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June 19, 2014

Heat's Pat Riley: "Get a grip!" (w/ video); plus Big 3 poll, odds LeBron leaves, Philbin and honesty, Redskins, Canes' QBs, Futblog! Brits out & more

1) It is THURSDAY, JUNE 19. Thanks to Colin Cowherd for having us on the Herd yesterday. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): How-much-faith-in-Dwyane Wade poll, Heat betting faves for '15, final postseason MVP standings, FUTBOL! WorldCup including U.S. win and more. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

1aa1aredskinsPotentially huge news on Redskins name:
The U.S. Patent Office ruled the nickname Redskins as disparaging and ordered trademark rights canceled. Story here. Could be a significant step in ongoing pressure on NFL and Washington to change the nickname.

PAT RILEY: "GET A GRIP!": Heat president Pat Riley today softly scolded fans and media and even his own players who in any way are disappointed by two NBA championships out of four straight Finals appearances. Click on Get A Grip for my column off today's Riley session, now newly online and shipping to Friday's inky pulp editions. And below is a new, related video with myself (left) and colleagues Barry Jackson and Joe Goodman:


HOW FREE AGENCY AND THE  BIG 3 WILL SHAKE OUT FOR THE HEAT: The next month's insanity over the future of the Heat's Big 3 got off to a proper start with Dwyane Wade's it-spoke-volumes 1aa1ahappybig3 1aa1aapprehensivebig3no-show at the team's post-mortem media session, amid speculation whether he'd be better coming off the bench and a general perception (see poll result below) that he's a falling star. As LeBron James, Chris Bosh and coach Erik Spoelstra were talking and saying as little as possible, a report wafted across the Internet that LeBron had enrolled his two young sons in an Ohio school for the coming year. OH MY GOD! Except it wasn't true. Buckle in, Heat fans. It's going to be a rumor-filled, tea-leaves-reading summer until this thing plays itself out. Will it be an agreeable, smiling Big 3 (left) accepting financial hits for the greater good in Miami? Or will it be an apprehensive Big 3 (right) tired of turning down millions and seriously exploring options? Take a dip in our poll and tell the world what you think will become of the Big 3 in Miami. Come back intact? Or no? Vote and say why.

UCLA forward is Heat's projected draft pick: ESPN's Chad Ford in his eighth (eighth!) mock NBA draft has Miami selecting UCLA power forward Kyle Anderson No. 26 overall next week. I would sooner think the Heat would go for one of three point guards -- UConn's Shabazz Napier, Syracuse's Tyler Ennis or Missouri's Jordan Clarkson -- if any falls to 26th.

Betting odds favor LeBron staying in Miami: Bovada doesn't have a line on our poll question but tells us that LeBron is a 1-3 favorite to re-sign with Miami. Then it's Cavaliers at 7-2, Bulls and Rockets both 13-2 and Lakers a longshot 15-1.

Poll result: Most see Dwyane Wade as in decline: Granted the timing was rough, with poll coming in wake of his two bad games to end Finals. But 62.7 percent said Wade is in decline vs. only 25.4 % who said he's still all-star caliber. Only 3.7% see him as still elite, and 8.2% were undecided.

DEAR JOE PHILBIN: A LITTLE HONESTY, PLEASE?: We've been purposely avoiding the Dolphins lately, because of A) mandatory Heat obsession and B) the fact that the NFL in May and June doesn't matter 1aa1ajoepeven though the teams are sporadically practicing in their OTA's and minicamps. But a Dolphins practice this week caught our attention because of the disparity in how the day's work was viewed by coach Joe Philbin and by quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Philbin: "I really liked the way we started off the mini-camp. I thought the practice had excellent energy." Tannehill: "Today wasn’t our best day. We’ve had much better days as an offense all around, getting lined up, playing fast, throwing the ball, protecting, all around. We just didn’t have our best day today. It was a frustrating day." Two quick thoughts: 1) I like the indication of emotion and public disatisfaction by Tannehill. That shows growth, and leadership. 2) Half his team could be felled by heat stroke and the other half swallowed by a giant sinkhole and Philbin would say the practice went great. Honesty wouldn't kill you, Joe. Maybe your team could use a public kick in the a-- once in a while. If your QB isn't satisfied and says so, that's honest leadership you might consider trying.

