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February 21, 2014

Saturday p.m.: In support of Joe Philbin (yeah, I'm the one); plus LeBron in Space Jam 2?, Bane James, Bokamper, nerd dancing & more

1) It is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22. That "secondary" NCAA violation involving UM line coach Art Kehoe glimpsing a voluntary workout strikes as beyond trivial. 2) I'll be on NBC Sports Radio today around 5:30. Thanks to ESPN's Outside The Lines and the great Bob Ley for having us back on earlier thi week. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Joe Philbin poll, 'Melo-to-Heat scenario, Nevin Shapiro & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Condolences: Our thoughts are with former Dolphins stalwart Kim Bokamper and family on the passing yesterday of his wife Colleen, 57, after a two-year bout with colon cancer.

1aa1aspacejam2LeBron reportedly to star in Space Jam 2: A sequel to the 1996 film Space Jam reportedly is in the works and could star LeBron James, according to Deadline Hollywood, an entertainment-oriented business news site. The original starred Michael Jordan (and Bugs Bunny, of course).

MEET GREG COTE, THE PRESIDENT AND APPARENTLY ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP OF THE JOE PHILBIN SUPPORT GROUP: It isn't that I find Dolphins' coach Joe Philbin faultless in Bullygate. It is as a response to the gross lynch-mob overreaction against Philbin by most fans (see poll result below) and media that led me to write my most recent column. (Click HERE to read in full). My entree into the column:

1aa1ajoelike"I’m not sure what Joe Philbin’s time is in the 40-yard dash, but I can tell you it had better be fast to outrun all of these Dolphins fans and hysterical media chasing him with torches and pitchforks. One wonders if the lurching mob, upon catching him, would have Philbin fired or think a firing squad more fitting. Or perhaps the outraged masses might be mollified to merely parade him tarred and feathered through the streets of Miami, given that the public stoning has fallen out of fashion here in the States."

One more excerpt: "Those criticizing Philbin need to leave the naïve fantasy world where the NFL head coach knows everything about everything. They need to re-enter the real world, where coaches do not eavesdrop on players’ personal text messages, do not spy on guys at strip clubs, do not have mental telepathy and do not periodically ask during team meetings, 'Any of you guys in here being bullied? Show of hands, please?' More reality: A head coach is overburdened as is and does not have time to monitor and babysit the way his grownup players interrelate. Team chemistry and locker room policing are self-regulated phenomena and, sorry, but the head coach is not Dr. Phil."

And my conclusion: "You want to get on Philbin because his two Dolphins seasons have been 7-9 and 8-8? Fine. That’s fair. That’s on him: His record, his direct responsibility. And that is why next season could and perhaps should be playoffs-or-bust for him. Should Bullygate play any role in the judging of Philbin? Yes. Absolutely! Just not the role you might think. What he knew or when or why not — those things are all moot points and pointless. Why are we even still talking about that? Done with it. Past it. Judge Philbin’s Bullygate role from this point forward. Judge him on whether or not he leads the Dolphins to survive this, learn from it and move on stronger."

Poll result: Most do not support Philbin: We asked in the last blogpost how you feel about Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, and 58.4 percent said they do not support him, vs. 23.4% who said they do. Another 18.2% were undecided, an unusually high percentage of wafflers. The most positive spin for Philbin is that 41.6% percent either support him or are open to the idea.

1aa1abanejamesLEBRON'S NOSE IS HURTING, BUT HIS HUMOR IS INTACT: Gotta love LeBron James. He leaves Thursday night's game at Oklahoma City with a bloodied nose after a hard whack by Serge Ibaka -- after scoring 33 points to guide an impressive Heat win -- and within hours LeBron is posting a photo on Instagram calling himself "Bane James," after the Batman character with the scary facial mask. X-rays found he has a broken nose and will be a game-time deision for Sunday's Heat game here vs. Chicago. If he does play it likely would be with an apparatus to protect his nose, though presumably not a Bane mask.

1aa1afigureOLYMPIC NERD DANCING: I am not a big fan of the Sochi Olympics figure-skating spinoff called ice dancing. But if I were it would be because of images like this one of a German pair in which Nerd Man appears to be staring in rapt wonder at his partner's chest while she appears to be in the throes of, well, you know. 

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Let's face it , the guy is an OC. He is not a head coach.

