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June 15, 2014

Finals G5: San Antonio 104, Heat 87: Miami three-peat dream dies. Fast start fizzles as LeBron (31) gets no help again; plus FUTBLOG! & more

1) It is MONDAY, JUNE 16. R.I.P., Casey Kasem, 82. His distinctive dulcet tone and 'America's Top 40' were part of the soundtrack of my life. 2) Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with (what else) Heat-Spurs. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Miracle-or-'Melo poll, Futblog! World Cup Days 1-2-3 and more. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Click on LeBron Or Bust for my column from San Antonio off last night's season-ending Heat loss.

G5: SAN ANTONIO 104, HEAT 87: TORRID START, LEBRON'S 31 NOT ENOUGH AS THREE-PEAT DREAM ENDS: Miami led 22-6. After that, the Heat was outscored 98-65. What else there to say? Well, plenty. LeBron James scored 31 points and nobody else had more than 13 (Chris Bosh) for the Heat. Dwyane Wade fizzled with 11 on 4-for-12 shooting. Ray Allen, who started in place of slumping Mario Chalmers, was a quiet 1-for-8. It was LeBron or bust. It was bust. Perspective: San Antonio was absolutely terrific and thoroughly deserved to win the championship. And there is no shame in Miami losing -- even the way it did -- after two championships and four straight NBA Finals appearances in the BIg 3 era. Click LeBron Or Bust for my game column from San Antonio. ..... Original post: Chris Bosh after today's shootaround here: "We're not going down. We're going to win this game tonight. Plain and simple, we're going to win this game. I don't care about guarantees. We're just going to win this game." San Antonio's arena will be filled tonight with fans expecting a coronation, and also a de-throning. The Heat 1aa1aheatg5 1aa1a14finalsmust send them home disappointed, and then win Tuesday back in Miami, and then win a Game 7 back in Texas, to forge the miracle it would take for a three-peat championship. Odds could not be longer considering no team in NBA history ever has come back from a 3-1 Finals deficit to win. The question is: Who believes? Do Miami fans? Do Heat players themselves? It will take more than belief, of course. Intangibles like confidence won't be enough unless the Heat comes out with maximum effort and intensity, plays ferocious defense and gets major offense from places beyond LeBron James. Even that might not be enough; the Spurs are that good. But all of that at least gives Miami a shot. We should know in the first quarter, by Miami's motor and desperation, if the Heat came here for Game 5 to win it or to go through the motions in resignation. Bosh's quote alone suggests the former. So does everything we've learned about the Heat in the Big 3 era.

Poll result: Heat fans want a miracle three-peat more than they want 'Melo: We asked in a rare (for us) hypothetical poll if Heat fans who could pick only one would prefer a miracle rally for a three-peat title or adding Carmelo Anthony this summer. The miracle championship won with 65.7 percent, but that means slightly more than one in three voters opted for 'Melo.

Heat Postseason MVP Standings: We name 'Heat 3 Stars' after every playoff game and award points on 3-2-1 basis. The standings through 19 playoff games, entering Sunday's Game 5: LeBron James 45 points, Dwyane Wade 25, Chris Bosh 21, Ray Allen 8, Rashard Lewis 7, Chris Andersen 3, James Jones 3, Norris Cole 2.

1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! ARGENTINA DEBUT, WIN TOPS DAY'S ACTION: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, offering continually updated daily news/summaries/miscellanea on the month-long soccer quadrennial in Brazil. (See earlier post for our group-by-group preview).

Day 4 / Today 6-15: Match of Day: ARGENTINA 2, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 1 (Group F): The Argentines were gifted an own-goal and a score by national gift Lionel Messi to offset a late goal by Bosnia.

Switzerland 2, Ecuador 1 (Group E): Headed for the first darw of this World Cup, the Swiss scored in stoppage time.

1aa1afranceFrance 3, Honduras 0 (Group E): France, off a miserable World Cup four years ago, started neatly this time. Giving up a penalty-kick goal and playing a man down on a red card was an awful recipe for Honduras, one of the WC's biggest underdogs.

Notes: Rather a light day on the marquee, although the debut of highly regarded Argentina, my choice to win it all, lights up the schedule. ..... France claims a "spy drone" flew over one of its training sessions. FIFA is investigating. Hilarious! ..... See previous post for World Cup Days 1-2-3.

