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March 11, 2014

Wed pm 3-12: The Dolphins Strike Back! Team makes gains in rebuilding roster, image; plus ACC hoops/Masters odds, Ron Jeremy, Heat & more

1aa1aferns1) It is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12. Zach Galifianakis has a funny interview with President Obama on his sublimely ridiculous "Between Two Ferns" show on funnyordie.com. Click HERE to watch. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins 'Bright Side' poll, Heat drop 3rd straight, WGC/Doral & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

ACC hoops, Masters odds:
Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are co-favorites to win The Masters at 6-1, says Bovada, followed by Jason Day, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott at 14-1. In the ACC men's basketball tournament beginning today, money is on Virginia and Duke (both 2-1), Syracuse (3-1) and North Carolina (7-1). Florida (40-1) and Miami (66-1) are longshots.

THE DOLPHINS STRIKE BACK: FREE AGENCY, ROSS HELP TEAM RESHAPE ROSTER, IMAGE: This is a big week for your beleaguered Miami Dolphins, who have been irrelevant nationally for a decade- 1aa1ahickrossplus and a Bullygate laughingstock more recently. As I write in my latest column -- click on The Dolphins Fight Back to read -- this franchise has unique challenges. Other NFL teams must fill holes in free agency. Miami must fill a giant crater (the offensive line), other smaller holes and also erase the lingering stink of Bullygate, repair the club's public image and earn back the trust of fans. This week has seen positives strides on two major fronts: 1) FREE AGENCY: New GM Dennis Hickey (pictured with owner Stephen Ross) is off to a strong start. Re-signing Brent Grimes and signing tackle Branden Albert, safety Louis Delmas and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell are significant moves. Albert especially will anchor the revamped O-line with a Pro bowl-caliber guy on the key left side. Re-signing DT Randy Starks today also would be big.  2) STEPHEN ROSS: The club owner's offer to spend $350 million of his own money on stadium renovations is huge and would put Miami back in the hunt to host Super Bowls. Being a savvy businessman he wants something in return, an exemption from paying property taxes that would save him about $3.8 million a year, but that's reasonable. (The Marlins and Heat don't pay property taxes). The combination of a strong start in free agency and Ross' gesture make it a buoyant time for a franchise, and fan base, that dearly need some of that.

Poll result: Passing game tops Dolfans' optimism: We chose the Bright Side in the last blogpost and asked what facet of the Dolphins inspires the most confidence in you, and the top vote-getters were quarterback (26.3 percent) and receivers (24.6%), with notable support as well for the secoindary (20.3%) and defensive line (16.7%). Lagging were front office (5.5%), coaching (3.2%), linebackers (2.1%) and running game (1.3%).

1aa1aronjeremyNATURALLY, PORN STAR RON JEREMY HAS A RUM: When you think of overweight and astonishingly repulsive has-been porn star Ron Jeremy, you naturally think of spiced rum, assuming your willingness to make a leap of faith and hope it isn't spiced with what you fear it could be. Anyway, Ron was signing bottles of his rum yesterday at Crown Wines & Spirits in Fort Lauderdale. What other blog gonna bring you such essential information? Boom chick-a boom!

BIG 3, BIG WADE LIFT HEAT: The Washington Wizards aren't pushovers anymore but the Heat pushed 'em anyway, 99-90, here Monday to end a three-game losing streak. Always a good sign when the BIg 3 all top 20 points, but it was Dwyane Wade's big fourth quarter that seized the win. I'll say it again: Miami three-peats if Wade is Euro-step-healthy throughout the playoffs or at least when it starts really mattering, in the Eastern finals. Big home test tonight vs. visiting Brooklyn.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Hickey ...so far so good buddy.Hopefully you find a good RB to back up Miller.Of course the O line needs desperate measures and hopefully it gets to at least a respectable level through free agency.A good DT is key and Wheeler isn t as good as advertised at LB.He s played UNDER expectations by a lot.Wheeler needs to be replaced.The LB play I mostly saw was them running BEHIND players to try to tackle them on running plays.Never a good sign.Ross is trying to improve and SEEMS to care what the South Florida fans think.Hoping for the best.

