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February 06, 2014

Beckham circus in town: What's your interest in Miami MLS soccer team? New poll. Vote!; plus Chad 'n Brad top UM recruits, grade on Golden & more

1) It is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6. Thanks to Tony Kornheiser for having us on his radio show this morning. Only because I like you, Tony, would I talk that much about Bullygate. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Al Golden/confidence poll, D.Wade, Incognito/Martin mess plays on, Philip Seymour Hoffman & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

CONFESSIONS OF A SOCCER FAN: "Hello, I'm Greg Cote. And I'm a soccer fan." That's right. During my college days at FAU I was a goalkeeper on the team. (Don't be impressed. It was a club team. I was the backup. In my only start, at FIT in Jensen Beach, I gave up eight goals). Friends and I would tailgate at 1aa1afusion 1aa1astrikersFort

Lauderdale Strikers games circa 1977-78 and chant "Maauurriicce!" when Mo Whittle aligned to take a free kick. Just after that, covering the Strikers was the first big break in a cub reporter's Miami Herald career. During the last World Cup my son and I joined a red-white-and-blue crowd at a local Duffy's to watch U.S. matches, high-fiving strnagers when the Americans -- when we -- scored. All in between, I've been the guy at the party talking up/defending soccer if the conversation turned to how it would never really go over in this country. So, yeah, the fan in me is happy Miami will be getting a Major League Soccer team if ownership frontman David Beckham can see a stadium built. As I write in today's latest column -- click on Betting on Beckham to read -- the 1977-83 Strikers did not fail as much as the NASL collapsed all around them. Likewise the 1998-2001 MLS Miami Fusion did not fail in terms of support; bad ownership doomed that club. The way Miami supports international soccer and our market's TV ratings for the World Cup make us ripe for a new team. You can shake your head at the ridiculous circus always surrounding Beckham, but his aim is true in seeing Miami as an area perfect for a top-level soccer team. Of course, many may not agree. There are still plenty of folks at that party scoffing at soccer or simply ignoring it. I'm curioous about your thoughts. Take a dip in our poll and say why.

CHAD 'N BRAD TOP A PROMISING HURRICANES' RECRUITING CLASS: The Canes' Wednesday National Signing Day bounty is ranked No. 10 nationally by ESPN and No. 12 by Rivals.com. I laugh at the rush to

immediately rank every school based on the inherently faulty guesswork on how a bunch of 18-year-olds 1aa1achadt 1aa1abradkmight turn out. It is impossible, which is why I don't have a poll here for you to grade the class. Nevertheless, we all have initial impressions, and I think Miami did pretty well, all things considered. As coach Al Golden told me this week, 85 percent of the recruiting of this class was done before the NCAA ended its case and the cloud lifted, and these recruits played their entire high-school careers with UM still under investigation as they pondered their college choices. Next year's recruiting class truly will be Golden's first without shackles. What I like most about the Canes' 2014 bounty: They bring in five defensive linemen led by Chad Thomas (pictured left) who can make a big difference in an area of pressing need. Running back Joseph Yearby looks like a game-breaker to augment Duke Johnson. And QB Brad Kaaya (right) from Cali has the advertised skills to immediately challenge for the job Stephen Morris vacated.

Poll result: Confidence in UM's Golden is solid: In a poll that surrounded National Signing Day, we asked in the last blogpost for your confidence level in Al Golden seeing the Miami Hurricanes back to a championship level, and 40.3 percent said "very" conifident and 39.1% "somewhat" confident. The other 20.6% said "not" confident.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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so you laugh at people who evaluate recruits but you say the canes did a very well. you're a joke.

Think he was laughing at the process to immediately judge a class when in fact he is right it is largely guesswork. How many 2 and 3 star recruits has Stanford had over the last few years and look where they end up every year. 10th and 12th ranked classes means UM likely got some good players. Beyond that who knows.

Like Beckhams vision but I care more about a Stadium being built or upgraded for the Dolphins. How about building a Stadium that can allow for football and soccer? Or upgrading SunLife and letting the MLS team play there? That makes more sense to me still amazing that the City of Miami allowed 350 mil to go a team that no one supports in the Marlins incredible.

