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February 10, 2014

Put Tannehill on "short leash"? Poll. Vote!; plus topless Olympian, Michael Sam, Beatles, LeBron dunk show, Puig's dogs, Dumb Starbucks & more

It's Radio Tuesday!: I'm back in-studio with the Dan Le Batard Show today for my landmark 11th national appearance. It's 3-7 on 790 & 104.3 the Ticket, 4-7 on ESPN National. Ears welcome.

1) It is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11. LeBron James says he'd win the All-Star dunk contest if he entered. Well, no duh. Click LeBron Dunk Show for proof; this was after yesterday's Heat practice in Phoenix. 2) Bruce Springsteen playing Sunrise arena on April 29. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Olympics poll, Dolphins draft, Canes QB's actress mom, Marlins projection & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

The Michael Sam column: Click HERE for today's latest column by me, on Michael Sam, the Missouri All-American defensive lineman who revealed his homosexuality and thus is likely to become the NFL's first openly gay player.

ON RYAN TANNEHILL'S (SUPPOSEDLY) SHAKY GROUND: We find ourselves in a time when the vessel for major news being broken might be a 140-character Tweet, perhaps from someone little-known. Even the definition of "news" evolves as competing outlets fight to be first first, and accurate second. Increasingly the sources for "news" are anonymous, a troubling, credibility-corrupting trend. I see it everywhere, including in my own newspaper. It is in this context that I read a recent online column by 1aa1atannphilCBSSports' NFL writer Jason La Canfora. It was an overview of the tough challenges awaiting new Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey, but buried within was a nugget implying that coach Joe Philbin's patience with QB Ryan Tannehill might be fragile. The ever-popular Anonymous Source said that Philbin told potential GM candidates as much in recent interviews. The suggestion is that if Tannehill falters, there might be little hesitation in a move to backup Matt Moore. This is was rather vague speculation standing on the balsa-wood legs of anonymity, yet, of course, it was regurgitated as news, as with this ensuing headline on ESPN.com: Report: Tannehill on shorter leash in 2014. Yes, so now it becomes an "issue," real or not. It becomes a question for Tannehill and Philbin to deal with as the season approaches. Two thoughts. First, if this is true, and I don't assume it is, Philbin was unwise to undermine his starting quarterback to job-seekers from other teams. That's needlessly creating controversy. Second, true or not, coming into this season as all but a declared lame-duck coach puts Philbin in a tough spot. It'll be playoffs-or-bust for him to keep his job (a perception/assumption hardening to fact) and that could lead Philbin to make decisions that are short-sighted, with his own derriere in mind, more than with the club's best long-term interests in mind. There would be no greater example than at QB, where benching Tannehill for Moore might seem smart to win a particular game but might not be smart if you understand that Tannehill, not Moore, is the better long-term solution. For me, Tannehill showed enough progress in Year 2 to not enter Year 3 feeling any "short leash" tightening around his neck. Your thoughts are invited. Take a dip in our poll and say why.

 I'm sorry but I love a topless-Olympian scandal. Always have. Topless photos of Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun have turned up (see right), which does qualify as a scandal in conservative Lebanon. An investigation has ensued!

ME AND THE BEATLES: Yes, I was alive when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago. I was too young to recall watching, although I've seen the video so many times I think it has
1aa1abeatlewigtransmogrified over time into an adopted memory. Soon after that I'd cajoled my folks into buying me a Beatles wig (pictured) and Beatles boots, both the rage back then. The first singles (45s) I remember buying were the Beatles' "She Loves You," along with "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Byrds), "Dance Dance Dance" (Beach Boys) and "The Locomotion" (Little Eva). The Beatles, Rolling Stones and early Motown populated my early life's soundtrack, but it was the hysteria surrounding the Beatles coming to America that first caught my fascination. I have a vague memory of my mother listening to Elvis Presley music in our house, but it just never hit me the way the Beatles' sound did. I'll always credit the Fab Four for igniting in me what would become a lifelong passion for music. Now I ask you: For those who also love music, who was the artist or group that first caught your ear in a meaningful way, and why? Do you remember the first 45, LP, 8-track, cassette or CD you ever bought?