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BB, I know you like Sergio Garcia, so do I, hell I'm a Garcia as well, but if I had a dollar for every time that they show him missing a two footers I'd be as rich as a Rockefeller.

I think OC must be responsible for showing all those missed putts on TV.


our host should maim the headline writer for this one. overcome adversity? really?

Big Baby,

your la albiceleste is looking uncohesive and are lucky to be ahead. messi, instead of getting passes near the goal is instead feeding his teammamtes with week passes from outside the front of the net which don't reach his fellow argentinians; they should be having him on the receiving end of passes near goal instead of being the playmaker. argentina has some pretty good players, but they are not looking that much better than the favorites here.


ESPN is about 15 seconds behind univision's feed (G-d forbid some babe lifts her blouse during a pan of the crowd) and univision is 5 seconds ore so behind the radio call of andres cantor. between the radio call and univision's, there was about 40 seconds of "GOLLLLLL"!

US Open Golf.......no el Tigre, no Phil, no Rory, no sense watching. BORING!!! When I watch soccer rather than golf you know the golf is really bad.


since everyone has jumped ship on the heat and i am not a big fan of theirs, i could see a win tonight and then a two game series. the spurs can't have another shooting exhibition as in the last two games and the "stifling heat defense" is due to hold SA to under 100, as they did in their victory. we'll see.


On this father's day, I, Dashi am glad Erik SPOELSTRA is not my son!!


since everyone has jumped ship on the heat and i am not a big fan of theirs, i could see a win tonight and then a two game series. the spurs can't have another shooting exhibition as in the last two games and the "stifling heat defense" is due to hold SA to under 100, as they did in their victory. we'll see.

Posted by: the shadow knows | June 15, 2014 at 07:01 PM

Uh huh.

Heat's store bought dream team needs to go back to the store. NBA fans are thrilled to see the manufactured team get spanked. Not mych the coachcan do, Spurs players are superior as a team. Heat just have Janes. Need to start from scratch,

If this were a fight, ref would have stopped it long time ago; great to see the cHeat and Rat Riley getting humiliated. Go Spurs!!

When will Spo pull his starters? Any one of the Big-3 getting hurt when the Heat are down by 20 with 3 minutes left would be adding injury to insult.

Arena is deafening! Fans all standing! Pop is hugging LeBron so it MUST be over - 104 to 87. Drive for Five is DONE! What a Series!

Good Luck to the Miami Heat and their fans. Hope we do this again next year

Mike Cock from San Antonio you are a douche.

Sergio never lived up to his potential despite him being a very talented player still hoping he can win a Major before "retirement". He had the Open Championship won a decade ago if not for a bogey on 18.

This Heat result is stunning it really is no one can say they saw this coming. Time To Buy has it right where's david?

shadow la albiceleste must never be counted out with Messi he's a game changer. They can play better however. Ecuador a bit of a surprise to me as was Honduras playing so poorly.

Tom worst US Open I can remember didn't watch despite the record setting pace.

shadow did you see Rooney miss that kick near the finish? should have tied it at 2-2 one I think he would like to have back. That pass he made for the lone goal was brilliant.

Woodcock I forgot to say nice job Kings just an incredible run. I am a hockey guy them getting Gaborik at the trade deadline was important they have a great team very complete and dominating. If you are going to be a bandwagon fan not a bad team to have in your backyard.

Heat's store bought dream team needs to go back to the store. NBA fans are thrilled to see the manufactured team get spanked. Not mych the coachcan do, Spurs players are superior as a team. Heat just have Janes. Need to start from scratch,

Posted by: Time to Buy | June 15, 2014 at 10:10 PM

THAT guy has it right, baby? really?
were you calling the celtics "store bought" when they signed allen and pierce?
that's the problem with you idiots; your hatred of miami trumps all sense of logic and reason.

only a COMPLETE IDIOT would suggest a team coming off of 4 STRAIGHT finals appearances needs to start from scratch.

the lakers need to do that.
so do the celtics.

as for the heat, we don't have that douche bag ainge running our team; we have a hall of fame legend.
bosh, lebron and wade all stay for less, and we'll get the additional help we need, while the lakers and celtics attempt to outdo each other for the who-is -most-irrelevant award.
as for san antonio, well they deserved the win, and they played lights out. they're a classy team lead by a classy coach. i'd have rooted for them if it weren't for the fact they were playing my miami heat.

