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June 14, 2014

Heat fans' deal with the Devil: Finals Miracle or future 'Melo? Poll. Vote; plus FUTBLOG! World Cup Days 1-2-3 including today's stunner & more

1aa1acnoll1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 14. R.I.P., Chuck Noll, Steelers coaching great, gone at 82. 2) Friday the 13th. It was a day of dread for paraskevidekatriaphobes and also for Heat fans who awakened to the reality that, yes, Game 4 really happened. 3)
In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Spurs Game 4 with postgame video and MVP standings, Bobby Ramos, Melo-to-Heat speculation, Chalmers' disappearance and more. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Click on Dream Crashing for my column from the arena off Heat's Thursday loss.

YOUR DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: MIRACLE OR 'MELO?: I don't deal with hypotheticals much in these blog polls. I sense you all prefer reality-based questions, not supposition. Nevertheless, I thought this might be fun, and a good debate-point. Say Heat fans were offered this choice: A miracle? Or 'Melo? A) The 1aa1adevilHeat will make NBA history by winning three straight games over San Antonio and a third straight championship. Or B) The Heat this summer will sign pending free agent Carmelo Anthony and make it a Big 4, as ESPN has reported they are devising a plan to try to do. [A new report today is that Anthony will opt out and test free agency. Sorry, Phil Jackson]. The catch in our Melo-poll scenerio is it's either/or. Can't have both. Must decide which would be greater: Achieving a three-peat? Or adding a major offensive weapon? The immediacy of another parade? Or a major, future-minded move? The premise behind this poll is that Miami needs help. More specifically, LeBron needs help. The roster is too old, carries too much dead wood. Overhaul may be a strong word, but more than tinkering is needed. I think the Big 3 of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will stay intact and all return, but help is needed. So we're back to the poll. Would you indulge the hypothetical? (Me and this poll are getting punched up a bit on Twitter; no matter. The debate is legit, and the vote, by the way, is closer than I thought it might be). Vote and say why.

1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! ENGLAND-ITALY HIGHLIGHTS DAY 3 ACTION: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, offering continually updated daily news/summaries/miscellanea on the month-long soccer quadrennial in Brazil. (See previous post for our group-by-group preview).

Day 3 / Today 6-14: Match of Day: ITALY 2, ENGLAND 1 (Group D): A battle of international futbol tioitans went according to form with the final result as Italy overcame the injury absence of its starting goalkeeper.    

Colombia 3, Greece 0 (Group C): Colombia is a favorite in a less than scintillating Group C -- the Group of Dearth -- and showed why in its opener.

Costa Rica 3, Uruguay 1 (Group D): Stunner. Biggest upset of these early days. Uruguay played without injured star Luis Suarez but still led and was a big favorite over one of the World Cup's biggest longshots.

Cote d'Ivoire 2, Japan 1 (Group C): Congratulations, Cote. It was a splended result. Love, Greg Cote.

Notes: Big day in Cup play, first with four matches, headlined by England-Italy and our favorite rooting interest other than the U.S. "Let's go Cote! Let's go Cote!"

1aa1ahollandDay 2 / Friday 6-13: Match of Day: NETHERLANDS 5, SPAIN 1 (Group B): Dutch got a measure of vengeance in a rematch of the 2010 final won by Spain. This rout marked the worst loss ever in an opening match by a defending champion. Netherlands is a three-time runnerup known for underachieving. This result raises the stakes again.

Mexico 1, Cameroon 0 (Group A): A just result considering Mexico also had two goals disallowed by very doubtful offside calls.

Chile 3, Australia 1 (Group B): Everybody beats Australia, which never is one of 32 best teams in world but advances from a weak conference so to speak.

WC goals average after Day 2 -- 4 matches, 15 goals: 3.75

Notes: Click here for Newseum's top 10 front pages from Day 1 of the World Cup. (Miami's El Nuevo Herald made the list).

1aa1abrazilsoccDay 1 / 6-12: Match of Day: BRAZIL 3, CROATIA 1 (Group A): Brazil not that impressive and a bit fortunate, giving up an early own-goal, scoring on a penalty kick that shouldn't have been but still prevailing in the match that opened the World Cup it is hosting, and the only match of Day 1. It's OK, though. They're partying just as hard in Sao Paulo. Croatia screwed by the referee on the PK call but can't complain too loudly considering its only goal also was a gift. A less than overwhelming debut for mighty Brazil, but saying that of a 3-1 win speaks of Brazil's might. That, and three points are three points.