Poll result: Summer Olympics kick Winter's a--: We asked in the last blogpost how you feel about the Olympics (you may still vote), and you preferred the Summer over the Winter by an almost 6-1 margin, 37.9 percent to 6.4%. Another 30.8% said they liked both, and 24.9% said they don't follow either.

Like many professional athletes young Dodgers star Yasiel Puig lives in the Miami area. He just bought a home in upscale Gables by the Sea, where he is seen walking his two bulldogs and posing with three Columbus High ballplayers. The young athletes obviously were very excited for the opportunity to be photographed standing next to such handsome dogs.

1aa1adumbstar"HEY LET'S GO GET A CARAMEL FLAN LATTE AT DUMB STARBUCKS":  Dig this because the Starbucks lawyers will make sure it doesn't last. There is a newly opened coffee shop in Los Feliz, Cal., outside L.A., called Dumb Starbucks, a self-described "work of parody art" that uses the Starbucks logo. At least until the restraining order kicks in. Every menu item includes the word, as in Dumb Caramel Flan Latte. As a man of the people -- a Dunkin Donuts guy who finds that Starbucks is a bit high-brow and (in the words of Peter Griffin) "insists upon itself" -- I find this parody to be rather brilliant, if undoubtedly short-lived.

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Waiting for the blogpost later today where Cote says Miami should draft Mike Sam in 3...2...1...

He was the SEC defensive player of the year...

Greg posting last weeks news with the La Canfora article that I posted. If true it sure seems like Matt Moore isn't going anywhere now or in the future unless Tannehill starts winning games out of the gate.

Plenty of sacks against cupcake teams Mel watch the tape again.

Hey Cote is talking about the greatest group in rock history and my favorite group...let's see now, my first ever 45 purchase was..

Hello Goodbye / flip side I am the Walrus (still have it of course)

first LP- Stg Pepper's

first 8-track- Abraxass / Santana

I don't buy this thing Tannehill is on the hot seat, the guy did show improvement from year two with no help from his O Line or running game, Philbin is the one that needs to be replaced not him.

First 8 track probably some goddamn Kiss bulls***...

No such thing duke nothing but good Rock and Roll on that there 8 track.

Look boys Philbin isn't going anywhere. He has a tongue longer than a Reticulating Python and with more variable speeds than a blender...

and why is Mr. Puig walking his dogs is a story again?..so the guy has "dinero" and lives in the Gables, ok then Happy for him.

does anyone know if our two real GM's (Philbin and Aponte) are gonna go to the combine?

My first 8 track was Slim Whitman...


Looks like Philbin at the very least might want to "push" Tannehill to improve but he may also be perfectly comfortable rolling with Matty. Don't see anything wrong with him laying that out to potential GM candidates if he's the guy in charge which right now he is it's his call.

By the way the woman listeng to Slim is my youngest daughter Amy. What a little cutie. Apple of her daddy's eye...

so what the Dolphins need is a freaking offensive line so the offense can "matriculate" the ball downfield on a regular basis and control the clock/game.

you guys would be amazed how good Tannehill will become when he gets a running game and gets the time to thow..

It's a win now league there is never any job security in the NFL Greg.

As a teenager growing up in another country, the Rolling Stones were and still are my favorite band. The Beatles not much to my liking, just a song here and there. I remember 45s and LPs, even my dad's old 78s and 16s, but can't remember the first record I bought or my parents bought me for that matter.

Once again the poll question is deficient, Cote. Where's the shuck everything and draft Johnny Football choice?

"you guys would be amazed how good Tannehill will become when he gets a running game"
indeed. FZB.
a more balanced attack last year would've meant playoffs for sure..

I love the Stones. Very cool sound. Problem is whenever I listen to them I want to do herion...

As well as heroin...

As well as Sister Morphine and Sweet Cousin Cocaine...

The Stones are one of rock's greatest bands, top five-ten all time for sure, right behind the Beatles.