Soccer! Soccer! Did someone say Soccer? I don't know if we're ever going to draw more than 3,000 fans. Soccer!

Anyway I wonder if they could build new stadium on sacred ground of the old Orange Bowl site or have they already paved it into a parking lot. I suspect Ross has the scratch to do one true thing so far as Dolphin franchise is concerned. Plus Stevey yer not getting any younger bud and death is around the corner for all of us. Wouldn't it be nice to leave a monument in honor of yourself...

He's already got one of those, it's called the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, at the U of. Michigan. Paid for by guess who?

@dukey. There is a stadium on the old Orange Bowl site. LOL

Makes one wonder if the U Michigan business school features a red carpet up the entrance and offers honorary business degrees to stars from the entertainment industry for their donations.

Any word of how QB Olsens progress is going? Haven't heard his name mentioned much

bri, is it an NFL caliber stadium? Could Ross renovate it and put a graphic of his enormous mug on the 50 yard line...


J Lo and Tom Brady would make a good couple OC they would both likely be seen parading aroung the campus.

Ross needs to contact the Japanese to borrow Godzilla and Mothra so as to hold a mano-a-mano slugfest at Sun Life stadium. After dusting off the rubble, hold a rematch at Marlons Park... Yeah, that's the ticket!

Can't wait for 2017. Heck, we had to wait a long time to get a MLS team here. Stop comparing what happened 12 years ago. MLS is something different to day. Stupid comments like getting 3000 per game are made by ignorant soccer bashers that have been living on the moon.

Damn straight OC. Though Ross could save money by just utilizing Godzilla's atomic breath to raize Sun Life Stadium. Saving $$$ should please him...

Really Steve don't take barbs too seriously. It's just that Pro Football is not your game sir...

Bill picking up the mike1 baton. Run with it, Bill!

Heard on WQAM this morning that Olsen was now progressing very well.They thought Williams might be a QB good for them to sustain long drives not flashy or going long much and let the D keep them in games.That s a switch from last year.Seems Williams will dump passes off quickly and use the offensive speed and talent to run the spread and focus on that.Long ways to go to see how the new team plays as a unit.Only time will tell.The new defensive players though are more talented and faster than previous Golden classes it seems.

Steve, may I call you Steve? Thanks. Your School of Business Monument to the cult of yerSELF is all well and good but an NFL stadium that bears your name will bring you more publicity, local love,and revenue than you could ever possibly imagine. Think about it won't you...

all right..grading a HS recruiting class is pretty dumb, the best we can do is hope and pray these young kids pan out...like Cote just said this was the first class not under the NCAA cloud but not really since most of those players were already committed before the findings came out.

on paper they seen to have signed some solid recruits, but only time will tell..

soccer is for suckers...

can you guys don't mention the name Steve Ross?..I'm done with that fool.

I'm so disgusted with Ross I'm not even looking forward to free agency or the draft..I guess I'm going to have to start liking Beisbol a little more.

One more thing Steve(sorry FZ)please get old Dolphin uniforms out of storage and throw their current Versace's in the furnace. Thanks bud...

FZB, last night the Lakers won their first game in like two weeks in the most bizarre endings imaginable. They entered the game with only eight dressed players due to injury. Through the course of the game, Nick Young injures his knee and leaves the game, Chris Kaman fouls out and Jordan Farmar is forced out with cramps, leaving five active players. Then Bob Sacre picks up his sixths foul and though under normal circumstances would be forced out, some seldom (if ever) used rule is used where he gets to stay in the game, but registers a technical with each additional foul.

Goes to show the health of that team, when stuff like that happens.

wow..that's a heck of a win for the Lakers all things considered..

HS recruiting classes are a crap shoot....

Most of the higher rated HS don't pan out, some end up leaving for other schools & some just leave football entirely...

Didnt Randy Shanon have the #1 class a few years ago...Where are they now??

Much like every other "Lists" that are out there...They are nothing but opinions....& we all know that opinions are like A-holes - everybody's got one.... (& I am looking at you Dave in LA)....

