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February 23, 2014

Monday p.m.: Rate Team USA's overall performance in Sochi Olympics. Poll. Vote now!; plus Dale Jr., LeBron's nose & more

1) It is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. Click on Random Evidence for the latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with contrast between regal Heat and embarrassed Dolphins. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): The Joe Philbin Support Group, LeBron/Space Jam 2, Kim Bokamper, Bane James, Olympic nerd dancing & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

TIME TO RATE TEAM USA'S OVERALL PERFORMANCE IN SOCHI: The Winter Olympics in Sochi wrapped up with the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, and the final scorecard shows host Russia the winner for most gold medals (13) and overall medals (33), with the United States second 1aa1ateamusaoverall (28 medals) but only fourth in golds (9). Is that good enough? I have a sense Team USA had an overall disappointing Games, but that's arguable, and I may be wrong. There were wild ups and downs. Six of the nine U.S. golds were in X Games-styled halfpipe or slopestyle events, even as the king of that genre, Shaun White, went medal-less. Two other golds were in Alpine skiing and one in figure skating (dance). But hockey and speedskating were big disappointments. What for you was the most memorable thing about these Olympics other than Bob Costas' pinkeye? And how do you think Team USA did overall based on expectations? Take a dip in our poll and say why.

DALE JR. WINS, NASCAR CELEBRATES: NASCAR can't admit it, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. winning the Daytona 1aa1ajunior500 on Sunday to open the racing season had to have league officials high-fiving inside their soundproof suites. Junior, the most popular driver with fans year after year, ended a 55-race drought spanning two years, and that's good for the business of NASCAR. Earnhardt, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are still the big-four drivers to casual fans, and none bigger than Junior. Earnhardt is to his sport what Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the hunt are to the PGA Tour. There is no substitute.


Heat hosted (and beat) Chicago Sunday in its first home game in 20 days, and LeBron James sat out after having surgery on his broken nose Friday and missing Saturday's practice. It takes an act of Congress to keep LeBron out of a game, but I thought he'd skip yesterday and it was smart he did. Expect him back Thursday night here vs. Knicks.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Sidney Rice was cut by the Seahawks. A couple of years ago he had a monster year but the last two years he has not been healthy. Does he fit the needs of the Dolphins? Could the Dolphins use a big WR who can catch in a crowd? Absolutely. Rice is talented, but he can't seem to stay healthy. But taking a relatively inexpensive flier on him to see if he can regain his form might be worth considering for Miami.

I would take a flyer on Rice if he is healthy..I would also trade Hartline since we have Gibson coming back from injury and we also have R Matthews in the fold and all three are basically the same player...but that's just me.

Wallace needs a big physical possession receiver opposite him ..that much is obvious.

On the "Sushi" olympics?... I didn't watch a single minute.

Maybe we can trade Hartine and that pussy Martin for a second rounder or two 3's..yeah that would be a fair deal for both teams...

I'm going to have to call my new son the Hick's-Ter and run it by him.

FZ I don't think you have to run it by Hickey. I think he is humbly taking what he can get at this point...

On second thought Dukito...I actually need to run it by the back stabbing bitch..yeah, she's the one in charge.

wow.. dwayne wade..
23 points 10 rebounds and 7 assists.
i swear baby, i really wish he wasn't so old and broken down. it's too bad, you know? the heat could really win it this year if wade wasn't so done..

Wade is just getting warmed up...this is his time of year...especially when knuckleheads start counting him out...

The Clippers team must be staying here, at the same hotel I'm staying in for a conference in New Orleans. As I check the schedule, I see they play the Pelicans tonight...anyway, I'm going up to my room and DeAndre Jordan literally ducks into the elevator, and I say, hey, great win against Oklahoma. He thanked me to which I added - I've been a Laker fan for 40 years, but you guys are a great team and own LA now. The guy cracks a smile and says -they are rebuilding. Then as he starts to shake his head says -I thought for sure they would bring in Phil. To which I added - Jim Buss is an idiot. As long as he's in control, they will be rebuilding. The door opened and he left with a big smile on his face.