I'll tell you this. No way any member of the Stones ever and I mean ever comes up with It's a Wonderful Christmas time. I love both bands but still...

The moon is right
The spirit's up
We're here tonight
And that's enough

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The party's on
The feelin's here
That only comes
This time of year

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The choir of children sing their song
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding, oh, oh

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The word is out
About the town
To lift a glass
Ah, don't look down

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The choir of children sing their song
They practiced all year long

Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong

The party's on
The spirit's up
We're here tonight
And that's enough

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The moon is right
The spirit's up
We're here tonight
And that's enough

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Oh, Christmas time

Contrast It's a Wonderful Christmas Time with...


(m. jagger/k. richards/m. faithfull)

Here I lie in my hospital bed
Tell me, sister morphine, when are you coming round again?
Oh, I don't think I can wait that long
Oh, you see that Im not that strong

The scream of the ambulance is sounding in my ears
Tell me, sister morphine, how long have I been lying here?
What am I doing in this place?
Why does the doctor have no face?

Oh, I can't crawl across the floor
Ah, can't you see, sister morphine, Im trying to score

Well it just goes to show
Things are not what they seem
Please, sister morphine, turn my nightmares into dreams
Oh, can't you see Im fading fast?
And that this shot will be my last

Sweet cousin cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head
Ah, come on, sister morphine, you better make up my bed
Cause you know and I know in the morning I'll be dead
Yeah, and you can sit around, yeah and you can watch all the
Clean white sheets stained red.

First two 8 tracks that I bought were Sly and the Family Stone's Greatest Hits and Santana Abraxas. And they lasted two weeks along with my 8 track player when a date left the door open on my VW while we went to the movies and when I came back the tapes and the tape player were all gone from the glove compartment. At least she made up for it but she was going to do that regardless......

2014 will be a critical year for Ryan Tannehill as he seemed Marino like in the win over New England but looked like Cleo Lemon in the losses to the Bills and Jets.The up and down performances of Tannehill raises questions about his future and if this does not improve a new Head Coach could send him packing in 2015.My hope is that with the help of Bill Lazor Tannehill can become more steady.

Definitely not a Tannehill fan however Moore is not the answer... The future of the Dolphins is unfortunately not on the roster... Tannehill's ceiling as a pro is no better than top-15...

Correctimundo! Manziel! Manziel! Manziel!

HMMMMMM,First album huh?????
I believe it was Bob Seger and the Silver Bullitt Band Or It was Ted Nugent,Cant remember....

how long you guys think is going to take J Martin now before he comes out of the closet?

not that there is anything wrong with it..hehe

Joe Philbin should be on a short leash, not Ryan Tannehill. Philbin has shown no ability to get the Dolphins ready to play to their fullest potential. He has not made the appropriate adjustments at half time which is why the team lost so many close games in the second half. Additionally, the team's total collapse towards the end of the season would have gotten most coaches fired. These are the reasons why Philbin has a losing record and that's why his job should be on the line.

I agree with Jeff, Philbin is the one that should be on a short leash...chit he shouldn't be on any kind of a leash, he should have been fired a long time ago.

and Woody..the Dolphins are a national joke because of our asswipe owner..


We are only in the beginning of february, and the talk of the demise of the so called franchise QB, has begun.Aponte better get a handfull of cue cards ready for philbins first couple of press conferences. It looks like the wheels are starting to fall off the dolphins latest savior.

Naples, The Wheels on this franchise have been off since the great Don Shula left........

Naples..there's no "talk of the demise of Tannehill" , you amigo are over reacting as usual...

I vote for a short bus.


If Philbin actually told someone, anyone, that Tannehill is on a short leash next year that a$$hole (Philbin that is) should be fired immediately. That is as dumb as drafting a project DE when an OL was needed. NO EXCUSE.

That said, I doubt this is true. My guess is it is more an effort by some anonymous GM candidate dirtbag to get back at the Dolphins for not hiring him.

First 45 I bought?

