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June 03, 2014

Players vs. NFL: Pick a side on concussion issue. New poll. Vote!; plus Marino un-sues NFL, Finals odds, 76% pick Heat, Pacers parting gifts & more

1aa1ahiward1) It is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4. Howard Schenellenberger Tweeted out the photo at right. Gotta love Howard. Go Owls! 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Spurs Finals prediction poll, me and the 'orange jumpsuit', Marino/Kelly, Caroline on the rebound, MLB division races & more. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Vine and Instagram.

1aa1asb50Rome is burning: Super Bowl announced a break from Roman numnerals sof rits 50th Super Bowl logo.

Ho hum. LeBron first-team All-NBA: Heat's LeBron James is first-team All-NBA for the seventh straight season, with 623 of a possible 625 overall votes. Joining him: Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, James Harden and Joakim Noah. No Heater on 2nd or 3rd team. Dwyane Wade (6 votes) and and Chris Bosh (1) barely mentioned among "others receiving votes." 

Oops. Marino un-sues NFL: Yesterday morning it was reported Dan Marino had joined the latest lawsuit by ex-players against the NFL over long-term affects of concussions. By afternoon his lawyers said Marino has not joined that lawsuit. Alrighty then. 

WHAT SHOULD BE SYMPATHY LEVEL FOR EX-NFL PLAYERS ON CONCUSSION AFTER-EFFECTS?: We briefly interupt our blog's takeover by the Heat playoff run to bring you an unrelated lead item. This admittedly is a complicated, amorphous issue hardly lending itself to a simple, either/poll question. But 1aa1aconmcussionswhy should that stop us! The question is how responsible the NFL is for players' post-career after-effects of an inherently violent, body-jarring sport? Player lawyers argue medical care was lacking back in the day, and the fact there wasn't the concussion protocol there is today put players at long-term risk. An opposing view might be that players were well-compensated for a line of work they chose and knew involved physical pounding. I'll admit I'm torn on this subject but am inclined to not hold the sport overly liable for not having in place, 30 years, ago, a protocol that is now standard. Medical advancement moves at its own pace. I'd use an as example the fact cigarettes once had no government warning labels and were routinely smoked in office buildings. Just as concussion risk once had no warning label. I don't think it was an NFL conspiracy. I think it was medical science catching up to risk and long-term effect. Likewise, equipment and helmets are safer today than they once were. Anyway, we stuff this complicated topic into our blog grinder and come out with this poll. It simply solicits your general, overall view. I'm curious how you feel and also whether the involvement of Marino weighs on that in any way. Vote and say why.

NBA FINALS BETTINGS ODDS: Bovada has it dead even, in that Heat in 6 and Spurs in 7 are the betting faves at 7-2 each, followed by Heat in 7 and Spurs in 5 at 5-1 each. Finals MVP picks are LeBron James 6-5, Tim Duncan 5-2, Tony Parker 13-5 and Dwyane Wade 8-1. Selected scoring-average over/unders are LeBron 28.5, Wade 18, Chris Bosh 15, Parker 17, Duncan 16.5, and Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobli both 13.5. 

Poll result: 76 percent say Heat over Spurs: We asked in the previous blogpost how you see the NBA Finals turning out (you may still vote), and 76.46 percent overall predicted a Heat championship. The top three vote-getters of eight choices were Heat in 6 games (54.92%), Heat in 7 (15.49%) and Spurs in 6 (12.17%). As you'd imagine the second-most votes after Florida came from Texas, where 73.48% foresaw a Spurs championship.

1aa1pacersripPARTING GIFTS FOR PACERS: Can't let Lance Stephenson and the Pacers slip off into the offseason without a couple of parting gifts, can we? One is the terrific, Rat Pack-styled artwork by @RobCabrera presented at right. The second is LE BATARD'S EPIC RANT, which I provide here because I'm tired of being Pacers fans' most hated Miami media guy and it's time for Dan to take his turn.

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