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July 31, 2014

Miami Big 5 next-champion poll too close to call, voting extended to midnight; plus Marlins, Riley, Dolphins, Sharknado & more

1) It is SATURDAY, AUGUST 2. Happy new month all! 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Miracle Marlins, Micky Arison's open letter, Canes odds, Tannehill-support results, naked TV & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

LeBron saga gets stranger: Three weeks later, LeBron James' departure from the Heat occupies a murky space in the gray between amicable parting and bitter divorce. I explore in my latest column. Click on Bad Blood Wrapped In Civility to read.

New NFL, Dolphins odds: New pre-preseason odds from Bovada show Broncos the Super Bowl fave at 13-2, followed by Seahawks 7-1, 49ers 15-2, Patriots 8-1 and Packers 10-1. Dolphins tied for 23rd at 66-1.

THE MIAMI TEAM BEST-POSITIONED TO NEXT BE CHAMPION IS...: This poll question -- and voting is extended through midnight tonight/Saturday because it's too close to call -- wouldn't be here if
LeBron James hadn't left Miami. What would have been the point? The answer would have been 1aa1abig5foregone. Heat, obviously. Now, not so much. 1aa1anextchampNow the playing field for this question has leveled. I could make an honest argument that any one of our Big 5 South Florida teams -- Dolphins, Heat, Hurricanes football, Marlins or Panthers -- is best-positioned and most likely to win our next championship. That is what makes picking just one tough, but that's your challenge here. Your other challenge is to not make it a favorite-team vote. It isn't. Not asking who you most hope has a parade next, but who you honestly think is most likely to. Who your money would be on in an even-odds wager. Vote and say why.

MARLINS SCREWED BY REPLAY REVERSAL: I'm not a kill-the-ump/blame-the-ref guy. Pinning your 1aa1amredteam's loss on the officiating almost always comes off as lame, an excuse. But not Thursday night. The Marlins got screwed when a blown decision by an MLB replay crew in New York turned a 1-0 Marlins lead into a 3-1 loss to the Reds. An inning-ending throw to the plate by Giancarlo Stanton that nailed the runner easily was wrongly overturned based on the new 7.13 rule preventing catchers from blocking the plate -- even though the rule should not have applied in this case based on when and where the catcher possessed the ball. The Marlins including manager Mike Redmond (shown protesting) were livid, and justifiably. MLB responded yesterday with a statement backing up the role reversal, but admitted the application of the new rule will be reviewed, and that last night's 6-minute review was far too long. Will the screw-job lead to a tailspin? Marlins lost again last night.

Marlins trade for starting pitcher: Fish beat this week's MLB trade deadline with a six-player swap 1aa1acosartwith Houston, acquiring righty starter Jarred Cosart, 24, who is 9-7 with a 4.41 ERA; utilityman Kike' Hernandez, 22; and outfielder Austin Wates, 25. Cosart (pictured) will join the rotation and should help right away. Traded away in the deal: OF Jake Marisnick, IF Colin Moran, RHP Francis Martes and a draft pick. Cosart must become a productive fixture in the rotation beyond this season for this deal to feel good, because chances are either Moran or Marisnick will turn into a very good player.

ON PAT RILEY'S RESTRAINT: We media adore Heat prez Pat Riley because he is effusive, eloquent, candid -- everything you want in a good quote interview. So there was great potential this week when Riles agreed 1aa1aprileyto a conference call with reporters. Then there was a letdown. We thought Riley wouldn't be able to resist veering off the high-road just a bit for a few pointed jabs at LeBron James, but he didn't. "We were shocked, but we recovered," he said. "We are going to build another championship team and that’s it." Riley said he plans to still be around in 2016 when the Heat will have much salary-cap flexibility for a bounty of free agents that will include Kevin Durant. "It has fired me up," he said. "We are going to try to make it another generational team. That’s my objective." On this coming season: "We feel very good. I feel we are going to be as competitive as anybody in the Eastern Conference." Riley never gives a bad interview, but this one was mild. It was like a deposition with the good stuff redacted. He could have made national news with the the hint of a LeBron rift the sound bite and headline. To the media's disappointment but his credit, Riley did not.

