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April 24, 2014

R.I.P. Earl Morrall, 79; plus Heat are angry (war on Charlotte!), Dolphins-schedule poll (vote now), runners, FIU sand volleyball (what?) & more

1) It is FRIDAY, APRIL 25. I'm holed up at Random Evidence Laboratories today craft-brewing Sunday's notes-column package. It's hoppy. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat-Charlotte G2, Arison's guarantee, Heat in Game of Thrones, Bobcat Jesus, Jose Fernandez, Meb Keflezighi, Rubin (Hurricane) Carter & more. 2) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Heat not satisfied with McRoberts fine for LeBron mugging: Charlotte's Josh McRoberts was fined $20,000 yesterday by the NBA for a flagrant 2 foul in Game 2 when his forearm struck LeBron James' throat. McMuggerts is lucky; he should have been suspended for Saturday's Game 3 in Charlotte. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra agreed, saying today, "We disagree with this," meaning just a fine. James said today he is "frustrated" by the pounding he takes but won't retaliate. "This isn't the 1980s," he noted.

1aa1aearlmDOLPHINS ICON EARL MORRALL DEAD AT 79: Quarterback Earl Morrall, who had such a big hand in the Dolphins' 1972 Perfect Season, died this morning in Naples, Fla. after years of declining health. Morrall replaced injured starter Bob Griese in '72 and led the team to nine straight victories and two more in the playoffs before being replaced by Griese in the Super Bowl. Morrall was 38 when Don Shula brought him to Miami in '72. He would start only 12 games over five seasons, but his role in Miami's historic 17-0 season was enough to make him a franchise icon and forge a unique legacy. I have a column on Morrall that is newly online -- click on The Perfect Quarterback to read -- and shipping to Saturday's inky pulp editions. 

1aa1adolsked14RANKING DOLPHINS SCHEDULE 1-THROUGH-16 ON GAME WATCHABILITY: I scan the Dolphins' newly released 2014 schedule, weighing the caliber of each opponent and factoring in home/away, and at first glance I come up with a most-likely record of 8-8. Which means another of those 9-7 to 7-9 range, Stealers Wheel/"Stuck In The Middle With You" seasons may be ahead. NOOOOOOO! The Dolphins have turned into Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Just below there's a poll inviting you to name the Dolphins home game you are most looking forward to. First here's my ranking of all 16 games, not chronologically but 1-through-16 based on watchability and anticipation:

1. Sept. 7 vs. Patriots: Start with division power. No soft-opening here!

2. Nov. 23 @ Broncos: Sorry, I meant to say @ Peyton Manning.

3. Dec. 28 vs. Jets: Season-ender could have playoff stakes for Fins.

4. Dec. 1 @ Jets: Bitter rival. Monday night lights. Any questions?

5. Oct. 12 vs. Packers: Joe Philbin's old team. Oh, and Aaron Rodgers.

6. Dec. 14 @ Patriots: Pack the longjohns. Battle for AFC East crown?

7. Sept. 28 @ Raiders: Wembley in London is why it's interesting.

8. Nov. 13 vs. Bills: Will game live up? It's prime-time Thursday.

9. Dec. 21 vs. Vikings: Adrian Peterson's first career game in Miami.

10. Dec. 7 vs. Ravens: Post-Ray Lewis and off 8-8, BAL not what it was.

11. Oct. 19 @ Bears: Storied opponent, and Soldier Field is still special.

12. Sept. 21 vs. Chiefs: Amply fed Andy Reid had KC 11-5 last year.

13. Nov. 2 vs. Chargers: One of those season-altering tossup games.

14. Sept. 14 @ Bills: Pretty rough when highlight is Ralph Wilson tribute.

15. Nov. 9 @ Lions: Winnable roadie. But pack pass defense for trip.

16. Oct. 26 @ Jaguars: Rotten opponent. Awful fans. Sad stadium.

POLL: WHAT DOLPHINS HOME GAME INTERESTS YOU THE MOST?: Life is full of tough choices, Dolfan. It's a fairly attractive home schedule, and you can only pick the one game you are most looking forward to. Games are listed chronologically. Vote and say why:

