in whatever context you think is fair. Now that the ouster has settled in ... was this World Cup run a success for the United States? Vote and say why.

Chunk of World Cup coming to Miami: Seventy-six players from 22 World Cup teams (though none from U.S.) will participate in upcoming annual Guinness International Champions Cup, featuring eight top club teams competing across the U.S.: Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, AC Milan, Olympiacos, Real Madrid and AS Roma. Dolphins stadium wil host the champion match Aug. 4.

DOLPHINS' DION JORDAN SUSPENDED: Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan today was suspended without pay for the first four regular-season games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancing substances. "We were disappointed," said coach Joe Philbin. Said Jordan: "I tested positive for stimulants that are banned. I take full responsibility for the test results. I’m very sorry for the impact of this situation on my teammates, coaches, Stephen Ross, the entire Dolphins organization, fans and my family."

OY. TANNEHILL RANKED 23RD-BEST STARTING QB: The proving is hardly finished for Ryan Tannehill. 1aa1artannyTwenty-third of 32 starting NFL quarterbacks is hardly brag-worthy, but that's where 26 anonymous "league insiders" rank the Dolphins' QB in a new survey for ESPN. Click here for the full story and list. The usual Big 4 of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers tie for first with a rating of 1.04 each. (So much for Brady's supposed accelerated demise). Tannehill is 23rd overall with a 3.32 rating, and included in the third of four "tiers."

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Stupid question. Try again Cote. Maybe try something like: Did this World Cup change you opinion about soccer in the USA?

USA soccer has 2 wins 5 losses and 4 ties in World Cup play since 2002. Not good. Don't get me wrong I want them to break through just don't tell me they have and that they are getting closer because the evidence does not support that. Klinsmann is doing a good job but he knows he needs more talented players it's just that getting them seems to be the problem. Same old story. As I said that game against Germany should have put US soccer on alert terrible effort yesterday wasn't much better.

Poll answer. Fail.

Big Baby,

when did the usage of the term "hater" become so prevalent? it popped up in one of your blogposts yesterday concerning michael bradley. because i write that i think he has been overrated for his team play and that i can't believe he dominated in europe before coming back to play in the US, that makes me a doubter, not a hater. yes he erved up a terrific pass to the teeneager which found the net, but the rest of his mundial had been pedestrian at best. he will still be in the prime of his career for the next WC when he will have a chance to show that he has truly become a "controlling midfielder", a position that the uSA so laced for the first 115+ minutes of the game yesterday.


Bradley runs more than any player on the filed. At times he is both an attacking midfielder and a defensive midfielder and he does both mostly well. When Altidore got hurt it affected his game slightly and he adjusted. Was he outstanding in this tournament no but he is a player that I want on the US team contributing. Pedestrian is much too strong a word that's hating.


that on the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI- the real "great" war-that france versus germany in the "paths of glory" bowl. germany hasn't looked that fantastic and the french have size and speed. belgium looked as they were supposed to- a solid team with size, cohesion and athletes. lunaka just bullied his way to the winning tally after belgium's redhead scored a solid goal. the fury of pace at which the USA played to get a goal back and make gallant efforts to try to get a second goal with 5' is more than commendable. it was an incredible finish, one of the best the ole shadow has ever seen. plenty of USA chances, but many more for belgium. tim howard made many saves and the announcers kept saying how he was doing it with his feet, which was true; true because tim howard, for all his magnificence for club and country, goes to ground way too easily. that said, a save is a save and he sure had plenty of them yesterday. a bravura perrformance in goal!

Big Baby,

hard to use a performance against germany as a yardstick, when all that the US or the krauts needed was a draw. germany played not to concede a goal-bunker style- and the USA couldn't break them. france has the ability to beat the germans if the germans have an off day (doubtful in the quarters) and can play at a high level also. a shame frank riberry couldn't get on the WC team- he is dynamic and "faster than a speeding bullet as they used to say". robben is still faster than the proverbial bullet, but a belgium win versus holland is a distinct possibility.

shadow -most of those last 5 minute gallant efforts you describe were due to the play of Michael Bradley and him getting the ball into space yesterday when the team needed it. Maybe I am defending him too much but I think he took a lot of heat during this tournament most of it unfairly. He isn't the reason they were eliminated. Howard had a great game (although that means the US generally didn't) he will be 39 next go around an age where some goalies can still play at a high level at times but not always. Interesting to see if he plays in the next WC. VIVA sky blue and whites!!

Belgium won't see Holland they aren't getting past albicelestes. If form holds we are headed for a Netherlands vs Argentina showdown.

Endora and Uncle Arthur will meet in the Final.

Belgium is very good though should be a great game on Saturday. I think you said you won't see it shadow can you record it?

