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April 14, 2014

Tue pm 4-15: Why Heat preferred No. 2 seed (by a lot); plus Philbin on candid camera, All Apologies, Wade verdict, Bubba's Mastery, Pacquiao & more

It's Radio Tuesday Thursday!: I'm in-studio with the Dan Le Batard Show again this week, but Thursday, not today.

1aa1abostonstrong1) It is TUESDAY, APRIL 15. Remembering those killed, injured and otherwise affected on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. 2) Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with the end (for now) of the Heat drama, Waiting on Dwyane. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dwyane Wade poll, Wade shines in return, Heat-Pacers, Stephen Colbert, Dolphins cheerleaders & more. 4) Follow on Twitter @gregcote.

LeBron, Bosh sit in Heat loss: LeBron james and Chris Bosh sitting out last night's 114-93 loss at Atlanta verified (see item directly below) how little interest Miami had in the No. 1 seed at this point.

FIGHT FOR NO. 1 SEED WAS A FALLACY. HEAT BETTER OFF AS NO. 2: Miami's season-long chase with Indiana for the No. 1 Eastern Conference playoff seed has been a fallacy. As the standings have set, it 1aa1ano2has become clear that the Heat much prefer being right where they're at, holding the No. 2  seed. Take the two reasons chronologically. The second seed means Miami's first-round playoff opponent is Charlotte, not Atlanta. Though Miami would be hugely favored over either and be threatened by neither, the Heat are 4-0 vs. the Bobcats this season, only 2-2 vs. the Hawks. But the second round is the big reason. The No. 2 seed in the second round would face the winner of the Toronto-Washington series, while the No. 1 seed would face the winner of Chicago-Brooklyn. Miami of course is 0-4 vs. the Nets, and only 2-2 vs. the Bulls and irritant Joakim Noah. The Heat are 4-0 vs. the Raptors, and 2-2 vs. the Wizards including last night's token effort. Bulls or Nets in the second round would be a real test for Miami, whereas Raptors or Wizards would be more of a waltz into the conference finals. The Heat won't ever say they preferred No. 2, but it's beyond logical why they would. (Oh, and Miami would still have that Eastern finals Game 7 at home if the opponent is anybody but Indiana, whch it very well could be with Brooklyn).

Poll result: Still concern over Wade's health: We asked how you feel about Dwyane Wade's health situation entering the playoffs, and a narrow plurality of 39.2 percent were confident he'd be healthy and a major contributor. But 38.9% were concerned about rust or reinjury, and another 21.9% were worried his contruibution would be limited.

1aa1ajoemoeBLOG EXCLUSIVE! JOE EATS AT MOE'S: A blog spy shot this picture over the weekend of Dolphins coach Joe Philbin having lunch alone at Moe's Southwestern Grill just north of Dolphins camp. Joe, an apparent fork southpaw, appears to be digging into a healthful salad. We thank our blog spy for passing this along. We'd thank them even more if it wasn't a bad photograph framed by giant cups in the foreground. The news value in this exclusive photo is that Philbin appears -- at least to me -- to be in deep thought mulling options as to what the Dolphins will do in the first round of next month's draft.

I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU, EASILY AMUSED...: At the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions one of my favorite bands, Nirvana, performed one of my favorite songs, "All Apologies," with one of my favorite newer performers, Lorde, on lead vocals. Love it. You might, too. Or, not.


NHL PLAYOFF ODDS; CANADIAN MISERY CONTUNUES: Boston is a 7-2 favorite (via Bovada) to win the NHL's Stanley Cup as playoffs near, followed by St. Louis at 6-1, Pittsburgh 7-1 and Chicago 8-1. A Canadian team, Montreal, last won it all in 1993. Montreal is the only northern neighbor of 16 qualifiers this year, and is mid-pack 20-1. 

1aa1abubbawBUBBA THE PERFECT MASTERS WINNER: Bubba Watson's second Masters victory in three years must please the men who run Augusta. What better representative for an Old Boys Network that fought kicking and screaming to admit blacks and women as members than a champion named Bubba? In all seriousness, gotta love anybody who just pocketed a 1.6 million check and celebrates at a Waffle House. Mea culpa: Originally I referred to Bubba as Watkins, not Watson. OY! Sorry. Quick aside: Nobody -- with the possible exception of the grand marshal in a St. Patrick's Day parade -- looks good in a green jacket.

My own golf game: I am playing as well as I ever have, which I say modestly. My past two rounds, at Holywood Beach and Hillcrest, have both been scores of 92. One included seven pars, the other four pars and a birdie (on a 25-foot putt on a par 3). 

PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER?: Manny Pacquiao's decision over Timothy Bradley in their rematch in Vegas, avenging a controversial 2012 loss, did two things. 1) It made Heat coach Erik Spoelstra very happy. Spo is big fan of Pacquiao, a fellow Filipino. 2) It will mean a resumption of speculation about a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout. Such a fight would have been pay-per-view gold a couple of years ago. Interest is diminished because both fights are, but interest remains. Could still set PPV records with the right hype.

Click back often. Constantly updating/adding to latest blogpost...


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Greg, your Bubba commentary was totally uncalled for.

let's see now..I don't wanna talk about the number 1 seed in the east or golf or boxing..

Guys, just saw the movie Draft Day. Liked it. There's something about Kevin Costner doing sports that just fits. For all of us draft junkies, a "must see."

Bubba is L-O-N-G he hit a 365 yard drives and wedges all day plus the course sets up well for him being left handed. He may continue to win there based on this. Thanks for review OC. I also like Costner in sports movies seems there are quite a few that don't however and they like to make everyone know about it like they are the experts on all things sports movies.

Greg were those 92's from the Ladies Tees? Sergio let me down again but more chances to follow go El Nino! Avoiding Brooklyn and The TRUTH IS a good idea for Miami.

sorry OC..I ain't going to see no "pelicula" about the draft...now tatas and asses?..well that's another story.

i hope we draft o line and defense.
no skill positions on offense, please!
like OC said, it's still really all about the D, no matter how many rules they change, as evidenced by seattle's complete domination.
a line backer would be great.
apparently our Db's from last year have some upside, so well see what happens, but a little competition, (and hopefully depth), would be great there too.

Our esteemed host writes..."Bubba Watkins' second Masters victory in three years.."

Hey Cote who the f*ck is Bubba WATKINS? Just wondering.

clueless Joe eating a salad is news?..ok then.

It's Bubba the Nascar driver he won at Watkins Glen Greg must have been confused.

How typically liberal of you Cote to suggest a guy named Bubba must be a racist and misogynist.

Hey Cote you know why he's called Bubba? Here you go SFB...

Watson was nicknamed by his father after the former professional football player Bubba Smith.


Yeah the racist is named after a black guy.

Not news FZ just an indictment on our society some loser taking a picture of someone eating a salad and then texting it to Greg.

I would think Cote would be embarrassed and ashamed of this Bubba comment. But we all know that liberals have no shame which has been proven countlessly on this blog.

I have a stack of Cote's articles in my cabin that I use to wipe my ass with when I take the family camping.

If Cote had any sack he would apologize for the Bubba comment. We all know that isn't happening he does read our posts however.

Hard for anyone to read your posts,dipshit.

Hiding behind a keyboard makes you a pussy stop being such a butt pirate.

Hhmm this calls for an investigation...I summit my first clue to you guys, the use of the words stack of Cotes articles and the word ass in the same sentence so I say that Don Saluchi is none other than the Wood's-Ter in disguised....he's eloquent manner is quite evident.

Now Todd's butthole is a little harder..first I thought it was the Dukes-Ter but I don't really recalled him calling anyone a "dipshit" before..so I'm still investigating that one.

Say Cote....indeed you should apologize to Bubba , is quite clear your either an asswipe or a dipchit...which do you prefer to be called ?

Obviously I'm not doing my job. Chit keeps leaking out Todd Rundgren's butthole. Obviously he is a much bigger a$$hole than I imagined. I need to get much bigger if I'm going to plug the chit coming out of this POS.

Yeah, yeah...I'm leaning towards Dukito on this one.

all the liberal bashing is so funny to me..
you'd all be speaking german and your wives still wouldn't be able to vote if it weren't for us..
there'd be no workers rights, no civil rights and we'd still have slavery.
know your role and your history and stop complaining all the time.
it makes you sound old and bitter.. lol

Hey dipshit don't you get tired posting the same nonsense every time your sphincter relaxes?

Today is Charlie Hustle's birthday....many happy returns Pete...hopefully someday baseball can right the wrong and the injustice is doing to the man and elect him to the HOF...where he belongs.

Pete and his lawyers agreed to the lifetime ban. Anything else is revisionist history.

Wow, BB, really!? The 76rs? Talk about tanking.

The Miami Dolphins will host former USC receiver Marqise Lee for a pre-draft visit on Tuesday, a source tells ESPN.com.


