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February 01, 2014

Canton ballot. Here's yours. Vote who should get into Hall of Fame tonight; plus Smirk V, Pacers get Bynum, Incognito in a rout, Seinfeld & more

1) It is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1. Happy new month, all. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Smirk IV (par-tay), Super Bowl prediction, Incognito-Martin poll & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

1aa1abradshawSMIRK V: AMERICA THREATENED, CHALLENGED BY FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS OF TERRY BRADSHAW: Today's last of five Super Bowl With a Smirk notes columns details Fox-TV's parade of scheduled pregame 1aa1ajimmyjshow features that have zero to do with a Broncos-Seahawks game -- what happens when you have four hours to kill. Supposedly one of the features will be Jimmy Johnson deep-sea fishing in the nude. (At least that's what I read). Also included in today's new Smirk: Partying Heat, Bison & Pistachio Sausage, a coin, brawling do-gooders, griping bowlers and Betty White nursing the E-Trade Baby. Click on Smirk V for the complete latest column. (Previously: Smirk IVSmirk IIISmirk IISmirk ISB Top 10 Storylines).

Poll result: Incognito routs Martin on sympathy scale: I asked previously where your sympathy lies in the Dolphins Bullygate mess, a wound reopened this week. A plurality of 47.2 percent said "neither player" and only 2.5% said "both." But of those who sided with player, Richie Incognito swamped Jonathan Martin by 44.0% to 6.3% -- the bully more sympathetic than the victim by a 7-to-1 margin.    

WORLD'S LONGEST POLL: WHO SHOULD GET INTO CANTON TONIGHT? VOTE YOUR TOP 5: Hey can I help it there are 17 finalists on the darned ballot? I'm a selective voter. I think the only three I'd vote in this year are Marvin Harrison, Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones. Warren Sapp's anti-Michael Strahan campaign should make that vote interesting. Anyway, here's the alphabetical lst of finalists. Vote for as many as five (5)!

PACERS, NOT HEAT, LAND BYNUM: Indiana signs Andrew Bynum for rest of NBA season, a backup center the Heat considered. This gives Pacers increased depth behind Roy Hibbert, and underlines the onus on Miami's Greg Oden to continue to develop in his comeback. If I didn't know any better I'd say it appears the Pacers are serious about dethroning Miami. The inevitable Eastern finals just got a little more interesting. 

SEINFELD STILL THE KING: We saw Jerry Seinfeld last night at the Hard Rock and I think it was the best 1aa1ajerrysstandup show I'd seen in a long time. Wife rermarked afterward how much I'd laughed. I mean big, out-loud laughter. Seinfeld didn't invent observational humor but owns the genre. Always amazes me he doesn't use his iconic, eponymous former sitcom as a crutch or fallback. Doesn't need to. The only vague reference to Seinfeld was him imagining some people coming to his show and saying, "Where are the other three people!?" Seinfeld, at 59, is at the top of his game. Absolutely terrific.

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My SB thoughts...

Both teams won the same number of games getting there. The game, as we know, features the number one rated offense against the top rated defense. Thus, my gut tells me Seattle. Moreover, since history does show that -- "defense wins games."

Here is something else no one has considered. Any controversial calls will probably go Denver's way. Why? Because officials are impressionable humans, just like everyone else. They've seen and heard the same things we have, namely, Richard Sherman act like an uncontrollable monster. So what's more likely? A quick flag against Seattle's manner of playing defense, or one against Embassador Payton, model citizen who worked so hard to come back from injury?

Then there's the final nail to the coffin. Woodcock is picking Seattle, so forget everything else.

Believe this. Had Woodcock been around back in 1940 and been impressed with the Allied Forces, we would all be speaking German today.

The guy is the kiss of death.

I'm going with Denver "BIG!"

"Uncontrollable monster" hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha...

Gimme a break...

I can't get enough of Bradshaws smiling corpse...

This Buds for you Terry...


Seinfeld is one funny bastard even if he was caught making out during Schindler's List...

I'd take 4 hours of Bradshaw over,,,, 1 hour of Mike Mayock & his cocksucker lisp, Marv Alberts, Dan Dierdorff, John Gruden alone, combined or paired up. The worst on radio I ever heard was Dan Reeves. We were driving through the CO Rockies after a half day of sledding/intertubing and listened to that gravely voice stiff work a Bronco's - Chiefs game,,,, no updates on any of the other games & for a guy who had been in the NFL for decades, no good insight that you would expect.

