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March 07, 2014

Sat pm 3-8: It's 2-Poll Saturday! On Heat-Pacers fight for No. 1 and LeBron attending Cavs event. Both close. Vote!; plus Tiger rallies at WGC & more

1) It is SATURDAY, MARCH 8. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): On LeBron and Cleveland event, WGC/Doral, Luongo trade, Herald news, SI's shameless pimping & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Tiger in hunt after 66 at WGC/Doral golf: Tiger Woods shot a third-round 66 today on Doral's Blue Monster to roar into contention. He was 1 back after his round. (Click on No Lightning for my column off the weird first round of the World Golf Championships event. There was torrential rain, thunder and tornado warnings, but no lightning from Tiger or the field).

HEAT VS. PACERS FOR NO. 1 SEED: REAL IMPORTANT OR FAKE DRAMA?: Does it matter? Who gets the No. 1 playoff seed in the NBA's Eastern Conference? Right now both teams have lost two in a row (after 1aa1aheatindMiami fell at San Antonio last night) and the Heat is 2 games back in the conference standings with about a quarter of the regular season left. The jockeying for that top spot (along with LeBron James' MVP chase with Kevin Durant) are the drama left. But is No. 1 that important? It's debatable; hence, the poll. The Heat downplay the significance. But how can it not be important if you imagine an Eastern finals Game 7 being either in Miami or Indiana and the difference that would make? Weigh in. Take a dip in our poll and say why.

MORE ON LEBRON'S ILGAUSKASGATE: Update. LeBron said last night he is planning to attend Saturday's event in Cleveland honoring close friend and former teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas but will make a final decision today. You know or can check in the last blogpost for the two reasons I think that's an awful idea. Add a third reason: The possibility the Cavaliers could discreetly tamper with and woo LeBron on his possible return to Cleveland. LeBron attending would become a media and fan circus that would overshadow Ilgauskas' night, and it would send the wrong message to Heat fans.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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wow.. a rare early morning and i am 1st!


Despite the rain delay Tiger still managed to shoot a hole in one by practicing his best strokes. How did I do Jimbo?

BB,, Awesome brother, awesome.

Daily Poll:
Who gives a flying f**k on what LeBron is doing today?

A. Very interested.
B. Somewhat interested.
C. Not sure how to answer because I'm a Taliban hiding in a cave.
D. Who?

Two pole Friday? Gote you sound like a fluffer for a gay XXX movie.

Cote, sorry I posted Gote, didn't mean to be disrespectful.

it will be nice if the Heat can secure the number one seed for the playoffs..but not critical.

don't care one way or the other on LeBron going to that ceremony.

so what else should we talk about?

FZB, agree, Heat could be in any playoff seed & win it all. NBA teams get home-away games each series. NFL playoff seed place system is a whole different story.

we could talk about which players Fins are going to resign, release, draft.
we could talk about LeBron & what LeBron thinks, what LeBron has to say about Putin, what LeBron eats, what workout LeBron does in the offseason, what LeBron drives, why LeBron isn't President yet.

we could talk about which 3rd world of skinnys got the Broncos World Champs T shirts.

we could talk about titties.

we could instigate issues which would inflame the battle between Tom & david.


the one thing that I like about my new adopted son Hickey is the fact that he has stated on more than one occasion that it all start's up front on both the offensive and defensive lines, if he's going to have that philosophy and concentrate on being strong on both sides of the ball it will translate well in the long run..

of course the team could will be severely handicapped by having clue-less Joe in charge..

Jimbo Cote's into DP...

Jimbo, Cote's into DP. Sorry Jimbo, that last post of mine SCREAMS comma after your name...

Grimes said he likes the coaching staff when he re-signed a pretty good endorsement we will see.

FZB not for nothing but Parcells shared that philosophy it didn't end up making much difference.

yeah yeah Jimbo..I'm all for instigating (I learned that from mi amigo Dukito)..

we need to get David and Tommy-Boy "debating" Obi-Care one more time, for old times sake.

BB..what Grimes likes is the "dinero" the Dolphins are going to pay him...but good point on Parcells..

I'm right here, FZ. No need to worry, being a Dolfan during the past two decades has taught me on how to deal with having a crappy team.

Speaking of crispy teams, does anyone know whether Greg Cote has switched sides yet?

