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March 24, 2014

Tue pm 3-25: Real concern or unneeded angst on Heat title hopes? Poll. Vote!; plus Marino, Bosh's b-day, Marlins' Samson acts & more

It's Radio Tuesday!: I'm back in-studio today with the Dan Le Batard Show, 3-7 p.m. on 790 & 104.3 The Ticket, 4-7 on ESPN Radio. As serendipity would have it, today is my 16th national appearance as sports prepares for the Sweet 16.

1) It is TUESDAY, MARCH 24. Marlins announce Dolphins legend Dan Marino will throw ceremonial first pitch on Opening Night. 2) Happy 67th birthday to someone who has played so much of my life's soundtrack, Reg Dwight. 3) Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with March Madness (but not the one you're thinking of). 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NCAA Tournament: Cinderell-O-Meter, my bracket, haiku winner; plus Heat rips Heat, Dolphins and Moreno, LeBron's soda & more. 5) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Heat: Big win, bigger game ahead: Last night's 93-91 home win over Portland turned a valve and let some pressure escape from the team, but now it builds right back up fast as Miami visits rival Indiana Wednesday night. Click on Judge Later, Not Now for my column from the arena off last night's win.

HEAT ANGRY AND SEARCHING; IS THREE-PEAT SLIPPING AWAY?: Two straight NBA championships give a team a reservoir of faith. Confident Heat fans stand back and smirk at others as the outsiders panic 1aa1alebfruswith every Miami loss. But now it feels a bit different, doesn't it? Seven losses in the past 11 games -- before last night's 93- 1aa1aspofrus91 home win over Portland -- amounts to the most extended malaise of the Big 3 era. And now we are hearing anger and bewilderment. "We suck," said Chris Bosh. "There is no passion. There's nothing." LeBron: "Too many excuses. Everything is an excuse. It's very frustrating." Coach Erik Spoelstra: "Our lockerroom is angry." The Heat always seems to use turmoil and doubt as fuel. But when will that start to happen? Why hasn't it? Indiana is growing its lead in the East. Three teams out West have better records. Miami's run for a three-peat has become far from a foregone conclusion. I'm curious what you think. Will the three-peat happen or fall short? We had this excat poll question on Oct. 29, 2013 (just before the season started), and again on Dec. 12. Now we take a late-March pulse read, and it will be interesting to compare this with previous results. Remember, not asking if you want the Heat to win it all again, but if you honestly think they will -- if you were placing a yes-or-no bet. Vote and say why.

1aa1aboshbashON BOSH'S BIRTHDAY BASH: Give the Heat stars credit. They know how to throw birthday parties for themselves. Chris Bosh turned 30 on Monday so on Sunday he rented out Marlins Park for a circus themed bash he called Cirque du Noir. It included clowns, liquored-up snowcones, dunk tanks, carnival games, capering little people, a towering cake and entertainment by Bone Thugs 'N Harmony. A representative picture, courtesy April Belle Photos, is shown.

MARLINS' SAMSON STARRING IN LOCAL THEATER PRODUCTION: Marlins president David Samson, fresh 1aa1anotreadyfrom his quick boot off the island on TV's Survivors reality show, will 1aa1adavidsportray Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels in the upcoming theater production, Not Ready for Primetime. Miami's New Theatre will premiere the play with a Friday, March 29 opening night at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center in Cutler Bay. The play, running through April 19, is directed by Erik J. Rodriguez and revolves around the greatest SNL cast ever featuring John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray et al. Visit the New Theatre website for more. Samson, pictured, is a movie expert, marathon runner, reality-show star and, apparently, an actor. In his free time he is a major-league baseball team president, time permitting.

MADNESS TAKES A BREATHER: 9 STILL ALIVE ON MY BRACKET: Yeah, yeah. I know. I wrote a Curmudgeonly Anti-Bracket Column last week (somewhat in jest), but I do have a bracket in an office pool. Just one. Entering the Sweet 16 round later this week I have nine teams still alive: No. 1s Florida, Arizona and Virginia; No. 2s Wisconsin and Michigan; No. 3 Iowa State; and No. 4s UCLA, Michigan State and Louisville. I think my bracket is in decent shape. I have a dog in the hunt in seven of the eight S16 pairings, and am still alive for my championship pick of Florida over Arizona. Is having 9 teams still alive good, average or poor? To put it in context, Dick Vitale and golfer Bubba Watson have 11 teams left, President Obama has 9 left like me, soccer star Hope Solo has 8 left, and TV's Jimmy Kimmel has 7 alive. In my office pool, I am tied for 16th place among 54 brackets. 