US was 1-2-1 this year and got dominated yesterday. Soccer is very boring--in a game that was dominated by Belgium the score was 0-0 for 90 minutes. Yeah it was a nice break to actually have a sport going on that meant something at the end of June where there is little else going on, but soccer does not even come close to football or basketball. It may even be behind the NHL.

It's all about chances in soccer that is how I see it anyway. Scoring isn't the most important thing in my view it's watching the action and hoping there is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Baby,

that is the tag that has been put on bradley- that he can't orchestrate a team during the entire game. yes he put the ball on the foot of that teenager yesterday, but people thinking he is pirilo (sic) of the italians are way off. i don't think your albiceleste will get past belgium; we'll see. i am low tech and don't record TV stuff- i'll just get home from temple to see if the dutch can handle the ticos on saturday.

The actual soccer played by the U.S.A team was a modest improvement but the thing that pleased me more was the reaction to the U.S.A team by people all over the country.The U.S.A team's run in the World Cup seemed to unite a divided country battered by 9-11,The Great Recession,Two Mid-East Wars,Katrina and Sandy,Newtown,BP oil spill and Virginia Tech.The 21st century has been mostly gloomy for Americans with the mentioned events above so for a couple of weeks of happy patriotism that unites the American public may have been the greatest item of the 2014 World Cup for the U.S.

A modest improvement over what? US Soccer fans deserve more than "modest improvements" and Patriotism they deserve a winner and this team wasn't it.

shadow you obviously don't think Argentina can beat Belgium you already had them playing into the next round. You're going to miss a good game likely better than the Dutch versus CRC.

...seemed to unite a divided country battered by 9-11,The Great Recession,Two Mid-East Wars,Katrina and Sandy,Newtown,BP oil spill and Virginia Tech.The 21st century has been mostly gloomy for Americans with the mentioned events above so for a couple of weeks of happy patriotism that unites the American public may have been the greatest item of the 2014 World Cup for the U. S.

Posted by: mayberd | July 02, 2014 at 01:31 PM

You forgot to add the most devastating, spirit-crushing atrocities maliciously inflicted by me and my friends.

Lesson Once again for Greg:

The Dolphins finishing 8-8 is not the same as losing in the round of 16 in the World Cup. Considering there were 203 countries vying for 31 spots in the tournament to begin with (Brazil got an automatic bid for being the host country), the sheer numbers make your analogy invalid. Trimming 203 countries to 31 is cutting the field down to 15% of its total. Getting to the second round trims that to 8%. If this were American football, the 8% of the remaining teams would make it 3 teams. Let's round up and this is the equivalent of making it to the AFC Championship game in football, which would certainly make people happy here. Now due to the huge number of teams that have virtually no shot of making the World Cup, this is much more like college football, where certain teams are just always going to be also-rans. So again, 8% of 125 FBS teams makes the equivalent a top 10 college football team. You think fans of UM (which has a much more storied history than USA Soccer) would be happy with a top 10 finish this upcoming year? They'd be ecstatic. Dumb poll.

Lesson for Greg,

AFC Championship game? A better analogy might be a wildcard playoff game. No one should be happy about this US team losing seems like you enjoy settling for mediocre finishes.

Looks like most of the voters on this poll think losing is ok also. Saying they had a successful without question leads. What low expectations fans have for this US program. Don't worry be happy we lost and got dominated in back to back games yaaaay@!

I think Michael Bradley is THE example of what is wrong with american soccer. He runs around a lot (yes thats true) but looks like a chicken without a head. He creates nothing, and scores even less. We need MIDFIELDERS. WORLD CLASS MIDFIELDERS. THAT IS WHATS WRONG WITH US SOCCER. We have somewhat of a good offense in the sense that Altidore and Dempsey are bonafidescorers. I like the attacking style of that new fast kid that plays rt back. But we need midfielders that create. Also the basic ball control skills and technical passing and space creating and space finding skills (again MIDFIELD) IS WOEFULLY BAD. AND WOEFULLY BEHIND THE WORLD. What got US to the 16 was simply these factors: TIM HOWARD (TOP 3 GOALISES IN THE WORLD), A GOOD DEFENSE, AND AMERICAN HEART. But technically we are behind the world. These kids need to practice with some south americans. Play inSa more. idk.

What I said above about Bradley was also statedby ESPN commentators Lalas and Barak. They both agree that he was lost in the pitch and did nothing. Everytime he touched the ball he kicked itb ackwards to the defendersas if he was afraid to advance the ball

Read the rest Big Baby. I said it's more like a top 10 finish in College Football given the number of teams who can't compete from the get go. By the way, as a fan of these awful Fins, I'd take a wildcard game next year in a heartbeat, just like I did in 2008 with Pennington. And with the Group stage draw we had of Portugal and Germany, it was a great feat just to get out of the first stage. Sorry you don't have the ability to have semi-realistic goals in your fandom but I do.

good try by the US boys but its very obvious they were for the most part over match by superior teams, it's going to be a long process for the home team starting with our youth leagues..they need to start opening soccer schools were the kids can train all year round like they do in all the other countries..

when does football start's again?...

