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February 02, 2014

Worst Super Bowl ever: Let me count the ways...

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2015 Super Bowl odds: Never too early! Via Bovada, faves are Seahawks to repeat at 9-2, 49ers 15-2, Broncos 8-1, Patriots 14-1, Packers 16-1 and Saints 18-1. The Dolphins are 50-1, tied for 24th of 32 teams.

WORST SUPER BOWL EVER: LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: I had planned a special Super Bowl postgame poll, but what would be the point? I was going to ask how you rate this Super Bowl vs. other SBs based on the overall experience -- everything except the result. Would have asked you to consider the matchup 1aa1adylanand competitiveness of the game, the broadcast, halftime show, TV commercials, everything, then vote whether this was a better than average Super Bowl, average or below average. But, well, let's all just agree it was THE WORST SUPER BOWL EVER! Or at least close enough to not nitpick the difference between terrible and abysmal. Seattle's 43-8 rout of Denver had everything, or should I say nothing. Let me count the ways it sucked. 1) Not for a quarter or a series or a play or a second did the Broncos seem to be in the game. It was complete front-to-end domination. 2) The TV commercials sucked. Kept waiting for a classic or great one. The most memorable one to me was also the most depressing: Bob Dylan pimping Chryslers! Jesus. Deadhead Sticker On a Cadillac. The commercial itself was brilliant, but still. I know it wasn't his first commercial ever, but still again. 3) The halftime show (except perhaps to huge Bruno Mars fans) was not special. 4) The broadcast was ordinary. 5) The whole Super Bowl Sunday experience was a big disappointment, except for my gumbo! That was sublime. 

WHY I (FOOLISHLY) THOUGHT BRONCOS WOULD WIN: This is only the fifth Super Bowl of 48 that pits the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense in bottom-line terms of points scored and allowed — and only the 1aa1abroncseasbsecond ever that is 1 vs. 1 based on yards gained and allowed. A very small sample size? Undeniably. But it is nonetheless worth noting that in those previous instances the teams that were No. 1 on the defensive side have been 4-1 on Super Sunday. That’s in case you don’t give Seattle much of a shot here (you should). Or in case you like Denver easily (you shouldn’t). So history props up the chances of Richard Sherman’s Seahawks defense prevailing. Here’s how great Seattle’s D is: Sherman might not even be the best player in his own backfield; Earl Thomas might be. Then again, there has never — ever — been an offense that scores more than Peyton Manning’s record-setting Broncos. Seattle has never had more to defend, all at once. The game could swing on which team handles the elements better. Peyton famously is only 4-7 when the kickoff temp is below 40, which it surely is likely to be Sunday evening in the Jersey swamp. All of this makes Seattle a trendy (and tempting) upset pick. But the real question is simply this: How much do you trust Peyton Manning? How much do you believe in him? Him against maybe the best defense he has ever faced. Him against the bitter cold. Him against the pressure of the stage and all the “legacy” talk. And the answer is, I trust him. It is Peyton’s time. His year. His season. His Sunday. Broncos, 24-20.

A personal note: Fox-TV revealed today that Terry Bradshaw would miss the game because of the death of his father. The lead to my Saturday "Super Bowl With a Smirk" notes column poked fun at Bradshaw, written obviously before the news of his situation. Condolences to the Bradshaw family.

WHY THE HALL OF FAME VOTE SUCKED: This was a weak class for Pro Football Hall of Fame voters to consider. No Jerry Rice/Barry Sanders-type legends in the crowd. Nothing close. In electing seven men last 1aa1acantonnight, it's as if voters sough to make up for the lack of quality with quanitity. Seven was a generous number. But, curiously, one man who clearly, should have gotten in, receiver Marvin Harrison, did not. Andre Reed did, and he had 951 catches for 13,198 yards and 87 touchdowns. Harrison had 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 TDs. But Reed will wear the ugly yellow jacket while Harrison waits. Explain, please? My readers are smarter than Hall voters. In our Canton poll in the previous blogpost you all had Harrison No. 1 with 12.6 percent of the vote. Your next four highest vote-getters all got in: Derrick Brooks (11.4%), Michael Strahan (11.2%), Ray Guy (9.4%) and Reed (7.5%).