Sweet 16 national-title odds: Fresh from Bovada today, Florida Gators are the readjusted NCAA Tournament championship favorites at 7-2, followed by Michigan State 9-2, Louisville 5-1, Arizona 6-1 and Virginia 10-1. Then it's Michigan/Louisville both 16-1, Iowa State/UCLA both 18-1, Kentucky/Baylor both 20-1, Tennessee 28-1, San Diego State/UConn both 33-1, Stanford 50-1 and Dayton 100-1.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Indiana is not growing its lead. Its still 2 games ahead in the loss column, meaning we can still catch them. That's not why I voted yes, though. One of the issues is this maintenance program. It's hard to get in a groove when every other game you've got one of the big 3 out which forces extended minutes for guys who weren't supposed to get that (UD, Toney Douglas, Beasley). When the playoffs come around, barring injury, you're not going to see that. There are no back-to-backs. There was no major subtraction this year to last year's team and no one else in the league is markedly better, so I'll believe they aren't going to win it all when they don't.

...And go see Not Ready for Primetime. That's my brother's show and its going to be great!

Mike Miller was a massive subtraction this year to last year's team.

Massive? 3.9 ppg, .9 apg and 1.9 rpg on 40% shooting (37% from 3) in the playoffs is hardly massive. That along with the fact that he was blatantly being picked on defensively during the Spurs series last year, I'd venture that it's not a major subtraction at all. I mean, I liked Miller a lot but what he did was redundant, considering Battier, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Plug in a 7 footer in Oden for some consistent minutes in the playoffs and I'd posit that it's a better line up than last year. It's a bigger locker room issue than it is an on-court issue. Not saying that the locker room means nothing, just that I'm confident they can overcome it.

Stat corrections: 3.4ppg on 46% shooting and 44% from 3s.

He's not the reason your team isn't interested in playing defense. Duh.

You say that like 44% from 3 isn't amazing and like Ray Allen and Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis could hit a three to save their life this season.

I voted no on the Heat winning another NBA title.The Heat seem tired and worn from the extra games they have played in route of 3 straight NBA Finals.Ricky in a earlier post made good points about the Pacers who are struggling lately which means the expected Pacers-Heat Eastern
Conference winner will not have home field advantage in the NBA Finals vs the Spurs or Clippers and that could prove fatal to the Heat if they beat the Pacers.

I'm on the fence on the Heat mainly because of the way they are playing defense...so I'll say no for now.

Duh, 44% is great but 3.4 ppg means he hit one 3 pointer per game in the playoffs. So his usual impact was 1 for 2 for 3 points, 2 boards and an assist in 13 minutes. I'm positive that can be replaced. In fact, in similar minutes in the regular season (16 mins per game), Michael Beasley is at 8.4 ppg, 3.3 rpg and .8 apg, shooting 50% from the floor and 42% from 3. Not a major impact at all, at least on the court.

on the Heat..is very simple, no defense no championship.

Expecting less of the Heat will make the thrill of winning a third championship all the more meaningful.

Going three straight has got to be one of the most difficult things to do in sport. A team has to have the obvious, prerequisite talent, but then something else; a couple of great leaders within the team who refuse to lose, a bit of luck health wise, and a really, really good coach.

Miami may have most of these, but for that last one.

Don't blame Spo. Pat Riley assembled a team that seems right now to have an aversion to playing defense.

Pat Riley is the one that has given Spo a team with no big man, is still a great team but one that has that one major flaw, is a credit to LeBron the Heat have won the last two years.

Spo is not the best coach out there but he is far from the worst, it is what it is..we as Heat fans can only hope they can find their way defensibly again...otherwise is sayonara.

Finally we get an idea with merit. Let's hope that The Troll gets off her ass and makes a deal for the Canes to play in a brand new stadium on Dodge Island.


