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May 01, 2014

Dolphins Draft Poll: Who do you realistically hope Miami gets #1?; plus GM Hickey on draft, Birdzilla, Marlins, Canes, Rihanna, Jameis, Keef & more

1) It is SATURDAY, MAY 3. I'm back at Random Evidence Laboratories luring Sunday's notes-column package. 2) R.I.P., Al Feldstein, 88, creative genius behind Mad magazine, one of the comedic mainstays of my early youth. 3) 
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Heat held hostage; wait continues: Brooklyn's win vs. Toronto last night forcing a Game 7 on Sunday continues the Heat's wait for its second-round foe. That second-round will begin Tuesday night in Miami vs. the Nets-Raptors winner. Click on Thrill Ride for my latest column, on the Heat waiting out the wild first round -- one that will feature a record five Game 7s.

"I'd like to announce that, effective immediately, Donald Sterling has been banned for life from reading this blog." --Greg Cote

ONE WEEK AWAY, WHAT PLAYER SHOULD DOLPHINS BE TARGETING FOR NO. 1 DRAFT PICK?: One week from today -- finally -- the pregnant NFL will be giving birth to its annual draft and Dolfans will be praising/bemoaning the team's top pick. The draft is two weeks 1aa1adraft14later than usual, which means media blowhards have had more time to offer the incessant speculation known as Mock Drafts, and teams have had more time to overanalyze a process that, bottom line, remains a marriage of educated guess and fingers-crossed gamble. This draft more than most is an unsettled mystery, with the quarterback position a prime example. There also is mystery surrounding what the Dolphins will do with the 19th overall pick. Will the need on the offensive line yield to "best available talent"? Will there be a trade up or down? Only GM Dennis Hickey knows, and, one week out, maybe even he doesn't yet have a clue. I offer this poll as a pulse-read on how Dolfans are thinking one week away. The alphabetical list of seven candidates is culled from reasonable speculation based on position need, what we are seeing in major mocks, and what Herald sources are saying. Some on the list may be gone by 19 and could require a trade-up. This poll is not asking you to predict what Miami will do, but asking what player you'd most like to see Miami get, even if it meant a small trade-up. I'll reserve my specific thoughts for my annual Mock Draft coming next week. For now, it's your turn. Vote and say why.

Dolphins GM Hickey on draft: New Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey held a pre-draft news conference yesterday and skillfully told the media next to nothing, but verbosely. This showed he is adapting well to his job. "I'm not going to comment on specific positions." Alrighty then! Hickey did say they'll be "exploring all options" in terms of trades up or down, said "the draft day should be calm," and raved about the Canes on the team's UM Pro Day, saying, "We would love to keep a lot of  that home-grown talent here in Miami." Hickey, the Silver Fox, also said he'd nominate Leslie Nielsen to portray him in a movie --problematic only because Neilsen died in 2010.

HEAT'S BIRDMAN RECYCLES 'BIRDZILLA': The Heat's human tattoo Chris Andersen announced the other 1aa1abirdnugday he wished to be called Birdzilla now, not Birdman, and of course the Heat media swooned with delight because Bird is a cartoon and because we are easily 1aa1abirdfluamused, especially by him. Should I rain on the aviary parade here by noting he also was called Birdzilla while playing in Denver? (See right). The phrase itself also is a recycle job. There is a Birdzilla.com devoted to birdwatching, and a BirdzillaStudios.com, too. A 2007 episode of Monsterquest was entitled Birdzilla, and that also was a character in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Oh, and the phrase is spoofed all over the Internet (see left). Sorry, Chris, but Birdzilla is sort of, well, taken.

ON STANTON AND FERNANDEZ'S APRIL: I like where the Marlins are entering May, even at 13-14 through April. Their run differential of +21 is fourth-best in the majors, and Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez had opening months worthy of the attention of MLB history. Stanton's 31 RBIs tie for 10th best ever in April; the record is 36. And Fernandez's 55 strikeouts rank 13th al-time for the starting month; the record is 65. If Miami can figure out how to win a road game once in a while, this could be a promising season.