When we talked about those 30 wins the expectation was that the Lakers would not need to use the guy that mops up the sweat to complete a five-man team. Jim Buss makes Stephen Ross look like Robert Kraft.

Herr Dukey, I just noticed that both of my awful teams are owned by the SS; BuSS and RoSS...hmm

Mark my words, only reason that local govmt is looking at Soccer is b/c they will be able to fleece the taxpayers some more....

If they "give them" that piece of land on dodge island think of this:

1. How much is that land worth next to Fisher Island? (one of the most expensive zipcodes in FL)

2. Where will you put the parking lot, or better yet how will cars get across govmt cut - The Fisher Island ferry which holds 4 cars & runs every hour?!@#

They will have to fund a new infrastructure, bridges or tunnels to get there & who is gonna foot that bill?

Bottom line is, soccer will die a quick death....& we will have another hulk of an un-used stadium again with a huge tax bill....REMEMBER NOTHING IS FREE!

I may be wrong, but aren't we still paying for the now demolished Miami Arena ??

aaarrrrggghhhh !!!!!!!!!

there it is again!!!!! Ross's name !

OC..No I'll give you that one, I didn't see all those injuries happening to the Lakers, you guys have it real rough..ugh.

and yes Jim Buss is a total asswipe..

Here's my all time asswipe owners list.

1-the current Dolphins owner who I would not say his name.

2-Jeffrey Loria

3-Dolan / NY Knicks

4-Jim Buss

5-Bud Selig (just on principal)..


3000 in attendance is not a stupid comment - The problem is for delusional soccer fans the truth hurts...

And I am a soccer fan, & I am telling you for MLS I would'nt waste the money. its like watching a minor league babseball game. All the real stars & talent are in europe where the big $$ are...

There talking soccer on the blog and mike1 and shadow are nowhere to be found. OMG please pass the duct tape so I can wrap my head to keep it from exploding.

By the way, the Dolphins are going to the playoffs next year in spite of their shitty owner.

OC, vut could it pozzibly mean zis SS "coincidence?" Perhapz if ze got zome SS She Devils to milk zer lizards they vould become schmarter owners. Eh vhat could be ze harm of given it zat old University of Michigan college try...

Hey Tom how did you get s**tty past Jimmy Olsen, Cote's Ubercensure at large?

I think the blog nazi may have given up on me dukester. he knows i'm unrepentant heathen.

well that's a start..at least Tommy-Son recognizes that Ross is indeed a chitty owner..

now if he can say the same thing about our HC?

I hope soccer does make it in south florida. It will give some people a chance to pick up a part time job, and give the spanish people a chance to take in the games.

FZB I always said that about Ross. Keeping Ireland two years longer than he deserved confirmed for me that Ross is a blithering idiot. In spite of that, I am very optimistic for Miami this upcoming season. Of course if Hickey turns out to be as stupid as Ireland, something we should know by the end of April, then all bets are off. However, assuming Hickey delivers on the talent needed (OL, RB, LB, WR to a lesser extent) and keeps our good talent then I am very optimistic.

Come on FZB wouldn't you rather be a positivo than a negativo?

On a slightly related topic, I can't help but notice that your reading disability is approaching that of your blog kindred spirit.

my reading disability ?

and chances are my new adopted son Hickey will be as stupid/bad as my old adopted son, chit..he was like the 77th choice after everyone else turn the job down, including a couple of minority candidates if you can believe that..

but to answer your question, yes I rather be positivo than negativo.


It is not humanly possible for Hickey to be dumber than Ireland. Now he may be the next dumbest GM, but never the absolute dumbest.

but is not bueno being the 77th choice for GM either..

well, at least we do agree that Ross is an absolute idiot, that much is clear.

dukes, what part of space you live in? Marlins Stadium is built on the old Orange Bowl. Please, I mean, are you serious dude??

Dukito lives in deep space 9 station, who used to be under Cardassian control but its now controlled by the Federation, sort of under new managment.

right Dukito?

yes 77th may be bad, but Ireland is no better than 78 which is even worse.