What a great looking stadium and finally someone figures it out that the Miami waterfront is the greatest asset that the city has. This area, (the Bicentennial Park site was the ideal. Now being wasted on the Perez Museum. Really?) is the perfect place for a Canes stadium. Please Troll get off your ass and make this happen.

draft talk if anyone is interested..

spoke to my NFL amigo about the Dolphins O Line last night and this is what he said..he's seen Dolphin scouts concentrating on the O Line (obviously) but mainly in the tackle position, said that Hickey likes athletic under the radar tackles and switch them to the guard position in the pros.

said the Dolphins are high on Taylor Lewan but no one thinks he'll fall to the 19th pick, Zack Martin and Cyrus Kouandjio are also in play at that spot but he doesn't think the Dolphins will draft an O Lineman at that spot..said Eric Ebron TE is a great prospect, same as CJ Mosley from Bama..said Mike Evans from Texas A and M will be a stud in the pros and exactly what the Dolphins need opposite Wallace, may fall to the Dolphins 19th spot.

second round options at RT are Antonio Richardon and Morgan Moses (said he like Richardson) , the following tackles would be good options later towards the end of the draft as guards...James Hurst, Micahel Schafield and Charles Leno...

said he would draft Seantrel Henderson but only if he's there in the fourth round but not before ,there..a little fix for you guys.

FZB it would be nice if the RT position is dealt with in free agency to free up Hickey to draft a skill position player with our first pick. Unfortunately I doubt Ebron or Evans will fall to Fish. If we want either one of them (I prefer Evans) we'll have to trade up.

Tom..the problem with RT right now is there's not many good options left in free agency, maybe another vet shakes loose later in the summer but I agree with you that if we can sign someone now it will give us better options for a play maker at 19th.

why not try to get Eric Winston?..chit, I've only been screaming about him for the last 2-3 yrs?

Looking through this, Matt Moore had to think that he was the luckiest guy wearing aqua and white:


Who shoulders this calamity? In my view, anything Philbin, Sherman, Martin, Aponte, Incognito did, or didn't do pales by comparison to what that infamous fault line - the "Ireland Fault" manage to damage.

Can not say it any clearer than this write up appearing in a draft board:

"Last offseason the Dolphins had an enormous hole at offensive tackle after losing Jake Long as a free agent. Miami could have traded for Branden Albert or drafted Lane Johnson but they instead chose to move Jonathan Martin to the blindside, where he struggled mightily as a rookie, and sign Tyson Clabo, who was well into his thirties and had just been released by the Falcons. Miami also selected tackle / guard ‘tweener Dallas Thomas in the third round. That plan blew up in their faces with Martin continuing to look overmatched before leaving the team amidst an embarrassing bullying scandal, Clabo resembling something akin to a revolving door and Thomas unable to crack the starting lineup inside or outside. Not only did the Phins completely fail to fix a significant problem despite ample resources and options but they actually made matters worse."

boy, you guys talk about me not letting go of my bashing of clueless Joe, asswipe Ross and the BSB but you guys are the same when it comes to my former son Ireland..yup.

the reason FZB is that Ireland made a mess of the Fish for 6 freaking years and yet you wanted to give him even more time. what to finish the job and make the Fish permanently irrelevant? On the other hand it only took two bad games for you to want to dump Philbin.

Joe may be clueless but there is no "may" when it comes to Ireland.

Mi hijo, I just picked up this puppy for $80.

I have the 5 and 7 woods which I picked up for $120 for both and they are outstanding. If the driver is as good as the fairway woods I'm in the front row.


Just trying to rattle you off that stubborn, inaccurate position you hold, FZ. The one that places ssssoooooo much emphasis on Philbin, or to you...clueless Joe.

You say words to the effect: "Philbin failed to have his team ready for those two games (Buf,NY)." Well, I think that that 10 minute torture of a YouTube clip shows that our QB was hammered repeatedly during the entire season. Those SEVEN sacks that Buffalo handed our team sure as shit did more to prevent us from winning than anything "clueless" did.