Dolphins have already agreed to terms with Albert, his last three Twitter follows are Louis Delmas, Lamar Miller, and Ryan Tannehill. But I don't understand how the Dolphins would agree to $10M a year for Albert without even talking to Eugene Monroe, who's reportedly getting lose to resigning with Baltimore for $8M a year. It makes no sense, Monroe's the better player, why wouldn't he take more to play in Miami?


L. Delmas on paper looks like an upgrade over C. Clemons strong, makes tackles, defends the pass big hitter. Gives Miami more pop on d good move and he took a bit of a hometown discount. A good season this year and he's likely to be here awhile. He sounds like he wants to be here and contribute. Stadium situation good we can likely now stop talk of the team moving. Interested to see if we grab a CB in FA wonder how Hickey feels about Revis he did help bring him to Tampa cost may be prohibitive but we need a corner Davis and Taylor don't look very reliable at all.

I would be surprised if Albert got 10 mil 8-9 sounds more likely but they are in position to overpay a little to get the player.

Ross wants what the other ¥{#% sports owners have. The opportunity to screw the tax payer.

Louis Delmas S. Talented guy, upgrade over Clemons is terms of coverage & ball skills. Liability in that he has missed significant playing time last 2 seasons due to injury. One year deal. This move by Dolphins is similar to last years deal with Brent Grimes. S Byrd would have been the best choice here BUT chasing LT Albert negates cap $ for Byrd. Thought Byrd was a long shot & didn't expect Miami to obtain him.
I give the Fins credit, the early player moves makes sense. Hopefully this carries over into the draft. You wonder why an organization moves up to draft the best 3-4 rushing LB for a 4-3 defense.... If DE Jordan developes into a premier pass rusher to compliment and eventually replace Wakes talent... so be it, good move. IF.

Ravens want to keep Monroe. Teams have been in touch with the agents representing these players & most likely Monroe's rep indicated he wants to stay a Raven. Why chase a guy who wants to stay with his current team when there are others out there. All indications are that the Raiders (tons of available cap $ to spend) are resigning their FA OT.

BB, Taylor & Davis. Neither will start this season but both will be used extensively in nickle, dime packages. The better of the 2 will emerge as a starting CB in 2015. $64 question is, what is the Fins plan with Patterson.

By not paying a lot of $ for Byrd, Miami is more inclined to resign either DT Soliai or Starks. Soliai - pushes through double teams, unmoveable on some plays, will take some plays off. Heavy guy that needs to be rotated out once every 3 series. Starks - smaller than Soliai but more explosive, creates havoc, good up the middle pass rush, hard headed & outspoken. Love both players, keeping either one would be a plus. Soliai is probably the one the organization & Philbin try to retain.

What do you mean "sounds more likely"? Have you read anywhere that Albert might be signing for less than the $10M a year everyone has reported?

Wonder if Tannehill is concerned Fins are paying $8-$10 mil a year to keep his brain intact? That young man was brutalized back there. Brave kid.

Jimbo I just hope Davis and Taylor are even good enough to play nickel or dime. Jimmy Wilson fills that role very nicely now it would be nice if someone stepped up out of those two players to help.

Patterson could be brought back at a cheaper price.

That would be good it would give them a lot more flexibility in other areas. Guessing they would offer one year deal only though if some team offers him more years he likely would take it.

Would be surprised if any team gave him 2 years likely won't happen it may come down to what he accept for one year.

OC, you do any fishing on the Gulf of Mexico since the relo to Austin? If not, that will change. I'll look you up when I get there. Going to Austin in April for a look-see for a new place, moving 1 June.

8-10? Am I missing something? Does anyone know if the deal might be for less than $10M?