NBA SHOULD HAVE PENALIZED LEBRON-MUGGER JOSH "JESUS" McROBERTS: That hard forearm to the throat of LeBron James late in last night's 101-97 Heat playoff win merited a suspension or at least a fine of Charlotte's Josh McRoberts, who we noted in a previous blogpost looks like Jesus. Instead he was fined $20K, which to most NBA players is loose change under the sofa cushion. No flagrant foul was called but the NBA reviewed the play today and called it a flagrant 2. The good news for Miami? The only player better than LeBron is LeBron, angry, and that play could  be the spark Miami needs as it heads to Charlotte for two games starting Saturday. The Heat, though up 2-0, has yet to play exceptionally well in the postseason. Click on Do Not Rile the King for my column off last night's win.

Heat Postseason MVP Standings (through 2 games): Entering Game 3 Saturday: LeBron James 5 points, Dwyane Wade 4, Chris Bosh 2, James Jones 1. (We name 'Heat 3 Stars' every game and award points on a 3-2-1 basis).

The annual Miami Corporate Run displaced and greatly inconvenienced thousands of motorists was contested yesterday on downtown streets. I have noticed that runners are prone to making a public display of their obsession, as with competing en masse and also with those bragadocious, I'm-fitter-than-you '26.2' and '13.1' car decals. Anyway, the winner of last evening's race, pictured front right, was a Mr. James Harden, 24, from Houston, Tex.

1aa1afiusandIN RAPT APPRECIATION OF FIU SAND VOLLEYBALL: The FIU sand volleyball team has earned its first trip to the nationals. We mention that here as a gratuitous excuse to show you the team's more-interesting-than-usual team schedule poster. Sand volleyball is like regular volleyball, but on a beach, or sand made to seem like a beach. What's not to like?



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FZB I plan on attending the Packers game but it will be mostly a family affair. Maybe another time when it's boys night out in MIA.

7-9 here we come!

Jaguar fans aren't awful they used to be very passionate when the team was winning. Like Sun Life is any good Dolphins haven't sold out a game since forever stop being a misguided homer Greg.

I'm going with the last game of the season. Sure, the first game is a close second, but coming off pre-season, the game just doesn't carry as much significance as that last game, which barring a complete collapse by the mammal earlier in the season, will certainly have playoff implications.

Dolphins haven't sold out a game since all the way back in December of 2013. Ya know, the last time they played a home game?

I just can't go with any Jets game ever. There are far more intriguing matchups.

Wow impressive against NE with 10000 Patriot fans in attendance. Attendance sucks otherwise.

Small bathing suits. Fugly gals.

You are a horrible Dolphins fan Big Baby, their last game was against the Jets.

I know that same deal 10000 Jet fans there. Sun Life has low attendance figures almost every year for over a decade that is a fact and the point of the argument. Sorry I used the term sell out now stop stalking me.

Stop trying to talk about the Dolphins when you know nothing about the team or franchise.

I mean really when the owner has to buy seats to avoid blackouts regularly that is a sad sorry state of affairs. Flat out embarrassing like my biggest fan.

Well, folks. You'll excuse me if I don't happen to jump up with excited anticipation over our team's September 7th date with the New Englad Patriots. As we all know, under Belichick, the Pats have a remarkable winning record. Curious about details. I did some research and found yet another head-shaking piece of data.

The Patriots, under Belichick, have an 11-3 won/loss record opening up the season. They have won their last 10 in a row, against losing three out of four during Belichick's first four years.

To me, this exemplifies preparation. One sees it in just about every game they play. Jumping right out of the gate with a win seems paramount to that team. So making the connection -- that given MONTHS to prepare for each year's oponent (victim), should not surprise.

I'm 100% sure that Belichick began preparations for the Dolphins, at about 8:05 pm, EST, last night.