SHARKNADO NATION: If I have to explain the Sharknado phenomenon, you fail Pop Culture 101. 1aa1asharknadoSharknado 2, sequel to the made-for-TV disaster B-film, premiered on the SyFy channel this week. Proudly, I did not see it. Sharks eminating from tornadoes! Need I say more? In the sequel, the flying sharks attack New York City. (As if living in NYC wasn't dangerous enough, right?) The Sharknado vehicle is preposterous high camp owing to ancestors like Mothra, the giant moth that terrorized Tokyo in 1961. I am officially predicting a Sharknado vs. Mothra sequel, with a cameo by Godzilla as a Jimmy Carter-esque mediator who fails to ameliorate the mayhem.     

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pat riley is getting (gotten) gray and gaunt. i doubt he will still wanna be a GM/personnel guy when he's 72 or 73. he has had a very good stint as coach of the lakers and the heat, didn't win the trophy for the knicks, and has made some unbelivable deals managing the locals. i wish him good health, but the job he has requires voluminous energy, especially considering his "vow" to get another championship. good luck to him

He has to say these things.Best days r over

Shadow......it would not be wise to count out Riles just yet...
He may be gray and thinner, but the fire is still in the belly & in the eyes you can tell...
& if you can't see that then maybe it is you who is getting a little old to abandon all hope....
Don't care too much for Basketball, but he is one of the best executives in any sport with a proven track record....
I am sure you are old enough to Remember what Mark Twain said "Reports of my demise have been greatly exgarrated"..

Have to hand it to the NBA.....

NFL camps in full swing & people still talking Basketball....WOW...

The Heat?

Based on an in depth analysis of all the teams in question the answer is simply the Miami Marlins who may just win another World Series twenty years from now.

A better way to analyze this is to project how many years from today each team has a likely chance to win a title.

The following are the statistical results for the number of years in the future that each team's fans have to wait before they can bang on pots and pans and scream "We are di campions!" on Biscayne Boulevard.

Panthers: Two eons.

Dolphins: On eon.

Heat: Half and eon.

Canes: Twenty years or 3/4 of that if the Troll dies

Marlins: Twenty years or never if they go BK or move.

Average combined years wait time for banging pots on Biscayne Blvd for all five teams: One eon or one and a half eons if the Troll continues her tenure at the University of Miami.

For the double digit IQers and of course Fat Boy Cote, what all this statistical analysis and probabilities all add up to is "Don't hold your breath for a Miami championship."

Oh, and by the way, Dapper, the actual probability for another Heat championship is really 3/4 to 1 eon but I just didn't have the heart to tell you such bad news so I cooked the numbers a little bit so that the Heat's odds of winning wouldn't be too much of a shock to your system, buddy.

Your welcomed, Dapper. During these trying times for you with your boy Obi circling the drain at close to light speed I know that you need every little bit of help to get through the day and of course Mr. Woodcock as the most altruistic poster on this dump is looking out for ya!

Orange Bowl 4ever,

yes, G-d has been good to me in allowing me to "grow old", which many of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances have not done.

i have been a critic of riles over the years, most notably for losing to the rockets by taking anthony bonner out of a winnin line-up and inserting charles (biggest dog in NBA history) smith. also didn't think chucking stan van gundy, who had been doing a good job, so that he could take over and get his first non-KAJ/magic/worthy champeenship.

as a coach, he couldn't deliver an offense that could score 85 points per game after leaving the lakers, and i remember some of those knick/heat OTs where the teams were scoring 5-2 in five minutes of OT. riles couldn't do anything w/o having the best or near best big man in the league-KAJ, ewing, mourning and finally shaq who got him his long in coming post LA NBA title.

he has made some really good moves (mickey arison's money does help) and gotten miami three trophies.

all that being said, i just don't think that at 70+ (soon) he needs the aggravation of a major rebuilding job-bosh is junk, wade is feeling the effects of all those acrobatic skills and falls he endured as the great young player that he was, and whomever he gets to go with the very silid boris diaw aint gonna compensate for lebron james leaving. jerry west didn't go to the laker games while he basically had the same job and the lack of nervous tension seems to have kept him spry; hope he stays vigorous.

Shad, Riles and the wife already bought a place in Malibu to retire to 2 or 3 years ago. OC Dolphin has a better chance of being the GM of the Miami Heat two years from now than Pat Riley does.