FZ, I forgot to add. iPhones do have the annoyance for guessing what you think you're typing and substituting words.

droids do that too I think glad my Samsung Galaxy doesn't that is annoying.

Maybe dukey programs all these self correcting smart phones.

76 for Tiger he should stick to using his putter around the fringe yeah Jimbo yeah?

Course looks like it's playing pretty tough though for all golfers maybe the redesign.

maybe El Tigre should switch to miniature golf.

Chuck Norris, never heard of her.

I like pleading the fifth. Amendment, MD 20/20, Wild Turkey.

I'm Tiger and I approve of this message.

Fins need a new O line outside of Pouncey. Possibly 4 new starters from last years group. D line? Some source on Bleacher Report says Fins going to lose both Starks & Soliai creating another offseason need. Same source says Fins will lose Nolan Carroll soon. Carroll should leave, creating space for the 2 CB's Miami drafted last year. Miami could lose DB's Carroll, Wilson, Clemons, Patterson. Same source said Miami will make a run for 3 of the top NFL free agent O linemen in hopes of signing one started before the draft. OT Monroe or OT Albert most likely.

typo -insert starter from started on previous comment.

bummer..I wanted the Dolphins to go after this guy.


if the Dolphins are smart (and that's debatable since the black widow is in charge) they would go after two offensive linemen in free agency and try to sign Starks for a couple of more years.

we also should switch Misi to MLB, move Ellerbe to OLB and play D Jordan at the other OLB position...but hey what do I know.

Jimbo they aren't losing Wilson will be interesting to see if they have enough faith in him to start opposite R. Jones. I say keep D. Patterson at 4.5 even if he won't restructure and see if he can start opposite grimes it's only one year and then sign him if he plays well. Need a backup plan though rookies may not be enough. Agree all of those other players you mentioned may be gone.

there is a free agent MLB out there that I think we should go after..Jon Beason


New feature by Buick & GM!

BB, one same page once again. Love Patterson when he's on the field. Bottom line is Patterson is injury prone. Patterson/Grimes duo is formidable indeed.

Yes I just hope Hickey doesn't get happy feet and cut him over a couple million.

say BB...cutting Patterson won't be Hickey's decision, that will be the black widow and clue-less Joe.

just saying

possible LB realignment. Misi is a great run tackler and may be best suited at MLB. Ellerbe started his career as outside LB, moved inside because of team need at Baltimore. Jordan at OLB could make Wheeler expendable. Fins think they have a starter in waiting in former Gaitor Jelani Jenkins.
Fixing the LB play is critical. This maybe obtainable without bringing in any outside players, but shuffling what you have around. A concern that I noticed watching all the games is the lack of fundamental tackling. Seemed like Misi was the best tackler out of the group & Ellerbe tackled better when he was chasing the ball to the sideline but weaker at shooting the inside gaps and tackling for losses. THIS is the reason the D gave up more yds & TD's last season. Soliai, Starks, Odrick played very good and would have looked even better if the LB's could have more stops in their assigned gaps.

It's a collaborative decision. I hope "they" don't get happy feet and release him over a few mil.

Anyone heard of Michael Thomas status could he be a part of the team?

Jimbo J. Jenkins was basically taking snaps away from Wheeler last season really curious if they bring Wheeler back or take cap hit I think he stays maybe just for depth or he starts playing better hopefully.

Wheeler is a good nickle LB. He covers OK & his strong suit is blitzing the QB. Not sure Wheeler is a starter, every down LB.

I don't blame Obama or anyone in his administration of the Ukrainian mess. Putin's move on Crimea makes sense for the Russians both on the politican & military side. Russians want the warm water port for their Navy. I'd do that move if I were Putin. He will take the Crimea & threaten to take the entire Ukraine, back off, hold a special election & his puppet will run the Ukraine as Russia tells them to. The Baltic (including former East Prussia) states could go next. Since the Soviets over run the German invaders the Baltic regions ethnic population was decimated and replaced with Russian blood.

Seems like Wheeler had a good year in Oakland a few seasons ago and hasn't played that well since.

Wheeler was our worse LB last year..I think he may stick another year because of the cap hit but we need to get rid of him as soon as possible.

its also a bit surprising the Dolphins have not talked contract with Soliai or Starks..we do need someone next to Odrick for sure.

