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February 04, 2014

Post-National Signing Day, rate your confidence in Al Golden. Poll. Vote!; plus more Bullygate b.s., Heat, death of an actor & more

1) It is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6. A bluegrass band covers the song Rocket Man here. Astonishingly, it isn't bad. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Worst Super Bowl ever, SB '15 odds, why I'd picked Denver, Canton vote/poll & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Golden/Signing Day column: Click on Cloud Gone, Heat On for today's latest column by me, on UM football and coach Al Golden. The past-tense of the NCAA mess means the shaxckles are off, but that the pressure is on. As Golden begins to work on a levl playing field, we begin to judge him fairly.

GOLDEN HITS THE REFRESH BUTTON. NOW WHAT?: The NCAA scandal is finally past. So is the 1aa1algolden14latest speculation that Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden might be leaving for Penn State or anywhere else. Now comes National Signing Day on Wednesday -- the first NSD that finds Golden unburdened, unshackled. UM expects a full incoming class that some early reports rate among the nation's top 10. But this unburdening means something else, too: It removes the excuses. It means we now get to see Golden work on a level playing field. As National Signing Day arrives and we see fresh meaning to the program's "Full Speed Ahead" marketing slogan, what is your confidence that Golden will see the Canes back to national prominence? Vote and say why.

THIS IS THE WADE THAT BEGETS A THREE-PEAT: The Dwyane Wade who scored 30 points with 10 rebounds in Monday's Heat win over Detroit -- that Wade, healthy throughout the playoffs, wins a third straight championship for Miami. Anything less is what lets Indiana and the West come into play.

Heat still the favorite: Updated NBA title odds today via Bovada show Heat still on top at 12-5, then Pacers 11-4, Thunder 15-4 and Spurs 10-1. Kevin Durant pulling away in the MVP race at 1-3; LeBron James next at 2-1.

AND THE INCOGNITO-MARTIN NONSENSE PLAYS SADLY ON...: The Dolphins' Bullygate scandal has turned into a sordid Vaudeville act. The latest: USA Today publishes hundreds of text-message exchanges between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin and the emerging picture is that the line has blurred between bully and victim. The emerging picture is that both were behaving like maturity-challenged juvenile delinquents with their talk of prostitutes and bitches and "sandpaper condoms," their references to drugs, their use of the n-word and "gay," their threats and vulgarity. The Ted Wells report on the NFL investigation of this is due any day now and can't come soon enough because it will hopefully signal the end of this embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history. What I have said before bears repeating: Good riddance to them both!

ON PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN: We learn a famous actor, only 46, has died suddenly and 1aa1aactorunexpectedly, but we don't immediately know how or why. What a tragedy, is the natural reaction. Then we find out it was a heroin overdose. That he played a role in his own death. Do we feel differently? Does the sorrow and sympathy change? Had Hoffman died of a heart attack, in an auto accident or hung himself, would our reaction be different? I'm not sure. I feel bad Hoffman has died. But would I feel even worse if he had been murdered? Maybe there are no right answers here. At least none that I have.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Since Cote is too bashful to post the link to the texts I will. I read a few there are soooo many have to finish later. It's like a reality show wow these guys are vulgar.



Miami- 17 3-stars out of 26 commits...