10 and 0. One should wonder why the Dolphins are but a 3.5 underdog this soon.

Likely no Gronk and no film for Bellychuck to study on the new Lazor offense. Timing couldn't be better.

BB, I haven't found anything what so ever on the internet about some stiff named Joe Perry. Am I spelling this guy's name correctly?

I found Perry Como, Mitch Perry, and Periwinkle the Dog in the HOF but not a Joe Perry. Are you sure he's in the American rock HOF, he might be in one of those eastern European HOFs in some dump like Poland or Hungary. I think you're thinking of Joe Welsh, I know he's in the real HOF.

That's Walsh....whatever...

Oh, that guy! Why didn't you tell me that he was a has been, BB? Now I get it, this stiff is in the HBHOF (Has Been Hall of Fame)he must have gotten in with Cindy Lauper and Boy George....No wonder I couldn't find anything about this loser anywhere.

Yes great guitarist, songwriter, vocalist a real stiff that guy.


Yea, no wonder no one knows who the fock this guy is.

Wah, waa, waa, I've heard sweater sound coming out of the tail pipe of a 1954 Buick Roadmaster than the crap that Aerosmith puts out.

Dapper is hobnobbing with Rock Royalty while you listen to your Perry Como records. Advantage Dapper.

I did some work in the studio yesterday with the legendary Bill Clinton. Got a focking stain on my dress for my efforts. Do I pay tax on that?

Aerosmith couldn't open for the New Cristy Minstrels let alone Three Dog Night. If it weren't for tone deaf saps like OC, Aerosmith would have a better chance working as doormen at Caesar's Palace in Vegas than playing with the Doors........

That's what you get for putting your mouth on his sax.

BB, I'd rather change dirty diapers than hang with Dapper and that loser all day having to walk around with ear plugs in my ears to keep from throwing up all over my Bruno Magli blue suede shoes.

Still ad david not even close.

You're starting to lose it BB, WTF did you just say? I think you're starting to get brain damage from all those years of listening to the noise coming from your 8 track blasting Aerosmith in your car.

Bruno Magli, hahahahahahahahahahahaha...

Bluto Blutarski, from Walmart or Target, does not count.

Bruno Magli Supreme, that's his exclusive line for connoisseur's of fine fashion, OC.

Wow Mr. Woodcock, it's pretty sad that you're so upset that a stranger on the internet has something going for him in life. Must be a real loser professionally if it bother you that much.

Do the ones you get at Walmart come with an autographed likeness of Kato Kaelin?

met up with OC for a cup of coffee, turns out we have a lot in common.


Frank Caliendo absolutely nailed this impression.


well boys since I said it before I'll remind you guys again..I will not go to any more Dolphin games in person as long as that asswipe Ross owns the team or untl we win the SB which ever comes first.

OC..if the fackin cheat-triots are 10-0 in the last ten years to start the season it just means the law of averages are in our favor and we have a chance to beat them but of course we have clue-less-Joe in charge of our team so I don't like our chances..

Aerosmith???..hahahahahaha !!!..that band is like total "mierda".

10 and 0, FZ. There's a reason for that.

Damn, Jimbo. I didn't bring along my guitar. How'd you get that pic?!

Jimbo..you're making a big mistake by moving to Austin, don't say we didn't warn you.

"Likely no Gronk and no film for Bellychuck to study on the new Lazor offense. Timing couldn't be better."

i agree COMPLETELY. we started well last year, too, so i think this game will be a fun one for us.
as for joe perry, he's putting out an autobiography in the fall, and he wants to release a record to coincide with the book.
he wants to do a jeff beck style "blow by blow"; grooving instrumental tunes with maybe a couple of vocals.
sweet cat, and definitely rock and roll history with that guy.

and garbage man?
i don't sweat woody; he's all bark and no bite. he's secretly happy for me, as he bides his time in manhattan beach, collecting social security and medicare while railing against entitlements!

