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June 20, 2014

Grade the first four years of Heat's Big 3. Poll. Vote now!; plus fun Marlins, catching up with Ricky Williams, Futblog! World Cup & more

1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 21. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Pat Riley 'Get a Grip' and related video, Big 3 free agency poll, Redskins name, Philbin's lack of candor, Canes QBs, Futblog! World Cup & more. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Panthers hire coach: Montreal Canadiens assistant Gerard Gallant is the new man. Not sure if it's a great hire, but am sure his surname lends itself to a million awful headline puns.

Reader alert on Sunday notes column: Our Sunday notes-column package is on summer hiatus beginning this week, due to return in August. Meantime I'll interperse elements of it into our blog, including a Sunday list of "Things South Florida Sports Fans Are Talking About" starting this weekend.

GOT A GRIP? YOUR VERDICT ON THE HEAT'S FOUR-YEAR BIG 3 RUN: Heat potentate Pat Riley made quite an impact with his annual post-mortem news conference this week; click on Get A Grip for my 1aa1apatrileycolumn off it. His premise in telling everybody to "get a grip," in the context he said it, was to gently admonish any fans who are too upset by the recent NBA Finals loss to San Antonio to see this four-year run of four straight Finals appearances and two championships as anything but an unequivocal success. I thought Riley volunteering that was interesting mostly because it presumes a disappointment or even anger that I'm not sure is out there. I don't hear a lot of Heat fans moaning about underachievement or dissatisfaction. My impression is that most fans are pretty damned satisfied by four shots at the crown and twice taking it. But since I am occasionally wrong, and since Riley sort of brought it up with "get a grip," I want to toss up this poll to get a grip gauge on how fans judge this four-year run of the Big 3. (I purposely didn't include "failure" as a poll option, just to annoy the Heat-hating Twittidiots out there). Vote for the answer you think is most reasonable and say why.

Poll result: Almost 7 in 10 think Heat's Big 3 will be back: We asked, yes or no, will all of the Heat's Big 3 be back in Miami next season (you may still vote), and it was 69.1 percent yes.

MARLINS COMPETING, EXCITING: The Marlins are fun this year. They're one game back in the NL East, hanging in on the playoff chase despite the loss of Jose Fernadez, whose injury was supposed to send the season reeling. Earlier this week young ace Andrew Heaney made a terrific big-league debut. Last night the Fish win on a walk-off throw, a bullet from Marcell Ozuna in the outfield. Team is seldom on the national radar for the right reasons, but they'll be one of the stories of the year -- and Mike Redmond the manager of the year -- if they somehow make the playoffs.

CATCHING UP WITH RICKY WILLIAMS: Former Dolphin Ricky Williams, the free spirit, now  is an assistant coach the the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas. Click HERE for is a well-done video updating you on Williams.

1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! ARGENTINES, GERMANS TOP TODAY'S CARD: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, offering continually updated daily news and summaries on the month-long soccer quadrennial in Brazil. (See earlier posts for earlier results including the U.S. win, and for group-by-group preview).

Day 10 / Today 6-21: Match of Day: Germany 2, Ghana 2 (Group G): After a scoreless half a four-goal flurry within 20 thrilling minutes. The U.S., in the same group, hoped for a Germany win. Ghana's point puts a bit more pressure on the American to win tomorrow, not draw, and certainly not lose. 

Argentina 1, Iran 0 (Group F): The Argentines, my personal pick to win the World Cup, struggled before finally scoring in the opening moments of extra time on Lionel Messi magic, and advancing.

Nigeria 1, Bosnia & Herzegovina 0 (Group F): And the Bosnians are sent packing.

World Cup scoring statistics after today's play: 29 matches, 83 goals, 2.86 per.

Day 9 / 6-20: Match of Day: Costa Rica 1, Italy 0 (Group D): One of the bigger upsets in the World Cup so far. Costa Rica winning a game like this is partly why I was upset by Jurgen Klinsmann suggesting the U.S. had no chance to win the World Cup. 