WC goals average after Day 1 -- 1 match, 4 goals: 4.00.

Notes: Champion predictions of panel of 18 ESPN soccer experts: Brazil 8 votes, Spain 6, Argentina 4. ..... Click on Us Against The World for my U.S.-oriented World Cup preview column. ..... Click on The Devil FIFA for TV host John Oliver's video skewering of soccer's world organizing body.

Click back often. We update and add to these latest blogposts fastidiously...


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Wassup boys!

Like I said the other day, "Oye OC, eres tremendo sapo!"

I put all the blame on OC and his negative mojo for the predicament that our heroes find themselves in.

Greg, the big three is quite appropriate, as in "once dominant," worthy of title - e.g., GM, Ford and Chrysler, even: NBC, ABC and CBS. Bosh and Wade hark back to similar, once worthy names, but as French police detective, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau would say-- Not any muhh!

"Yes, and it counts!"

The days of slavery in America are long gone. And thank goodness for that.

Where else can a man come from nothing and through hard work, "and a good accountant" find himself at the top of the heap.

Well done, bro, well done indeed.


I think a better comparison would have been Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

Those aren't chevys, fords, and plymouths in that picture of the Big 3 in Miami, OC.

All of the old timers who post here have seen series like this one before. The Lakers against the "fo, fo, fo, Moses Malone Sixers comes to mind. They got the wood laid to them only to regroup with the same foundation and go on to win more championships after the pole axing that Moses and the Doctor put on their ass.

"The rumors of my demise appear to be premature."

(or something like that........)

My first car, a VW Super Beetle ran on Bosch spark plugs. When the car started to run like sh**, I would replace them. Miami needs to replace its own set of Bosh.


"Obama says that will decide on military aid to Iraq 'in the days ahead.'"

Excuse me?

Just what the fock is he and his administration doing at the White House every day playing shuffle board?

What a focking joke.

If that moron would have listened to Woodcock and instituted the Woodcock, "Odin and Wotan Plan" those boys would be glowing right now.

Bosh is a great player. Certainly better at this point than anything currently on the Lakers roster.

He's the best shooting big man in the game after Dirk Nowitzky.

"Victory has one hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan."

Ohhh my Blown-out I two home games...
Miami might need this guy for motivation....


Dogs prefer to EARN treats by solving problems, rather than receiving handouts. Liberal democrats just prefer handouts.


First we nuke the rag heads, then we nuke the commies, then we nuke the chinks, then we nuke the ruskies, then we nuke the environmentalists, then we nuke the focking bicyclists on PCH, then we nuke the Dodgers, then the Florida Gayturds, then we nuke....

"What? Yea honey, we will sit down for dinner as soon as I finish nuking the TV dinners and opening another Guinness."

I'm all for nuking most of the "target's" the Wood's-Ter just posted..starting with the Gators and then the commies....or maybe we should start with the liberals..

sorry David..hehe

hey the Heat are in very, very deep mierda, all because of OC..que tipo.

Dolphins talk..check this out guys..our very own clue-less Joe at his very best...Barry Jackson posted this a couple of days ago..

### Joe Philbin likes the idea of having Dion Jordan play special teams because “he’s a big guy that can run and is hard to block.” But Jason Taylor, a guest coach during the offseason program, told the Dolphins-owned radio show that there is “not a whole lot of time” to work with Jordan on pass rush moves because a lot of his practice time is being spent on special teams. That’s not ideal, obviously.

“Dion is bigger than me, more athletic than I am,” Taylor said. “He's going to be stronger. He's so willing to learn. Anything I tell him or suggest, he's like a sponge.”

so let's see now, the guy (D Jordan) has a world of talent, he is being coached by one of the best DE's in the history of the NFL and clueless Joe is having the guy play "special teams" because he is very fast and is hard to block..hehe..so in addition of playing the guy out of position he won't let the kid commit to his new position of DE full time..and yet there are some still on this blog that still want him around..

what a crock of chit that is, yup..

What was it that guy called him, oh yea, "Uncle Fester."

Bro, to have your first draft pick, the third guy taken in the whole draft running down kicks has to he the worst decision that I've ever seen a football coach make. Oh, hell, why not just put Tan running down kicks next to him.