Dolphins need to play a 3-4 Philbin should insist on this.

FZ, Otis Sistrunk and Dave Rowe are the right guys to put next to Solai and Odrick at the right time...

Who does Miami bring back?

Nolan Carroll
Bryant McKinnie
Paul Soliai or Randy Starks (not both)
Will Yeatman

Potential Miami free agent targets

Branden Albert or Eugene Monroe (LT)
Geoff Schwartz (Guard)
LeGarrette Blount (RB)
Jairus Byrd (S)
Rodger Saffold (OT)
Sidney Rice (WR)

Early round draft targets?

Aaron Donald (DT)
Mike Evans (WR)
Zack Martin (OT)

Obama Misspells ‘Respect’ While Praising Franklin Before White House Concert


Who can forget the national media portraying Dan Quayle as functionally illiterate for misspelling potato. Any chance the media does the same to Obama for misspelling respect? Not to mention his claim of having visited all "57" states.


Sorry guys that was a really stupid question.

Jimbo, while I agree with your depiction and flow of events that await that region (Ukraine), I have to disagree that this president is blameless. To do so would be buying into the liberal view and interpretations of how the world works. That is, that leaders of nations are generally good and are respectful of others, regardless of whether they dislike them or not.

Leaders such as Putin are only kept in check through fear. In Putin's case, that if he starts feeling his oats and invades another's land that he gets his ass kicked. Chess my man. Chess!

Leaders like Obama, though well intended, appear mistified whenever conflicts arise on a world stage. Predictably, they usher in the diplomacy card fully expecting that "rational" minds will see the wisdom in correcting what should be an obvious transgression.

F/up #1: traveling into the Ukraine back when he was a senator to negotiate away nukes and arms from a newly liberated country with assurances by the US that we would have their backs if and when big bad Russia would invade.

F/up #2: removing the missile defense system in Europe.

F/up #3: not rushing to include Kiev and ALL their lands into NATO and as such, become part of the protected.

Love Jarius Bird Tom that would be my first choice actually for a big splash besides LT necessity. Defense would be upgraded instantly I think N. Carroll goes to Minnesota.

BB...of course that going to or at least playing a 3-4 from time to time makes sense..but remember, Joe is in charge amigo.

Tom..I don't think we go after Jairus Byrd, also I don't think we'll draft any WR in the first round but I do like Evans, the guy is exactly what we need opposite Wallace.

and Tom..you know Obi controls the liberal media (80 of the country)???...no one will say a peep about it, you guys think he actually finished HS?..Obi that is.

Obama went to Harvard and then Columbia Law you idiots.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge

Without our help Obama would be teaching law at a matchbook cover law school.

Boys, this is why Israel rocks. Sure, sure, the biggest and most technologically advanced companies in the world are going to stop tapping into the deep well of Israeli intellectual talent and boycott some of the brightest minds on the planet. And for what, to try to do business with Israeli neighbors who are still living in the 6th century?

Fat chance.

Take a close look at Bibi's face. Does that look like a man who's worried?

Now there's a guy who knows how to deal with an asshole like Hijo de Putin. That fool Obama isn't qualified to mop Bibi's kitchen floor.

There's a reason you've never seen Obi's grades or standardized test scores, and it ain't cause he don't like bragging.

Harvard Office, that's not showing RSPECT.

I wonder how Urethra Franklin feels about that?

Wonder no more OC. I SPECT the presdent.

Not a single one of you losers went to any kind of graduate school or had any kind of meaningful success in your careers.

True but I did stay in the same Holiday Inn that Obi stayed in just before he announced that he wanted to run for office.

Affirmative, can you tell us WTF Obi did to get the Noble peace prize? You know that Hijo de Putin is one of 278 persons on the list for consideration for this years prize for, "ahem" stopping western forces from bombing Syria....." Also included in the list is JZ, Kanye West, and Fitty Cents.

Affirmative, WTF is on the nominating committee, the Kardashians?

I see a lot of me in Obama.

Hey...does anyone know who's this asswipe affirmative?

That's Cote's pseudonym.

