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July 11, 2014

Deutschland! Germany beats Argentina for World Cup; plus Heat add Luol Deng, LeBron-gone poll (vote now) & more

1aa1atat1) It is SUNDAY, JULY 13. Little-considered byproduct of LeBron leaving: All across South Florida and beyond, there are inked-up Heat fans in the quandary pictured at right. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): LeBron and Heat free agency, World Cup & more. 3Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

1aa1adengHeat add Luol Deng: Miami has agreed to a two-year, $20 million deal with longtime former Chicago Bull and recent Cavalier Luol Deng, 29, a 6-9 high-minutes veteran forward who has averaged 16 points in his career. He is pictured. Thus far in free agency the Heat has retained Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, and added Deng, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts. Does not offset the loss of LeBron James, but it's none too shabby, either.

I'm back: We've been cruising the Caribbean the past week, back today. (The LeBron-leaving column linked below was written at sea, somewhere off the Virgin Islands). I'll bore you with vacation details later. For now, thanks for indulging the blog irregularities of the past week.

1aa1ahotbuttonHot Button Top 10: Our blog's regular Sunday feature, the Hot Button Top 10, will appear Monday morning this week.


1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! WORLD CUP: FINALLY, THE CHAMPIONSHIP: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, a continually updated daily dose of the month-long soccer spectacle in Brazil. See earlier posts for earlier results. We are down to the Final at last:

GERMANY (def. Argentina, 1-0): As host Brazil licked it wounded pride, a mighty, marquee-filling South America vs. Europe final went on
1aa1agermanwithout it. Argentina had advanced on penalty kicks over Netherlands after a scoreless draw, while Germany had utterly embarrassed Brazil, 7-1. The Germans, with 11-2 odds of winning coming in, claimed their fourth World Cup championship but first since ever-distant 1990. The Argentines, with 4-1 odds coming in, were after their WC title and first since way back in 1986. Both international powers had been waiting a long time to reign again. Sorry, Brazil, but it was a great finals. Germany seemedc the more solid all-round team coming in, but I stuck with my original prediction that Argentina and Lionel Messi would win it all. Instead, full respect to the Germans, deserving winners. My pick was: Argentina, 3-2.

Third-place match: Netherlands def. Brazil, 3-0.

Final World Cup goal scoring including championship: 64 matches, 171 goals, 2.67 per.

LEBRON LEAVING MIAMI, RETURNING TO CAVALIERS: [Click on Thanks, Not Anger for my column off the news LeBron is leaving ther Heat] Heat owner Mickey Arison's reaction probably mirrors that of Miami fans 1aa1alebronjeverywhere. "I'm shocked and disappointed," said the Heat's owner. James stunned much of the NBA and sports world Friday by revealing he will leave the Heat in free agency after four seasons and return to his hometown of Cleveland. The huge negative is offset only somewhat by the word Chris Bosh (and Dwyane Wade) will remain. James leaves Miami with two championships in four seasons but also leaves the Heat in a lurch, and scrambling to remain a power in his wake. What is your gut reaction to the news of James' decision? The disappointment goes without saying. But is there anger, too? Our poll question could as easily have been worded as this: On LeBron's first return to Miami in a Cavs uniform, what will be your reaction? Say how you feel about LeBron leaving and why you feel as you do.


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Now the Heat fans know what it feels like!!!! They probably won't take it that hard they have only been fans for 4 years!!

Didn't the Douche writer say that he as coming back to Miami? funny stuff. Miami should go into full tank mode. Reminds me when Shaq stopped playing and faked an injury to get traded. lol. Everyone bails on Miami at some point.

But, wait, Greg Cote. You said LeBron returning was a done deal. You said, "I guarantee it." How on Earth were you wrong??!??!?!?!

Excuse me, Steve, but who the hell are you to comment about what kind of fans people such as myself, who were born and raised in Miami, are in rootng for the Heat? Cleveland fans, with the way they reacted after Lebron left in 2010, acting like a bunch of insecure psychos whose entire lives revolve around one player, are the last ones who should lecture Miami fans on how to root for their team! And now, you bunch of hyprocrites are right back to kissing Lebron's butt and acting like 2010 never happenned.....GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, Steve!!!!!!

It is what it is, Miami fans aren't as fanatical or obessive as they are in Cleveland. So we wish him the best of luck in Cleveland. You will definitely see the difference in class and respect from Miami as in Cleveland fans. Adios Muchachos Miami Heat 4 Life

Go get MELO!