Hey Jimbo, are you anywhere close to the French Quarters?

This place makes Sodom and Gamorrah look like Disneyworld.

OC Dolphin,

how many years running were the clippers considered the worst franchise in american professional sports? i guess you pile up enough first picks and you'll get to the top eventually. geez, i remember the year larry brown got donald sterling's team to the playoffs, only to be bounced in the first round by the fellows from inglewood- it was a long time before and a long time after until they got to the playoffs again.

Big Baby,

yes the canadians played stellar defense, but almost three games of shutting out the opponents says to me that the goalkeeper did his part. plus, like infielders in baseball who stay sharp when a lot of balls are hit their way, you'll find many a game where a team gets off under 20 shots on goal but score a few because the goaltender is "dormant", and you'll find quite a few games where 30 shots are on target during a period and an "on bhis toes" netminder will let in only one or two.

shadow the US coach Bylsma may be a bit to blame as well for US underachieving and what happened to Russia? Way too talented a team not to be playing in medal rounds.

FZB glad you're not GM trading a WR with back to back 1000 yard seasons is pure folly have you noticed he's Tannehill's favorite target? Yeah just take away his fave WR makes perfect sense to me (not).

Tom with the emergence of R. Matthews this team is all set at WR it's arguably a position of strength for the team.

David- Wade has had some good games recently I will give you that funny story OC I will watch the Laker rebuild as long as it takes hopefully longer.

what up guys !

Baby, the reason I think it would be a good idea is because Hartline has trade value and solid receivers like him are a dime a dozen plus we have tons of holes to fill and having a big physical WR opposite Wallace would be the way to go...

OC..Orlean's eh?...the french Qts's is ok, the rest is a dump...hope U have tons of fun..

It's a terrible idea any way you look at it Tannehill would agree I think. Don't think out new GM wants to look like an idiot right out of the gate.

Philbin would never allow it either I can almost guarantee that.

well BB..we'll just have to disagree on that one.

RIP Harold Ramis comic genius great actor and director made laugh out loud funny movies guys like that should be remembered.

I Dennis Pitta does hit the market I trust our new GM will sign him in about 3 seconds.

A reporter from the Bay Area on ESPN this morning said that the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh are FAR APART on their contract negotiations. He floated the idea that if Harbaugh and the 49ers cannot come to agreement this year that Steven Ross might make another run at Harbaugh and offer the 49ers some compensation to get him to come next year.

Any chance Ross could convince Harbaugh to come to Miami?

Harold Ramis dead at 69. Way too young. Really sad.

IF I WAS OUR IDIOT OWNER?...I would get on a plane right now and hire Harbaugh and dump Philbin...

No way Harbaugh leaves our "Left" coast. And no way. I MEAN NO WAY would he join the 3 ring circus known as the Dolphins....
Unless the Fins come out "LEFT"....
The San Diego Dolphins.......

anti it appears from the reporting he seriously considered the Browns. If he would consider the Browns I would think Miami might be an option. HE WANTS TO GET PAID and I am fairly certain that Ross would abide him.

Harbaugh is an AHOLE no thanks.

Guy's Check this out from our friend Dashi from Armando's blog....

Mock Draft after a couple of days watching Combine

1- A.Donald DT
2- M.Bryant WR
3- C.Borland MLB
4- A.Williams RB
5- L.Thomas QB
6- C.Lyerla TE
7- Santos K

Posted by: Dashi | February 24, 2014 at 01:43 PM

Not one O-Lineman in his group, I Think Dashi might just be FZBs Idiot son Jeff Ireland....


I'm officially worried about our good friend BB, first, he didn't want LeBron on The Celtics and now he doesn't want Harbaugh coaching the Dolphins.

anyone know a good shrink?

sad to hear about Mr. Ramis, way too young, RIP brother.

Guy's Check out this post from our friend Dashi from Armando's zoo....