FZ, I'm with the Q Continuum...

Remember when Chad Ocho, Ocho Johnson, Ocho Sinko, Chad Yoko Ono, Chad Johnson,,, er remember when what's his name was a Dolphin? Ahhh, that was a fun week.

Philip Seymour Hoffman told me funny joke last week. He said that Kanye gave Kim's coochie a grand knickname. Grand Canyon.

Makes one wonder if the U Michigan business school features a red carpet up the entrance and offers honorary business degrees to stars from the entertainment industry for their donations.
Posted by: OC Dolphin | February 06, 2014 at 11:41 AM

hey OC isn't that the school that has bloated blow fish Sally Struthers pitching on TV between 2-4 am?

Bill, they were being polite with you saying "Run Bill" what they were typing behind your back was "Run Forrest, Run".

Soccer, like damn fooseball, bunch of big gorillas out tackling each other!

I give you the props Duke, you still got it chap! Like the energizer bunny, keep going & going.

Obama's new loyal paratroopers,,, step aside 82nd, 101st, SEALS, Delta Force, this is bad a$$


Jesus Christ this Jimbo guy is the most painfully unfunny jackass I have ever read!

Jimbo stop banging on Sally Struthers. There was a day when you wished you could have banged her.


try to know what your talking about. you must be from out of town. I use to live in miami back in the 80's and no that the marlin stadium is built few blocks across from the old ob from the west to the east. the's nothing but a flat parking lot to the west and would be perfect site to build a 45,ooo seat stadium for hurricanes to play and bring back old days of the real U. would cost but like 10 million to do, if all the old cane pros pitch in to help. the mystic is all that missing for the canes. and a stadium on that ground bring it back and we win 5 or 6 championships again in 10 years if they builded it.
go canes !

Hey Marco, the jokes in your hand!

Hmmm apparently my doppleganger has posted for me at 6:38PM. Well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if memory serves Socrates didn't seem particularly impressed with flattery. Thank you Jimbo. You're one of the good ones sir...

doppleganger dukey the Dolphins could use some mystic too. Nice post...

the dolphins need to move training camp back to biscayne college and the super bowl trofeys will roll in !

Oh no the omar click is back only now they are the Cote click. Jeeeez!

Animal rights group PETA may go to extreme lengths to save animals from the slaughterhouse but the Virginia-based organization's animal shelter killed nearly 2,000 stray cats and dogs at its shelter in 2013.

The Center for Consumer Freedom released its annual review of PETA's Norfolk shelter and it shows a surprising 82 percent euthanization rate.


82 percent kill rate? Those are Rambo-like numbers. And these assclowns complain about me?

trophies DOH!

hey FZB?
THIS should tell you al you need to know about tommy boy's football acumen:

"Of course if Hickey turns out to be as stupid as Ireland, something we should know by the end of April, then all bets are off."

right, tom.
because EVERYONE knows the success of a draft class is always determined by the end of the draft month.


we aren't drafting a bunch of rookies to start on the offensive line, dumba$$.
there will be free agents, considering we could have at least $30 million of cap space or more with restructuring and/or cuts.

you're still screaming about the "project pick" which you'll be thanking ireland for next year when we lose a lineman on defense.
please stop embarrassing yourself with your football posts; they're almost as stupid as your political ones..

King Carl that's not you casting aspersions at yours truly for my constructive feedback of Stevie Wonder-Ross is it? Or has that task deligated to Regis Philbin, Dawn or the guy canned by the Bucs that's now our GM. Hickory Dickory I believe his name is...

Yes, yes "been delegated."

Hey Tom...I'm still the same positivo guy has before..I just don't care much for our clueless owner.

And Tommy-boy, you can't possibly make any kind of determination on our new puppet GM after only a couple of months on the job, this new guy deserves and needs ,...yup, 4 yrs to prove himself.