Of those 17 commits, in the Summer of 2013 from June-August 12-TWELVE of them were unranked or barely 2-stars with ZERO offers from Top-Programs as Juniors going into their Senior Seasons. HALF UR CLASS !!! Meaning NONE of the 12 were even considered any good after they finished their Junior years and NONE were being recruited by ANY Top-Programs. NONE OF THE TWELVE. And look at their offers now. They still aren't being pursued or offered by ANY multiple Top-25-40 Programs because they'd ALL be projects ! That's why u have the lack of depth that u STILL have and 35 out of ur 85 schollie players on the roster are just like that the last 3 years and growing by adding this new 2014 scrub dirty dozen. The ONLY reason why they were upgraded to BARELY 3 stars is so u dopes would buy subscriptions to Scout.com, Rivals.com and 247sports.com to read stories about them and how they could be diamonds in the rough, projects, great moral character, great students with potential upside with Golden's GLOWING Endorsements ... And U saying year after year that so many can come right in and play by having to play too soon and over play the 7-8 good ones as true Freshman is NEVER a good thing. It means u have no developed upper classmen through any cycle. (lemme guess, give Golden another 4 years right?) And when ur ENTIRE second and third teamers are comprised of these have Class scrubs that would be scout teamers on ANY Top-Program, u get exactly what u got the last 3 years. A team that is 0-10 in BLOWOUTS against ALL Programs that finished in the Top-25 and 4-5 close wins or losses to average teams that have the same average talent as u... Hence... 7-6...8-5... at best 9-4 with no acc championship games and December Bowl Game Losses.

And u stay tuned... with another 2-3 decommits coming in 24 hours and then a total of 6-8 schollies available, watch what Golden scrounges together to fill out this class with ZERO 4 or 5 star kids that aren't even sniffing u... u guessed it, more scout teamers, diamonds in the rough, projects, great moral character, and great students with potential upside that will all go through Golden n Co. "Process"... Again.

now, let me guess, it's the big bad NCAA's fault and other corches negative recruiting, and not the coaching/development is substandard, facilities suck in comparison to ANY Top-60 program, u haven't done or won jack squat in over ten years and the fact that the last time u did win a 'Ship, THESE KIDS WERE 4-5 YEARS OLD still crapping their pants like dUh big bad u has done for over a decade and don't give 2 sheeets about Ur Cane Thang Myth...

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd ....

All this talk about one team closing and another not closing, yet in the end, Miami has 26 commits, and the gatrs have 21 commits. That is the same number they were at three weeks ago. gatrs closing? Not so much. Canes having their entire class decommit? not so much.

But 26-21 is still on the scoreboard, just like it was on 9-7-2013.

Sounds like alot of bluster from a certain nameless person that turned out to be all lies.

Posted by: Five Titles | February 04, 2014 at 09:42 AM

And that's exactly why u don't understand numbers and recruiting. Quantity over quality. Those teams and TOP_PROGRAMS with 20-23 commits that will close with 24-26 will only take 4-5 low 3-star "PROJECTS" a year MAX. Hence, 16-20 projects on the roster that will redshirt and develope over a 4-5 year recruiting cycle and if not, they transfer out having never played or needed to play. Where u bring in 10-12 "PROJECTS" a year, hence, 40-45 projects every 4-5 years and then counting on them to make up more than half ur 2 deep depth chart and having to see the field as Red-shirt Freshman or true Sophs way before they're ready. Then repeating the cycle year after year.

Take a look at the number of low 3-stars Top-Programs take per year and then compare. THAT IS UR PROBLEM.

But, that's the new true u thang and u just don't understand, nor have the comprehension to do so... Because they could all be the next Ed Reeds.


this Incognito / Martin chit is just getting old.

the Lizard trolls are posting about HS SR's "star rankings"..hahahahahahah, the good coaches (which Golden is) make their own players valuations, do this fools know (the Lizard fans) that this rankings are made by non football guys?..

Golden and the Canes will be just fine, we are coming off this dark cloud of three yrs and is going to take a couple of more to re-stock the roster..we are ok while Mus-Chimp is going down the toilet and fast.

I'm actually surprised the Pimple hasn't said anything about the Canes in a while..

Did you read any of the texts FZ? Not for the faint of heart. Thank your boy Ireland for bringing us Richie and J. Martin.

Wow! Thanks Mr. Cote, amazing to see those text messages in context, that's clearly good-natured banter between friends, nothing bad in there at all.

Martin is finished, not only was he a bad tackle and a nut job but it turns out he was a complete liar to boot!

RE: those text messages, Seems that Martins Lawyers did the dirty work, Martin being demoted and being sent over to the other side of the line was to much for the big vagina to take, His parents more then likely came up with the bullying plan knowing there son was not gonna play football again...
I actually feel bad for Richie though, All that's in those texts are banter between 2 friends...
Moral of the story Choose your friend carefully...