Mr. Woodcock,

some new-fangled number-crunching statistician thinks don drysdale doesn't belong in cooperstown? these moneyball types make me gag. i watched the guy pitch (and hit) for more than ten years. before posting his stats, here are some of Big D's career highlights:

5 consecutive years of 40 starts
4 years of pitching 300+ innings
2500 Ks
twice hit 7 homers in a season
3 time strikout leader (koufax on the same team, or would have had more
led the league in hitting batsmen at least 4 times (he and frank robinson, who crowded the plate, had a "minor" disagreement of who "owned the inside of homeplaate)

and now the full stats:


maddux and glavine may have won more games than koufax and drysdale, but the dodger duoplayed in a far less diluted NL, than the one in which maddux and glavine (a favorite of mine0 pitched. when the cellar dwellers of the 60s- the chicago cubs- had a line-up with banks, santo, billy williams, and george altman, you could see how much more difficult pitching was and the strength of the NL; maddux and glavine pitched to line-ups that would have been AA league teams in the 60s. giants-mays. mccovey, cepeda, felipe alou; cardinals-kenny boyer, lou brock, gibson, later cepeda... i don't think half of today's players could have made the big leagues in the 60s. today's batters are awful, with a few exceptions, such as miggy who got traded away; and even his numbers would take a dip if he batted against the NL pitchers of the 60s.

Tom-LA-David- You two guys could't agree that water is wet. But I like the back an forth. Anything beats talking about the NBA, as this is NFL TIME!!!


I'm not sure about finally being all-football-talk. It's approaching, but its not here yet. You can make a case for college ball, but talking about pro ball so soon after these players have put on pads but once is a bit like being held captive in the back seat of Woodcock's Waggonmaster, and listening to his mother talk endlessly about Cuba for what feels like a twelve hour drive. "Tavi, blah, blah, blah..."


I was out at Training Camp Yesterday and have a few observations:

1) The OL issue with Pouncey out cannot be over-stated! With Brenner now also out the team has gone with Shelley Smith at Center moving Dallas Thomas to RG and platooning Rookie B.Turner and Vet D.Colledge at LG. The Guards were a nice surprise and think Rookie Turner (Based on what I saw) takes the LG Spot while D.Thomas looks like a different guy. Also welcome sight to see Fins Guards moving so fluidly. However Smith bounced 3 shotgun snaps at Tannehill before they took a break and it should worry everybody with a short camp and Reg. Season just 5 weeks away.

In the games I saw last Yr. Lazor had Vick and Foles in the gun plenty which at this point I imagine gets scaled back with it an issue. That aside the OL looked much improved. Interestingly I felt Rookie James did good Vs. Wake but Albert at LT had his hands full with Vernon whose emerging here picking up were he left off given Albert's no slouch! Stinks about the Jordan suspension because he looks real good as the swing DE playing on both sides as primary sub in this camp.

2) The addition of Cortland Finnegan guaranteed him nothing given Jamar Taylor looks real good. Should make for an interesting Pre-Season with the battle for the RCB spot. In person Delmas is fast! In on what seemed every pass play while Jones looks like the guy who flashed 2012. Don't lose sight of Jimmy Wilson either who could play the slot and practiced there leaving me to question were that leaves Finnegan should he fail to beat out Taylor?

3) The move of Misi over to MLB with Ellerebe to SOLB looks like a keeper. The 2nd team MLB is Jelani Jenkins who I suspect plays on obvious pass downs this Yr.

4)Gibson looks healed and Landry drops nothing with Binns and Damian Williams getting looks at the LWR Pos. so R.Matthews (Who didn't drop anything either) could be left out in the cold at WR were the Comp. is fierce and talent stacked. After seeing wonder if the T.E. Pos. gets shorted a man with 6 WR's kept.

interesting article. it is totally inconsistent with the view of dolphins coaches who have said miller's blocking has to get better.


all of this makes me question the PFF ratings. Dolphin OL rated in the middle of the pack and Miller rated highly in pass blocking efficiency. that's not what my lyin eyes tell me.

Posted by: Tom | July 31, 2014 at 08:12 AM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/hot-button-top-10-things-south-florida-sports-fans-are-talking-abouthot-button-isanewish-feature-of-the-blog-because-our/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

i understand, but the coaches have to say that. they keep talking about tannehill needing to improve HIS accuracy, yet with all the passes thrown last year his completion % was still higher than the year before, and higher than andrew luck's.

woody, you need some xanax.
the heat are fine, and will be contending in 2 years..