I'm not surprised. Miami has 2 #2's at WR and could use a #1. That said, I'd be shocked if Lee is the pick in the first round. Now if Evans falls to the 19th pick I would be shocked if Miami doesn't draft him.

The pick will be OT, MLB, TE or WR and it all depends on who is still on the board. If Mosley, Ebron and Evans are all gone then my guess is the pick will be OT.

gotta love Bubba. Joe eating at Moe's makes perfect sense. Bland and boring food

OC,I agree. Draft Day is a great movie and Costner is perfect in the lead rolle. Although it was fiction,it is good to see all the wheeling and dealing in the NFL draft. Definately a must see for all fotball fans.

OC, your talking Bastrop, your correct.

David, check your facts concerning who freed who. Civil Rights Act of 1964 was pushed by Rebublicans, Dr M L King was Republican, Abe Lincoln was not a Democrat. Etc, etc, etc.

No taxation without representation. Yeah that's a liberal idea....NOT. Thank goodness for the original Tea Party or we'd still be colonies.

I love me

I want to think liberals JFK and LBJ for bringing us the Vietnam war. 55,000 American souls lost for nothing.


Film director, Ivan Reitman, I thought, did a really good job showcasing the NFL. Particularly, the various stadiums which were part of the story. Those flyover establishing shots were picture- postcard. It's no wonder why Roger Goodell seemed to extend so much access into the league.

Anyone who watches the film will surely come away with a strong sense that the world of football is one economically healthy place.

p.s., it is a movie, so one does have to suspend some plausability over some of those trades.

Cote, F- That chick doing Nirvana, Nothing beats the Original.......


And this Video is 22 years old...............
Where has the the gone??????????????

The "Time", Where has the time gone????????????

Jumbo, if in fact you're going to be operating in Bastrop, finding residence west of I-35 makes no sense. Best find something east of it. I can't really contribute by-way-of intel, as that region has few reasons/attractions to warrant interest...I suppose that's why those kinds of facilities get built there, in the first place.

Anyway, feel free to post if you've got 1/2 hr here or there, the Starbucks offer is always open.g

Damn spellcheck!!!,

Sorry there, Jimbo.

facts checked, jimbo.
i said LIBERAL bashing, not democrat bashing.
the republican party was born from a progressive response to conservative slave holders. the modern republican party bears ZERO resemblance to the one of the 19th century. lincoln and roosevelt wouldn't be anywhere near the modern party..

No taxation without representation. Yeah that's a liberal idea....NOT. Thank goodness for the original Tea Party or we'd still be colonies.

Posted by: George Washington | April 15, 2014 at 09:49 AM

pick up a book much?
locke, smith and EVERY enlightenment writer that influenced the founders were all, in fact, progressive and quite liberal, dear george.
in fact, conservatives during THAT time were called loyalists and wanted to remain under the crown, but you wouldn't know that now, would you? lol

In 1959 the first year the revolutionaries took over Cuba, the Cubans made an attempt to invade Panama. The mission failed but the strategy to take over South America became evident. Later that year the Cuban revolutionaries moved into the drug trade. They entered a poorly organized drug production and transportation system and made it a well organized enterprise with huge profits. The purpose of controlling and developing the drug trade was twofold, to develop wealth and corrupt the Americans. ( Mind you that from Oriente province in the Sierra Maestra, Fidel and his brother Raul were supplying the New York Beatniks with their pot and commencing to pay for the cost of destroying the United States.)

At same time Cuba surreptitiously moved an entire military regimen into Venezuela. At the time Venezuela still had elite military forces which openly waged war on Cuba's infiltrators. By 1966 the Venezuelans had cleared the Cubans out. Castro still wanted that oil. He remained doggedly on their tail year in year out.

The U.S. is in a heap of trouble. The drug money has been used to raise wealth for leftist causes throughout the world. Cuba started pouring money into United States politics from the get go. If you still have any doubt why there were Cubans exiles in Watergate? What were they looking for? Hadn't McGovern's campaign just moved into the Democratic National Office? Had the McGovern Campaign money books moved to Watergate with the campaign? Where did McGovern vacation the week after the election was lost? Was he settling accounts?

You just keep your head firmly buried in the sand, Jr.

Psssst...America isn't a chitty banana republic and isn't getting taken over by communists.


The cuckold husband is always the last to know.