Go Heat.............

Phil Jackson should quit now. How in the world he agreed to that job before he had Melo locked up is anyone's guess.

Dion Jordan playing special teams in his 2nd year? What are the Dolphins thinking? This guy should be getting coached up to take over Wake's spot next season not chasing kick returners. This current plan is how you treat a six round pick, not a #3 overall who you traded up for. Frustrating info.

If Jordan were a starter I would agree playing him on special teams would be insane. Sadly though the overall 3rd pick in last year's draft is but a little used backup to this point. Until such time that Jordan cracks the starting lineup Philbin is doing the right thing getting some use out of him on special teams. The alternative is a highly paid bench warmer.

I have read that Jordan has bulked up 15-20 lbs this year in an effort to get stronger for run support. If Jordan can effectively play the run he should be able to get on the field for some meaningful playing time.

Getting Melo wouldn't give the Heat the edge over the Spurs when it comes to overall team talent. LeBron & Wade are the top team duo in the NBA but that bench & starters Chalmers & Bosh hurt them.

Mr. Woodcock,

the sixers' sweep of the lakers in 83 was in part due to worthy being injured, as i remember. the sixers were loaded with talent and adding the best rebounder in the league didn't hurt them at all. what was surprising was that they couldn't win another with him and didn't win their division again until 1990.

looking really bad...
are the dutch, who don't have any decent midfielders or defenders. i'll listen to it as it hurts to watch holland looking so crummy, even if it is against the champs.

there it is..mi amigo Tom is sticking up for clue-less Joe once again..

the Dutch just scored a goal..1-1 now..nice game so far.

If Jordan were a starter I would agree playing him on special teams would be insane. Sadly though the overall 3rd pick in last year's draft is but a little used backup to this point. -tom

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/g4-san-antonio-heat-can-miami-win-without-melo-kidding-but-a-wins-a-must-no-kidding.html#storylink=cpy

exactly, dummy.
that's what jimbo, FZB and i are complaining about.
he was injured last year and missed most of camp.
that was last year.
joe is wrong on this one, but you're too busy talking about handouts, (not corporate handouts, mind you) and blaming ireland to notice.

Dogs prefer to EARN treats by solving problems, rather than receiving handouts. Liberal democrats just prefer handouts.


Posted by: Tom | June 13, 2014 at 02:05 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/g4-san-antonio-heat-can-miami-win-without-melo-kidding-but-a-wins-a-must-no-kidding.html#storylink=cpy

if that's the case then why does more money go to republicans in the form of corporate subsidies, handouts and bailouts, dumb a#$?

Tom- You are 100% dead on about Jordan. If the guy had any ability at all, he would not be playing special teams right now. This is how the dolphins are trying to save a little face with him. Philbin must be thinking this is the only way he can get the #3 draft pick on the field.

I would agree with that but Philbin isn't trying to save face he likely had nothing to do with drafting him so why does he care. Philbin has his reasons for this move I am sure but face saving isn't one of them.

or he could be as clue-less (Joey that is) as some of us think he is..

the Dutch are killing the Spaniards 4-1..wow

You really are related to Jeff Ireland aren't you?

Just got back from a bar in Marina Del Rey. Two TV's on with golf and a chit load with this soccer stuff. I sat at the bar next to four kids who were rooting up the action on the field. After finishing my last Young's Double Chocolate Stout, (For the uninitiated I strongly recommend.) I looked around the bar before hitting the bricks and every single waitress in the joint was out cold snoring. Wow, you have to be some kind of boring to put these broads to sleep during the lunch hour when they make their best tips. Freaking pikers watching soccer were all drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon out of can and asking for more free bread to go along with small house salad that they were consuming.

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Come on, man. I wouldn't use that swill to clean out my toilets.

Just got back from a bar in Marina Del Rey. Two TV's on with golf and a chit load with this soccer stuff. I sat at the bar next to four kids who were rooting up the action on the field. After finishing my last Young's Double Chocolate Stout, (For the uninitiated I strongly recommend.) I looked around the bar before hitting the bricks and every single waitress in the joint was out cold snoring. Wow, you have to be some kind of boring to put these broads to sleep during the lunch hour when they make their best tips. Freaking pikers watching soccer were all drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon out of can and asking for more free bread to go along with small house salad that they were consuming.

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Come on, man. I wouldn't use that swill to clean out my toilets.