The only thing tat is clearly clueless is the notion that Philbin was more responsible than the idiot who torpedoed any possible chance of him winning!

oh by the way..Ireland was in el-charge for 3 yrs not 6, let's set the record straight.

clueless Joe has zero leadership qualities.

he'll be lost if the bsb doesn't write down what he needs to say to his players or the media.

yes I know our O Line was the worst pass protection line last year but our coaches never adapted by running the ball more and rolling out and making use of Tanny boy's athletic ability and that falls on the HC all day.

oye Wood's...you think I can borrow that golf stick you just got to play miniature golf this week end?

You're hopeless

we just have to wait another year for me to change my mind on Joey...if the Dolphins make the playoffs..playoffs?..like Tom says they will then I'll gladly come back here and say I was wrong about him but until then?...open season on the three stooges.

Joey, the BSB and moron Ross.

Here's Tannehill using his athletic ability:


I hope Duke is ok...he's not been around much lately.

Yup, I know. We haven't heard from him since those last couple of N/easterner storms.

FZB you are hopeless. But no worries you're not alone. You and your left coast buddy can pat each other on the back telling yourselves you're right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Hey FZB you should stop with the running more chit. It's absolute unadulterated nonsense. Running more would not have changed a thing for Miami. In case you missed it PFF had the Dolphins OL run blocking ranked in the bottom five of the NFL last year. It was ranked even worse than their pass blocking. Oh yeah, never mind. Facts are irrelevant to you.

david will jump in on this one telling me I'm arguing with Bill Polian whom he has quoted from an ESPN radio broadcast (no link) as saying the only problem Miami had last year was not running enough...seriously?.... hmmm....in any event if david quoted Polian as accurately as he quotes people on this blog well then his "quote" is either entirely made up or a gross exaggeration of what Polian actually said...in keeping with his nature my guess it's totally made up.

The biggest sports news item to come out of Miami today is the proposed new stadium where the U might play and not one comment from the peanut gallery. Wassup with that?

Woody they've been talking about a stadium for the hurricanes for over 30 years have you seen one yet? Me either

Check out the stadium renderings in the Herald it looks pretty damned impressive. Soccer, football, concerts, you name it, great, great location. That's a win win situation for the U.

Tell becks to hike it up to where the Strikers used to play that place isn't getting built in a million years to field primarily an MLS team.

Someone tell Becks he's not in Portland or Seattle and to check attendance numbers for MLS games. The city isn't getting duped again after the 350 mil throwaway on baseball.

Nah, this time they're building it with private money, no? It would certainly be in the U's best interest to invest in a stadium on the water.

Becks is loaded if he can do it more power to him but I think it's a terrible investment for him.

Anyone who thinks Miami wasn't a playoff team last season with a halfway decent oline is just not that into watching football. Had nothing to do with running the football more one bit. Tom I don't like the schedule next year at all but hopefully we will be playing meaningful games in December again and I think we will be.

You can't run the football more if you don't have an oline anyway. Honestly in watching last season I wondered why they even ran the ball at all it was just putrid to watch.

That Daniel Thomas run against Pitt in the snow may have been the highlight of the whole season.


as you know, i believe in george allen's mantra that the two most important components for a successful football team are stopping the run and running the ball. the reason the dolphins didn't run the ball was that they a minus zero offensive line- remember the play, agsint the ravens i believe, where they gave daniel thomas the ball on a sweep left on 3rd (or was it 4th) and one and for his efforts he got thrown
into the backfield about 4-5 yards. the dolphins let go of reggie bush, one of the few runners that "makes his own holes" who had a good year for detroit justr as he had good years for the dolphins. it is easy to say "they should've run more but facts are they couldn't with a putrid bunch of offesive linemen. i don't know how many years it has been that the dolfins have worked with a patchwork line; a priority this exhibition season is to let the offensive linemen that will wear the dolphins colors (green? blue/ aquamarine/white play them all at least three quarters so thay can get it together (if that will help, but i believe it will). the really good running teams have guys that have been together for years; picking up linemen that are talented as individuls need to mesh as a unit and get somecohesiveness, and the best way is to play them in the summer; if not it will be the same old story.