Jimbo, housing costs continue to go up by the minute. Woodcock would attest how ridiculously thorough I research stuff before deciding... at least on the important stuff. I must have physically looked at over 75 units before settling on one that hit most of my requirements. Feel free to list your requirements and ill be happy to save you time.

well let's see now, Albert is just one of the 3-4 offensive linemen we need to get in free agency alone..who are we going after next?..

in order..

after Albert, minimum of two more offensive linemen

a DT

a vet corner (there's plenty out there)

a big back

a TE

Really enjoy comparing notes with ESPN's free agent board. They rank the players and makes for a quick place to track all the various players.

Smirk Note: The highest ranked player is Chris Clemons who received an 'B'' with the majority of Dolphins in the 'C' and 'D' category. There are also four players who appear on the last page of the worst 44 out of 594 available players.


OC, were looking to rent a house instead of buy. East or South side of Austin. We have been online looking since I got the official word. Most likely scenerio is I live in Austin somewhere between 2-4 years, then buy a house in San Antonio 6 months before I retire.

FZB, your last post. Your probably correct.

2000-2300 sq ft, 2 car garage, 3 bed, 2+ ba, under 1/2 acre yard. stripper pole in family room.

Rent or buy?

Never mind, just saw it.

B minus for Grimes? # 2 rated CB according to PFF last season. Didn't allow a TD thrown to him ALL SEASON LONG. I give Polian an F.

If the Dolphins become serious playoff contenders in 2015 and beyond it may be the fallout of Bully gate that set up a Dolphin resurgence.The Bully gate scandal finally forced Stephen Ross to can inept GM Jeff Ireland whose cold personality and poor roster moves kept the Dolphins at 8-8 or below during his tenure.Dennis Hickey's more open friendly approach will attract free agents better than Ireland's is your Mother a whore approach.Ross also canned Mike Sherman and Jim Turner two sorry clowns of the Coaching staff and Mr Ross has made an improved offer to upgrade Joe Robbie Stadium.More work is needed to turn the Dolphin Franchise around from its so far 21st Century slump but recent moves by Ross are a good start.

East would probably best match your needs. South places you at the mercy of the I-35. You don't need that. The east side should remind you a bit like LA. A mixture of descent, older homes, amidst other homes that look as if Fred Sanford lived in them. The area is the most affordable. I'm sure you could install a pole in just about any of them.

Jimbo..make sure the house comes with a maid..I'm sure the missus will be appreciative.

Jimbo, don't discount the southwest area. There are some really nice homes that would not be that far off from those east side prices. Two great pluses: the area looks and feels like the west (Ca, Co.), also, the main road into town is the 190, which has the least amount of traffic.

say mayberd..you're forgetting a small little detail here, yes Hickey deserves the time to prove how good or bad he is (usually 4 yrs) but he was still the 8th best candidate available because of our idiot, incompetent owner decided to keep our very average head coach instead of cleaning house and start new.

HOPEFULLY I'm proven wrong.

OC...make sure you take Jimbo to observe the bats as they come out at night to feed...that's always exciting.

OC do they still have that show Austin City Limits saw Pearl Jam do a great show there a few years ago on tv not sure if it's on anymore.

there you go guys..OC and Jimbo...I found your cleaning maid service..


your welcome.

BB, this place doesn't seem to stop having events. Right now it's SXSW. The city is awash with young folks running all over the downtown area and going from one musical act to the next. There's got to be four or five major happenings every year. Makes for a very lively energy.

Sounds like a good place to live.

yeah OC..but there's no "La Carreta" restaurants out there, that's a big minus for me.

FZ, do you jump up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat and screaming - BLACK WIDOW...AAAH....AAAH - ROSS-ROSS!!!!?

Just wondering.

FZ, I suppose for you it's best said that -you can take the Hialeah out of the Cubiche, but you can't take the Cubiche out of Hialeah.

Dolphins should take Zach Martin in 1st rounds and target RB Tre Mason in 2nd round. After that, shore up the lines with quality and depth. I also wouldn't be opposed to Fins going after a RB in free agency ( MJD) and drafting a mid round qb to groom for the future (ala Nick Foles) and let Lazor develop in a similar way. I just don't think Tannehill is the long term answer.

