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March 20, 2014

Sun pm 3-23: NCAA Cinderell-O-Meter at 27.1% entering Sweet 16, my bracket, Gators; plus Heat rips Heat, Moreno, haiku winner & more

1) It is SUNDAY, MARCH 23. Click on Random Evidence for today's latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with March Madness, but not the kind you think. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): March Madness Haiku Challenge entry portal, our Top 5 Pats/Patricks, Dolphins free-agency grade/Super Bowl odds & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Gators whip Pitt, 61-45, reach Sweet 16: I'm up in Orlando with the Florida Gators in their NCAA Tournament regional and Florida looked and played more like the No. 1 seed it is today in easing past Pittsburgh, led by Scottie Wilbekin. Click on Problem Turned Solution for my column off the game centering on Wilbekin. I'd filed this column off Thursday's perfunctory opening win over 16th-seeded Albany. UF was top-ranked, had just won a 27th straight game and yet had more to prove. They're very good. But are they great? They looked closer to that today vs. Pitt. 

1aa1acinderellaUPDATED: NCAA CINDERELL-O-METER (PATENT PENDING) AT 27.1% AFTER 48 GAMES: Excluding the four even-seeded play-in games, which I try to ignore at every turn, there have now been 13 upsets (by seeding) in 48 NCAA Tournament games thus far, or a Cinderell-O-Meter reading of 27.1 percent. That includes all Thursday/Friday games and Saturday/Sunday games. We'll be updating the Cindy Meter here throughout March Madness. Ranking all 13 upsets thus far based on seed differential:

1. No 14-Mercer (over 3-Duke; +11)

2. 10-Stanford (over 2-Kansas; +8)

2. 11-Dayton (over 3-Syracuse; +8)

4. 8-Kentucky (over 1-Wichita State; +7)

4. 12-North Dakota State (over 5-Oklahoma; +7)

4. 12-Harvard (over 5-Cincinnati; +7)

4. 12-Stephen F. Austin (over 5-VCU; +7)

8. 7-UConn (over 2-Villanova; +5)

8. 11-Dayton (over 6-Ohio State; +5)

8. 11-Tennessee (over 6-UMass; +5)

11. 6-Baylor (over 3-Creighton; +3)

11. 10-Stanford (over 7-New Mexico; +3)

13. 9-Pitt (over 8-Colorado; +1)

UPDATE: MY BRACKET AT 35-13 WITH 9 ALIVE IN SWEET 16; YOU?: I know that I wrote a Curmudgeonly Anti-Bracket Column last week (somewhat in jest), but I do have a bracket in an office pool. Just one. I opened a nifty 13-3 on Thursday, my wins including two nice little upset picks with W's by 12-Harvard and 11-Dayton, and a third upset if you count 9-Pitt. I rallied Friday to also go 13-3 for a total of 26-6 entering the weekend. My most notable upset pick Friday was an advance by 12-Stephen F. Austin. I was 5-3 on the survival meter in Saturday games and 4-4 on Sunday. As we pause and await the Sweet 16, I have nine teams still alive in my bracket: Florida, UCLA, Virginia, Michigan State, Iowa State, Arizona, Wisconsin, Louisville and Michigan.

"WE SUCK." LEBRON, BOSH RIP HEAT: Heat loss to Pelicans last night was Miami's seventh in past 11 games, and I'm not sure what's more shocking. That slump. Or there being an NBA team named "Pelicans." OK, it's that slump, and the slumpers aren't taking it well. I haven't heard words like this out of the Big 3-era Heat since 2010-11. "We suck," said Chris Bosh. "There is no passion. There's nothing." LeBron: "Too many excuses. Everything is an excuse. It's very frustrating. We're all frustrated." Coach Erik Spoelstra may have understated it in saying, "Our lockerroom is angry."