Agree Dapper, I too see the Heatles adding that 4th all-star ...
The Spurs are deserving to win this year.

Congratulations Mike on a well earned championship. The Spurs finished with the best record during the regular season and then opened the playoffs with a tough series against Dallas. They then beat a very good OK City team, and then won it going away against Miami.

Your team was magnificent and a worthy NBA champ. Congratulations.

BB, what the hell is an albicelete?

BB, you know that I'm not a hockey fan and I only remember the name of the goaly for the Kings, but I am a sports fan and like I said, "One of the gutsiest playoff runs in any sport."

I didn't see the game I headed for the links after the Open ended. Well almost till the end, I left after watching Miami's Erik Compton finish second at the U.S. Open after two heart transplants. Yea, that didn't suck. You did yourself and your hometown of Miami proud Erik. Much props to you, brother. Won't be seeing a more courageous competitor any time soon.

Well done.

Guy's I believe our secretary of state might be some kind of vampire......
You decide...

Or he's a dead ringer for Andrew Jackson..

Mouning guys...Hey the Heat lost to a better team, no shame in that...LeBron will stay in Miami ( take that haters) , they will add someone good to complement LeBron and Bosh ( sorry to say D Wade is done) and they will reload and make another run..next year.

When does football start's again?...

Heck of an early game today in the world cup Alemania and Portugal.

ps..before I forget, can the Heat please get rid of Chalmers once and for all?..gracias.

Four finals in four years and some people are complaining. Unbelievable. Congrats to the Heat for a great run. That said, it is obvious they need help. The supporting cast for the Big 3 is not up to the quality of the Spurs supporting cast. The Spurs are the better team. I'm not sure the Heat need to add one more big star as much as they need several quality supporting players. At the end of the day Lebron, Bosh and Wade will all need to accept less if they want to add the pieces to the team necessary to make it a championship team again. If they do, the run will continue. If not, well then it's most likely over.

The hate towards the Heat will always be there...and it is sad when the hatred trumps logic and reason...just shows the ignorance of some people...the Heat made it to 4 champ games in a row and won 2...they lost to a team this year who made all their shots...they couldn't miss and they deserve the title...nobody saw this series going this way and if you say you did in hindsight you are just a liar...the whole cHeat thing is so weak...a great organization did what it took to put a great team together and succeeded...what fan wouldn't want their team and organization to do the same...but please ,continue with the endless hate and jealousy...it's a good indicator of your true colors...

Spurs played great all but 1 game and that wasn t too bad either.Heat went as far as they could and hit a wall.(SA namely).Chalmers definitely showed he ll not improve beyond his current talent.D Wade will be decent / hopefully coming off the bench next year.Better starting players and a much better bench will be needed.THAT will likely take a couple years maybe 3 to achieve.The big 3 will stay I d imagine as their families all seem comfortable with South Florida and a great Miami Heat organization.Hats off to the Heat for getting to the Finals 4 consecutive years and especially to the classy Spurs whohave a very balanced team of youth and up and comers and older but not lesser talented guystoo.Coach Pop was also a maestro and got his team to play suberbly the entire series.Congrats to San Antonio-a very worthy Champion.

david Bosh likely gone he is due 20 mil he's not staying for less.
Wade to the bench.
Melo to Dallas or Houston.
The run is over not 6, not 7 not 8 lol.

If it wasn't for Ray Ray they would have gone 1-3. Wade's career looks over just like I said it was. Hope he enjoys the bench.

Greg in his above mentioned article 'LeBron Or Bust' forgets to include the Lakers as having appeared in 4 straight Finals correction please.

Relax BB. The Heat will reload. They still have the best player. The Heat are the odds on favorite to represent the NBA East in the finals next year. In fact odds makers have them as the favorite to win it all next year.

Despite losing 4-1 to the Spurs, the Heat – facing plenty of roster uncertainty following the Finals – are the early favorites at 5-2, followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio at 7-1.