AL TURNS DOWN GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: Showtime wanted to do a 13-week reality-documentary on Hurricanes football this coming season a la HBO's Hard Knocks series but UM said no thanks, as first reported by TheBigLead.com. I get coach Al Golden's decision. A TV crew constantly around your program with special access can't help but be a distraction. Then again, Showtime is known for quality work and it might have been a great chance to grow The U brand, sort of a three-month free ad to attract recruits. Also, ex-Cane Ray Lewis would have been heavily involved, assuring a Cane-friendly rather than adversarial approach. While respecting Golden's decision, I think I'd have green-lighted this. You?

THANK YOU, JAMEIS WINSTON!: See, this is perfect. The rape allegation against him -- no, that was not 1aa1acrab2 1aa1acrab1proper fodder for mocking. It was too serious. There was a victim. But swiping 32 bucks worth of crab legs from a Publix? Sweeeet! Thank you, Jameis. I mean, if you're going to shoplift, don't make it a modest essential like rice 'n beans or toilet paper. No, make it a luxury item like crab legs! Your Friend The Internet has loved this, as illustrated by two of my favorite mockeries presented here.

1aa1arihannaluiRIHANNA'S PIERCED NIPPLES MUST BE FREE!: The singer Rihanna, whose affinity for nudity makes Miley Cyrus seem like a nun, posed topless on the cover of Lui, a French men's magazine, and is now at war with Instagram, which said they'd nix her account unless she removed the offending photos. I gratuitously share the magazine cover here, but with Rihanna's nipples pixilated so I don't get one of Those Calls from a nervous editor. By the way, have you ever had your nipples pixilated? Sounds like something that would tickle!

NEW KEITH RICHARDS: Anybody who loves reggae like me may enjoy this new long jam that starts with a new version of Keith Richards' 1992 song "Words of Wonder" and segues into the Marley/Tosh/Wailers classic "Get Up, Stand Up." It features musicians from around the globe for a new album that is a project of PlayersForChange.com. Enjoy.


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Highest value on the big board is TE, Erc Ebron. Then again, the chances Ebron would be available come #19 is unlikely. I would work towards dealing out of the first round if it secured an additional low pick early on Friday.

CNN is just an embarrassment. I'm sitting at the waiting room of my dentist and the set is on continuing news about Flight 370. What a joke.

Ebron will not be available at 19.

OC was the CNN report on FL 370 BREAKING NEWS? Everything with CNN is BREAKING NEWS.

"BREAKING NEWS" this just in from the CNN News Desk. Searchers for FL 370 have shut down for the night and will resume tomorrow morning at sunrise. This is the 54 day we have reported the same BREAKING NEWS.

You're right. CNN is a joke.

I don't see any of the WRs, other than Evans, being worth a first pick. OT is always a possibility because of need, but we also have the same level need at LB. If Ebron is available, it's a no brainer. But assuming he's not then LB or OT, if a first round quality OT is still on the board. That's a big if. A lot of mocks have Martin long gone by the time Miami picks.

On CNN.com right now "BREAKING NEWS" Mystery of FL 370.


there is a very real possibility the top 4 offensive tackles are gone by the time our pick comes around..

maybe CJ Mosley is there or Ebron..not holding my breath on Ebron..and contrary to what you guys think they will consider a WR (Lee or Beckham) at that spot and Aaron Donald too.

Mosley would be a steal at # 19 and finally give Miami a top flight LB. Ebron is the pick if he's there though it looks like they are moving on from D. Keller. Z Martin likely gone. WR please pretty please no.

HOPEFULLY they find a trade partner and can move down if the player they want is not there, maybe someone that wants to draft Carr and jump ahead of the Cards and Browns and even the Pats.


Foxnews BREAKING NEWS: "We Should Have Tried, Intel official testifies US should have done more to help Benghazi personnel". That quote was from last week BTW.

guys, check this out..

Mike Mayock said he can see the Dolphins taking Cyrus Kouandjio at 19 based on his board, but he can see a WR to MIA if he's higher rated.

OC the Magic tweet was in poor taste. Seems there are no limits to people looking bad on social media.


BB, if you held the conviction that in order to win championships, one must balance both offense and defense, with perhaps even more attention tilting towards the defensive side, regardless of sport, and say that the Celtics brought in a coach who would consider playing defense a complete waste of time, I think you would feel just like Magic.

...and I'll take D'antoni's sins even further. Knowing that he had aging players who would likely blow a gasket under his brand of up and down style of play you'd think he would alter his game in consideration to Kobe, Gasol and Nash, but noooooooooo.

