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Sat pm 3-8: It's 2-Poll Saturday! On Heat-Pacers fight for No. 1 and LeBron attending Cavs event. Both close. Vote!; plus Tiger rallies at WGC & more

1) It is SATURDAY, MARCH 8. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): On LeBron and Cleveland event, WGC/Doral, Luongo trade, Herald news, SI's shameless pimping & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Tiger in hunt after 66 at WGC/Doral golf: Tiger Woods shot a third-round 66 today on Doral's Blue Monster to roar into contention. He was 1 back after his round. (Click on No Lightning for my column off the weird first round of the World Golf Championships event. There was torrential rain, thunder and tornado warnings, but no lightning from Tiger or the field).

HEAT VS. PACERS FOR NO. 1 SEED: REAL IMPORTANT OR FAKE DRAMA?: Does it matter? Who gets the No. 1 playoff seed in the NBA's Eastern Conference? Right now both teams have lost two in a row (after 1aa1aheatindMiami fell at San Antonio last night) and the Heat is 2 games back in the conference standings with about a quarter of the regular season left. The jockeying for that top spot (along with LeBron James' MVP chase with Kevin Durant) are the drama left. But is No. 1 that important? It's debatable; hence, the poll. The Heat downplay the significance. But how can it not be important if you imagine an Eastern finals Game 7 being either in Miami or Indiana and the difference that would make? Weigh in. Take a dip in our poll and say why.

MORE ON LEBRON'S ILGAUSKASGATE: Update. LeBron said last night he is planning to attend Saturday's event in Cleveland honoring close friend and former teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas but will make a final decision today. You know or can check in the last blogpost for the two reasons I think that's an awful idea. Add a third reason: The possibility the Cavaliers could discreetly tamper with and woo LeBron on his possible return to Cleveland. LeBron attending would become a media and fan circus that would overshadow Ilgauskas' night, and it would send the wrong message to Heat fans.

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