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May 08, 2014

On Dolphins' choice of OT Ja'Wuan James: New poll. Vote now!; plus Miami cruising after G2 win, Heat 3 Stars named

1aa1legend1) It is FRIDAY, MAY 9. I'm back up in Random Evidence Laboratories today inventing Sunday's Sunday notes-column package. 2) This week marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Bob Marley classic album, 'Legend,' the track-listing of which I know by heart from repeated listening. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Nets Game 1, hot Marlins, Mountain Dew, Cowell cat & more. 4) Join us Twitter @gregcote.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF DOLPHINS' FIRST-ROUND PICK? VOTE NOW!: The Dolphins last night 1aa1jawuanjamesselected Tennessee offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James 19th overall in the first round. James (pictured) unquestionably had a solid college career, starting 49 games in the tough SEC. But, also unquestionably, he was a reach at 19 and almost certainly could have been had in a trade-down. Plenty of experts even saw him as a likely second-rounder. Clearly the Dolphins and new general manager Dennis Hickey targeted position need over "best available athlete," a conservative tactic by a rookie GM. What do you think? The poll question means to be all-encompassing. I want to know what you think of who Miami picked based on where he was chosen and the quality of the player weighed against team needs. I also want you to factor in the club's decision to not trade up or down, and the selection made vs. other players who Miami could have chosen but did not. Overall: Your gut feeling on the team's top pick is what? Vote and say why.

IT WAS THRILLING THURSDAY: MIAMI IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rare was the single day, like last night, when Miami's three biggest pro teams all were on a main stage this big, with the Heat hosting Brooklyn in Game 2 of their NBA playoff series, the Dolphins in the first round of the NFL Draft, and the hot Marlins awakening in first place in the NL East. Enjoy, South Florida...

G2: HEAT 94, BROOKLYN 82: MIAMI UP 2-0, IN CHARGE: LeBron James' 22 points, Chris Bosh's 18, Dwyane Wade's 14 and Ray Allen's 13 off the bench led Miami last night. Brooklyn tried to deny the Heat the paint; nothing worked. Click on Benjamin Button for my column off the game, on the spark Miami is getting in this series from a reenergized Allen. Click here for a postgame video with myself and Heat writer Joe Goodman. Original post: Miami's comfortable Game 1 win here Tuesday night will have been relegated all but meaningless unless the Heat hold serve again tonight and 1aa1g2 1aa1heatnets2carry a 2-0 series lead up to Brooklyn. It'll be interesting to note what adjustments are seen, and whether Miami stays with Shane Battier in the starting five. Adjusting is now the burden of Brooklyn, though. The Nets cannot beat Miami playing smallball but have few options, unless the ghost of Kevin Garnett can be the offensive and defensive presence he wasn't in G1. The Nets' 4-0 regular season advantage over Miami is long-gone and irrelevant. Brooklyn must now prove it belongs on the same floor with Miami and can make this the competitive series we thought we were getting.

Attention to Stitches has me in stitches: So before the previous game, in the Heat lockeroom, Chris "Birdman" Andersen is yelling singing the refrain of a song called Brick In Yo Face, by a Miami rapper, 1aa1birdman

1aa1stitches18, who calls himself Stitches. (Read interview with the kid here). The song is basic angry-shout rap, not bad but derivative of hundred things heard before. It's about cocaine, money, guns. The usual. Did I mention Stitches has AK-47s tattooed on his face? Notable here is how mainstream media always swoons over something like this, particularly with local radio mad-scrambling to talk up Stitches and pander for street cred and younger ears. I heard one radiohead today sugges Bird's hype song should be played in the arena. Sure, Pat Riley'd go for that! And maybe Disney should book the Chippendales! My contribution to Stitchmania in this first and only mention is to note that Stitches and Bird (left to right) appear visually to be kindred spirits who but for the age difference might have been separated at birth.

Heat Postseason MVP Standings (updated): We name 'Heat 3 Stars' after every playoff game and award points on 3-2-1 basis. Last night: 1. Ray Allen, 2. Chris Bosh, 3. LeBron James, with honorable mention to Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade. Through six playoff games: LeBron James 14 points, Chris Bosh 7, Ray Allen 6, Dwyane Wade 6, Chris Andersen 1, Norris Cole 1, James Jones 1.