The overreaction from the media has been predictable no one likes the Dolphins. Who can stand most of the members of the ESPN Live and NFL Network staff anyway? I rarely listen to them so don't care. Sort of disappointing to see N. Buonticonti and M. Fernandez chime in publicly in my opinion against what happened not necessary and it doesn't help the team move forward.

Its a little funny that people (former head coaches ) disagree with your perspective. Since THEY have been in the locker room(s) of the league. I guess put you in the Ditka column where he said "Martin is a sissy" ! This from a guy who's so in touch he fell asleep on the ESPN set during a show! As far as Philbin I don't fault him for his coaching but Nick Buonticonti really summed it up best. He was really out of touch emotionally and you see that some in his teams enthusiasm. He seems so oblivious to what went on. Now the buck stops with him? I guess so! I agree with you on most things though.

So, Bill Belichick is a genius because he has great pulse on his team and rules with a pretty heavy hand. The results? Playoffs, AFC Championships, talent that overachieves, Super Bowls. The team knows that the buck stops with him.
Philbin doesn't have the right balance of personality, leadership, and coaching ability, it was seen at the end of the season. The evidence is the mediocre play AND the lack of professionalism from his team. It's both...not one or the other. The media and former NFLers/HOF Dolphins do not move on because it's BOTH.

Philbin met with Martin.
Philbin met with Martin's father.

That's not enough for him to have addressed the team and kept closer tabs on the situation?

well I guess Cote and the 3 amigos need to read this quotes..

### Philbin’s credibility has taken a hit. On Thursday, ESPN's Mark Schlereth called him "incompetent" and Tedy Bruschi marveled at his "amazing lack of awareness."

One person who led multiple NFL teams' front offices for many years told me it’s difficult to believe Philbin didn’t know what was going on: “You think something like this gets by Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells? No way. It’s ridiculous. If he doesn’t know, he doesn’t deserve the position.”

### Dolphins Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti said this “never” would have happened under Don Shula. But Buonconti’s concerns extend beyond that.

“As a team, they don’t play with pride and passion,” he said this week. “If you are going to get beat, get beat scratching and clawing. They embarrassed themselves [the final two weeks of the season]. It doesn’t look like they care.”

### This also should concern Philbin: “Players leave here and blossom elsewhere. That’s a reflection of the coaching staff,” former Dolphins standout Manny Fernandez said.

And a front office official who has worked with Philbin during his Dolphins tenure said his concern is Philbin is over-scripted and not spontaneous with players, spitting out his message like a computer.

in closing, Ross can kiss my arse, he is the one responsible for this mess.

I do not support Philbin at all, but not because of his lack of control but because of his lack of coaching abilities. The sooner this failure is gone the better. However, I do not have high hopes that Ross will be able to attract any top tier coach to this organization.

FIU has a better chance to win a championship before the Dolphins do.

Zulu..I was a Philbin supporter at one time but the guy lost me when the team was flat and totally unprepared in the two biggest games of the year...not much of a leader I say.

and obviously like you said his coaching is also a big question mark as we move forward..gents, we are doomed as long as that idiot Ross owns the team...

Greg, your membership has at least one more Don Quixote in it. Unfortunately, Philbin's future in Miami is just about a fait accompli. All those asking for his head apparently are fine with the ramification of that action. Meaning, starting from scratch yet again with a new coach, staff, philosophy, players, QB - basically four or five more years rebuilding.

Look, it's not so much that Philbin has proven to be such a great coach, rather, he has yet been allowed to prove anything. When a HC's GM is openly shaping the team counter to what the HC asks for, well...that doesn't bode well to the outcome, does it.

Then there is the management argument. The - "he should have known," or, "he's out of touch!" Clearly the folks making such claims subscribe an autocratic management style, but apparently, are incapable of seeing that there are no less than three other "management styles" which are equally as successful. They point to Belichick, but conveniently omit Saban from the discussion. Two centralized egomaniacs with mixed results (in the pros).

Make no mistake though, Greg. Philbin has just about zero chance of success. His margin of error has to be less than that of an American skater holding a slim lead over the Russian in Sochi.

Dolfans are doomed to another six years minimum of being Rodney Dangerfield.