"Don't hold your breath for a Miami championship."
Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | July 31, 2014 at 11:42 AM

Thats exactly what Cote should have titled that ridiculous poll....


You can break it down anyway you want from #2-#6....

but bottom line is #1....If you can't block you can't do ANYTHING ELSE SUCCESSFULLY....

If you dont have the horses to pull your chariot you can't even think of beating masala (bellichek) @ the circus maximus...(a little Ben Hur for you heathens)

C. Finnegan will start at CB. J. Wilson will play nickel (can play safety or CB if needed). J. Taylor will play in dime. Grimes locked in. R. Jones locked in. Delmas locked in. Those are your six starting DB's for the year. There is no chance that R. Matthews gets cut in camp especially the way he seemed to come on late last season. I noticed one report that didn't have J. Odrick starting right now. It was Wake Vernon Mitchell and Starks. Scary depth for the Dolphins d line when you have Odrick and Shelby coming off the bench. P. Solia will not be missed much at all. Reports are Misi is adjusting well to middle allowing the outside guys to play more natural positions for them. The is going to be a very good defense.

Wood, OB4 @1:11,

In the last 2 Yrs. Al Golden has managed some good recruiting. Losing out on the RB who opted out of his committment hurt but if you look over the Recruit classes you'l notice there trending upward again with the 4 Star kids here locally. I emphasize locally because every single Title at the U has had to do with them winning the recruiting battle from Key West up to Belle Glade while breaking even up towards the Orlando area in all those sleepy truck stop communities were the Sapp's and Ray Lewis's of the World are from.

I think Kevin Durant to the Heat is a bit of a pipe dream believe he goes to one of the N.Y. teams if he leaves Okla. Riley needs to focus and putting together a deep group that plays team ball like he had with his 98-2000 team which might not have won a Title but were in the thick of it even grabbing a 1st seed in a tougher East in those days.

I believe (The way the games evolved) that you need WR's in todays game to go with DB's and Pass Rushers. The Dolphins are more loaded than I can remember at thos spots. The team hinges on the OL coming together and Tannehill becoming more consistant. I have faith Tannehill while not Brady or Manning can be Joe Flacco like which with a good supporting cast was good for the 2012 Title. This Yr. however will be about more growing pains and don't see this team making any significant jump till 2015.

In other words I see the Football squads trending up with Basketball leveling off and couldn't care less about Baseball (Locally) or Hockey. By the way call me crazy but when Riley steps down I believe Alonzo Mourning will take over. I think Riley has been grooming him (When LeBron signed Zo was on the trip) while always with him in the Playoff runs ect...

Fin4Life, now that is a great post, buddy. Don't know if your analysis is right or not and I couldn't care less, just the fact that you went to training camp and are giving everyone here a first hand account is head and shoulders better than the crap that comes out of Cote's keyboard and he's getting paid by the Herald to report the sports news.

Hey Fat Ass, unless you're posting here as Fin4life, you should send a part of your paycheck to this guy for doing your job!

Thanks again, Fin. Bro, you are a welcomed addition to this blog.

"Woody, the Heat are fine and will be contending in 2 years."


Dude, layoff the mushrooms.

Tannehill does need to improve his passing completion rate. Though better in 2013 than 2012 it was still below the median in the NFL (ranked 18th). Part of that improvement will come from actually having time to throw while some will have to come from Tannehill getting better.

Mr. Baby @1:31,

Like I told you the other day, the Dolphins are (So far in Camp) Platooning the LWR Spot. This Pos. last Yr. held by Hartline has seen both Binns and D.Williams lined up there giving the team another look with size at 1 of the WR Spots. This was 1st reported on Local Sunday Sports Final and I saw with my own eyes 1st hand yesterday. The Miami Dolphins have 3 legit Slot WR's right now with Gibson, Matthews and Landry while the #2 WR is a possession/Slot guy who cut his teeth in the Slot in 09/10.