1aa1akmorenoLOVING DOLPHINS' INTEREST IN MORENO: Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas might be OK, may be good enough. But I love that Miami thinks it can do better at running back and is looking at Denver free agent Knowshon Moreno, who visits today. Moreno rushed for 1,038 yards and 10 TDs last season. Yeah, it helps when defenses are so consumed by Peyton Manning that stopping the run is seldom a priority. Still, Moreno is good. He's compact, built for short-yardage conversions. He's in his prime at 26. He pass-blocks well. And he's a dual threat who caught 60 passes last year. Hope they get him. (Interesting Fins didn't target LeGarrette Blount instead, since GM Dennis Hickey knew him from their Tampa Bay days).

VOGELSBERG IS MAYOR OF BRACKETVILLE: Scott Vogelsberg is the winner of our blog's 9th annual March Madness Haiku Challenge. His winning entry: "Beware Ides of March * Et tu Brutus the Buckeye * Bubbles pop for all." The judges appreciated the classic 5-7-5 phrasing, liked the nod to the Roman calendar, loved the link between Ohio State and Shakespeare, and also enjoyed the double entendre on bubbles popping. Three Honorable Mentions go to Hukk (Madness Flies Away), Michael (Furious Study) and J.C. (White Whale). Special mention as well to 3Pete, Big Baby, Frydad4, Neal S. and Original VT, all of whom also placed haikus in the final round of consideration. Aside to Mayor Vogelsberg: Email me at gcote@miamiherald.com with your choice of prizes listed in the previous blogpost. Thanks to all for playing. Even those of you who were confounded by the idea of 17 syllables, and others of you who veered from the template and waxed haiku-ish on the Dolphins and other unauthorized subjects.

1aa1asprite6mixLEBRON JAMES IS DOC PEMBERTON OF NBA: Historical aside. Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola. Now Coke product Sprite is rolling out a limited-edition soda called "Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James." Picture LeBron in a white lab coat painstakingly experimenting with various flavor combinations before hitting upon the winner: Sprite's traditional lemon-lime flavor but with hints of orange and cherry. "I never imagined I would have my own flavor someday," said James. Dream big, King. Dream big.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Nice job Scott V. Congratulations.

I'm with OC ...this whole thing was rigged from the beginning...I should have won hands down with my classic put down of the Gatar's...WTF?

This dude that Cote picked must be a liberal..hehe

I bet clueless Joe , the BSB and asswipe Ross don't have the balls to bring Richie back.


But I would...chit, the guy got hammered because of the closet fairy going soft and the NFL did him no favors either, he deserves another chance and we need O Linemen...bring him back.

FZB correctomundo on Incognito. He did get a raw deal. But I'm not really sure Incognito fills our OL need. We need a RT not a guard.

CNN’s Don Lemon asked a panel of aviation experts "Is it preposterous to think a black hole caused MH Flight 370 to go missing?"

And the executives at CNN wonder why their ratings are worse then re-runs of the Brady Bunch at 2am.

Seriously Don "a black hole"?


I got your "Brute" right here, Cote, you worthless pile.

Naturally, Greg failed to leave off the one entry which eclipsed all others submitted. See bellow, along with judges comments.

Greg Cote's breakfast:
Biscuits with gravy and pork.
Likes to bathe in it?

The judges appreciated the classic 5-7-5 phrasing, liked the acuracy of the subject matter, loved the the double entendre involving a hog and Greg, and also enjoyed the visual imagery of him slobbering in gravy.



hahahahahaha !!

Obi didn't make the cut of the worlds greatest leader's?

hahahahahaha !!

chit everyone on this blog knows that, well..almost everyone that is.

OYE OC..I won last year AND this year hands down and I still got shafted...Cote you're an asswipe.

Some things never seem to change...

hey the Dashi man is back!!! oye meng, long time no hear from ya...

ok here's the deal on my new adopted son Hickey, it looks like he won't be hiring his old boss as HIS assistant, hhhmm, well it makes sense since his not really in charge of the Dolphins, clueless Joe and the BSB are...hehe


I actually liked LA Dave's entry (earthquake). It was timely, in that one had just hit, had the prerequisite double entendre in Ireland's fault, and topical considering the protracted running battle between he and Tom.

FZ, why would Hickey wish to bring in a failure of a 4-12 guy? You may still be stuck in last management thinking.