Fall 1963 Sugar Shack by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs


Here's Greg(Lefty) Cote's new Random evidence head line..

The latest sports pioneer

I think Jackie Robinson and others are rolling over in there graves....

BTW, The above post was RE:Michael Sam...

I think most of us got it Anti...no problemo.

Tom...I agree with you, I don't Philbin would be that stupid as to tell a GM candidate or anyone else for that matter that Tanny would be on a short leash, this is all made up chit by that asswipe lacantora or what ever tha fack his name is.

Amywho...nothing to see here, move along.


geez, our cubans got into buying music late!! musta been listening to celia cruz and ray barreto!! first record i cn remeber buying was "the twist", with i believe "twistin usa" on the other side- only 45 that made #1 on the national charts in two different years- the weeks of 19sep60 and again 13 and 20jan62; no other record (to my knowledge has that status, and with the influence that the record had on the dance craze i state that "the twist" is the greatest single of all time-not by my taste but but its ascension to the top of "the leader board" two distinct times; the second time it got bumped off the perch by "the peppermint twist"!! everybody was-a-twistin the nights away!!)

"sugar shack" was an incredible record- i believe it was record of the year in 63, and deservedly so, but how about this follow-up tune that i enjoy maybe a little bit better that jimmy gilmer's monster recording!! here tis:


dig that incredible bass line!!!!!

Mr. Woodcock and FZB,

mis amigos, no disparagement intended, but i am blessed with a sister 5 years older that i am who was into music in a big way and got me listening to music in 1959!!! i remeber her first three purchases were "venus"-frankie avalon, "(sorry) i ran all the way home"- the impalas, and this incredibly still beautiful song by a trio from seattle on the green liberty label: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTFjB7oQzG4

They had Records in 63????
You guys are old......


FAIRFAX HIGH- the original "rock and roll high"!!

lou adler, herb alpert, (UGH) phil spector, the teddy bears (to know him is to love him), the grassroots, the writing team of phil sloan (eve oif destruction) and steve barri ( you baby, secret agent man,and many, many others. i remember my sister getting postcards from sloan and barri one summer wwhen they drove cross-country!! my sister was in the musical crowd and was at the recording session for the righteous bros. "hung on you"- more noted for its flip side of "unchained melody". my sister came home one night with the album cover of the mamas and papas first album-"if you can believe your eyes and ears"- and my eyes at age 15 or 16 couldn't believe michelle philips- a "stone fox" and still great looking at near age 70. how about this little morsel that sloan/barri wrote for the turtles as a follow up to "it ain't me, babe" when everything had to sound like dylan!!


Those were the first 8 tracks I bought the first record that I ever bought was a Sam Cooke 45 that actually had 4 songs on it instead of 2 songs. I think I bought it or someone gave it to me. Unfortunately I had a record but no record player. Maybe 1962 or 63.

Good Lord, 1963........
They had Music back then??????????
You guy's are old.......




the turtles were from westchester high, near the airport in LA, and were opponents of our very unmighty lions/colonials of fairfax; however, even with the great turtles (nice jewish boys who belonged at fairfax) we overpowered them in impacting the great musical scene. here are two more from the turtles from the pen of sloan and barri that are still "groovy":



We're all "on the back nine," Anti.

Great article Greg, Mike Sam is a groundbreaker like Jackie Robinson the courage these guys have is amazing, hope the Dolphins draft him I'd be proud to have that guy on my team!

Wood,may the wind be with you on the back-side nine my friend........

I'm technically on the back nine too, but I jumped across to #4 while no one was looking.

Mr. Woodcock,

figured you had to be into music before "ed 'madman' muntz" came up with that forlorn 8 track, which cut songs into pieces and made rcording at home for auto use almost likegetting to the moon!! one of my friends bought an 8 track recorder and he was lucky not to be driven insane. we drove cross country and i can remember "listening" to "live dead" on his eight track-certainly not condusive to the very long tracks of "dark star" and "lovelight".


methinks that sam coke had the greatest voice of the rock and roll era; he has so many incredible songs (wonderful world from the 50s was written by lou adler and, i believe, herb alpert. as stated, fairfax was THE rock and roll high school. of the many, many sam cooke songs, try these:




Tannehill is an average QB. He can start, but he's not going to win a lot of games for you. You need a monster offensive line and a great running game for him to succeed. In a league of 32 starting QBs he's about 16th best. Not a franchise QB. He's more like Matt Cassell or Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's a converted Tight End who had lackluster numbers at A&M and was only drafted because his college coach was hired as OC (since fired).