I've been telling you for a week that your expecting the team to keep 4 Slot WR's and one legit veritcal threat? Again that type of thinking is what got Ireland canned when assembling the final roster. I will however say that you maybe right about keeping 6 WR's with Clay the flex FB/T.E. (H-Back) going 4 deep at RB with 2 T.E.'s

(Really doesn't matter were you list Clay when on the field I'd venture to say he's split wide inside the formation more than he's lined up in the backfield so while H-Back he is in reality he's also the 3rd T.E. and to me the most intruiging in this new look O)

Earl Mitchell is getting the 1st team snaps but again if you look it up you'll notice that while Solia the listed 2013 starter it was Odrick who really took the bulk of the snaps almost 2 to 1! It could be there just comfortable with him as the swing DT. However like I posted Solia is a 3/4 space eater who while stout run defender got no interior push which you like to see when you have 2 DT's in the 3 Technique.

Thinking Finnegan a lock at RCB also lets the locals know your not privy to Camp info. Not looking to knit pick at all but Taylor whose a bigger presence on the field has been balling! Doesn't mean Finny won't make team but Wilson's been practicing as the slot guy (Of course a Delmas injury scraps that) and more than holding his own while not forgeting when discussing the dime package we haven't mentioned Will Davis the 3rd Rd'er in 2012 or the guy we fleeced off the 49ers P.S. last Yr. who made the pick in the Pats game and has been playing as the back up F.S.

Finny... muchas gracias for the great camp report, I haven't been out there yet..maybe this weekend coming up.

I suspect when everything is set and done our offensive line will look like this to start the year.


oye Wood's-Ter..stop it with your negative ways, the next team that wins a c-ship around here will be the Dolphins (as long as we get rid of clue-less Joe)..

and the Canes are close, I don't think this year but next year and each year after that we will be annual contenders in the ACC and the national scene..right pimple?

Riley is a total pimp, that old horse will not settle for mediocrity, he will build us another c-ship team to make another run...probably the best GM in the history of this town hands down.

from what I'm reading a couple of our young guys from last year and the year before seem to be coming on..

Dion Jordan, J Taylor, W Davis, L Miller, Dallas Thomas J Jenkins etc, which is the reason you can't assume that they are a bust after just one year..right Tom?

It is starting to look like Garner at Center FZB. Only battle appears to be between D. Thomas and Billy Turner at Guard. I am a little worried about S. Smith some Rams fans say he isn't good that is a concern. J. Jenkins will be a big contributor on passing downs at LB. Haven't heard a whole lot on W. Davis as in nothing.

I am just as privy to camp info as anyone it's called the digital age finboy lol. In person reports don't make you special.


I never called them a bust. I, like every other sane individual in the world, said that SO FAR the 2013 draft class has dramatically underperformed. You wouldn't agree with that?

The 2013 draft class had Jeff Ireland trade up for the OLB/DE with the most athletic upside however everybody needs to remember that it was widely reported that he had a Bad Shoulder injury which could hurt his Camp (And did!) We coughed up the 42nd Pick (10th Rd-2) in the move and later in Rd-2 took Jamar Taylor who not only was coming off Sports Hernia surgery but has a Kidney disorder that prevents him from taking any form of pain killer or other drugs shelving him. Add the fact 3rd Rd'er Dallas Thomas came in with a shoulder injury as well and you understand Ireland took 3 Red Shirts at the Top of his 2013 draft class leading me to believe he felt his position with Ross more secure than it was.

A case can be made for every scenario thrown out regarding the final depth chart. It comes down to the Coaches putting it together putting them in the best situation to succeed.

By the way FZB,

This Sat. is the Inter-Squad scrimmage at Sunlife Stadium, I'll be there and if your going let me know! We can meet at a gate and catch it together.

Leads me to believe Ireland is an idiot.


What my eyes see by no means makes me the final voice of reason. I also get that it's an ERA of free flowing info but for a guy who claims to be plugged in you sure are in the dark about alot of what's going on in terms of camp battles.

On top of that Ireland was not expecting Jordan to be a redshirt. And the fact is he would have played had he been able to run support. The reason he could not stay on the field is he could not help stop the run. So this year he gobbled a shitload of PEDs and bulked up. If the muscle stays and he plays better the 4 game suspension will be well worth it.

Everything I posted will be true those are your 6 starting DB's. Finnegan wasn't brought in at his money to be a backup. If healthy he's starting. J. Taylor right now is slated as the dime back. Wilson is playing nickel. I am never in the dark son remember that.

LOL Tom I have no problem with D. Jordan bulking up with PED's hopefully it is worth it.