Yeah, Stopping by. The Heat are slipping and I have to change modes. I want to hear the Excuses these people will make for Spo this year. It is Year 4 of the Big 3 and they still have the same inconsistencies as Year 1. I want to hear how that isn't the Coaches Fault.

I am not willing to adopt Hickey just yet. He hasn't done anything special yet. He needs to amaze come draft time. Since he is putting all his chips on the Draft. I expect at least 2 Starters from the Draft.

On him not hiring his former boss. I actually like it. Usually when you hire someone who is your boss to work under you they still think they are the Boss. And the insubordination begins.

I believe this actually hurt Philbin and his development as a HC. Hiring Sherman to run the Offense. How can you tell your former Boss that he isn't doing his job right. Will they listen to you?

I will tell you this about Hickey though. My mind will be made up on him after Round 2 of the Draft.

Right now I grade his Off season a C+ so far.


I don't know if that was towards me...


The one thing you have to say is that Dashi is Consistent with his Argument.

then why did we hire someone from the Bucs?...I mean he was part of that 4-12 record correct?..Hickey had to have a major hand in all the decisions made there..

I do recall you guys used to blame Ireland for Parcells chit all the time, then why not blame Hickey also for that 4-12 record over there...just saying..

and so no one gets the wrong idea, I am rooting for the guy and I hope he is the real deal..

Yup, sure was, Dashi. Just funning with ya. I just get a smirk whenever I see samples of immovable pov's, like our pit bull, FZB and his daily diatribe on Ross and Aponte. You've always poo-pooed Spo though they have managed to win two in a row.

Not particularly a fan of Spoelstra, but sometimes it's best not to have a forceful - " my way or the highway mechanic" when your car is running laps around the rest of the field.

Ah come on, FZ. You know you still have that Ireland wall poster hanging up in your office next to Farrah Fawcett.

hey I didn't say anything bad about Aponte..my BSB remark meant beautiful, sincere blond.

OYE OC..you were one of the instigators about blaming my boy Ireland for Parcells crap all the time..

Dashi..on Spo, while I do agree with you on some things about him he is by far from the worst, the biggest problem with our team is still lack of size and you know who I blame?, Riley, as much as I like him and respect him he is severely handicapped by the salary of the big three.

on his rotations..it drives me crazy he doesn't play Beasley more or Rashard Lewis..but over all he's done ok considering he has no center.


I've heard that FZB sleeps with a life size Jeffy inflatable doll. If true, I doubt FZB has a Farrah Fawcett poster on his wall.

inflatable doll of a guy?...nope..I'm a tit's and vagina type of guy..

you must have me confused with J Martin hehe

LOL who needs an inflatable doll when you have this pig to keep your bed hot and sweaty?!


Not pointing any fingers FZB but I have read that those who go on homophobic rants (e.g., your closet queen Martin comments) often do so to divert attention away from themselves. Similarly, they also proclaim themselves to be God's gift to women or "tits and vagina type of guys."

Now of course this is not always true. There are exceptions...but not many.

Man, that was mean spirited.

hey dude if (hehe) if you meant to insult me then it ain't working, words are just words, words don't harm anyone...

here's my motto in life, if I don't mind then it doesn't matter, carry on dude.


I understand what you are saying. But if you are taking a pit stop to let others catch up you better rest your HOF players.

I grew up with MJ and Phil. They showed no mercy all the time. By the time the playoffs came around the other teams were already defeated. Reason they never had to see a Game 7.

Then again, Jordan hated losing and Phil hated losing.

Fair point.


Any other year except this year you can blame the Heat playing Small Ball on Riley. But not this year.


Birdman (He is 6'11" and can play center better than Bosh)

Power Foward

Has been

And if he really wants to go small he can even play Battier at PF.

What drives me crazy is still the rotations. James Jones should be given more shots per game than Battier.

I sometimes watch the weekend games at my Dad's house. And he keeps reminding me that Spo shows Favoritism to certain players. While he benches other players. And the more heat games I watch the more it looks like it is true.