THE LINK BOWL: Here are the links to our Super Bowl-related stuff from throughout the week: Miami: Super Bowl City: We have hosted or played in more of these games than any other city, and there's plenty of Miami in today's game, too. Click Super Bowl City for today's 1A column. SB preview and prediction: Broncos-Seahawks looks like a classic matchup. Click on Preview Column and on Super Bowl Gem for the full predix capsule. Random Evidence: Click Random Evidence for today's Sunday notes column, leading with (of course) Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl. Super Bowl With a Smirk notes columns: Smirk VSmirk IVSmirk IIISmirk IISmirk ISB Top 10 Storylines.

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Yeah, sure Greg, but who do you have winning the Puppy Bowl?

Seattle's defense is so good because the NFL officials allow Seattle's defensive backs to mug the receivers they play against. That is what I don't like about the way the NFL has become. Call the games fair dammit! Sherman & Thomas are great corners but they're not THAT GREAT....!

Richard Roundtree er Micheal Crabtree is a punk a punk I tell you!!!!

Whattaya mean I'm not in the HOF?

"Bitter cold??"

It's 50 degrees in New York today, Greg. The arctic conditions that you and others in the South Florida media were secretly hoping for to "teach the NFL a lesson" did not happen.

In fact, this will not even go down as the coldest outdoor Super Bowl. That will remain New Orleans way back in January of 72 (Dolphins versus Dallas).

It will be about 7 or 8 degrees colder in New York today than it was in MIAMI for Super Bowl 10.

So, in other words what the HELL are you talking about with "bitter cold?"

Wishful thinking, perhaps?

Amazing. Rich people must be able to control weather too because it's springtime at Giants stadium and it's been like Siberia in these parts for past two weeks...

Date: January 18, 1976
Game time: 2:14 p.m. EST
Game weather: 57 °F (14 °C), clear

SOB, He's right 57 Degrees at 2 pm in Miami....
'll bet its a Lot colder in Jersey at 6:30 tonight...

Wow! Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his tub with a needle sticking out of his arm . What a f????ng waste.

Another of our kind bites the dust OC...

One of ye funniest scenes I've seen PSH in.....



when it is a two horse race, the one who gets the lead ususally holds on to it. equaiting equine speed with football points, it says here the more apt bat scoring broncos will get ahead of seattle and stay there while the seahawks wait for a big mistake/turnover to get them back in it. as posted previously, rooting seattle but thinking denver by double digits.

Here we go!

Hey you guys...I just wanna remind everyone that I picked Seattle to win this game, hehe

15-0 Seattle. Is this game over already?

Idiot Cote did pick Denver...

Maybe I will be forced to watch Coach "Choke Sign" hoist Vinny. Then again fat Johnathon Martin hasn't sung yet...

It's time for W.W.T.B.D

If anyone is interested...HGTV is showing the property brothers..

I thought I heard Dandy Don......

But it went away after Welker made that catch.

oops i hear him again

Oh..mmm, the pippy bowl is more entertaining....errcusme guys, I meant the puppy bowl.

Tom you read my mind. I thought I heard a couple bars. OC, not for nothin but you said if Woodcock bet Seattle, Denver was a lock. Not that I'm shifting responsibility mind you...

Worst SB since Tampa beat the Raiders in January 2003. Pretty sad.

Dukito...you read my mind, I'm blaming OC for this....

Well on second thought I take back my last post..OC is a little sensitive as of late..sorry OC!

Boy's the Wife I going Skinny Dipping in pool.
Gotta GOOOOOOOOOO...............

na na na na... na na na.. hey hey hey goodbye

Worst feeling ever....

spending a bundle to go across the country and watch your team get the shit beat out of them.

Speaking from experience here. I went to SB XIX to watch Miami get hammered by the 49ers. And that was not near as bad as this.

Jimbo, ah when I said Terry Bradshaw was like watching a smiling corpse I didn't yet know his dad had died this past week. Not sure what one has to do with the other but I felt some clarification was in order. Why? I'm not sure why...

Well not Mr. Kimbal's son exactly...

Well not Son of Mr. Kimbal as it turns out either...


Gotta believe NE would have given Seattle more of a fight...


I think the Dolphins would have given the Seahawks a better game than this.

LOL, Bruno Fucking Mars my ass I seen this group back n the late 70s....


Bruno was good. Way better than the game.

Oye vey thisa isa one ugly Super Bowl...

Hahaha what a bloodbath!!!...fierce defense,man...love it...to all who whined and cryed about Sherman:good job helping make a mean defense even meaner...congrats to the Seahawks...well earned win...

Its not over yet!!!!!!!!.... Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor?...