France 5, Switzerland 2 (Group E): Glad I had the 'over.'

Ecuador 2, Honduras 1 (Group Group E): Underdog Hondurans scored first but couldn't hold on.

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Didn't LeBron promise not 6 not 7? Sure looks like two is all they will be seeing for awhile that is underachieving.

Riley didn't see this day coming so soon either. LeBron will be taking his talent out of South Beach like Riley took his talent out of NY and moved South. Life goes on 2 out of 4 ain't bad but you were promised more Heat fans. Miami will soon feel the hurt that Cleveland felt but at least LeBron got you a couple titles be happy and don't whine when he leaves it's a business and Lebron is a businessman.

When does football start......

What is more offensive about the Washington Redskins name? Redskins or Washington? Now I recognize that Redskins is offensive to Native Americans but they only represent 3% of the population. On the other hand Washington is offensive to approximately 50% of the country depending on which team's idiots (Democrats or Republicans) are running the show.

If Dan Snyder really wants to offend America I think he should rename the team to the Washington Senators and use Harry Reid's or Mitch McConnell's mug as their new mascot.



Or better yet use both of those dumba$$es so that you offend EVERYONE.


He's not going anywhere, all this speculation is all about star drama. LBJ already said his family loves Miami and so does he, he"ll make any lost monies on endorsements. He knows that staying in Miami is the way to go.

And I'm guessing Arison will be whispering in his ear, "Stay here Lebron and I"ll play a major role in helping you secure your own NBA franchise when you retire. Let's just fit the right pieces to this dynasty puzzle, we will make it happen"

Lebron is not interested in starting over developing chemistry on another team and new home venue for his family, he knows he's in his prime and the moment is NOW. Its just that simple, but there has to be a certain amount of drama and suspense.

Bosh already said he's staying. This maybe more about Wade taking the huge pay cut, to make all the pieces fit by getting better players around them. Riley made it a distinct point that he wants to make Wade a HEAT for life. That's a hint, take less money, be treated like royality for the rest of your life as part of the permanent HEAT Family.

Think UD, think ZO...with Riley is all about Loyality. LeBron is understanding this, Bosh already knows this. But its all on Wade, Money (40M) v. Ego (more rings, legacy).
What it going to be Dwanye?

Riley was really loyal to the Knicks when he quit by sending a fax. You're kidding yourself if you think it's about loyalty. It's about business and winning.

It's all b.s. Lebron isn't going anywhere as long as Riley and Wade are here. He will sign one year contracts and play on until either leave.

Big Baby will be able to add this to the very very very long list of things he is wrong about.

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I am a big infant.

Football is in progress. Go to a bar, restaurant or watch at home. It's everywhere.

Big US game Sunday.

By the way, you can catch live Australian football late Friday nights,

Fantastic goal by Costa Rica the pass was incredible as was the finish.

We call it soccer here in the states Johnny.

Good for Costa Rica I always root for those small Central and South American countries especially against power houses like Italy. My early take on this WC is that the rest of the world seems to be catching up to the supposed elite teams. Could be just temporary but it might signal a trend time will tell.

don't be a hater BB..LeBron will stay in the 305 and win two or three more.

good article by Barry Jackson on the progress of some of last year's rookie class..which is the reason you just can't give up on any player too soon..right Tom?


FZB I always thought you were smarter than that this. I'm now reevaluating. Let me say this just one last time. MY ONLY issue with last year's draft is the fact that your nitwit son drafted a DL, a strength of the team, when there was a desperate need at OL. That's it. I criticized the draft from DAY ONE and I still think it was a stupid pick. I have said the same thing so many times I would think YOU would get it by now. The draft class has not performed well so far but that can change. But that will NEVER change the fact that your dumbAss son drafted the WRONG position with the 3rd overall pick.

Tommy-Son..you need to relax..chill a little, its friday you know..hehe

What are the finest candies of Latvia?