"Likely no Gronk and no film for Bellychuck to study on the new Lazor offense. Timing couldn't be better."

i couldn't agree more, baby. we got this one.

hey guys...Beli-Cheat could take a looksie at Chip Kelly's offense from last year to have an idea what Lazor will run here...it will be similar we hope.

Met Jimbo and his wife over coffee. They're both great people who anyone would feel fortunate to call friends. Jimbo was pretty much who I envisioned (given his profession), but for those curious and needing my words-eye description, here goes.

I'm sure he won't take offense. Take Dwayne Johnson's body, place it on a 5'-10" frame and top it off with a goateed Roger Maris' fase on him.

I would have that dude on my team any day of the week.

Oh, oh. Looks it appears the blog is acting weird again. I've just tried to correct -face- but does not show up.


We enjoyed meeting you OC. Likewise, the OC that blogs here is the same in person. Looking forward to hanging out once we get situated in SouthAustin. Living out of a suitcase until July.

FZB, I'm living in Central Louisiana. Not hard to find an upgrade bro. My wife is retired Army and we have kicked around many different areas to reside once I retire. San Antonio is what my wife told me WE like... :) Austin gets us fairly close. I could have hung up the career 18 months ago but somehow I managed to secure 3 promotions in 2 years, all increasing my retirement nest egg. 51 and can still run with the big dogs so I'm not quite ready yet to turn in my tactical team leader gear for lawn darts, white golf shoes.

Shit...I own white golf shoes...

Getting back to my earlier point, folks. Do teams get to say they are 10-0 to open seasons by accident, or does it signal a more purposeful, planned and designed intent?


Sorry, Garbage Man, can't talk to you until your wife finishes sucking my cock.

You have a big head and a large nose too, Jimbo?

I happen to think it is more like film director Stanley Kubrick way of thinking. Kubrick made it his intent to capture his audience with the first shot and opening shot of his films. He believed it set up the rest of the film. Likewise, I believe Belichick makes it his goal to do everything he can to win that first game.

It would not surprise me to learn, for instance, that he may use aspects or tendencies from the team he learns will be his opening matchup to train his team as early as now. I think, like Kubrick, that he goes out of his way to make that first shot count.

Dapper, I get farm subsidies from the Ag. Department for not growing skunk weed in my back yard. What a country.

Oye Woods..

you think OC went to meet Jimbo driving his 67 chev impala station-wagon?

and OC..bro you're giving that sorry ass pussy beli-cheat way too much credit...that asswipe wins because he luck into a once in a lifetime QB in Brady.

Suave, OC doesn't have the flair to drive a classic American car like that. Nah, most likely he took the bus. He gets free rides because the Mrs. works at the bus company.

Wassup, OC!

Answer to "who care's" question:

- anyone who is not satisfied with a perpetual 8-8 records
- organizations curious about WHY some coaches win while others do not
- to have dialogue with folks who wish to contribute and add something to a discussion, as opposed to hiding behind names and pissing into the wind

Who knew? Even in the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts, we have great guys and gals. Maybe there's hope after all.


Woodcock you let my wife suck your cock? Good for you. You can keep her.


See, we're it me, I would have programmed Asimov to kick him in the jimmys.


Garbage, at my age I have a wide strike zone. Even a corpse at the morgue looks good. He'll I'd even do a favor for Nancy Pelosi and she looks worse than a 4,000 year old Egyptian mummy.

Hard to get excited about this years team, however if forced to vote, gotta go with Green Bay based on the opportunity to see Rodgers.

Joe must go or vanilla is the deala!

Pumped about Green Bay game I will be there tailgating my ass off.

BB...U coming down for the pack?...hhhmmm, maybe, just maybe I can make and exception about attending the Joe and meet you and your boy..

I think I must be getting old, I kind of like that hooters chick...she looks kind of sexy.

McRoberts got fined $20K from the NBA. The problem is the Ref's didn't call a flagrant foul after reviewing it. McRoberts didn't make an attempt at the ball. Those Ref's should be fined as well.

That would be awesome FZB at least grab a beer before the game.

