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April 09, 2014

Thu pm 4-10: Who is now Heat's main obstacle in East? Poll. Vote!; plus Kaepernick cop report, Dolphins draft, Hank Aaron, U.S. World Cup soccer vid & more

1) It is THURSDAY, APRIL 10. Quick question after watching Marlins blow a 5-0 lead at Nationals last night: What's the point of having a relief pitcher who isn't big on control or throwing strikes? Talkin' about you, Carlos Marmol. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL Draft/QB poll, Heat-Nets, UConn, Masters odds, Mickey Rooney, Bob Coy & more. 3) Follow on Twitter @gregcote.

Miami cops investigating Kaepernick: Miami police are investogating 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick for an alleged sexual assault. Backgrounder HERE. Police report HERE.

Dolphins' latest first-round projection: This via Todd McShay's Mock 4.0 today on ESPN.com: Miami at No. 19 drafts Virginia offensive tackle Morgan Moses. (There is a growing consensus that Notre Dame OT Zach Martin will be gone by 19 and it might take a trade-up to get him).

On Hank Aaron, 40 years later: This week is 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's career home run record. In today's latest column I reflect on how Aaron was a victim of the times -- then, and now. Click on The Real Home Run King to read. 

1aa1athreeblind"Yes, that absolutely was a foul on LeBron James in the closing seconds the other night against Brooklyn. NBA officiating crew played by Three Blind Mice." --Greg Cote

NBA'S EASTERN LANDSCAPE SHIFTS, BUT HIERARCHY DOESN'T: Indiana was the hot pick to unseat champion Miami before the Pacers' recent fade. Brooklyn nominates itself as King-

1aa1ablocklebronslayer now with its newly minted 4-0 season record vs. the Heat. Chicago and Joakim Noah always seem to give Miami a tough time. (Toronto is pretty good, too). Point is, Miami could have a tough time from somebody getting to a fourth straight NBA Finals in search of a third straight title ... but from who? Click on Still Chasing Heat for my column off Tuesday's 88-87 home loss to Brooklyn preceding last night's loss at Memphis. I write how the East's landscape may shift, but the hierarchy has not. Now it's your turn. We asked this same poll question before the season, last September, and will be interested to compare results. Who, right now, looks Miami's toughest challenge in the Eastern Conference playoffs? Vote and say why.

DOLPHINS PRESEASON SCHEDULE: Kickoff times and most exact dates not out yet, but NFL and Dolphins announced the team's preseason exhibition schedule would be at Atlanta (wekend of Aug. 7-10), at Tampa Bay (Aug. 14-18), then home games vs. Dallas (Aug. 21-24) and St. Louis (Thursday, Aug. 28).

AWESOME U.S. WORLD CUP VIDEO: ESPN has a new promo for the summer World Cup in Brazil and it is entitled "American Outlaws," after a U.S. fan group. The name of the group and video is apt, because American soccer fans are sort of the outlaws of American sports, growing, but still cult-sized compared to football, basketball and baseball fans. There is also an element of "us against the world," given the enormous mass popularity of soccer elsewhere more than here. The video is awesome. Goosebumpy.


Poll result: UCF's Bortles is top QB in draft: We asked who among the three consensus first-round quarterbacks will go first in next month's NFL Draft (you may still vote), and it was 50.97 percent for UCF's Blake Bortles, 32.04% for Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, and 16.99% for Louisville's (and Miami's) Teddy Bridgewater.

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Foul? I am crying foul Cote hates organized religion and Republicans. He's a hack of the highest order. When LeBron gets stuffed America wins. I win. You lose.

"I win"

What a sad and bitter comment...

Heat biggest challenge is Cote's love affair for king james aka LeBron.

Greg, you're not new to sports. When was the last time you saw an NBA game where a ref called a foul with a second to go that sends the trailing player to the line to potentially win the game?

Like Shaquille O said, "just never happens."

A president fails by having an affair with a 21 year old intern in the White House. This same president as governor of a state assaulted a government worker in a hotel room and raped another woman. Yet after all of this, he is still hailed as a hero. A cleric fails by having an affair(s) and he is condemned as the worst person in the world no doubt ruined forever.

Interesting how the political persuasion of those who fail is directly related to how the media portrays the failings and the failed.

heh Cote?

Presidents don't makes millions of dollars telling people the right and moral way to live their life.

Millions and millions of people look up to the President and consider him a role model. His standard is the same. Fail.

Really? How naive. I guess you haven't been following Bubba's bank account since leaving office.