I take it from your response FZB that you understand now that I have not given up on any player (including the 2013 draftee) like you've given up on Philbin.

Riley didn't see this day coming so soon either. LeBron will be taking his talent out of South Beach like Riley took his talent out of NY and moved South. Life goes on 2 out of 4 ain't bad but you were promised more Heat fans. Miami will soon feel the hurt that Cleveland felt but at least LeBron got you a couple titles be happy and don't whine when he leaves it's a business and Lebron is a businessman.

Posted by: Big Baby | June 20, 2014 at 11:21 AM


tom, just stop.
if 3 players from a draft end up as heavy contributors, that draft is an OVERWHELMING success, ok?

ah dipshit dave is awake and still lacking an ability to understand the english language. i'm shocked.

Outstanding post Tom at 12:03 P.M.Bushoma both bailed out GM with our tax payer money so they can sell us unsafe cars that have to be recalled and that is more offensive than a team name coming out of Washinghton.Pat Riley is right about Lebron and the fans needing to be patient.The Lakers won three titles in a row in 2000-2002 but had to retool and had to wait until 2009 before they won another title.It may take a couple of years but if Lebron and Bosh stay and if the Heat can find a younger version of Dwayne Wade or someone 80 percent of him in his prime the Heat will win another NBA title soon.


he sure looked and sounded dopey at his press conference, plus it looked like he was playing with his dentures a lot of the time.


david blatt is an extremely successful coach in the euro league-multiple titles with macabee tel aviv and one with russia. a bit (to say the least) of a control freak, but getting $5 mil/year. let's see if the guy lasts a season.

AWESOME! Maybe he can teach the Cavs the secret to being a disgusting apartheid state!

The Decision part two start waving the flags fans for your prospective cities if he leaves here he can only sign a long term deal for LESS MONEY than here.Then again I am not so sure he cant sign for one year and do it again,maybe it has to do with guaranteed money and or the city thats making the offer dosent only want act 1.

The D-Wade haters are all racists.

sure tom
what YOU are lacking is there weren't great prospects at left tackle, they drafted someone in a lower round, and they signed a pro bowler as well.
they addressed the line and took a shot at a player, (jordan), that was on their radar for a couple years.
i know you're old, but just stick around until next year when i will remind your dumb a#$ how stupid you were to call that draft a failure.
THEN drop dead.. lol

Don't worry Big Baby, some 'lesser' teams always advance to the 2nd round in every WC. However, FIFA eventually never lets them get too far and you'll see Brazil vs one of the traditional ''powers" in the final. Remember the US getting denied a PK on Germany's goal line handball in 2002 quarterfinal? A win there puts us in the semi's vs a beatable S. Korea - just like that we may have been in the Final that year, And the many gifts Brazil got that year and Argentina in 1986 at the expense of tiny Belgium?

To date in these games, Brazil has made the most diving efforts beating Croatia thanks to a major dive. Neymar should've had a red early. Croatia was also denied a tieing goal. Brazil could've been on the verge of elimination by now.

Italy is still very much in it only needing a draw with Uruguay, That makes 6 blatant PK's now that should've been awarded against Italy, 2 today adding to the 4 against England. They've done less than their usual share of dives, but they have. Seems like the ref was trying to help Italy, while the linesmen did a flawless job on offsides calls .he certainly could've cheated on some of those, so it's hard to figure out the conspiracy theories in this one.

France is looking hot, but if you look closely, the Hondurans held them well til a sloppy PK, ejection and an own goal changed that game. Today, the Swiss had a their top defender injured early resulting in major defensive restructure, not to mention some shoddy Swiss goalkeeping.

Hard to say who'll prevail, but I still believe the Brazilians will be getting more gifts. ..or maybe not, since the opening game flop got worldwide attention and any more such 'mistakes' for the home team could be an embarrassment for FIFA. They have enough scandal going on and it is with corrpution and Qatar.