I was at a Bay of Pigs Veterans anniversary dinner yesterday and Maria Conchita Alonzo was the featured speaker. Not only does she still look beautiful and sexy but what a woman. She gave an impassioned speech in defense of the Venezuelan students who are being murdered on the streets of Venezuela every day by Cuban led Tupamaro guerrillas and the Venezuelan national guard. While the United States looks north, east, and west, Cuba has be fomenting revolution and anarchy in every corner of Latin America. There are an estimated 25,000 Cuban military members in various roles in Venezuela mostly in the intelligence and command structure. Cuba is basically running Venezuela and has been doing this for years. In Columbia the very same thing is already happening there. Fidel Castro has been shoving the Monroe Doctrine up Uncle Sam's ass for the last 55 years. One day the U.S. will finally take notice that there is a continent located south of Mexico that stretches all the way to the Antarctic and by then it will be too late.

OC, the Lakers who suck the big wally needed to lose to the Jazz yesterday to secure a better draft position and they won the freaking game. Brilliant.

I've Copy righted the logo............

Mike Antoni (there is no D in D'Antoni) can't even get f*** ing up right.

Teams have no answer for this man. 9 minutes of glory. Football isn't all about speed it's about getting open. Love the Pitt catch in the end zone remember watching it live I am ready for season to start now.


I would think Cote would be embarrassed and ashamed of this Bubba comment. But we all know that liberals have no shame which has been proven countlessly on this blog.

Posted by: Tom | April 14, 2014 at 04:55 PM

Same to those posting the REAL emancipators were republicans, whilst those wearing sheets were democrats.
The "real" David is the typically brain washed product of the typical American classroom. With 3 kids, I know this far too well.
Like my Lakers of glorious past, this year's older Heat team will find it far more difficult to just "turn it on" for the playoffs. I see...and hope for a Heat elimination via the 2nd round matchup that Cote so profoundly explains.

Here's the thing, BB. What jumps out at me is not the many great catches Hartline makes. To quote Star Wars' Watto - " the kid is good, eh." No, what one should notice is that during most of those highlight minutes, the Dolphins were desperately trailing in the game.

If Miami develops a defense as prodigious as #82's ability they would be closer to those 14-2 teams, as opposed to the perennial 8-8 mark they keep matching.

They don't need all that much fire-power on offense. What they've got should be enough. What they need (aside from shoring up the ROT, and G) is for a rock- em- sock- em defense.

btw, the logo for IMAWriter is an easy one: IMA✏

Logos are cool I like the baby bottle on mine. What I noticed was Tannehill making many good throws while out of the pocket or running. His ability to make throws on the run makes him even better. I don't think we will regret taking this kid 8 overall he has all the skills to succeed Lazor should hopefully help.

Agree on having a good defense but that offense needs to improve a lot as well OC. 19 points a game won't cut it again.

Gee I didn't realize there are so many Heat haters on this blog, OC, BB..IMA...ok then..

and U guys need to stop this love affair with Hartline..as we say in the 305.."ese tipo es un penco"..short "ingles" translation is the guy blows.

however I do agree with you guys on building a strong defense but NO ONE can or should forget about our offensive line which HAS to be the number one priority.

I'm willing to accept a playmaker with our number one as long as we draft like 3 offensive linemen with our other picks.

this just in...Obi is still Putin's little bitch.

I think that the prevailing thought among NFL GMs may be that there are no QBs in this year's draft worthy of being picked in the top 10. This is worthy of note, in so much that the six teams interested in drafting a QB all have under 10 picks, but for the Titans who sit at #11.

If indeed those six teams wait for their second pick to draft a QB (which I think they should), then there are going to be opportunities for teams like Miami to trade OUT of the first round.

The team that will be applying the heat will be the Cleveland Browns. They have two first rounders (4, 26), and would most likely pick a QB at #26. The team has but Hoyer, and he is coming off injury.

So what do teams looking for a second pick at QB; teams like: Texans (Fitzpatrick), Jaguars (Henne), and to a less critical, but still interested Raiders (Schaub), Vikings (Ponder), and Titans (Locker) in trying to jump in front of that sure #26 Browns pick do? They will seek training partners that's what.

Teams like the #19 Dolphins, 20 Cards, 21 Packers, 22 Eagles, 23 Chiefs, 24 Bengals and 25 Chargers will all be shopping around their picks. The team willing to take the least in return will most likely consummate that trade.

Cleveland will almost assuredly settle with the # 2 QB off the board (probably Manziel), after one of those other teams (probably Jacksonville) takes Bridgewater. If that happens, look for yet another team to leapfrog over another to get Bortles.

Your boy Ireland signed him FZ according to you he must not know how to evaluate talent then.