The blame Michael Bradley game continues. Sure he's everything that is wrong with US soccer. He is responsible for their dismal WC record since 2002.

I don't really get the disappointment here, Big Baby. As the #13th ranked team by FIFA World Rankings, we went further in this tournament than the #1 (Spain), #9 (Italy) and #10 (England) teams. We lost to the #2 (Germany) and #11 (Belgium) teams and tied the #4 team (Portugal, which we actually dominated). Considering our draw and our pre-World Cup rankings, we did fine, buddy.

Had they beaten Belgium and given Argentina a close game I would say yes a smashing success Lesson. Yesterday was their chance to finally earn respect and they failed. Too bad because there is a lot of talent on that team. All 6 of those teams you mentioned are better at soccer than the United States don't kid yourself.

like I said boys you can't rush the process..

NBA talk, its been very quite in the free agent front for the Heat, here's my wish list...

Pau Gasol
Shawn Marion
Jameer Nelson

those three are doable...plus the big three and add Ray Allen, UD , Birdman, Norris Cole Shabazz Napier?..boy that team will make my toe's tingle..


Going further in the Tournament than those teams you mentioned is worth nothing. Not even a free cup of coffee.

A modest improvement over what? US Soccer fans deserve more than "modest improvements" and Patriotism they deserve a winner and this team wasn't it.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 02, 2014 at 01:37 PM

US Soccer fans deserve a winner? Say what? Since when do they deserve anything? C'mon man. Ever been to an MLS match? Yeah, me neither. Look at the difference in attendance figures between MLS and Euro leagues. Soccer is not yet appreciated in the US to a level where we can say we deserve anything. It's laughable to say anything different.

All 6 of those teams you mentioned are better at soccer than the United States don't kid yourself.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 02, 2014 at 02:33 PM

Debatable, but even so, that goes to show then that we outperformed even your expectations in the World Cup. How can you then be disappointed? You sound like a Jet fan speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

It always wait until next year or this is the year for US soccer. Did you hear how much attention they got from media around the world this WC? It was unprecedented. Fan Interest and ratings were sky high. Soccer was appreciated contrary to what you say. The US team didn't deliver that is how I see it. We can agree to disagree I guess.

Portugal and Ghana gave them a free pass to the knockout round. They had the stage and didn't win. That's disappointing.

I don't need "league insiders" to tell me who is a good QB. It's probably Jaworski, Dilfer and bunch of other clowns. Tannehill will prove every one wrong this year.

Lessons I have been to an MLS game NE Revolution versus Houston Dynamos. Bro you're really out in space with your posts today.

Lastly comparing me to a Jet fan doesn't win you any awards in my book. Keep enjoying mediocrity at it's finest maybe we can talk down the road when the US finally makes a serious run. If that ever happens.

Lessons I have been to an MLS game NE Revolution versus Houston Dynamos. Bro you're really out in space with your posts today.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 02, 2014 at 03:01 PM

Congrats. One game in 18 seasons makes you the biggest MLS fan I have ever spoken too. Seriously. My larger point was that the attendance for MLS is growing but it averages about 20K per game, which is paltry compared to European clubs. Anyone saying US soccer fans deserve anything is downright insane in my book. We ignored this sport WAY too long to act entitled. Our team, just like our attendance at MLS matches, went form terrible to just better than mediocre, when compared to the rest of the world. Sounds like we got exactly what we deserved.

I was living and dying with the American side in the World Cup but you can also count me OUT of the "I won't be watching now" crowd just because our own boys are no longer part of the tournament.

I just can't watch sports in such a simplistic and jingoistic manner and while I was cheering on the U.S. just like millions of others in this country I didn't view it as some kind of weird "good guys versus bad guys" thing or an expression of national power. That's imbecilic. I simply enjoyed their run but accept that they have yet to reach elite status in the sport. Not going to gnash my teeth over it.

I will continue to watch the World Cup with great interest and simply hope the U.S. continues to make more headway in the sport in the future. We've already come a long way from where things were in the past.

I am partaking in wholesome activities today.

Lastly comparing me to a Jet fan doesn't win you any awards in my book. Keep enjoying mediocrity at it's finest maybe we can talk down the road when the US finally makes a serious run. If that ever happens.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 02, 2014 at 03:13 PM

Didn't know that the reason people posted here was to win awards from you. I'll remember to bring my best next time, so I can win Big Baby's "You're Not Mediocre" award. LOL, c'mon man. I don't care if I win cool points from you.