My hope is Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all opt out to take less money so that Riley can go after a better supporting cast. There is no way for Miami to win championships as is. Three things are a must for the Heat. First, rebounding. They need to get tougher in the paint. Second, they need more offense out of the PG position, both shooting and assists. Third, they need to get offense out of the center position.


the heat gave up 90+ points in every game; methought this team was built on "stifling defense and immaculate rotations on defense"? didn't the heat fail to score 100 in every game? pat riley genius? should have lost last year, and his team got creamed once they met a team-a really good team- from the stronger conference. riley stocked his team with a bunch of dinosaurs while the spurs had some talented youth- leonard, mills, diaw, green formerly of the d-league,and even spittler (sic). pat riley only has played with the best player)or close to it) in the league leading his teams-magic, ewing, mourning, shaq, and of course the incredible LBJ. has oodles of money to spend and wasted it on chris bosh, who should be packing his bags. it would be a shame to have wade play for someone else when he has been the best player that has been a member of the heat since the get go. his role next year should he stay should be first man off the bench for 15-20 minutes; if not he will be history. was riley a genius with the knicks, when in game 7 he let starks keep shooting and when he replaced the "glue player"-anthony bonner- with the biggest dog in NBA history, charles smith (the taller charles smith from pitt)? while the heat stayed with the same old same old, the spurs were stocking the team with leonard, mills, diaw and others who started their careers elsewhere? genius my a**!!!!!

shadow congrats to your guy K. Leonard getting Finals MVP well deserved. Their trade of George Hill to Indiana to get him looking pretty good I think. You're right about Wade as much as I trash talk the Heat he is an icon in Miami behind maybe only Marino recently. If he leaves who wants him at this point he's a bench player now. Bosh is due to make around 20 mil I think the guy disappeared in the Finals. He won't take less I really wonder if he could ever be a better player if the ball went through him more on another team. His time in Miami looks over to me hope he doesn't think he's a max contract player anymore though because he isn't. Amazing thing about the Spurs is that they play complete egoless basketball and their coach convinces them to do it rare these days. Parker and Ginobli combined make what Bosh makes.

The only silver lining to yesterday's win is that "Hook Nose" didn't get the MVP trophy. Now when Argentina takes gas everything will be hunky dory until training camps open.

"D Malvinas are Argentina's."

He he.

Go white and blue sky.

BB, great minds think alike.

You notice that none of the champs live in Alabamy or Carolini, nah, they live in MB or Hermosa. Ask Shad why they live there. Hint, it's not because the bass fishing is good or there's a great little spot to noodle for catfish.

He he.

Wassup, Tommy!


It will then end up predominantly in Canada or Europe making a stop in Connecticut to visit the home of Jonathan Quick. California has nothing to do with grooming players to win a Stanley Cup championship they just enjoy the spoils.

Au contrair. The boys have clearly stated that when it comes to the NHL all roads lead to MB and Hermosa. They attribute their success to the training facilities available along the Strand and of course the training equipment that walks, bikes, and roller skates in front of their homes every day.

Man does not live by cheese steaks, lobster rolls, and 30 below zero weather, BB.

Training facilities lol. No those boys were groomed to play on the rinks and ponds across the frozen tundras of ours and others great lands. Roller skating hahahahahahahaha you really shouldn't comment on hockey anymore bro.

Over-taxing producers to give freebies to illegals. No thanks.


I've lived in CA. San Ramon in the Bay Area. I take where I'm at now any day over CA.

Roller skating? I mean the training equipment is roller skating, bicycling, and walking in a pace fast enough to move the Ta Tas along from side to side to the beat of Queen's "We are the champions." I have no idea what training equipment you're talking about. We don't have medicine balls, bowling pins, sweat pants, and heifers here at the beach, BB.

For those of us who remember, enjoy.


SAD,SAD DAY: RIP, tony gwynn

one of the last two ballplayers i claimed as a favorite of mine (fernando the other). .338 lifetime batting avg., his 1994 avg was .394 and actually rising when they went on strike (would never have hit .400 as the clubs after september 1 bring up youngsters to get to a 40 man roster). a great hitter, good fielder and a really good guy. a sad, sad day; the "dread disease" claims another. what a joy to watch him hit line drives all over the field. i never had a rotisserie team without tony gwynn even though BA is not one of the premium stats- wanted him and tim flannery (manager favorite on my bench). RIP, #19- by far the greatest player play for the padres (not counting a brief stint by willie mccovey, and steve garvey is ineligible for being a pr*ck.

Wow, Tony Gwynn dead. Sorry to hear that. He had the same problem that Jim Kelly has, no, Shad?