BB don't you know that when you have 2nd and 3rd string RBs and an OL ranked at the bottom of the NFL in run blocking the solution is to RUN MORE. Come on everyone knows that's what Bill Polian says. Sheesh. Bill says that success is measured by the number of runs not the number of yards or yards per carry. One 9 yard run and 10 others for negative yds is success. Come on. That's Football 101.

Amen to that shadow. I did some checking and Miami was in the bottom 5 of the NFL in achieving the yard to gain on 3rd or 4th down with 2 or fewer yards to go. Just as your example pointed out, when Miami needed yds on the ground they could not get them.


But that doesn't matter. The solution when you have no RBs and a chit OL is to run more.

shadow God Bless your boy George Allen but in todays NFL the script has flipped it's more important to be able to pass the football and stop other teams from doing the same.

Hey BB shad is right you still have to be able to run the ball. But what some fail to understand you need the tools to do so. Just running more with 2nd string RBs behind a crap OL doesn't get it done.

Tom...This is the correct Obi presidential library..


Wood's...the Canes can't leave Joe Robbie stadium..they have 18 more yrs to go on their lease plus that soccer stadium will only hold like 25 thousand fans, UM is interested but they want at least room for 40,000 fans...is a long shot..

And BB...old school power football is still the best way to win games, I know this is a passing league but if you can run the ball and stop the run you will be in just about every game...bring back the Zonk!

You stated my point eggzactly FZB. You need the tools to run the ball....you inferred that by saying "bring back the Zonk!"

BB and Tom,

nice to see a little football talk instead of the piss and vinegar eminating from the west coast. Big Baby, i understand your idea of "flipping it around" in today's NFL, but at least the last two SBs have ben won by teams that could run the ball, and SF, which was the second best team each year, is another one that runs, either with frank gore or colin kaepernik.

shadow lynch ran for like 30 yards in the last Superbowl good threat but he was a non factor. SB before that you might be right but jury is still out on Kaepernick as a traditional throwing QB which is what you need to win.

tom disagrees with me FZB, so that makes me a liar.
passing and running are rhythm related with an offense, when synching with an offensive line.
we lost because we didn't run, tom.
a 65% passing to 35% running combination has never won in the history of the NFL, so no matter what you say, you sound like a nincompoop arguing against this statistic.
what you practice is what your habits become.
as polian said on the broadcast, (YOU look it up; it was the carolina game 710ESPN broadcast), YOU HAVE TO RUN NO MATTER WHAT.
i've stated the reasons why, and any pop warner coach will attest to everything i've REPEATEDLY said.
again with the 2nd string running back BS

as for the heat, who says they don't have big men?
just wait for the playoffs, when oden and birdman are banging from the 5 position while bosh stretches the defense from his natural 4.

what's wrong, shadow?
all my links to statistics from the espn website are too piss and vinegar for you?
or it's ok for tom to call me a liar and not retaliate?
you used to be fair and balanced.. lol
shavua tov!


Posted by: Tom | March 24, 2014 at 07:49 AM

that about sums it up, tommy boy!
go find george mira and ask HIM if running the ball once a half for a successful 9 yards is good football..

one more thing, in november the ravens were only averaging 2.3 yards a carry.
whatever our rankings were in run blocking does not matter one bit.
you keep running anyway, keeping the opposing defenses honest, and keeping them from teeing of on your QB.
AND your backs end up breaking one.
you DO NOT only give them 10 carries a game; especially when the stats show your back get's at least 60 yards with 11 or more carries.
it's not surprising at all we gave up that many sacks; running more would've prevented many of them..

hey FZB.. ask that NFL scout about this risiculous argument we've been having with our football expert tommy; maybe tommy can call HIM a liar too when he agrees with me..

David, I have talked to my friend on the new wide open NFL ...he basically says while the NFL has passed rules to benefit the offense specially the passing game NFL offensive coordinators know the importance of a running game.

While the old formula of running 60 to 70 % of the time is no longer in play a 50/50 split between running and passing is still the most sound formula to win consistently in the league, there have been exceptions like the Rich Gannon Raiders and Tom Brady one year but teams that can run the ball will be in every game almost every time, told me a perfect example has been the Carolina Panthers as of late, a team that has no great offensive fire power but have a good defense and can run the ball with a young up and coming QB...