Later, Mike. Don't let the door hit you in the a**

The only LB that should be taken by Miami if no OL is there:


Ryan "the Razor" Shazier!

Get him in RD 1 drat OL in 2,&3, TE or WR 4....

I would give two months rent receipts to sit in Vegas in the front row and listen to Joan Rivers say Ninja jokes for two hours.

Herald's reporting that the Fish are looking at Auburn RB Trey Mason. By hook or crook they need to pick another running back in this draft the ones currently in camp don't have a good track record. Moreno was a good off season signing but he's not someone to hang your hat on. The kid that we took in the 2nd round three years ago and certainly the Gayturd stiff (worst pick last year after wasting a firth round on a freaking kicker) isn't fit to mow the lawn at Joe Robbie Stadium.

OC, Phil Jackson AND Red Auerbach together couldn't have won any more games than DiAntoni. I've seen better looking one week old spumoni ice cream sitting outside on the porch in Miami in the middle of summer than what the slop that the Lakers had on their roster the past two seasons. That team couldn't have beaten Miami Jackson's State Championship team that had the Thompson brothers and that kid Rose.

And speaking of the 33-0 1973 Jackson Generals State Championship Teams, one of Woodcock's all time favorite Miami sports teams, the best part of the whole championship run was that 4 of the players, Rose, the Thompson brothers, and Osborne Lockheart were ineligible because they were at a minimum 20 years old when they, "ahem" graduated from Jackson. And the very best part is that they found out about the "boys" age a year after and back then the rules were that for a player to be declared ineligible the infraction had to be discovered during the season, and Jackson got to keep the trophy and the championship.

"Only in America!" As that great American Don King would say.

If ya aint cheatin ya aint tryin, boys! Words for that flat headed midget bulldike running things at the U to remember.

"How 'bout them Canes!"


Dukey, this one's for you, buddy. Greatest plane to ever take to the skies.


this is how incompetence is elected


Mr. Woodcock, if they could only coax Mach 3.3 out of a B-52...

Big Baby,

still awaiting a response to the 1975 @ t e roxy version of "pretty flamingo". i can understand if you choose to pass on it, but for me that was the highlight of bruce springsteen's career. something was bizarre when 75% or so of america had bruce springsteen and the e street band as their favorites, not leaving much for other groups that were still functional at the time. how about this gem from the very much underapppreciated dave edmunds, "borrowed" from bob seger (also better than the guy from jersey):


and the same tune live given the bruce springsteen treatment- nothing close to the mach 2 speed of the album cut from dave edmunds "get it" album, acclaimed by many as the best album of the 70s:


anti-Israel ≠ anti-jewish?
you're wrong again, as usual. israel is NOT a racist apartheid state because all it's citizens have equal right under the law.
you can keep repeating your nonsense, but it doesn't change the reality.

Noise being made that the Saints, at #27 are looking to see if Miami's at # 19 is tradeable. The value chart suggests that this is beneficial, if Hickey can garner their #91 (3rd) and #123rd (4th). Make it so Dennis.

If indeed New Orleans wants to trade for Miami's #19, and they are sitting at #27, that equates to NO's #59, in the second round, (if he's a real poker player), or NO's #91 & #123. (Third and fourth round).

Regardless, if Ebron, Matin and Mosley are all gone prior to Miami's pick at #19, what's the point in taking JaWuan James at #19 when you can still take him at #27?

Make it so, Dennis!

shadow get out of denver and live 75' bullet put Bob Seger on the map nevermind Night Moves as good an album as it was Seger is great covers or not good until about 87'. People don't realize Bob Seger was making music in the 60's. I wasnt ignoring pretty flamingo there are just many more springteen songs better post 75' despite what you feel.

I think this is studio blows away any version i will post the live version 75' if I have time later even better.


Bob Seger licked me once.Got deep in the brown eye.

I'm hoping for a Dolphins draft with some difference-makers, which leaves me with Ebron, Mosley, and Lee in that order if I had to choose from the poll above. All three have star quality although Ebron is head and shoulders the best TE out of college in quite some time. Agree that he'll likely be gone at pick 19.

We once paid high dollar for an OT named Long and a few other linemen and where'd that get us? How bout the most expensive line in the NFL and they still couldn't block. Lest we forget.