Ugly game. 36-8, best entertainment was Red hot Chili Peppers.


who could have foreseen a rout like this, starting with a safety and 2 points for seattle. the old maxim is still intact, if the other team gives you a safety (let alone on the game's first play from scrimmage), you gonna be a winner, and the seahawks are the winners. rusell wilson and harvin terrific, methinks harvin ought to be "man of the match".

43-8 oh the humanity...

Didn't San Fran beat Denver's drum and eat their horse to the tune of 55-10 one year. That was the worst ever if memory serves...

I just heard Mr. Woodcock's roaring laughter...

Denver has been on the wrong side of Super Bowl beat downs three times before. 42-10 to Washington 1988, 55-10 to San Francisco 1990 and 39-20 to Giants 1987. Now add 43-8 or whatever to the list and Denver has been involved in 4 of the 6 or 7 worst Super Bowls ever.

If you ask me, I think Peyton Manning and the Broncos simply, merely, utterly choked...

The horror, the horror...

That's it boys...no moe fusbol for a long time....da season is officially ova...

This is the big one Elizabeth! I'm comin' to join ya honey!


chicago stomping NE after the 85 season

shadow agree that was the worst SB ever...

Hey Miles why the long face?

That was as one sided a contest, at that level, as I've ever seen. It reminded me of when Michael Spinks got in the ring with Mike Tyson.

Howie Long summed up the proceedings perfectly when before the game asked: given all the rule changes favoring an offence, can the best defense still beat the best offense? It seems clear this was answered.

Howie further stated the obvious when following with the statement that everyone else in the league will be looking to immitate Seattle's approach.

It begs the question. Why even bother paying attention building a so-so offense and defense? Why not just concentrate in assembling the best defense one can? It would seem to make a GM's task 50% easier.

Stephen Ross is a trailblazer not a follower of trends OC...

Mr. Ross has perfected the art of losing and making a mockery of the once storied franchise...

Thank Christ, Mr. Ross insists on rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty when it comes to the operation and "development" of this once proud Dolphin franchise...

Actually to be successful you need to be good on both sides of the ball. Seattle was #1 in points allowed and #8 in points scored this past season. Best defense and a good offense is a perfect prescription for success.

The best team won.

i love it.
no matter how they try changing the rules to favor QB's and receivers, it's the defense that still brings it home.
and tom?
miami would've lost by the same amount because, like denver did, we would've thrown the ball 50 times and rushed only 13.

You would have thought the broncos ALSO had a "Sherman"...
MIKE Sherman calling the plays. Horrible.
Peyton looked not ready for prime time. He doesn't appear to be able to rally his troops unless he's 30 points ahead.

Sure miss H Wayne. At least he had a modicum of humanity, honesty. Maybe TOO much so.

Another of our kind bites the dust OC...

Posted by: dukito | February 02, 2014 at 05:20 PM

what's that mean, dukito?

Turned off the SB after the Harvin run back to start the 2nd half. It was just too sad watching the destruction of Peyton Manning. What's even worse is realizing how far the Dolphins have to go to be competitive for a SB.

But next year the Dolphins begin moving in the right direction. Fix the OL. Find some LB help. Maybe a big WR and another CB and.....PLAYOFFS.

I loved watching that domination last night...a total dismantling from the beginning...it was great watching a hungry young,overly-criticized team just lay down an absolute beat down...Denver and Manning fans have no excuses...they got owned in every phase...the better team won,no question...

Tom,I like a lot of what you say but you lost me on the Phins and playoffs being in the same sentence...

Nobody expected such a routing, sure, but dismissing the Seahawks the way Cote did because he "trusted" Manning? 24-20?? really??? I was already laughing at this yesterday, even before the first play.

Last night's game would be one of the most forgettable SBs ever except for the humiliation of Peyton Manning.

roid Miami is going to the playoffs next year for two reasons. First a couple of players on the OL will get them 2 wins. Second the AFC is so pathetic how can they not make it to the playoffs?

Just sayin...

Tom- My good friend, you truely are a dreammer.The only way the dolphins get into the playoffs next year is if they expand to 14 teams.And then its only 50/50.Just like you were booking your SB trip when the dolphins WON THERE SUPER BOWL, when they beat the Pats.After watching all the QBs in this years playoffs, tannahill is closer to mark sanchez, then any of these guys.

another human bites the dust is what I meant david...