Hawks beat Pacers. The path to finals will be a "Duck Walk"


"some stiff named joe (the jet) perry"!!!!


you gotta be kidding me!! besides the stats as posted above, the ole shadow thinks that joe perry was the NFL rushing leader until jim brown broke his record. plus, and all of this is off the top of my yarmelked head, he was part of san francisco's 1950s "million dollar backfield" along with y.a. tittle, john henry johnson and i think hugh mcilhenny, a white version of gale sayers with somew of the most incredible moves ever!! couldn't find joe the jet on the internet? unbelievable!!! the guy, as you can see from his stats was a beast, and didn't get the nnickname "the jet" cause he was slow!! well thew above information is from memory, below is the wiki on joe perry, a fantastic football player; let's see how close i am on the "million dollar backfield stuff:


just like i told ya!!!!!

Mr. Woodcock,

i believe every member of the 49ers' "million dollar backfield" is in the hall of fame. all of that backfield were in their declining years when i started paying attention to the NFL and AFL. please don't take my reaction too much to heart, but all four of those guys were incredible players; it is just that they were fading out as i started tuning in to football. hugh mcilhenny (sic) had some of the most unreal moves in the open field that the shadow has ever seen (old footage); i don't go around calling somebody the causcasian gale sayers unless the got that ole shake and bake!!


too bad no film footage, but listening to "the king" talk about the oldtimers is incredible

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | April 24, 2014 at 02:40 PM

LOL, Dapper, That's gotta be the "Post Of The Day"...
And Jimbo, Is it true OC is the lost twin of Joe Montana?????

Here is a pretty good two part analysis of Dion Jordan's performance last year as a DE and OLB. Overall it is quite positive.



The biggest takeaway from this guy's analysis is that Jordan does not appear to have the skill set to be an every down player. Good on pass rush, good on dropping back into coverage, but horrible stopping the run.

Should Miami trade Jordan?

I would not trade him, Tom. The article suggests a #22 and TE, Brandon Graham. That's not nearly enough for a player who could blossom into someone really special. The young man was just recovering from offseason surgery and new into the NFL. Athletically, he looks the part.

Given my post-Seattle Super Bowl, renewed affinity towards fielding monster defenses, Jordan appears to have the tools to be an integral part of said D.

Ah, Shadow, I think you need a stronger eye glass prescription. The stiff that I'm talking about is the stiff that Dapper Dave was in the studio making noise with yesterday.

Wah, wah waIIIIIIIII, wa waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

I've heard 75 year old Jews singing Havah Nagila who sound better than that Perry guy from Aerosmith.

Anti- yes OC does resemble Joe Montana.

Fins schedule looks tough. They need improvement from the entire team to pull off a winning season. Because of the work schedule I will be getting the NFL ticket to see - DVR all the Fins games.

Wait & see mode on what Miami does this draft. Dolphins can't afford complete misses in the second & third rounds. This day & age in the NFL, you mostly count on players from rd's 1-4 to contribute immediately & 5-7 are a crap shoot-special teams guys.

Roger Maris and Joe Montana, interesting dynamic duo.


Now on the other hand, Woodcock is not an 'ex' jock lookalike, but he does have a somewhat famous personality twin.


OC looks like cool Joe?..we'll I'll be damned..Oye OC, I sure hope you got the same pussy old Joe got..I mean chit all you had to do is say you were him...right?

and Tom..is kind of funny that everyone is ragging and making opinions on Dion Jordan now and just about everyone loved him prior to last year's draft as the top rated defensive player..so NO I would not get rid of him...way too much potential.

he's biggest problem will be (as we move forward) is that our defensive coaches suck and there's a strong possibility he may not fully develop his potential as he should..starting with the fact that our brilliant coaches have him out of position as a DE instead of his more natural LB position.

but hey what do I know.

OC, I like to think of myself more like a taller better looking Cuban version of Danny Devito.

And then there's this story......

Oye, OC, now I know what you've been doing while the Mrs. is working. He he.