Yay, a new blog. The last got up to 551.

Lebron was never a franchise guy. More like a love' em and leave 'em type.
Brought a few good years to Miami, no one can complain.

New big three Wade, Melo, Bosh

You didn't even know Miami had a team before 2010.

disappointing that he left but it was his right to do so since he was a free agent..gracias for 4 great yrs.

Riley knows what he is doing, the Heat will not be a contender this year (obviously) but in 2-3 yrs we will be back...it was a great run.

when does football start's again?..that's the REAL KING in this town.

To Lebron James:

Thank you for four great years of unbelieveable basketball! I believe most people down here will respect your decision, even if we don't necessarily agree with it.

See Cleveland fans, that's how you act after the team you root for loses its best player...like a mature adult. Hope you learned something.

Thank you lebron two championship in four years.

please dont forget we have someone bigger tan lebron, we got mr riley.

yes we lost the best player in the game, but now that left the best gm in the game with a lot of money to play with...the heat aint going to the lottery, expect a formidable team to be in place before the beggining of the season

You're out of your mind Tom! Bosh is gone, Anthony ain't coming and Wade is broken down.. Fight for the cellar next year.

Hey "Tom" get a new name. Tom is taken here.

Chris M,

I would bet that I was watching the Heat before you were even born, dude.

It just goes to show that no amount of money and no amount of great talent can destroy the bonds and comfort of home. Lebron himself said Northeast Ohio "Nothing is given. Everything is earned." When people earn something it is much more special than people who expect things handed to them.

I do not blame LeBron. It was Arison, Riley and Wade's fault. The Miami Heat was on a quest for a 3-peat and they had to amnesty Mike Miller just to save money. Wade is earning almost $20 million and he did not take care of his health/game. LeBron gave Riley and Arison a chance to improve the roster but evidently the Miami Heat does not want to pay luxury tax. You can not be penny-pinching if you want to win championships. Don't they realize that Wade's game has deteriorated that much and that they need more help aside from McRoberts and Granger? And of course, Wade wants to be paid for what he has done for the Miami Heat and not what he will contribute in the future.

" when I am in cleveland, I never leave the hotel" Carmelo Anthony

Fire Spo!!

The heat better not tank.

Cleveland owns their first round pick.

You can't feel disappointed when you knew it was going to happen!!

As long as Spo was on the team LeBron wasn't coming back!!

The whole team was mentally fatigued with his incompetence!!

The only player resigning with Miami is Wade. And that is because of his legacy!! Else he would be leaving.

Who would want to play for someone who in 6 years still has not created a half court offense!

Notice, Riley didn't take Spo on the second visit!!

LeBron didn't even want to see his face.

A fair-weather player, much like fair weather fans. I know, I lived in Miami my first 20-something years.

I enjoyed having LeBron play in Miami. Now Riley will work his magic - it already started with Shabaaz.

Things like this are why I just can't get so invested in pro sports anymore. I'ts just a pastime.

for those who think the philosopher gm whot gets $75k an hour for speaking didnt have a backup plan in place, please observe the next few hours as the heat raises from th ground and becmes a giant before you blink

what? you think riley was just watching at home while lebron was meditating. i bet he already had a leg on the competitio after wednesday meeting

in pat we trust

Heat fans showed now class by consistently arriving late to games each year, including walking out when the defending NBA Champs were losing to San Antonio last year in game 6. Just classless! And, how about giving the team a standing ovation in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, in what is now the last game the big three will have ever played together. As a native of Miami, that watched the Miami Dolphins lose constantly to the Bills each season....we may never witness the legacy of a superstar player. Most importantly, we may never reach the NBA Finals again as a franchise.

The appreciation for what the Miami Heat did the past 4 years was remarkable. The only thing missing, was the true passion and loyalty by the fan faithful. Good luck LBJ. We look forward to seeing you again across the hardwood as a Cavalier.

hola Dashi, Welcome back...

Lebron gone. Bosh headed to Houston. So now all you have is a broken Wade and an overrated coach. I wonder what those douches who jumped on the Heat bandwagon will do now? Classic.

As a LeBron fan I am happy with his decision.

Que pasa FZB.

Always pleasure to talk with some of you guys.

Even though I am hesitant the Dashi trolling might start.