Tom, how about the Washington Politicians or Congressmen, to represent the follies of both sides? The Washington Houses would just sound weird. Washington Gridlocks? ..grid having a doublemeaning in gridiron. The Washington Wingers. on the left side of the helmet you have the leftist logo, on the right you have that one.

Heat very successful but it is always about expectations. Heat Big 3 over promised and under delivered.

dipshit dave: "i am smarter than you old man"

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 18, 2014 at 07:30 AM

Superiority complex is an individual’s exaggerated and unrealistic belief that he or she is better than other people. In modern psychoanalytic theory, a superiority complex is considered to be a compensation for unconscious feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem.


repeating the same stupid chit over and over will never it true.

JF I like the Washington Gridlocks. It's perfect.

david, Jeff Ireland was fired because he was such a terrible GM. He'll never get another GM job because he was such a terrible GM.

You sound like an idiot.

see Big Baby, the majority of minnows don't stand a chance. Not that I'm a fan of Iran's, but they gave Argentina a real game. Had a blatant PK denied. Instead of beating Argentina, refs would not allow that, giving Argentina a chance to win, or at least tie with no harm to them in the standings,. It's the farce that the WC, unfortunately, if you're one interesed in fair play..which is FIFA's motto, but rarely seen.

very true Stahp, Ireland won't get another NFL GM job.

Redskins trademark revoked by US Patent Office was directed by Harry Reid & Obama. With all the real crisis nationally & globally, the top Gov't officials are fixated on a name of a sports team.? Look around you, got the Middle East on fire, economy issues (jobs), border issues, fed & state budget issues, VA issues, ACA issues, taxation issues, international trade issues, infrastructure issues & you want to impose your politically correct will on private business. Like the IRS chasing after Conservative groups, they are the Political apparatus to enforce what the leaders in Washington want. Tyranny sums it up. No wonder most Americans don't like the direction this country is going in.

"Washington Widgets?" a nonexistent item that no one can find offensive, nor inspire.

What's going on with the Dolphins? All but one draft pick (OL Turner) has been signed. Practice ended Friday with the latest news being, OL was dominated by DL (Vernon & Wake dominated Albert & James), Tannehill couldn't hit the long ball with Wallace (still), Moreno's lack of conditioning & health could hinder his role & roster spot. CB Taylor looks real good & ready to play. (reported that Taylor can cover Wallace stride for stride - BIG POTENTIAL PLUS).

Dion Jordan comment: Last year DE Oliver Vernon surprised everyone and played at a high level. DE Shelby is very capable of rotating at both DE spots. Wake is Wake,, very, very good. That leaves Dion Jordan. Jordan is beginning his second season. Jordan's rookie season was doomed from day one, injuries, late graduation, late to sign, late for camp, surgery, limited physical contact until 2nd half of the season. If Jordan can't be used as a productive DE or LB in Dolphins 4-3 scheme then Miami has a decision to make. The most logical move would be to trade him to a team that runs a 3-4 D. Trading Jordan would hit Miami's cap for $10mil this season alone. Keeping him but only playing him on nickel, dime D's & special teams is stupid considering he's #3 overall & his contract. The biggest leap most NFL plays make is from yr 1 to yr 2. Jason Taylor loves Jordan's raw ability & willingness to work hard, so not all is lost. It will be interesting to see how Philbin & Dolphins handle Dion.

Was in San Antonio last Wednesday taking care of some business. Wife wanted to see the Riverwalk so we went downtown just in time to catch the Spurs parade. Got to see the team & trophy up close - maybe 15 feet or so. Spurs fans didn't trash the place & seemed to party well without the typical idiot stuff you usually hear about. Jimbo's not a big NBA fan to start with but being there was kind of cool.

Do you have any evidence that Barack Obama or Harry Reid asked the US patent office to cancel the Redskins trademark?

Were Barack Obama or Harry Reid involved back in 1998, when the patent office first revoked the trademarks?

Did Barack Obama or Harry Reid strong arm the Native Americans who filed this suit in 2006?

