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June 16, 2014

What's your faith in Dwyane Wade? Poll. Vote now; plus "U-S-A!" winning World Cup debut, Heat betting fave for '15 NBA title, Radio Tuesday & more

It's Radio Tuesday!: I'm back in-studio today for my 24th national appearance on the Dan Le Batard Show, 3-7 on 790 & 104.3 The Ticket, 4-7 on ESPN Radio. Ears welcome. 

1) It is TUESDAY, JUNE 17. R.I.P., Tony Gwynn, the baseball star, taken by cancer at 54. 2) Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with Heat-Spurs. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Spurs Game 5, Miami done, FUTBOL! World Cup and more. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

Links: Click on LeBron Or Bust for my column from San Antonio off season-ending Heat loss. Click on I Believe That We Will Win for a U.S. soccer video that will pump you up if you are breathing.

DO YOU STILL HAVE FAITH IN DWYANE WADE?: No, we are not putting this Finals loss on Dwyane Wade. San Antonio's 4-1 rout of Miami was too decisive and thorough to place it on any one 1aa1adwadeplayer or thing. Pat Riley bears his blame. I mean, how much did Greg Oden and Michael Beasley contribute, exactly? Erik Spoelstra bears his blame, too. The thin roster left him struggling for answers and seemingly out of them. Everybody not named LeBron James bears his blame. But Wade is a natural talking point after averaging only 15.2 points in the Finals including 10 and 11 points on 7-for-25 shooting in the last two games. That's not to mention the casual defense immortalized in a viral video. Heat fans have a right to wonder if Wade, at 32 and beset by health issues, is still an able No. 2 scorer capable of lessening the load on LeBron. If he's still an all-star worth a big contract. Where is Wade on his career timeline moving forward? Take a dip in our poll and say why.

DESPITE YOUR HAND-WRINGING, HEAT IS 2015 CHAMPIONSHIP BETTING FAVORITE: Via our friends at Bovada, Heat a 3-1 early betting favorite for the NBA championship, followed by Spurs and Thunder both 6-1, Clippers 9-1 and Bulls and Pacers both 9-1. In NHL, Chicago Blackhawks top a bunched pack for '15 Stanley Cup at 7-1.

Final Heat Postseason MVP StandingsWe name 'Heat 3 Stars' after every playoff game and award points on 3-2-1 basis. Last night: 1. LeBron James, 2. Chris Bosh, 3. Dwyane Wade. Final standings through 20 playoff games: LeBron James 48 points, Dwyane Wade 26, Chris Bosh 23, Ray Allen 8, Rashard Lewis 7, Chris Andersen 3, James Jones 3, Norris Cole 2.

OUR HEAT-SPURS GAME 5 POSTGAME VIDEO: That'll be me on the right and Heat beat writer Joe Goodman on the left holding the world's tiniest microphone:


1aa1abrazilwcFUTBLOG! "U-S-A! U-S-A!" AMERICANS MAKE WINNING WORLD CUP DEBUT: FUTBLOG! is the official World Cup post of this blog, offering continually updated daily news/summaries/miscellanea on the month-long soccer quadrennial in Brazil. (See earlier posts for earlier results and for group-by-group preview).

Day 6 / Today 6-17: Match of the Day: BRAZIL 0, MEXICO 0 (Group A): You know how in American football a tie is pretty much unsatisfying to both teams? not so in futbal. They are celebrating this draw in Mexico. They are mourning it in Brazil.

Belgium 2, Algeria 1 (Group H): Algerians led much of match on a penalty-kick goal but group favorite Belgium continued this Cup's run of comeback wins.

Korea Republic 1, Russia 1 (Group H): A better draw for the South Koreans than for Russia, the seen-as-better side.