After last night's slaughter, rather than bringing in Dennis Hickey, Ross should have hired the Director from that 300 movie. Who cares who and what your offense looks like, just downselect the fiercest 42 to go along with 11 mannequins to be used as placeholders on offense (11 stiffs + 42 psychopaths you rotate on defense to make up the 53-man roster).

What! You're not going to win every game!?

OC, 11 stiffs 42 psychopaths Ha Ha I think Kaz would have liked the idea...

Tommy-Son...what I would love for your prediction to come true (Dolphins in the playoffs) I have have major reservations about our HC...just don't trust him anymore.


I don't generally fit into the "dreamer" category. As most here know I'm a pessimist at heart, a glass half empty guy. Think about it Jack, the Fish missed the playoffs by one game with the worst OL in the NFL, a bad running game and poor LB play. If they just marginally improve they go 9-7 or 10-6.

The only way they don't go to the playoffs is if they try to deal with the OL entirely through the draft. It is a must that Miami pick up one of the experienced LTs available. Because I doubt Philbin or Hickey are as stupid as Ireland my guess is they make the right personnel moves and if they do, I like Miami's chances...A LOT!

Why would Miami improve? Are they not losing any players? Are none of their players getting older? If teams get better every year because they get to add players every year then why aren't all the teams in the NFL amazing by now?

Tom, Miami has a bunch of free agents and it will be almost impossible to bring them all back, if we go heavy on the O Line in free agency then we lose both Starks and Soliai and Grimes..

and we still don't know how my new son Hickey is going to do, Philbin?..I already know he ain't the one.

or maybe the black widow can work her cap magic and find us another 20 mil in cap room since she was the only one responsible for the salaries and not my former son Ireland ( according to some of you's ).

I agree Greg last night's Super Bowl was one of the worst ever.The 21st Century has had a lot of bad events(9-11,Katrina,Great Recession,Iraq war)but most of the Super Bowls from 2000-13 have been close or exciting but last night's Super bore was the exception.The combination of only one team (Seattle)playing in the game plus boring commercials and a average halftime show made the beverage of choice during Sunday's Super Bowl coffee to try to stay awake.

Cookie Monster loves vegetables now for f***sake...

we have plenty of cap room, thanks to ireland.
we have some great young players thanks to ireland.
we have some great free agents thanks to ireland.
and FZB?
tom will look like an idiot next year when we DO make the playoffs; ireland's imprint will be all over the team..
there is no way we make the playoffs next year, without ireland bearing some responsibility for it..

You look like an idiot this year Dave. Stop talking about the Dolphins, you're a moron.

NFL Free Agency 2014: Dolphins may 'go hard' after Branden Albert


I hope this is true.

As far as Miami's free agents this year. Here they are and their 2013 salaries:

G Richie Incognito ($4.05 million)
OT Tyson Clabo ($3.5 million)
G John Jerry ($1.32 million)
*OT Will Yeatman ($560,000)
*G Danny Watkins ($555,000)
TE Dustin Keller ($4.25 million)
WR Marlon Moore ($296,471)
DT Randy Starks ($8.45 million)
DT Paul Soliai ($5.75 million)
LB Austin Spitler ($481,765)
CB Brent Grimes ($5.5 million)
*CB RJ Stanford ($635,600)
CB Nolan Carroll ($630,000)
*CB Justin Rogers ($97,941)
S Chris Clemons ($2.75 million)

Starks, Soliai and Grimes are the big fish in this pond. My guess is Miami signs Grimes and either Soliai or Starks to very cap friendly long term deals. Sad one of them (Starks or Soliai) will go since both are good but their loss will not break this team.

I figure Miami will also resign Clabo, Clemons and Carroll, none of which will break the bank. With the emergence of Clay at TE, Keller is no longer needed.

The rest are irrelevant.

In addition to resigning the above players, Miami needs to address LT (see article above), LB and RB.

At the end of the day I see minimal loss of talent for Miami and an opportunity to plug real talent into need positions.

Stop being such a ffing negativo FZB. Things are looking up for Miami.

not with our current head coach...your team either runs through a wall for you or they don't and sadly our team quit on Philbin at the end of the year...that is not debatable.

now I do like the fact that Sherman was let go and a young guy came in to take his place and I would expect our current O Line coach will be gone soon but we still have Coyle as our defensive coordinator and Philbin has our HC...no bueno.

and of course idiot Ross is still our owner.

now on our GM, no one knows what's going to happen, we can speculate but what if Hickey decides we need to go on a youth movement and doesn't go after any high prized free agents and wants to build the team through the draft?....