Anybody remember the last time the Dolphins drafted a player who truly excited the fan-base? I can't.

Dan Marino

OC, I sent Mark Willard, a guy who has a radio show in LA with Michal Thompson, the Miami News article about the 1973 Jackson team. He got back to me yesterday. They are going to have a field day on the radio with Michal today. The show comes on at 10:00 AM on 710 ESPN radio.

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | May 01, 2014 at 09:27 PM

What a feeble and ridiculous denial david, of course just like you were dead wrong about Israel's illegal settlements being a bunch of orthodox nuts and not official government policy you're also wrong that Israel isn't already a racist apartheid state.


david also likes to blame Catholics for all of the worlds ills not understanding that it is a religion of great charity. His mind works differently than a lot of people.

Shad, I know that as an SC fan you probably don't root for anything UCLA but as I've mentioned here many times there was no player in my estimation that was better than Kareem. He like Hank Aaron never have gotten the accolades that they deserve. Everyone is always bringing up other stars as being better players while minimizing Kareem and Hank's accomplishments on and off the field. If Kareem is not the greatest player in league history he's certainly one of the smartest classiest players to ever lace them up in the Association.


Awesome when he spoke jive in Airplane.

Actually he was a pilot in the movie don't think he spoke jive but here is clip he mentions UCLA too woodcock. He had the record for points scored a long time before it was broken.


Mr. Woodcock,

i have posted many, many times that some of my favorite athletes played for the bruins- bill walton, gary beban, mel farr, walt hazard and others. i also couldn't take larryy smith and think that the 90 yard pass play from the 4th string john barnes to j.j. stokes is among the greatest plays i have ever seen. j.j. stokes put on an incredible didplay of moves and, yes, power in getting to the endzone to beat USC. i may be a grad of southern cal, but if i don't like a fellow like lane kiffin- a prime example, or rob johnson (UGGGH) i don't root for my alma mater. and i agree with you that KAJ had the best college/pro careers of anybody. only bill russell can say that he won multiple college and NBA championships (even though i can't stand the guy).


Mr. Woodcock,

methinks it was pat haden supplying the lucid color comentary on barnes to stokes. an incredible play considering the bruin comeback, basically pulling a guy off the street to play QB, and the incredible effort of j.j. stokes as one one of the commenters noted on youtube, too bad he was a bust in the nfl, even in san francisco's incredible system.

Memo to whomever has been saying idiotic things about Israel, I stand head and shoulders with Dapper Dave on this one.

Shad, my favorite part of that game was when they interviewed the kid on the field right after the game ended and he said something like, "The only thing I regret is that the clock ran out before we could drive the ball down their throat one more time...."

He he.

Sorry, Shad, I couldn't resist.....

Mr. Woodcock,

these arabists pay no attention to the facts and just whine that israel is an "apartheid" state. that "a" word gets thrown around by ignoramuses whose arguments fail. maye they ought to do a little research on apartheid and might find it absurd to apply that term to the state of israel. and that schmuck who wrote that the state of israel is based on the jews being "the chosen people" might want to understand that the goal of many israelis- probably a majority- don't want to have anything to day with judaism and its practices- only 20% of israelis are considered to be orthodox, with the other 80% clamoring that they want to go to the movies or go shopping or drive through religious neighborhoods on the Sabbath. no other country in the world drafts "divinity students" (yeshiva boys) but the new age politicians want to do and end with a bargain made between the rabbinate and the secular,atheist,communist david ben-gurion. i suggest to you and everbody else that you take just a couple of hours to read "perfidy" by the holywood screenwriter and brilliant wordsmith ben hecht dealing with the famous "kasztner trial" and the attitude of isarel's founding socialists towards "religious" jews.


still a little groggy from an uneasy night's sleep and it shows.

OC, check out this bad ass. I wouldn't get in this thing with you behind the wheel for all of Donald Sterling's money.


Big Baby,

"live bullet" was agreat album, but i would have to disagree with you and say that "night moves" put bob seger on the musical map, a couple of years after "ramblin, gamblin man" peaked at #54 on the billboard hot 100.

Yes much more commercially successful but in some ways that successful album overshadowed a great lesser known career. At least for the casual fan.

I think this one may have been more successful.