Day 5 / 6-16: Match of Day: UNITED STATES 2, GHANA 1 (Group G): Ghana was the nemesis that knocked the Americans out of the past two World Cups, and 1aa1aamersoccerthe U.S. win here for three points is a huge step toward advancing out of group play into the round of 16. I'm a sports fan who gets paid for a living to not cheer, but I made no pretense here. I'm an American, and I was rooting for the U.S. side loudly, and proudly. Team USA scored in the very first minute on a left-footed shot just inside the right post by veteran Clint Dempsey. Ghana equalized late after enjoying the better of play and possession, but the U.S. fought back with a bouncing header goal in the 82nd minute by 21-year-old John  Brooks, a substitute. I hate that Jozy Altidore (from Boca Raton) was lost with what seemed like a Cup-ending hamstring strain, but that disappointment was drowned out by by cheering, coast to coast. Thrilling stuff, and a wonderful start to America's World Cup run. "U-S-A!"

Germany 4, Portugal 0 (Group G): The mighty Germans are considered the favorites in the Americans' 'Group of Death' and verified why today.

Iran 0, Nigeria 0: The first draw of the Cup, a better result for Iran than for the Africans.

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D Wade is most definitely in decline, he should take a big pay cut (easy for me to say) along with Bosh that will allow the Heat to bring in some good young VETERAN players to complement LeBron.

going to a youth movement now serves no purpose, LeBron is in his prime and needs help to win now...the Heat gave a valiant effort, the Spur's were better.

That was a valiant effort? What is your definition of valiant you may want to look it up.

Lebron and 1 or 2 others gave a valiant effort but the whole team? Nah...some of them looked downright lost...

"I'm a sports fan who gets paid for a living to not cheer, but I make no pretense here."

Says the loudest cheerleader for the Miami Heat lol.

HEY I may be stretching a bit with my "valiant" comment but it it sounded/looked good when I was typing it..hehe

I swear if that asswipe Chalmers is with the team next year I'm not watching any games.

Don't think you will need to be worried about him coming back but the bet here is that LeBron is LeGone.

Please Cote put a poll up, Should SPOELSTRA be fired, Si o No?

Count Dashi in for Yes!!

The Heat had the better team!!

The Spurs were the better coached team!!

What does SPO do well?? SERIOUSLY!!

He Who Shall Not be Named continues to be a dolt when it comes to the NBA.

USA strikes early.

I dislike Dwyane Wade and don't want him on the team next year. Not a popular opinion, I know, but I'm going to rant on anyway. Any long time fan of the Heat knows the player and person Dwyane Wade used to be. He never took a play off and if he messed up he was the first one sprinting back on defense. And he was HUMBLE. People forget that in 2006 Wade was seen as the anti-Kobe, the ego-less superstar, basically how Durant is seen now. And he went from being one of the most popular players in the league then to the least popular player in the league now, and it's NOT because LeBron James came to join him, it's because Wade changed as a player and as a man. He's a total diva, when he makes a mistake he sits there and sulks, or cries for the foul, instead of getting back on defense. He's infuriating to watch.

And he's even worse off the court, a total fraud as a "role model". He's out there selling a book about what an amazing father he is, meanwhile he has a love child that he's not raising. That attitude, that what he did is OK, is one of the biggest problems in the low income and particularly black communities of this country. That attitude is so destructive to the children growing up without fathers to guide them and it's so common because of ignorant jerks like Dwyane Wade who honestly don't think they're doing anything wrong.

Sadly, it's not uncommon, among poor people, among black people, or among NBA superstars. What is uncommon is for someone who shits out a baby they're not going to raise, to turn around and sell books about what an amazing father he is.

And now, because he's turned into such a diva and a shitty person, because his basketball skills have dwindled to nothing, he's going to opt in to his contract and demand to be paid $40M over the next two years. No matter how that affects the rest of the team, and it could very well drive LeBron James away this year or next.

It's not about the money, it's about his ego, and I personally guarantee that before anyone on the Heat decides anything, it will be Diva Wade opting in. That will mark the end of the Big Three era regardless of what happens next. They can't afford to field a competitive roster paying Wade $20M a year.

Rant over. Big Three era over. Only thing that can save us now is Riley calling his bluff and exiling him to Minnesota.

You mean black people reproduce at a rate that it disproportionate to other races? Geez now you will go and tell me there are many more black people in prison or something crazy like that.