Big Baby,

please don't construe anything i opine about michael bradley to be hate. as i said before i doubt that he contributes as much as other people say he does (read above posts). i don't blame him with everything wrong with US futbol, and that is the end of discussion for me concerning michael bradley.

concerning tannehill, the ole shadow stated that this would be his prove or move season. whoever ranks him 23rd, well i am not jon gruden (who knows QBs) or ron jaworski (who pretends that he knows QBs) but the last two games of last season, where a win gets thwe dolphins to the playoffs, netting as i recall 3 points is something to consider in appraising tannehill's abilities. getting outplayed by ej manuel and geno smith (who both had miserable seasons) when it really counted) is something to ponder (christian,who might be ranked as one of the ten below #17). it would be nice and be a great segue into football season for one of our blogmates to supply us with the entire list of QBs in which #17 is #23,

Posted by: Lesson for Greg | July 02, 2014 at 03:43 PM

LOL, Might be P.O.T.D............

yeah, watching 90+ minutes of a 0-0 game and a bunch of foreign dudes running around a big field sounds like a blast! I'll be watching soccer closely from here on out and after the game is over, I might paint my room and watch it dry for even more entertainment!

jeff z so those who were only watching the USA because of their patriotic support of the team (i.e., they're not really soccer fans) were being jingoistic? seriously dude you need to go read a dictionary.

this type of nonsense only comes from the absurdity of the EXTREME liberal mind.

Here's my take on The QBs, Like the hamburger eating Cote said there's 1 thru 4 (Manning,Brees,Rogers,and Brady, Then there's #5 which is ever other QB, There all the same ranking...

Cool points can be exchanged for cash.

david please stop embarrassing yourself.

Posted by: Tom | July 02, 2014 at 08:08 AM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/x-hot-button-top-10-things-south-florida-sports-fans-are-talking-abouthot-buttonappears-sundays-in-the-blog-beginning-las.html#storylink=cpy

spare me, tom.
you post more garbage here than anyone, from your insipid and ignorant political posts to your ireland fetish.
as for marshall, why didn't he put up those numbers in miami?
he didn't have a QB here, that's why. or a balanced team.

as for his off the field issues, they would've continued and they'd have been a distraction.
he needed a fresh start, and i am happy he is doing well.
next year wallace will improve significantly.
as for soccer, mr futbol, of course i was rooting for our country to win, i am just not a fan of the sport.
as for your assertion i don't know what i am talking about regarding the athleticism of soccer players, well their cardio is as high as any athlete, to be sure.
if you think their muscle mass, anaerobic power and speed is anywhere NEAR that of an NFL defensive back, running back or receiver, you're out of your mind.

as for soccer players, plenty of players "take time off" on the field and are definitely not going 100% the whole time.
arguing otherwise makes you sound like an idiot, like tom, when he says obamacare started this year, or when he blames the housing crisis on a law that didn;t apply to mortgage lending houses that actually CAUSED the crisis.


maybe ESPN sucks too, huh? lol

I was trying to be diplomatic instead of calling you a jerk for comparing me to a Jet fan. Next time I will just call it like it is. You should root for Switzerland they are neutral just like your expectations for US Soccer.

can't wait to read all the soccer posts in september..lol

Watching soccer is a sign of moral decay in America.

Please pay attention to me. I am relevant.

See david this is a sign. You and Ann Coulter posting at the same time you know you have a spot for her. Ann is a genius. She knows how to upset the liberals she doesn't take any crap from those folks hee hee.

Are you freaking kidding? Ann Coulter is comedy gold. NOTHING is better for the left than when mouth-breathing idiots like her or Bachmann or Palin start frothing and spouting laughable nonsense. It makes the right look like a bunch of 4th grade dropouts.

If you actually take her seriously God help you, lol.

shadow I wasn't referring to you directly as a hater you were just one of many (mostly media) pointing out his limitations and mistakes. I was only posting that he had a good game yesterday to whoever would listen.

Doug- anyone who talks about Democrats like she does is A ok in my book. The playing field is slanted towards the liberal media. We need all the help we can get. Plus she is right most of the time. Have a good night.

That Doug doesn't sound too swift.

(the real dumbass) in los angeles says the 78th best WR in the NFL according to PFF is a better fit for Miami that the #1 ranked WR.

Oh God please watch out over him. He knows not how stupid he really is.

I was trying to be diplomatic instead of calling you a jerk for comparing me to a Jet fan. Next time I will just call it like it is. You should root for Switzerland they are neutral just like your expectations for US Soccer.

Posted by: Big Baby | July 02, 2014 at 04:29 PM

1) When it walks like a Jet fan and talks like a Jet fan...

