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April 29, 2014

Silver hammers Sterling: Clippers' racist-owner banned for life, with Heat reaction, poll result; plus Jameis Winston, Bruce Springsteen & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30. ICYMI, click on The Perfect Quarterback for our column on the death of Dolphins icon Earl Morrall. It generated a voluminous positive reaction. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Charlotte Game 4, Donald Sterling poll, RIP Dr. Jack, Dolphins draft, Herald building, Panthers firing, Jeff ireland, NCAA odds & more. 3) Join us Twitter @gregcote.

Crab theft sacks Winston:
 Man the folks over at TMZ are en fuego. Just days after breaking the Donald Sterling/racist tape story, they report here that Florida State has booted two-sport star Jameis Winston off the baseball team after a charge that he stole crab legs from a grocery store.

 SILVER HAMMER! 1aa1aadamsCLIPPERS OWNER BANNED FOR LIFE, FINED MAXIMUM: New NBA commissioner Adam Silver (pictured) wasn't fooling around yesterday. At a news conference in New York he banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling "for life" for racist views expressed in an audiotape -- views that outraged players throughout the league. Silver also fined Sterling $2.5 million, the maximum allowed by the NBA Constitution. In addition, Silver said he would seek a three-fourths majority vote of NBA owners to force Sterling to sell the team. Click Silver Lining for my latest column, online and in today's inky pulp editions.

Poll result: You support tough sanctions against Sterling: We asked what the punishment should be for Sterling and most, 58.6 percent, said he should be made to sell team or relinquish power, while 20.8% said he should be suspended and/or fined. Another 16.9% said no punishment, that he has a right to his views, while 3.7% said an apoogy was enough. (You may still vote in our previous blogpost).

Heat react to decision: Heat players and others were among the NBA family reacting strongly and positively to Silver's actions Tuesday against Sterling. A sampling from Twitter: Owner Micky Arison: "Great job Adam.The NBA is in good hands. You have my full support." LeBron James: "Commissioner Silver thank you for protecting our beautiful and powerfukl league!! Great leader!!" Dwyane Wade: "Commissioner Silver....STRONG...way to take charge and protect our great league."

THE BOSS REIGNS IN SUNRISE: We saw Bruce Springsteen at the Panthers arena in Sunrise last night (posted a couple of Vines from it) and for me he lived up to and in some ways exceeded his legend's 1aa1abrucesstatus. Stevie Van Zandt was not in the E Street Band last night but he was mostly missed visually with that iconic bandana. The sublime Tom Morello, from Rage Against the Machine et al, more than made up musically. Attendees, in the mosh pit near the stage, included Heat prez Pat Riley and his lookalike pal, actor Michael Douglas. [Background: This was my fourth Springsteen show. The first was his famous Orange Bowl gig in September 1985 on the Born in the USA tour, the next was his Ghost of Tom Joad acoustical tour at the smaller Sunrise Musical Theater in December 1996, and the previous was I think May 2008 back at the hockey arena on the Magic tour. I call myself a big Springsteen fan, though not a know-every-lyric-to-every-song worshipper]. Last night's show was weighted to non-radio hits, though he played enough of those to satisfy casual fans. Are there casual Springsteen fans, though? You get the feeling 90 percent of the fans at his shows are devotees wearing 30-year-old Springsteen T-shirts. No artist I have ever seen live connects better with his audience, and last night that was literally. He constantly walked among the crowd to sing and at one point fell backward into the floor-level throng and was slowly transported in that fashion at least 20 yards back to the stage, singing all the while. What a sight. What a show. There were so many signtaure songs Springsteen did not perform, including "Born In the USA" and "Glory Days," but nobody seemed to mind. It was three hours of verifying his nickname with energy and excellence: The Boss.

Springsteen setlist from last night: 1--Clampdown; 2--Badlands; 3--High Hopes; 4--No Surrender; 5--I Wanna Marry You; 6--Linda Let Me Be The One; 7--Boom Boom; 8--Hearts Of Stone; 9--Talk To Me; 10--Wrecking Ball; 11--Hungry Heart; 12--Save My Love; 13--The River; 14--Prove It All Night; 15--My Love Will Not Let You Down; 16--Darlington County; 17--Shackled and Drawn; 18--The Ghost of Tom Joad; 19--The Rising; 20--Land of Hope and Dreams. Encores: Highway To Hell; Born To Run; Dancing in the Dark; Tenth Avenue Freeze-out; Shout; The Wall; Thunder Road (video of latter below).


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Yes well we're back. Hey Jim better tell that bear not to drink out of Ed's cup. He'll be going, "Hey yah got anything to eat...

