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June 07, 2014

LeBron on burden he bears, plus other Saturday Heat mega-notes; also 3-pack from San Antonio, Crampgate poll result, California Chrome & more

1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 7. Thoughts with Tracy Morgan, the comedian seriously injured in an auto accident. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Spurs Finals Game 1 report and video, A.C./cramps poll, MVP standings, NFL concussion result & more. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

California Chrome falls short of Triple Crown; owner fumes: Damn. Still no Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. Tonality wins the Belmont Stakes today and California Chrome's run at history ends in a fifth-place finish. Chrome got pushed to the outside and did not have a closing kick in the longer race. Afterward Chrome's owner Steve Coburn blasted the Triple Crown format that allows a rested horse like Tonality -- who ran in neither the Kentucky Derby nor Preakness -- to swoop into the Belmont. Coburn angrily called Tonality's victory "the coward's way out." Classless? Sour grapes? Maybe. But Cobrun has a point, too. It would be a level field of only horses running in the Kentucky Derby were eligible for the following two race and a Triple Crown shot.


1aa1aredoct(*) LeBron James warmed up on the court wearing Nike Air Yeezy 2s -- Red Octobers, pictured -- the Kanye West-designed sneakers worth $4,000 and up if you're not LeBron and get them for free.

(*) Check me out on Vine for a new video on Dwyane Wade asking the last question of LeBron in today's media session.

(*) LeBron yesterday called himself "the easiest target in sports" in reaction to being made fun of on social media for his cramps. Today he expounded: "I don't think it, I know it," he said of that burden. "Cameras been in front of me since I was 15, since everything from being an adolescent, kind of going to the top and falling from the mountain and going back on top again. Half of my life I've been in front of this. That makes me an easy target."

(*) LeBron on his post-cramps health: I'm doing well. Doing a lot better. The soreness is starting to get out."

(*) Erik Spoelstra on the review of the tape of Thursday's loss: "A lot of carnage to go through in that film."

(*) Snapshot from the practice gym. On a bench in the far corner: Micky Arison, Pat Riley and Spoelstra. Oh to have bugged that bench!

(*) Wade, a Chicagoan, on the impact on him of Michael Jordan's first Bulls championship: "I was 9 years old, and that's when I feel in love with basketball. After that I was in the  backyard, in the cold, trying to emulate M.J."

(*) Wade on the team's mindset down 1-0 entering Sunday's Game 2: "We're not uptight, we're not overly loose. We're focused." 


1. DEFENDING LEBRON FROM THE TWITTIDIOTS: I love that former Dolphins wimp Jonathan Martin 1aa1acramps(of all people) was among those piling on LeBron James on Twitter for his cramps in Game 1, with 'C'mon, bruh. Drink a Gatorade and get out there.' James in general was savaged, with America seemingly oozing out of the woodwork to criticize James when given any opportunity. I address the phenomenon and defend James in today's latest column from San Antonio; click Iron Man to read. I note why James is about the last player in sports whose toughness or durability should be doubted or questioned. For example, in his career, he has started all 154 playoff games and 996 of 1,040 games overall, or 96 percent, a remarkable record of dependability beyond the excellence thet gets more celebrated.

2. HEAT TOPS IN NATIONAL POLL: The Miami Heat have overtaken the Los Angeles Lakers as America's favorite NBA team, in the latest annual poll by ESPN. The Heat are sixth 1aa1aheatlesoverall among favorite U.S. sports teams, after the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees and Denver Broncos. Also, interesting South Florida-market television ratings, via colleague Barry "TV" Jackson, verify Heat's popularity relative to Dolphins. Game 1 of the Finals Thursday drew a 30.5 rating in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, after Heat-Pacers series averaged 23.4. Dolphins regular-season games last year averaged 17.1. In fairness, a Dolphins playoff game rating likely would top 30, but that would require the Dolphins actually, you know, making the playoffs.

3. WADE'S PUBLIC ADVICE FOR SPOELSTRA: Dwyane Wade yesterday publicly admonished coach Erik Spoelstra to play 1aa1adwademore guys in Game 2, partly blaming "mental and physical fatigue down the stretch" for Thursday's loss. "We've got to go a little deeper into our bench, keep guys fresher," Wade said. He likely had in mind Udonis Haslem, who did not play at all in Game 1. James Jones and Toney Douglas did not play, either. At the least, look for a role for Haslem on Sunday. LeBron on Saturday backed up Wade, saying, "Toney,. J.J. and U.D. could have got some minutes to take the load off the rest of us."  

Poll results: Conditions, cramps likely cost Heat Game 1 win: We asked in previous blogpost (you may still vote), and a plurality of 44.2 percent said the lack of arena air-conditioning that led to LeBron James' cramps cost Miami a win Thursday night, while 14.9% said "perhaps" it did. The other 40.9% said no to the premise.

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Lebron will answer the critics tonight with his play. All this mocking is bad news for the Spurs.

Obama Chomps On Gum During D-Day Anniversary Event…


like i said california is the world's human waste dump.

Posted by: Tom | June 07, 2014 at 10:10 AM

indeeed, tommy boy. i'm sure you're more at home with cross burners and pig f@#$@#$ anyway.
although you'd be freer to come out of the closet here in hollywood; it would be great for you..
you'd finally learn the difference between a tight end and a receiver.. lol

Criticizing the president for chewing on gum. That's the level of political knowledge you dumbasses possess too funny.

another racist homophobic post by our favorite liberal progressive.

