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June 28, 2014

Wade opts out, Bosh next as stage set for return of Heat's Big 3; plus Brazil survives in World Cup, Dolphins stadium, Aaron Ekblad & more

1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 28. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): U.S. advances in World Cup, Heat make draft trade for Shabazz Napier, LeBron free agency odds, Big 3 lunch bugged, Panthers' big week and more. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

WADE, HASLEM JOIN HEAT'S OPT-OUT CLUB, BOSH TO FOLLOW: LeBron James made public his verdict before he had to, now the deadline clock was ticking for dos and tres of Heat's Big 3. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh needed to reveal 1aa1aboshwadeby midnight Monday whether they would opt-out of their contracts and become free agents -- as James did -- or opt-in to remain with Miami at full salary. They'll beat the clock. Wade revealed his opt-out plans on Saturday, with Bosh expected to soon follow. Udonis Haslem did, too. All were fully expected to follow James' lead and opt out, which is good news for the Heat. The Big 3 all opting-in would have broken the cap-space bank and not allowed Miami to add and re-tool. The Big 3 all opting-out allows Miami to negotiate lesser deals for each in order beef up the roster. Three opt-outs do not guarantee but strongly suggest the Big 3 will cooperate on the financial end and all return. A complication by Wade/Bosh would have been if one opted out but the other did not, but that was never expected.

1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! WORLD CUP ROUND OF 16: LET THE KNOCKOUTS BEGIN!: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, a continually updated daily dose of the month-long soccer spectacle in Brazil. See earlier posts for earlier group-play results. We're on to the round of 16 now, with two knockout games each day for four straight days, today through Tuesday. The eight knockout games start with host Brazil in action and end with the United States. What's not to like?

KNOCKOUT STAGE / ROUND OF 16: BRAZIL (BARELY), COLOMBIA ADVANCE: On the entire continent of South America, the total number of people not watching the World Cup today would not fill a Kia. Eight of the nine South American teams to advance are in play, with the biggest, hottest spotlight on host Brazil kicking off the Knockout Stage.

BRAZIL def. CHILE, 1-1 (3-2 PKs):
A date with host and favorite Brazil was a most dubious bracket reward for Chile, but the underdogs played valiantly through overtime before falling in penalty kicks. Brazilian fans were not entirely thrilled with their guys' play in the qualifying stage and should not have been today, with relief the emotion here far more than elation. My pick was: Brazil, 3-1.

 Colombia looked very good in qualifying (3-0, with 9-2 goals differential) and continued its strong run today. Uruguay was rocked by suspension of star Luis Suarez in the biting incident, effectively Mike Tyson-ing its chances. My pick was: Colombia, 2-0 (bull's-eye).

To follow: Sunday--Mexico vs. Netherlands; Costa Rica vs. Greece. Monday--France vs. Nigeria; Germany vs. Algeria. Tuesday--Argentina vs. Switzerland; United States vs. Belgium.

World Cup goal scoring through group play/entering knockout stage: 48 matches, 136 goals, 2.83 per.

1aa1adolphinsDOLPHINS STADIUM RENOVATIONS UNDERWAY: They began officially this morning, what the club is calling a "modernization" of the stadium. If you don't believe me, here's a photo the Dolphins provided. The multi-year construction project follows funding approval by Miami-Dade commissioners. The renovation will include a shade canopy, all new seats, new video boards and concourse and concession upgrades in a project expected to be completed by the start of the 2016 season.

1aa1aekbladCATS MAKE SAFE, SMART CHOICE WITH EKBLAD: Folks who know hockey more than I say 18-year-old defenseman Aaron Ekblad, 6-4 and 216 pounds, was the surest thing in last night's NHL Draft. Your Florida Panthers, with the No. 1 pick, were smart to take him. They could have traded down or taken a scorer, but it's hard to say this wasn't a 'need' pick when the Cats ranked next-to-last in goals allowed last season. Besides, Ekblad is a two-way defender who had 23 goals in Ontario last season. The newest Panther is pictured. Young female Cats fans (and maybe some of you guys, too), start your swooning. 

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Not sure that the act of opting out by the three of them means negotiating downwards in order to "retool." What is more likely, and appropriate is for Bosh and Wade to reduce down their contracts to offer James the sum balance.

Lets face it. When all this started, the three were pretty close to being equals. This is no longer the case, and if I were LeBron, and the other two still expected the same - equal, equal, equal, then I would feel some recentment.

Poor OC Dolphin, so desperate for the Heat to fall apart that he's at the point of delusion. No chance LeBron takes more money. He wants Gortat or Lowrey.

