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Post-National Signing Day, rate your confidence in Al Golden. Poll. Vote!; plus more Bullygate b.s., Heat, death of an actor & more

1) It is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6. A bluegrass band covers the song Rocket Man here. Astonishingly, it isn't bad. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Worst Super Bowl ever, SB '15 odds, why I'd picked Denver, Canton vote/poll & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Golden/Signing Day column: Click on Cloud Gone, Heat On for today's latest column by me, on UM football and coach Al Golden. The past-tense of the NCAA mess means the shaxckles are off, but that the pressure is on. As Golden begins to work on a levl playing field, we begin to judge him fairly.

GOLDEN HITS THE REFRESH BUTTON. NOW WHAT?: The NCAA scandal is finally past. So is the 1aa1algolden14latest speculation that Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden might be leaving for Penn State or anywhere else. Now comes National Signing Day on Wednesday -- the first NSD that finds Golden unburdened, unshackled. UM expects a full incoming class that some early reports rate among the nation's top 10. But this unburdening means something else, too: It removes the excuses. It means we now get to see Golden work on a level playing field. As National Signing Day arrives and we see fresh meaning to the program's "Full Speed Ahead" marketing slogan, what is your confidence that Golden will see the Canes back to national prominence? Vote and say why.

THIS IS THE WADE THAT BEGETS A THREE-PEAT: The Dwyane Wade who scored 30 points with 10 rebounds in Monday's Heat win over Detroit -- that Wade, healthy throughout the playoffs, wins a third straight championship for Miami. Anything less is what lets Indiana and the West come into play.

Heat still the favorite: Updated NBA title odds today via Bovada show Heat still on top at 12-5, then Pacers 11-4, Thunder 15-4 and Spurs 10-1. Kevin Durant pulling away in the MVP race at 1-3; LeBron James next at 2-1.

AND THE INCOGNITO-MARTIN NONSENSE PLAYS SADLY ON...: The Dolphins' Bullygate scandal has turned into a sordid Vaudeville act. The latest: USA Today publishes hundreds of text-message exchanges between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin and the emerging picture is that the line has blurred between bully and victim. The emerging picture is that both were behaving like maturity-challenged juvenile delinquents with their talk of prostitutes and bitches and "sandpaper condoms," their references to drugs, their use of the n-word and "gay," their threats and vulgarity. The Ted Wells report on the NFL investigation of this is due any day now and can't come soon enough because it will hopefully signal the end of this embarrassing chapter in Dolphins history. What I have said before bears repeating: Good riddance to them both!

ON PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN: We learn a famous actor, only 46, has died suddenly and 1aa1aactorunexpectedly, but we don't immediately know how or why. What a tragedy, is the natural reaction. Then we find out it was a heroin overdose. That he played a role in his own death. Do we feel differently? Does the sorrow and sympathy change? Had Hoffman died of a heart attack, in an auto accident or hung himself, would our reaction be different? I'm not sure. I feel bad Hoffman has died. But would I feel even worse if he had been murdered? Maybe there are no right answers here. At least none that I have.

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