I wouldn't ever be so presumptuous as to judge him as a man as you imply but no they cannot field a competitive team paying him 20 mil per season.


I'm not much of a soccer fan but I love the USA so I watched. I'm glad I did. What a great match. USA scores a goal late to win a very exciting match.

Go USA!!!

Altidore loss would be quite tournament altering hope he is ok.

The Altidore injury did not look good. He acted as if it was a hamstring tear. I agree BB I hope it is not that bad.

Of much impress! Build many subway in all city China!

The US was very, very lucky to beat Ghana ..they were the better team most of the game, our guys looked tired and out of shape but I'll take the win...

BB..no amigo, LeBron will stay in the 305 ..no question.

Outside of LeBron, the Spurs bench is better than Heat's starters. Heat's bench couldn't beat a special Olympics bench.

RIP Tony Gwynn, Chuck Noll.

Listen to Dashi, aka Danny DeVito Jr. Spo is the fault? Listen sonny, you can't polish a turd. Bosh, Wade have seen better days, Chalmers, Anderson hurt the team in the finals.

Bumped into OC in San Antonio today, didn't know he's a Spurs fan. The Duncan jersey is a dead give away.

wade is too young to be "done"; after all, manu looked done last year when he was missing everything.
fact is, wade made it through this season without serious injury, and he probably hit a wall.
he was shooting at a record % before the finals.

as for rio, my father told me he heard back home that something was going on with him; relationship wise, not unlike what happened to hibbert.
very unfortunate.

as for birdman, he was playing hurt.
as a team we couldn't get the stops we needed, and when we DID, multiple times, the offense just stagnated.
tough series. at least lebron came to play.

and baby?
funny you should say you heard lebron is leaving; out here all i hear about is how the celtics and the lakers, once proud and storied franchises, still reside in the toilet.
good luck in the lottery; we'll be retooling around the best player in the NBA who is in his prime.

Damn, Jimbo. You're only half correct. I wasn't wearing a Spurs jersey, but I was in SA. Took the family over to SeaWorld for the day. Was that you inside the Shamu mascot outfit?

yes it was. a fine way to meet the ladies. lol

last year manu missed shots. this year wade missed shots and looked lost and slow. wandering around on D. big difference

Here I am. That's OC petting me and Woodcock wearing the crown.


Fairly sure the Big 3 will remain in South Florida.They ve plenty of money and love it here.They want to stay together but the roles will be interesting because Wade isn t the same player anymore and Bosh still does not impact the game as much.1 and 2/3 of the Big three is sure no longer even a Big Two.They need lots of other players.Chalmers and Anderson seem gone.Allen s valuable still.Cole is average and is a toss up to be gone.Haslem may retire or have Riles force a decision on him.His times about up unfortunately.Lewis could still add value off the bench.Oden seems done due to poor health /injury-prone issues.Dealing with salaries and the cap are obviously the more challenging issues for Miami.Riles has alot that requires changing for this team to improve upon.Seems he ll not flinch regaarding keeping his protege as the long-term Heat Coach as well.

Nice article on Ryan Tannehill. The writer suggests Tannehill is the real deal. I hope he is right. The article also outlines the primary reasons for Tannehull's mediocre performances the past two years.


SPOILER ALERT...he doesn't blame Tannehill.

Too funny, Jimbo.

Breakout year for Tannehill this season. Not sure I want to go all Jaworski and break down Arm talent and the like but from what I can see he can make all of the throws. Still think he will be a star in the league as I predicted last year. Anything less than a playoff spot this year would be an abject failure for this team.

Nice breakdown in the bleacher report even if they do go a little nuts with the analysis I skipped over the parts that gave me a popsicle headache but the videos were good thanks Tom.