Did Barack Obama or Harry Reid influence this suit at any point in the process, from 2006 to the most recent ruling almost a decade later?

Or are you just a brainwashed lemming regurgitating what you read on Fauxnews?

"This is what they're fixated on"

No, that's what you're fixated on, because Fauxnews is keeping you ignorant of what's happening in the real world.

What a moron!

2nd half thriller between Germany and Ghana. The result is worse for the US, with a win vs Portugal now imperative. Can't just hope for a draw. Germans are now on the spot to have to beat the US as well, and that they can do with Klose in the lineup. The Polish-German tied the all time World Cup scoring record at 15, less than a minute coming on as a substitute just after Ghana took the 2-1 lead. If US wins tomorrow, we advance. If we tie, we will not in a good position at all. Really needed having Germany win today.

Really, really bad day in officiating. Bosnians scored a great goal, wrongfully disallowed for offside. Then Nigeria scores a goal which should have been disallowed for an offensive foul. Hard to watch today. Iran robbed, now Bosnia being robbed. Seems like ultimately the expected 1st & 2nd place teams will indeed finish that way.

I believe everything is the result of a conspiracy.

Buddy, I had four specific questions related to the claim that Barack Obama and Harry Reid were responsible for the US patent office's decision on the 2006 case.

Zero answers.

Well I'll tell Ya.....I just saw the Free agent players available this year.

And the Pieces are there to Re-Load( I mean Re-tool,as Riley says' ).....If they do a Little Creative Financing.

One Major observation.....LeBron should have enough Sense ( I HOPE ! ),to realize he DOES NOT need to GO anywhere else, to keep WINNING Campionship's !

In other words,he's Past the POINT of Other Teams,that are trying to Recruit him !

Im sure when the Free agency signings Start.....there are PLENTY of Players out there,who SEE MIAMI as a Attractive Market,with NO STATE INCOME TAXES !

And they would be calling Pat Riley,and saying : ' Can you use MY Talents ? '.

So We'll be alright......LeBron IS NOT going anywhere !

And Our DYNASTY has hit a MINOR ' Speed Bump ' !

But I have Trust in Pat Riley's Decisions,and Mickey Airison's WALLET !

GO Heat !

Bad day for soccer. These are the best refs in the world? Looks like several more won't be invited to do any more games this tournament. Going to run out of refs soon. With modern media, we'll be hearing about this all day. Bosnia is the most exciting playing team that's geen already eliminated. Brilliant attacking team. Let's hope the officiating gods don't do the same to the US tomorrow. They've been cheated in 5 of their last 9 WC games.

My take on the Redskins nonsense is that it is being pushed by guilt-ridden white liberal sports writers who need a cause to cling to so they can feel good about themselves. Why not ban the name PATRIOTS!! They represent violent closed minded people in love with their country, and a narrow world view.

Dashi, I didn't know you were a trucker.

All the Indian names are named after them, without their consultation, in the days when Americans considered them subhuman no different than the fierce animal naming convention. They should have the right to vote on this now. If I were them, I'd leave it alone and perhaps just work the royalty issue. Reason: because in current times, there is no longer a negative connotation as in the day when we all had cowboy & Indian toys and the Indians were the bad guys. It brings them some recognition and attention. Comparing to Patriots is a little off;however, when scientists prove that dolphins are as smart as humans, think they'd have a case. lol.

Soccer was invented by european women to occupy their time while the men did the cooking.

Tom, let's perfect it a bit, the Washingon Gridlockers

Perfect it with a typo.


Soccer, especially the World Cup, could be the greatest sporting event if flopping and horrible officiating were eradicated. Many of the matches have been dazzling, just tainted. The media is bringing more attention than ever to the dives and errors. One can only hope the okd FIFA farts will step into the 21st century eventually.

Loved the Riley Press conference. The big 3 will stay and deals will be restructured. Wade will get a 6 year deal to make up for pay cut to bring in some decent free agents. It's a cake walk to another eastern conference finals. SHIP is another story (TBD).