OC...the right thing to do would have been for that idiot Ross to fire both Ireland and Philbin.

hire a GM and allowed him to hire his own coach and be done with it...yes it would have been starting all over again but that was preferable over hiring the 8th best GM candidate instead of protecting an incompetent Philbin that so far has shown nothing as a head coach..

Let me explain it to you in simple English, OC, maybe this will finally get through that thick skull of yours.

Imagine that this idiot Philbin was your wife and you showed up one day early and caught your wife in bed with the plumber, mailman, gardener, and the pool cleaning guy. Now, ask yourself this question, OC, now pay attention here, son. "Do you divorce the wife and start over or "start from scratch yet again."

Careful, OC, this might tax the hamster on the wheel inside your dome.......

"Of course I give her a chance, Woodcock, after all she was having safe sex she gave everyone some of my Trojan prophylactics!"

You're going against the cause here, OC.

When we were kids, OC was very, very disappointed that Joe Robbie fired George Wilson and hired Don Shula.

"Woodcock, Wilson is "this close" why change right now just when we finally turned the corner and won 3 games last season........"


Is it me or does Philbin look like the farmer in American Gothic?????


Not going to reply to the gibberish Mr. Poppycock is spewing today, but to AGAIN answer your post, FZB. You have made it abundantly clear that you like the GM to run everything. I don't. I like the version where the HC tells his staff who he wants, not the other way around.

Place me in the autocratic camp. I do prefer someone like Belichick or Saban, even though in the previous post I made a case for Philbin managing in a way other than such. I just don't see the wisdom in starting from scratch until Philbin either proves everyone wrong or falls on the sword.

Big Baby,

am watching a terrific game; however as much as i really like te work of mike emerich, where did this lexicon come from? "he's drifting" (with the puck) or "the puck is gotten by ... (insert name of player). "doc" emerich is a delightful announcer and seemingly a good guy, but i just love the way someone has to come up with new phrases, e.g. "the long fly" (home run), "walk-off ..." (game-winning), he's throwing cheese (fastball).

the americans are playing the canadians pretty well, and i am looking forward to seeing the USA pick up the pace and get back in the game by scoring; the USA is not being run out of the building by a long shot.

OC, if he fell on the sword any harder than he already has he would be eating rice with chopsticks.....

btw, FZ. Do you think GM, Belichick tells HC, Belichick who he wants to bring into the team. Who he negotiates with and how, or the other way around? Oh, wait!!! They are the same guy!!

hmm, I wonder if NE wouldn't be better off with one of the top three GMs telling good-ole Bill who he plans on bringing in.

The Candy Wrapper Man has to go, OC.

The best success that the Dolphins have had as an organization is when Joe Thomas and Pete Bethard were making the personnel decisions and Shula was coaching them on the field. When they gave Shula the reigns we were never the same.

"Jack of all trades master of none, OC."

OC...mi buen amigo, the problem with your "way" is that there are very few Shula's and Belichick's or Saban's in this world, those guys just don't fall from trees.

all I know is just about every Super Bowl winner the last decade has had a GM in charge of everything and not the other way around.

Shula was a horrendous general manager and talent evaluator. The only player that he ever signed that was a no brainer was Marino and he just fell to the Dolphins. Sorry, but the facts on Shula are in and the architects of those great 70's teams were Joe Thomas and Pete Bethard.

FZ, this is the first time, the first opportunity Ross is allowing his HC to shape the team. Up to now, your idiot adopted son was responsible. I would think you would be open to the possibility to a new outcome as a consequence, but apparently not.

I will say this about that. The Dolphins have tried to do it with the GM dictating terms to unproven rookie coaches over the last however many years without success. Every time there was a chance to bring in an accomplished SB winning coach that candidate politely told Ross to F-off due keeping your GM.

We'll agree to disagree, but I would much rather develop or bring in a winning coach who runs things, rather than a GM chessmaster who has no skin in the game.

I stand corrected on Shula...your right Wood's, not a great talent evaluator but great great coach, certainly nothing like the great late Joe Thomas.

Woodcock still makes phone calls using a rotary phone.

I guess the Dolphins will be "failing forward" for a few more years..

my former son is nothing but a memory now, I have a new son now..Mr. Hickey...and he needs 4 yrs to prove himself, the problem is that that idiot Ross only gave him a two year contract.

Getting late shadow time for US to wake up Canada has outplayed them today but lets go USA!

FZB, do you happen to own a pit bull for a dog?