Shad, I use Pandora to listen to music. I like it because their service works by asking you what artist you would like to hear and then they construct a radio station based on other music similar to that artist. This way I have a bunch of "artist radios" on the service. My favorite is my Billy Stewart radio station where they play soul music of the 50's and 60's primarily. The Temps, Otis, The Dells, Little Anthony, The Delfonics, groups and singers of that era. Just great stuff. I was never that much into the rock music that came in with the Beatles. I mean I listen to it and enjoy a lot of it but not my thing, but Smokey, The Four Tops, Sam & Dave, Mary Wells, The Moments, Marvin, oh yea.

Most Cuban guys from my era (except for OC we all though he was a weirdo!) were into black music a lot more than the long hairs. You cant dance to the long hair stuff, bro. Cubans are all about the dancing and squeezing the talent on the dance floor my brother.

R. Perez you obviously have a keen eye for talent...

When I was a kid the very last dance played at any dance when I was in Jr. High and High School in Miami's Cuban community back then was either "I Do Love You" by Billy Stewart or "Sleep Walk" by Santo and Johnny. Classic stuff. Of course, it would be the last song played unless the party ended earlier because a Pier 8 brawl broke out which was often the case, especially at the Polish American or the Electrician's Hall. At the high school dances at Columbus, La Salle, and La Imaculata it was almost guaranteed. At the Polish American it almost never failed. My cousin's husband (boyfriend) back then would play in a band and my aunt would always show as the "chaperona" and she would always wind up "under the table" with my cousin while chairs and punches and kicks flew through out the auditorium. Man those were the best days.

Mike Sam is a groundbraker?.....he,he..sure , I guess it all depends from your point of view .

I respect anyones sexual's preference, anyone has the right to do what they want behind close doors but to call this guy a pioneer or a groundsbraker is a bit too much for my taste.

Let us not forget this guy likes other guys and likes to have the other guy stick his dicky up his romp where the chit comes out, the mierda, the poop...get it ? ...and that my friends regardless of the moral issue which is another subject all together is totally disgusting and biologically no bueno...

So yeah, I much rather celebrate the family structure any day like a man and a woman than two guys going at it..

Woody, the polish american club off of miracle mile?... Chit I was there a bunch of times.

OC, you're only cheating yourself...

And shadow...The reason I got my first 45 in 1967 was because that's the year I came to the 305....

Yeah, yeah yeah !

I think the Polish American was by the Miami River around 22nd Avenue.

You know, FZB, I think you're right, the one that was over by the river was the Hungarian Hall.

Wood's..Your right ..the polish american club was on 22 ave...I'm thinking there was one club ( can't remember the name) one block north of miracle mile off of douglas rd...went to a lot of parties there too.

Tannehilll will be fine - get this guy a line and a running game. The Seahags have shown that the QB doesn't have to win every game. It's called a TEAM sport for a reason.


it was a great world when 45s came in sleeves, especially the motown singles. i hear Mr. Woodcocks preference for soul and rhythm and blues over that early beatles stoff. billy stewart was truly amazing and the extended version he does with "smmertime" is a masterpiece. billy stewart was big among the chicanos who liked driving and music "low and slow". "i do love you" and "sitting in the park' are beautiful tunes through and through.

Ringo Starr gave me the clap.

Ringo gave it to me first

45's? Wow, at first I thought you mentioned Colt 45.

I have Sly & Family Stones 45s, Beatles, Stones and few others. 8 tracks, Steve Miller, Stones & a Franky Yankovich "Polka Dots" I'd throw in when the car was full of drunks. Never got rid of the 45s, still boxed up with apx 40 LP's, apx 40 cassetts.