Awful Beer but the hipsters insist it's good. It's not and never has been.

joe has to be wrong because you're never wrong. right david?

BB..this has nothing to do with Ireland....but if you wanna blame the guy for clue-less Joe's incompetence then go right ahead.

FZB is it possible dion jordan does not deserve to be a starter? any possibility at all? is it possible vernon is a better player? any possibility at all? is it possible the coaches have accurately evaluated jordan's talent which is why he is not a starter? any possibility at all?

just wondering.


as soon as i got within earshot of my radio, i heard the first dutch goal and then the gol calls got to me and i shut it off at 5-1 and didn't miss much. the dutch were so bad until RVP's tremendous header, but then some inbcredible individual efforts demolished spain-four years too late!! holland's midfield and defense is gonna be tested for sure against the chileans but they are one win away from advancing with a +4 in goals which most/any team might not get. out for the Sabbath. great weekend to all!!

Panther piss. We drank that in high school when I was making $1.25 an hour pumping gas at a Sinclair Station on 86th street and Biscayne Boulevard.

I dunno what to say at this point. I am demoralized with this team. You don't just reasonably defend the championship and lose but instead you put up an unreasonable chance and don't bother to even try to defend. I have never seen less heart from a champion than I have witnessed in this series. No one wants to state the obvious here but it is time to find the next new three.

Wade has played wonderfully in his career at Miami. There is probably a team that would pay him half of what he earns at Miami to play as he does. But 20 million is way too much. I don't think Miami is looking at a big 4 but instead a new big three with Wade being gone. It is just time. He is a defensive liability when you have to switch and since Miami has no center presence he can't be "helped" enough at that end to overcome the plus of his offense. Certainly not in the NBA finals when the best are playing the best.

The Heat should offer Bosh 8 million. Yes, he is three point specialist and he occasionally drives to the rim (just for old time sakes) but he doesn't live there. You can't be a consistent champion unless your center makes center plays.

As for Lebron, no pay reduction this year but next year is in doubt.

All the above makes sense right? NBA rules probably prevent reasonable restructuring of player contracts based on performance. You either pay Wade and Bosh the 20 mil or let one or both of them go. If who you keep is based on sentiment, you keep D Wade. If you want a more efficient team, you keep Bosh. It is an interesting choice and I am glad I don't have to make it.

Ultimately though, the players know the financial rules and they know the choice must be made based on the rules the NBA put in place after the big three joined forces. They knew this long before game 1. Yet, they know the weaknesses exploited by the spurs, and that staying the course is unsustainable. It may be marketable, in the sense that Lebron is who he is and will always be a ticket and interest seller, like Durant and others, but not a champion.

The Heat are doomed in this series. You got stars in conflict. Whenever have the stars not aligned and good things turned out for you?

Tom...in reference to D Jordan..of course the coaches know way more than us and yes Dion Jordan does not deserve to start ahead of Vernon but that's not the point...here it is, pay attention now.

D Jordan was rated by everyone as the best defensive player in the draft and just about everyone agreed he's talent was best suited as an outside LB...so Joey and Coyle decide to convert him to a DE..but the kid was injured and missed all OTA's and training camp and struggle the whole year like most rookies do...now the second year is when a lot of first year players make their move ( like O Vernon did) but instead of letting the kid learn his new position and solely concentrate on it clues less Joe has him running around playing special teams basically wasting the kid's talent ..

Jason Taylor was very similar to D Jordan and says the kid has more talent than him he just needs to be coached the right way. D Jordan needs to prove he is a starter but he needs to be given the chance to develop and grow in his new position, it serves no purpose to have a talent like that play special teams..

Stop sticking up for clue-less Joe..it makes you look bad..but hey I still luv-ya.

As for the Heat?... Well it doesn't look good at all..LeBron has no help out there from D Wade and or Chalmers plus they are playing no defense...D Wade needs to take a big cut in salary as well as Bosh...LeBron needs a better supporting cast.

This new NBA is nothing like the old one because of the salary cap..we will never see those great dominating Laker, Bulls and Celtic teams from the past when each team had a bunch of hall of famers in their prime .its a tribute to LeBron's greatness that the Heat have made it to 4 finals in a row which is almost impossible to do..

Here's hoping for a miracle..go Heat!

SJMPARMAN those contracts are PLAYER options, not TEAM options. It's not up to the Heat.