CANES FASHION THEMSELVES A QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY: UM coach Al Golden doesn't know who his quarterback is as the season chugs ever nearer. It was senior Ryan Williams, before his knee injury and 1aa1aheapsjsurgery that could have him unavailable for a substantial chunk of  the season. Then the starting baton was taken by redshirt-freshman Kevin Olsen, but he was awful in the Spring Game (7-for-21) and hasn't done much to inspire faith that he's ready. Now in comes transfer Jake Heaps (pictured), who already has graduated (Kansas) and is available immediately. He brings experience, having thrown 896 major-college passes (BYU, Kansas) with 32 TDs and 27 interceptions. I foresee him winning the job from Olsen. But is the job then Williams' whenever he is ready? Lots of uncertainty swirling around at The U with the most important position. On the bright side? None of the Canes' quarterbacks has stolen any crab legs.

1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! BRITS, COTE IN ACTION TO HIGHLIGHT DAY'S CARD: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, offering continually updated daily news and summaries on the month-long soccer quadrennial in Brazil. (See earlier posts for earlier results including the U.S. win, and for group-by-group preview). England returns to action to top today's card. My personal non-U.S. favorite, Cote d'Ivoire, also is in action.

1aa1aurufansDay 8 / Today 6-19: Match of Day: URUGUAY 2, ENGLAND 1 (Group D): If you're British, you feel broken. England is headed home, failing to get out of group play with today's defeat. Isn't as big a World Cup disappointment or surprise as Spain's similar fate, but close enough.

Colombia 2, Cote d'Ivoire 1 (Group C): Colombians, group favorite, edge the Official Non-U.S. Team of People Named Cote Like Me.

Greece 0, Japan 0 (Group C): May I be honest? A scoreless draw between Greece and Japan is the World Cup nadir for me thus far.

1aa1achilefansDay 7 / 6-18: Match of Day: CHILE 2, SPAIN 0 (Group B): You wouldn't want to be Spain's national coach right now. The defending World Cup champions were eliminated in group play with today's loss sending Spain packing at 0-2 and outscored by 7-1. La Furia Roja are first reigning champs ever to lose its first two matches, and head home as defending chumps.

Netherlands 3, Australia 2 (Group B): Predictable Dutch letdown after big opening win over Spain, but the (much) better team prevailed.

Croatia 4, Cameroon 0 (Group A): Crotians dominant in elimating Cams from the tournament.

Note: ESPN says its World Cup viewership is up 172 percent over 2010 through 17 matches. Impressive. Yell that at whomever you know who's still in the Dark Ages on soccer. 

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Woodcock, the link you posted on the previous thread is both misleading and incomplete. First, you are using the regular season numbers, not the post season ones. I believe play in during post season more accurately registers the real truth.

Secondly, and most importantly, when reading what I posted you'll note that I included that said defensive team have - ADEQUATE OFFENSE. To obtain the clearest depiction of what happened one only has to go to the POINT DIFFERENTIAL category. There you'll see what both of felt going in. Namely, that the Clippers would have given Miami a closer contest.


"i can read FINE"

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 18, 2014 at 07:22 AM

So far you have proven that to be another of your fairy tales, but let's see. Here is a test of your reading.

Answers these questions.

1) Did every team that ran the ball more than 40% of the time end up with a winning record?

2) Did every team that passed the ball more than 60% of the time end up with a losing record?

We would normally allow 30 seconds for this test but considering your disabilities we will give you 24 hours. We already know the answers to the questions, we are just trying to determine if you can understand the questions and articulate correct answers.

Good luck, I fear luck is truly your only hope.

"roosevelt was a liberal, and he won the war"

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 18, 2014 at 07:30 AM

Doubling down on stupid is no way to go through life david.

"i am smarter than you old man"

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 18, 2014 at 07:30 AM

Superiority complex is an individual’s exaggerated and unrealistic belief that he or she is better than other people. In modern psychoanalytic theory, a superiority complex is considered to be a compensation for unconscious feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem.



That was a good article. The point was we should not jump the gun on Tannehill because he has less than a quality supporting cast. For the same reason, we should not jump the gun on Philbin.

Watching Chad versus Spokane on ESPN.

david really is delusional, even if you agree with his arguments, the guy provides close to no facts to back up what he's saying, ignores others' facts when presented with them, and is incredibly childish. You're not smarter than anyone david, even if your points are correct, it's obvious from your posts that you're not a very intelligent person.