The Dolphins quit on Philbin kind of like Fox's team quit on him last night? Good teams and good coaches don't have bad games? Don't play opponents with better talent? Really?

Hickey can't possible be as stupid as Ireland. He's the only GM I know of who openly drafted a "project" with the 3rd overall pick in the draft. What a ffing moron.

Miami is not rebuilding and going on a youth movement. That's absurd. If you see Miami draft an OT with their number 1 pick and not sign an experienced LT I will be the first to jump off the Hickey bandwagon.

This team can compete with some strategic signings and draft picks. What is crucial is Miami can't have the worst draft class in the NFL like 2013. And Hickey can't sign bust free agents like Wheeler and Ellerbe.

Tom, I saw a very unispired Dolphins team in the two biggest games of the year, I'm as big a homer as there is but what I saw disgusted me.

it has nothing to do with having a bad game, there was no effort...and that falls 100% on the coach, now I don't know what you were looking at but may I suggest having your eyes checked?

Yeah,but see it wasn't just those 2 games where they look uninspired...when they lost the first Bills game after the bye week it was pretty obvious the 4-0 start was the illusion I knew it to be and by the time they lost the Bucs game,I knew the season was over....the last 2 games were just typical,text book ways the Dolphins made the final twist of the dagger...

FZB, there's a strong reason why the defense crumbled the way it did, and that's because, you guessed it,
an unfortunate side effect of the coach's passing-on-every-down-no-matter-what fetish, is our defense ended up on the field for too long.
they were spent by the end of the year.
and tom?
enough with the "project" BS; he's called a project because that wasn't a position of need, however, being that we will be losing one or more defensive linemen this offseason, drafting jordan will look like a brilliant move next year..
and please.. stop judgning the draft class after ONE FREAKING YEAR.
anyone with a brain knows it can take up to 3 years for certain players to reach their potential, especially when they're playing for coaches who don't know how to use them..

good point David..the defense did run out of gas at the end of the year because we couldn't run the ball and or there was not enough of a commitment from Philbin and Sherman to run it.

the BIGGEST TRAVESTY of last year was under utilizing lamar miller.
it affected clock management, points and defense.

let's look at the rushing seasons of the respective champs:

seattle rushed marshawn lynch 301 times for 1257 yds
denver rushed knowshon moreno, (a player tom most assuredly would've called a bust after HIS 1st year) 241 times for 1038 yds.

also, tom would've called bret farve, mark duper, tony gonzalez, cameron wake, drew brees and countless others "busts" based on their 1st seasons.
love ya.. :) go heat!

lamar miller, in contrast to the above post, ran 177 times for 709 yards.
when he got more than 11 carries he had at least 60 yards.
what more do you idiots need to know?

You calling others on here idiots is the funniest most obvious irony on the board.What a complete dumb ass you are.The phrase "a legend in your own mind" was made for you.

Don't trust Peyton anymore Greg. He was brutal short armed everything, throwing off his back foot, just terrible. Guy is a Top 10 QB all time nothing more these media people defending him saying his legacy is unaffected Aikman, Steve Young etc are truly idiotic.

Great Super Bowl ! It's nice to see a blow out and see the TRUE better team, win ! Seattle Seahawks are the new version of the 1992/93 Dallas Cowboys and Pete Carroll is the new version of Jimmy Johnson. This is the most complete team I have seen, since the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys of the early 90's. Hopefully Seattle can do something the Boy's weren't able to do in the 90's .... which is to either win 4 in a row or win 5 or maybe even 6 championships in a decade. This team is young, dangerous and special !

Not as special and dangerous as Stephen Ross' MIGHTY MIAMI DOLPHINS. Ah yeah...

hey chewing?
blow me.
we need to run the ball, dummy. it's what winning teams do.
we didn't last year, and it's why we lost. the statistics bear that out, more than your inane posts.

I hope your nuts freeze off, Neez Nuts.

Fock Pete Caroll and the horse he rode in on.

#2 rushing team in NFL? Buffalo.
#5 Redskins
#6 Jets
#8 Vikings

Combined record of these top rushing teams?


Yup that's what winning teams do. Run the ball!

2009 #4 rushing team in NFL?

Miami Dolphins.



2013 #26 rushing team in NFL?

Miami Dolphins.



2009 #4 7-9
2013 #26 8-8

Is there a discernible pattern here?

"Blow me"...gee,never I've never heard that on this board before.Your insults are as repetitive and unoriginal as your posts.

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