2) Thanks so much for the suggestion, but nah, I'll just continue to support my teams and be realistic with my expectations, unlike you.

The World Cup is a global event that is the most popular sport in the World. The qualifiers are very difficult, and just reaching the World Cup is quite an accomplishment.
USA is slowly improving their level of play, but until the MLS gets better players, and the USA players get more experince in Europe, we cannot even think about reaching the fianl game.
The World cup has been won by only 8 National teams, and this year it seems that the same teams wil reach the final 4 teams ( the best in the planet).

A good analogy is the March Madness brackets, where it is extremely dificult to reach the Final Four every tournament. It is a challenging road, but with more planning, getting better players in the MLS, and some time, USA will be able to compete for the World champonship.

I am really confident that USA will offer a more competitive team in the next couple of World cups, but until then, we must applaud the excelent job that the USA has shown in the past 20 years.

The term "upside-down cake" is stupid.

If the cake is INTENDED to be served in that manner then it is most certainly NOT upside-down but rather RIGHT-SIDE UP!!!

How stupid can people be?? A pineapple upside-down cake is supposed to be served with the pineapple facing UP, is it not?? So then why in the fuc*ing hell do all these asshats call it UPSIDE-DOWN when they see it that way?!? The only way it would be freaking UPSIDE-DOWN is if the pineapple rings were on the godamm BOTTOM of the plate, NOT THE TOP!!!


Big Baby is a dumbass, US had a phenomenal run, what a great World Cup!

Belgium is ranked 11th by FIFA
USA is ranked 13th by FIFA

Pretty close I think almost equal. Yet the US was back on their heels most of the game with almost a 3 to 1 difference in shots and set pieces. Game should have been a blowout if not for Howard. Germany game was embarrassing also. I am so happy.

I personally have a different view of soccer. I read that Atlanta will have an MLS team starting play the spring of 2017. I'm going to go watch them play. Next year when I go to London I'm gonna go watch Chelsea or Manchester United play. I have really enjoyed watching not just the US but also the other teams play.

I am not in BBs camp on this one. I think the World Cup as a huge success for the USA and for soccer in the USA.

There is no problem with Soccer in the US..we simply haven't caught up to the rest of the world and its going to take time...you know they do have like an 80 - 90 year head start on us.

You guys remember when we use to win the gold medal in the olympics in basketball?... Every time with college kids?...well the rest of the world finally caught up with us, so we just have to do the same with soccer...all in due time.

True soccer players can walk on the field when the ball is away, but they have to ready at all times even if still trying to catch their breath. They need to sprint on call. They can't sub out for 5 minutes and go back in. They are all very fast, you may not be able to tell because you're not watching up close and they're dribbling with ther feet while running. Soccer players can look like the average Joe, but be great. They don't need to be hulks or superhuman giants. That's a cool thing in my book.

"Canadian soccer player Brian Budd was unbeaten in Superstars contests, winning the World Championship three times from 1978 to 1980, making him the most successful Superstar of all time"

In the US only version:

A soccer player participated in the" Superstars' 3 or 4 times. He won the final 3 times. He was a nobody, unknown of the day. Not a world star. I think there were at least 10 sports each athlete had to participate in, they could drop 1 or 2 that they were weakest.

In the US only version:
"Several athletes won the event two or more times. Among them:

Kyle Rote, Jr., Soccer, 1974, 1976, 1977
Renaldo Nehemiah, track and field/American football, 1981–83, 1986
Herschel Walker, American football, 1987–88
Willie Gault, American football, 1989–90
Dave Johnson, decathlon, 1993–94
Jason Sehorn, American football, 1998–2000"

OJ Simpson won in 1975.

"Competitors participate in a range of different sporting events, including a 100 yard dash/100m sprint, half mile (800 m) run, obstacle course,, weightlifting, soccer skills, rowing, tennis, basketball, bicycle racing, shooting and swimming. The sports have varied over time and between the various national and international competitions; in the first competition there was no obstacle course, but table tennis and baseball hitting were included"

I don't remember the soccer skills part, maybe they're talking about the world version. Obstacle course was always last.

President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, 33 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today. Another 28 percent pick President George W. Bush.


Realistic expectations. Great run. Excellent tournament. They got thoroughly outplayed by a team basically their equal. I will continue to believe that they were lucky because Portugal and Ghana underachieved greatly. They were ok that's it. It wasn't a great run.

Tom I don't know if you have NBC Sports Network but they have Premier League games on most of the year. It's a great league check it out.

Lesson for Greg,

Near 19k avg attendance for MLS is #9 in the world. Yes, believe it. You only see superior numbers in Eng, Spain, France, etc.