I'm sloowly getting over the fact that Ross is still our owner and he's not going anywhere and that his man-crush head coach is still running the team and will be here at least for another year of suffering.

now I do support my new adopted son Hickey since he had nothing to do with this mess and he has a family to feed and was desperate for a job...and who knows the guy could be a diamond in the rough and surprise all of us but I draw the line with the back stabbing bitch, she still needs to go.

on your cubiche/hialeah comment?...yup I'm a Cubanazo, yup I love my cuban food/restaurants, the missus and I are planning on moving within the next two to three yrs (hopefully) to Jacksonville to be near the grand-kids and assure you there's not many Cubano places out there

the good news is they recently opened a Pollo Tropical, that's a good start..

Jacksonville is the biggest shit hole in the country. You will fit right in.

canefan...you seem to have some anger issues, U ok buddy?

you need to learn to relax, go with the flow, don't take life so seriously..I'm worried about you, you're going to get a heart attack..

Old friend K. Dansby a Brown 4 yrs 24 mil 14 guaranteed.

its official..Albert to Miami

and DT Mitchell also to the Dolphins..now that is also a good get.

DT Earl Mitchell reaches deal with Dolphins, ESPN reports.

He got 9 mil per year someone tell that Fire Hickey guy he didn't get 10.

25 guaranteed wow.

OC, fishing, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa. Bro, he gets sea sick when he orders the fish sandwich at McDonald's.

Soliai to the Falcons.

Ah, Jimbo, OC is the greatest he's one of my best friends. Now having said that you have understand that the boy is anal with a capital A. You do realize that it took him ONE ENTIRE YEAR to close up a two story apartment in Mission Viejo. One year! Now I'm shocked that he "only" looked at 75 apartments before choosing one. Let's put it this way, under no way, shape, or form, could OC Dolphin have the job where they pick draft picks on draft day. You could have the first pick and Jim Brown was sitting there and OC would lose the pick because he didn't make a decision in the allotted time!

Wassup, OC!


the ole shadow stated months ago that johnny manziel looked like a faster fran tarkenton with a stronger arm, and today's headlines claim tarkenton has declared "johnny football" to be the closest thing to him he has ever seen. it has been stated that the former aggie will not go in the first round- past teddy bridgewater i don't see anybody with the upside of yound mr. manziel. tall guys with strong arms are abundant- guys who can produce w/o an offensive line of note aren't. johnny m. can play w/o a strong offensive line and will be a top notch NFL QB, whichever- even the jaguars-team takes him. they don't come around very often with the skills of young mr. manziel. check out tarkenton's stats and consider he played for lousy teams until his second go-round with the vicodins:http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/TarkFr00.htm

The question, shadow, is whether or not Manziel is fortunate enough to avoid injury. Back when Fran was playing the guys landing on him were considerably smaller. I do agree with you that he does remind one of good-ole #10.

Just saw Patterson listed as CUT. Is that so?
Mistake, I think. Why cut him NOW?
As regards La Carreta, supped there several years ago on a trip in to Miami.

Funny how restaurants in Miami are busier at 1AM than at 8PM. LOL

I would assume (who's gonna say it first?) FAT Albert's 5th year is NOT guaranteed?

Albert is a good LT and will help Miami's offense. I'm not as familiar with Mitchel. ESPN rates him the top free agent DT. On the other hand, SCOUT.COM rates him the 15th best free agent DT.

Saffold is off the board. He went to the Raiders.

Dolphins still have at least one and probably two holes to fill on OL. It'll be interesting to see what they do. Could they possibly be thinking of bringing Martin back to play RT (or even a guard spot). Gawd I hope not!

No,no,no and no to Closet fairy Martin coming back...

I'm sure the Dolphins will sign a RT and a G ...that O Line needs to get fixed.

The Herald is reporting that there is a possibility that Patterson could come back , that would be ok...the times he has been healthy he has played very well.