I'm old school...You give me a good to great offensive line and two good running backs and I'll take my chances against anybody...

I lived in CHICAGO during their first THREE-PEAT and their third season was very similar to what the HEAT are going through. JACKSON in CHICAGO rallied his troops with JORDAN & PIPPEN leading the way. Look for RILEY/SPOELSTRA to do the same with LBJ & WADE leading the way come PLAY-OFFS time.

no dap. you misquote everyone on the blog. you attribute statements to people on this blog that they never wrote. or if they did your interpretation is a gross mischaracterization of what they actually said. you do it all the time.

i'll give you a perfect example. i said that running more would not have made a difference for miami last year. from that you interpreted that i said we should have passed more. go back and find where i wrote we should have passed more. you won't find it. it's a figment of your imagination.

you have no credibility dap because you make chit up all the time. when you say you heard Bill Polian say something we all know it's exaggerated boolchit. that's what you do.

by the way, what do the Jets, Bills, Titans, Rams, Raiders, Packers, Bucs, Vikings, Redskins, Cardinals and Lions all have in common? They ran the ball more than 40% of the time and still lost. the four most balanced offenses in the NFL? seahawks, 49ers, jets and bills. go figure 50-50.

but no worries. life is great here.

FZB 50/50 split between running and passing? Seriously dude? There were only seven teams in the NFL last year that ran the ball more than 45% of the time. Seven.

Interesting tid bits for you. The Dolphins ran the ball 45% of their plays in 2012. How did that work out for them? 7-9. In 2011 Miami ran the ball 47% of their plays. How did that work out for them? 6-10.

But running more last year would have miraculously made Miami better? Yeah right.

You are old school FZB. That formula no longer works.

Yes that's what I want a team with no great offensive firepower. How many points did Carolina score in the playoffs against SF? Listen to what you are saying.

again guys all I said was that according to NFL coordinators and people in the know a 50/50 split is the best way to be competitive in the league.

I know is a passing league but the running game simply can't be ignored...

ok pay attention here..

when you run the ball you control the tempo of the game, your QB doesn't get hammered and injured and your defense get's rest...more often than not you win the game..

you guys see how simple a formula that is?

I am paying attention you like teams with no offensive firepower you make no sense.

Gayest Birthday Party EVAH.

Seriously that is a good time throwing a birthday party for yourself? Didn't he have one last year with camels and crap then his house got robbed while he was gone? Stop with these lame stories please.

FZB how did that formula of controlling the tempo work out in 2011 when Miami ran the ball on 47% of their plays? oh yeah they were 6-10.


I want a birthday party with midgets too.

All this dolphins talk is horseshit the only news of importance in Miami sports lately is the new stadium where the Canes might play. Period.

Seriously that is a good time throwing a birthday party for yourself? Didn't he have one last year with camels and crap then his house got robbed while he was gone? Stop with these lame stories please.

Posted by: Big Baby | March 25, 2014 at 10:41 AM

Well you sound like a fun guy...

Hey Woody when they actually break ground on that stadium give me a call. I'm gonna like to see how you arrange a call the the after-life.

Again with the negative ways, Tommy.

Come on, bro. If that fish Perez can build a museum of all things on prime waterfront property in Miami why can't cooler heads prevail and build something that will actually be used by Miamians and be an asset to the community.

Chink bowls? No wonder that loon broke one of them. Not even that idiot Ireland would have paid $1,000,000 for a focking rice bowl.

Why? History my good friend, history. Those idiots in Miami never get it right. And what makes you think that rug muncher Shalala will ever do the right thing by the Canes?

Prayers are going Jim Kelly's way. Jim was the beginning of the Canes turning it around and becoming a football power. Miami was lucky to get Jim. He wanted to go to Penn State but JoePa wanted to make him a LB. Thank goodness for that.

We're thinking of you Jim.

tom, you are a fool.