FINALLY, THE NFL DRAFT. WHAT WILL DOLPHINS DO?: Original pre-draft post: The NFL Draft. It's what you've been waiting and waiting for but somehow are already sick of even though it  hasn't happened yet. Am I right?

1aa1nfldraft 1aa1doldraft

1aa1dhickeyAnticipation in Miami is probably luke-warm on the excitement scale. I mean, how amped can you be when your team is selecting No. 19, the big need is an offensive lineman, and the big talk is about a possible trade-down? (Pardon me if I suggest the electricity at the Dolphins' stadium draft party tonight may not equal the concurrent current ricocheting through the Heat's bayside arena). Nevertheless! It's still the Dolphins, the draft and the first round. And we'll be waiting to see if it's a pedestrian or magical night for new GM Dennis Hickey (pictured), the Silver Fox. What you got, D-Hick! So it's big, dammit.

My 23rd annual Miami Herald Mock Draft: My annual guesss-n-pray is out. Click Cote Mock '14 for the entire thing, including exclusive Super Bonus Draft Facts. I ended up getting 25 of 32 first-round picks correct overall but had only three bull's-eyes with exact player to exact team. Here was my full capsule for Dolphins pick:

19. Miami Dolphins: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama -- What I think the Dolphins should do is trade up for Notre Dame OT Zack Martin and plug him in on the right side to fill their greatest position need. But new general manager Dennis Hickey, with only a bare-bones seven draft picks, is not likely to part with 1aa1mosleyany. And barring a trade-up, Miami would be in no-man’s land at No. 19: Draft’s four best tackles all gone and no other O-lineman worthy. A trade-down to then select an OT such as Virginia’s Morgan Moses also is in play. If they stay put, well, ILB is not as great a need but it is a need, and Mosley (pictured) is the best one in this draft, the only one of 1R quality. Miami’s run defense was astoundingly bad or at best erratic last year, and Mosley brings that Alabama pedigree. He also is top notch in coverage, a need for a team that tended to get clobbered by opposing tight ends. Mosley has a bit of an injury history, but if Miami is confident he’s healthy, he would be a great value at 19. He'd be in that “best available” category, with OL needs not forgotten, but deferred to later picks.

State-school draft projections (via ESPN): 1st round--UCF QB Bortles, FSU DT Jernigan. 2nd round--FSU WR Benjamin. 3rd round--UF DT Easley. 4th-to-7th rounds--UM: QB Morris, WR Hurns, OT Henderson, OG Linder. UF: WR Patton, TE Burton, OG Halapio, C Harrison, OLB Powell. FSU: RB Freeman, RB Wilder, C Stork, OLB Smith, OLB Jones. UCF RB Johnson. USF DE Lynch.

MARLINS WIN ON ROAD! MARLINS WIN ON ROAD!: Snap a picture of the standings, Fish heads. (I did,
1aa1standingshere). They showed Miami tied for first in the NL East after a club-record 8-1 homestand that has the team an MLB-best 17-5 at home this season. It's that Loria magic! OK, maybe not. Anyway, that's the good news. The bad news is Miami 2-10 on the road and embarking on a season-long 11-game West Coast roadie starting last night in Padreland. But make it 3-10 now after last night's 3-1 win in 11 innings. Jose Fernandez will have three starts on the trip, so hope lives. First-place Marlins. Man! Might be time to ressurect that "Everybody's Doin' the Fish" song. (Yeah, yeah, yeah!) Sure it was awful. But still better than "Brick In Yo Face." See, everything is relative.


The Miami Herald sent out this week Tweet promoting its latest coverage in the ongoing David Beckham/soccer stadium story. Unfortunately, Beckham's name was misspelled as Beckman. OY!

Click back often. We update and add to these latest blogposts so often it's almost enough to break the Internet...


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"HUHA to the main stage. HUHA to the main stage."

Anything but a WR. Tough call oline and LB are biggest need areas. Just make the right pick.