I don't feel bad for Richie if it wasn't for football he would be in jail. He shouldn't even have been on the roster.

BB..I did read some of those text messages, like most people I think was just two guys having a little fun with each other, yes I think they did go a bit over board but this closet fairy Martin is trying to make it into something else..

I don't think any team is going to take a chance on this guy, maybe the Colts.

as for Ireland?..well in his defense, Incognito was signed by Parcells and Martin was a highly rated 2 rounder coming out of college, never had a history of girl-ness in him..I think he eventually comes out of the closet and admits he's on the girly side of town.

oye Cote, where did my last message go?..did it get delete it because I called our owner "un tremendo hijo-de-puta?

Parcells signed Richie. Ireland could have dumped him anytime and should have blame lies on Ireland.

yes that is true..Incognito is a bad apple but I would take him on my team over Martin any day.

Mr. Woodcock and I are still riding out the previous thread lol

Without Richie Bullygate doesn't happen and the Dolphins don't get embarrassed.

Yes well an Abrams Tank could roll over the top of a ah fully erect Putin and never touch his male pattern baldness Mr. Woodcock...

Bring him back Hickey!

OC, your Haiku skills are razor sharp. Go for a threepeat sir. I would attempt to provide some semblance of a challenge to your crown but my mind has not been permitted to think in Haiku format ever since George Takei came out of the closet...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman is as much a tragedy as David Carradine. No more no less...

HA HA HA Support Taliban over the Ruskies lol

Yeh OC will win haiku again I made it past round one once but he just has a superior skill set. Damn you OC! I will say Cote's judges overlooked some of mine though.

Ireland may have selected Incognito and the little fairy and kept them, but Philbin enabled them through his indifference, lack of interest, or incompetence. Perhaps all three.

It will be interesting or maybe maybe very discouraging to see where Philbin and the bitch take the team this season.

You didn't hear Zulu? Philbin wanted to release Incognito last summer and Ireland wouldn't let him. Your indifference, lack of interest, or incompetence statement holds no water.


since the gators are so awesome, why don't you follow @SinceUFBeatTheU on twitter.
Im sure it will always brighten your day, it does mine :)

Zulu1...what you said about Philbin is correcto, specially the part about being incompetent..

sorry BB.

Dukito, how are you holding up in the great NE?..you need a hot latina next to U amigo.


It was 29 degrees yesterday. I didn't need my heavy coat FZ...

Thanks for the praise, boys, but I plan to sit this year's Haiku event out. There is simply no way Greg would award me while sheepishly knowing he has stiffed me out of the prizes BOTH TIMES, COTE !!!!!!

Hell, I could be Matsuo Bashō, the freaking inventor of the damn thing, and he would look the other way.

I only enter stuff I know I can win.

Only one incompetent was our former GM FZB that much has become clear. Philbin wanting to release Richie only supports his case of being competent. The fact that you can't see that shows me that you will forever have Jeff Ireland blinders on until Philbin retires or gets fired.

OC, I won last years contest hands down but I didn't get the big prize because of "office politics"..

OC...at the start of the NBA season I said the Lakers would not get to 30 wins, how's my prediction looking so far?

BB..I do not have "Jeff Ireland" blinders on, if Philbin wanted to get rid of Incognito I would not have had a problem with it, what my problem is our team was not prepared to win/play in the two most important games of the year and that falls 100% on him, you guys can't blame Ireland for that one.

We can blame Ireland for turning a 10 win team into an 8 win team most of the 58 sacks are on him.

BB, you can blame my former son for anything you want, I won't defend him anymore since he's not with the Dolphins, I support Hickey now for the next 4 yrs.

so yes Ireland is to blame for our O Line but I also think our coaching was terrible...just my opinion.

BB..how do you explain Philbin not having the team ready to play after the bye week and the last two games of the year..

I wasn't there I don't know if they were ready to play or not. Most of the season I saw a team that played hard for Joe Philbin win or lose.

