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March 09, 2014

Mon am 3-10: Bright Side: New Dolphins poll invites your optimism. No, seriously! Vote here; plus Reed takes WGC/Doral, Heat lose 3rd in row & more

1) It is MONDAY, MARCH 10. Click on Random Evidence for yesterday's latest Random Evidence notes-column package, leading with Donald Trump's scary makeover of Doral's Blue Monster. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat Polls on Pacers chase and LeBron attending Ilgauskas ceremony, Tiger in hunt at WGC/Doral & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Reeds wins WGC/Doral; Tiger fades to nine back: Patrick Reed held on to win the World Golf Championships at Doral by two strokes at 4-under on Sunday. Tiger Woods' bogey-littered, birdie-free final round had him +6 for the  day, +5 for the tourney and nine shots behind leader. Click Red On Blue for my column from Doral off the final round. I write about two red shirts and the day's biggest winner, Donald Trump.

GIVING DOLPHINS FANS A CHANCE TO LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: If your natural response to the preceding was, "What bright side!?", you are a typical Dolfan, which is to say you are wrapped in gloom and 1aa1asmiling dolphinpessimism. Which means this is the time of year that truly challenges you. Free agency begins in two days and the draft soon follows, so this is when new general manager Dennis Hickey will reshape the roster for the 2014 season. Everybody knows the problem areas -- starting with offensive line -- so we won't take a riding crop to that dead horse. Instead we present a poll that invites you to say what the team's strengths are entering free agency. Make that strengths, relatively speaking. Put another way, what are the areas that least need addressing in free agency or the draft? Take off your Gloom Hat, Dolfan, and smile like the dolphin pictured. Identify what isn't awful.  Vote and say why.

HEAT DROP 3RD STRAIGHT: Heat lost yesterday at Chicago 95-88, blowing a 12-point fourth quarter lead and then scoring only two in overtime. Joakim Noah is a Heat-killa. Miami now has lost three straight for only second time this season; other time was Jan. 9-15. LeBron scored only 17 on 8-for-23 shooting after flying in from attending the Big Z ceremony in Cleveland. Hmm. The King hasn't been great since that 61-point game. Still say he should-a skipped that Cleveland event.

Poll results: No. 1 seed very important for Heat, LeBron's Cleveland trip OK: We had double polls on Heat in last blogpost. We asked how important it was for Miami to surpass Indiana for No. 1 playoff seed in East, and 47.3 percent said "very," 41.3% "somewhat" and 11.4% "not." We asked if it LeBron James should attend the Saturday ceremony honoring Zydrunas Ilgauskas in Cleveland (he did), and 48.9 percent voted "yes," 37.8% "no" and 13.2% "not sure."

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There is no bright side. This franchise is a complete joke. Why do we even care anymore?

The Receiving crew seems to be the best out of a mostly lackluster group.The Defensive Line and Secondary could be okay but expected losses due to free agency hurts their chances to to be the best unit on a flawed team that has 6-10 in 2014 written all over it.

Coaching is an open question.
Defensive line will be getting weaker.
Front office is an open question with the new GM.
Linebackers suck.
Quarterback is an open question.
Receivers are good but no true #1.
Running game is non-existent.
Secondary was strong. Top 5 passing TDs. Top 10 YPA. Top 14 completion percent.

I'm most confident in the secondary.

I have the most confidence in guys that yell get yer popcorn and peanuts here...

Maybe a Smart Car filled with 30 or 40 clowns, each dressed in Dolphins uniform could make a great half-time spectacle at Sunlife Stadium...

Free Bag of FUNYUNS and medium size ice cold pepsi for all Dolphin season ticket holders...

I'm gettin the goosepimples just thinkin' about it...

Chester those are the best things this team has going for it...

Maybe Dolphin cheerleaders can pick up slack by going topless...

This is what babyboomer childhood is all about BB. I knows you didn't ask but still...


Complete with Walter Winchell narration...

Stephen Ross' childhood hero...


I have confidence that the Dolphins will fail forward longer and more consistently than any team in NFL history.

When cartoons weren't just computor animation...


I second the nomination Coach Camerooney...

Dukimoto, That's got to be the most disturbing commercial ever made................
I'd have nightmares if I ever got R.E.M sleep....