Big Baby,

ron jaworski was in the parade of QBs for the rams after roman gabriel was sent to the eagles: john hadl,james harris, jaworski, namath, haden amd then the incredibly dumb vince ferragamo who was the QB of the ram team that went to the SB against the steelers after pat haden broke the pinkie on his throwing hand against the seahawks in their old dome. it was a buzarre year in which rosenbloom brought back george allen only to can him after two exhibition games and replace him with ray malavasi, a guy who is in the dustbin og NFL history. it was a shame that haden got hurt- when namath came he called the plays and the cerebral haden was allowed to also. namath was undone by ron jessie dropping pass after pass ina rainy chicago on a monday night. namath was also the victim of vicious attacks in the herald-examiner by doug krikorian who went bizzerk on namath because he was getting in shape swimming instead of in pads. like johnny u in a charger suit, namath did look strange in those gaudy gold and blue unis that carroll rosenbloom instituted. we liked the rams in white (which was 80% of the time) as they played home games in white so the fans could see the colors of the other teams. there were about 3-4 others who who played in white at home:cowboys (still do), browns, cardinals of st. louis, and of course the locals. seeing 60s pictures of any of the above in their colors meant they were playing against another team that wore white at home.

That is the parade of average QB's right there didn't know Haden was QB in 79'. I really only remember Ferragamo and that SB against Pitt I was a young'un. big game for El Tri today hope they beat those Brazilians.

Big Baby,

check out the ole shadow's posts on the previous thread from about game time- clint dempsey didn't disappoint me or his country. the guy is a world class performer and why he doesn't "fit" the systems of europe is beyond me. dempsey doesn't possess the booming leg of a ronaldo or bale or RVP, but he trickles the ball across the line and that counts as much as the screamers that go in. am hoping in a big way that el tri can get a point off brazil, who did not look that good. the mexicans played very well in the downpour in their first leg and methinks they can take a point from the hosts. the way portugal fell apart yesterday makes sunday's game a little easier; but portugal still has the top gun in the worldand other decent players. it seems like last night's winner would advance, and i still believe so. but i have to see a disheveled portugal before proclaiming the USA a winner agaainst them. ronaldo and friends need to score early or they will be gone, and germany is not gonna be easy even if they are through to the knockout stage by the time they play the red, white, and blue.

Chargers play in white unis too. Good look. I'm partial to the early Dolphins, of course, with the Colts a close second.

shadow I didn't know Jaworski played for the Rams either. Portugal will be a desperate team on Sunday but a US win will likely get them through the stage the Germany game may be rendered meaningless if that happens. Our English team is faced with almost a must win next game haven't checked to see who they play.

Home whites for Miami all the way but it seems like they have not been consistent with that as they used to be not sure if the NFL or home team has influenced that.

i never FULLY blamed tannehill either.
it was the coaches, silly.
with a line that disintegrated, you move your QB around, run the ball more, line guys up differently, and.... hold on...
you don't throw the ball more than almost every team in the league.

it took a sad old confused man, (sherman), to devise a game plan that OUR sad old confused man, (tom), still doesn't have a problem with.

The Dolphins wore aqua at home through the 1971 season, regardless of it being a day or night game.

Fans love to make a big deal about the team having an 'advantage' wearing white at home but it certainly didn't hurt them during those 1970 and 71 seasons...the latter of which ended with a Super Bowl appearance.

It's funny that if you really wanted to go back to the Dolphins TRUE roots in the uniform department, they would be wearing aqua for all home games.

And he's even worse off the court, a total fraud as a "role model". He's out there selling a book about what an amazing father he is, meanwhile he has a love child that he's not raising. That attitude, that what he did is OK, is one of the biggest problems in the low income and particularly black communities of this country. That attitude is so destructive to the children growing up without fathers to guide them and it's so common because of ignorant jerks like Dwyane Wade who honestly don't think they're doing anything wrong.

Sadly, it's not uncommon, among poor people, among black people, or among NBA superstars. What is uncommon is for someone who shits out a baby they're not going to raise, to turn around and sell books about what an amazing father he is.

And now, because he's turned into such a diva and a shitty person, because his basketball skills have dwindled to nothing, he's going to opt in to his contract and demand to be paid $40M over the next two years. No matter how that affects the rest of the team, and it could very well drive LeBron James away this year or next. roger podacter

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-monday-june-16-rip-tony-gwynn-the-baseball-star-taken-by-cancer-at-54-2-click-onrandom-evidencefor-our-lat.html#storylink=cpy

hey tom?
you just might NOT be the biggest idiot on here after all..