FZB, given your propensity for unwavering time sentence, you would have made for a hell of a warden.

the team gave up 58 sacks...blaming Ireland is way too easy...the O Line was responsible for a lot of them but our backs couldn't pick up a blitz if their life depend it on it, I also saw the TE's give up a few and Tannehill himself held the ball way too long in some cases..

the 58 sacks look bad but I say they were responsible for 35 of them..why did the backs struggle so much?..that's coaching, the same for the TE's and Tannehill has to learn to get rid of the ball quickly (that's coaching too.)

Hoffman from did this to himself, period!

It's Stephen Ross' fault this team is a mess and it will continue to be Stephen Ross' fault that they remain the joke of the NFL until he departs...

"unwavering time sentence"???..ok so...oh.mm..WTF does that mean?

All that talk about Sochi and Russia put me in the mood to make some beef stroganoff for dinner. You're invited, Woodster, just BYO cause I won't be serving no Cuba Libre with that meal. Maybe you can get that with Fredo and Johnny Ola.

All that talk about Sochi and Russia put me in the mood to make some beef stroganoff for dinner. You're invited, Woodster, just BYO cause I won't be serving no Cuba Libre with that meal. Maybe you can get that with Fredo and Johnny Ola.

OC, you mean Fredo, Johnny Ola and SUPERMAN...

boys..meet my new girlfriend..yup, that's a picture of me in her boobies...well, not really but a man can always dream.


Yes, yes, you're right, Don dukito. Superman must be included. In fact, I believe Woodcock personally attained his recipe for that specific, ahem, concoction by-way-of the drink's direction tattooed on his supermanhood.

Gentlemen, especially Canes fans/grads on this here blogomente, IMO UM's talent was at least equal to teams like Boise State, Utah (which beat Stanford), etc. They just didn't PLAY that way.
IMO, if Al and company can't get UM to 9-3 AND an ACC Championship BERTH, I have a problem.
Furthermore, if the major problem is again the defense, he either fires D'Onofrio, or Al must go. These blowouts are embarrassing to this program, especially to the likes of Duke (who admittedly has a fine coach)VT, etc.
A 3 star Florida kid is supposedly better than a 4 star kid from Kansas, or Utah.

I'm just hoping UM doesn't have a 3 star HC.

Sorry, but I have no confidence. While the Cunt of Coral Gables (TCOCG) is in the house, the Miami Hurricanes will never again rise to their once mighty level even if the coaching staff consisted of Knute Rockne, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Pop Warner, Bear Bryant, Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson, and Nick Saban.

Ah, hell, how are you going to rise to prominence again when you have morons who let go of players like Storm Johnson just because he like to smoke a little weed during his free time! Hell, Central Florida certainly never had a problem with Storm lighting up they rode him all the way to a Fiesta Bowl win! A BCS win from a program called Central Florida!

Nah, we're done, you can put a fork in us and it says well done and ready to serve. As long as Donna the Bitch is in Coral Gables we're toast.

Easy does it IMA...people tend to forget what this program has gone through the last three years with the NCAA and before that years of neglect on the local recruiting front..Golden came in with no talent on the team and was hit in the face with the Shapiro scandal.

Its going to take at least two more yrs of rebuilding this roster ...you all need to chill, Golden is the right guy for this program.

Don't say "us" fanboy.

OC, next week is the annual "Old Queen Festival" in the city of West Hollywood. You would be a natural and could definitely win this contest every year that you entered but the fine print says that the contest is "limited to amateur Queens." and you lost your amateur standing a long long time ago, OC.........

That's it? That's all you've got?

I have the answer to that question, FZ. Philbin didn't have his team ready to play after the bye and during the last two crucial games of the season because he was busy loofahing TCOMC stretch marks instead of coaching the team up to play Tampa, Buffalo, and the hated Jets. Losing to the Jets at home in an embarrassment job the equal of when Mussolini's vaunted Africa Legions had to be rescued by the Corporal after some malnourished negro tribesmen almost defeated the entire Ital army with what was tantamount to a couple of pea shooters and a slingshot.