You can argue who belongs #1, Stones, Beatles but don't put Springsteen in the conversation. Bruce don't come close to the two biggest acts.


I remember Daisy Petal Pickin. Bought that 45 too. I think it was the year after Sugar Shack. Sadly it did not do so well. It actually sounds very much like Sugar Shack.

The Twist was huge when I was a kid. I remember my mom and dad dancing to the twist at parties they at our home. They sure knew how to party.

Great memories. Thanks shad.

Cote, totally agree regarding your comments regarding Tannehill's supposed short leash. Well reasoned posting.

"Kiper"..regarding Sam being (co) SEC defensive player of the year, you might recall that this year, the SEC basically played NO DEFENSE.

Franky Yankovich the King of the Polka. Now that's a freaking classic, Jimbo. LOL.

Sugar Shack was a great song. I remember listening to it in 1963 on an 8 transistor Sony radio that my dad would let me use. There were just two radio stations that played rock and roll in Miami, WQAM which was the most popular and WFUN which was the one that I listened the most to.

Oye, did you see we have a Cuban in the Olympics!

Eddie Alvarez, from Miami, he's a short track speed skater, finished third in his heat today to advance. A freaking Cube from Miami skating in Sochi and those pukes at NBC are covering some ass wipe from Seattle. Fock them and the horse they came in on. Hell, for a Cuban from focking Miami to make the US Winter Olympic Team is really something the son of a bitch should have carried the flag into the stadium in the opening ceremony.

Hey, did we dip the flag when we passed that MOFO Hijo De Putin? If we did it's all that ass wipe Obama's fault. One thing for sure, if my boy Eddie Alvarez had been carrying the flag he would have flipped that mother focker off when he walked in front of the son of a bitch.

"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!"


Wait a second, Woodcock. Are you not the same guy who just recently poo-pooed the Winter Olympics?

Are you sure your adopted name is not better served by being Mr. Ficklecock?

the beatles are the reason i am a musician, but these tributes with newer artists annoy the crap out of me.
you want to honor the beatles?
rebroadcast that sullivan show appearance, PERIOD.
as for the stones, i love them, but there really is no comparison; the beatles paved the way for the stones and all the other english acts.
and finally, what does it say about the stones that they're constantly compared to a band that was around for 8 years, released only 13 albums, and haven't released a record since 1970?
the beatles win THAT argument.

i LOVE sam cooke; the 1st crossover srtist. little wille john and cooke are 2 of my favorite singers ever..

That was before my cousin Chicho called me from Miami to tell me that Eddie the Cuban Comet Alvarez was on the team, ass wipe.

Mother-facker a Cuban in Suchi !!!!! ?

Chit I'm watching now...but I refuse to listen to Bob Costas, I can''t stand the " hijo de puta"

I like Tannyhill but he is not w/o his warts. Here is to Lazor helping him to get his long passing game up to snuff and improve his pocket awareness also. A "NEW IMPROVED" offensive line will help solve a lot of ailments but that will need time to jel. I am not convinced that Philbin is smart enough to be a great coach. I know he'll improve over time but how long does he need? If we improve even marginally Ross will keep him.
I was born in 51. I had an Uncle who worked for a record company and I got care packages from him in the
50's and 60's including old blues stuff plus Elvis and a couple Beatles LP's I remember having the single "Little Black Sambo." I have somehow managed to keep these treasures in good shape to this day.

I cant just say this band is my favorite I just feel honored to grow up in such a grand music era. I was a big Bob Dylan fan. The Doors were pretty cool while they lasted, Beatles Stones, Herman's Hermits Dave Clark 5

Philbin and the OL should be on a short leash.