I believe that is one of the reasons Riley got rid of J.Anthony because Spo will just give minutes for no logical reason.

a common theme with tom regarding those he disagrees with.. interesting, huh FZB?
thanks for the "props", OC.. i thought mine was a winner, too..

check it dap.

from the keyboard of the guy who wrote he had sex with my daughter and wife. seriously david you are the world's biggest horses ass.

why? because he didn't agree with me. damn david could you possibly be any dumber?

Totally agree with OCs comment. Just to make sure you know FZB, I am not hehe. But there is someone out there who wants you to think it's me. Same thing happens when I get into it with david. The mystery poster will emerge and write something particularly offensive.

I'm an asshole sometimes and I know that. But I'm nowhere near as big an asshole as hehe.

On the inflatable doll shit I was just ffing with you over your obvious man-crush on Ireland.

Anyone who submitted entries for fat ass' haiku crap should have their man cards pulled.

I know it Tommy, don't sweat it.

on the Heat..Dashi, Oden is but a shell of his old self and Birdman is not a true center, Riley has always had big men, from Kareem to Patrick Ewing to Alonzo, the reason we have won the last two NBA C-Ships is obviously LeBron but its only so much the guy can do, Indiana looks formidable this year with their front line, I hope I'm wrong but boy it looks to me like they are 50/50 to even make it to the finals this time.

maybe not going after Andrew Bynum was a mistake..he would have given us a few more minutes on top of Oden.


I don't even want to say this year the Heat should fear the Pacers. Cause it is true. The Heat should fear the Pacers.

Talent wise the Pacers are almost up there with the Heat. And they are better coached.

We can agree to disagree on the Heat big men. I just feel with the pace that the Heat want to play you don't need a stay at home Center like the Diesel or the Dream. You need an Athletic Big Man that can run the Floor.

If I was Spo, I would rotate Birdman and Hasbeen until I can give some decent minutes to Oden.

At the end of the day. You need someone that can rebound on the court. Doesn't matter if they can't play Offense.

Jordan had worst Centers than the Heat. But Phil understood the Concept of having someone under rim that can rebound.

Bosh can't rebound!! At least not for a man his size. The Heat will be better off with a K.Love type player than C.Bosh. Someone who fights for the Ball underneath the Rim.

shut it, tom.. i jokes that they should stay away from my shows.
you also lied about your wife having passed away, so enough with the holier than thou garbage.
i've proved you wrong on every asinine post you make, be it political or sports themed.
you're a legend in your own mind.
as for the dolphins, anyone who thinks giving your running game ONE CARRY (that gets 9 yards) in an entire 2nd half when you're down by 10 and then TIED is an idiot, plain and simple.
nothing you say can take away your ignorance of the game, and your fetish for all things ireland..

yeah that's eggzactly what i would expect a low life unapologetic asshole to say. thanks for maintaining your consistency

ok you two..enough, I suggest you smoke the peace pipe.

it looks like Antonio Cromartie signed with the Cardinals, better than going back to the stinkin Jets for sure, I still think we need to add another veteran back there.

Make it stop. The guy who said in the Buzz column that Miami doesn't win a title last year without Spoelstra putting Battier in the 4 spot is absolutely correct.

now on to the heat:

with our won/loss record a game off of last year's run, i see everyone is worried.

for starters, we are pacing ourselves. having home court is not the end all be all, as it is for the pacers.
we need all our players playing healthy for the final push, and that explains the lack of consistent defensive effort.
and since we're only 3 games behind, with 2 to still play against the pacers and 16 left total, 1st place can still happen.
haslem in particular, and oden will get more time in the playoffs.
birdman has been playing great defense.
wade is rested, and is shooting at almost 55%.
that's INSANE.
lebron is shooting at 57%.
bosh is is stretch 4/5; his newfound 3 point shot will make hibbert and any other big man come out of the paint, opening the lanes for wade and lebron.
while indiana is a good team, they've done nothing but lose to us every year; even when we were underhanded, (without bosh last year). we have their number, and while you can argue they're better, I'M arguing WE are better, as evidenced by our efficiency ratings and the shooting of the big 3, plus the addition of beasley, and, of course, our defense.
we're not playing it every game; we don't need to.
we don't need to win 82 games.
we don't even need homecourt. (we lost it last year to indiana, and STILL beat them).
when we lock down and play D the way we can, no one can beat us in 7 games.
enjoy the rematch with the spurs.
miami in 6

David, for what it's worth, Tom and I had our argumentative differences years back starting with Cameron and the Ginn family. There were a few instances I'm sure he must have hated me for what I would say. A tone and differences that seem to turn completely around after recognizing that each of us shared losses no one should experience or kid about.