Did look like "Otis Campbell" (Andy Griffith Show) at :15 in the Tommy Gun commercial.
Cote most now be much of a football fan, where is the Special Teams category?

Must NOT.

Fins should sign Devin Hester.

Nice photo, Chester

Need to go abroad these days to see unenhanced cheerleaders. European basketball , volleyball and soccer leagues have caught on to the cheerleader scene, but with natural beauties.

In other news, the Phins girls were just voted #1 in the NFL this year. Not sure if it was looks based or just overall squad performance.

Sheesh, Cote, enough with the Tiger Woods man love (hopefully just that.)

Writer, See his "Man-Love" For Lebron..........

I Believe he has a man crush on the "Brother's"....
He has been called a

By some on this blog...........

(Mainly by myself..)
(Not that there's anything wrong with that..)

No, no nothing wrong with it at all...

Let's see who Cote fawns over..............




Need I go on??????



Difficult to see the bright side when our team is owned by an incompetent billionaire..

And is coached by a clue-less head coach..

And the front office is run by a back stabbing bitch..

And ...you guys get the point.

Question for you guys...if Cote was a woman...who would "she" would have like to slept with?




Where is the "Nothing" choice in this pole?

Whoops, meant Poll.

Sad, but not confident in any category, but voted qb on Tannehill potential. Unless Oline is improved dramatically, the kid may never have a chance to develop.

Until the Dolphins get a competent head coach and good assistants this team will continue to languish in the land of irrelevance in the NFL. I do not believe that Ross is capable of doing this, so the future looks bleak.

For those who say that it is counterproductive to change coaches every few years, unless you have a good coach it is the only thing that a team can do to improve. Sticking with a losing coach only prolongs the agony.

And Philbin has had two years to showcase his incompetence. Time for a change.

Zulu, I would agree but for the fact that Philbin was undermined by a GM who provided X when what was required was Y. Judge him after Halloween.

OC...ok..I buy that ( that Philbin was undermined by his GM?....then how do you explain this coach not having his team ready to play coming off the by week against Buffalo and the last two weeks of the season?

How do you explain the lack of offensive and defensive adjustments?

You can't pin those on the GM amigo....

So true OC, so true. The biggest reason to be confident about Miami's 2014 season....JEFFY IS HISTORY! By the way has the great NFL talent evaluator Jeff Ireland landed another job in the NFL? Nuff said!!!

You don't need a true number 1 WR to win Tom. A very outdated philosophy.

I agree with poll results QB and WR are the strength of the team right now I like the secondary but it's very fluid right now we should know more next week.

Big Baby

I agree with you. But when you have a young QB a real #1 WR certainly does help.

Funny when was the last time QB and WR were the strength of this team 1986?


Dan Marino had Mark Duper and Mar Clayton. Yathunk that helped him any?

Waiting for Naples to tell us Tannehill sucks he must have missed the last NE game and the Pittsburgh game in the snow.

Of course he will cite last 2 games and 8-8 record not the obvious improvements he made in year 2.

Recent reports indicate Miami will sign OT Branden Albert on the first day of free agency. Grimes resigns, sings praises ($ influenced of course) of the organization. Last year Minnesota offered the same type of deal to Wallace & he chose Miami... Maybe this Miami Dolphins organization isn't so jacked up after all. To all the constant negative fans,, I says "I see you there with your titties hanging out & mascara running down your face!"
Hey when TOM is optimistic, you it just got real.

Tom, which WR is the #1 guy? IMO Hartline was the more valuable WR, Gibson was excellent until he got hurt, the team has barely scratched the surface using the dangerous Wallace. Tannehill is the best QB Miami had since Marino in his prime & he's young. Much upside.

typo... Hey when Tom is optimistic, it just got real. Sorry, fat fingers on the keypad.

IMA Writer, Anti,
See what happens when you get a meat gazer in the lock room? Man crush.

Not sure what the point of that troll post was but Miami is a better team with Mike Wallace on the roster.

Big Baby- I have been out of town for a few days BUT, tannahill does still suck!! Forget the Pats and steelers, colts, bengals. When he start by beating the bills maybe then I will change my mind.When you lose the last 2 games of the season,games you need to win to make the playoffs, and he puts up a total of 7pts,plus he throws 3 ints in the biggest game of his NFL career.Untill he wins a big game, he is still average at best.Do you know how hard is is to get shutout in todays NFL? That game at the bills with thad lewis as the bills qb, says it all.