The reason is because the structure of team sports is different than in US. While we have one team per city (2 at most) in our sports leagues, foreign cities have numerous teams in their sections of the city. I think London has about 11 teams. Also, every town and teeny village has a team. None of them care a less about the nearest big city team,,they support their own team. You don't have an entire region supporting Dallas or Miami. You have only that one part of a city rooting for that team..such as Chelsea or Arsenal in London.

Thus you don't have giant attendances like in the US. Not to mention that women don't get into pro sports as much outside the US.

Here's a very comprehensive list of attendances for all kinds of sports worldwide:



david, you also exclude talents and athleticism of many other world sports. The lists I posed above reminded me of them.

How about rugby for one example? No armour needed. And each team gas different skill sets, some are speedsters, others are brawn.

Besides, athleticism isn't all there is to enjoying a sport. There are very unique skills in baseball, yet it's immensely boring no matter how many runs are scored. Perhaps the 162 game season kills it. Baseball is a social event to go to..hot dogs, beer, conversation with friends after work. . If it started today, it wouldn't catch on.

Australian football is highly popular there for an not very populated country. Although it's fun to watch for a few minutes due to its uniqueness, there is rarely a close game. It's shown live late Friday night. If you like scores of 120-40 , then great. Sort of like 80% of college football games.

I think I'd rather have low scoring soccer where teams are still in it til the end, then numerous blowouts.

I may get into it more later, but I have mixed feelings how the US did on the field.
I watched our team a lot over 3 decades, in WC, qualifiers, Gold Cups and the 2009 Confederation Cup where we had a 2-0 lead over Brazil in the final, but lost 3-2.

Yes, we survived 4 very tough teams. Ghana is a great, super speedy team, that just lacked discipline in the back. So, given that we have now qualified for every WC since 1990 and survived some minster teams, that's great.

We were a Wondoloski blown shot away from beating Belgium ..and then a Dempsey fiasco on a gorgeously designed set piece in OT.

However, since 2002 , we evenly played or outplayed every opponent on the field, It wasn't always reflected in the scoreline and between 2092 and 2010 we got screwed by the refs in5 games. The only big score loss was 0-3 to the Czechs in 2006, which can be attributed to having up an early score forcing us to push up and expose defense, leading to more goals, as is iften the case wen you oush up. We still out possessed and had a lot of shots.

In ths sense, I don't think we improved. We just have a superior monster of a goalie and we and a few opportunistic and skilled goals.

As I've said, I think we missed tremendous experience and skill not having Landon Donovan.
Altidore woud've helped us play better and control more.,well, he got hurt and the natural sub would've been Landon,

i don't have an issue with soccer; i just find it boring, that's all.

as for coulter, baby you are a moron to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. surely there are more principled conservative commentators than SHE is.

tom, marshall's last year in miami was statistically as good as wallace's the same year.
we, in effect, traded places for a guy 3 years younger with less drama, more upside, AND 2 second round picks.

wallace has also never caused any friction, has never been stabbed by his wife and has admitted to no mental illness thus far.
please stop your inane posting, you turd.
you sound like an idiot, and nothing will change that.
wallace's numbers WILL INCREASE next year, as he'll have a real offense with more weapons, balance and coaching.
can't wait to rub it in your tired old face when it happens..

Why is a high scoring game inherently more exciting than a low scoring game?

I don't buy that at all. An individual game in ANY sport is only "exciting" when it is being played energetically, enthusiastically, and with the outcome in doubt.

Nobody has seen a crappy high-scoring game in other sports or a great defensive struggle or pitching duel that kept the score down? They must have started watching sports last week.

Dumbest argument against soccer I've heard. It's like any other sport. Some of the games are brilliant and exciting others are duds. Has absolutely nothing to do with the score.

The Shadow Knows,

one thing....Bradley was not playing his usual position. Maybe that was a factor, although giving up possession vs Portugal ratger than booting it out of bounds was a major sin,

He did set up Green with a beauty and started the desinged free kick that Dempsey somehow managed to blow.

I once liked all sports, but I actually find basketball very boring as well as baseball. Always changing channels thanks to the remote. I know I don't have to watch NBA til the last 2 to 5 minutes.

Hockey, all is fine except ..you can't ever see the goal. You only know a score has occurred because players hands go up.

It all comes down to whether you have an emotional attachment to a team you were brought up with. The most boring sport in the world could be exciting to that person because he's on pins and needles all game for his team..

That's how I feel watching the US soccer team. Constant stress when the ball is in our end.
Exceitement when we'e creating an opportunity.

Why do regions of the world have different sport interests? Cricket is king in some parts.
Rugby in others. Australian rules in Australia. Irish Rules Ireand. team hanball in much of Europe.

Look at American football from an outsiders view... 3.5 hours of your day done, with 12 minutes of actual play, hours of timeouts and ads, and an often lopsided score especially in college. There are ganes with dramatic endings just as in soccer.