Mock Draft after a couple of days watching Combine

1- A.Donald DT
2- M.Bryant WR
3- C.Borland MLB
4- A.Williams RB
5- L.Thomas QB
6- C.Lyerla TE
7- Santos K

Posted by: Dashi | February 24, 2014 at 01:43 PM

Not one O-Linemsn in his picks..
What team is he watching??

First class ahole just watch him on the sidelines and in press conferences. If san Fran was smart they would take the picks from Cleveland and continue to let the GM make good personnel decisions without Harbaugh he isn't worth the headache just my opinion. It's too late for him to come to Miami anyway they put all of their eggs in the Philbin basket that ship has sailed.

Tom,I think the biggest obstacle for the fins is the Owner....
Just my thoughts but a guy that has to settle for a HC job that 3 others said no thanks and GM job that what 6 others turned down is not a good thing...
Then again WTF do I know???

A note on Dashi's mock draft. Not taking an OL in the 1st round is good by me. I actually would prefer a free agent signing to take the LT spot and then draft either a guard or RT with the 2nd pick.

Drafting a big WR is actually not a bad idea. Not sure Martaveus Bryant is the right pick but I would not be disappointed to see Miami use a high round pick on a big WR. Someone who can create his own space and will go up and get the ball in a crowd. You know the exact opposite of our $60 million dollar man.

That fade route in the red zone/ go and get the ball in a crowd mantra is overrated. Miami has 4 very good WR's on their roster it isn't a need area and will not be a priority. If I am wrong remind me later but I don't think I will be it's about having a good OC and game plan we have the personnel right now.

Bring in Pitta though that would be awesome.

gezzzuuzz people...Anti is correcto, we need to draft 7 offensive linemen, get that part fixed and we should be fine..

Tom if Harbaugh considered the Browns it was because he was going to be traded there big difference.

LOL FZ,Not what I meant, But draft at least one...
BTW, do you think Dashi is your Idiot son Jeff Ireland?

LOL, FZ.....
Not what I'am saying, But draft at least a Left tackle to lower Tannehills insurance payment.....

Harold Ramis is dead...nothing else matters...

yes, yes Anti..but we need to protect our QB, draft 7 O Linemen if you have to..

FZ, I don't think the CuNt will allow it....

Anti I wish Dolphins would relocate to San Diego as they are still quite dead to me...

yeah, tom.. with dustin keller, charles clay, mike wallace, brian hartline, brandon gibson and rishard matthews, anyone with a brain would say the dolphins DEFINITELY need a receiver!
are you out of your mind?
why does anyone listen to you on here?
mike wallace wasn't used right, dummy.
you don't sign a guy like wallace, with THAT speed, and turn him into a possession receiver like our brilliant coaching staff did for most of the year.
they went down field every other week until the last 5 weeks, and once they did, bingo, he started producing!
watch what happens next year when they actually have a balanced attack..

and baby?
here's denny's take on this "bullying" bull:

Long snapper John Denney, the Dolphins’ union representative, hasn’t read Ted Wells’ 144-page report on the team’s bullying scandal and didn’t read media accounts of the report. But he nevertheless discredited Wells’ findings.

“I have a hard time believing,” Denney said, “that you’re going to pay a guy good money to take his time to do an investigation, spend three months on it --- All of us can agree he’s not going to walk out of there and address the table and say, ‘I’ve got nothing guys, sorry.’ You’ve got to come up with something. They’re paying good money to come up with something.”

Denney said he didn’t want to hear about the details of the report because “I’ve been in the middle of it, so I’ve got nothing to read or see or hear…. This whole thing nauseates me,” he said.

Why? “Because it’s a little too much. Everything has been blown out of proportion from my perspective.”

What about Wells’ claim that several players were harassed, not only Jonathan Martin?

“Ted Wells can go into any one of the 32 teams in the entire league and he is going to come out with the same investigation, same results,” Denney said. “Every single player in this league has been bullied if that’s what bullying is defined as. I was bullied as a rookie. Every one I’ve seen has been bullied as a rookie.”