Spellcheck? Stories don't even get seen by editors any longer never mind a misspelled tweet. Greg don't throw stones in glass houses you don't use spell check on the blog either.

lol AK-47s tattooed on his face. Hardcore. Isn't cocaine, whores and violence what life is all about Cote...

O yes and $$$$$$. How could I forget effin money...

The Dolphins street creed should be, "We're not rough and we're not tough but boy are we determined...

The big ugglys is what the Dolphs should be looking at in the first round. We need a pick that will address the team's biggest need the o line. No more "projects" this has to be a pick that will come into camp already penciled in as the starter at tackle or guard.

Anaheim Stadium was packed last night for Jeter's farewell season and the guy did not disappoint, he hit his first homerun of the season sending a sea of Yankees blue in the stands to their feet. The Bombers came in and laid the wood to the Angels last night. Lots and lots of talent in the stands. Hard to beat Anaheim Stadium for good looking women the place was crawling with babes.

He's a shell of himself he should have retired last year. He has no business playing shortstop at age 40.

Yea, right, like Yankees fans give a fock that he's 40 years old and not playing like he did when he was 25. Bro, he's a Yankees legend. Every single time he came up to the plate he got a standing and a chorus of "Derek Jeter." It's a free country, bro. If Yankees fans want to spend their hard earned money to celebrate the career of a player who has become a legend in team history then so be it. The fans own the game, my man. Even Angels fans gave him a standing o when he came to the plate in the first and there's certainly no love for the Yankees among Angels fans.

One of the Greats no doubt he just never put his ego aside he shouldn't be playing shortstop in the Majors at his age. For the good of the team. Girardi would tell you the same thing privately but they are stuck with him there.

Before his home run it's been the Willie Mays 1973 tour.

Woodcock, agree that the Dolphins need to focus on getting their starting RT. as you say, the "big ugglys." Unfortunately, unless they move up ten spots and relinquish a ton of draft picks they will not get one, as the top four OLs will be taken by #12.

This means that Hickey's option would be to - 1. Use #19 to take and fill a different position of need (OG, ILB, TE, SS, RB, or WR), 2. Overpay for a second tier "big ugly." Any of which would be available to them in the second round, or 3. Deal away #19 to the highest bidder, as there will be no shortage of teams drooling to have that selection to take one of the last two quality QBs or WRs on the board.

Unless TE Ebron, or ILB Mosley are still there for them, two players who would immediately start AND become "difference makers," I say -- trade down.

I would be willing to trade whatever to move up and take one of the top 4 offensive linemen in the draft. My wish would be Martin from Notre Dame, kid started 52 games for the Irish and can play all five positions on the line and , well you know the rest.......

Oye, the Cubes went to Anaheim last night in strength. El Vice was in rare form....

OC that LB Shazier is getting a lot of buzz too. I agree Ebron or Mosley if they are there otherwise don't reach for oline in the first.

He looked pretty good last night, BB. You are correct in your comments he's certainly not starting at SS if his name was Joe Blow but this is the Yankees organization giving him the benefit of the doubt and thanking him for 20 great years. And WTF it's not like they have a rock solid chance to win the world series this year.

Have you seen the American league standings? Boston went from last to first last year any team can win the thing. If he costs you games you're not playing to win. It's the Yankees fault for extending his contract too long seems to be a habit they have.

Yea, but Boston did it with tremendous pitching that they acquired especially in the bullpen. As long as he can field his position he's not going to hurt the Yankees as much as their lack of pitching.

Mays hung on too long. Jeter is doing it too but you're right most don't seem to mind except that there has been a storm brewing over this thing in NY by his slow start and subpar d.

Peter King wrote this today:

6. I think one of the big spots in this draft is No. 19. The Dolphins don’t have a tackle at 19 they love, and at No. 20 sits Derek Carr-smitten Arizona. Teams behind Arizona know they have to move up to at least No. 19 if they want a shot at Carr. I am sure new Miami GM Dennis Hickey is getting some calls about the pick, and if I were him, I’d sell.

I have never seen so many experts so conflicted on a player, Manziel..from he'll be the number one over all pick or just fall out of the first round..

I hope the Dolphins DON'T trade up for a freaking lineman...there's plenty of them in this years draft, we can wait.