Where'd you get that nine South American teams advanced? I only count 5 (Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Uruguay and Argentina) and only 4 play today. One Central American team advanced (Costa Rica) and two North American teams advanced (USA and Mexico). Your math and geography skills are as bad as your comedic skills, Cote.

Nonsense. I could give five flying f***s about what The Heat does or doesn't do. I'm merely stating the obvious. When you're the best player in the planet and look around to see no less than seven other players who YOU routeenly run circles around make north of what you're making...that's got to factor into your head in some way.

spare me, OC.
dirk, dwight, kobe, carmelo, joe johnson, amarie stoudamire AND pau gasol all made more than lebron this past year.
you think he cares? the cat just made 30 million when apple bought beats by dre.
the opting out is MOST DEFINITELY for miami to have room to add some players.
he'll probably get the largest share of the 3 of them, but there'd still be room for us to continue out glorious run..

OC I generally agree with you but on this one I think you are way wrong. Salary from the Heat is but a relatively small part of Lebron's total compensation. Forbes has him making a total of $72 million last year of which only $19 came from the Heat. His real wealth comes from endorsements and the value of those endorsements is based on MVPs and CHAMPIONSHIPS. Lebron is no Kobe. His ego does not need stroking with the highest salary. I'll be shocked if he takes anywhere near a max deal from the Heat. Why? Lebron knows that his team winning means his pocketbook wins.


That's just what I'm suggesting. If LeBron chooses to sign for Miami, it will be a contract that ads to his present figure the sum delta of the reduced amounts out of Wade's and Bosh's renegotiated amounts. I guarantee you that both those dudes are currently mulling over, perhaps even agonizing the fact that by opting out tonight they in fact take a pay cut.

Ultimately, the $57M figure does not get reduced all that much, if at all. This is a redistribution of funds appropriately going towards the one guy that matters.

Anything short of that and the whole concept crumbles.

That's a purist argument, Tom. All these guys are divas. Their ego will find them challenged to subjugate the good of the many for that of the one. Moreover, after doing just that in their first campaign.

...and dave, the argument is not about James, it's about Wade and Bosh. LeBron WiILL get his.

no he won't.
he's worth the max, somewhere upwards of $30 MILLION A YEAR and there's no way he's getting anywhere near that. san antonio is the mold that teams need to follow in order to keep a dynasty going, and that is where miami is headed.
and there's NO WAY you don't give a flying whatever about what miami does, especially considering your lakers are supposedly in the running for lebron's services.
you're not 1/2 as unbiased as you claim to be in this department, and you know it.. lol

That's a purist argument, Tom. All these guys are divas. Their ego will find them challenged to subjugate the good of the many for that of the one. Moreover, after doing just that in their first campaign.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | June 28, 2014 at 01:20 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-saturday-june-28inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-us-advances-in-world-cup-heat-make-draft-trade-for-shabazz-napi.html#storylink=cpy

if tom's argument is "purist", well yours is completely off the mark.
they all took less than the max 4 years ago to do this; these guys aren't divas at all; THAT is just a hater simplistic argument.

You don't know Jack...and that's not even my real name.

My 1:14 post is what I predict will happen. They all stay. Bosh and Wade take a cut, and James gets a raise. Riley frees up maybe $7M (only if the other two drop to single digit figures) to throw at a reasonable center or PG.

Book it Danno!

OC the point is that redistributing the $57 mil does nothing to help the Heat. My guess is the total in 2014-15 and 2015-16 adds to about $45 for the three of them. Lebron will probably get another opt out in 2 years and Wade and Bosh get 4 yr deals at $15 per.

And helping the Heat helps Lebron

Tom, I mentioned above what "I think" will happen and not what I would do. Let's assume that your figures are correct, i.e., the $45M for three figure. For starters, what ever amount is assigned to Bosh I would no offer it to Bosh, but to Pau Gasol. Right off the bat the team gets a more true Center and improved play overall. It also eliminates the need to pursue any other Center, which they have as much telegraphed they are set to do.


I agree Gasol is a better center, but the Heat can't use Bosh's spot to go after Gasol. The deals for Bosh and Wade to opt out are contingent on some deal to resign. I am certain of that. If they don't have a deal in place to resign, there is no way they're opting out.

My thoughts on this are Lebron wants Championships and $5m of salary is nothing for him compared to what he will get in endorsements. He's thinking of being Michael Jordan and the only way he gets there is to WIN.