I want you boys to know that I stand head and shoulders with my cousin Leslie on this global warming garbage.


Posted by: the shadow knows | May 02, 2014 at 11:56 AM

"that "a" word gets thrown around by ignoramuses whose arguments fail" How is Israel not an apartheid state? Which arguments fail?

"understand that the goal of many israelis- probably a majority- don't want to have anything to day with judaism and its practices" Flat wrong. The majority want Israel to be a Jewish nation that discriminates against non-Jews.


Mr. Educate yourself bub,

those pictured in your magazine piece represent a fraction- of whatever size- of the israeli populus. another noticebale fraction wants israel to be a secular democratic state without any connection to the faith of our ancestors and basically merge with the arabs in creating a different political entity- i don't think that they are discriminating. as we speak there is a fledgling poltical party whose leaders want both arabs and israelis of non-arab heritage to take political control. i am jewish, but the idea that israel is a jewish state is laughable-i can call myself a filipino or a cambodian but that doesn't make me one automatically. israel was founded by a group of atheists and socialists, who are very far away from being jewish. britain "granted" them a piece of the middle east just as the british did for the arabs, who were not content with the east side of the jordan river and had five arab countries try to "undo" the balfour doctrine. the arabs were given trans-jordan but were not satisfied and took to war; such a shame that they lost, don't you think?

Tom, the Dolphins draft to incite not excite...

Got their ass kicked, "on several occasions" is a more apt description.

hey guys...

Bob Seger is a very good and under-rated singer, had some pretty darn good songs..

Tom with the post of the day at 8:46 AM..oh my.

That was a Haaretz poll and the numbers given represent majority views and more importantly the government's official views and policies. Israel is a Jewish nation, demands to be recognized as a Jewish nation as a pre-condition for diplomatic relations and the majority favor different rights and benefits for Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. It was a shame that the native Africans "lost" to the British in South Africa but that's no excuse for the victors installing an apartheid system, which no one could reasonably deny Israel has set up in the West Bank.

balour doctrine, ben gurion, etc..
be careful shadow, as these are people and issues these raging anti-semites know nothing about.

"david also likes to blame Catholics for all of the worlds ills not understanding that it is a religion of great charity. His mind works differently than a lot of people." baby

not true at all, baby. the church has done many good things, especially in the world of charity.
that being said, i am aware of it's complicity in many of the world's darket moments, especially those concerning the jews.
it's ironic, because similar to how the church helped the nazis, and stood by and did nothing, YOU are standing by here doing nothing as the state of israel is being ignorantly and blindly ridiculed by ignorant racist posters on this blog.
ever been to the church of the holy sepulchure?
if the answer is YES, well it's because those holy sites were only open to EVERYONE once israel controlled those neighborhoods.

We have no middle linebacker? Freaking Parcells and Ireland.

I grew up in Detroit suburbs in the late 60,s watching Bob Seger play in local bars 5 nites a week for a dollar cover. He grew to be fairly big in the Midwest until Get out of Denver catapulted him to national fame and his first headliner at Cobo Hall. That was a great concert. Very emotional for him and all his fans.

Guy still does 2 hour shows and tours well into his 60's. That must have been a great time filly seeing him back then.

BB...you are correct amigo, we don't have a MLB...CJ Mosley would be a good pick..

I'm beginning to think our pick will be among this players...Kouandjio, Odell Beckham, Marqise Lee, Xavier Su'a-Filo and CJ Mosley.

Ebron, Martin won't make it to 19th...

Pick has to Mosley now he may fill both GM tenets when Miami picks. Best Available Player and Position of Need.

To whatever nutjob was calling me out for criticizing the NAACP well the head of the LA Chapter resigned today. Follow his lead and resign as head of the moonbat league.

Yes, there are éclairs.

Lao Tzu what is the sound of one eclair clapping...

Misi, a real ms. to miss middle.

You know what Clint said regarding Misi. "A Man has to know his limitations" Dirty Harry movie I think.

maybe Misi is just too dumb to play MLB..and he knows his "limitations"...let's get Mosley, no problem with that selection as long as we get a couple of linemen in later rounds.

If I remember correctly, I think that's why Woodcock couldn't play MLB
back in Miami High.

I don't mean to suggest that Woodcock was a dummy, but when the coach assigned him to play rover he started barking like a dog.