RIP Tony Gwynn one of the greatest hitters I have ever seen in my lifetime maybe the best Godspeed.

Ah, Mr. Shadow, would you kindly educate Nanook from the North what the beaches in Hermosa and Manhattan are all about.

Big Baby,

really happy for my guy kawhi leonard. he is too soft-spoken and introverted to do a larry bird and say "this one is for san diego". how bad was he in games 1 and 2 that all the reporters are referencing? a made free throw in last year's game 6 compensated for, at least to me. got in lebron james' way enough to get noticxed on D and had very good numbers in 3-5. the play of diaw, mills, green and splitter showed how dumb it is to collect dinosaurs instead of younger talent. geez, between juwan howard and greg (old man at age 20)oden they had more years sitting in street clothes than the spurs first 5 guys off the bench.

How horribly sad. With his weight gain, partial paralysis and speech issues it was sad seeing Tony later in life. But he created memories that will last forever. RIP Tony. You were truly a great ballplayer.

Most pro athletes do live where the bass fishing is good and there is good catfishing. Virtually the entire LA kings team is married as are most other pro athletes. Not sure what your convoluted point is it did sound like you were attributing the "California lifestyle" to winning championships which if you were is just false.

shadow you had to know the Heat were in trouble when you saw Rashard Lewis in the starting 5 early in the series and then Ray Allen in game 5 starting. Greg Oden and Beasley didn't even play I think we can call that experiment a complete failure. 4 straight is still a good run but lots of questions for Heat fans that will answered soon for better or worse.

It's funny how many people I see trashing the Heat today also picked the Heat in 6 or 7 games...Hindsight is a beautiful thing for sports fans...

I picked them in 6 but they got pasted much to my surprise.

Germany helping the US right now.

LA David- I am not much of an NBA fan, but I think the celtics drafted Paul Pierce. The heat are a great team, but history wise, the heat have not caught up to the celtics or lakers, or bulls for that matter.

Big Baby,

with pepe stupidly taking himself out of the match with the USA, chances that i saw for a victory coming against portugal seem that much greater. germany started the game today with braunshweiger, podolski, klose and other top flight players on the pine. a huge match against ghana today will pretty much make the germany meaningless for both sides; it will be for germany anyway as ghana will have little chance of victory against the krauts.

agreed on all that Tom wrote re tony gwynn. a shame to leave us at such a young age but his body is now free from the ravages of "the dread disease".

Germany game today isn't meaningless especially with goal differential at stake. Germany is a lock to advance we knew that so it comes down to one out of the other three advancing. A lopsided loss by Portugal helps the US if the second entry is closely contested.

Young man graduates from high school and gets a little carried away.


Pretty funny

What was he thinking?

while I would love for D wade to op out of his current salary of 20 mil chances are he won't wanna give up that kind of "dinero".

like Tommy-Boy said..the Heatles need a PG and shooting guard and a defensive presence at center..

Germany embarrassed Portugal today and that helps the red,white and blue so if the USA can somehow win tonight's game against Ghana and tie Portugal they'll be able to advance..

go USA!

Big Baby & FZB,

portugal is history; it seems to me that the winner of tonight's match goes through along with the krauts, whose second team would probably finish second in this grouping. game on!!!!!!


clint dempsey is one of my favorites and i believe he will score at least once tonight; the guy loves big games and shows up for them. chris bosh he ain't


well that didn't take long- the guy just loves the big stage.

10 second differtial again!!!

univision and andres cantor are ten seconds ahead of ESPN again. janet jackson has put every televised sporting event 7-10 seconds behind real time, which is annoying if one is a radio guy, like the ole shadow here.


ghana seems to have quicker feet than the gringos, but will not be able to do anything with balls in the air as they are decidedly shorter than the USA. ghana appears to have conrolled much of the game since the 32 second mark; michael bradley, who i am not particularly keen on despite his success in europe is a complete non-factor thus far and losing altidore won't help. however, the red, white and blue have a goal and ghana doesn't and won't until further notice.


ghana wouldn't be able to do anything with balls in the air, and it cost them the match. ghana had the game and got a great score, but their undoing on a corner wiped out pretty much 80+ minutes of controlling the game. a win against a portugal team hurt and coming apart due to pepe and injuries will send them on to the knockout stage.

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