I am on your side.

A megachurch pastor is literally paid to tell people how to live moral lives. A president is not.

I can't wait till Friday to see whether Kevin Costner picks Johnny Manziel or Sammy Watkins with his fourth overall pick for Cleveland.

Bet here says Manziel.

President is a role model. dUh is a hopeless liberal.

Bet you don't believe in either major party though right?

dUh you should learn a lesson from your hero

“I learned a lot from the stories my uncle, aunts and grandparents told me: that no one is perfect but most people are good; that people can’t be judged by their worst or weakest moments; that harsh judgements can make hypocrites of us all; that a lot of life is just showing up and hanging on; that laughter is often the best, and sometimes the only response to pain."

From "My Life" by Bubba

You're the one who dumped on Clinton dumbass. So who's the hypocrite?

you're the hypocrite because you're the one making a moral distinction between a pastor who impacts relatively few and a president who impacts the world....talk about dumbass...you win, i give.

I just prefer to call all liberals asswipes, this way I don't have to have a good memory.

OC, Costner's gonna initially pick a wrinkly & decrepit Susan Sarandon and then, on second thought, toss her back...

dukey, I believe wrinkly & decrepit Sarandon has been on the market since 2009, when that other GM, Tim Robbins elected not to renew her contract.

dukey did you ever get one of those knee scooters?

a movie about the NFL draft?..how exciting..

I actually like Costner, he's made a couple of good films , loved field of dreams (cried like a little girl too since it reminded me of playing catch with my old man) and also liked Bull Durham..

Waterworld too...hehe, just kidding there.


From the previews it appears to be a revisionist account of the Dolphins last year. Maverick GM wants to create his own team regardless of what the coach says. The capologist is a woman who mediates the conflicts between the coach and GM. Unlike the real Dolphins the capologist in Draft Day sides with the GM in the movie. I don't know the ending but given the star of the movie is the GM my guess is he turns out to be right.

No, Tom. What happens is that the Kevin Costner character's next door neighbor is some guy named Jeff Scotland, who convinces him that he ought to use his #1 pick on a punter.

you can bet OC will be the first one to go see it, we just have to wait for our "movie expert" to review it and give us the thumbs up or down.

Ha Ha no Tom they look too ridiculous as Desi Arnez would say...

so politicians stand on the same moral ground as the clergy, baby?
sounds like an opinion only a "evolution theorist" could have.. lol

I can tell you from experience my good friend that the knee scooter is a BABE magnet. The chicks love it. And it is much easier to get around.

Hmmm might be worth a try if the ether & roofies don't do the trick...

a good read on the coaches FAILURE last year to maximize wallace.
and i thought it was all ireland's fault!
i think he's going to have a ridiculous year next year with lazor at the controls..

Bi-weekly check: yep,still the stupidest bloggers on the internet

David..how dare you say our coaches failed last year, it was all Ireland's fault..you should know that already.

yup, clueless Joe and his offensive coordinator failed to be creative with the offense by not running the ball more and getting the ball to Mike Wallace in space but I blame Ireland.

and the back stabbing bitch sold Ireland down the river and created all kinds of internal problems for the team but I still blame Ireland..hehe

and our clueless HC had zero clue what was going on in his locker room but I still blame Ireland.

RE: "the american outlaws"

at least there are a few citizens of nthe good ole USA who understand futbol and get into it in the manner of fans of the european sides. not one post regarding uconn/kentucky which was an especially well played game; only an incredibly lame TO by john (he can recruit but ain't much of a coach while the game is being played) prevented a last to the second game. the performances by the harrison brothers, who did not show up at all, is more evidence that we oughta be done with "one and done". james young and julius randle played really decent games, especially young, but he should stay on for another year- a really dynamic and clutch played. julius randle is a terror around the basket with his shotblocking and often shows finesse in hois game. a guy with no tattoos (at least visible) and a very solid player who probably will make the jump to the pros and will play many minutes and depending on who gets him, maybe will start.

Big Baby,

shabazz napier was fantastic!! i thought kemba walker was incredible, and shabazz was right there with kemba walker in taking his team to the title. collge basketball is a point guard's game, and methinks that if jeremy lin is still playing in the pros, then young mr. napier (not that young as he played through his senior season) can play in the pros. leadership? how about pushing his teammate into the correct spot shows what a leader on the floor does. a really good game because kentucky's freshmen twins didn't show up. canines (uconn's huskies) vs. felines (kentucky's wildcats)? i'll take a dog in a fight with a cat anytime.