Ain't miel-da going on but a bunch of Activities(Soccer), no real sports are being played. And baseball is just about to get serious. Can't wait to football season. Real football!!

I am not angry at Lebron for leaving...he is going home. Good luck...you wont see another ring...and neither will the Heat...that being said, the only criticism I have for Lebron is: How the hell can you go and work for an owner who called you every name in the book 4 years ago...and stopped short of calling you an "uppty N...."? Arent you the same man who led the charge against Sterling? Read on ESPN that one of their talking heads called you a "hypocrite"....I have to agree...I could have esily accepted you going to another team...not liked it...but accepted...and going home to Cleveland is ok.....only if it was another owner...I think you did yourself a disservice on that one.

Neil God!

I would like to thank Lebron James for four wonderful years. There is a time and a season for everything and everyone. The Miami Heat fans had our time with Lebron. While I am shocked and disappointed about his departure to Cleveland because it is difficult to fathom anyone leaving an excellent work environment for one that was very abusive and offensive when Lebron left, after reading his letter I understand his intentions. I am sad to see him go our loss is Cleveland's gain. He is the best player to date to play this game. I believe he learned to be unselfish from Dwayne Wade-a great role model-on how to give back. It is not always about basketball. Lebron enabled Miami to earn two rings and we supported him in that effort. No matter what happens in his future, Miami will always be the place where he won his first. You never forget your first. So, thank you Lebron for four fantastic years. Fans in Miami should not stoop to anger like the fans in 2010 but rejoice in the fact that we were able to add to the greatness that is Lebron James. No matter what happens I will always be a Miami Heat fan and I am certain that if Lebron is not playing against us in the playoffs he will be one too.

"Nothing is given. Everything is earned."

Cleveland LITERALLY won the lottery three times in a row to get their roster to where it is now...it was LITERALLY given to them through pure luck. Not "earned".

the deed is done, time to move on..the Heat will suck big time for a couple of years but thank god we do have Riley in charge and probably the best owner in the NBA..we'll be ok in time..

Lebron is a good man, but a bit of a dreamer at heart. I thank him for the wonderful years he brought our diverse community together. What a wonderful ride it was! It proves the saying that "good things never last". I wish you well and will miss seeing Bryce playing in the Miami Girls and Boys Club. God bless you and yours.

Thanks Lebron while you were here! 2 championships in 4 tries! Job well done the whole squad! Wish you luck! The Heat will manage and will contend again in a few years. To the haters never count the Heat out never again!

You were promised more Heat fans. You have a right to be angry it's ok.

Bosh is offer 5 years for 100 mil to stay

Melo and Bosh haven't signed because they're waiting to see what Riley is gonna do.

Hey Tom we have common name so deal with it

Pictures already being posted of Heat "fans" burning their Lebron jerseys.

The official Heat Twitter account lost 350,000 followers in the first hour after the announcement.

"Not 5, Not 6, Not 7" proved to be absolutely true. In that same speech, he said, "When the games start, it's gonna be easy." The crowd went wild.

Now, four years later, they are seeing exactly what Cleveland saw in 2010.

Wade and Bosh unselfishly opted-out to take less money so Lebron would be paid. He should have been up front with them and told them not to opt out. Now he can go back to Cleveland and lose.

Micky Arison is a terrible owner, his family made their fortune building racist, illegal settlements in occupied land and he cut Mike Miller just to save a few scheckles. Never once spent a penny of his personal fortune on the Miami Heat, if they were in danger of losing money they cut costs.

let's see now, if I am Riley I'll contact Cleveland and do a sign and trade with them for Bron and ask for Wiggins in return, chit they're going to trade him anyways..

and I would not sign Bosh, do another sign and trade with Houston and wait for next years free agency...yup.

We had the talents of Lebron for four years and two of those years we had the championship and the other two the thrill of the championships. We can't complain it was fun, i hope we get the Cavaliers in a playoff situation that will be rewarding. Everyone must do what makes them whole, if this is what works for Lebron I wish him the best of luck.

I'm happy the prima donna is leaving. He jerked everyone around enough. The Heat will return to a powerhouse in one year again.

Losing LeBron hurts... it doesn't hurt like losing a family member. It hurts like finding out your dog died. That's the hurt I feel.

With Mickey Arison and Pat Riley the team will continue to be great. Kevin Durant will be here in another year.

Nature of the biz ... hate it, but life goes on.