What do you think of the Kings now, BB?

BB, not giving you any business at all. After all I'm just a bandwaggoner. But I'm also a sports fan and I enjoy watching excellence on the field.

I think you're the biggest hockey fan here so I though I would paste this article for you to enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, the Kings fans did themselves proud by how they celebrated the victory. They did it in a very Miami way, with class.


Too many people, expert analysts included, find themselves genuinely surprised by what is being displayed in these NBA Finals. I suppose part of that has to do with human nature and our natural tendency to be enthralled by the red Ferrari in the room. After all, when you have the best player on the planet, how could one possibly lose?

Well, unfortunately for Heat fans, this is not a one-on-one contest that settles all scores, but a "team" contest. No explanation needed that Riley set out on his quest to craft a champion by first securing the best individual player on the planet, and surrounding him with a strong supporting cast. No matter how one dissects it, when things get difficult, it's always -- give it to LBJ, and let him do his thing. If that fails, we're here to support. It's never been about the "Big Three," really; has it? It's been about the "Big One" with the strong sidekicks.

By contrast, The central, continuing philosophy for the Spurs; what the coaching coaches and the kind of players picked has only to do with team.

Now, I'm not saying that Miami doesn't run plays to involve their entire team. What I'm saying is that it is not their central DNA. Conversely, the Spurs use a very good, smart, team-first PG in Parker to bring the ball down and orchestrate a passing clinic to free-up any of their players on the floor equally capable of draining a wide open shot.

Lastly, many analysts failed to pay proper credit to conference and records. The two will reveal that the Western Conference won 120 more games than did the Eastern Conference. That the eighth seeded team for each conference had strength discrepancies of .598 vs .463, with five teams in the WC having an as good a record or better than the Heat.

Going forward, i rather doubt that bringing in someone like Anthony would add to the mix. If anything, it will probably make things worse. Sure, as long as they have LBJ they will continue to make the playoffs. Just not capable of beating a team with a high degree of team play.

FZB I'm certain Jordan has been worked a lot at OLB and DE in practice. I'm equally certain if he was making plays at either position he would be playing. He's not playing which tells me he ain't making plays.

Special shout out goes out to Mr. Woodcock. Thanks for checking young OC Jr. and all his stuff out of campus, and for delivering him safely to LAX. Folks on here would find it surprising to learn about that side of you. Thanks, bro.

Your kid's in college and he needs someone to help him clear his dorm and get to the airport? Cut the umbilical cord already weirdo.

Yikes is right. How stupid of me. Clearly it is smarter to rent a van, pack your six boxes, rent a storage facility for the three months you're going to be away, take a damn chem final, and get through LA traffic to make your flight.

Who needs help?

There are two things in this world that I can't stand. People who are intolerant of other people's culture.
And the Dutch.

OC, your heat analysis is garbage.
did the lakers have a strong point guard running the show when they were winning?
did the bulls?
the "must have a point guard" argument is poopoo, especially today when hybrid players like lebron and durant are adept at moving the ball.
the was not an "only lebron" team the last few years.
EVERYONE contributed.
during the winning streak and during all 3 championship runs, it was a team effort, and the numbers back that up.
this wasn't lebron scoring 40 a game like kobe.
wade is tired, and getting ZERO from the point guard position is killing us.
and finally, if a team is going to shoot record breaking numbers like the spurs are doing, while reliable shooters (like wade and allen are missing 3 ft jumpers), well there's almost nothing you can do.

Carmelo will not solve the slow aging Heat's problems and unless they get a younger deeper bench the 2015 Heat will get routed by the Spurs or Thunder in the NBA Finals or will lose to the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals if Derrick Rose can stay healthy for a full season.Chuck Noll was one of the NFL coaching giants like Tom Landry and John Madden and when the Dolphins lost to those coaches it was not too bad because they lost to great first class people unlike Belicheat and the crooked Harbaugh Brothers.

As impossible as you tried to make that sound those are all things that adult college students can handle, like I said time to cut the umbilical cord.