I have a problem with your playoff "numbers are more real" theory....

Ever here of a guy named Timmy Smith who broke Super Bowl rushing record??

There are a ton of flash in the pans during any playoff run who aren't "Real" as you put it..

Hot Seat will be in Coral Gables this fall....

No proven QB.....
Same swiss cheese defense....
& if he continues on running that "hurry-up" (& give the ball back) offense...It's gonna be a long year...

Usually look forward to the start of the season with rose colored glasses full of hope, but you can't even do that this year...

Golden boy better pull of a miracle or we are all looking at .500 season..

4th year & no sanctions....Now what are your excuses??

OB4, not to get stuck in the weeds with all this. The point I'm trying to make is that teams are better off concentrating on developing a top defense over the other way around. Not saying one should not have a good to very good offense to go along with that "D," just that my stated version seems to produce more champions.

You're right! Philbin never has anything real to say. He speaks with platitudes, rather than just telling the truth.

It would seem to me that the most obviously stereotype nickname in all of North American sports is Notre Dame "Fighting Irish", but you don't see anyone whining about that, do you? Unfortuneatly we now live in a society where anyone who rattles their sabre long enough gets attention. Changing a name or term doesn't change history or facts.

OC..you REALLY wanna know the best formula on how to win consistently in the NFL without a top notch QB? ....a strong defense and a strong running game...that mi amigo is the right formula.

I like the way our defense is coming together but we still have a couple of major holes to fill...a middle LB and a stud free safety come to mind..

of course our defensive coordinator is not very good and I don't really need to tell you guys about how I feel about our HC..hehe

if somehow the Heat can afford it I would love to see the Heat sign Pau Gasol..

OC Dolphin had a excellent blog a few days ago describing the domination of the Western Conference of the NBA over the Eastern Conference and the sad fact is that the Spurs,Clippers, Thunder,Rockets and Blazers are younger deeper and better than the June 2014 Miami Heat.It is probable the Heat will not win another NBA title any time soon and that could send Lebron James packing.Clueless Joe and his robotic emotions could be the reason why the Dolphins could be stuck around .500 under his tenure.Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson who were the two best coaches in Dolphins history never had problems expressing honesty or displeasure over a bad practice.

by the way Tommy-Boy..

you keep on harping about the fact we should not "jump the gun" on your boy Joey?...well, leaders are born not made and your guy Joey showed a tremendous lack of leadership as a HC by the way he handled the Martin/ Incognito deal and by failing to have the team ready to play those last two games of the year and coming off the bye week against Buffalo..

now I must admit he seems to have hit a homerun with the hiring of Mr. Lazor as our offensive coordinator but that still doesn't take away from the fact that he failed miserably last year with the season on the line ...but I'm sure you are going to blame Ireland for the way they played those last two games..

As it is Stephen Ross who hires GM's and HC's, it only makes sense that if Philbin produces another 8-8 or worse season,this falls on Ross. HE made the hires.

You have to compare the Fins ownership with the Lions of the recent past, Bengals of the past, Raiders, Browns, etc. Ultimately, it comes down to who makes the big decisions.
I've been blaming the city, the weather, the lack of fan support, etc for the Fins failure to land big time coaching and an experienced GM.

I've been convinced now (by an unnamed Herald columnist)that it's Ross who is the reason.

The Sparano under the bus debacle didn't help. Neither did bully gate, showing a lack of institutional control from the top down.

It pains me to say this, but a Tannehill injury, due to no RT and the Fins go 6-8 tops. Even without that occurrence, the Fins division record could easily be 1-5, unless the Bills QB's completely screw the pooch.

Let's face it Cote, the Miami Hurricanes are focked. Yup you heard it FOCKED!

Everything that goes up comes down eventually and we have been in free fall since that 3 foot tall cont showed up in Coral Gables.

"You think I'm stealing, Mike?" "You're not lucky."

I rest my case.

Just read what Fat Boy posted about the QB position. A Kansas QB is the answer? Pulease, give me a focking break.

easy Wood's..you need to watch your blood pressure hehe

Fatboy libertard doesn't have a friggin clue...

agree with cock we are in deep sheet....& as I stated above...Honeymoon is over for Golden.....4th year and he does not adjust period.