Wade not as old/bad as people acting, and Riles still the Master. We'll still be players in this league for the foreseeable future. Watch!

So Lebron made Wade, Bosh, and Haslim opt out, picked the Heat draft choice, made everyone fly to Vegas to meet him....and then quits the team?? WTF??


Does anybody need tickets to the Heat? I have 2 to sell for every game.

Whatever, good luck to him. Now Riley has his work cut out for him in deciding how to build this thing. Bring back Bosh and Wade and insert Melo for LeBron?

The one thing I will say, he sure has a funny way of repaying the loyalty that Wade, Bosh and the Heat organization showed him. Really left all of them in a lurch.

Thanks for a great four years. A few more would have been great, but also kind of glad all the drama is over now.

Seth you may want to hold on to those tickets

Bye bye bye

The Heat without James are still the best team in town.


I'll buy the Spurs, Cavs, Lakers, Bulls, and Knick tickets!

Hey Tom I've been here for 7 years. Respect the blog.

More dawg teams than Alaska! Heat, Hurricanes (Can't these punks ever BEHAVE?), Dolphins, Marlins all stink.
And people wonder why no one goes to the games. Might as well hit yourself over the head with a hammer than watch the stinking pile this town puts on the field in ANY sport.

I didn't include the Panthers. They suck so much they don't even register as sucks. Just bleeping awful.

All the Heat had to do was be competitive with San Antonio in the finals, and Lebron would have stayed. Arison and Riley got complacent. Arison is known to be a great businessman, but he chose to save money in the short term instead of understanding he was alienating the man who brought him the big money for 4 years. Riley brought in two players who didn't work out, while the other players got older.
I think Spoelstra is overrated as a coach also. He is a nice guy who kept the players happy, but Pops showed the difference that a really good coach can make.

How can you bitch about the Heat? 5 trips to the finals in 9 years and 3 championships. We would die for the Dolphins having just one-third of that.

The real loser in this besides the Heat is Dwayne Wade. He gave up 42 million he is unlikely to make that much again the rest of his career.

I just that God I never had to experience something like this as a kid. Could not even imagine how I would have felt if Dan Marino or Don Mattingly would have left in their prime to another team. Not into BB but I do feel for those fans who idolized James and now have to see him go. This whole free agency thing is overall a good thing but the bond between fans and players is almost gone. Go Canes.

Tom,you are so right on,but alas,our Fins do not have Pat Riley and my guess is that he now has the money to go after really good talent.
I still find it hard to believe that LeBron would go back to the Cavs after their owner and fans treated him four years ago and also every time he went back to play as a member of the Heat,the past four years. People there have NO class!

What would really be funny is if Bosh signs with Houston as part of a new big three and wins the L.O.T. next year. Then that line about him being the most important part of the Big 3 would be true. Who would of thunk it?

Harleyray go check Lebron's website. Ohio NOT MIAMI is all over it. I never realized how much Ohio meant to him. Ohio is home to Lebron.

Dead Heat. Gone are the days where Heat area is the 'place to be seen'. Back to an empty arena. that the city keeps giving a bargain lease.

Funniest thing is how they pursued that guy in the draft that everyone was passing up on. The guy was prbably excited to be on Lebron's team.

Miami had a chance to still be an 'in scene' with Beckham's team....but they've probably succeeded in chasing him away aling with a deal that would've made a nice park.


in every NBA, MLB and NFL game I attended around the entire US, people always arrive late. Entire 1st quarter goes by before seats are filled. It's not just a Miami thing. The only exception is soccer . There are late stragglers, but usually fill quickly.

63% taking the high road. I'm very pleased with the majority of bloggers who post or read this blog every day. Why hate on this guy who gave so much to the city of Miami. He will always be able to come into any bar in the 305 as long a he lives and drink for free. And rightfully so. Four straight NBA finals and two championships. And not one iota of controversy what so ever. The guy was a great ambassador for Miami and has carried himself in a tremendous manner since he was a kid in high school. He will go down as one of the great Miami sports figures in our city's history.

cue the violins.

Amen to that Woody!

This has more to do with Cleveland's roster being better than Miami's than it does LeBron going home. Wake Up People.

Wood's, there will always be total asswipes out there that will chit on LeBron/ burn his jersey etc but for the most part most of us realize that he came here and gave us 4 great years and 2 c-ships, nothing wrong with that..

I won't root for him but I wish him good luck...