I lost my first wife of 10 years to cystic fibrosis before I turned 30. Fortunately, I was still young enough to start anew, but trust me, topics like that folks just don't invent.

Let me guess who that could be you Big Lesbian. ;)


All great points and I agree. But not once did you mention how Spo helps.

I have never denied the Talent on this team. This is the Most Talented Team in the NBA.

I even consider it a part of LeBron's Greatness. How he has become one of the G.O.A.T's without ever having a decent coach to help develop his game. All the other G.O.A.T's have had great coaches to help them reach the Pinnacle.

40, not 30. Mind starting to go!

dashi, as someone who has never coached, i cannot really delve into what spo may or may not have done.
i remember what he did with this team BEFORE the big three, and that was quite successful, considering the lack of talent he had.
lebron IS a better and more complete player now than anytime before, and he has improved in each of his years here.
i WILL say this, though:
one of the greatest basketball minds of the last 30 plus years, one of the most fiercely competitive men in the NBA, mr. pat riley, would NEVER leave the keys to his almost 20 year kingdom to an unqualified neophyte.
we're talking about his LEGACY here.
he's not going to the knicks like phil when he leaves. (not that there's anything wrong with that move).
when he steps down, he's DONE.
he has a personal stake, a professional stake, AND an ownership stake in making the best decisions for the miami heat, and i completely trust him, and i have faith in his abilities.
and the fact spo has his team poised for a 4th straight finals appearance speaks to his abilities.

OC Dolphin- FZB- Please, if you keep feeding the squirrel, he will never go away.

OC, as for tom, as naples and others will attest, i have made numerous peace offerings.
i've offered, (and held to), to cease with insults and name calling.
i've offered to leave politics out of it.
i've even stopped reminding him of his shortcomings and misinformation in regards to the origin of obamacare and the housing crisis, but it's been to no avail.
he continues to call names, insult, accuse me of lying, etc just because he disagress with armando, polian, buonoconti, manny and myself.
i know the NFL has changed wuite a bit, but no one can tell me running the ball ONCE in a half, (for a successful 9 yards), is a good winning formula.
or that having your featured back average only 10 carries a game.
or that your run pass ratio is fine when it's at 65% pass to 35% run.
in fact, i'll go out on a limb here and say that not only do the aforementioned people agree with me, but so would landry, shula, halas, madden, bryant, lombardi, etc....

OC...sorry to hear about your missus back in the day...

Look guys...on the Heat, while I agree with David that the Heat are basically pacing themselves I also see many games where the fundamentals are just not there, from boxing out to allowing penetration to not covering the three point line etc..You can't really get on Spo too much ( sorry Dashi ) , the has taken his team to three consecutive finals and won two which is hard to do .

I hope that the fact they are somewhat struggling a little bit now is because they are not too interested in the regular season and they are trying to incorporate a true center into the equation, in the end the great equalizer (s) will be LeBron and or Wade ..if they are both healthy and ready to go for the playoffs this team will be very difficult to beat by anyone..

Moreno will be visiting the Dolphins...I'm not sure he would be a major upgrade over Miller, I still think we need to concentrate on the offensive line.



Riley hired Spo after the Van Gundy experience blew up in his face. He needed a Coach he can control and never questions him.

Before the Big 3. Riley was building a good young nucleus. And if you have 1 Superstar on your team in the NBA you can make the Playoffs. Remember Wade was in his prime.

I know I am by myself on this. But I expect Better. Specially with the Talent on the Heat Roster.

Moreno is a good running back. I don't know how much he has left in the tank. Any running back with more than 3 years in the league starts to depreciate mightily.