If they can get a starting guard that will play for ten years below the 19th pick fine trade down. But they need to get a starting offensive lineman in this draft. Period. Whether they trade up or down or stand pat, they need to get a starting offensive lineman! 59 sacks, brother. No matter how many disagreements we have here on the blog one thing that we can all agree on is that you can't give up 59 sacks again this year!

Wow Arizona goes 10-6 and gets to pick at 20 not bad.

agree Wood's..we need to protect Tanny.

Oye..The Marlins will be in LA monday,tuesday and wed to play the Dodgers, you should go see Jose Fernandez pitch, you won't be dissapointed.

watch the Dolphins fool everyone and draft a CB at 19th..or maybe even a safety...

Perhaps Skip Bayless should consider elective vocal chord severing surgery. He grates more than most talking heads...

Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor is not in the HOF.


Number crunching morons. Even Michael Irvin, a Canes legend, couldn't take Otis' jock out to the field.


HUHA, is this your wife? Now, now, HUHA, everyone even trailer park trash like you has the right to live in peace in a double wide.


Manziel to Dallas?

4 best o linemen are gone. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix , Pryor, CJ Mosely should be available.

Possible great chance to improve on Tannesucks if Ravens and Jets pass? Of course they won't though.

We need OL, but golden QB improvement opportunity coming. Take Johnny Football!

Best player available.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Dennard would be a great pick.

Although I really wanted Zack Martin.

Haha, first pick ever, desperately reach for need.

This new GM blows.

I hope the Dolphins at least tried to trade the pick to Cleveland so Cleveland could take Manziel.


Too high for this guy. They should have taken the Alabama linebacker since they could obviously not trade down. Oh well, here we go again, gathering acorns.

I would've taken Manziel, ditched Tanne and then gone for this dude in the 2nd. Phins can't draft no matter whose doing it. Would be funny if Manziel makes it to the Patriots position. or the Texans. He's really getting underestimated.

Hey zulu Mosley was already gone you retard.

Manziel doesn't look happy. Stupid Phins once again.

Hey, you are right Jeff! Still a weak pick. I guess you are still hanging around the dolphin draft room!

I told them to take Seantrel.

Who goofed I've got to know!

Wow, another ho hum tweedle dee tweedle dum draft pick.

Even a retard like HUHA Buttafuckstein could have made a better pick than this guy. Oh well, another classic Miami Dolphins first round pick. At least they got an offensive lineman lord knows they need those. Hopefully this kid will come in and start. Let's at least hope he starts!

Wake up HUHA the night shift at McDonald's starts in an hour.

Phins OL pick is a solid one and not much the new GM could do.Hope he turns out a better player than most of their Tennessee picks have been the past few years.Anything to plug the leaking dike.....err river I mean.Tannehill s probably glad they got a big dude who seems reliable with quick feet anyway.We ll see.

Hickey comes from Tampa Bay dumbass.

Glad for Teddy Bridgewater a Miami kid gets into a great opportunity with Minnesota and they have some weapons on that team.

Just because they addressed a positon need means he'll be better than what they already have. Had a prime shot at a much better QB..who we could've traded later or kept and traded Tannesucks. Don't care how bad the OL was, TH still blatantly missed guys whn he did have time. We always pass up on the exciting guy and get someone we could've gotten later or with a trade down.

Texans may come out looking pretty good.

Yup, if Johnny Football turns out to be the real deal it will be one more that got away. Only time will tell. In all fairness regardless of what we could have done what we did was address an area of extreme need. If this guy starts for Miami for five or six years it will be a good pick. After what Ireland did last year Miami had to step up and get the best available O lineman possible. OC and I discussed this last night like many of you he feels we could have gotten the same guy after trading down. He's right we could have done that but by hook or crook because Ireland totally screwed up last year he had pressure to take the best available tackle. Forty nine starts at Tennessee is nothing to sneeze at and the kid's huge. You can't lose Long, Martin, and Incognito and get jack for them and wind up with another 59 sacks. And that folks is the bottom line.

nothing like a bunch of senior citizens using THEIR scouting reports to already say this draft was a fail.. lol..
we needed a lineman, and we got one.
let's see what happens..
anyone out there still think the heat won't win their 3rd in a row? lol

I don't have any problems with our numero uno selection, the Dolphins are saying they had a first round grade on this dude James and who am I to argue with them..now we need to get a guard in the second or third round..