Lebron s leaving did shock me to be honest.I am disappointed but wish him well.He gave me 4 great years to cheer at the highest level as a Heat fan.He got his ring and 1 more though the haters of the world hoped he wouldn t.I m happy for him.Guess he loves his hometown.He s so big that he overlooked his classless owner-Gilbert.That s a real man.Anyway-Cleveland will see Miami fans have great class and appreciation for our heroes.They ll be sad but happy for James to go back to his home.Thanks Bron and Chris for the great memories.Guess Wade s downfall accelerated James mindset toget back to Cleveland than we all (and himself) expected.

Rockets vs Cavs in the finals.

And all because Spo did not want to resign.

Since the heat believe in "Loyalty", Firing Spo would be out of the question. Even though Riley fired better coaches for less.

And don't worry, The Heat only need 5 players on the roster since Spo does not use his bench!!

And don't think Riley is going to rebuild the team thru the draft. In 20 years calling the Shots with the Heat Riley has only hit on 1 first round pick!! And let's not even bring his draft record with the Knicks up.

The bottom line is his family's welfare, close proximity to relatives and friends, love for his hometown are so more important than remaining in Miami to play for Miami Heat. James has made a great decision, and I wish him continued success as he returns to Cleveland.

Miami Resident

I wouldn't say Heat fans take the high road.

What I would say is Heat fans attention spans are so short that they walked out halfway thru "The Announcement".

Heat fans do not represent a majority of Real Miami Sport fans.

We didn't hear you the first 18 million times you posted blaming Spo....


I'm just glad that this soap opera is over. I feel that James knew exactly what he was going to do before he even opted out of his contract.

How can you bitch about the Heat? 5 trips to the finals in 9 years and 3 championships. We would die for the Dolphins having just one-third of that.

Posted by: Tom | July 11, 2014 at 03:19 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/1-it-is-sunday-july-6-inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-xxxxx-2join-us-on-twittergregcote-also-vine-and-instagram-xx.html#storylink=cpy

i agree completely.

63% taking the high road. I'm very pleased with the majority of bloggers who post or read this blog every day. Why hate on this guy who gave so much to the city of Miami. He will always be able to come into any bar in the 305 as long a he lives and drink for free. And rightfully so. Four straight NBA finals and two championships. And not one iota of controversy what so ever. The guy was a great ambassador for Miami and has carried himself in a tremendous manner since he was a kid in high school. He will go down as one of the great Miami sports figures in our city's history.

Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | July 11, 2014 at 03:59 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/07/1-it-is-sunday-july-6-inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-xxxxx-2join-us-on-twittergregcote-also-vine-and-instagram-xx.html#storylink=cpy

2 best comments on here.

if you're hating on riley, you are an idiot.
in the almost 20 years he's been here, we've missed the playoffs TWICE.
the man is a proven winner on every level, and we'll be back soon.

It was a good run...yeah maybe we were promised more but shit happens...in this "nothing is ever good enough/more,more,more" culture people tend to overlook what an accomplishment 4 consecutive finals appearances and 2 wins are...I for one am grateful for the excitement that Lebron brought to the town and to the team...witnessed some great Bball and have a couple more rings to show for it...

The whole jersey burning thing is for simpleton's and retards...get a life,losers...

LeBron went to Cleveland because it is built better than Miami right now.

And they have a better coach. David Blatt wasn't given the job cause of nepotism. He has earned everything he gets.

Also, he played basketball before. And not just in some community college in Portland. D.Blatt was a member of the gold medal winning USA National team in 1981, Blatt played point guard at Princeton University under Basketball Hall of Famer, Pete Carrill.

He knows how to run a half-court offense(Princeton Offense)!!!

Not just video tape it.

The Rockets ain't going to the finals. Dwight Howard and James Harden are losers. Bosh will help them but it won't be enough.

Melo is being awfully quiet as is Chris Bosh. Why haven't they announced. Everyone believe Bosh is going to Houston and Melo to Chicago or NY. Why the delay? Is Miami in the mix for both of them. Melo-Bosh-Wade with the new Heat additions would be a top contender for the East along with the Cavs. Will it happen? Either that or the Heat intentionally tank to rebuild.

this was my post on facebook this morning:

lebron is a world class athlete, and an amazing competitor. in miami he got a taste of playing for a world class city, owner and organization. i will always be grateful for the success he finally achieved with miami and i wish him the best, except when he plays my miami heat. he made a sentimental choice and wanted to right something he felt was wrong, yet the challenge of joining the worst team in the NBA is a formidable one. so is the challenge of working for the worst owner, dan gilbert. people will always hate on lebron no matter what he does, but he'll always get nothing but love, repsect and gratitude from me. let's go heat!