Also, when the new uniforms were introduced last season many folks expressed dismay at how "bright" the aqua tone had become.

The irony in that is that the aqua hue they are using is actually MUCH closer to what the team sported back in the 70's. You can confirm as much by looking at old photos. My hunch is that many people only recall seeing the team back then in the pre HD era when the brightness wasn't evident. But if you saw them live (especially night games under the lights) the aqua tone was actually VERY close to what they now wear...not the darker hue that gradually evolved after that era.

As for the Rams, their blue/white combo is a classic but the blue/gold uniforms are actually the originals. That's the combination they wore prior to the blue/white uniforms of the mid 1960's to 72.

The current 'metallic' gold version is inferior to either, in my opinion. When (not if) that franchise returns to Los Angeles in a couple of years I hope they opt for either classic version.

Sherman is in his mid/ late 50's david "old and confused" that's lazy.

There are many shades of aqua correct. I like the current rendition which to these eyes appears lighter than any the team has ever chosen to wear including early 70's.

The real Wade made it throught the season without serious injury because he SAT OUT 29 games! They put all the pressue on Lebron to carry the WHOLE TEAM on his BACK!

Wade and Bosh need to out out and take a pay cut RIGHT NOW!

Big Baby:

I have assigned you number 3094979. There are three lamps.

Jimbo imposter @ 7:00am... Funny pic. I like the funny banter, even when directed at me. Ya'll have a great day, I'm checking out to hike on this beautiful day

the historian,

your postings are quite correct, although i am not sure that he rams were using gold into the 60s. my recollection, which goes back to about 1962, has them in white most of the time with a few games in blue when the other home teams chose to play in white. i am not much of an authority on early dolphin uniforms, as they came into the league with the bengals in the 66 expansion and did not make the AFL game of the week on NBC very nuch until shula arrived, and only started to get televised nationally after their breakout 10-4 season.

Big Baby,

"the polish rifle" was a late draft choice of the rams in the early 70s and took over from james (shack) harris after a particularly bad night for harris against cedric hardman and the niners on MNF-lotta fumbles by shack because he dropped back holding the rock at belt level, which is something that should be addressed by coaches in high school. harris started OJ's first game in buffalo, in believe. simpson was pretty pedestrian until lou saban came to the bills and built a team dedicated to utilizing the incredible talents of #32; "the electric company" was one of the great run-blocking lines ever, but how many games in a row did the bills lose to the dolphins with a one-gun attack? i think t was a whole bunch and the dolphins also had similar success against the patriots at about the same time or a little later on.

Not aptly named his career turned out more polish pea shooter.

some people never get tired of making complete and utter fools of themselves. quite frankly, i appreciate their presence here. for as long as they are here posting I know without question that there is at least one fool bigger than I am. with that said, i want to thank (the real) david in los angeles for his presence on the blog. by comparison he makes all of us appear to be geniuses.

BB david is lazy. He does not read. his politics are MSNBC/DNC talking points. you know, boolchit. like his favorite line "liberals won WWII". quite honestly the dumbest thing ever written on this blog. his football analysis is vacuous because to actually do an analysis of anything you have to read. and one thing our misguided friend in LA has proven over and over....HE CAN'T READ THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. if he could he would never utter the mindboggling nonsense that constantly spews forth from his keypad (e.g., if you run more you automatically win more).

yo dap the article i posted said it was a lack of supporting cast that was the primary reason for Tannehill's lack of performance. poor OL, RB, WR. NOT COACHING.


The Rams wore the blue/white uniforms from 1964 through 1972. Before and after that, it was the blue and gold combo.

And just one small correction: The Dolphins joined the AFL in 1966 as you said but the Bengals did not come into existence until 1968.

As for the Dolphins uniforms, it is true that the team (for whatever reason) has probably had at LEAST a half-dozen differing shades of aqua, going from darker to lighter to bluer to greener, etc. over the years. The CURRENT hue is actually markedly closer to what the team wore for most of the 1970s than was the darker tint they had previously sported.