Denney, who came into the league with the Dolphins in 2005, said he never witnessed any conduct that he considered to be over the line.

"If this is something that needs to be addressed, this should have been addressed my rookie year because nothing has changed since Day 1 that I’ve been in the league,” he said. “It hasn’t escalated. If it was bad now, it was bad then.

“I came from BYU. When I came in the league, the environment was a complete shock to me. It wasn’t something I was used to. I felt like it was something I could manage and it didn’t affect me. Everyone is affected differently. This is no blanket cure-all because everyone reacts differently to different situations. There’s no right or wrong. It depends on the person that’s been affected.”

Does Denney blame Martin because this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t left?

“You answered your own question,” he said. “You know the answer to that. I’m not answering that question. It’s a little obvious.”

Would Martin be welcomed back to the Dolphins’ locker-room in the unlikely event it happened? “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Denney said.

well what would HE know? he's only the union rep and has only been in that locker room through 5 coaches..

He has no credibility being a Union Rep he should resign immediately.

He hasn't read the report? What a hack give someone else the job.

Anyone catch mini-series on espn last night regarding racial slurs? Man I get it, it's like wrong...

BB...so you rather believe a report that was obviously slanted and biased against Incognito and the head trainer O'Neill ( stated by more than one person inside the Dolphins organization ) than player ( Denney) that was inside?...

All righty then?.

Can you at least consider at least once that Martin is a pussy?

Hey has our idiot owner gotten on a plane yet to go get Harbaugh?

Well according to Armando the black widow doesn't seem that interested in keeping any of our current free agents..

baby, he's been in that locker room, through FIVE COACHING CHANGES for 9 years.
have you completely lost your mind?
PLAYERS are supporting what most of us here, (even complete nincompoops like TOM), have been saying all along; namely, this non scandal is in every locker room and martin is full of it..

Well..it looks like the Dolphins might be interested in Brandon Albert according to reports but There could be another younger and better LT available Eugene Moore ...I'll rather go after that guy.


And Tom, read the last part of the article, the Dolphins did talk to the Chiefs about Albert and to Albert's agents but the Chiefs never gave permission to the Dolphins to check Albert's back so the Dolphins backed away as they should have...EVERY SINGLE GM would have done the same thing..stop blaming Ireland for not trading for the guy.

Are you really surprised,David?

FZB just stop it Philbin wanted Albert but dummy Ireland didn't want to give up a second for him thus torpedoing the season your crush on Ireland has to end.

I'll take Barry Jackson's reporting over Armando's any day.

FZB you seriously believe that nonsense Armando wrote about a medical exam for Branden Albert? Jeffy must have called Armando and fed him that boolchit. And as usual Armando was stupid enough to buy it.

Big Baby,

the russians got slaughtered by canada in 2010, and with most of their players, except for two stars, play in the russian or other european leagues. the canadians to a man all play in the NHL, the best league in the world by miles. sweden and finland are great hockey countries that seem to get it together for the olympics, as opposed to the russkis who seem to fall apart. methinks that in 2010 the russians were on the short end of 7-2 vs. canada and got eliminated, and this year got bounced before the medal round (again). plus as god as he may be, olvechkin is homely beyond words.

shadow I haven't looked it up yet but I think most of that Russian roster plays in the NHL now not the KHL or Europe. Either way the Russians had a boatload of talent and they like the USA underachieved in the end.

Ok I just did look it up 16 NHL players on Team Russia 11 KHL. No players playing in European leagues.


Well boys, I sure hope that some of you took Ol' Woodcock's advice when I told you to buy Tesla. Now I don't expect you boys to have plunked down cash when it was at $43 but you certainly should have jumped on board when it was at $70. Today's current price....$249.25!

You are a man of means Woodcock a man about town.

Nah, even a broken clock is right twice a day, BB. I just have enough in the market to wet my beak.

Tesla now at $252.34.......

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