Get the O Line fixed and everything will be easier for Tanny..

Go Dolphins !

The Heat are beginning to round into form...we need to sweep the Net's...get some rest in.

Hickey/Philbin are idiots. A tackle with a 2nd to 3rd round grade at #19. Decisions like this are what cost Ireland his job. Really really sad.

I can here Hickey/Philbin at their post-draft press conference "we needed a lineman, and we got one. You need to turn those thumbs this way. We drafted the James family. We've known the James family for 10 years and your gonna love watching Ja'Waun warm up before games and fetch my water during games."

Passing on Manziel was a huge mistake that Miami will regret for years. This one is in the same category of dumb ass decisions as passing on Drew Brees in favor of selecting Jamar Fletcher.


Same old sad story just a different year.

Well Tommy-Son at least you can't blame Ireland for this one hehe..

Listen, you can't possibly know if this guy James is a bust or not, waaaaaaaaay to early to even consider that, you say the guy had a second or third round grade?.. How do you know that?

Let the experts that do this for a living do their job and stop complaining , we needed a tackle that played at a high level in the SEC at a position of need and we got one, don't forget most if not all of the Dolphin targets at 19 had been picked already...if the Dolphins had a good grade on the guy I'm ok with it .

Time will tell if we got a good player ...or not.

Dolphins wanted a RT who can come in and start. Done.
O'Dell Beckham will light it up with Eli Manning. JMHO.
Browns got Johnnie, sure & they drafted a CB (Gilbert) that can't tackle 4th overall...

Will Fins go Guard in Rd 2?

Little Tommy, thanks for making up fantasy stories for us to enjoy. Ju'Waun was rated as a First Round tackle on almost every single Mock Draft I saw. He played EVERY SINGLE GAME at Tenn and gave up 5 sacks in his entire time. Go back to watching tennis or a sport you can keep up with.

Awwww look at little butt hurt Limpcock....I hurt his wittle feelings and now he can't stop thinking about me.

Wassup Dork!!!

HUHA, did the crowbar I sent you finally pop your head out of your ass or are you still tapping your posts in morse code to Dapper Dave for him to post them for you?

To moron Hickey/TampaBay:Like I said Phins got a solid OL player.Filled a huge need.Im not referencing Hickey or Tampa Bay.What is it about that your brain fails to comprehend?

He had to take a tackle. Period. He might not be the one that all the nerds wanted but he was a starter at Tenn for 49 games. Need filled. Next!

Bobbyd12 link a mock draft that had James in the first round

That's not the point, bro. After what Ireland failed to do last year there was no way on God's green earth that a new GM was going to leave the first round without a starting tackle. Robinson is a beast and Mathews has the pedigree and was probably the surest pick in the draft. Atlanta got themselves a pros pro. What's wrong with this guy? That he's not going to be a HOF, so what, they got exactly what they needed most a huge body to protect the QB. 59 sacks, end of story.

The new guy standing on the cut line on 18 didn't hit driver on a short par 4 he put it in the middle of the fairway with a 3 wood hit a wedge in and two putted for par and made the cut. That's what the Dolphins were facing, they had to make the cut. Not a sexy pick but the correct one. All this other stuff about trading up or down is bull crap they had to get a starting offensive tackle and they went and got one.

Seems most "experts" have him penciled in as a starter despite some limitations in strength and run blocking ability. Much better pass blocker which is more important. He seems confident in his ability calling himself tough and smart that's good. Fairly dominant in SEC only supports his grade.

Bills giving up a first next year was surprising. I think Bortles may be a bust. No Manziel sorry Tom but Tannehill will have a better career and fits the mold of a more successful drop back passer. I think Manziel may go the way of Vick and RG 3 run too much and get hurt. Will be interesting to see if he even starts over Brian Hoyer.