Woodcock likes to unwind with a long Ron Jeremy straight up, with a twist.

The good news is that Julius Peppers and Andre Ware are also free agents...one if them would look good in aqua and orange, this way we can move Dion Jordan to OLB which is the position he should be playing...

The bad news is we have a clueless defensive coordinator and a clueless HC that have zero clue on how to use him...but hey, why complain right ?

FZ, drop it already. Sheesh!

Yes mother..

FZB does your "mentally challenged" son have a job in the NFL yet? Just in case you didn't know, talent never stays unemployed....NEVER!!!

Tom, obviously he doesn't yet but I would imagine he will at some point ...he does have a good reputation around the league as a good talent evaluator, besides he got more than a mil from Ross when he was let go...he can afford to wait.

You didn't read or understand what I wrote you. Let me try again In the real world those with talent NEVER STAY UNEMPLOYED. NEVER!!! Which tells you what?

Tom...there are a lot of talented people in the NFL that don't have jobs for various reasons.


Pioli was unemployed for a long time

Tom Heckert ..etc

How do you know he's not been offered a job?... Stop talking chit you know nothing about, when I tell you Ireland has a good reputation around the league as a talent evaluator I'm not making it up, I know it...its a fact.

The guy is gone... We have a new puppet in charge now that we all hope works out..forget Ireland...he was a problem but he was not the biggest problem, Philbin is .

name the NFL teams in the market for a GM?
as for the fins, i wish there was a way to keep soliai; but unlike tom, i'll wait until all the moves are made.
very happy about albert.
it's interesting to me that running back is not a priority, nor is cornerback.
they seem to think we are ok; meaning, our picks last year have some serious upside in our new GM's eyes..

martin traded to the 49ers for an undisclosed pick..
the 49ers?
i can hear FZB joking right now!

When was Polian unemployed? When he was 68 or 69 years old? Heckert is not unemployed. He got fired and almost immediately rehired.

Ireland was the biggest impediment to Dolphin success which will be proven this year when the Fish make the playoffs. The Fish sucked for the entire 6 years Ireland worked for Miami. Philbin was only there the last two years.

You've boxed yourself into a corner FZB. You'll be rooting against the Fish next year just to prove your point that Philbin and that back-stabbing bitch are worthless POS.

Jeff Ireland will never be a NFL GM again. Ever.

Why I mean WHY I'am I not surprised Martin sent to San Fran.......

Martin to SF for a conditional 7th rounder in 2015? Does that mean that if the Niners win the SB this coming year that the Dolphins get to draft Mr. Irrelevant?

wrong again, tom.
FZB AND i will be rooting for the dolphins success, and not just because we love the team.
what you fail to grasp is if they are successful next year, ireland will be the main reason why. if they do make the playoffs next year then ireland's fingerprints will be all over the team.
from tannehill, wallace, miller, grimes, pouncey, clay, jordan, misi, and the hopeful emergence of jamar taylor, jelani jenkins and will davis, THERE IS NO WAY to NOT credit ireland for any success we achieve in the next year or so, based on the continued development of the talent ireland acquired.
not to mention the ton of cap space he left us, unlike speilman and parcells.
they ability to make the moves we are making now are because the future wasn't mortgaged on bloated contracts or traded picks.
this team is in much better shape now than 3 years ago, and you will be the one in the corner when we're winning next year..

Hahahahahaha, closet fairy Martin to Fag-Fran-cisco, is just perfect, he'll be happy there , he'll get "hit on" quite often there, hehe

Surely, he can come out of the closet there now, (not that there is anything wrong with it )

Tommy-Son said...that I'll be rooting against the Dolphins next year because of " my dislike " of Philbin...oh how little do you know me son, I'm the ultimate homer, win or lose always a fan of my beloved team, no matter how poorly coached they are.

Hey I just had a thought , Seattle should sign Incognito...that would be beyond perfect..hehe

BB, Tom and the rest of our crew..read what Armando wrote, right on the money ..running the football, what a noble idea.