Jimbo great posts today.I do not have a problem with Lebron James going to Cleveland to honor a friend.James seems like a loyal Person and with Wade and Bosh here in Miami I believe the chances of him staying with the Heat are very good.The U.S is hamstrung in any Foreign Military involvement because of the Bush-Cheney false War in Iraq and the Democrats like the Clinton's and John Kerry who went along with the worst U.S Military action since Custer got creamed by Sitting Bull.

After he went to Harvard and Columbia Law, he became a state senator, United States senator, and then president of the United States. But you losers are making fun of him for flubbing a line in a speech, as if anyone has ever asked any of you non-achiever parasites to speak publicly or as if you could even get out even two words in front of 25 people, and making fun of him because he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for no good reason. Beyond pathetic really, don't know if a word for that even exists.

In over his head.

Affirmative...I have it on good authority that Obi's got a fake HS diploma...probably got it online.

Ant shouldn't we change the name of the "white house" to the "black house"?.. At least temporarily?

And by the way..I'm not a non achiever parasite"... I. Work at McDonals...why my manager even told me that if I keep this up soon I'll be making assistant cashier...that's probably a better position than your sorry ass could ever imagine or achieve..asswipe

I do public speach, every day. 1700 convicts & 35 staff. Every. Single. Day.

Harvard guy. Correct. Gold star. Obama brags about everything & his records are sealed. Excellent point.

He mispelled the R-E-S-P-E-C-T because the teleprompter shut off. Never heard a President say so many uhhhs, duhhhs, when speaking their mind in front of the cameras.

US needs to approve the Keystone Pipeline & fracking for it's own energy. Texas economy represents over 25% of the US economy. Fact is the red states are carrying the blue states in the US economy. As I qoute david EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

speach,, oops meant speech. lol

Obama is an incompetent fraud and the liberal media covers for him. If 10% of the scandals and screw ups that are every day occurrences in this corrupt administration occurred in a Republican administration the media would be screaming bloody murder and calling for impeachment. The Lerner IRS debacle is just one example.

Obama has never released any of his college transcripts or history. He is a figment of the left wing's imagination. He lies so much that he can't differentiate between a lie and reality. Sad state of affairs, but I am sure Cote still loves him.


The President doesn't get a pass by any stretch. He is weak and his foriegn policy isn't well thought out. Turned a victory in Iraq into defeat. Cut & run in Afghanistan. While still losing troops in both. Ask any Vet about the casualties the last 5 yrs in those countries and they will tell you that at least 50% are because of Obama's set Rules of Engagement. Don't shoot unless your shot at first.

My point was that certain regions that are currently independant states are historically Russian. I have witnessed the Ruskie influence eastern Europe carries since the fall of the Berlin wall. Prague & Berlin maintain Ruskie tribute statues to this day... I'm sure this is also the case in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, etc, because they had to agree to keep them (tributes) in place after the Soviets withdrew. When I was on a Berlin tourist van (2009) & we visited the Brandenburg Gate, I asked the tourist guide why a bronze statue honoring the Soviet forces freeing Europe was still in place, this was explained to me. I recommended that the German populace should cut the statue into little tiny bits and send it back via a slow train through eastern Europe to Moscow... It got into a heated argument. After WWII, the Ruskies rounded up over 10 million men the age of POSSIBLY being in WWII, either executed or sent to Siberia for political reason only to never return. Check into the history of East Prussia. The Russians decimated the Germanic populace only to leave it for Russian nationals relocation.

Affirmative did you mean this line as support for the community organizer? "and making fun of him because he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for no good reason."

Seriously with supporters like you Obama doesn't need any detractors.

Sweet Jesus Jimbo, you are brave indeed. Working with inmates and giving speeches daily. Damn you are as George Costanza once said to Kramer in response to Kramer's heroic exploits on a city bus, "You're Batman!"

Thanks, guys. I haven't laughed this hard since I can't remember.

Posted by: dUh | March 07, 2014 at 05:05 PM

Brooke Shields went to Harvard as well.
While she is purportedly intelligent, she got in the same way Obama and others of his ilk did, by personal privilege.
Our president, the Manchurian candidate. the difference is, he's got the one and a cell phone, and doggone, he;s going to use them.
Too bad he doesn't have an ounce of good sense to go with his pen and phone.

Frackin' Herald spell check.