LOL yeah forget about beating all of those playoff teams it doesn't matter sure he improved in every category, played 16 games, all while getting crushed most of the year lol. Pats have zero future they are losing good players and have no cap space enjoy the off season!

Reed won by one stroke Greg not two geesh weren't you there?

well, everyone is reporting that Albert to Miami is a done deal, good start to free agency on top of keeping Grimes.

now we need two more offensive linemen, hopefully another tackle and a guard....or maybe three?

there's is also speculation that free safety Byrd is talking to Miami, while he is a great player and a major upgrade ove Clemons I think we need to concentrate on our offensive line above everything else and by taking care of the line in free agency then our draft can be for defense..like a stud DT and or a MLB or free safety..

hehe, I see that Naples is still hating on my boy Tanny.

The majority feels good about the quarterback position? Did, we sign Johnny Football?

Byrd to Miami would make Miami one of the scarier defenses in the league to that I say sign me up. It's a pass first league and pass defense first league he's a game changer.

Naples maybe you can get lucky and get a second round pick for R. Mallet looks like Texans are serious. Get ready for the Logan Ryan era in place of Talib though lol!

BB...if I had to choose?...fix the o Line first then everything else is much easier..also, you can have 4 great defensive backs but if you can't get to the QB it won't make a difference.

Even without Starks or Soliai they have a decent pass rush with Odrick, Shelby, Vernon and Wake fill in with decent DT or two is all they need. If they walk then management shares my opinion. Pass defense is number one priority in NFL today J. Byrd makes Miami a much better team but he will have many suitors.

Interesting comments about Miami's approach & possibilities this offseason. Things are looking optimistic even if both FA DT's walk. Signing Albert & Byrd would be a huge splash to start with.

The bright side?! THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE! The Dolphins organization is a complete joke from top to bottom. Clown owner, lifeless pushover head coach, bottom barrel front office, free agent defensive line, middling quarterback, overpaid linebackers, overpaid receivers, no running game, and one good cornerback. I bet all the idiots here singing the Dolphins praises were saying Miami was a playoff team last year too. Wash, rinse, repeat, this franchise is a complete joke.

the Herald is now reporting that the Dolphins are expected to sign Albert and go after "several" more offensive linemen, they are looking for a RT and a guard.

also that they want to sign a top tier DT..if they do that, there is no way they can get Byrd.

Yes top notch DT and more FA OL would likely rule out Byrd but that is why we wait and watch a fun time of year coming up the next few weeks. Herald reports aren't the be all end all though I still believe Miami will take a serious run at J. Byrd if they are smart. Ian Rappaport says they are looking at him anyway.

What is going on here?

Seems the new GM is doing what several of us told the old GM to do last year. Deal with OL in free agency. Then the Fish can use the draft pick on the best available MLB, DT, DB or WR.

Miami is going to be way better in 2014 because they are no longer guided by a moron.

YES BUT THEY ARE COACHED BY ONE...just saying..hehe

If it's in caps you aren't just saying.

Wow Jets release Cromartie and now Santonio Holmes.

They are in full rebuild mode that's right Jet trolls have fun with that.

well, I was sort of screaming at no one in particular BB.

it looks like Chris Johnson is going to be let go by Tennesse..he sure would look nice in aqua and orange..

Lots of miles on those tires but at the right price I might kick those tires.

B. Albert is reportedly going to get 10 mil per season from Miami tomorrow.

Huge mistake. For this they could have kept Long.

The Dolphins are toast. They couldn't get laid in Las Vegas with two suitcases filled with hundred dollar bills.


Relax Woody. Albert and a couple others is just what the Dr ordered for Miami. Add a RB and a WR and they are set on offensive side of ball.

Newsflash Stephen Ross will pay for renovations to Sun Life Stadium and Dmitri Patterson has been released. I like the former not the latter decision.

All I heard is that they are turning it over to the county to avoid taxes after renovations help me out guys haven't signed up for pay wall yet.

So, let's recap Tom's last post. He says to "relax 'cause this is just what the Dolphins need." OK. Let's explore that comment with an appropriate comparison.