Well, if indeed that is true and the team is obligated in keeping the other two, then they me be in worse trouble than they were this last year, as we are talking about even more diminished skills by those two. Brings me back to the argument of the two signing for a considerable less amount than they currently earn. Only through clearing close to $10 M will they land difference makers. And assuming that's the case, you go I to this recognizing that you - Wade & Bosh, are going to take much less than what you would get by simply not opting out.

Like I said, it's no skin off James' teeth, he'll still get his one way or the other, but not W & B.

Lesson for Greg,

Yes he botched the S. American count. But 3 of 4 teams from CONCACAF advanced. US, Mexico, Costa Rica.

Brazil so so so lucky today. Chileans hit the crossbar near the end. 1or 2 inches lower and it angles in. This was the best chance for a fairly officiated game with experienced Howard Webb from England only geting sold on 10% of Brazilian dives, somehw he bought Neymar massive leap, but nothing came of it. For some reason he was letting Caesar the Brazilian goalie move forward off the line on the Chilean PK's because that is against the rulebook.

If Uruguay survives Colombia without Suarez, then Brazil has it made against Uruguay.


Anyone have the fortune today of seeing this? Feel bad for the gal but you don't bring all that to the beach.

Lebron "getting his" is not salary, it's championships. With all that's gone on this year, I still think Miami is still his best option.

Since money is of no consequence, in that he will make millions off endorsements and Apple, why not just sign with the Clippers, Rockets, or Thunder for 10 bucks? Those get him better chances, don't they?

Hey guys..back from Jacksonville Fla helping both my son and his family and daughter and her family move..now I need a real vacation to rest he, he.

D Wade opting out is a good sign for the Heat to retain the big three as Bosh is expected to do the same..I agree with Tom on LeBron , while money is obviously important to him winning is better..he makes plenty of dinero on endorsements..hopefully Riley will get us a real center to pair with Bosh...

The best news so far is that asswipe Chalmers won't be back..YEAH !

It's driving people nuts that the Heat are going to have the ability to retool the roster and continue to compete for the title.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.


Still delusional, LeBron's taking a pay cut, obviously.

Colombia solidly beat Suarez-less Uruguay, setting the stage for showdown with Brazil on July 4. If they can play like Chile, they have a chance.

Which set of fans gets to wear yellow? How do those things get decided? Everyone will be yellow.

I called it guys..whichever team gets that Alan Napier namesake is going to get the Heat group ....and it appears, it will be the Heat. They still need one more very good vet in case the rookie doesn't pan out.


Lebron ain't goin west my good friend. The east is much friendlier and a much easier path to the finals.

As I expected Wade and Bosh have opted out. Look for the Heat to make some quick moves to wrap up some solid supporting talent before the Big Three resign with the Heat. It's a done deal. The Heat will be back in the finals once again next year.

The Lakers? Maybe the 7th or 8th seed in the West.

All three take a cut. LeBron, unlike other players is not selfish. Winning titles way over rides his ego.

Since money is of no consequence, in that he will make millions off endorsements and Apple, why not just sign with the Clippers, Rockets, or Thunder for 10 bucks? Those get him better chances, don't they?

Posted by: OC Dolphin | June 28, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-saturday-june-28inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-us-advances-in-world-cup-heat-make-draft-trade-for-shabazz-napi.html#storylink=cpy

no they don't, OC.
in order for those teams to sign him, they would need to let go of salary. he still wants at least $15-20 million, and no team in the west could make that room without weakening their roster.
miami, frothing haters or not, is his best chance, and when we make it 5 finals trips in a row next june, you all can kiss my ass.
tom, let's stick to the NBA; we seem to be in agreement here..

It's driving people nuts that the Heat are going to have the ability to retool the roster and continue to compete for the title.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

Posted by: Keep On Hating...We Love It. | June 28, 2014 at 04:56 PM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-saturday-june-28inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-us-advances-in-world-cup-heat-make-draft-trade-for-shabazz-napi.html#storylink=cpy

post of the week!

I think I'll have some late night dinner before answering all this nonsense.

Germany looks the best; ready for Cup #4

Good article by Cote. US-Portugal game almost equaled the BCS national championship in viewers. It probably surpassed if you count Espn online and public gatherings. And it wasn't in prime time.

It blew away averages for NBA, MLB, and NHL finals series.


"Of course, Americans’ love of patriotism and the lure of an event, a spectacle, drive those ratings probably more than interest in soccer itself. Nevertheless, viewers are viewers. Interest is interest. The NFL playoffs and of course the Super Bowl well exceed that 25.2 million figure, but not much else in sports does. The most recent college football BCS National Championship Game drew a comparable 25.7 million.