I strongly agree Mr Woodcock the Dolphins had to pick James.Ryan Tannehill will not only fail but may be in a body cast if the Dolphins don't continue to upgrade their Offensive Line.I am starting to feel more confident about the Heat's chances to win another title after last night's strong 6th straight 2014 post season win and Greg Cote you have excellent musical taste.

Good comment on Manz, BB. But Cleveland had to take him, if anything to stop the fans from storming the gates of the team office in Cleveland.

I rate the Rams as the clear winner in the first round. They got a stud OT and DT. That's about as good as you can do. The Rams front 7 was good now it's even better.

Cleveland will have to adapt their whole offense to Manziel like Seattle does with Wilson and SF does with Kaepernick. Should be interesting to see if he can succeed.

What Hickey did, or more to the point, what he didn't do reveals two things; rookie GM inexperience, and secondly, the complete desperation the team is experiencing internally concerning the state of the offensive line. Bad enough that Ireland failed to address it when given the opportunity last year, but to have Martingate gut whatever semblance of a weak line they had was just too much to stand.

The above two points might reveal why Hickey refused to pull the trigger on at least two deals which would have allowed him to still draft James NO's 27 or Cleveland's 26 AND get a third rounder. Moreover, when one would expect their war room have enough information to note that only one team out of the following eight would even be remotely interested in picking a RT, certainly not one graded three like-players lower than James.

Perhaps The Dolphins just wanted to have a James of their own.

The kid's gonna look good in those white unis with the orange helmet. Happy for Cleveland they have had a brutal stretch since losing the team and getting it back. Not to mention that Cleveland is located in Cleveland, Ohio one of the biggest dumps in America. At least they got something to cheer last night.

Cleveland still searching for that great QB after 50 years of trying they have never had one at least not in the Superbowl era. Before you UMfans say Kosar he wasn't great sorry.

Traveling out of Columbia, SC airport at 1:30 and can't even get close. Police have it on lockdown because that worthless asshole Joe Biden is giving the commencement address for USC med school.

By the way my son graduated from the USC law school today. Life is good.

Let's see,,, Fins brought in Albert, Fox, Smith as free agents. Pouncey is locked in at Center. Only LT & C were set with good players. RT, both guard spots up for grabs. Smith should be good enough to start at G. Fox can play RT but not to the level as James. Fox will compete for Guard with Brenner, Garner.
Getting Albert in free agency is comparable to drafting a top tackle in this draft. Not bad considering Miami's recent disaster of RT play, ie Columbo, Clabo.
CJ Mosley was the only great MLB in this draft.
Prior & Ha Ha were the only dominate Safeties.
RD 2 tonight!

Fins look good at C & both T spots. Now go out and get a bull of a Guard or a very good RB.

Last post correction-Albert will be LT, James RT.

Congrats Tom, got to be proud of him.

I dunno Woodcock I think there are many worse places than Cleveland. Haven't been there but if you win there you will be treated like royalty and there is at least a semblance of a city there. I heard Lebron associates manage Manziel and they are buddies. Hmmmm Lebron back to Ohio?

Yes Tom quite an accomplishment to graduate from Law School congrats to both of you. Just tell him not to take too many divorce or custody cases results aren't good.

Much props to your son. Congratulations to you and your family, great accomplishment.

OC...I somewhat agree with you on your "Hickey inexperience" comment but don't forget, contrary to some people may think Philbin is the one that's truly in charge and who's to say Philbin "encourage" Hickey to ignore the trade offers and make the pick.

I personally don't have a problem with the pick, if you can get a starter in the first round then is a good pick, as for tonight?..Armando is reporting the Dolphins will be looking at guard and WR..specially big WR's.

my wish list?..Hoping the UCLA guard is there at 50 for us..

meant to say who's to say Philbin didn't encourage Hickey to make the pick and ignore the trade offers..sorry.

tommy-Boy..congrats on your boy's graduation, I know you must be a proud "papa"..

OC, El Pavo says this is a great pick. That should just about seal this for the Dolphins.


Congrats, Tom. Whatever you do, don't give him a book to read as a present:)

ok..here's my wish list for our next two picks..

if they go WR..Jordan Matthews

if they go G..first Xavier Su'a-Filo then Joel Bitonio and last Gabe Jackson.