BB...Yup Ireland did sign Hartline to an extension but he still sucks.

OC...you are correct about that scenario with the QB's..a team that will be trying to trade up ahead of the Brownies is da Raiders..and I think I said this before but NE is also going gaga over the kid Carr from Fresno State..they also may try to get him.

FZB, not only have you lost your Dolphins fan card, you are now from henceforth FZb. Be mindfully that I don't lower you down another lowercase consonant.


Not an extension Hartline was a free agent.

Hartline was drafted by Parcells and Ireland signed him to a contract extension to keep him in Miami.

this last comment was written by Fernando the bloger formerly known as FZB..

He was days away from free agency and it was a brand new contract not an extension.

well if you wanna be that technical about it then yes it was a new contract..there, happy now?

Bridgewater is not going before Bortles or Manziel.

From all indications the Texans are going to pass on a QB and select Clowney. The Rams will not select a QB but may trade out of the spot. Assuming the Rams don't trade I expect Jacksonville, Cleveland and the Raiders with the next 3 picks to go QB. My best guess is Bortles, Manziel and Bridgewater in that order. If the Raiders pass on Bridgewater (which is a possibility since Teddy is not all that good and they already have Schaub) then I expect Teddy will be gone to the Vikes at #8. None of these top 3 QBs will make it out of the top 10 picks. Just like Miami in 2012 these teams will reach a little for the QB because without a QB it does not matter how good your D is or how good the rest of your offense is.

QB is the key.

That could mean Minny missed on Ponder and may end up missing again on Bridgewater unless shadow is right about him.

Fins are soooooo boring. I vote for getting Johnny Football. Go big or go home. Even if he is a bust, I would take the chance just to potentially add some excitement.

I don't know about that, Tom. This may be an atypical draft year where QBs go post 10.

I do hope I'm wrong, cause if those three QBs get picked early on, it would mean arithmeticly, three more chances that someone like a Mosley or Eifert will be there at #19.

The lawyer who represented rogue University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro has been accused of unethical behavior during the botched NCAA investigation that led to sanctions against the school.

The Florida Bar this week filed a formal complaint against Maria Elena Perez, of Coral Gables, for violating numerous ethics rules during the NCAA probe in 2011.


Here's hoping the former UM law grad gets her license revoked for being a real BACK STABBING BITCH.

Here's good ole Maria


She ought to be disbarred for abuse of our eyes.

This is 2012 all over again. No way Tannehill should have gone at #8. It was a major reach. He was the ranked about 20-25 on most boards. But the same can be said of Jake Locker, Christian Ponder and a number of others.

Gotta get that QB or you're SOL.

They're just not that good. Maybe I the teens good, but not #1, 2 and 4.

Apparently there are quite a few QB's in this draft that can go in the second/third round that have a lot of potential to become good players in time so yes the possibility is there for some teams picking in the top ten to try to get one later on however I just don't see Manziel or Bortles lasting that long..I think both go in the top ten.

Bridgewater ?... He could slide just like Geno Smith last year...so here's a question for you guys...if Taylor Lewan is there along with Evans the wideout from A and M and CJ Mosley...who do you pick?

Me?.. No brainer..T Lewan hands down.

There for the Dolphins that is.

Good to see that asswipe piece of chit lawyer Maria Elena Perez get what she deserves, hope they kick her out of her profession...yeah Tom...back stabbing bitch is right.

The only way Lewan reaches #19 is if every owner prior to the Dolphins temporarily hires Jeff Ireland to orchestrate their picks and end up with a decent guy that does brake jobs, a roofer, three performers from Cirque du Soleil and a sushi chef that makes a mean Irish roll.

Stranger things have happened...like Dan Marino lasting until the 27th pick of the first round.

Imis Shuladayz you need to crank up the Hartline highlight reel that is a cure for boredom.

We all need to remember the victims of the Marathon bombings today. Just a senseless act carried out by a couple of real scumbags. Memo to future terrorists remember if you fu*k with us we will close down the city, hunt you down and find and or kill you. Boston Strong.

So true BB....Boston strong !!!!

Don't tell me what I need to do you simpleton.

"Same to those posting the REAL emancipators were republicans, whilst those wearing sheets were democrats.
The "real" David is the typically brain washed product of the typical American classroom. With 3 kids, I know this far too well." IMAwriter.

obviously your name isn't IMAreader, or you would've realized that i was not arguing which party did what.
that is refutable stuff.

what's equally irrefutable, and really annoying to you history revisionists, is the republican party 140 years ago WAS, in fact, the progressive party.

conservatives then were predominantly democratic, as the economic center of this country was, in fact, in the south.

lincoln and teddy were farthest from conservative thought at that time than anyone.