Saw the same swiss cheese defense for 2 1/2 yrs now with no sign of REAL improvement...& if its one thing good canes teams have always had is a DEFENSE....

Then his idea of ball control is a salvation army Santa...hurry up & give the ball back..
& his game plans make the bay of pigs planners look like military geniuses - Your defense blows but yet you hurry up instead of controlling the clock....

Its bad enough we don't have the horses...
but when the jockey doesn't know how to properly ride, its sad to watch...

line play needs cohesion, which is not developed w/o playing opponents. yes, much of it comes from practice, practice, practice; but w/o going against guys on the other side fighting for jobs it is almost wasted. -shadow

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-monday-june-16-rip-tony-gwynn-the-baseball-star-taken-by-cancer-at-54-2-click-onrandom-evidencefor-our-lat/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

you're absolutely correct, which is why giving your starting back 10 carries a game was idiotic, and idiotic would be the idiot TOM not having a problem with it.

tom, the answer to your questions would be no.
however, we didn't pass 60% of the time.
(see? YOU can't read)

we passed 65% of the time, AS I'VE REPEATEDLY STATED, the teams that passed close to that level were atlanta, dallas and cleveland.

as for "rushing more than 40%", well, 20 out of 32 teams did that, dummy.
what kind of metric is THAT?
bill lazor and i are advocating a more balanced offense; even 60-40 would be better.
seattle ran 52% of the time, as did san fran.
teams that ran well, like buffalo, suffered on the defensive side of the ball.
you need both, but unless you have drew bress or payton manning, you had better have more balance.
but like i said, if i am so wrong, bet me dummy.

canters is fine; i have been in and out of town with a variety of artists.
look up jerry riopelle, an unheralded and brilliant songwriter who came up under phil spector as his 1st staff arranger and producer.
he was the drummer in the hollywood argyles, AND he was a writer and member of the band "the parade".
you might remember those acts.
aside from that, i have been working with mindi abair, a smooth jazz artist, josh kelley, a pop country artist, and maybe some dates with ivan neville later in july.
zai gezunt!

Tom and david should just fellate each other and get it over with...I mean,really...

late night irrational rants on a blog are very informative...ala Jim Irsay. be careful.

since i answered YOUR questions, i have 3 for you:

was roosevelt a liberal?
was he the commander in chief?
and finally, were efforts to enter the war earlier thwarted by republicans?

3 teams passed at 65% or higher:
miami, atlanta and cleveland.
you heard it here, folks:
tom thinks that's ok!

dap i fear for your health. you seriously need help. i pray that you get it. good luck.

Spain choking big time...

Ivan, not Neville? You're slipping, Dapper!

You guys still fighting WWII?

Hatfield–McCoy feud. Who's well off and who's the hothead from Ireland?

WTF, OC? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Oye, Shadow, WTF, bro? I have now spent a couple of hours during the past two days having lunch at a restaurant where they had the World Cup on TV and have yet to see a goal scored. Yesterday I watched paint dry on the screen as a group of Indians ran all over the place being chased by a bunch of half breeds in green and yellow. I've seen more action on the six o'clock news in So Cal with the car chases and shoot outs in five minutes than in three hours of "futbol." WTF, meng!

Oye Wood's..OC is in his own little fantasy world....only he can understand ..right OC?

Hard to believe that Spain has been eliminated...a couple of people in my office even bet money on them to win it all..ouch!

Yup, a 4 x 4 anally and meticulously (who ever came up with the spelling rules for English should be shot. Thank God for spell check.) kept 16 square feet of his own Star Wars universe.

Wassup, OC Won-Kenobi!

(the real) david in los angeles,

yes, i remember the hollywood argyles; besides their novelty hit of "alley-oop", my friend lawrence's cousin marshall leib was in the hollywood argyles and also was a third of the teddy bears ("to know him is to love him") which also included fellow fairfax high student phil spector. gary paxton was the singer for the hollywood argyles who later went on to be part of skip and flip-skip was skip battin who joined the new riders and who i thought was a crummy bassist. gary paxton went on the born-again TV circles- a 700 club regular -a freak who hopped on the nazarene wagon when it became "vogue" in the early seventies.


if the scoreless futbol you watched was brazil/mexico, that was a high energy dramatic game to many observers. remember john smoltz and jack morris in game 7 of the 91 world series? 0-0 into the tenth and as exciting and dramatic as a game could be with everything on the line.