Dr. Ben Carson: One Nation
Dinesh D'Souza: America

A black man and a legalized immigrant from India (not FOX employees, again, not FOX show hosts).

Best two books currently out at your local bookstore.

Anyone passionate about keeping our country healthy, available and real for the future generations needs to open your minds to recognize that progressive liberals are but a cancer to our nation.

Wake up, America!

Yoo hoo, is that you, OC?

racist? lol. what an idiot you are, tommyboy.
you live in the land of slavery, cross burning, and inbreeding.
and telling you to come out of the closet makes me a homophobe? really?
i don't have a racist or homophobic bone in my body, (no pun intended).
i wholeheartedly endorse you being honest with yourself and coming out of the closet.
it's the right move, tommy, believe me.
i've seen dear friends struggle with it, and once it happens that burden is lifted forever.
consider it, please..

Anyone passionate about keeping our country healthy, available and real for the future generations needs to open your minds to recognize that progressive liberals are but a cancer to our nation.

Wake up, America!

Posted by: Liberals can't debate, they resort to name calling | June 08, 2014 at 12:10 AM

i agree!
aside from fighting conservative loyalists who were against the revolution and supported the crown, fighting conservatives who supported slavery, fighting conservatives who fought allowing women to vote, fighting conservatives against antitrust laws, fighting conservatives against labor laws, civil rights, equal rights and fighting conservative isolationists who not only wanted to stay out of WW2 but who actually DID BUSINESS with the nazis.. aside from those issues, progressive liberals haven't done ANYTHING for this country!

you win, tommy. dumbest post of the week!

my amigo david is right. liberals did win WWII. liberal Russian communists, that is. well the liberal communist Russians and the conservative Brit hero Winston Churchill.


so the owner of california chrome thinks that the 3 year-olds should be forced to run in all of the legs of the triple crown- what a jerk!! owners can pick their spots and if the owners of tortellini (sic) wanted to win the belmont, good for them. did the other horses in front of CC race in either the derby or preakness or both? this guy owned the "cheapest" horse to ever win legs of the triple crown- maybe smarty jones or funny cide (?) were cheaper- with a $2,000 stud fee and an 8,000 dollar mare. he is lucky to be the owner of an "individual"- one who runs against his bloodlines and is a runner on the track. throw CC in with the rest of the gang that have won the first two of the races and don't hold your breath waiting for a winner of all three. if spectacular bid couldn't win the belmont after the first two races, you can get the idea of just how difficult and how great a colt has to be to get all three. CC is a nice racehorse, but he isn't affirmed or seattle slew or sunday silence and for sure not the incredible blue-bloods that secretariat and alydar were. give the horse a rest and let's see what he can do in the fall. i am affirmed biggest fan, but wanted this nice colt to win and end the drought. maybe next year,maybe

Nice post there, shadow. I had the feeling that Ca Chrome would not be able to deliver. Records going back to 1978 stand for a reason.

Just to underline how difficult it is to have a Tripple Crown winning horse, consider that during the 35 years since Affirmed won in 1978, there have been three, possibly four teams (if The Heat win) who have had "Three-peat" championships.

Bulls in 91, 92, 93
Bulls again in 96, 97, 98
Lakers in 01, 02, 03
Heat 12, 13, ??

...and we all know how difficult it is to even win two NBA championships in a row.

OC, I was at Los Alamitos yesterday with Fallon and Moe Joey, "The Fixer", don't wanna owe money to this guy, for the Belmont. After having to go back to my car and put on a pair of slacks that luckily I had in the trunk, I walked in to the Vessels Club at Los Al just in time to put a fin down on CC for prosperity get back into the Vessels club show the fancy slacks to the Tux at the door and hustle up to the bar to order my usual Jimmy on the rocks and sit back and enjoy the show.

After what seemed like an eternity, a bumpy ride, (I thought he was squeezed in by the rail for too long and today they said he hurt a hoof and was bleeding after the race.) after CC lost there was a mad dash for the door as the patrons, most like Mr. Woodcock who is just a part time horse player but a full time looking to party guy, hit the bricks and walked out the door.

Five minutes after the finish of the race you caulda fired cannon balls inside the Vessels Club. The only once left were the wise guys, their molls, the hired help, and your's truly, Mr. Woodcock eating the last of the plate of food from the $45 buffet that Mr. Woodcock stacked to the ceiling while everyone's eyes were on the nags running around in a circle on TV including the Tux, the suits, and the hired help who instead of manning the buffet line during the race as they were paid to do were all screaming at the top of their lungs rooting for CC while Mr. W was sashaying through the buffet line picking up choice morsels of shrimp, ham, sushi, and prime rib.

Moral of the story;

"Never pass up an opportunity to eat for free!"

BB, while you were sunning your self on Lake Superior in Alabama I was driving with the top down along Palos Verdes Drive ultimately making it to Hermosa Beach where Mr. Woodcock not only took in the beautiful sunset on the Pacific Ocean but was standing with the other King fans (I was really upset that there were a lot of bandwaggoners like OC who never "paid the price" and were now cheering on the winners.) as they won yet another come from behind win it in OT game.

You still think that your Bruins had a better run than these guys?

Get real.

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