Most people I know are only excited watching football games of their teams and maybe their division (conference in college) because it impacts them. Other games are boring...maybe unless you gave a marquee hyped matchup like Brady vs Manning.

exactly as Gene said

Soccer players are a lot better looking, too. No fatties.

PFFs #78 rated WR is the same as their #1 rated WR? these are the same? REALLY david? please tell me you're not that stupid. never mind. dumb request.

I guess you missed the post the other day that Mike Wallace is one of the top 10 most overpaid players in the NFL. Stop embarrassing yourself. Ireland made same mindboggling stupid moves and trading Marshall was one of them. Acknowledge the obvious and maybe someone here will take your seriously. Until that point you're just a joke.

Tom, Did'nt Miami get rid of Marshal right before it became public he beat up his (Pick one)
1 Baby Momma
2 Mistress
3 Chad Henne.....

Johnny that great set piece seemed to bounce off of Dempsey's foot. If he could have just controlled it he would have had a better chance to score. The Wondolowski miss was brutal he will lose sleep over that one. Seems you saw what I saw. Not a lot of measurable improvement maybe the loss of Altidore was too much to overcome. With technology today you can see the hockey puck just fine.

anti a team desperate for WRs gets rid of one of the top 10 WRs in the league for peanuts. WTF was Ireland thinking? yathunk Tannehill and our running game could use a monster possession WR like Marshall?

It was one of the worst trades in Miami Dolphins history. For one of the best WRs in the league Miami got in return Will Davis, Michael Egnew and BJ Cunningham....NOTHING!!


ZZZZZZZ soccer, ZZZZZZZ like watching BBC interviewing some uppity, boring old Englishman who invented the practical way to file dusty old books in,,,,, ZZZZZ.

Wake me up when preseason FOOTBALL starts!

Johnny Fooseball
Next time try my easy bake oven if you what I mean.

See, didn't I predict we would win? I'm always right, even when I'm wrong. Or when the teleprompter shuts off when I'm in the middle of a speech.


Big Baby, read Michelle Kaufman's article. She was there reporting for the Herald. Says the same as you and me.

Watching Dempsey over and over..yes, a bad first touch. Still seemed like too many touches..he could've toed it to the left corner, or tapped it over to the right.

Wondo...if Jones' ball was 2 ft less forward, it may've made a difference. That's just luck. No blame. Wondo...you see this mass coming at you..tap the ball over to Dempsey, I'd think Dempsey was talking to him. The linesman had his flag up..would've been the worst offside call since the non offside call in 2010 on Tevez, Argentina vs Mexico. Poor Mexico keeps getting screwed. They were all over Argentina til that point. An article says the ref could overrule the linesman, but would he have? I would've been so pissed.

The best team doesn't have to win. If Howard's god-like saves and one last minute goal gets us there, that's perfectly fine.

Swiss are thinking about what may have been as well . Hit the post from close range..ball bounces back and off the player and out of bounds. If he's positioned slightly different, ball goes in.

For all the whoa about our two missed glorious chances in OT and Wondo's in regulation, how many can the Belgians be talking about..an inch here and inch there.

B Obama, your speaking capabilities are lacking, but your predecessor was many times worse, McCain didn't speak well either. We need Joel Osteen for Prez..he can speak. .no teleprompter needed.

So here's the the thing. 16 participants combine to secure a total of 18 points, and thus qualify to move up and to what most likely will be nine more collective goals - ahem..., chances of celebration. And we're left pondering...what, is this a good thing?

Yup, if you are an also ran country. Not much else to celebrate about, and not the leader of the free world, we guess so.

...then again, the leader of the free world doesn't much believe in American exceptionalism.

I taught him well

Every time I heard Mike Myock or Lou Holtz talk I wonder what it would sound if they would claim "Sweat sounds are stirring my soul", I chuckle and forget about it.

anti a team desperate for WRs gets rid of one of the top 10 WRs in the league for peanuts. WTF was Ireland thinking? yathunk Tannehill and our running game could use a monster possession WR like Marshall?

It was one of the worst trades in Miami Dolphins history. For one of the best WRs in the league Miami got in return Will Davis, Michael Egnew and BJ Cunningham....NOTHING!!