NOW on to sports..
what's with this anti-hartline garbage, FZB?
as OC said, if the entire team played with his heart, (or coached), we'd have won 14 games.

we are set at receiver and i think, (hope), QB.
his completion % still went up, even after the coaches almost killed him last year.
lazor will use his speed and mobility, (as BB alluded to), way more than last year, and a balanced attack will result in better numbers for wallace and miller.

*"that is refutable stuff."

Ok so Todd is Imis Shuladayz and others I am sure what a butthead.

David...nothing personal against Hartline, we just need a physical bigger receiver opposite Wallace to balance the passing game and Hartline has value so let's get rid of him...Gibson and or Matthews can do just as good a job.

I think you're wrong about Manziel OC. He's got the it factor. I believe he's the real deal. This guy can pass and he extends plays like no other player since Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton is 6'0", Manziel is 1/4 inch shorter. I believe he has star written all over him. '

fzb! my dolphin brother!
what will balance that receiving corp will be using it the right way; balanced and keeping teams off guard the way lazor did last year.
i doubt hartline is going anywhere; skill positions are pretty set, although they could grab a TE for depth and competition.
it's going to be Oline and linebackers, my brother..

Tom, can't say i'm in agreement regarding any takes concerning Manziel. I believe I've said absolutely nothing about Jonny Football. It goes without saying that most of us born during the 50s see the obvious Fran Tarkenton, Pat Haden, Doug Flutie type slippery MOFO similarities. Having said that, we are in 2014. Dudes who are 6-oh and only -200 are destined to get pummeled at that position. we all see his moxie, but seriously, one or two nasty pops and he would wish indeed that he would have been born 70 years earlier.

Hey OC let me throw out two other comparisons to Manziel, Joe Montana and Drew Brees.

Montana was 6'2" and weighed 205 lbs when he played. Drew Brees is 6'0" and weighs 209. Manziel is 5'11 3/4" and weighs 207. Not much difference in physical size there. Now I'm not saying Manziel will be the next Montana or Brees. I'm just saying he's not as fragile as people make him out to be.

My bet is the teams that pass over Manziel will regret it for a long time. Just as the Dolphins regret having passed over Drew Brees twice and drafting Jake Long rather than Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan? Tom, Matt Ryan? come on man. Ryan is a stiff.

RT, G, MLB, S, CB, more O line. The O line has been helter skelter for a decade now, time to solidify that unit. Run D needs a legit MLB. Ball hawk S a plus.

No TE's in this draft class worth a #1 pick.

Apparently Fins have interest in Jermichael Findley.

david, we can go 'round and 'round with this BS. Your a die hard liberal. I'm a libertarian/conservative. We agree to disagree. Good day sir!

Let's look at what we got so far. 3 good WRs, one with blazing speed, 2-3 back ups with good upside. TE-FB-HB tweener in Clay, Moreno/Miller at RB. Young QB who was having a very decent yr 2 until the last 2 games. LT, C are set. 2 newcomers brought in possibly start at G. No RT. McKinney is open to being resigned and put on the right side. IMO Miami could draft MLB Mosley, draft best O lineman available in rds 2,3 & resign big Mac.
Dolphins don't have roster flexibility to "draft best player available" but will take the best player available at a position of need. T, G, CB, S, MLB. If a top rated CB is there at 19, Miami might take him.

progressives/liberals want everyone on the plantation, everyone. Progressive move away from the constitution, capitalism & move toward socialism.

on heat strategy....
it is sound strategy for #2 spot... I agree. at their age they need the 'kindest' road back to the finals....

on philbin pic.....
as big as his head is...too bad there's NOTHING moving around in it on how to coach football!!!! Needs to eat MORE FISH (brain food) and salad!!

Phailbin is in deep thought composing the shoe lace and candy wrapper memo.

Ryan a stiff? I wish we had such a stiff. 2008 PLAYOFFS. 2010 PLAYOFFS. 2011 PLAYOFFS. 2012 PLAYOFFS. 4 of 6 years PLAYOFFS. Overall six year record 60-36 and that includes the 4-12 throw away last year.

Over those same 6 years the Miami Dolphins have one playoff appearance and an overall record of 46-50. Jake Long was a huge mistake that Miami is still paying for.

Yeah I think I'd take a stiff like Ryan.

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