Say, that you've been married for 20 years and your wife is starting to show her age so you dump her. Are you following along here, Tommy? Now, let's say that you're the marrying kind and you want to hitch up for another tour with another broad. Are you going to replace the "old beef" with more of the same or are you going to trade up to a younger model?

You don't even have to answer, Tommy Boy, the answer to that question has been to trade up since Adam dumped Eve for Ellie May.

Now, if you're going to sign a journeyman like this Fat Albert guy why didn't they just stand pat and resign Long?

Big Baby- Pats have zero future? Do you mean like the dolphins have been like the past 20yrs? As long as they play in the same division as the stumblebum dolphins, and bills,they still are a playoff team.You should worry more about the 2nd place JETS, then the Pats.You know that team with another rookie qb tannahill could not beat when he had to.Do you realize that if the NFL had 14 teams in the playoffs this past season, the dolphins still would not of made the playoffs?

Woody my misguided left coast friend. What do we have now? Chit! We are trading up. For example, if your wife is 30, fat, saggy tits, big ass and ugly and you exchange her for a 30 year old that is trim and fit with big firm tits and a tight ass YOU'VE TRADED UP.

Our OL now is the equivalent of the 30 year old fat ugly woman with saggy tits and a big flabby ass.

Get it?

As far as why didn't Miami resign Long? Well because Ireland is a moron.

By the way, Fat Albert as you call him was a pro bowler last year.

You have to feel good about our chances next year when both, FZB and Woodcock are pessimistic on the Dolphins.


Jack when Brady finally goes over the hill the Pats will suck for some extended period of time. The Pats have been the beneficiary of one of the top 3 QBs of all time the past 13 years. The run is almost over.

I'm sure a fat old ugly woman with saggy tits and an old flabby ass is about all most of you have seen in a long long long time.If that...


The reason I'm not overly optimistic about our chances is this, Hickey could turn out to be the second coming of the late great Joe Thomas in restocking the talent on the team but since we are coached by a inept HC?..then is all for nothing.

Oh before I forget....Hey canefan...get lost dip chit.

Well the Dolphins signed safety Delmas...I guess that puts to rest the rumors about Byrd coming here.

And Tom?... Not signing Long last year was the correct thing to do, the guy has not been able to play all 16 games the past three years,, he is breaking down every year.

Yup no J. Byrd they are rolling with Delmas and Jones. Probably good I guess Byrd is a luxury item too many need areas. Not thrilled about the loss of Patterson 5.4 mil cap isn't bad for a good starting corner. If they had durability concerns fine move on but if he plays effectively for another team next year I will be sure and remind everyone about it.

Wrong again FZB. But what's new? If Ireland was not planning on signing Albert last year or drafting a LT he should have resigned Jake. Long has been top LT since entering the NFL and was graded by PFF as a top five tackle last year. Injuries are part of the game but let's be fair to Jake. He has been in the league 5 years and started 73 of the 80 games. 15 last year.

There is no doubt Miami could have used him.

Most likely owner to show he is in step with the times by timing his teams #1 draft pic of trailblazing college "tweener" meatgazer with his own formal coming out of the closet announcement on ESPN: A)Stephen Ross, B)Stephen Tyler C)"Even" Steven D)None of the above. Oh yeah, not that there is anything wrong with it...

I'd like to be the first to condemn er commend Mr. Ross for his bravely coming out of the closet with skeleton number 1...

You guys are getting a bit too excited about the possible free agent moves the Dolphns are going to be making but remember Philbin is still coaching this team...and Tom, I'm not wrong about Long.

I'd rather have Pats post dynasty blues than whatever it is the Fins have in store for them next on this flaming rollercoaster ride...

Sweet Jesus, if only you were my kindly old grandfather hellbent on leaving me millions when you get called home(or sooner) instead of the Dolphins owner well.. that would be something to smile about...


No wonder the guy isn't putting a new Dolphin stadium on his tab. He's too busy building other things...


Why would a New York guy and Jets fan want to own the Dolphins? I think the answer is obvious...

FZ, by my count, that makes it 3,659 disses by you about Philbin, in the last week alone! You best pray the Dolphins don't make the playoffs, proving along the way, the brilliance of your observation, cause if the team improves over last year (as I think they will), boy, there's going to be hell to pay!

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