This could get interesting. Forcing him to sell the club can have many interpretations. This guy seems to like a good legal battle. From that standpoint I will be interested to see how this plays out.

Donald Sterling is a lovely man an a very passionate and giving lover...

ah AND a very such and such ~hiccup~ for f***sake...

You know Hitler was a lovely man to who did many fine things. Take the Autobahn and Volkswagens for instance...

His love of Mercedes and Tiger tanks was unparalleled...

Sterling can drag this thing for years if he decides to fight this thing, no one can really force him to sell the team..

all in all it was the right thing to do..the guy apparently has had a track record of discrimination/ racism for a while now.

The NBA is anti Semitic.

Shadow the Ultimate Driving Machine in the Ultimate Downfall clip...


Ah Rasta long time no see. I've missed you chief...

Mr. Woodcock,

this is the most bizarre happening in sports in a long while. the "thought police" out in action without any serious deliberation of this screwy event. a "conversation" that was strange to say the least resulting in making a guy give up a business enterprise that he owns? fine him, ban him from his own team's games, but a forced fire sale? i don't think much of the NBA as "entertainment" but this is a made-for-TV movie in the making!!! i am still very curious about how the famous dialogue came about; i don't even think he said the famous "n word"; think that "whitey' and "honky" are still in use by people of color? and how about a definition of racism""? doesn't it mean the notion that a particular ethnic group is superior/inferior because of the relative amount of pigmentation of the skin? if so, i don't think i heard one ounce of real "racism" in the 9+ minutes of the conversation that TMZ had on their website. donald sterling may not be an angel, is a real "shonda for the goyim" and may be losing a few brain cells as we speak, but aaron hernandez he ain't. basic case of "knee jerk liberalism" is action. hope you enjoy the game tonight- i might even stay up for the broadcast as i am really interested in what one of my favorite guys, charles barkley, has to say in the roundtable if the game is on TNT or TBS. what i found most bizarre is his mentioning of the "white jew" "black jew" situation in the Holy Land, where i heard a sephardi (off-white) israeli tell an ashkenazi (white jew) in the course of an argument abount making him miss a bus (!!!!!!) that "hitler didn't finish the job"!!!!! as it is a rodney (black motorist) king anniversary how about "can't we all just get along?" have a great time at the ballgame and report back on what will certainly be an eerie atmosphere inside the staples center. what a royal mess!!

You have to know that DS is not going to go quietly into the night. The guy has no doubt shelved lots of dirt about other owners which he will most likely threaten to use if they vote against him.

I don't believe that Sterling will garner the required 9 votes he'll need to prevent his ouster. More so, if the vote is held publicly. And what happens when they do vote him out while refusing to sell? Does the league then take ownership? Sell on the cheap, then reimburse him?

This is going to get messy. Sterling doesn't impress as a guy who cares. Just the opposite. He will fail to see the obvious. That no one will ever play for that organization while he's around. That the Clipper brand will be devalued greatly and suffer financially. This guy impresses as the kind of guy who will go to war.

"without any serious deliberation"?
according to adam silver, sterling confirmed that the voice on the tape was, in fact, his.

this isn't "thought police".

the NBA is a BUSINESS.

the NBA constitution contains bylaws that include a provision for termination when an owner “fails to fulfill” a “contractual obligation” in “such a way as to affect the [NBA] or its members adversely.”

how does an owner who harbors such disgusting and divisive views of race NOT fall into the above category?
if i am an owner, i wouldn't want another team's owner having those despicable feelings, ESPECIALLY considering the league in question is over 70% black.
it's bad business for everyone.

this isn't "knee-jerk liberalism", shadow.
it's capitalism.
as a jew, i applaud the commissioner for his decisive decision, and YOU SHOULD TOO.
there is no room for that thinking anywhere in society, and a business, (the NBA), is well within it's legal rights to ban sterling.

his freedom of speech extends to being able to have those views without being arrested by the government.
and that's about it..

the (real) dave in los angeles,

what puzzles me is that he is being called a "racist" when i don't think the term really applies. he may be an idiot, and may feel uncomfortable around people of color, but i don't think that equates into "racism". everything you wrote above may be quite true, but i don't see the automatic "he's a racist" from the very bizarre conversation which i can't still figure out!! yes the NBA has its bylaws which he may have violated, and they may take whatever action that the 35 secret bylaws empowers the NBA to do, but i just don't see the "racism" in the situation. donald sterling wasn't giving an anthropology class or sociology class. as far as "disgusting and divisiveness", i think the guy is moron and callous, but how did he get duped into this weird situation? i don't share his sentiments but this is beyond me. listen, the Rabbis stated a long time ago "who is honored? one who honors the (other) creations". donald sterling has proven himself to be quite dishonorable, to say the least. As

people who hold views that one race is better than the other, the one shouldn't be "seen" with the other race, well those people are racist!