What's impossible about it, Yikes? Any UCLA, med-track student, wanting to maintain his competitive 3.6 gpa, who just had three hours sleep the night before after taking his physics final, does not need help. He can certainly skip cramming on Friday morning to max out that last chemistry final. Never mind that the test finishes at 2:30p, and have just four hours left by which to clear everything out of your dorm, arrange for some kind of van to haul away the six 24" cubed boxes you have yet to assemble, drive to a storage facity, initiate a contract, unload, drive through construction of the 405, return the rented van to wherever it was you rented it earlier, then call in a taxi bound for LAX, along with your backpack and your 85 lbs piece of luggage. Heck, that's easy. Why would anyone wish any assistance with any of that? Moreover, when family wishes to help.

Your umbilical chord charge is asinine.

David, I think you may be missing the larger point of my argument. It's not that teams have, and will continue to win featuring a dominant star in their team. Jordan, Kobe and LeBron are all good examples. What I'm simply stating is that when one matches up a team whose whole makeup revolves around the one star and against a team of well coordinated team equals, who also manage to be really good defensively, that team wins more often than not.

A really good team will always have an advantage over a four support guys and a star. And this applies even if one has two or three stars, who will by nature always first look to take matters into their own hands, as opposed to an efficient team that works as one. The history books are full of such examples.

And you know his exact GPA and what time all his exams are? Seriously man, time to let the kid go a little bit...he's in college, you had 18 to hoverdad him to death, let him live his life.

You know, Yikes, tomorrow is Father's Day. If you're lucky enough to still have a father who is still alive, do him and you a favor and make sure you let him know how much you appreciated his support. If you do not feel that way, then I feel sorry for both if you. I already know that you're not a father and couldn't possibly know anything about proper parenting.

Best of luck to you.

OC you're a good dad the alternative would be having him flounder around and goof off too much like I did. I was a student athlete but not in the same class as your son nice job and Happy Fathers Day.

Hope the heat win to at least get to 6 games, but it sure seems Spurs are the better team and will put them away Sunday night. We are fortunate to play in the weak east, but will need to address; point guard, Wade's diminishing skills, a solid wing defender and a big man. Seems like alot!

Thanks, BB, and Happy Father's Day to you and all the rest of this blog's known fathers: Greg, shadow, FZB, Tom, Jimbo, Woodcock, Anti, Naples, Raw, rood, and anyone else I might have forgotten. HFS, all!

LeBron & Wade are the top team duo in the NBA but that bench & starters Chalmers & Bosh hurt them.

Posted by: Jimbo | June 13, 2014 at 03:28 PM

Uh, I believe the duo in OKC might have a beef with your assessment. Too bad the OKC coach sucks.

Happy Father's day to all dads.
Dinner with the family tomorrow, always interesting.

happy father's day to all.
i hear what you're saying oc, but if parker is not on the spurs, it's a completely different series.
he IS the star, and his contributions go beyond the stats.
fact is, we missed PLENTY of open shots, and the spurs are shooting at a record breaking pace.
put your model of a "team" against these spurs right now, and that team is down 3-1 also.
i've never seen anything like it; the spurs are hitting EVERYTHING, and we cannot buy a basket from 2 feet out.
i do have a feeling it isn't over, though.
it's crazy, but there is a bit of freedom in being where miami is right now, and they do bring it when their backs are to the wall, especially on the road.
i think we can win tomorrow..
after all, the last time we played in san antonio we won.


coach of the greatest dynasty in football, rocksolid on offense and defense. my only qualm is that he referred to the raiders as having a "criminal element" after which it became known that pittsburg was the first NFL team to use steroids widely; plus anyone who has a player- ernie (fats)holmes who uses a rifle on state troopers from a nearby hilltop, and mike webster- has a bit of criminals playing for him. of course i am not thrilled that his steelers kept my beloved bengals from winning a title, but the facts trump the sentiment.

EXCEPT FOR URUGUAY (which faced a fellow western hemisphere foe)

our hemisphere has done pretty well with a decent swiss team about to take on a good ecuador side, after which honduras and the very good fred friendly will, we hope and think, defeat the frogs who are minus the great frank riberry. except for spain, the spanish speakers are doing bastante bien.

I'm not a dad and my dad is dead but thanks anyway,OC...hope you have a good one,sir...

Really not looking forward to watching this Heat game tonight...

Classic baby boomer child-worshiping father, baby's the kid through school and he winds up graduating with no clue how to take care of himself. Life's going to smack that kid in the face if he ever gets out from OC's skirt!

You guys are rooting for the Heat which is fine but besides Haslem they don't have one single Miamian on the team.