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/1-it-is-wednesday-july-2-for-those-who-are-asking-my-radio-appearances-on-the-dan-lebatard-show-are-scheduled-to-resume-o.html#storylink=cpy

we were not only desperate for a receiver, dummy, but we also needed a QB, defensive backs, better linebackers and a COACH.
as for the running game, reggie got those yards that year NOT because we were throwing the ball you nitwit. reggie got 216 attempts, (to lamar miller's 177).
as we've already figured out, you suck at math, as well as life.
imagine THAT. you hand the ball off, and the runner creates yardage.
you are an idiot. you think THAT was the worst trade, but not the welker one?
how stupid do you have to be to know that in 2001, both wallace and marshall were pretty much even statistically.
except marshall was tied for 2nd in MOST DROPS at 14, while wallace had only 4, dumb a@#


wallace is still 3 years younger and has more of an upside, he is not a distraction or a domestic violence victim, and only an idiot would argue otherwise, so keep em coming..

Tom, Did'nt Miami get rid of Marshal right before it became public he beat up his (Pick one)
1 Baby Momma
2 Mistress
3 Chad Henne.....

Posted by: Anti Christ 🐬 © | July 02, 2014 at 09:32 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/1-it-is-wednesday-july-2-for-those-who-are-asking-my-radio-appearances-on-the-dan-lebatard-show-are-scheduled-to-resume-o.html#storylink=cpy

post of the day. had we kept him, maybe he would've ended up stabbing his wife next time. lol

For some reason Tommy son keeps on blaming Ireland for the Marshall trade..so I'll just remind him of what really happened..

We had a new coach coming in ( clueless Joe) and a rookie QB ( Tanny ) and clueless Joe simply didn't want to deal with the headache...so the decision was made by BOTH to trade him...specially since the guy himself also wanted out and he also had requested it..

Well kids the real fuusball is just around the corner , excited to see our new wide open offense and hopefully a much improve defense...of course we all need to pray that our clueless coach stays out of everyone's way..

Maybe him and the back stabbing bitch can go on an extended vacation at the start of the season...

Go Dolphins !

FZB stop please. Ireland was in TOTAL control of the personnel. "Clueless Joe" was just along for the ride. That trade is totally on Ireland. At the time the trade happened it was such a bad trade that everyone thought that Peyton Manning coming here must of had something to do with it. Go back and take a look. Reggie Wayne was on the market at the time and experts speculated that Manning wanted his favorite WR with him. Well we know how that turned out for Miami. Another Ireland FAIL.

At the end of the day it was a STUPID trade made by a STUPID man.

did Miami trade Marshall for Wallace? NO! if ireland had traded marshall for wallace i would not be as critical of ireland, though it still would have been a bad trade. marshall has been and continues to be a much better WR than wallace. only an idiot would argue otherwise....which one is...you.

Who Are the NFL's Most Grossly Overpaid Players?

#2 on the list....Mike Wallace!


By the way, I didn't see Brandon Marshall's name on this list.

As a teen, I met Garo at Hallet Pontiac there on So Dixie Hwy the spring or summer before the 1972 season. He was there for a promo, signing autographs, meeting people. At the time, Garo was already famous for his winning kick in the 1971 Christmas Day Kansas City playoff game that propelled our Dolphins into the 1972 Super Bowl. What some of you may not know is that Garo Yepremian was also famous for his G.Y. neckties.

Garo was a super guy at that meeting, really funny, and he was a great Dolphin. I wish him well in his battle against cancer.

Johnny Futbol,

thanx for reminding me the manner in which mexico got screwed versus argentina; i was headed to the Holy Land that day and and was in transit while the match was being played and only got inside the terminalto see the mexicans chasing the referee into the tunnel.

re: michael bradley

i am not enough of a maven to know the specific details of just what kind of midfielder bradley is supposed to be. i did see him in the many games leading up to the mundial with the ball and distributing to his teammates, something which was sorely lacking in his WC play. i am reasonably sure that he is primarily a non-defensive midfielder. his pass to the kid was spot on and the furious pace that the US employed to try to tie it up was commendable. i understand that with a two goal lead with 5 minutes left the belgians were playing back and allowing the americans to play with the ball w/o scoring. i don't know why the beautiful set piece failed other than dempsey got the ball too close to the GK to do much else but shoot, which went right at their netminder. it was a scintillating effort that came up short. the loss of fabian johnson didn't help, and not getting any minutes from altidore hurt the cause greatly. i have recovered from mexico's loss, mainly because the dutch scored within the regulation time and holland totally dominated play after dossantos' score. earlier misses by herrera and others hurt, but the team came together for the mundial and held brazil scoreless to earn a point of the hosts; let's see if anyone else does. el tri played way above exoectations under herrera and going out in the round of 16 seems to be in the cards for mexico.

Get well, Garo. Wishing you the best.

Btw, FZ. Do you remember a week or so ago when both you and dave were wishing that somehow, Riley would sign both Lowry and Gortat? Well, I was wrong. They weren't $10M each players, they were $12M each players.

Let go, FZB...Let go!!!


Posted by: OC Dolphin | July 03, 2014 at 11:34 AM


I miss the Memphis Showboats and the Barcelona Dragons.

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