I'm very familiar with Todd Rundgren's butthole.

Hank Aaron Compares Republicans That Oppose Obama To KKK

Way to alienate more than half your fans Hank.

What do you expect from a soul less darkie?

Hammering Hank said THAT?..here's what I'll say about that..fack off Hank...but I still think you're the true HR champion..

Hammerin Hank took that racist card right out of my playbook. We believe in the BIG LIE. It worked for me twice, 2008 and 2012. That's how you get...

R S P E C T!

Hank Aaron couldn't carry Willy Mays' spikes out to the field. If he didn't play all those years at the launch pad of Fulton County Stadium not only would he not have broken Ruth's record but he wouldn't have had more homers than Willy. Mays was twice the player that Aaron was.

Don Saluchi,

willie mays is miles ahead of all the greats of his era, which is saying a lot. better than mantle and f. robinson alone is awesome. i think that the bambino and headless ted williams are the only players to compare with willie mays- the best offensive and defensive plyer at his position don't come around very long. mantle was really great but his bum knee as a result of stepping on a sprinkler head early in his career cost him plenty of plate appearances and HRs lessened his ablity in CF; the mick did win a triple crown, which mays never accomplished. all the ballparks located inside the city- fenway being the prime wxample- had to be squeezed to be located in the city and made for some crazy dimensions, like yankee stadium's under 300 feet LF, fenway's right, and many of the other parks. as for aaron. he played in a bandbox in milwaukee also, but hank aaron was a great ballplayer-at bat and in the field- whom sandy koufax called the toughest batter he faced, which is a tremendous compliment.

shadow I didn't think UConn/ Kentucky was an especially well played game. Coach Calipari said during halftime interview they could have been down 20 and he was right. With you on Randle though I think he is going to be a vg NBA player. Until they change the rules there will be one and dones the allure of NBA money is just too great. You can always go back to college and graduate. Calipari is a great recruiter and great coach maybe not the best x and o guy but his accomplishments speak for themselves. If you say Mays was great in the company of Ted and George Herman then I believe you many say that he was before my time. I still rank Aaron in the Top 5 all time and Jimmy Foxx should also be mentioned as one of the greatest to play he doesn't get a lot of recognition played a long time ago before all of our time.

Throw in Tris Speaker if you really want to go back Baseball reference has him Top 10.

Throw Ty Cobb in there too. Baseball reference has him ranked # 50 that seems low but ok.

Cobb won the 1909 Triple Crown batting 377 with 107 rbi's and 9 HR's. Not a lot of chicks digging the long ball back then.

GO SERGIO!!!!!!!!!!

The greatest player in baseball history was a man named Martin Dihigo. He was a black Cuban ball player. He came up as a rookie in the 1922-1923 season in the Liga Cubana for the La Habana team. He came up as a pitcher but he was an all star at every other position on the field as well. Former Dodgers general manager Al Campanis ("They don't have the necessities.") called him the greatest player that he ever saw. He never got a chance to play in the majors but before Jackie Robinson La Liga Cubana was probably the equivalent of the majors of that era with Latin, American black players, and young white American phenoms who were just starting their careers and played in the league during the winter.


Big Baby,

here are the amazing stats of jimmie foxx, showing monster at the plste with tremendous power and the ability to hit for s very high average. playing in the same ers as the bambino he got lost in thr shuffle, but his athletics at the end of the 20s and eearly 30s were beasts- al simmmons, lefty grov and others:


Jimmy Fox couldn't take Martin Dihigo's spikes out to the field.

wiki en espanol I am sure he is good but not a Jimmie Foxx caliber player.

He struck Jimmy Fox out with three pitches in a game in Havana in 1929......

Get real, bro, before Jackie Robinson the major leagues weren't all that major.

Neat trick in an exhibition game but Foxx is Top 10 on baseball reference. Martin likely would not have reached those heights as good as he may have been.

I couldn't give a flying fock if his name was etched in granite right below the tenth commandment when Moses came down the mountain, when Jimmy Fox played the best baseball players in the world were not allowed to play against him. Horseshit.

I understand your argument to some extent same goes for Negro league players who didn't play Majors but it's the only frame of reference we have for players of that era.

Some people say Cool Papa Bell was the greatest ever same deal.

So what? The fact remains that these players stats are no more legit than what the steroid guys put up and yet they're in the HOF and the juiced guys aren't. Hell, you can easily make an argument that the pre-Jackie Robinson era records are more tainted than Bonds' records.