Shadow, you can ask OC, I'm not a baseball fan either. Too focking slow for my ADD.

"They don't call me Speed Bogel for nothing. I would have joined the space race but the pace was too slow."

Yes, the Indians and the half breeds, it was Mexico and Brasil. As they like to say in jolly old England, "Nill, nill, chaps."

Paint drying is more exiting, Shad.

Are you Implying Joe Philbin is a liar Im wit you holmes that gringo knew what was goin on last year but he scaped without a scratch.

If he came in our bario he wud be shunned he looks like 5-0 whey.

Oh, and on another related topic. WTF, what language are the announcers on ESPN "AND" Univision speaking. I speak fluent English and Spanish and I can't make out one word of the Limies on ESPN "Pip, pip, ol chap, wof wof wof." WTF, those guys sound like they're talking with their mouth full of cotton. And the Indians on Univision are even worse. I pick up maybe one word of every two except when someone scores and then I know that the jack ass is yelling Goal for an hour. I'm not mad that he yells goal for an hour it's more exiting actually than watching the Indians chasing the half breeds for an hour without scoring a "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!

I'm not a soccer fan but the world cup has been fun to watch. The Ghana v USA match was awesome. Nationalism makes just about any sport interesting. What I do like about soccer is the matches are played in just under 2 hours. 3 1/2 hour games is killing baseball and making football harder to watch.

Stop pretending like you have something better to do...

Agreed. That is one aspect that I also like. Two hours and see ya. They could have a strip show going on on the sidelines to keep the fans from going to sleep, though.

Suck, Foil, suck, blow is just a figure of speech you inbred half breed retard.

I spend upwards of 500 dollars a year just on cologne. My three favorite brands are Creed, Heeley, and A Lab on Fire...all of which are no doubt out of your financial reach.

No doubt you are the type of plebian lemmings who use Polo and Old Spice, maybe even Axe, lol (it's made for 15 year olds)

I use Grajo #5.

can you smell your own onions mr. woodstock?

This time of year I favor citrus and aquatics. Currently going to Heeley "Sel Marin" quite frequently. Very elegant and unassuming in hot weather.

Without bending at the waist even a 1/4 of an inch, Ginrai.

Dukey, you should try Grajo #5. It's a more manly fragrance.

Stu in Canada, being Notre Dame, it was supposed to be the Notre Dame Fighting Frenchmen. ...but that doesn't quite work (see WWII). ND Drunkin Irish would've been good though.

If it was put to a vote for all native Americans, and they voted the name out as racist or whatever, I'd see that as their privilege. However, I don't think they should. Gives them a lot of recognition and a place in US history. But it does seem like the origins were derived out of fierceness, like an animal..Tigers, Bears, Lions. I don't get Cubs though.

Now, how does one decide who gets to vote since just about everyone claims to be 1/16th of some tribe?

Even more exciting watching the US at viewing parties aroud the nation. Folks leaving work early and banding together. For 2 hours, no Republican vs Democrat bickering. Lot of cute girls decked out in red\white\blue to. Watching them jump up & down enhances the experience.

Here's a compilation of clips across the US following Dempsey's goal. One of the clips , everyone is singing the anthem,


Philbin is a weak incompetent head coach and has no business coaching a NFL team. He is really clueless.

UM is doomed this year unless they can come up with a competent QB and clueless D'Onfrio can manage to coach up a defense to limit the other team to under 500 yards of offense per game.

Hurts to feel this way as I have been a Hurricane and Dolphin fan for many many years.

Oh, and Golden's magic carpet ride is over. Failure this year should result in the rug being pulled out from underneath him.

Now now Zulu boy...you sir are quite correct about clueless Joe but leave my boy Golden alone..and that goes for the rest of U infidels also.

I'm actually quite surprise that I am enyoing this world cup.so far it has been very unpredictible and quite refreshing ..yup

The only thing I know about the "Fighting Irish" is even if they change their name to the Notre Dame prairie dogs I would still hate those mo-foes..not like the fackin swamp lizards but pretty close.

Kyle Anderson is not a power forward; he's a point guard!

dap i fear for your health. you seriously need help. i pray that you get it. good luck.