such, i wouldn't go near him. like i wrote, a shonda for the goyim. never said i approved of or condoned his actions or feelings; i just can't figure out how all this bizarre stuff happened in a whirlwind. dave, i understand how many, many, people are offended by what the guy said, to say the least. wouldn't we all rather not be involved in this junk but rather be caught up in something like this:


Very , very bizarre situation for the NBA...sure all the owners can vote to kick him out but who's going to force him to sell?... Legally the guy can take action and tie this thing in the courts for years..

the (real) dave in los angeles,

after the first definition of "racism" which addresses the notion that one's own race is superior to another, the secondary and tertiary definitions do include the notions of "discrimination" and "intolerance", so i guess donald sterling could be defined as a "racist" by the notion of "intolerance" (can't tolerate his girlfriend bringing "off-white" friends to clipper games) based on his conversation that revealed his feeling. this sad sack of an owner would have to pick the time of the zenith of his teams history to undo something like 30-40 years of ineptitude- basically the entire period of "clipperdom"
since the team moved west after being the buffalo braves in the good old days of bob macadoo and randy smith (best, purest jump shot in NBA history). i am officially done with this issue after reading the 2nd and 3rd definitions of the term. as is said in yiddish-"ginik shoyn"- enough already.

nice one, leshonda.
of course, finding ANY extreme of a religion will show some intolerance or racism, but the majority of jews don't feel that way, i can assure you.
we love the goyim.. ham, white bread, objects of humor, etc.. our jewish race would lose a lot of there were a dearth of goyim..

The big question is “What should be done next?” I hope Sterling loses his franchise. I hope whoever made this illegal tape is sent to prison. I hope the Clippers continue to be unconditionally supported by their fans. I hope the Clippers realize that the ramblings of an 80-year-old man jealous of his young girlfriend don’t define who they are as individual players or as a team. They aren’t playing for Sterling—they’re playing for themselves, for the fans, for showing the world that neither basketball, nor our American ideals, are defined by a few pathetic men or women.

Well said Tommy-Son...

My boy Jose Fernandez is just dominating the Braves again, 8 complete innings ...only two hits allowed..

david from la does a lot of bitching about old people on social security, and medicare. If it was not for and old man who was banging his mother, when he was supposed to be working in his parents yard, he would of been nothing but a stain in his mothers pantys.

This is disgusting. Let the man think what he wants. The second amendment is dead in the water in this country if an individual expresses his feelings and they offend someone. You certainly do not have to agree with his views, but let the market place sort it out.

Oh, and what about the bitch that secretly recorded all of these private conversations? Anyone here want everything that they say in an assume private setting recorded? Didn't think so. Affirmative action in action.

Whoops, didn't mean second ammendment, but first!

Sterling, besides being a nut job and ego-maniac (he owns a HUGE portion of Beverly Hills) is certainly an enigma. He employed Elgin Baylor, a black man an ex Laker HOF'er, in most NBA circles considered the worst GM in the league for over 20 years. Other teams would have probably fired Baylor after 4-5 at most. he hires Doc, a black man. Yes, the best coach available, so at that moment Sterling had his wits about him.

An 80 year man, high on Viagra screwing around with this "shiksa"...OK I said the S word....
Sterling has to go, as David said for the BUSINESS and image of the NBA.

However, Barkley works after saying 20 years ago that the only reason Larry Bird was idolized by the press and fans was that he was WHITE. Now the "The NBA is a black league." 80% of the paying customers are WHITE, as are the viewers on TV, those who purchase merchandise, etc. 40% of the HC's and officials are black, a totally disproportionate # to the population.
Personally, I'd be just fine relegating the NBA to blacks if that's how they feel. Wait, college football and the NFL are also TECHNICALLY "black leagues."

Without the support of non minorities, neither would exist. Guess that leaves me with MLB and hockey. Am I now a racist if I watch those sports?

Do all the race baiters see how ridiculous all this is?

Since we've opened a can of worms, I hope the Fins draft 2 WHITE O-Lineman, for in my book, the ONLY guy with any stones on the fins o-line was Richie.

"our jewish race would lose a lot of there were a dearth of goyim.."

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | April 29, 2014 at 08:02 PM
Unfortunately, David, 1/3 of the world would fewer exactly opposite as regards the Jews.
Which is why I scratch my head wondering why liberals get in line to support the so-called "Palestinians" , or standing behind race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. Not to mention the Charles Barkleys of the world.
These and others would like nothing better than to send all the Jews to Mars on a one way ticket.

