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April 06, 2014

Mon pm 4-7: Won 'n Done! UConn beats Kentucky; plus Zo on Hall induction, Heat's Drama Week, Dolphins, Canes' big loss & more

1) It is MONDAY, APRIL 7. WR Nate Burleson turns down Dolphins for Cleveland for the prospect of more playing time. Logical. 2) Click on Random Evidence for the latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with a week of heaven for basketball junkies. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Final Four, Marlins Big 2 poll, Kiper on Dolphins draft, thank you Zo/Letterman & more. 4) Follow on Twitter @gregcote.

HALL OF FAME: ZO GRACIOUS, AS ALWAYS: Alonzo Mourning spoke for the first time today about his 1aa1azompending Aug. 8 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and said, "I stand here on the shoulders of so many people. I'm very, very grateful. Zo, now a Heat executive, especially thanked his family, his Georgetown coach John Thompson, Pat Riley, and his cousin Jason Cooper, who donated the kidney for Mourning's 2003 life-saving operation. Mourning will be remembered for overcoming kidney disease, for helping win the 2006 NBA championship, and for his post-career philanthropy that continues. The Hall of fame has only confirmed what Heat fans have long known about the man. "If my life ended today, " he said. "I've lived a storybook life. I think I've had a lot of angels n my life." Zo is the fourth Heat family member to be enshrined, after Riley, Bob McAdoo and Gary Payton.

WON 'N DONE! UCONN BEATS EVIL KENTUCKY!: UConn wins 60-54 tonight. No predictions from me. Not after I misfired on both of 1aa1aonedoneSaturday's semifinals. I had Florida and Wisconsin. Instead the two upsets made it 22 upsets (by seeding) in 62 NCAA Tournament games, or a Cinderell-O-Meter reading of 35.5 percent. However I most certainly did have a rooting interest, and it was UConn by default. I disdain what Kentucky and John Calipari stand for. "One and done" is a mockery of what college sports and the "student-athlete" should be about. You may disgree. Check back tomorrow for our pregame poll result.

HEAT DRAMA WEEK: WILD RIDE BEGINS WITH DEFEAT OF KNICKS: Miami beat the visiting Knicks 102-91 yesterday behind LeBron James' 38 points (still no Dwyane Wade) in a revival of a former bitter rivalry that still percolates pretty hot. Tuesday the Heat host the Brooklyn Nets, who are 3-0 against Miami this season. Wednesday Miami visits Memphis, which is fighting for its playoff life. Then Friday the Heat host the Pacers in what could be a winner-take-all for the Eastern Conference's No. 1 seed. I'd contend the Heat has never had a bigger, more dramatic regular-season week. Let's go!

UNFORTUNATELY, CANES JUST GOT INTERESTING: We've been joking how this spring has been "splendidly boring" for Al Golden's Miami Hurricanes, with no NCAA cloud and no controversies. Well, unfortunately, things got interesting fast with the injury to starting quarterback Ryan Williams. The fifth-year senior caught an awful break with a reported ACL tear injury in his right knee requiring surgery. No prognosis yet, but an extended recovery of four-plus months may be anticipated. That means redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen is the likely starter now, for the forseeable future, and likely tino the start of the upcoming season. A huge blow for the 2014 Canes, and you have to feel badly for Williams, who waited in line for this opportunity only to see it taken from him.

Poll result: Marlins should keep Jose over Giancarlo: We asked which of Marlins' Big 2 you'd prefer the club spend big to keep long-term, and it was 73.98 percent for Jose Fernandez, 26.02%  for Giancarlo Stanton.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Bad break for Williams for sure but this kid Olsen has talent, he was highly rated coming out of HS and has a lot of talent...no choice now but to let him get on the job training ( sort of like Obi the last few years) ..

In the end, there's nothing like game experience anyways...GO CANES !

Hey..didn't I post some time back the Dolphins where totally gaga over Taylor Lewan?


I think I should get some type of credit here...just saying.

You get zero credit, FZ. Come on, dude. Ross bleeds yellow and blue. He loves anything and everything coming out of Michigan.

I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already made an offer to the two top accounting majors graduating out of his Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Zero credit?... Alrighty then.

OC might Steve-O want to purchase Detroit Lions??? Thanks for thoughts Jimbo. How the f*** did Enquirer get my pic??? Watching Americanization of Emily. Quite violent love story...

Did you guys know D-Day was based on a true story...

Ok..more draft talk...

This is some of the " controlled misinformation" as my NFL scout amigo likes to say is going on.

Apparently the Browns and others ( Raiders / Patriots too ) are madly in love with the Fresno State QB Carr....and teams that draft in the 19 to 24 range are in the right spot to be able to trade back so their trade partner can draft the kid ahead of the Brownie's second number one pick...so there's a possibility the Dolphins may be able to trade back.

If not...here's my wish list as of now.

1-Taylor Lewan ( dream scenario )
2- the kid from Bama

I miss Ted Ginn Jr's terrific family...