It only takes 4 years if the GM is making all the right moves but they just turn out wrong. For example, drafting Tannehill was the right move that may or may not turn out wrong. On the other hand, if the GM makes mindnumbing errors of judgment in drafting, trades or free agency then it doesn't take the four years. Ireland made those mindnumbing moves in drafting Dion Jordan, trading Brandon Marshall and letting Jake Long and Reggie Bush get away in free agency without adequate replacement. The Brandon Marshall move proved to me Ireland had to go and he just confirmed it drafting a non-need position when he had such desperate need on the OL. That pick might have cost Miami the playoffs.

Yeah but didn't he have like 18 years to prove himself with the Bucs FZ...

I'll say this for our President, He can run a country but he can dance..........


It should have said "Cant" but I assume you guys knew that....

apparently Cote's people took out the "T" at the end of can......
Nice job Cote........

A good thing about the team it brings money and jobs to the area which is a win, win for every body...

reggie wasn't worth the money; especially considering they stopped having a balanced attack anyway.
lamar miller did fine when given anything remotely resembling a starter's carries.
another headcase. i'd rather have wallace.
they didn't "let long get away", dummy.
they offered him a ton of money; almost as much as ST louis and with florida's no state tax, it was pretty equal. if he wanted to stay he would've.
but he broke down AGAIN and missed his 3rd last part of the season in a row.
you 2nd guess every move with the benefit of hindsight; you look like an idiot, tom.
they drafted thomas, signed clabo, and gave martin another year to prove himself.
hindsight is always 20-20.
you want playoffs?
if they had a balanced attack and ran AS MUCH AS manning, rivers, brady and wilson, well we would've made the playoffs.
you're "IT'S ALL IRELAND" is old and tiresome..

Any of you's going to Sochi to take in the Winter Olympics? Cote? Russia anyone?

Sally Struthers is alright, was alright in her prime. By Hollywood actress standards of hotness, Sally in her prime was in the middle of the pack.

Which Actress/Entertainer/Musician would you pick? Pick any lady from when she was in her prime...

Jimbo I would have to go with this modest but chronically cute little lady...


I always had a thing for this little philly especially when I'm hammered...


Lance you hit the nail on the head, unfortunately you hit it 30 years to late.


I can't hep but touch myself when thinking about this imaginary lover...


duke, enjoyed the video "said the joker to the thief". You had me hooked when I saw the powder blue AMC Gremlin.

I've always been abit partial to these Village of the Damned young ladies...


Arnold, you sure have an eye for,, talent. Und frau can cook ze wunderbar schnitzle.

It's amazing to me how many people I've heard say they love Gremlins. That AMC won alot of hearts and minds...

Boys...there was only one for me...in her prime?... None more beautiful than Natalie Wood.

Second place...Barbara Eden...

Commy olympics?... Not even watching a second of it, rather watch house hunters on HGTV with the missus or some chit like that.

Tom..I'm getting worried about you, getting senile?...listen, the new puppet GM is in , Philbin and Aponte saw something in him and we have no choice but to roll with the guy but you can't bash him after just one free agency period of draft, the guy needs time to bring in his type of players

Did AMC have a better model car?

FZB, good choices shows you have good eye for women. Now if we could only say we have a good eye for an NFL team to follow sir...

A bunch of creepy old guys who never get laid posting pix of girls who they wack off to.Yuck.

Back in the early 80's we used to cruise around drinking beer & trying to hook up with girls. A road dawg of mine had a pontiac trans am, excellent ride. One night we took out a 4X4 post that supported several mailboxes going a little too fast, little too much to drink. The next day were going out cruising for girls and he shows up in his mom's AMC Pacer.... He insisted on us leaving my 72 Firebird while we drove this fish tank on 4 tires trying to woo the girls. Negative results

This chewing guy reminds me of Young Potter...

chewing, you may want to avoid using my keyboard.

Oh ze siphylis makes me vorget shometimes...

FZB, what, you don't want to hang out with a shirtless Putin & a tactically loaded out Steven Segal? Just think of all the 250 lb vodka drinking babes that would attract. Think outside the box bro.

I just messed myself after viewing Ashton Kutcher's pic...

and you thought that smell was her hiding a sturgeon in her pants...

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