"Feel", not "fewer."

Sorry to dominate here. Just thinking that Silver's decision now opens the door even wider for the inevitable pissing contest between Silver and Goodell. Pouncey will get a 6 game suspension. before the Sterling debacle, it would have 2-4 at most.
Quien es muy macho? or something like that.

Shadow, thanks for the JB. Michael Jackson had a great dance teacher.
I played a show with Brown, TV Momma, Betty Wright, and Sam & Dave. (I was the B3 player with the latter...sporting a major afro.)
Around 1968, or '69, can't remember. No surprise there.

Actually it may have been TV Mama.
Bed time.

I don't condone Sterling's comments but the idiots are showing up somehow trying to stoke the flames of racism by calling Sharpton and other Black leaders race baiters.
Sterling is a Jew who has forgotten all about the mistreatment and murder Jews suffered under the Nazis. African Americans must give Donald Sterling credit for one truth---he said in his recorded comments that many Jews in Israel treat Africans very poorly---
The undercover racists---and they've come here and posted for years---are trying to equate a Charles Barkley quote to the racist comments of Donald Sterling. IMAWriter be bold! Free speech is all yours!
Tell us all how you really feel. The NBA, NFL, and the other league filled with minorities, (as you describe them) would do just fine without your dollars. Many people see right through your coded message, buddy! You're free to join Sterling on the wrong side of humanity and race relations in this country. There can be no doubt about this! We cannot judge fairly anyone, solely based on the color of their skin.

Oh, and what about the bitch that secretly recorded all of these private conversations? Anyone here want everything that they say in an assume private setting recorded? Didn't think so. Affirmative action in action.

Posted by: Zulu 1 | April 29, 2014 at 11:44 PM

Not a lawyer but I thought recording someone was a No-No without there consent...
Or is it a No-No only in the court room......
not supporting the guy, but I mean come on,Watch what you say on the phone while your talking to your mistress boys.....

zulu, this isn't a 1st amendment issue, you dummy.
as usual, posting out of your tuchus, which is smarter than the rest of you.
the NBA isn't governed by the constitution of the united states, genius.
it's a corporation governed by it's OWN rules and regulations.
and the marketplace, meaning the 29 OTHER TEAMS, have in fact spoken, and they all want sterling out.
he is free to sit on your front lawn as you play with yourself, listening to his racist rants, and he won't be arrested for doing so, although you might.

once again, this isn't a constitutional issue. owning a team is not a right given us by the founders; it's a privilege, and one that is directly linked to the other members of the fraternity..

it's just like a conservative, (IMA), to compare brash comments 20 years ago from a player known for outspokenness especially in his youth, (and he was partially right concerning bird's popularity), to a KNOWN RACIST who was not only the subject of MULTIPLE lawsuits from tenants and former employees over the past 30 years, but was actually caught on tape ESPOUSING disgusting racial views.

how, in your convoluted world, is there equivalency between these 2 men?

as for your comment regarding jews, well judaism supports equal rights for all, (including palestinians), judaism supported civil rights, workers rights and many other noble achievements fought against by conservatives.
as for our enemies, who cares?
they can get in line behind the assyrians, babylonians, romans, ancient greeks, the persians, the ottomans, the catholic crusaders, (hi baby!) the nazis and every other group that tried to get rid of us.
in case you haven't noticed, we aren't going anywhere.. lol

good comment on the sterling issue, tom.
that's 2 comments in a row i've agreed with you on.

i suspect the sterling story has yet to be fully written. if you listen to the recording it is clear the girlfriend is pulling this chit out of sterling intentionally. why? extortion? well releasing the recording blows that theory. this girl is obviously a money grubbing whore so what's in it for her? was she paid by someone else to make the recording? who? why would someone else want sterling on tape making these kind of comments? think. was it all designed to pull the franchise from sterling? who is going to benefit from sterling's fall? or is this all a billion dollar coincidence?

at the end of the day, those were his thoughts and he got what he deserved but there is more to this story than meets the eye. i suspect this is going to get very interesting. sterling with a boat load of money and not near enough time left in life to spend it will probably spend a good bit of it trying to find out who was behind setting this up. if i were an NBA owner or owner-wanna-be I would be very nervous.

unbelievable these conservative clowns can come here and post whatever they want and opposing views are deleted from the blog. Great job Miami Herald---go ahead and allow all of the coded racial stereotypical comments by IMAWriter here.

Equal rights?

Israel is a racist apartheid state...