If you want to really root for someone with all your might today you might want to do it for a guy named Erik Compton. He was born in Miami. He is playing in the U.S. Open with his "third heart" in his chest, and he stands in second place as the day dawns over Pinehurst #2.

Now I don't know about the rest of you but I find this to be truly inspirational. They don't give you money in golf just for showing up, in fact you have to pay an entry fee to play in the tournaments. Sorry, but compared to what this guy has gone through and accomplished even wining two straight NBA titles, the Heat pales in comparison to this guy.

All glory to Erik Compton.

I will be rooting for this guy today as hard as I have rooted for any sportsman in any event in my life.

Happy fathers day to all of you.

Thanks for the nice words, OC. You have a great kid. You and the Mrs. have done a fantastic job with him. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree mi hermano.

OC, ese tipo es un come mierda. Why even waste your breath on that. He couldn't carry your jock, mi socio.

The biggest factors affecting Miami are in no particular order, four straight finals appearances which means they have played more games than any team in the NBA during that four year period, the age and health of Dwayne Wade, the assemblage of young very good talent by San Antonio, and their lack of rebounding which is finally catching up with them. That point guard stuff that OC spouted is horse chit like Dapper said. When I was a kid there was no such thing as a point guard. Jerry West, Oscar, Earl the Pearl, Sam Jones, Dave Bing, Pistol Pete Maravich, these guys were listed as guards on the program.

OC, you are an incredible human being. If anyone told me to my face what that ass hole was saying to you about YOUR son I would go medieval on his carcass.

Oye, yikes, quiero que sepas que me estoy cangando en el recontracoño de tu madre!

"Classic baby boomer child-worshiping father, baby's the kid through school and he winds up graduating with no clue how to take care of himself. Life's going to smack that kid in the face if he ever gets out from OC's skirt!"

Our Cuban baby boomers who post here came to this country with only the clothes on their backs.

Ass hole, if your grandparents or great grandparents who got off Ellis Island and walked into Hell's Kitchen and clawed and scratched to give your sorry ass everything that you have heard the stream of chit that's coming out of your pie hole they would beat your ass with the same shovel that they used every day for 16 hours a day to eventually create a better life for your sorry ass.

Now go back to smoking blunts and shooting down aliens on your computer, mother focker.

Mr. Woodcock,

right you are about the non-use of the term "poinr guard" back in the day.west/goodrich could both score and handle the ball (west more than goodrich), oscar handled the ball while adrian smith was a shooter, walt frazier was a scorer/defender and also handled the ball more than either dick (fall back, baby)barnett while when earl monroe got to trhe knicks he and frazier were interchangeable, as were don ohl and kevin loughery. for the keltics, sam jones shot and handled the ball better than KC jones, who was a lockdown defender who despite his great defensive ability couldn't keep jerry west at bay. this point guard, power forward... nomenclature is lame. elgin baylor used to average 30+ points per game and near 20 rebounds at 6'5" with rudy larusso their defending forward who got outrebounded by baylor much of the time. let's see:



and an ivY leaguer, while elgin spent a couple of years at "the college of idaho" before moving to seattle where he led the chieftains to the NCAA finals

Fro the most part children are born the same with the same potential. What is the primary determinant of whether a child succeeds or fails in life? PARENTING!!!


My money says OC's kid turns out to be a big time winner in life. Simple reason. Great parenting.

Happy Father's Day ALL!

Tom, without being in any way disrespectful of what was a great post by you, but OC's son is already a big time winner in life.

A better kid than OC Jr. you will not find anywhere.


meant carlos costly for honduras. the swiss controlled the second half completely against ecuador, who would have still gotten a point had they not fallen asleep in extra time. switzerland deserved the game and they got it in rather dramatic fashion.

You spelled my name wrong, it's Fred Flopper. Tiny Croatia and Bosnia can play with the big boys. Cheating and bad luck being the difference in the respective games. Bosnia outshot Argentina 6-2. Swiss had to overcome officiating as have the Mexicans and Dutch. Honduras played well. clumsy PK..the first real PK call, changed the game. England denied 4 real PK's making one wonder if the ref was overreacting to my flop which made me a national hero last Thursday. Theory out there that Mexico's goals keep getting denied because FIFA wants Brazil to top the group. 3-0 win would have Mexico on top. Brazil & Croatia shuld be evel with a poiny..but I ade sure we got out 3 pts.

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