I never met anyone I ever liked...

How do y'all like my new Botox face...

Look I never touched a kid I never liked...

Tough break for Williams. He is a great kid who waited patiently for his opportunitiy. Hopefully he can come back. Key for Canes will be to improve big time on D!

National League
Miami 5 2 .714 -
Atlanta 4 2 .667 .5
Wash 4 2 .667 .5
Phila 3 3 .500 1.5
NY Mets 2 4 .333 2.5

How bout those Marlins?

162 game season.

Marlins will be back to reality about as fast as David Samson got voted off Survivor.

Hate to see Williams get injured. Both for him and the team. Will have to wait until after his surgery and into his rehab to see what the prognosis is.

It's up to the colleges and NBA to change one and done culture not John Calipari. Guy can coach say what you want about him but that much is true.

You sir have the honor of being this blogs Rodney Dangerfield. No respect. True badge of honor.

right you are mi amigo Jimbo, right you are.

Any "The Walking Dead" fans on here?

Canes comment: losing your starting QB spells doom. Could be a long and painful season.

C'mon Shockular, get off your soap box. Calipari and his magical suitcase full of money winning is great.

Seriously if Calipari coached UM he likely wouldn't be calling them "evil". Didn't UConn just get hit with sanctions? Who cares right blame Calipari.

Dennis Hickey,

Congratulations to you, sir, for a job well done during Free Agency. You immediately made the appropriate choice in signing a top LT, knowing full well that obtaining one through the draft and picking at #19, would be impossible. You then followed that up by signing other OL pieces with experience, who graded better than the players they replace and more importantly, who lend themselves to playing the zone blocking scheme your coach wishes to run. None of which could be said about the previous gentleman who occupied your post.

Now that we find ourselves right smack in the middle of the "silly season," where misinformation about a particular player or position a teams plans to select in the draft are an every day occurrence, we can only hope that such news concerning the Dolphins are just so much smoke.

Granted, Zack Martin makes for a nice piece of the puzzle. The flexible OL could be used all throughout the line but for Center. However, Mr. Martin is not even the third best OT prospect, or the best Guard graded in this year's draft.

Hopefully, you are just doing your part and playing along, staying tight-lipped about your REAL intentions. Hopefully you paid attention and saw the effects a smuthering defense had on the #1 offense in the most final of NFL exams.

Please, sir. Capitalize on your opportunity. Pass on making that "safe" selection for a OL, who you could just as easily nab in the 2nd or 3rd round. Select C.J. Mosley if still on the board come #19. Build your defense into a juggernaut.

Forgettaboutit FZB. Respect only matters if it helps you get laid. Other than that, who gives a rats ass?

Our good friend, FZB possesses a good heart. He is very well intentioned. Having said that, the guy went to Gables High, for Pete's sake. He has consistently been wrong with practically every position he's taken, still is paints the current GM, coach and contract queen as negatives. Heck, if I did enough research I might even uncover that he planned the Bay of Pigs invasion!

We already know FZB planned the Bay of Pigs but we decided not to do anything about it. Figured it's better for us if FZB is still around "helping" the USA.

now that's R S P E C T

Apparently, I'm not the only guy who thinks that the Dolphins would be best served by drafting Mosley.


Good one, BO.

Yes FZB has been wrong about almost everything. How is it he's not a Democrat? Go figure.

Big Baby- Agree with you about cote. The guy is a typical jock sniffer at the herald. If Cal coached at the U and won the same way, he would be god like. Kentucky is not doing anything illegal.The guy is a great coach.

Dolphins draft order:

Round 1: #19
Round 2: #18 (50)
Round 3: #17 (81)
Round 4: #16 (116)
Round 5: #15 (155)
Round 6: #14 (190)
Round 7: #19 (234)

my code name for the "brigada 2506 was Capitan Bombillo"

10w energy saver?

and so all you infidels know..I'm considered pretty high class here in the 305..I actually live 2 short blocks from Coral Gables...

not the rif-raf that went to Kinlock park Elementary or Coral Park sr High..hehe

if Taylor Lewan is there at 19th..no brainer.

CJ Mosley also makes my toes tingle.

how about the WR Evans from A and M?

Martin would also be a solid choice.

but you guys are forgetting that Hickey is just the due-boy for clue-less Joe and the BSB...hehe

OC...we still have a 7th rounder?..I thought we had traded that pick to the Ravens for McKenney, NO?

Just reporting what is published on the Dolphins draft order/picks, FZ. I'm guessing that list is not final.

We did not trade for McKinnie. He was cut by the Ravens.

If Evans is still on the board at #19 (which is doubtful) Hickey will take him or forever be on my shitlist. Much like that nitwit Ireland was on my shitlist for giving Brandon Marshall away. And then Ireland elevated himself to my double secret probation shitlist drafting the unneeded Dion Jordan.

If Hickey picks up someone like Evans or Mosely he will sign another veteran to man the RT spot.