Stiviano's lawyer said his client was a hardworking young woman who supported herself working as a waitress and who volunteered to help crime victims, before signing on to work as an archivist for Sterling. He did not elaborate on what the archivist job entailed.


I can tell you.... sucking The Donald's, Sterling not Trump, dick.


Listening to the tape you can pretty clearly tell that Sterling is a racist. He essentially said that blacks shouldn't be allowed in public. Funny you visiting the TMZ website I can't really picture that scene. Strange contradiction is that Sterling hired Doc Rivers and gave him full control of the franchise decision making etc. A black man. Doesn't make sense but I guess his real views came out on tape despite his allowing a black man to run his franchise.

I just saw where you and IMA touched on those subjects a bit. IMA I hope you're wrong 6 games without Pouncey would be quite problematic.

Tom, I'll say this. If Magic Johnson ends up owning the Clippers AND he just happened to be the source subject of Sterling's downfall. Now THERE'S an interesting bit of coincidence.

the (real) dave in los angeles,

try listening to this gem- a "letter from america" by the great englishman alistair cooke. i heard it first in the Holy Land and was astonished to hear this on the very anti-semitic BBC; however, alistair cooke was such an institution that his comments could not be corraled. this is a beautiful piece of social commentary, just a wonderful piece of opine/journalism. and yes, all the great civilizations that had us contributing to their efforts and decided to "step on us" have disappeared into the (love cliched) "dustbin of history".


enjoy this bit of social commentary by one of english's greatest practitioners.

Israel uses that victim card to extort the gullible goyims in the US into giving them enough money to keep their apartheid state going.


"Bleached into Anglo-saxon." Great line.

Larry Bird wasn't any more popular than Magic Johnson or Doctor J. His being white had nothing to do with him being popular he just happened to be a great player who was white. david playing the "people liked Bird more because he was white" card today based on no evidence whatsoever just his opinion. Had to get in your Catholic opinions too I see like The Crusades are at all representative of the current church views. You calling woody old is ironic your views are old world.

Barkley was totally stupid for saying that as well and you partially agreeing with him puts you right in his camp. I am sure Barkley has endured racism in his life but making statements like that doesn't help the cause. It is just outdated thinking that paints white people in a bad light for no reason other than to criticize. I actually liked Doctor J and Magic better than Larry growing up yes OC it's true.

Crusades are so 8 centuries ago, current Catholic church views are to rape children and pay them not to tell anyone.


Looks like Oprah might be buying the Clippers speaking of more irony.

A very dark period in church history but I won't abandon the message of Jesus or my church because of it. I will forgive and move on. As will most of the 1 billion strong Catholics on the planet. You're probably an atheist anyway go away.

I think I have a spastic colon...

Where have all the flowers gone...

My, my, my why would you need a mistress when you're already married to such a lovely, lovely "lady"...


And ahh so attractive too...

Cote, I hope you weren't spilling your drinks on dur Fuhrer's daughter at the Boss' concert...


Cote, Bruce was no Sammy Davis Jr...


Child rape is probably the pinnacle of the Catholic church's disgraceful history

Spoken like a man intolerant of religion I am sure you are really proud of yourself though!

BB..why would the league suspend Pouncey?..it ain't his fault that J Martin is a sorry ass coward and didn't stand up for himself..it would be setting a bad precedent for the league...

Tom, OC and BB..check out this article from the herald on Aaron Donald/Dolphins interest..just like I told you guys.


Big Baby calling someone stupid: the definition of pot meeting kettle.

You are the biggest idiot in this blog's history.

Butthurt Todd doesn't like my politics so instead of using his time more usefully he prefers to go keyboard commando. Go get em' Rambo.

Whatever happened to roid rage anyway. hmmm seeing a lot of similarities here.

FZB Pouncey certainly faces a suspension any person with half a brain knows it is a possibility. Your feelings about bullygate are well known but reality is Pouncey fu*ked up and he probably knows it too. Bet he would act differently now if he had the chance.

my feeling have always been the same...Incognito is a jerk but he got hosed by his coward friend...Pouncey was just along for the ride...Martin should have put a stop to it but he didn't.

I doubt he gets suspended..

That is a great Springsteen set list. No surrender, The River, Prove It All night my faves. I would rather see lesser known songs being played they are better than the hits. Thanks for posting Greg only saw Bruce once 1992 Hartford Civic Center great show. Not a devotee but he's really an incredible performer.

FSU will kick Winston off the baseball team but you know they aren't kicking him off the football team. Double standard?