He scored 10 td's last year and ran for over 1000. Guy caught 60 passes for 500 also that is a beast of a season.

Yeah guys but if we don't have the horses up front it won't matter...I say fix the O Line first and then worry about everything else.

it's about the line, period.
moreno ran for 1038 yards. so?
he had 241 attempts with those yards; 64 more attempts than miller, who finished with 779 yards on 170 attempts.
he was targeted by manning 74 times catching 60 passes.
miller was targeted 35 times, catching 26.
i have a CRAZY idea:
lamar miller is 22.
yes, 22.
give him the Fing ball this year, get moreno to upgrade over thomas if it doesn't cost much, and let's see what lamar has..

riley didn't need a coach he can control and who never questions him; that's nonsense.
he simply wanted a coach who shared the same philosophy that HE has, and it's quite a winning one.
how many rings does stan have?
how many offers has he gotten to coach since he left orlando?
spo is the perfect coach for this team, and he is definitely his own man; just look at norris cole.. you think riley would've traded up for a point guard AND LET HIM PLAY his rookie year?
come ON, dashi.. that's a spo move, NOT a riley one..

there's one more thing that contributed to moreno's success last year.. hmmm.. hold on; it will come to me..
his quarterback was peyton manning; the guy that had 450 completions for 5,477 yards.
i bet FZB could've ran for at least 500 yards with THAT guy as his QB..

The Dolphins would do very well if they can sign Moreno.

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | March 20, 2014 at 08:55 PM

Dapper, I'D say close to a thousand............

indeed, anti..
plus, moreno averaged 5 more carries per game than miller.
(why on earth would manning's running back have more carries than tannehill's? crazy, i know.. )
the fact is, ANY BACK was doomed under last year's coaching. they killed this team, the season and they almost killed tannehill.
i cannot wait until next year when REAL COACHING maximizes the potential of this team by running the ball more and utilizing tannehill's mobility and quickness and NOT by passing us into another 8-8 season.

David and Anti... I say you're both right, I think I could get between 500 to a thou with their O Line and that QB...even with my 60 yr old legs...lol

I like Moreno , he runs hard he would be an upgrade but you gotta take care of the O Line first..no question.

And David...as long as Joe is in charge our coaching will be a question mark..sorry OC.

If Moreno can block then he is an upgrade over Miller. If not, then I don't see that he is much of an upgrade. Though I don't think Miller is a star RB, you don't need a star RB to be successful running the ball. Denver and Washington (Mike Shanahan) have proven that for years. It's more about the OL. The only RB in free agency that I see who makes his own yards and would be a real upgrade running is Blount. But Blount from what I see is not much of a receiving threat. Reggie Bush was a unique player in that he was not only a good runner, he was also a major receiving threat and could block.

OC I remember those battles well. It was my first year on the blog (late 2006 thru the 2007 season). The major point of disagreement was whether Cameron deserved a 2nd year. Oh for the good old days of failing forward fast.

Played 2 brackets 13-3 1nad 12-4 for me I'll take it go UMASS!

114 entrants in my pool one person went 16-0 another two went 15-1 crazy good.

Big Baby- Have to agree with david and fzb. When you you have manning and there ol, it is hard not to put up those numbers.Just the threat of a Brady, manning, rogers back there gives a rb a big edge.

I never disagreed with that all I said was the guy had a great year last year. He would look good running over the Patsies in aqua and orange.

Moreno played well as a backup for Willis McGahey when Tebow was the QB at Denver. He has proved himself as a very good NFL running back. He can basically do all the things that a professional running back at this level is required to do. He would be a fine addition to the Miami roster.

He would be penciled in as the starter at the beginning of camp without even taking a snap.


Oye, FZ, parece mentira que I had to find out about this smoking hot 305 weather girl from some friends in Miami while you were asleep at the wheel.

Alabao, mi socio, que clase de culo!


While you slugs were haikuing with that fish Cote, Mr. Woodcock was surfing for porn on the net. Now I ask you, which of the two is the more satisfying endeavor?


Tom just read B. Lafell is taking a twitter break after his comments about Cam Newton what a dummy I hope he's the same idiot in New England.