Speaking of the old AFL, many folks are not aware that Miami was almost a charter member of the league.

When the AFL was being formed in the Fall of 1959, Ralph Wilson (recently deceased Bills owner) originally sought to place his franchise in the Orange Bowl. When the UM proved hostile to the idea and a lease could not be worked out (largely because of pressure from UM), Wilson then settled on Buffalo.

How different history would have been.

By the way, the Dolphins and Dade County reached agreement today on the stadium deal, meaning the team will now begin upgrades to the facility.

Good news the roof should make a difference in terms of shading for fans. Adding seats closer to the field will also help with home field advantage a win for fans and the team.

Amazing thing about shadow is that I think he recites from memory and doesn't have to look things up very often.

Agreed, BB.

Bringing in the sideline seating closer to the field will at long last rectify a problem that has existed since the stadium was first constructed.

Joe Robbie built it that way intentionally as he fully believed professional soccer would someday be huge in the U.S. and he wanted a facility that could accommodate a "futbol" playing surface without retrofitting the seating (which would have been a better idea but was more costly at the time).

He may eventually be right about soccer someday but for now we needed a FOOTBALL stadium and by 2017 we'll have a dramatically better one...including a better experience for the fans who will be drier and cooler while the field itself stays in the deep broil.

Good deal for both sides here.

Interesting I always wondered why the seats were constructed that way it never made sense to me. Looks like this stadium is now here to stay for a awhile which is ok with me it's closer to where I stay when I am in Florida.

Great WC game going on right now very physical two great teams. Ochoa has saved the day for Mexico to keep it level at 0-0. Should be a great second half.

Jimbo- Great comparison with dash and danny davit.

Countdown to you beginning 0-1 is nearing Naples.

La-David- I hope you do not consider all coaches 55-65 old and tired guys. The top coaches in the league fall into this range. Not every coach seems to be out of touch like Philbin.


Good enough to hand NE a loss last go around.

Big Baby- Only in your dreams will the dolphins start 1-0. Every year for the past 14 years the fins look good on paper, but fall apart as the year goes on. Every year we hear about the new franchise QB,(15-17) against AFC east teams as the latest savior has shown so far. The Pats could lose the opener, COULD!!! But one thing we all know is, they would not lose to the Bills, and jets back to back to make the playoffs. It has been 2yrs in a row now the latest savior has ended the season BADDDDDD. Dream on.

He made your team look bad throwing for 300 and 3 tds in December outplayed Brady even. He is improving and I expect Miami to compete for the division title this year while Brady slips into the back nine years.

Big Baby- CORRECTION. 4-8 against AFC east teams. 15-17 total in 2yrs. Lets wait and see how tannehill reacts when he see Revis an Brownner at cb.

No prob good rivalry it will fun seeing all those patsy fan yahoos leave Miami losers again this year. Sox just dumped Sizemore.

They lost it happens now you all can publish your thesis on why it happened when they just got beat by the better team when they played.Dont overthink it because its history.

Jimbo imposter @ 7:00am... Funny pic. I like the funny banter, even when directed at me. Ya'll have a great day, I'm checking out to hike on this beautiful day

Posted by: Jimbo | June 17, 2014 at 01:58 PM

Sorry Jimbo I couldn't help myself.

Big Baby,

the historian is correct in his statement that the bengals didn't come into existence until the 68 season. they did have some really good players early on- greg cook who led the AFL in passing in the team's second season and paul robinson who led the league as a rookie in the first season in the AFL. both got hurt, but then the bengals had the truly talented essex johnson in the backfield whose career was ended for all intents and purposes by the dolphins in the playoff opener in the second SB winning season. mister essex could run and catch and was a real marshall faulk type, and marshall faulk is my favorite halfback ever.

Will of there are five games away that's very very hard always. one of the is Patrots allways and also one another game every years on the scedule like some year it could be one team you do not think it would be like theCHiefs or some other one and some times a win you don't think like they beat the Seathawks that time. so you cant say really.


you cant say what the will have for there record!!