FZ, it has nothing to do with what Pouncey did or didn't to Martin. The reason he is under question for a suspension is due to his account of what was going with Martin when Ted Wells directly questioned him. Wells has already gone on record stating that Pouncey's account was inconsistent with the facts. In other words, he lied to the investigation.

The NFL will most likely suspend Pouncey for a game or three.


The Dolphins are not drafting Aaron Donald.

As far Shamus Jamus WTF does FSU care about him stealing. If they give rape a pass you know stealing crab legs from Publix doesn't even merit a discussion with the assistant to the assistant coach.


In one fan's humble opinion, I do not think position necessarily matters with the first round pick for the Dolphins for this year. What matters is that wherever they play, they start, and 10 years from now, they are still starting, and starting for this team. For a team that seemed to struggle with leadership last year, we need to find as many as possible. I believe Tannenhill will still be one. But when this franchise was relevant last, we had multiple entrenched leaders. Bowens, Madison, Taylor, Thomas. So whether we go receiver, linebacker, lineman, TE, S....I just want to be able to watch the 2024 Dolphins take the field and tell be able to tell small children stories about them dating back to this draft.

"Equal rights?

Israel is a racist apartheid state..." -wat?

wow, the dummy hits just keep coming.
israel is actually a parliamentary democracy, the ONLY democracy in the middle east, AND a country where arab citizens actually have more rights than anywhere else.
as far as their handling of the occupied territories, (territories that were captured when those countries, (jordan, egypt and syria) ATTACKED israel and went to war), it does leave a bit to be desired.
but calling israel a racist apartheid state because they GO OUT OF THERE WAY to avoid war in those territories would be like calling america a prison state because of what we do in OUR occupied territory in cuba, iraq and many other places.
i can assure you and every other jew hating douche that if the united states was continuously being bombed and terrorized by mexico, we would have invaded them and annexed them by now.

oh wait.. that's exactly what we did.. lol

Big Baby,

i saw the very young bruce springsteen as the opening act for kingfish (hobby band for bob weir and david torbert, RIP) and dr. hook. his "greetings from asbury park" had just come out and i bought a promo at the great aron's records just across from my high school. the album had a fold out in front with a facsimile of a post card with the title of the album on it. he was doing his "little dylan" act and hadn't started putting oldies into his sets (at least that one). most of my deadhead friends didn't care for his material, but the ole shadow stated that he just needed to "borrow" some tunes from other artists and he'd be just fine. next thing you know he was doing clubs and broadcasting the shows live over the radio-using other people's material. particularly terrific was his version of manfred mann's "pretty flamingo", which i will try to find on youtube and post. next he started doing gary (u.s.) bonds songs with mr. bonds joining him on stage- "twist,twist, senora", "new orleans" and other rockers. i got bored with him after he did the phil spector "wall-of-sound" on the "born to run" album, with "she's the one" having the basic rock and roll beat. after that, the omly song of his that i thought was noteworth was "badlands". well, let'stry to find "pretty flamingo":


here isthat very recording!!! ah, the pleasures of youtube!!

or should i start posting as:
(the real) david in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula, mexico.

one thing about you silly antisemites, you're all so ridiculously stupid and easy to smack down..

you go to war, you lose the war, you lose the land.

if you want the land, just say you don't want the war, and MAYBE you'll get it back, but not always.
in fact, nowhere in history has the victor of a war started by others been asked to give land back, especially when the warring party hasn't declared peace.

that being said, i, (and a majority of israelis), do think the land should be returned, but since jordan, (the country it was taken from), relinquished rights, it presents a strange conundrum, one certainly slowed even more by ignorant anti-jewish frothing from politically and sociology deficient posters like "wat".

Didn't get to go to the game but watched commissioner Silver's statement yesterday. The guy mensched up big time. The fact that Donald Sterling has the right to say what ever is certainly trumped by the fact that black players, coaches, and other blacks involved in the NBA, not to mention millions of fans all over the world who are of color have every right to tell Sterling to shove his team up his ass. Just because you happen to have millions in the bank doesn't mean jack squat.

I'm not better than anyone but no one is better than me.

Yesterday was a good day for the NBA and for the USA. This was a no brainer. If you're an African American and people came before you and refused at great peril to sit at a lunch counter in Selma, Alabama how in the world could you look at your grandfather or grandmother in the face and take the court after what this SOB said?

Wasn't going to happen. All I have to do is change his words from Blacks to Cubans and I would be telling Donald Sterling to shove it.

When you have a racist nation founded on the idea that it's citizens are divinely "chosen" it's inevitable that you're going to wind up with an apartheid state. Israel stopped negotiating with Palestine because they wouldn't recognize their racist demands to be recognized as a Jewish state with all non-Jews as third class citizens.