Wood's..for your information...Jazmina is actually the traffic girl for channel-51 in da mouning..needles to say I watch and it has nothing to do on how the traffic is.


Hey BB

He went to the Patriots because the Panthers did not want him. He was a drop machine. On the other hand, who can argue his suggestion that Brady is better than Cam. Of course he is. Brady might well be the best QB ever. If not he's certainly in the top 3. And Lafell is also right that Cam is still a work in progress. I agree he has a ton of natural ability (maybe more than any current QB) but he has yet to harness that ability into performance. Way too many over-throws.

All of that said, I think Cam has a bright future if the Panthers EVER sign some WRs. Who in the hell do they expect Cam to throw to?

Woody I agree Moreno would be the starter. But truth be told if Moreno played for the Fish last year his stats would look very much like Miller's. The only place you might have seen a difference is in the number of sacks and hurries. Miller is a matador when it comes to bull rushing DLs.


is interesting how you guys view Moreno as an upgrade over Miller and Thomas at this time (which he is) but let me remind you guys he did nothing his first three yrs in the league and was considered a bust by all the fans and media in Denver.

I guess I'm stating again that it DOES really take 2 to 3 yrs for most players to find their footing and become productive NFL players so I don't wanna hear any of this nonsense that last years draft is a total failure..too early to know one way or the other.

Tom no one is disputing how good Brady is. Lafell threw Cam under the bus and it seems he wasn't smart enough to even realize it. That said I think Lafell will fit into the NE offense very well I like him as an under the radar player despite the drops he will see plenty of throws there.

Panthers got rid of their ENTIRE starting wide outs and slot receiver. I can't remember the last time a team did that. Cap rules come into play here big time. This is when that geek Kazaam used to come in handy to explain the cap rules. The biggest personnel question mark this year was the Cowboy's waving Demarcus Ware. Say what!

BB, anyone and everyone seems to fit in NE's offense. You don't have to look any farther than Tom Brady to understand why.

NE and Denver have done the best in free agency so far. Gee I wonder why.

Yay let's crown them the offseason champs! D. Ware didn't have a very good year last year and he overpriced himself. My math says Manning is toast he looked like a washed up player last time I saw him I don't care if Seattle made him look that way either. TOAST!

if its me, I rather sign L Blount instead of Moreno..

Blount is intriguing he's a load who runs a 4.5 but as far as versatility I think I would go with Moreno. Either would be fine with me if they decide to sign a rb.

NE didn't sign Blount?

No doesn't look like they will either. He had a really good second half of the season last year scored many td's helped them a lot.

Blount visited the Steelers last night and he is reportedly still talking with NE.

Yea, he had a very good run with NE last year. He'll get a good contract from someone.

I rather have Blount as the primary back and Miller as the change of pace back..Miller and Moreno are basically the same size, Moreno right now is the better back but Blount IS indeed a load and that's what we need.

the other thing is you would think Hickey knows the guy since he was there at TB with him...unless clue-less Joe doesn't want him because of his "character" flaws?

and we all know who's really in charge, right?

Cortland Finnegan has character flaws all over the place so maybe we can rule that out. Hickey should know him yes.

# 3 Duke just went down to Mercer..wow

Fat John Jerry will be doing his eating at the Carnegie Deli from now on.

Seems they had seen enough of Jerry but he did start all 16 games at RG the last 2 seasons.

the guy hasn't done anything since he was drafted by Parcells/Sparano...no great loss...I don't think.

That's Parcells/Sporano/Ireland


duke out after one game is heavenly. not having to see/hear ole weaselface is fine with me; isn't this the second ttime in three years they've gone out in the first or second game? playing with one and done players doesn't sit well and it is great to watch teams that actually have juniors and seniors playing, ley alone the team that has a sixth-year senior on their squad. hoping UNC wins and makes an appearance on sunday; the tar heels beat a lot of really good teams and lost plenty to bottom of the totem pole types.

Sorry BB, but Tenn laid the wood to Massachocha!

On fat John Jerry...of course now that he's going to be coached properly he's going to become and all pro.

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