Not Douche, but Dashi you think.

What an attention w.ore

Dude looks like he's 50.

HGH much ?

If/when the rockets get Bosh they will be the favorite to win the West.

Bosh is a PF!! A real good one. Add him to Howard and Parsons and you have the best front court in the NBA.

Melo definitely will not play for the Incompetent Spoelstra. Bosh won't either after being egregiously misused for the past 4 years.

Sentimental choice lol david. Miami has a sucky roster bro Wade= done Bosh no longer a very good player. Your team blew it on LeBron they had their chance. Enjoy the draft lottery!!!!!!!!

And twinky.

If you would take your Homer glasses off and objectively look at the Heat!! You would realize one of the reasons LeBron left was because he could not stand E.Spoelstra.

Only problem is players are the one that look bad if they publicly complain about their coach. It is our job as fans and Sport Journalists to complain for the player.

Spo Sucks!! And LeBron left cause of that!!

It isn't hard to see!!

LeBron never caught a cramp playing ball in Cleveland!! He caught 2 with Miami cause Spo was running him to the ground like he did Wade!!

And who wants to play for a coach who doesn't defend you when the other team is playing football on the basketball court!! Not once did Spo complain in game or post game about the refs and other players ripping LeBron head off!!

And I consider a real complaint being getting a technical or getting fined by the NBA for talking the truth!! Not once did Spo stand up for LeBron!! Not even against the Pacers!!

Phil for all his Zen Master BS, would get technicals and fines for his players. Even Riley. Specially Popavitch.

Coaches defend their players!! Spo doesn't defend his. Never has, Never will.

Hey BB talk about sucking the big one, what have the Celtics won lately?

The Cavs have the Heat first round pick. Top 10 protected.

So if they suck, they better hope to win the lottery. Cause it would suck for the Heat to go 15-67 and end up with the #11 pick because the ping pong ball bounced the wrong way.

Boston has already rebuilt itself. They are a young team with a good young coach ready to make a run for the next decade. Not saying they are title contenders, but they have a pretty good team in a weak east. At worst they are a #5 seed this season coming up.

And this is extremely difficult for me to admit since I hate everything Boston.

Rondo, Green, Smart, Sullinger, Bradley. The Celtics have a good nucleus of young players.


the above post was correct- LBJ wil be playing under a proven coach at many stations-maccabee tel aviv, coaching in the russian league and winning the title there. the heat's lack of an offense-scoring under 100 in every game in the last finalsm and defense- giving up at least 96 in every game of the finals (i think the spurs got 96, maybe 94) in the second game of the five in which they won. the rest-wipouts of the heat, LBJ and a p*ssy in bosh, a breaking down wade, and no bench. think of what the spurs brought off the bench and the player they traded for in kawhi leonard. the heat had the best player in the last finals, the spurs had the next 6 or 7 best. all of those making a deity out of riley should remember that every team of that was successful had the best/near best big man in the league:KAJ, ewing, mourning, and shaq. i understand that riley played for and absorbed from some of the greatest basketball minds- rupp, ramsey,and sharman. but being able to spend mickey arison's money went a long way in the heat's three championships; but he didn't win with knicks, had a slew of heat seasons where they would score in the 60s consistently, and couldn't beat the knicks whether it was mashburn givivng up the winning shot to clarence weatherspoon or the heat finishing first in the regular season and succumbing to the eighth seeded bitter rival knicks. the most overrated persona in sports. adolph rupp stated that pat riley was the best athlete he had at kentucky, and he was a decent player coming off the bench. but the great coach-no; the great GM-accomplished with arison's money. he didn't draft anybody of note other than wade (only because for some bizarre reason detroit drafted that dud darko from serbia, or else you couldn't name one really decent player that wasn't aqcuired via trade or free agency). let's see what he can put together, and let's see how long the very bright young spoelstra lasts before he is used as the scapegoat for what will be a misery of a season; a little bit about the new jewboy coach from the Holy Land:


Shad, after 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time no one in the 305 will be talking about basketball anymore. They only talked about b ball when Shack came to Miami and when LBJ came to Miami. Miami is not a basketball town nor is it a baseball town, it is 100% a football town. Has been and will always be a football town first and foremost.