I shall consult my tablets and orbs to find the answer you seek.

I got your Lao right here you slanty eyed Chink bastard!

My eyes are like almonds.

We ran a 5-2 defense at Miami High when I played. Had I gone to Coral Park by choice I would have been perfect for the defense that they ran. I would have made an excellent monster man in that D. He'll he just lined up at the end of the line and had two reads.

Sorry, OC, I forgot that this kind of stuff is way over your pay grade. Maybe some fruit from Key West will post a comment about the correct positioning of the pinkies when performing something or other in a leotard doing gymnastics. He he.

Mr. Woodcock,

last pre-Sabbath post: oklahoma came to l.a. in 1974 and i think it is reasonable to say that the two best punt returners-lynn swann and joe washington- were on the field. swann had a long one called back, and two mighty defensive powerhouses held the others' great offense to a TD apiece. also on the field were maybe the two best LBs in america- richard (batman) wood and rod shoate, who i think was a sophomore then. he played the "monster" in their adjusted 3-4 (a couple of selmons up front made things difficult) but with it impossible to run on the sooners with a three man front they took rod shoat(e) and let him wander all over the field. that SC team went on to be the national champions when haden and shelton diggs went off in the rose bowl, coming back against the buckeyes to pull out an 18-17 win. we played oklahoma a lot and the series produced some epic games. oklahoma waa my 2nd favorite team and methinks their 71 wishbone was the greatest version of my favorite offense! any time you can pop the fullback into the secondary on a "linebuck) your team is sitting pretty, and the sooners did that many times. see ya tomorrow night

Shalom, Shad.

My skin is the color of perfectly fried chicken.

Also, my people shall enslave yours.

I've been enslaved many times.This brown eye takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!!!!

We do not need a high priced TE in 1st round...did anyone see Charles Clsy...? Get the OL fixed....get a LB...safety....WR....in draft...but no 1st pick TE...unless it is JimmGraham 2

If Manziel drops below 10, Miami should trade up and draft him.

Man-ziel likes the leather cheerio....

Leather Cheerio?!!! OMG, too funny


Looks like Phins will end up selecting Bitonio?is it or Moseley.Only two best players left at their positions at 19 it seems.I think either would be a very good selection and Hickey seems to like both alot.

Manzel and watkins are the only real exciting players in draft. So fins best get some linemen and plenty of them.

19. Miami (Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel) QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida — "If you don't get the quarterback right, you'll eventually be fired. Ryan Tannehill has been decent, but isn't worth the $14.6-million fifth-year option in 2015."


So Omar says Miami should draft a QB. Well I agree a QB would be good but only if it's Manziel.

I wonder who Philbin is going to tell Hickey to draft if Martin, Ebron, CJ Mosley are off the board.

I don't mind the Dolphins taking a QB in this draft but not in the first round, I don't get why people are down on Tanny ..in his first year he had a mediocre running game and no receivers and in his second year he had no running game and a very , very bad offensive line and a very unimaginative offensive coordinator..the kid took a pounding all year yet all his numbers improved from the year before.

I think the wild card when it comes to our pick is the Bama tackle, most " draft experts" have him slipping into the second round but my NFL amigo says quite a few teams have a first round grade on him even with some of the concerns about the knee...apparently some think he just has a minor arthitis condition but the knee is ok and that he can be a very good RT and have a long NFL career ...

Anyone down on Tannehill after Pitt and NE games in December isn't paying attention.

FZB arthritis in the knee is no minor issue for an athlete. Arthritis results in an elimination of cartilage which means the player will have bone on bone. If this is true, that he has arthritis in the knee already, the Fish should pass.

Tom...Mayock from the NFL network said a couple of days ago he still has a first round grade on the guy but that he has him rated towards the latter part of the first round so if he has the arthritis issue is not stoping teams from considering him in the first round.

but I agree with you on us taking him at that spot...if CJ Mosley is there I rather get him ..

Cain wait to see Seattle move to the 3rd pick to get an OT... Never too late to correct your mistakes.

Perhaps more so than in other years, Miami's selection will be determined by what happens ahead of them. Who may still be on the board should not only dictate their selection, but could factor in with another team who may wish to trade for that #19 position to acquire a skill player still on the board.

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