Mr. Woodcock,

apology is in order, but i don't tend to read posts from "the man k.i.b.b.i.t.z.".

aerosmith is unlistenable junk to these ears; compare their version of "the train kept-a-comin" to the one from "rave up with the yardbirds" and you'll hear how bad aerosmith is. about the only positive i've heard about the musical joe perry came from an amateur guitarist who said that joe perry could do things on a guitar that no one else could. well so could alvin lee of ten years after but all he did was make noise!! now albert lee of head,hands and feet and later emmylou's guitarist- there is a musician. have a taste (RIP, rory gallagher):


english hillbilly!!!


incredible song done by incredible musicians!!

Mr. Woodcock,

hope you gave the studio country boy a listen- that is a fast geetar palyer who plays music and not noise.
methinks the only listenable music from "bahsten" came from j. geils; aerosmith, the group boston, and the rest have music that is fit for the sewer system of rock'n'roll. again sorry about the mix-up of the football joe perry- hall of fame, and the "musical" joe perry-garbage can. agreed that aerosmith could open up a show for villi maniilli!!

Aerosmith made some incredible albums in the 1970's most everything following that era admittedly isn't great. They were in peak form then however there weren't many rock bands better during that era. I would put them up against almost anyone and they have some amazing live shows in their history as well. Hard to believe some of the musical minds here can't appreciate a truly great band.

Oh, we can appreciate a great band but Aerosmith will never be mistaken for one.

Since I never read the crap that fat ass posts at the top of the blog I missed that Earl Morrall had passed away.

RIP, Mr. Morrall. Thank you for delivering the most iconic sports season in the history of the city of Miami. If there was a spot in the Hall of Fame for backup quarterbacks your name would be immortalized in bronze.

The Eagles offered Miami a 2nd round pick and a 2nd string LB for Dion Jordan. And that from Jordan's college coach, Chip Kelly. That offer speaks volumes of what others in the NFL think of Dion Jordan.

That said, I agree with OC that Miami should not trade Jordan. He obviously has natural ability. Hopefully with some good coaching and some work by Jordan on his strength he will turn into the player Miami was hoping for.

LOL just a snippet here.

Aerosmith is the best-selling American rock band of all time, having sold more than 150 million albums worldwide,[18] including 70.2 million albums in the United States alone.[19] With 25 gold albums, 18 platinum albums, and 12 multi-platinum albums, they hold the record for the most gold albums by an American group, the most total certifications by an American group, and are tied for the most multi-platinum albums by an American group. The band has scored 21 Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, nine number-one Mainstream Rock hits, four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, and ten MTV Video Music Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, and were included among both Rolling Stone's and VH1's lists of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[20] As the band's principal songwriters, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry received the ASCAP Founders Award and were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2013.

Tomm.. our defensive coaches suck and our coach is you know..clue-less, Dion Jordan is a talent.

RIP Mr. Morrall...that magical 72 season doesn't happen without you....

Yea, and Obama was voted in TWICE.

The masses are assess.

Dapper hangs out with a key member of the most successful American rock band of all time. I guess some people like that wa wa guitar.

Not a big Aerosmith fan, but I do like 'Dream On,' and Tyler's daughter, Liv, is pretty hot.

OC, here's a recap of what Jordan did for the Clips last night. This to go along with Blake's 32 and still the Warriors almost pulled it out on the last shot. Great series so far.

"Jordan tied a franchise playoff record with 22 rebounds, previously held by Bob McAdoo with the Buffalo Braves. Jordan also had 14 points and five blocked shots to help the Clippers take back the home-court advantage."

BB...stop it dude..Aerosmith sucks..

It's fine if you don't like rock and roll Woodcock and I don't fault you for not knowing who Joe Perry is. Just let people have an opinion without you being judge and jury is that too much to expect? shadow I am throwing you into that camp as well The Cars were also a great Boston band by the way I hesitate to post their album sales but the numbers would be staggering.

Look out for those Clips!

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