Johnny the matches have been great so far a complete 360' from the last World Cup more goals and comebacks the last one was less exciting to this point. As an Argentina fan I watched the game they missed a lot of chances Iran played them tough but the score was misleading. Even a tie doesn't really hurt Argentina anyway they are likely moving on but it could have helped Iran. Soccer is a difficult sport to officiate I defer to you if you think the officiating has been subpar I have seen a few questionable calls but it hasn't ruined my enjoyment. I have heard the argument that the USA has been treated unfairly. With a win and a draw Germany doesn't need to beat the US a draw would likely be enough. Same goes for USA 2 draws will likely get it done. Portugal is going to be a tough out today despite their poor showing in game one. Altidore injury hurts despite his inconsistency.

Pat Riley has decisions to make, over the following 2014 free agency players: Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Tony Douglas, Udonis Haslem, Lebron James, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Greg Oden, and Dwyane Wade.

Shane Battier is the easy part, as he's already announced his retirement. Going forward, Riley will do what he'll need to do to keep the core three. That's also a given, as anything short of that spells a blowing up the team and starting anew.

So who should he bring back to complement Bosh, Wade and James? From my perspective, these are the players I would try to bring back and a short list of other free agent players I would target.

Keepers: Allen, Andersen, Haslem, and possibly Lewis.
Dump City: Beasley (no D), Chalmers (no anything), Douglas, Jones, and Oden.
Free Agency targets: Jordan Farmar (Lakers) to start at PG, Trevor Ariza (Generals) to spell James and play tenacious defense.

Miami's woes are minuscule compared to what the Lakers, the team I follow needs to do.

Rather than asking Lebron, DWade and Bosh to take a pay cut for the team, maybe the $7 billion dollar man, Micky Arison, should take one for Miami by just paying the luxury tax.

BB, officiating has already knocked out one the most enjoyable teams to watch, Bosnia, with a pop of 4 mil getting robbed vs 174mil. Brazil should be on the bubble right now with just 1 point, instead the Croatians are. That's where corruption theories come in. FIFA want Brazil or Croatia advance? England didn't help themselves on defensive errors, but if they get at least 2 of the 6 PK calls they should've had, they are still in this..those games go very differently. Italy has benefited being in the driver's seat, after 6 no call PK's in 2 games.

Offsides is tough to officiate..why won't FIFA do something about it? It's about time. These refs and linesman get paid a lot to do their job, they better be good at it on the word cup level. But they suck. I'd be fired from my job with such mistakes in my trade. Why do they have to spread the refs round? Just use the best ones.

Yes, it does aways ruin it for me. The minnows get cheated at the expense of the big traditional nations. This is a world cup, where everyone should have an equal chance..big countries, small countries. Teams worked hard over 2.5 years to qualify and train for their dream only to be screwed by the man with the whistle. I think FIFA is content thinking their dream has been fulfilled by merely participating. Now let the big boys and fan favorites win.

FIFA is ending the games fir several refs and linesmen already. Will there be any left for the Final?

Johnny Futbol,

it is true about what you say about the minnows in the mundial getting jobbed; but doesn't (didn't) USC get all the calls their way and don't the college and pro football powers get the royals treatment against the underlings. one referee to cover that entire pitch will yield bizarre calls; what is downright unacceptable are the absurd calls of the linesmen- they jobbed mexico of two dossantos goals which would have loomed large against croatia tomorrow. el tri is my favorite side but they are in tough against the croats tomorrow. as i speak, the rain is pouring down so i expect the satellite to get disrupted pretty soon. other than that i have no complaints against DISH, whose service and qualitry of picture and sound makes DIRECTTV look like b&w and mono sound.


cable signal out!! but i am sure as i hear the rain lightening up we'll be back on. always can resort to watchespn.com or andres cantor on the radio.i do however prefer watching the game on the big screen.

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