The next LA Clippers game I think it would be great if the stands were filled with smiling happy successful biracial couples. If you don't have a biracial mate just bring a black guy or gal with you. Like this guy...


When you have a racist nation founded on the idea that it's citizens are divinely "chosen" it's inevitable that you're going to wind up with an apartheid state. Israel stopped negotiating with Palestine because they wouldn't recognize their racist demands to be recognized as a Jewish state with all non-Jews as third class citizens.

Posted by: anti-Israel ≠ anti-jewish | April 30, 2014 at 07:08 PM

wrong again.
israel was a nation for thousands of years; reestablishing it again, after almost 2000 years of exile, persecution and extermination was a no brainer.
you're taking a tenet of judaism, (the chosen people), and applying it to the government of israel.

nothing could be more idiotic and stupid.

for one thing, while jews are described as the chosen people, what that refers to in judaism is that jews are chosen to be in a covenant with ONE GOD, instead of multiple gods. it's a status that carries multiple responsibilities and blessings that are described in detail in the old testament.
it has NOTHING TO DO with racial superiority, and NOWHERE in jewish dogma even at it's purest and oldest form does that translate into condemning others without those beliefs, (unlike traditional christianity or islam).
of course you would have to put down your copy of the protocols of the elders of zion to read it, but that would be on YOUR dumb a#$.
i already explained israel is a parliamentary democracy where ALL CITIZENS; arab, christian and jew ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS, you idiot.
but please, keep your brilliant comments coming.
maybe i'll post a link to pics of my horns soon..

the (real) david in los angeles,

you are one of the few who remember that jordan gave up sovereignty of the west bank, making it a no man's land there for the taking, and the israelis were there. you are also correct when stating that the arabs who left their homes voluntarily between 1948 and 1967 are treated like dirt by their other arab cousins and those who remained in the Holy Land are so much more better off than those who left that it is ridiculous. the only bizarre aspect is that jordan let loose what they lost by entering the fray AGAINST THE ADVICE OF THE ISRAELIS except that the state of israel let them be the caretakers of the Temple Mount.

Big Baby,

i guess i saw bruce springsteen in 1974 and the tour from which "pretty flamingo" was taken was in 1975- and i was done with him by then. i do remember being enchanted by "pretty flamingo" as i listened to the broadcast-the pre-song rap was good- but jeez, he is still doing the song with the rap intro almost FORTY YEARS after the posted recording!!!! i don't have the time to compare the 2010+ version to the one from the roxy; i'll just listen to the very awesome version he put out to increase his audience when he went on "the radio tour" in 1975. FORTY YEARS AGO!! unreal!

Big Baby,

i just gave the posted "pretty flamingo" and it sounds better than it did in 1975!! it is a must listen and you can see from the commenters on youtube that many thought this to be the best version of a great song- kinda like the dead doing "hard to handle" at the hollywood palladium (the ole shadow was in that audience; here tis:


enjoy both!!!

The Clippers owner, Donald Sterling holds views that many people in this country hold. He is not alone in his racist worldview. These "so-call" posters who visit here to bring up the names Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Charles Barkley--and attempt to make them apart of the Sterling problem are nothing more than closet racists themselves. They're not interested in good dialogue and debate about race. I hope IMAWriter and those who prescribe to his views can find a similar mistress like the genius Donald Sterling. Someone who will stab you in the back so hard creating your worst nightmare! As a Jew Sterling should be vilified and those like him will find themselves on the wrong side of humanity and race relations in America.

Winston: first a Rapist, now a thief; that about sums up FSU

Marc J. Randazza, a Las Vegas-based First Amendment attorney, wrote in an op-ed for CNN that the NBA is private club and can punish Sterling as it sees fit.
But, Randazza wrote, it was morally wrong to leak the audio and violate Sterling's privacy.

We all say things in private that we may not say in public, he said, but "we now live in a world where if you have any views that are unpopular, you now not only need to fear saying them in public, but you need to fear saying them at all -- even to your intimate friends."


The slippery slope of sanctioning private thoughts. We are treading on very thin ice. What thoughts are next? Personal religious beliefs that liberals perceive as intolerant? Really scary chit here.

I vote for banning Cote for life. Springsteen is a has been and sucks the big one.

"What bothers me about this whole Donald Sterling affair isn’t just his racism. I’m bothered that everyone acts as if it’s a huge surprise. Now there’s all this dramatic and very public rending of clothing about whether they should keep their expensive Clippers season tickets. Really? All this other stuff I listed above has been going on for years and this ridiculous conversation with his girlfriend is what puts you over the edge? That’s the smoking gun?"