" i said that running more would not have made a difference for miami last year. from that you interpreted that i said we should have passed more."

if we aren't running more, than we are passing MORE, namely, at the rate we were last year which apparently is fine by you.
it would do us all well if you'd just remember what garbage you write so i don't need to repost.

i've also addressed your ridiculous assertion that because we were balanced TWO YEARS AGO and weren't successful, that means it wouldn't have made a difference.

if you think having a top 10 tight end, (clay), a possession receiver (gibson) who was putting up great numbers, as was matthews who replaced him, and a burner like wallace lining up with a 1000 yrd receiver named brian hartline doesn't make a difference in our offensive capabilities, you're even more crazy than i thought.
a balanced offense with THOSE added weapons would've resulted in a much more successful season.

one MORE thing:
FZB is homophobic (YOUR accusation) for using the words he does, but "rug muncher" is ok?

and then there's THIS from coach philbin:

No team received fewer offensive and defensive snaps from its rookie class than the Dolphins last season. But Joe Philbin made clear this morning that he expects the 2013 class to assume more prominent roles this season, starting with Dion Jordan and the rookie cornerbacks.

“We have a lot of hope for that draft class,” Philbin said from the NFL owners meetings in Orlando. “You usually see a significant jump from year one to year two.”

Philbin said he sees Jordan as a defensive end primarily, not a linebacker. That creates challenges in creating playing time behind starters Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon, especially because Philbin said reserve end Derrick Shelby deserves playing time also. (Shelby played 446 snaps last season, Jordan 339).

Nevertheless, Jordan "will make a big jump this year,” Philbin predicted today. “We expect his role to expand. He played [339] snaps. We definitely want to see that increase. The most natural place is on third down. He’s going to have to have more snaps on first and second down. I think he will have a very good season. We know he has a lot of talent. He plays fast. When he did get snaps, they were quality. We see his role increasing somewhat.”

Philbin denied a published report that the coaching staff was dissatisfied with Jordan and his work ethic. “Not sure where that came from,” Philbin said. “He’s definitely a hard worker. He loves the game.”

He said Jordan’s progress was limited somewhat last season because of his offseason shoulder surgery ---the shoulder injury was aggravated during training camp --- and because his Oregon class schedule didn’t permit him to report until June.

“He missed a good number of practices at training camp,” Philbin said. “We don’t have a ton of individual time [during the season]. He missed a lot because of the academic calendar and injuries in the spring."

But he suggested he’s not going to bench the undrafted Shelby to play Jordan a ton more. “Shelby was one of the highest graders we had on the defensive line,” Philbin said. “Derrick Shelby earned every snap. We expect Dion will as well.”

Here’s what Philbin said to say about the other members of the 2013 draft class:

### At the moment, Jamar Taylor and Will Davis are in the top four cornerback rotation and both will have a chance to beat out Cortland Finnegan for a starting job.

“We expect to see progress there,” Philbin said of Taylor and Davis. “Whoever performs best should be the starting cornerback. Those are guys we thought highly of. They had injury issues. Will was having a really good training camp; he was getting his hands on the ball a lot. That's what jumped out at us. Jamar's play speed attracted us to him in the film evaluation a year ago.” Davis played just 65 defensive snaps last season, Taylor 45.

### Philbin said the Dolphins staff needs “to find a home” for Dallas Thomas, who played just two snaps last season. He said he’s not sure whether he’s better at guard or tackle but could play either.

Philbin said Thomas has been one of the “hardest-working guys” in the team’s offseason program but the staff needs “to give him a place to anchor down. It’s a matter of consistency, gaining trust and confidence of himself and the guy next to him.

“One of the things that intrigued us when we watched him is when he played left tackle. We don't anticipate that's where he's going to be. He's going to give us roster flexibility --- either right tackle or one of the guards. He can play at either guard position. Once the dust settles, we'll figure out where the best spot is for Dallas Thomas to reach his potential. That's on us to figure it out. You want a guy to get comfortable and acclimated. A [starting job] is certainly a possibility. There's a lot of opportunity in the offensive line. We're an equal opportunity [employer] there.”

### Philbin said tight end Dion Sims, who played 280 offensive snaps, “has a chance to be a very good blocker in this league. I like what I see in that area. And he has soft hands.” But he said “his play speed has to become more consistent” and that on tape, “there were pictures of him being indecisive” at times. “But there’s a lot to work with.”