Ireland wasn't banking on the influence Dawn Aponte had garnered in Ross's inner circle. He wanted her axed last Yr. and she went for his head uniting with Philbin and Company. In watching it all unfold moving into there failed G.M. search settling for the 8th candidate (PATHETIC!) It gives you reason for great pause! In the time being they did somehow assemble a talented group so we'll wait and see.

Cortland Finnegan was brought in by a new G.M. not sure of what he inherited from Ireland. I'll grant you that (Hickey in particular) sees him as the front runner. His 2 Yr/9 Mil deal isn't exactly Earth shattering for a CB. He had a 50 Mil deal paying him 8 Mil per in St. Louis.

Here is the issue of why he's a gamble! He was in St. Louis playing for the Coach who drafted him and understood how to use him. He turned into a Highway lane of loooong TD passes which forced Fisher to go with a street FA benching him (Look it up)

Fisher was DB who played for Buddy Ryan in Chi-Town'
s 46-D so he likes the borderline tough agressive play and obviously judging by the deal was a Big Fan of Finnegan yet he cut him like a bad habit thhis past Off-Season. I understand politics will give Finnegan the Upper hand but if you actually saw them on a field you'd wonder if Taylor shouldn't be the RCB and Pre-Season will show it I believe.

When talking Dion Jordan it's also fair to analyze the player everbody wanted in that trade and that was athletic phenom freak Lane Johnson. He had a mediocre Rookie Yr. and is also suspended for PED's to start the Yr. as good as the 2014 draft was I believe the Top end of the 2013 class was bad were the Top-10 picks (Fisher, Joekel, Jordan, Milliner ect...) would all have fallen out of the Top-10 this Yr. with the given the LT's in this draft all were seen as having better upside and Clowney, Mack as better than Jordan.

Jimmy Wilson is a better DB than J. Taylor at this point in time. He is next man up at CB should any injury happen. That is why Wilson is playing nickel not J. Taylor. Don't expect any changes. Don't get me wrong I am looking forward to seeing J. Taylor play a meaningful role on the team. Dime backs in today's NFL are very valuable players almost a starter he should see lots of run.

Of course they make him special. He was there. Nothing beats boots on the ground, BC. I hate to see the skank butterfaces that you're meeting on online dating sites, BC.......

Finny..Sorry I can't make it this sat..I have a realtor showing my home at 11 am...but thanks for the invite.

maybe we can get together for a Canes game when the season starts..

I think that we are going to see a big improvement from some of our young guys..at least I hope so.

Are you moving to JAX FZB?

Finny, as your days on the blog get longer you will start to see that BB or BC as he's now known is "A docile but harmful blog creature." Best to keep all your fingers in a ball when speaking to our misguided Chowd friend from the frozen tundra of Bean Town.

Misguided huh? Well wasn't that a kick in the nuts. You're officially on my s list.

BB..not yet..maybe in one to two yrs..we have another property here in the 305 we will be moving into but moving to Jax eventually is the plan.

Oye, brother, if you're moving to Jax you better drive up there with a 30 foot U-Haul panel truck filled to the brim with Cuban sandwiches, pastelitos, croquetas, tamales, papas rellena, y cafe Cubano. Ya ain't gonna find any of them thar products up in Neckville.

Makes sense FZB to be closer to your family. Keep me posted good luck in your local move.

Cubiche, maybe by then Sedano's will move a store up to Neckville and you won't have to hire the 30 foot truck for the move.

Simmer down, BC, before you spit out a whole pound of partially digested Boston baked beans all over your keyboard.

Oye mi socio, can't you get the East Coast version of the Golden Boy to take a job at Jackson Memorial instead of at Jacksonville Bumfuck?

On catching a game this Yr. will look forward to meeeting FZB and Wood for some Tailgating this Nov. when the Seminoles come to Town.

Your coming down for that one right Sr. Woodcock?

just so you guys know..there are not one but two "pollo tropical" restaurants up there already..

the Cubanos are coming !

Mi hijo, have you been to Jacksonville, Florida? Even the Gayville Rednecks won't vacation there they consider their Jacksonville cousins to be the backwards Neanderthal type deep woods Appalachian red necks who's idea of fun on a Saturday night is to pick the tics and fleas off "Old Blue's" ass hole while drinking shine right out of one of them thar "Hick Jugs" with them XX on the side. You know what them two XX stand for right, FZ, that's how them hicks sign their first and last names.