Here’s perspective that might surprise you:

The recent Heat-Spurs NBA Finals averaged 15.5 million TV viewers per game.

The 2013 World Series averaged 14.9 million.

Hockey’s Stanley Cup Finals averaged only 5 million.

U.S.-Portugal walloped those numbers. As big as LeBron James is nationally, interest in U.S. World Cup soccer was bigger by a lot."

gocanes1, Europe has never won outside Europe. It may be an Argentina-Brazil final. Today was Brazil's biggest chance for a loss, an experienced excellent ref not buying into Neymar's super leaps.

I'm not sure about the Europeans. Bosnia was actually one of the best to be knocked out albeit, by getting robbed vs Nigeria. Dzeko is great.

Germany couldn't get passed Ghana. Netherlands strugled with Australia. France could only tie a man short Ecuador, and France should've had 2 ejected early in that game. Darkhorse Belgium hasn't impressed. Home field will probably present the games to Brazil though they have had lots of help in the Croatia game and have essentially tied two games .

Yea, show me a US soccer league that can draw even a million viewers and I'll accept that soccer's a real sport in the US.

Hey Miami fans, what are you going to do when LeBron doesn't sign with the Heat? Oh, that's right, go back to being miserable Dolphins fans living in the past and fearing the present and future. LOL...

South FL doesn't deserve the King anyhow. If I were LeBron I would take my talents and family out of that dump. Miami sucks.

How about them Marlins??? LOL...

Mike Wallace is an overpaid turd.

This in from "Yard Barker......

4. Joe Philbin

Philbin captains a rudderless ship

Philbin worked his way up through the ranks of the Packers organization, eventually becoming their offensive coordinator, a title he held from 2007-11. In that role, he thrived, helping Aaron Rodgers replace Brett Favre in Green Bay, which was no easy task. However, he seems in over his head as a head coach in Miami; the Dolphins have completely lacked leadership the past three seasons, as Philbin has failed to establish that he’s in charge

FZB, When did you become a contributing writer for Yard Barker ??????

BTW, That was a article about head coaches that should have stayed a coordinator.....

Hey Miami fans, what are you going to do when LeBron doesn't sign with the Heat? Oh, that's right, go back to being miserable Dolphins fans living in the past and fearing the present and future. LOL...

South FL doesn't deserve the King anyhow. If I were LeBron I would take my talents and family out of that dump. Miami sucks.

Posted by: Pastoolio | June 29, 2014 at 02:19 AM

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-saturday-june-28inthe-previous-blogpost-itpb-us-advances-in-world-cup-heat-make-draft-trade-for-shabazz-napi.html#storylink=cpy

well we know what YOU will do when lebron signs with the heat AND the dolphins go to the playoffs next year:
you will scurry away like the roach you are.
if you don't like miami, you picked the wrong blog, dummy. go fack yourself.. and tell your mom we said hello..

Ahh Anti...you mi amigo DO see the real Clue-less head coach as I do ..unfortunately too many on this blog ( and we all know who they are) think that somehow he's going to suddenly develop into Winston Churchill jr...

Posted by: OC Dolphin | June 28, 2014 at 11:39 PM

Or just admit you're a hater and were extremely wrong about LeBron not taking a pay cut so Miami can sign another veteran free agent in addition to the Big Three?

FZB you need to take the same course suggested to your BFF...


No one on this blog has ever suggested that Philbin is a sure thing to be a great coach. However, several on this blog feel he deserves more time to prove himself because he was saddled with one of the worst GMs ever for his first two years.

As you've been told several times, even I can't bake a cake without the proper ingredients.

Hi-ya Betty...I love rum cake..can U bake me one?...

And BTW being saddle with the worst GM has nothing to do with not having your team prepared to play with the season on the line or having no imagination offensively...

The USA soccer team has a better chance of winning this World Cup thing than the Dolphins have of making the playoffs. The more things change the more they stay the same. They haven't tackled on single guy this year and already Moreno went under the knife, Pouncey went under the knife, and the two areas of concern from last year are a concern all over again. If the Dolphins were a John they couldn't get laid in Vegas with the entire cap amount for the team in 2014 stashed in a steamer trunk in brand new crisp $100 bills.

Let's hope Philbin isn't another Coker or Wannstadt. Nice guys who can't coach. He deserves a few years obviously. Still think we shuld've grabbed my namesake JF. Already ahuge mental distraction with the Browns, but the guy is amazing QB.

Like I said, "The more things change the more they stay the same."

Samson Satele?

He he.

If the Dolphins weren't a train wreck this news story would actually be funny.


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