You people slobber on Obama's jock like Cote does LeBron.

Ew, sounds like you're having difficulty discerning the difference between repugnance and adoration. Besides, OB wears panties, not jocks.

Who does Miami bring back?
Nolan Carroll
Bryant McKinnie
Paul Soliai or Randy Starks (not both)
Will Yeatman
Potential Miami free agent targets
Branden Albert or Eugene Monroe (LT)
Geoff Schwartz (Guard)
LeGarrette Blount (RB)
Jairus Byrd (S)
Rodger Saffold (OT)
Sidney Rice (WR)
Early round draft targets?
Aaron Donald (DT)
Mike Evans (WR)
Zack Martin (OT)

by Tom...

Excellent Tom.
DB Carroll - depends on Dimitri Patterson's status. Make sense to keep one of the 2, may come down to salary.
Even if Clemons leaves, I see S Jairus Byrd somewhere else.

Expect Miami to pay big $ to either OT Monroe or Albert.If Miami fails to sign either, McKinnie is a lock to resign.

Soliai or Starks? signing both is impossible, keep one most probable, small chance both walk away.
IF both DT's go elsewhere, Aaron Donald DT could be Miami's 1st rd pick.

Yeatman is a coaching staff favorite, grooming him to play OT-Short yardage TE & would be cheap to retain.He is massive, physical specimen, coachable.

LeGarrette Blount should be on Fins radar, leaving Donald Thomas the odd man out.

Hard to see Miami going after another WR this offseason considering the $ spent last year on the current group.

Dolphins will be active early & often releasing or signing players in free agency. Benefit- your getting roster spots filled with the best talent available. Filling some holes early means you can be more specific on the draft board. Cost- early signing usually means your paying a hefty price.

Michele O buys 2 for 1's at Victoria's Secret.

Jimbo sadly the picture is true. Obama is Putin's bitch.

You can bet that Putin is already using that pic as his screensaver shot.

Reporters still don't understand that LeBron James will do what he wants to do and he always looks toward the future not to the past. Los Angeles may hold some excitement for him, I'm sure he enjoys Miami but he has not connected to the business community here the way he may have hoped for and business is important to him. As for Ohio if he still has any aspirations to be a U.S. Senator or Representative he has to make amends and his businesses are all still run out of Ohio.

LeBron Odd's:
Miami 45%
Cleveland 45%
Los Angeles 10%

Jimbo what Iraq victory.Keeping Troops in Iraq forever will cost more of their lives and money from U.S Taxpayers.I am not a fan of Obama who is a Corporate Puppet like Bush was.Obama has continued the sorry Foreign Policy that Bush and Clinton which is poke into other Countries Civil Wars and to take Civil Liberties of Americans away in the excuse for National Security.My hope is that Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders are elected in 2016 because Hillary,Jeb and Christie will keep the same sad meddling Foreign Policy.Art I would agree with your odds with Lebron if Cleveland was better but they are so bad and disorganized that their odds have decreased but I think the Clippers could be a dark horse if their salary cap is okay.Greg home field is important.The Heat have won crucial road playoff games but I doubt they would have defeated the Spurs last year without those last two home games.

I can't believe how rude you guys are...first you run off young Mr. Potter , then Kaz goes by the way side and now you got rid of affirmative...

It sure looks like the Dolphins are not bringing starks or Soliai back...hhmmm.

If they can get either Monroe or Albert it will be a good start...

Don't bring Carroll back..

Dolphins likely to part ways with Starks, Soliai


I'm really surprised Miami is not going to lock up one of them. If this is true, look for Miami to draft a DT with their first pick. Most likely available options

Timmy Jernigan FSU
Aaron Donald Pittsburgh

Also look for Miami to try and sign a DT in free agency. Most likely, BJ Raji or Red Bryant.

Here's A Poll.................
Cote's "Man-Love" for LeBron is.............

A) Disgusting

B)Make's Cote look like a Sick freak


Guy's, This Picture

coming out in a couple months

Starring Russel Crowe And Anthony Hopkins...
Sir Anthony looks like he can star in next Years "Star Wars",As Yoda, He's a dead ringer....


do the dolphins have a first round pick? i think i looked-just for kicks-at someone's mock draft and didn't see the dolphins in round one; maybe meneeds new spectacles

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