I am tired of repeating that you Tannehill critics should already know. ie: Terry Bradshaw,John Elway,Peyton & Eli Manning,and Drew Brees,did not play great in their first two or three seasons,either. Oh,and did I mention that these qb's now have a total of ten Super Bowl trophies? So,relax and let RT develop. His first year he had one go to receiver (Hartline),so Ireland gave him some excellent help in that dept. last year. Signing Wallace,Keller,and Gibson. Keller and Gibson went down and with no running game and no o-line RT still improved. The problem with this team is the head coach,and that is who should be on the hot seat,not the QB,just sayin

Philbin lucky to be here. He should be on a short leash. Can someone tell me exactly what he brings to the table?


I can tell you what Philbin brings to the table. He doesn't panic or overreact. When Martin left the team it could have easily gone south for the Dolphins fast. On the contrary, the Dolphins went on a run to put themselves in position to get into the playoffs. Nobody expected that. It is amazing to me how people want to place all the blame for the last two games on Philbin without giving him all the credit for keeping the team together in the face of unbelievable public pressure.

Tannehill short leash yes; in favor of Matt Moore probably not. I'd give Ryan Tannehill one more year then opt for the draft (again) if he falls short of expectations.

Key is to put him in a position where he manages the game, get him an OL and a difference maker each at TE and WR. I'd start off taking UNC's TE Ebron if available, then concentrate on the OL, and throw in a a big and fast WR.

Tannehill will be fine no Gibson, no protection, no offensive creativity sank his chances this season. This is assuming he can improve his accuracy throwing the long ball. He has short passes, out routes and back shoulder fades down. The report about Philbin is interesting however no way to know if it accurate but where there is smoke there is usually fire. I still believe Tannehill is the future and can be more than a Top 15 QB maybe Top 10 with some Lazor magic.

#1 PHILBIN is in NO POSITION TO assess ANYTHING FOOTBALL....he is 15-17 and been OUTCOACHED in 2/3 of those games!! He shouldn't EVEN BE HERE STILL!!

#2 Tannehill was SHERMAN'S PICK and HAS NOT IMPROVED at the rate of the OTHER QBs drafted with him PERIOD.
He is a converted WR, NOT A FRANSHISE QB


Don't watch this hit on Tannehill too many times I watched it 3 times and it hurts me. decent write up Frenz is pretty good (yes Tom not a bad source of news I admit it). Grimes has to be franchised for the good of the team. Sign Starks 3 years let Soliai walk. Nolan Carroll will be expensive but he has improved enough to start at corner opposite Grimes. The big question for me will be Chris Clemons. I like him as player but he won't come cheap he may have to go let Jimmy Wilson start at safety. Just a few thoight none set in stone I will probably change my mind I thibk we have cap space to do this D. Patterson is the unknown only one year left but scheduled to make 4.5 he was very good when healthy I would hate o see him leave and be great somewhere else.


Clemons, Soliai and Patterson may have to go to make room for Albert who it seems we will target I would like to see him at LT.

Need to fit Clabo in there at 2. 5 also I think the budget is gone.


the music back and forth has been terrific; Jimbo, couldn't agree more about bruce springsteen- a couple of decent albums and the rest are puke. it was a sad statement when in the 80s 75% of the citizens polled said he was their favorite performer musician-UGGH.
now here is the second greatest novelty song, those that made the charts in the 50s and 60s a real experience (it is my favorite, but loses out on #1 for a specific reason):


If not a short leash Philbin at least needs a dog collar...

Interesting Philbin wanted B. Albert that move would have had Miami playoff bound and he wanted to release Richie before the season started. This guy looks more competent to me by the day. LOL Richie praising M. Sam how many gay slurs do you think Richie has made in his life probably hundreds stop tweeting Rich you have lost any credibility you may have had.

well at least it seems that maybe 95% of the people on the blog but the 3 amigos think Philbin is an asswipe and needs to be on a short leash or be fired..

nice to be on the right side for a change..hehe

WTF is going on here?..those russian asswipes are messing with my Cuban guy already?..I may have to call for a demostration.


What evidence do you have that you are on the right side? Judging by by how wrong you were about Ireland chances are you may be on the wrong side again.

your right BB..I'll give you that one, I was wrong about ireland but I don't think I'm wrong about Philbin.

but I hope I am.

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