Posted by: Tom | June 18, 2014 at 04:33 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-wednesday-june-18-taped-a-heat-related-segment-with-colin-cowherd-this-morning-itll-air-on-the-herd-around-1230.html#storylink=cpy

the funny thing IS, tom..
after posting how i'm always wrong about football, (and everything else), the herald runs an article THE SAME DAY about 3 ireland picks from the last 2 years:

jamar taylor is making plays all over the field with the 1st team, and running as fast as wallace, while:

"Defensive end Derrick Shelby has bulked up some five pounds since last season, and every indication is he’ll be a significant part of the Dolphins’ defensive-line rotation.

Shelby and the improved Dion Jordan give Miami four options at the position (starters Cam Wake and Olivier Vernon are the others). Philbin hinted that he plans to use all four.

“You want guys to have fresh legs,” Philbin said. “We’re not at the stage to divvy up snaps quite yet. The more good players you have at a certain position, the better.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/06/18/4186667/miami-dolphins-jamar-taylor-giving.html#storylink=cpy

wasn't i just telling you to bet me that our picks from last year would be contributing?
i have ONE MORE question, tommy boy:
will you admit next year that FZB and i were right? lol

When is the last time you really thought about cabbage?

### Tannehill likes the amount of pre-snap motion in the offense: “It’s been great. Just the difference from last year, moving guys around, is huge. Just being comfortable with moving, shifting tight ends and backs. It’s challenging. But it’s going to create a lot of mismatches on offense. We’re going to put people in positions they don’t want to be on defense, get the ball to our playmakers all over the field.”

be careful, ryan tannehill:
you don't want tom worrying about YOUR health too.. lol
when are you going to open your eyes tom?

and to a REAL fan, FZB:
how about that? moving players around, amazing progress and improvement from the class of 2012 AND 2013.
i'm excited about next year..

Ahhh I actually understand why that hit a sore spot with Mr.Limpcock...it's because he is sooooo old that those 3 1/2 hr games cut in to the precious little time he has left on the planet.Now I get it.

That's Philbin's problem Greg. He doesn't have the leg needed to kick anyone in the ass.

If UM has to play Jake heaps were in a lot of trouble and most of all what would that say about Al and his staff why are they so inclined to play Jake.....is it because he's a senior,we saw how that went with Stephen Morris...not so good ...it would be a waste of time to play Jake heaps over the freshman we have coming in I'm not sold on redshirting a player just because...if he's better then he should play period. Al Golden don't turn this into a senior over freshman just because its their last year...who ever gets the job done that is who should play

On the Heat, who really cares if the "Big 3" return, if they do they will all have to take pay cuts to bring in "good" younger players, if they don't they will be a problem within because Bosh will be making about $7 mill more than Wade and James, and even a declining Wade is better than Bosh.
On the Canes, Golden does have a QB problem, and Olsen is not the answer. He is a spoiled kid who thinks he is entitled and only works out hard when is brother is in town. He had an awful spring game, I could have played better and I haven't played in 40 years. Heaps could be the be a fill in until Williams is ready, but the kid from California very well could be the future. As it stands, without Williams starting the season, this could be a very long and disappointing season, but let's hope for the best. Once a Cane, always a Cane.

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 19, 2014 at 12:45 AM

Man, you're completely delusional aren't you? You actually think you and FZB could ever be proven "right" about Jeff Ireland? His drafting record was terrible, he was fired, and he'll never get another GM job because he was so bad with the Dolphins.

You were wrong and you sound like a complete idiot STILL grasping for anything (JAMAR TAYLOR'S LOOKING BETTER!!!) to try to "prove" that you were right.

It is good news to hear that J. Taylor is healthy and playing with the first team. C. Finnegan is a reclamation project at this point nice if he was the starter from Day 1 but they need competition at that spot no doubt.

Fighting Irish there is no "vote" for Native Americans on the Redskin issue. They make up 3 percent of the population and are spread out all over the country. Maybe you could call them all and conduct the polling.

I think the problem with changing any team name is that the alternative usually sucks see Washington Wizards, St Johns Red Storm, Red Hawks etc. There just aren't any good alternatives that would be my concern as a fan not that the name was deemed offensive by Harry Reid.

Hilarious hearing you guys talk about Ireland still.That guy was as horrible at his job as most of you are with your football opinions.

Call them the Washington Warriors and make a logo "less offensive" that's my idea maybe a nicely designed W on the helmet that would look good. I just don't see how Redskins is more or less offensive than Chiefs, Braves, Or Indians. Change one change them all.