"He was discriminating against black and Hispanic families for years, preventing them from getting housing. It was public record. We did nothing. Suddenly he says he doesn’t want his girlfriend posing with Magic Johnson on Instagram and we bring out the torches and rope. Shouldn’t we have all called for his resignation back then?"
by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

There can be no doubt about this! We cannot judge fairly anyone, solely based on the color of their skin.

Posted by: Rabblerouser | April 30, 2014 at 12:57 AM

Please tell this to Spike Lee who has publicly stated "I was mad enough to kill a bunch of whites," and has publicly said several anti-white comments. Yet he is employed by the NBA, has a radio show, and was once, I believe a "minority" owner of the Nets.
I don't see the NBA banning him.

A dozen player have called various opponents and officials "faggot." The result? measly fines a 8-10 game suspensions. No one banished from the league. JayZ goes to games proudly wearing a medallion that proclaims that whites are the devils. he's not banned from the NBA. What's the difference between the inane ramblings of a recognized bigot...Sterling, and the overt racism of Lee and JayZ?

David, as aaas stated by I believe Shadow, it was the arab communities that basically disenfranchised the group now know as "Palestinians." Study history and you'll know there was no such thing until Yasser Arafat's group found a name that sounded sympathetic enough. If you lost relatives as I did in the dark days of WW12, you'd be a lot less sympathetic to groups that would destroy Israel.
I have several Catholic friends who also lost loved ones. many don't know millions of Catholics and other Christian sects were also gassed, shot or otherwise disposed of.
Don't tell me you lost anyone, as based on your rhetoric, I'd say you weren't being truthful.

Springsteen is the Wayne Newton of pop/rock.
Hours long shows filled with horrible, redundant solos, pompous songs, lousy singing, but MAN do you get your money's worth IF Quantity is your thing.

Happy days are here again! Mike D'Antoni resigns as the Lakers coach. I couldn't be happier!

I stole the above Twitter tweet from Magic. I couldn't have said it any better.

i respectfully say to you as a jew, and as one who LIVED IN ISRAEL for 2 months, i will not be lectured by you to study the history of my people and it's land, got it? i know more about it than most people; it's why i was there.. i was studying it!
i'm sorry about your catholic friends that lost people in world war II.
we lost 6 million, pal. at least.
this issue has nothing to do with that.
it's a numbers game, it's not a who is right or wrong game.
as jews who lived in exile for 2000 years, the right thing to do is to help those living in exile now, just not at the expense of israel's security.
giving back the west bank will not hurt israel. giving the refugees a home is the right thing to do, no matter who is responsible for their plight.
yes the arabs are mainly responsible. but ask any israeli how he feels when right wing ultra orthodox settlers who don't serve in the army OR pay taxes keep cutting into the occupied territories with more settlements; it's a disgrace, and it is making the problem worse.
jordan and egypt came to the peace table and got their land back, (egypt), while jordan received water rights and technology.
it is in the strategic, economic and social interest of the israelis to have this issue resolved, period.

shadow I have the Kingfish CD their only one I believe it isn't great but I'll listen to anything by Bobby had to give it a try. Thanks for the other links Pigpen was a one of a kind talent too bad the guy drank a gallon of whiskey a day. Incredible stage presence and voice he was hard to replace but the band kept on going didn't really miss a beat but their music changed a lot without Pigpen.

Ultra orthodox settlers? Israel is establishing illegal settlements by official policy to sabotage peace talks and keep their racist apartheid state intact.


Spike Lee? Jay Z---look! IMAWriter! Study history? The history says minorities only represented 3/5 of a human being or have you forgotten? I'm not mad at Donald Sterling for being to stupid and senile at age 80 to recognize that a young woman who smiled at him once and promised him the BJ to end all BJs-- is only interested in a big payday.
I'm far more insulted and taken aback by your lame attempt to turn any tables in this argument. History? Are you serious? The larger argument is the continued housing discrimination and racism suffered by many minorities set in motion, and practiced to this day by whites, accidental or not. Not only here in America! but all across this globe! No! No! do not attempt to twist my words, for I know many good and decent people of all races but for you to come here once again to rally the bigots to your cause is absolutely ridiculous!
Everyone reading here that's honest knows many people feel the exact same way as Donald Sterling. 1) You would take great issue with your wife or girlfriend befriending and cajoling with a group of young African American males, no matter what she told you. 2) Honesty requires people like you to say what's the big deal with having minorities for a neighbor. 3) You need to stop worrying about Jay Z and Spike Lee, as I am sure they have plenty of influential "white friends" certainly more so than your engagement with those different from you.

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