I have it penciled in in glorious Canes green and orange. Now that FZ is going to cash out on that pad in Westchester that he bought in 1979 for $45,000 he should have plenty of cash to bring in a trailer with a grill, the 80 pound pig, and three keggers filled with the imported stuff. Oye, brother, no te me agaches during the tail gate and bring in some of that Bud Light panther piss, at the very least we're expecting ice cold Coronas and hoping for Bass Ale, Heineken, or Beck's.

If your moving (Done my share because of career) the most important thing to remember (I'm dead serious here!) is remembering to buy a box of all your fav Seasonings and condiments. There is a Garlic Salt in particular which is a must! These products made by companies like GOYA. If you forget these items you'll have to get use to the Picadillo, Ropa Vieja, Vaca Frita and Arroz con Pollo tasting different.

I hate to break this to you, FZ, but you do know that Pollo Tropical is owned by some NY Heebs, right?


Not official till they open La Carretta! So we can eat Masitas de Puerco!

Oye brother, here's my house selling gift for you. I gave the same thing to OC when he moved to Bumfuck, Texaco but that boy hasn't had a valid credit card since the mid 90's so he hasn't been able to order any of these goodies.


gezz you guys make it sound like Jaxy is a back-ass third world country..I got everything covered, Goya products will deliver all the condimientos and black beans right to my door step and my son in law already has a "caja china" for noche buena..the only problem is where to find a "matadero" there to get the 80 pound pig.

but U'r right, "la carreta" needs to open a satellite restaurant there for sure.

but not to worry..becoming a Jag's fan is not an option.

Go Dolphins !


You forget that Pollo Tropical while having it's Cuban fans locally is more traditional to Mexico and Central America in terms of the dishes they serve. We Cubans are partial to Comida Criolla which alot of people mistakenly say is related to our Caribean ancestry but it really goes back to our Spanish ancestry were the food is more closely related to Arabe food (Moors) with our history and there's linked.

(History made famous in Pop Culture in movie True Romance in scene between Cristopher Walken and Dennis Hopper about the Moors history with Italy as well)

The Spaniards from our lineage who arrived in Cuba killed all the Indians with the few survivors being set out to sail landing in Mexico and giving way to there animosity with Cubans till Fidel. We wiped out all trace of them and made our own traditions in Cuba. Todays Cuban isn't like that of our particular families given today the Country is more a predominantly Mulato race. That isn't me being racial (With todays PC Crowd you have to be sure to specify) just keeping it real about who we are and were we really come from.

pollo tropical is not Cuban owned?..that can't be Wood's.

No you're right, FZ, Jacksonville is not a third world country they are in fact a fifth world country just slightly more backwards than the vast stretch of sixth world territory from Atlanta Georgia all the way to southern Pennsylvania along the Appalachias.

Heebs from NYC, brother. Ask Shadow.

Oye consorte, I couldn't have stated our history better than your last post. Los indios de pinga esos no habian visto un carro hasta que llegaron aqui y ahora se creen que son corredores de carro.

Finny is part of the cubano tribe?..

I need to ask OC if there are any Cubano restaurants in Austin..probably not.

I think the only cubano restaurant in Austin was when that food truck from the movie "Chef" stopped in Bumfuck for the night on the way to LA from Miami.


100% and proud of my heritage! My Grandfather on Mothers side educated here in the U.S. at a Military Academy later attending Penn St. (Were he played as I mentioned here once I believe) So the move wasn't the huge culture shock for him. They were among the 1st to leave in 59 when the Nationalization of private business was instituted by Fidel ( Brain child of Uber Matos)

On Dad's side they were with the Rev. at the beginning (Like most believing it right wing to get rid of Batista and his Gangster pals) When Fidel declared his intentions many of them flipped on him and did time as Political prisoners. Like anybody whose Fam. experienced it we have our bitter history as well!

That should put all these suspicions about you and the Dominicano to rest.

There was no way this guy was either Dashi, (He's way too smart for that.) or Kazaam. (He's not a trust fund dweeb like that little piss ant.)


I never got that except that I gather Dashi whose been posting along with me and a group over on Mando's blog for Yrs. now has also moonlighted here and you guys didn't care for his stuff? In other words when that rumor got going here it was done to discredit my posts somehow. No biggy but given I know who he is I find it odd our styles of writing couldn't be more different while I can give you the History lesson he never could.