Now that's why Phil failed miserably during the second half of the year. Miserably! And yet in the light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary there are people on this blog and on the streets of Miami that are satisfied to give this clown another chance to coach our team. Our team, not some other neanderthals with giant plastic domes on their heads, no, our team!

We are hopelessly lost here. I see absolutely no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. The planets have aligned with Venus and Pluto in a geometrical aberration that only comes once in 500 years or so to affect the fortunes of our beloved Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins. In this astronomical rarity Pluto stands for that moron Philbin Yuk Yuking his way through one mediocre season after another while Venus is unfortunately horribly represented by both Albatrosses, the Cunt of Monte Cristo (TCOMC) and the equally horrible Cunt of Coral Gables (TCOCG).

Nothing not even Thor and the Gods up in Valhalla can over come such negative vibes. There wasn't enough qualudes back in the 70's and early 80's to put a smile on either of these two programs at the present time.....

Quality post from Mr Cock...the sad unavoidable truth...nuff said...

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN-drugs played a role in his death. No s**t Cote, dude was found dead with a needle in his arm with over 50 packets of heroin near his body. Wow, that's like saying an Iceberg may have played a role in the sinking of the Titanic. Maybe MSNBC will give a role in their journalism department.

Let us not forget Stephen Ross is the Anti-Christ. DOH!Sorry anti...

If FZB is going to be the warden then i am applying for the captain position. Like some of us say in the business "we'll get his mind right".

OC, as much as you're my bro, there's absolutely no way in hell that I'm going over to your house for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. No sir. Not while there's a chance that you sir, who from now on will be known at the Delta House as "OC From Sochi" will have those commie Olympics on TV. Not a chance. Maybe you think that because you are now living somewhere in the middle of Texas away from the real exiled Cubans who inhabit Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, that you can just sit up with the Mrs. on the fake leather couch from Ikea and turn on NBC and enjoy a guilt free night of curling and fruit case ice dancing from Russia, you have another thing coming.

If you want to sit inside your car in the morning and have to say an Our Father before you turn on the ignition key just hoping that Alpha 66 has not planted a bomb in your car that's your business. But this Cuban has taken very good care of his ass to now at the ripe old age of 60 start tucking on Superman's cape, or spitting into the wind, and certainly not ready or willing to put my ass on the line in order to watch some fruits skating on a cheap ice rink getting hosed by the judges on the merits of their triple camel soukau or what ever the hell it is they call all the fruity tooty rigamarold that those "men in tights" do at the Olympics. Not a chance, bro.

Sochi? I don't think so. Hell, I wouldn't even know where to find such a dump on a map.

That's somewhat better. I give you a "C" for effort.

Bode Miller, the Downhill, no way I'm missing that. Then again, you were generally in my trails.

the 58 sacks look bad but I say they (OL) were responsible for 35 of them..

Posted by: FZB | February 04, 2014 at 03:56 PM

Mr. Woodcock some people are watching the Olympics waiting for the explosions. It's not unlike watching NASCAR and waiting for the wrecks...

Gotta agree with Cote regarding Hoffman. Murder is scarier than herion...

If I was on Hoffman scene first there wouldn't have been any H packets left next to him...

Woody...just so U know..your amigo OC is one of the blog militants that wants to keep Philbin around...I think he's a commy for sure..and now that he's watching the "Sushi" olympics?...

Wow..Woody with an Alpha 66 reference...I knew Capitan Bombillo, heck of a patriot for the Cuban cause...

And this is for that " come mierda" that just quoted me on the O Line...you sir are an asswipe.

And Dukito, I'm glad you're on my side on this Philbin debate...by my count there's only OC, Tom and BB that want to keep PhilAponte...and they are calling me a "negativo"...the nerve.


#17 better have a very good>great year orthe dolphins will be shopping for a QB. tannehill's inability to be accurate on long passes (see article-WSJ-on the difference between the hand sizes of russell wilson and that of tanneyhill to get an idea of why he can't direct the ball downfield. new offensive regime better make him better of he will be gone. maybe having brandon gibson back will make up for his inability to be accurate on long throws.

