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Worst Super Bowl ever: Let me count the ways...

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2015 Super Bowl odds: Never too early! Via Bovada, faves are Seahawks to repeat at 9-2, 49ers 15-2, Broncos 8-1, Patriots 14-1, Packers 16-1 and Saints 18-1. The Dolphins are 50-1, tied for 24th of 32 teams.

WORST SUPER BOWL EVER: LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: I had planned a special Super Bowl postgame poll, but what would be the point? I was going to ask how you rate this Super Bowl vs. other SBs based on the overall experience -- everything except the result. Would have asked you to consider the matchup 1aa1adylanand competitiveness of the game, the broadcast, halftime show, TV commercials, everything, then vote whether this was a better than average Super Bowl, average or below average. But, well, let's all just agree it was THE WORST SUPER BOWL EVER! Or at least close enough to not nitpick the difference between terrible and abysmal. Seattle's 43-8 rout of Denver had everything, or should I say nothing. Let me count the ways it sucked. 1) Not for a quarter or a series or a play or a second did the Broncos seem to be in the game. It was complete front-to-end domination. 2) The TV commercials sucked. Kept waiting for a classic or great one. The most memorable one to me was also the most depressing: Bob Dylan pimping Chryslers! Jesus. Deadhead Sticker On a Cadillac. The commercial itself was brilliant, but still. I know it wasn't his first commercial ever, but still again. 3) The halftime show (except perhaps to huge Bruno Mars fans) was not special. 4) The broadcast was ordinary. 5) The whole Super Bowl Sunday experience was a big disappointment, except for my gumbo! That was sublime. 

WHY I (FOOLISHLY) THOUGHT BRONCOS WOULD WIN: This is only the fifth Super Bowl of 48 that pits the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense in bottom-line terms of points scored and allowed — and only the 1aa1abroncseasbsecond ever that is 1 vs. 1 based on yards gained and allowed. A very small sample size? Undeniably. But it is nonetheless worth noting that in those previous instances the teams that were No. 1 on the defensive side have been 4-1 on Super Sunday. That’s in case you don’t give Seattle much of a shot here (you should). Or in case you like Denver easily (you shouldn’t). So history props up the chances of Richard Sherman’s Seahawks defense prevailing. Here’s how great Seattle’s D is: Sherman might not even be the best player in his own backfield; Earl Thomas might be. Then again, there has never — ever — been an offense that scores more than Peyton Manning’s record-setting Broncos. Seattle has never had more to defend, all at once. The game could swing on which team handles the elements better. Peyton famously is only 4-7 when the kickoff temp is below 40, which it surely is likely to be Sunday evening in the Jersey swamp. All of this makes Seattle a trendy (and tempting) upset pick. But the real question is simply this: How much do you trust Peyton Manning? How much do you believe in him? Him against maybe the best defense he has ever faced. Him against the bitter cold. Him against the pressure of the stage and all the “legacy” talk. And the answer is, I trust him. It is Peyton’s time. His year. His season. His Sunday. Broncos, 24-20.

A personal note: Fox-TV revealed today that Terry Bradshaw would miss the game because of the death of his father. The lead to my Saturday "Super Bowl With a Smirk" notes column poked fun at Bradshaw, written obviously before the news of his situation. Condolences to the Bradshaw family.

WHY THE HALL OF FAME VOTE SUCKED: This was a weak class for Pro Football Hall of Fame voters to consider. No Jerry Rice/Barry Sanders-type legends in the crowd. Nothing close. In electing seven men last 1aa1acantonnight, it's as if voters sough to make up for the lack of quality with quanitity. Seven was a generous number. But, curiously, one man who clearly, should have gotten in, receiver Marvin Harrison, did not. Andre Reed did, and he had 951 catches for 13,198 yards and 87 touchdowns. Harrison had 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 TDs. But Reed will wear the ugly yellow jacket while Harrison waits. Explain, please? My readers are smarter than Hall voters. In our Canton poll in the previous blogpost you all had Harrison No. 1 with 12.6 percent of the vote. Your next four highest vote-getters all got in: Derrick Brooks (11.4%), Michael Strahan (11.2%), Ray Guy (9.4%) and Reed (7.5%).

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