### Philbin said he does “not have a great feel yet” for Mike Gillislee as a running back but liked his work on special teams. He played only nine offensive snaps last season. He also likes the special teams work of seventh-round pick Don Jones.

### Linebacker Jelani Jenkins got more work late in the season and could earn playing on third down.

“He's very bright guy and picked up the system well," Philbin said. "He's athletic and has good zone awareness and has the skill set to run with receivers and play man-to-man. We hope he pushes for play time.”

### On Caleb Sturgis, who was a somewhat disappointing 26 for 34 on field goals, Philbin said: “He has all the qualities you look for. You see the leg strength and accuracy; there was a little spell there with a little inconsistency. We have to work through that and we will. I expect him to improve.”

be careful, coach. your biggest supporter, tom, will be very very upset if you turn ireland's last draft into a bonanza!

you're right about Donna. i shouldn't have written that. i should have used a real pejorative to describe her...NITWIT. or better yet, david-like.

a balanced offense previously did not work for Miami but you are certain it would work this year. why? because of some made up boolchit you imagined Bill Polian saying?

thanks for the laughs

How delusional can you be? That entire buzz post that you copied and pasted is about how awful Ireland's last draft was...

I read that too david. When you have to defend an entire draft class and tell people the players chosen MIGHT actually play meaningful snaps next season that's not very encouraging. That is what I took from that.

Glad to see you have taken some time to post after attending the Bosh Birthday bash that looked ravishing.

Big Baby of course it's not encouraging. To think otherwise is absurd. What did you expect him to say? "We expect the same low performance from our 2013 draft class as we got last year?" At the end of the day, a defense like that only means last year's draft class under-performed on the field. Something everyone already knew.

Hey Tom...I'm homophobic?...hhmm, does that mean I'm a closet fag?...hehe

guys, your taking this whole thing way out of context, what David and I are saying is OK to just run the ball a little more to take the pressure of our QB and rest the defense...gezz.

and BB.. is ok to consider that our coaches were to blame for the lack of player development on the team last year..

Good players find their way onto the playing field despite any perceived lack of coaching abilities most of the time. I hope they all turn out to be meaningful contributors I just wouldn't bet a lot on it.

why did (the real) david in los angeles omit this from his cut and paste of my column?

Philbin said Lamar Miller's pass protection improved as the year went on "but there's still room for improvement there." Where Miller must definitely improve to stay in the mix to carry the football is offering more explosive runs.

"There was definitely development," Philbin said. "As we look to year three, we want a couple of more explosive runs. I think his pass protection improved but there's still room for improvement there as well. I think he can do all three thing you want a running back to do. He's got good running skill, he can pass protect, he can catch the ball."

Philbin added "we're not opposed to adding" a running back to the competition "if that's the best thing for the team."


Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

WTF? What was that the communist manifesto. Dude, you need to drink some decaff and try harder to get an Obicare appointment so that you can get your meds. What in the world was that, Dave?

(the real) david in los angeles

Mr. Woodcock do you seriously not recognize Barry Jackson's column?

Barry Jackson is an amateur.

A black kid asks his mother, "Mama, what is Socialism and what is Racism?"

"Well son, Socialism is when white folks work every day so we get all our benefits, you know like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EMC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, free computers and internet connection, free food, free clothing, free gifts at Christmas, and on and on, you know? That's Socialism."

"But mama, don't the white folks get pissed off about that?"

"Sure they do son, that’s called Racism!"

I got your Barry Jackson right here!

Barry Jackson is the best sports reporter at this paper and he's better than every single beat writer combined. More quotes and stats on the Hurricanes than Manny, more quotes and stats on the Heat than Goodman, more quotes and stats on the Dolphins than Armando Salguero. And better perspective and analysis than all three combined.

All righty then..

Bosh birthday bash...kind of weird if you ask me..I think I would have been content with a couple of hoe's.

On the Herald writers...Armando and Barry are both good, over at the Sun Sentinel the best one by far is Ira Winderman..

I'm a good writer. What Barry does does not even qualify as scribbling let alone writing.

Barry Jackson taught me how to love a woman, and how to scold a child.

Barry Jackson once had sex with a cigarette machine.

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