It is good news to hear that J. Taylor is healthy and playing with the first team. C. Finnegan is a reclamation project at this point nice if he was the starter from Day 1 but they need competition at that spot no doubt.

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-wednesday-june-18-taped-a-heat-related-segment-with-colin-cowherd-this-morning-itll-air-on-the-herd-around-1230.html#storylink=cpy

indeed, baby.
and with him starting, shelby and jordan rotating with wake and vernon on the defensive line, that would be more ireland picks contributing heavily, sending idiot's opinions who say last year's draft sucked,(after 1 year!), to the toilet!

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 19, 2014 at 12:45 AM

Man, you're completely delusional aren't you? You actually think you and FZB could ever be proven "right" about Jeff Ireland? His drafting record was terrible, he was fired, and he'll never get another GM job because he was so bad with the Dolphins.

You were wrong and you sound like a complete idiot STILL grasping for anything (JAMAR TAYLOR'S LOOKING BETTER!!!) to try to "prove" that you were right.

Posted by: Stahp | June 19, 2014 at 09:11 AM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-wednesday-june-18-taped-a-heat-related-segment-with-colin-cowherd-this-morning-itll-air-on-the-herd-around-1230.html#storylink=cpy

the only people "wrong" about a draft are those grading it after 1 year.
ask coaches.
ask players.
ask GM's.

or follow tommy boy.
what will "prove" me right will be more improvement from earlier picks and improvement from the picks last year: just stick around dumb a#$ so i can remind you..

david assuning J. Taylor will be starting is a leap of faith at this point but if it happens great. That CB spot seems pretty much up for grabs. Just seeing him play some nickel would be great for the team they need Finnegan to get his act together as well.

If N. Carroll ends up having a better year than either then it's fail Hickey. I thought Carroll was just starting to show signs of being pretty good he wasn't that expensive either we will have to see how this plays out.

The Redskins have owned the copyright to the name 'Washington Warriors' for years.

For all their bluster, they have been quietly prepared to change their name for a long time if necessary...and probably will at some point.

I'll be honest. The current name really doesn't bug me at all as I don't think anyone sat down 75 years ago when the team was formed in Boston and said "hey, let's give them a racist name that makes fun of Native Americans." I believe the name came from good intentions and respect.

But we should also recognize that in 2014 NOBODY (including any of you) in their right mind would ever give a team a name like that. Unlike designations that refer to character attributes such as 'Chief' or 'Warrior' or 'Brave' the name 'Redskin' is a direct reference to a racial/skin color component and as such can also be seen as (at the very least) woefully outdated.

Again, I do not think it was ever intended to offend but I can also see the reason why you might go in a different direction today. And I would look for that team to be called the Washington Warriors in the relatively near future.

It's not a bad name. 'Bullets' to 'Wizards' was the really stupid one.

Jelani Jenkins is having a good camp so far as well I read. Philbin calls him smart he understands schemes with good speed he played a lot in nickel last year.

The Atlanta Braves logo with that chief they use is just as offensive as the redskins logo maybe worse. Same goes for Chief Wahoo in Cleveland he's colored red. None are more or less offensive this case is getting more attention right now. The Cleveland Indians logo has been controversial for years.

If they go with Warriors then they owe me royalties I didn't hear anyone else suggest that. Maybe I should call the patent office.

The fact that Harry Reid doesn't like the name almost makes me root for Daniel Snyder. Almost. Then you realize it's Daniel Snyder and you just remove yourself from any rooting interest.

Great suggestion Big Baby on a name change for the Redskins.The Warriors would be a great name plus they can keep the same team colors which I think are one of the NFL's best.Most NFL experts say it takes three years to truly grade a NFL draft.Mark Duper who was drafted in 1982 looked like a bust after the end of 1982 but by the end of 1983 all Dol-Fans knew we had a great player in Duper so it is stupid to call the 2013 Dolphin draft class a bust yet.

Thanks when they open the contest for name changes I will enter my choice lol. It would be easy keep the colors and design a nice W not unlike the Green Bay G.

You're quite right about the Indians and Braves logos but I know for a fact Cleveland retired any usage of the 'Chief Wahoo' image years ago---not sure if Atlanta has does the same but logic tells me they probably have.