FZ I gotta admit I see Ross as biggest obstacle to winning...

Dukito...if you could convince the 3 amigos (OC, Tom and BB) of their misguided ways..

They won't listen to me FZ. I'm just a lowly pawn in their conspiracy. I've noticed most on here seem afraid to admit even to themselves that this franchise is doomed until Ross is long gone.....

I used to defend Ross..but like we say in the hood..not no moe.

Fackin clueless is what he is...

FZB no doubt there was some bad coaching last year. But there was also some good coaching. I seem to recall the Dolphins beat Indy, San Diego, New England, and Cincinnati. All playoff teams. And three of those wins were after Martin left the team.

You were so forgiving of the mindnumbing incompetence of Ireland it just makes one suspicious of why you so loathe Philbin. There has to be more than just the last two games.

NOW you little pansies are crying about incognito?
the line was the question mark going into this season.
other than pouncey, incognito was the best lineman we had.
he had flare ups, but if you think he's the only guy in the NFL to act like that you're insane.
we OBVIOUSLY couldn't afford to give him up, as evidenced by the line's performance.
if incognito was still on the team, WITH MCKINNIE, we might have made the playoffs..

Yea, OC, but it's like the line that the iceman said in the movie "Ride the Wild Surf" to some surfer dude who had a huge beef with Fabian because Fabian had stolen his girlfriend in the movie, "At least he tries to take off from the top of the wave."

OC, you couldn't carry my skis to the slopes, buddy.

I'll give you that one, Dukey! No doubt if the rag heads start dropping ordinance all over Sushi Mr. Woodcock will have to tune in for that. Love the pyrotechnics.

When the Chinks hosted the games in Peking I watched the opening ceremonies and was glued to my TV set hoping that this chink who was faking that he was running while tied to a rope from the top of the stadium at least 750 feet of the ground would have an accident and pancake like an Egg Foo Young on the pavement of the stadium floor. Now that would have been a ratings monster!

H just makes me jones for icecream cones...

Mmmm Egg Foo Young. Sounds delicious...

FZ, let's call a spade a spade here, OK. How anyone can feel comfortable having Philbin as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2014 after the 16th game of the season performance against the focking Jets is the most incredible thing that I have ever seen since I've been posting on this blog.

I can even understand that there are many who as my on this blog as my friend Al Campanis used to say, "Don't have the necessities." (God, I miss Al.), who don't fully comprehend the damage and destruction that TCOCG has brought down on my beloved Canes. Ok, I understand, some of you are too dense to see that the Troll is killing us. I get it, to some of you she reminds you of your grandmother, auntie, mother, "wife", or "girlfriend!" so you cut her some slack even though she's killing you quicker than a Ninja warrior with a poisoned dart. OK, I get that. But how in the world do you support this moron after the tank job AT HOME with everything on the line, against the freaking Jets, who started a Quarterback with a reported IQ of less than two digits........a lot less, think of a number between zero and three.

effin' Herion

It just be callin' my name

Goodbye Earth Mother...

The Soul Brother that took all the snaps for the Jets last year had a Wonderlic score that was so low that he made Vince Young's "4" look like it was actually the score on the Wonderlic posted by Stephen Hawking.

Wonderlic score four

Sweet Jesus that dude is DUMB!

The Dolphins suck a**

And we lost to an abomination at home by double digits with a team quarterbacked by a barely functioning Aborigine who came into the game with a quarterback rating of less than "20" during his last five games.

Are you freaking kidding me!

He has to go and he has to go right now while there's still "A semblance of credibility left in this once proud franchise."

I'm testicle head!

Basketball rules the planet

Testie head am I...

Not much to get exited over the latest group of HOF enshrines. Except for Raiders punter Ray Guy this group might not even have made it onto the Hurricanes ring of honor at the old Orange Bowl.....