Big Baby,

well, el tri got a point today in an incredibly exciting match. i guess i am rooting for cameroon against croatia, as that would mean that cameroon would have to dfeat brazil to keep el tri from adavncing. mexico looks nothing like it did in qualifying and i thought that mexico looked better than people gave them credit for against cameroon (those two dossantos goals would have been nice) while brazil didn't look that impressive against croatia, so methought a point would be gettable today, and it was gotten.

Brazil is a country.

No Chabn, Brazil is actually Donny Brazil the well accomplish and thoughtful political commentator for MSNBC. You know, the least watched news network in like the whole wide world. So shut up Chabn already!

To Roger Podacter,

This advice handed down through the ages has stood the test of time, brother.

"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

"He who has no sin may he cast the first stone."

Not a good role model? Bro, that's not any of your business. You want to see a good role model look toward's OC Dolphin's direction. He doesn't mind my business nor do I mind his. Dwayne Wade? You can criticize him all you want as a fan for his play on the court off it you need to STFU.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have long supported an estate tax to prevent the U.S. from being dominated by inherited wealth. That doesn’t mean they want to pay it.

To reduce the tax pinch, the Clintons are using financial planning strategies befitting the top 1 percent of U.S. households in wealth. These moves, common among multimillionaires, will help shield some of their estate from the tax that now tops out at 40 percent of assets upon death.


The Clintons are typical liberal hypocrites.

Chelsea making $600K a yr for being,,, a journalist for NBC? At least at FOX news the women are intelligent, talented AND attractive. Chelsea is neither.

O'Reilly? O'Really? Just when you couldn't say anything dumber you go out do something like this... And Completely Redeem Yourself!

LeBron can't carry the team, LeBron needs help, LeBron won game 2 all by hiself, LeBron, LeBron, LeBron. tsk, tsk, tsk, now, where is all this LeBron better than Jordan talk?

Good afternoon guys, Got some pics with my two dogs, is it me or is one of them "Photobombing" the other...........



i really don't get into this greatest ballplayer ever stuff. among the post magic/bird era players, i think that james, jordan, and kobe bryant are all there in the running. i realize that jordan played in the magic years, but didn't vault into the ionosphere until after magic had retired.

See, though my comrades tried numerous diving techniques to secure a win, I did not this time. That's why coached benched me in the second half. Without ref buying our flops and that pesky Mexican goalie, we can't win.

the historian, don't forget the Miami Seahawks of the late 1940's! and the Buffalo Bisons

I know the Phins often have trouble selling out, but after I was first excited about the renovation of Joe Robbie stadium, I'm not thrilled out downsizing to 65,000. We're going backwards from those 80,010 Orange Bowl days in 1972.. I think the stadium should still retain its capacity. It's going to be disappointing when & if the Phins become good again, not to mention playoff games, NCAA national championships, Super Bowl, international soccer exhibitions, and World Cup 2022 - after FIFA takes it away from Qatar. We don't need 100k like in Dallas, but 65k is rather paltry I think. It's also nice to be able to get a ticket when you want to.

"It's funny that if you really wanted to go back to the Dolphins TRUE roots in the uniform department, they would be wearing aqua for all home games."

the historian, I would simply like a return to aqua instead of the weird new blue, teal or whatever it is. Whether we're home white or not, just bring back the historic colors.

Riles will present a plan that brings Melo as well as a couple young athletic perimeter players/defenders. Wade will come off the bench and Beasley will be worked into rotation as well. With Melo and Lebron, there will ne plenty of open 3's.

The real wild card may be Bosh. Why would he take less money? He doesnt have wade or lebrons xtra earnings outside hoops. also, may be satisfied with 2 rings and tired of being 3rd wheel and heavily scrutinized player. If I was Bosh, I would definitely not opt out to take less, only to take more.

Beasley is a good enough scorer, but a defensive liability. The Seahawks proved it, and now the Spurs have shown the same. It is ALL about DEFENSE. Players, attitudes, and style of play (see idiot - Antoni [no 'D']) that does not emphasize that over flashy offense just comes in second.