It doesn't prevent those images from still being around (hey, you can still find the old logos for Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben a well) but--at least in one case and likely the other as well--they are no longer in official use.

Just to backtrack a moment to 'Washington Warriors.' I used to live in Maryland and an attorney I was acquainted with who knew people within the franchise told me that not only do the Skins own the copyright to that name but would actually change NOTHING else about the logo or uniforms. Just the name itself.

Can I verify that 100%? No. But it makes sense and I've heard the alternate name copyrighted thing many times before and since those conversations.

Yes I think the Braves retired that image but why has Cleveland allowed that guy to continue to bang the drum in Centerfield then isn't that a stereotype? Plus I heard Native Americans don't like being referred to as Indians. Not sure if that is true across the board but if even half true then the Indians name is inherently offensive and should be changed like the Washington name.

"Indians" IS pretty stupid when you think about it.

Not that I think Cleveland should change the name or that it is intended to be offensive (I don't and it isn't)...just by the fact that it's a historical remnant that reflects just how astoundingly wrong Columbus was in his calculations on where he had landed in the New World. He thought China was just a few days hike away (really)!

For that matter, do you know why the Roma people are called Gypsies? When they first arrived in Europe centuries ago the natives there had no clue where they had originated (it was actually India) so they pegged them to the most exotic place they had knowledge of---Egypt. Hence, "GYPsies" as a permutation of "Egyptian."

Now you've got me started, lol.

You don't think the name Indians is offensive but what if the Native Americans do? You said the name wasn't intended to be offensive but you also said neither was the Redskins name when it was created.

If Redskins goes, Indians goes fair is fair. Tell Harry Reid to start his petition.

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 19, 2014 at 10:42 AM

No kid, we've already seen enough out of Jeff Ireland's drafts to say he was a terrible GM.

There's no amount of production they can provide now to make up for the fact that they did absolutely nothing their first few years.

If Jeff Ireland's skill as a GM was getting player who do absolutely nothing for three years and then become serviceable starters, he's a bad GM.

And his players aren't even that good.

the historian,

they did a make-over on aunt jemimah and now she looks like gladys knight!!

Jeff Ireland was an average GM with a average amount of hits and misses. There was nothing either extraordinarily good OR bad about him, truth be told.

It was Ireland's PERSONALITY that was the real issue. He grates. But Miami's draft under him were pretty much the NFL norm despite the fanbase constantly frothing at the mouth about him.

I have a fancy cat.

Who gives a shit about what is "offensive".So tired of PC cry babies and their special interest group causes...go eat a big bowl of rotten dicks!!!

I would do Aunt Jemimah. She's hot these days.

Mrs. Butterworth, not so much. I don't like that her head has a hole in it, either.

Tell them all to go to hell Dan Snyder. Does anybody think that the average Apache or Navajho living out west gives a damn about the name? With the problems in this country, we have idiots like Sen.Reid wasting his time on this issue. Typical Cote and the rest of the liberals in the press, bringing it up all the time.

You guys talking about this guy and that guy looking good so far, you do realize these guys are running around in shorts and T-shirts ? Lets wait till training camp starts, and guys are hitting each other, and they play 3 preseason games before we make any judgement on any players.

Great point Jack but then again you have to have common sense to understand that point.

On another topic which you might be interested in, the Browns coach says Belicheck has a copy of the Jets playbook.


"Hole in my head?" I prefer to think of it as being OPEN-MINDED, fool.

(and Jemimah bats for the other team, btw)

good to see some of our young players show improvement, I'm optimistic for the coming year providing clue-less Joe gets out of the way of his coaches and just concentrates on writing cue cards to talk to the players after the games.

My private life is MY BUSINESS you old hole-in-the-head FOOL!

You're just jealous because I wound up with Betty Crocker and you had to settle for that stinky old fisherman from Gloucester!


england is 45 minutes from being history even before match #3. they have no powerhouse-type players and are using the equivalent of pre-K players. uriguay isn't showing much, but they are looking like they are joining espana in going home early. they need some luck as wayne rooney can't buy a score when the mundial comes around.

Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.

Tom- What a joke, having a copy of the jets playbook. First of all it was probably written with crayons so Smith could understand it. 1st down-run the ball left, 2nd down run the ball again, 3rd down inc. pass, or int!!! I would love to see how that butt fumble was drawn up in there play book. Even Wrecks could not figure out what the guy was talking about.

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