You can't call yourself the toughest guy in school if you only fight the girls.....

I think Barry Bonds could put on a uniform right now small head and all and get a hit first try that or a walk. All the steroid guys could play how much it inflated their numbers we will never know. If you want to throw everything out from before 1947 then go ahead it's just a different argument those guys could play too but yes their numbers would be lessened.

Lest we not forget the great Josh Gibson in this conversation......

Negro league had some of the best players of all time that were denied there rightful place in baseball history...MEanwhile you got all these juicers nowadays -

I have always been a big Hank Aaron fan and I do believe he is the true holder of the career home run record. But those comments he made yesterday about Republicans being the modern day KKK are absurd. When you throw bombs like that you have to expect some push back. My push back is while I respect Hank Aaron the baseball player I have zero respect for Hank the political commentator. Quite frankly, he's full of shit.

If records would have been kept properly Gibson was said to have had more home runs than Ruth...& dont give me that "it was the negro leagues crap" because Satchel Paige & Martin Dihigo pitched there as well...

BTW - Don Saluchi - My father was taught how to pitch by none other than MArtin Dihigo as a boy. My dad mentions him all the time as one of the greats who never got his day in the bigs.

Hank Aaron is full of shit!

My father used to tell me stories about him too, Orange. Did you ever go to El Cerro to watch the Liga Cubana play? My first experience at a real ball park was there. I went to see a night game. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the field lit up, what a sight.

keeping up with the "Beisbol" theme..let us not forget that many,many great Cubano players made great contributions to the negro leagues.


Tom..there isn't any question that hammering Hank is the true HR champion, unfortunately he's got chit for brains but that's why we live in this great country were everyone is entitle to his opinion without any fear of getting his ass thrown in jail.

Hear, hear, FZB.

my Mom is a second cousin of the great Felo Ramirez (Cuba's greatest baseball announcer and a Cuban national treasure) and I remember one day in 1968 or 1969 just before spring training started he came to dinner to our house and along with him came Mike Cuellar and Camilo Pascual..

I remember my old man was so happy that day, they talked baseball for hours in between Cafe Cubano and playing dominoes..great memories..

Really good article by Robert Davi appearing on Breitbart. Dude is one of those actors who generally gets parts calling for mafioso tough guys. In the land of liberals he stands as one of the few with a brain in his head. Sings like Sinatra to boot!


What's a Breitbart? Is that someone related to Bart Simpson?

It figures you wouldn't know, Woodcock. Your range has always been quite limited.



If you're not Woodcock, you're his twin.

"In our city we would keep Breitbarts in the colored section. I don't want them near schools, or given to children, Breitbarts is an infamia. We would distribute it to the colored's only. Their animals anyway, let them lose their souls if they want to."

"Don Corleone, WTF are breitbarts?" "Santino, didn't I tell you to never discuss the family business with anyone? Wassa da matter with you?"

hey I don't know what's a "Breitbart"..que mierda es eso bra?

Kaepernick tried the same thing with me...

FZB, if told you about Breitbart I would have to kill you.

I googled Breitbart and a picture of this fish came up.

One thing I know for sure, this stiff is not Cuban whomever the fock he is.....


Big Baby,

and a lot of the negro leaguers say josh gibson was the best! i believe that he was a catcher and even the jackrabbits of those leagues couldn't steal off him; i think that josh gibson was the one they were talking about.

Big Baby,

here is the info and cooperstown plaque regarding josh gibson;


Even I recognize Don Saluchi is the ultra-tolerant Woodcock.

Woodcock, ?????????????????????????????????????

Finally, the ultimate scientific invention.

I wonder if they can make them with beer holders?


Hey Joe, did you chage out the Z in Zaluchi to C so as not to get confused with Zorro?

Cote is as ignorant as Aaron and probably agrees that Obama haters are KKK members; but probably 60% of the country would vote Romney if given a do-over.

Don Saluchi, agree 100% re the Say-hey Kid, Willie was the best all around Bb player ever

If you look like a thug, you probably are a thug.

The reviews for the movie Draft Day have started coming in and they are not complimentary. Yup, it may just be The Jeff Ireland Story.

Hey can I buy one of those lab grown vaginas online?...

Gocanes1... Dude you actually think this country if they could have an election do over they wouldn't vote for Obi again?... Listen I know where you're coming from but most of our voters are total retards...specially liberals ...just saying..

I am not related to Jeff Ireland.

Gregory, the NBA announced that the right call was made and LeBron was not fouled at the end of the Nets game.


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