My favorite present day game announcer/commentator is Phil Simms.

Strahan, Harrison, Brooks, DeBartolo & no one else off that list.
Bob Kuechenburg??? Can I get an amen. There's my 5.

They're all pretty bad Jimbo. That's why this year I'm watching SB with volume turned off and with the soundtrack to the film "Gang Bang!" playing in the backround instead...

I could listen to Marino for days and never get tired of it. Call me sentimental or maybe just mental...

Yeah, The Committee pretty much blackballed Kuechenburg just like they did Jackie Mason...

If true OC, this will be the second SB in which the officials and America wanted the team playing the Seahawks to win...

Damn it's like 40 degrees in the great Northeast. So much for a figid wintry Super Bowl. I guess I'm going with Denver to win but not for a very scientific reason. I just have trouble seeing Coach Pete "choke sign" Carroll hoisting the Vinny...


Sometimes I wonder
If it will ever end
You get so mad at me
When I go out with my friends
Sometimes you’re crazy
And you wonder why
I’m such a baby yeah

NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins expected to pursue signing LeGarrette Blount


Hey Hootie the Dolphins don't make me cry so much as laugh sardonically...

Gee, I wonder what beloved owner and fearless leader Stephen Ross is thinking right now...


I suspected as much...

I was just telling our guys the other day it's a good thing we don't have to face mighty Miami in the Super Bowl...

You're not kidding. Miami just doesn't know the meaning of the word lose. They're are just plain scarey Pete..

The Dolphins scare me so much just talking about them that I had a mini-stroke whilst typing the last sentence of my 8:27PM post

Did I say Miami was scarey already? Well they are scarey, scarey good...

Can we stop talking about the mighty Miami Dolphins already!? I'm starting to freak out!

You and me both. Hey something just rubbed up against me...

OC Dolphin,

rooting for seattle, but they will have trouble scoring points and me thinks that denver will win by double digits.

Again Percy Harvin is the x facctor. When they traded for him my first thought was (besides Spellman being an idiot) was that move might put them over the top
Still think Denver wins but if he shows up it will be closer.

Spielman. Factor. Have a good time y'all.

Tim brown is hall of fame player. Insanity.

COTE: "But of those who sided with player, Richie Incognito swamped Jonathan Martin by 44.0% to 6.3% -- the bully more sympathetic than the victim by a 7-to-1 margin."

Cote the assumption you make above is that Martin was actually "bullied." What nonsense. To believe Martin was bullied requires the willing suspension of disbelief. Let me help you with a rewrite.

TOM: "But of those who sided with player, Richie Incognito swamped Jonathan Martin by 44.0% to 6.3% -- the WRONGFULLY ACCUSED more sympathetic than the WRONGFUL ACCUSER by a 7-to-1 margin."

Seems your readers are more way more informed that you Greg.

Marvin Harrison is also hall of fame material without a second thought. I would love to see Seinfeld he is no doubt laugh out loud funny. If Andre reed is in then harrison and t brown should be in.

Modern Era: Quarterbacks in HOF (23)

Troy Aikman 1989-2000
George Blanda (Also PK) 1949-1958, 1960-1975
Terry Bradshaw 1970-1983
Len Dawson 1957-1975
John Elway 1983-1998
Dan Fouts 1973-1987
Otto Graham 1946-1955
Bob Griese 1967-1980
Sonny Jurgensen 1957-1974
Jim Kelly 1986-1996
Bobby Layne 1948-1962
Dan Marino 1983-1999
Joe Montana 1979-1994
Warren Moon 1984-2000
Joe Namath 1965-1977
Bart Starr 1956-1971
Roger Staubach 1969-1979
Fran Tarkenton 1961-1978
Y.A. Tittle 1948-1964
Johnny Unitas 1956-1973
Norm Van Brocklin 1949-1960
Bob Waterfield 1945-1952
Steve Young 1985-1999


Any that are missing? Any that got in but do not deserve to be in?

I came across this interesting piece of trivia that I did not know. Before the Washington Redskins became the Washington Redskins they were the Boston Redskins. The franchised started in Boston and were named the Redskins by their owners in honor of their Head Coach William "Lone Star" Dietz, a self-identified Native American.


It seems we have the liberal weenies in Boston to blame for the offensive name of the Washington Redskins. And what's even worse it appears that ole Lone Star wasn't even a real Indian.

Huh no Ken Stabler in HOF. Joe Wiley Coyote Namath gets in but not Ken Stabler? WTF? Not that I really mind all that much just sayin'...

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