Auto Erotic

Asphyxiation my boys

Only way to go!

The little monkey wide receiver from the Buffalo Bill?

If that guy is a hall of famer then I'm Jean Claude Killi on the ski slopes.

I hear you Woody....you don't have to convince me about Philbin...tell it to the three little blind mice..

Sorry guys...you know I love ya..hehe

Tommy Son..as a coach you either have it or you don't...yes I know we beat some good teams but when the chips were down and we needed a win he failed miserable, nothing more to say after that.

Sorry..failed miserably....its getting past my bed time...

Andre Reed Puleeze

He'll never be Paul Warfield!

Never be Cliff Branch

Philbin Ha Ha Ha

Yeah give me an effin' break

Boss Ross has to go...

Ray Guy was a real weapon. Redefined punter position...

WTF, is this!

This has to be a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke, Dukey.

Surgeon General?

With almost 8 million unemployed Americans how in the world did this fool Obama nominate an alien freak like this to be Surgeon General?

I mean he might be a swell guy, and maybe at 36 he's learned just enough to work as the night shift doctor at a small clinic in his native India or Pakistan but come on, Surgeon General of the United States!

How in the world did this clown get elected twice? I thought only Americans can vote. Did anyone ask for a recount? Surely they mixed up the presidential vote with the NBA all star vote selection, right? I mean ever since that dumb ass David Stern let the Chinks start voting for the All Star Game we started getting that giant thyroid diseased cigar store Indian, Yao Ming as the top vote getter in Dr. Naismith's own American born and raised all star basketball game!

Please tell me that's how Obama got in. Americans thought that they were voting for the NBA All Star basketball game and went with the Black guy thinking that he could play. Well, the joke's on them 'cause this aborigine can't play and he can't even dance, and now to top it all he nominates this "Birdie Num Num" guy Haji Num Nuts to be our next surgeon general!

Wow, how much longer are we going to stand here and continue to be laughed at world wide as this moron in a clown suit dreams up new ways to fock up the easiest job that he's ever had. Well, it's in fact the only "real job" that he's ever had. Why us, why if he wanted to go and work for a living couldn't he just have walked up to Sears and Roebuck in Chicago and applied for a custodian's job like the rest of his neighbors?

Duke, what's with this Haji guy? This bloke is going to set back American medicine 200 years. And I thought Obamacare was a joke but hell it looks 28th Century like compared to this bleed and leech Paki from Islamabad, Pakistan.


This Obama idiot already had a Rusky commie named, Boris Lushniak as the last Surgeon General and now he goes with the Haji Num Nuts guy. Is this a joke. Please tell me that I'm having a nightmare and when I wake up in the morning I will realize that it's just a dream.

Haji Num Nuts replacing Boris "the Siberian Husky" Lushniak for Surgeon General.

If it weren't so damned serious I would be laughing but I'm afraid I can't cry and laugh at the same time.

OC, I hate to see a grown man like myself cry like a baby, but I'm afraid it's just about all I can take with these brain dead Democrats and that imbecile who currently resides at 1600.

Haji Num Nuts?

Just say it ain't so.

Woody, at least this Haji asswipe was raised in Florida plus he's from England, maybe he's a Beatles fan too.

Or not...

shut up woody..
markets are at all time highs, unemployment down, obamacare premiums are lower than the CBO's projections and will ultimately save the government $190 million over 10 years AND the deficit reduction bulit into the bill will increase because of savings.
the (republican) wars are drawing to a close, manufacturing is up, the auto industry has been saved, deficit is lower and it's now legal for you and OC to finally get married in 33 states and smoke out in 20 of them.
you and every other doomsday republican idiot look more foolish by the day.
this centrist corporatist rockefeller republican has done a decent job, whether you can admit it or not.

Mr. Cote, can you please do something about banning IPs of racist posters from your blog?

You should read the Constitution, you freakin' Nazi! FREEDOM OF SPEECH means just that.

Jack ass.

Yea, but I don't see you making an appointment to see Haji Num Nuts are you, Dapper? He he.

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