I hope the Dolphins, some day again, embrace it.

Going forward, I'll take a team that features a top defense, along with adequate offense over a team with a top offense and adequate defense. Every time.

Beasley is on defense.

Excerpt from today's article in the Herald.

Oh boy.

"This spring has been, in large part, about succeeding where last year failed. Even after all of last season’s off-field distractions, the Dolphins were 8-6 with two weeks to play. A win in either of their final two games would have ended their postseason drought.

But Miami fell flat. The Bills and Jets blew the Dolphins out by a combined score of 39-7.

And Tannehill got much of the blame. He completed just 45 percent of his passes in those games, averaged 143 yards passing and threw three times as many interceptions as touchdowns."

Ah, OC, the only problem with your "analysis" at 12:06 AM is that the Heat were played better defense than San Antonio this year. Of course Chicago was number 1 again and how many rings do they have without Mike?

"The Seahawks proved it." Say what? How many bottle so coppola, OC?

He he. The Seahawks proved that defense wins games? Gee you might get the Nobel just for stating an idiom that has been around for a long long time.

The fact of the matter is that what wins championships is the same in any team sport, talent, good coaching, teamwork, hard work, balance on offense and defense, team chemistry and luck, lots of luck.

OC, here are the 2014 team defensive statistics.


A great many fascinating and compelling things shall transpire over the upcoming year.

There shall be goats as well.

tom, the word for YOU is delusional.
i've backed up every comment with statistics, you dummy.
i can read FINE.
math and english seem to be tough for you, though.
it's all in the numbers, dumb a#$, not opinions.
winning teams do not pass the ball every down.
no matter what you say.
teams with line problems put people in motion, use different schemes, and roll their QB out.
20 year old pop warner players know this, but YOU DON'T.

La-David- I hope you do not consider all coaches 55-65 old and tired guys. The top coaches in the league fall into this range. Not every coach seems to be out of touch like Philbin. -naples

Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/random_evidence/2014/06/1-it-is-monday-june-16-rip-tony-gwynn-the-baseball-star-taken-by-cancer-at-54-2-click-onrandom-evidencefor-our-lat.html#storylink=cpy

be careful there, naples.
tom might say YOU don;t know what you're talking about.
and to set the record straight tommy, YOUR comments are the dumbest.
wether it's obamacare or the housing crisis, you are a constant stream of idiocy.

roosevelt was a liberal, and he won the war, got it?
both conservatives and liberals bravely fought and died AND WON that war, but we would've entered sooner and less lives would've been lost had conservatives not fought roosevelt, ok?
it's called history; try reading something and turning fox new off.
i am smarter than you old man, no matter what you say.
i rile you up every time you read my comments and you're old enough to be my dad.. :)
keep em coming.

sherman is almost 60; i thought he was older.
he sure play called like an old man; stubborn and resistant to the changes around him.

i have a good idea, tom.
why don't you bet me since my football opinions are so wrong and are "the dumbest on this blog".

put your money where your mouth is, tough guy.


-we have a WAY more balanced offense next year.
-i say miller has a career year.
-i say at least 2 of ireland's picks from last year significantly contribute this year
-i say wallace has a huge year.

i've been saying these things for months.
YOU seem to think i don't know football, (hahahahaha), why don't you put up or shut up?

since i'm so wrong about everything, it should be easy for you, right?
the whole blog is reading this now; it's on YOU, dumb a#$.
put up, or fac off..

now is where you'll post some garbage under another name, vainly attempting to give the appearance of a collective of folks here agreeing with you.

"i can read FINE"

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | June 18, 2014 at 07:22 AM

So far you have proven that to be another of your fairy tales, but let's see. Here is a test of your reading.

Answers these questions.

1) Did every team that ran the ball more than 40% of the time end up with a winning record?

2) Did every team that passed the ball more than 60% of the time end up with a losing record?

We would normally allow 30 seconds for this test but considering your disabilities we will give you 24 hours. We already know the answers to the questions, we are just trying to determine if you can understand the questions and articulate correct answers.

Good luck, I fear luck is truly your only hope.

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