As usual you need some A.L.P. = (A little Perspective)

Kosar may have not been great in your eyes but he would have led them to 2 super bowls in a row (something cleveland has never been able to do), were it not for "The Drive" by John Elway & "The Fumble" by Earnest Byner at the goal line with hardly any time remaining. So you cant blame him for them not making it to a superbowl!!!

Congrats to TOMMY boy !!! always good to have a sheister in the family!!!

Looking ahead at tonight and tomorrow, and specifically looking at the current players on the board against team needs for the 17 teams ahead of Miami's #50 pick, the value picks would we at WRs and RBs.

If they go looking for another Tannehill body Guard, Joel Bitonio and certainly, Gabe Jackson should be available. Postponing the selection of skill players until #81 would just about guarantee finding and playing one out of this draft. Were it me, I would pick the biggest "hands- on-the-ball" offensive player on the board: WR 6'-3" Cody Latimer, or Jordan Mathews, TE 6'-6" Seferian-Jenkins, 6'-7" Troy Niklas (although the Jets will probably pick Jenkins just ahead of us, just to piss us off).

DB's and ILBs should be more appropriately picked on Saturday.

Meant to say- NOT finding a skill player after 81.

At least Manziel would've filled seats for a season. If we wanted a dazzling QB to watch reminiscent of the early Marino years, this may have been our chance. Tannefail could've been traded for an OL probably of equal caliber to the draft pick. Season tickets are soaring in Cleveland. The main point as always with Phins picks is they choose guys we could've gotten later anyway, even if we needed to trade up a little in Round 2.

No perspective necessary if it wasn't for Byner, Mack and a good defense he wouldn't have been near the Superbowl anyway. He was good but not great.

Woodcock, this will be me and you in about 20 years. I think I'm the guy on the right:


Woods, the Bruce Matthews DNA was not just drafted with the 6th selection by Atlanta. Bruce also has a nephew - Troy Niklas, a 6'-7" TE from ND who apparently plays and reminds one of another past ND TE, Anthony Fasano.

Might not be a bad pick at #50 if Seferian-Jenkins is off the board.

Oye..somehow we need to get clue-less Joe and his sidekick Hickey to draft a cubiche somewhere in this draft..is no coincidence that we only won super bowls when we had a cubano playing for the Dolphins..

Manny Fernandez..

Clueless Joe has been a football coach for 40 years. I dunno he probably knows a little bit about the game and what constitutes a good football player. Ireland was holding the team back. Now we can move forward.

easy BB..I'm pointing out the importance of having a "Cubano" football player on the team..

Yes and you were also pointing out that you think the head coach of the Miami Dolphins is clueless. I was responding to that misnomer.

well HE is average at best...not really good head coaching material (unfortunately for us), he proved it last year..

you guys keep saying that Ireland was the root of all evil and yes he sure made plenty of mistakes and yes I'm glad he is out of here but he wasn't the only one, Philbin simply can't cut it has a HC.

I hope the Dolphins simply stay put and don't try to move up for any players, the good thing about this draft is there are very good players all the way to the end of the 4th round, hopefully we can get another O Lineman and maybe a tall WR or TE and a big back.

If anything Tannehill is to blame for the team faltering after going 8-6. No real reason he shouldn't have continued to light up those teams (Buf, Jets) like he did the Steelers and NE down the stretch. He better have his head on for all 16 next year. My 11 y/o son told me it was Tannehills fault for no Miami playoffs so I guess it's true.

The experts seem to think there are a lot of 1st round graded players left in the 2nd round. It should be interesting to see the way the draft goes tonight.The dolphins should be looking defense in this round.

lol..BB, listen to your son he may be onto something here.

all kidding aside, Tanny did as well as he could last year he was only in his second year and was running for his life out there with no help up front, no running game and an outdated offensive coodinator/philosophy, Tanny may not pan out in the long run but he DID SHOW a great deal of improvement from the year before..I'm confident that with a much better O Line and offensive philosophy he will have an even better year this year.

They should? They were 8th in points allowed last year at 19 ppg. Playoff defense numbers.

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