Tom I think we did have to give up a 7th for him.

OC and Tom,

offensive linemen ar not lego blocks which clip in to wherever they fit. this summer's prime objective should/must be the integration of the OL into a cohesive unit. as has been said here ad nauseum, you just can't throw guys into open spots on the line and expect immediate results; if the dolphins leave their linemen intacty for at least the first halves of their "exhibition" games they will have the same problems they've had since old mr. "at the end of the day" was calling for field goals aplenty.

while I agree in principal in drafting another player other than an offensive lineman is gotta be a stud player at a position of need like a MLB (CJ Mosley) or TE (Ebron) or that WR from T and M (Evans).

still say if Taylor Lewan is there you have to take him.

Shadow, I completely agree that the OL needs to operate as a single unit. Much the same way a school of fish reacts in unison to incoming potent entail danger.

All I'm saying is that after witnessing last year's SB results, offense is not a priority for me anymore. The Seahawks could have literally left their offense behind and still won the game.

Back in the 70s when the Dolphins dominated, it was primarily due to their defense. We've lost sight of that as fans, I think. Getting all caught up in so much eye candy, high-powered passing games.


I stand corrected FZB and Big Baby. Miami gave up a conditional late rounder for McKinnie.

"gave away brandon marshall"?
we got 2 3rd round picks, one for 2012 and one for 2013.
olivier vernon and will davis.
jury is still out on will davis, but i think trading a 28 (at the time) yr old malcontent who's wife stabbed him like marshall, for 12 and 1/2 sacks last year from vernon is a good trade..

Oh wow the collective IQ of the blog just bottomed out. Damn dap you really are dumb.

Olivier Vernon was taken with Miami's own 3rd round pick in 2012. Miami traded the 3rd round pick from Chicago to San Diego and picked up SDs 3rd and 6th rounder in 2012 (Michael Egnew and B J Cunningham).

Miami also traded the 2013 3rd rounder they picked up from Chicago for two 4th rounders in 2013. One of which they used to select Dion Sims. The other 4th rounder they traded along with a 5th and 7th rounder to Green Bay for Will Davis.

At the end of the day Miami got Michael Egnew, B J Cunningham, Dion Sims and Will Davis for Brandon Marshall. Two backup tight ends, a backup CB and a player no longer with Miami for one of the top 10 WRs in football.

Miami gave Brandon Marshall away and only an idiot would refuse to acknowledge that.

Here we go again...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ireland traded Brandon Marshall for MICHAEL EGNEW and NOTHING.

actually, i stand corrected, BUT you're still wrong. rishard matthews in the 7th round was also a part of that pick via another trade, so add his name to sims, egnew & davis's.
as for his "top 10" ranking, it was only in yardage, and BARELY at that, as MIKE WALLACE was right behind him that year, and ahead of him in TD's.
all in all, it was a good move, we have wallace who is just as good, (when used properly), he's younger, doesn't get stabbed by his girlfriend, has NO DRAMA, we have a great possession receiver in matthews, and some potential at tight end and corner back.
as YOU would say, only an idiot would refuse to acknowledge that, AND that same idiot would also think passing 65% of the time is winning football, etc..

newsflash, you tired old F#$%:
"dumb" is not NOT knowing what 3rd rounder went for what.
"dumb" would be insulting me every time you miss the touch of a woman. (and, of course, arguing for a 65% pass run ratio).
it's trite and boring, AND it's a bummer for everyone else to read.
people either agree with your inane posts, or they don't.
your arguments, (when SOME make sense), do lose validity when attached to such vitriol and invective.
at least PRETEND you're not lonely and tired, tom.
there was no insult attached to my 3rd round pick comment.
try cooling it off, baby.. it's getting really ridiculous

Hey Tommy-Son...Hickey is going to make bad moves too...ALL GM's do...even the great ones.

david you are priceless. i can't believe you really wrote "your arguments, (when SOME make sense), do lose validity when attached to such vitriol and invective."

seriously dap?

from the keyboard of the loser (that's you by the way) who said he f*cked my wife and daughter because he did not agree with me.

by the way david you stand corrected again. rishard matthews was a pick acquired from the Titans. Miami traded their 5th round pick in 2012 for the Titans 5th and 7th round selections that year. Rishard Matthews was NO part of the Brandon Marshall trade.

Brandon Marshall was traded away for nothing.

I think you two need to take a chill pill...no insults.

no worries FZB. all is well.

but even you have to recognize the absurdity of david calling for civility in the same post that he says

"newsflash, you tired old F#$%:
"dumb" would be insulting me every time you miss the touch of a woman."

you do know what that comment refers to don't you? pretty ffing low.

that said, in the spirit of perestroika and glasnost i will cease taking shots at david.

FZB you are the Jimmy Carter of the blog. What you have done is as monumental as the Camp David Accords that brokered between Anwar El Sadat and Menachem Begin. Let's hope this one is as lasting as that peace.

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