All you boys and girls vent all you want, it's probably good for your souls, but after tomorrow the only heat that will be on people's minds in the 305 is the stuff rising like a mirage from every hard surface of the 305 at noon time.

I just found out why OC has not been posting anymore since early this morning.

Poor guy he just must have found out that the Lakers chinked up with that Jeremy Lin guy. Wow, he must be in dire straits, just when he gets exactly what he wanted, LBJ to leave Miami he gets Charlie Chan's 8th son as the only free agent signing by the Lakers.


Oh man, OC, I feel for you buddy. Maybe this guy Lim can play ping pong and that fish Commish Silver will create another horse crap league like the WNBA and start a professional ping pong league. The NPPA. They might even put a professional team in Austin, Texas, OC.........

Mr Woodcock's outstanding post at 3:59 PM describes what all Heat fans should think about Lebron James.I had a feeling that history would repeat itself like the 1970-74 Dolphins.The 1970-74 Dolphins went to three straight Super Bowls and won two Super Bowls in a row before Larry Csonka,Paul Warfield and Jim Kiick left after the 1974 season.I was unhappy at Csonka,Warfield and Kiick in 1974 when they left and also Joe Robbie who let them go but the fact was the Dolphins Super Bowl run was over because of the team that won four out of the next six Super Bowls after the Dolphins won the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Spurs may be the Steelers of the NBA in the 2010's with a NBA title in 2015 probable so Lebron knew the Heat title runs were over.Lebron should be in the group with Larry Csonka and Paul Warfield as South Florida great sports figures that gave Miami four World Championships.

Mr. Woodcock,

agreed that miami is not a basketball town- just jumped on the shaq and lebron trains at an opportune time. football-whether the dolphins or UM will/have always been king. the inane amount of heat talk on the local sports shows started with #23 coming here and will end with his leaving. there are no calls about baseball (the marlins stink, same as with the panzers). the real world of dophin and cane chatter will return, as you say, at 10 EDT. out for the Sabbath and back either tomorrow night, definitely sunday for the final of the mundial. have a great weekend.

Mayberd, you know I'm not the most politically correct person who posts here, far from it. I have told you before that you were one of the classiest persons who posts on this blog. I'm not surprised in the least that you would be appreciative of what LeBron did for Miami.

It is one thing making fun and acting a fool just for fun like I tend to do a lot, but when it comes to the bottom line, fair play and good sportsmanship will never go out of style, Mr. Mayberd.

mayberd, the Phins may have continued back then if Csonka & Warfield don't leave. remaining competitive and a threat to the Steelers. However, Shula found decent backs in Nottingham and Bulaich. But injuries were happening and we saw the consequence of that in the sea of hands game,

It was dumb for Robbie to let them go, but they weren't to sharp going to a league doomed to fail. I don't know why everything is always about money. What about loyalty, love of game, etc... saying that reminds me of Carl Yaztrzemski. Zonk, Kiick, Warfield had a good thing going with the Phins. why break the team up.

If your parents, grandparents, and great great grandparents were as dumb as a doorknob all the welfare money and "gubment" help ain't going to make one bit of difference.

Some one better tell this to Dapper Dave, on second thought maybe you boys should wait until he has recovered from the LBJ bombshell before you tell him that all that dough that Obama has thrown at the problem ain't gonna work at all.


The same to you, Shad.

Mazel Tov.

Johnny, it's always about the money unless you happen to be a trust fund dweeb like I am Kazaam and can study oceanography for ten years at the U even though he knows that the only job in Miami for someone with a degree in oceanography is holding the mullet with your teeth standing on a ladder while Flipper bites it out of your mouth.

For the rest of us "common folks" money and how it can provide for our family is omnipotent.

But what do I know about you, maybe your folks also came here on the Mayflower just like that little dweeb Kazaam's family did.

Lebron is all about drama. That's pretty obvious. He's heading to Rio for the Cup final. He's gotten into soccer big time... which is a reason I thought he'd stay in Miami..to get involved with Beck's team. ..yes, the team Miami-Dade keeps screwing over.

I wonder if Lebron's leaving wull impact Beckham's interest in having a team here.

Miami has just gone from something to nothing in a flash. While football is king in the US, the NBA is more popular globally. No one knows Anerican football players, but they all know Lebron.

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