One Woods the two bros are here with the two sisters and we're meeting up at an authentic cowboy dance hall. Complete with squeaky wood floors, smoke filled shit kickers everywhere and chicken wire protecting the fiddle band. Should be interesting!

Auto corrected my Oye, Woods

No worries, pal. I can generally detect ho is who around here, and your postings were clearly different than from others around here. Still, must say that your "fag" charge was uncalled for and lost you some props around some of the regs. Just sayin...

Yes, it's The Good-ole-boys.

De que tu hablas, brother? What fag call?

Oye, make sure you post some pictures on the blog for FZ. Now that he's moving to Redville he needs to start practicing all that square dancing, corn cob husking, and critter grillin' stuff.

El fin dropped that bomb after getting pissed with BB, I think it was. Anyway, he singled you and FZ as exceptions to the charge, when in actuality we ALL know that it is the exact opposite:)

Those necks in that honky tonk won't know what to make of you, OC. When you start drinking them under the table they'll think that you landed there in a space ship from Mars.

Que nalga. I hope you get hit by a bottle of moonshine tonight. Nalga.

I got my plaid shirt on, and Ithink I can get away with wearing a John Deere cap.


I indeed went to far with that statement and to all of you for that excessive post on my behalf I truly apologize. Excuses are (As the saying goes) Like A-Holes and everybody has one but if you go back to that day however you'll notice that I was answering posts and getting into it (As I usually do) When I started to get bombarded with a Ton of B.S. about whether I was this guy or that guy with nothing but derrogatory remarks about those I was supposed to be ect..

I got upset and lost my temper a bit while looking back alot of the posts I recieved were from sporadic names I haven't seen again. I get now I let someone trolling pull my chain and blew up at some of you without any real provocation. At the end of the day we're all men and nothing more offensive than painting one with that word much less from behind a computer screen. So again I apologize to those I've wrongfully offended and hope to leave it behind.

Chloe lasted two days.

"Dad, this is "tedious" work."

Coño, it took every ounce of control that I could muster not to put my size 12 and 1/2 boot up her ass.

Oh, boy.

Plaid? In a hundred degree heat? Wow, you think that's a good idea?

It's cool, fin4, thanks for "manning up."

♬ Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Ma horse is awaitin. I'll have a whiskey on y'all.

Uhhh! Ugly report coming out of Camp! Seems Mike Wallace has an issue with a Hammy which will shelve him a bit. I say ugly because I remember it was a hammy that killed Dimitri Patterson in 2013. Hope it's just a tweak!

Oye, cubiche, not even Eddie Pope during his non-geezer days was more on the spot than you are.

You're new blog Alpha Tau Chi name is "Radio Bemba!"

Oye, if you want to make the right impression when you walk in ask for a "whiskey and branch" and tell them to pour it from the bottle of Wild Turkey.

Nah it wasn't a troll finboy it was me pulling your chain.

I accept your apology fin.

Mr. Baby,

I'm well aware you ignited it but unless you posted the 100 or so remarks that came over that 2 day period under no less than 20 names then you weren't responsible for most of the witty feedback (I'll admit some of it actually well thought out) I already know how to decipher your B.S. which is usually centered around alot of small minded Spiteful crap. The interesting thing about this mode of communication is you can rather quickly pick up on patterns not just in writing but also in reading people and your easy, Pal!

Finny...instead of fag just say cherna...we'll get it..hehe

As far as I can tell there are not a whole lot of red-necks up in Jaxy ...they are mostly concentrated in the northern part of the county closer to the GA boarder ...We be moe to the south...

Not good news on Wallace...I think he had the same issue in last year's training camp, let's up is nothing serious.

I never thought that Dash was Finny...some of you don't like him but to me he's all right..no problemo.

Soooo.who's radio bemba again?


I also don't have a problem with Dash. Hell, I don't really have problems with anyone here.

You spelled sight instead of site. No typo just flat out illiteracy. Your posts are mostly juvenile jibberish mixed in with some Napoleonic complex material. You aren't a football expert far from it anyone can act the part. I am the part I told you son don't sleep J. Taylor starting lol.

Ooopps..let's HOPE is nothing serious...on Wallace's hammy that is.

I not only don't have an issue with anyone here I enjoy the banter. I can deal with one petty individual given the sharpe posting when were engaged in topic.

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