This is why David has been harping on since forever...and he is correcto.

Oopps..meant to write...

This is what David has been harping on..sorry, is early here in the 305

Martin sent to SF for conditional 7th rounder. Gotta mark that down as one of the highlights of Ireland's career. At least we got something in return.

OMG so if the Fish win Ireland gets the credit. If they lose Philbin gets the blame. You guys are hopelessly delusional. You sound like that loser we have in the WH.

When you reach in the bag for a nugget from Armando you know what you can out with? Chit on your hand. Armando....hahahahahahahahaahahahahaha.

"come out with"


Dolphins did a pretty good to start the off season. Albert was expected & the other top OL players are off the table day 1. Martin? Sounds terrible trading a 2nd rd pick for a 6th or 7th but considering the guy has been a liability on & off the field, ok. Mildly surprised someone traded a future pick for a guy who's going to cut anyway. Sometimes you got to cut your losses and move on. Soliai gone - expected, replaced by a younger Mitchell, good move.
Fins did well so far.
Possible - Starks resigns, Miami has a 3 man DT rotation in Starks, Mitchell, Odrick. Nice
Patterson can come back at a cap friendly price.
RB's Ben Tate & LeGarrett Blount could be Fins.
A second tier G or T.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the guy the franchise has been trying to replace for 4 years resigned because of need,,, John Jerry.
Personally, I'd resign Incognito because he's a better player than Jerry and Martin is gone BUT considering the political aspect of the Martin saga,, ain't happening.

Dolphins are still going to draft 2 or 3 O linemen.
The moves are the first step improving the team.

Let's go down this list of "Ireland's successes" with the Dolphins provided to us by dap...

tannehill - a success? well not so far. not a bust but definitely not a success yet.

wallace - WAY underperformed his $60 million contract. He wasn't even as good as Hartline who is paid half as much.

miller - such a success most experts are predicting the Fish will get a RB this offseason. In Pro Football Focus' elusive rating (in which the website ranks a runner's success beyond the point of a blocker's aid), Miller was ranked 27 out of 32 running backs who took 50 percent or more of a team's carries. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000324684/article/dolphins-staffer-we-want-a-more-physical-lamar-miller

grimes - I'll give Ireland this one. Great pick up.

pouncey - even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

clay - is a good player but come one give me a break. this was a 6th round pick. in any event he was drafted to play HB and now he's a TE because of the injury to Keller. this is just blind luck.

jordan - worst Dolphins draft pick since Ted Ginn.

misi - sorry per FZB's rules Ireland does not get credit Koa. He was drafted in the 2010 draft when Parcells was still in control.

jamar taylor - taylor was not good last year. he's hardly a success so far.

will davis - Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald spoke to a Dolphins staffer who said Davis needs “to develop mentally and physically” before he’ll be able to help the team on defense. BUST!

jelani jenkins - played behind Wheeler and Wheeler sucked the big one.

Not much to brag about in this group unless you think going 2 for 10 is success for a GM.

If this team wins next year it will be in spite of the devastation left behind by Ireland.

Clay was a very good find in the 6th round great season last year. Regardless of Keller injury good players find a way to get on the field. Jimmy Wilson was a great find late also valuable player and starter in most packages now. J. Jenkins played in front of Wheeler towards the end of the year some potential there. Mike Wallace will be worth the money not his fault he was overthrown and underutilized don't make sh*t up just to prove your point in some useless spat with FZB. I will agree with the fact that Ireland would have been a total disaster if not for the fact that he hit on some late round starters and my opinion is that Tannehill is going to be a very good QB.


I didn't make that chit up. You really think under 1,000 yds and just 12.7 yds per carry is what you should get from a $12 million per yr WR? Seriously.

I like Clay but seriously he was not drafted to play TE. Had it not been for Keller's injury he would be a 2nd team HB and a special teamer....period. LUCK my friend, that's all that was.

Tannehill may be good. But you could hardly call him a successful pick so far.

Late round starters are more luck than skill. If there was really skill there you'd see far more early round success.

"Useless spat"? Isn't that all sports talk is? Sheesh!

So Wallace wasn't a good FA acquisition? There isn't a team in the league he wouldn't start for.

These results are the difference between a competent GM and a horrible one.

Starks staying with Miami good move.

this team is in much better shape now than 3 years ago, and you will be the one in the corner when we're winning next year..

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | March 12, 2014 at 06:58 AM

You're delusional. You and FZB have been WRONG about EVERYTHING. The Dolphins were not a playoff team last year and Jeff Ireland was a TERRIBLE GM. The minute Ireland was fired things started to turn around for Miami, Hickey's nothing special but in a few weeks he's made more progress than Jeff Ireland did his entire career. Stop making predictions, stop with the delusional arguments and twisted apologies and justifications. You're both idiots who know nothing about football, STFU and enjoy the show.

Clay is a football player, period. The coaches can tailor his productive talent (same as Wallace, Gibson) to maximize production. TD's!

I'm slightly disappointed you haven't produced some Ron Jeremy fodder. Hedgehog comments open door the into good blog humor. endless possibilities.

he,he..I see some of you are still a bit psychotic about my former adopted son..

ok...so if we can keep Starks then we would have a solid DT rotation and we only need to add another veteran CB (Patterson maybe?) and a veteran MLB to complete the defense.

on offense we still need a RT and G...is doable since we still have some cap room...so far so good.

on the draft?...best player available, could be a TE or DT or O LIneman or stud WR?.

They won't draft BPA they will draft need and right now it's on the offensive line. We don't need a DT (strength of team with Starks and Mitchell now in), LB (unless they dump Wheeler) or a WR (again strength of team) those positions are way down on the list. TE would be good.

well I think is always better to draft the BPA even at a position of strength..but that's just me.

BB..nothing wrong with drafting the kid Evans WR from Texas A and M (stud) and trade away your boy Hartline..

Only Jeff Ireland would trade a WR with back to back 1000 yard seasons you really are his father lol!

I've got dukey back in the lab concocting more drinks to offer the female patrons in the bar we're going to open. So far here's what we've got:

The Ditzy Blonde

4 parts aged Ron Jeremy
2 huevos
1 banana
whipped cream
1 or 2 maraschino cherries

Mix rum and huevos together and pour into tall glass, stick the banana and cover with whipped cream. top off with cherries.

BB..WR's like Hartline are a dime a dozen, nothing special about him at all, we need a bigger, stronger WR opposite Wallace..Evans fits the bill.

we already have two very similar WR's to Haartline on the roster in Gibson and Matthews, now I do agree they are not as accomplished as Hartline but they are very close in talent to Hartline..

if you two boys are going to open a bar in Austin count me in for a road trip..

Okay, FZ. You're in. Just don't be upset about our creation:


half a bottle of Irish whiskey
5 parts bitters
1 part cuban coffee

Mix and serve at room temperature, in glass stolen from Shula's Restaurant

No nothing special about Hartline at all except for the great production, great hands, route running, Tannehill's favorite target you're right those guys are a dime a dozen we should trade him just because you like to play armchair GM. Don't quit your day job.

BB seems to have a man-crush on Harline..

He's my binky no doubt but trading your best player at that position because you "think" you might be able to upgrade is just bad business any way you look at it. You're better than that.

ESPN is reporting Ware has reached a deal with the Broncos, 3 yrs 30 mil..20 guarantee..wow

see guys?..you could never have enough pass rushers.

They know their window is short they have to load up. They are losing Moreno, Decker, and a stud guard. Manning has maybe 1-2 years left then they are done id he plays like he did in the Superbowl they are already done.

OC the Ditzy Blond very funny.

like i said, ireland's successes are all over this team, and WHEN we win next year, he will share some of the credit.
philbin had some successes as well, but the dolphins could've made the playoffs last year if they were coached right.
and it is there; and no amount of revisionist tom history will change that.

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