FZB- Your 11:42 post was right on the mark. What the hell big baby sees in this clueless coach is beyond me. Now he sounds like a real baby with his nobody loves us rant. Even the 2 great former dolphins who also buried him, B.B thought was unfair.Maybe the reason everybody at espn, and the nfl channel crushed him is because the guy is a dope.He seems to be the only guy on the site who thinks h is a good coach for the dolphins.It must be that great improvement from 7-9, to 8-8, or even going from 28-0 in the last game of the 2012 season to 21-7 in the final loss this year.


BB is not the only one. I too think Philbin should be given a chance. Hell, even a convicted mass murderer is allowed his day in court.

Philbin, Cameron, and Sparano never stood a chance with a complete nitwit running the show.

no OC..I lost my mutt Luna a few months back and the missus and I don't want another dog..too complicated.

that was meant suggesting a pit bull's tenacious nature for not letting go. I remember your Luna, I share you and the family's pain, as we too lost our Kobe.

I just think BB as a homer can't bring himself to face Dolphins hopeless nosedive. BB it will all be over upon impact...


hola Dukito.

Que pasa FZ...

Always liked reading Andy Cohen his thoughts are pretty much mine right now. Calm down folks.


Andy Cohen is as dead to me as the Dolphins and all the aforementioned. Besides Cohen spounds like Mr. Roger's effeminate brother "George"...

BB.. right now Philbin needs to prove to me that he deserves the trust that the idiot Ross has in him, based on those last two games plus the first game against the Bills coming off a bye week where the team had no fire and where totally unprepared with the season on the line I don't hold much hope.

duke I don't see it as hopeless if I did then people might start to worry :)

Mr. Woodcock,

i am sure you meant bob beathard as the dolphin talent scout; pete beathard was on the 1962 undefeated and national championship football team who rolled out and threw, while sharing taime with bill nelsen who went to play a few good seasons for the cleveland browns in the late 60s. my good friend, methinks you've got a case of "trojans on the brain". with a decent coach, maybe USC can be a contender in this upcoming conference season, which i know won't make you happy. have a great weekend

You're absolutely right, Shad. Bobby Bethard is correct. My problem is that you boys all look the same, Shadow.

BB, good point...

Philbin was weighted down with the crap that that shitbird Ireland presented him with. On top of that he had to deal with the fallout from Martin imploding because he lost his job at LT (bullygate is bullyshit). With all this going against him the team still went 8-8 and a real chance at making the playoffs. I'm not saying that Philbin is the answer. All I'm saying is he's done enough in the presence of pretty tough circumstances to earn a fair chance to succeed.

Ok, so enough of this right now we have as FZ calls it, The Three Amigos, you, BB, and OC. I'll tell you what if he wins 8 games next year you guys win. That's the over and under 8 games. I think that's fair he won 8 with all the problems that you correctly point out. We have 8 months to wait and see how he does. Right now going on and on about whether they should have fired him or not is ridiculous the jack ass is going to be here for another year. So 8-8 it is. Frankly, I'm predicting that he gets escorted off the practice facility by security when the crew mutinies and they burn an effigy of Jew Boy McCoy from one of the goal posts and training camp.

Mr Woodcock you are right about Joe Thomas and Bobby Beathard providing the talent that Shula wisely coached.It is a shame that the last time the Dolphins had good drafters Disco was the rage and Jimmy Carter was President of the United States.

Yes indeed, Mayberd. The last time we were good I had jet black hair........

Ok I'm in...8-8 it is...

No more talk about Philbin...but I can still call Ross an asswipe..he's fair game.

I just read this comment that a reader posted about the baby rescue. Classic, I was LMAO. Very well written and the guy nailed it.

What twist! A shocker!

The norm in Miami would be:

Several cars hit the mother. Most flee, but some get into their own accidents and can't get away. Those people get out of their cars and start shooting each other.

Others stop long enough to try to jack the mothers purse; get into their own fights; start shooting at each other; and then, flee. Mom loses her purse.

Cops come and arrest the mother for driving without a license and obstructing traffic. The shooters are left alone to stand their own ground.

Unfortunately, the child dies. DCF takes the child nonetheless, and puts her in a foster home run by Romanian gypsies. The gypsies sell the child.

The Herald mis-spells all of the names, and gets the street designation wrong, too. The story gets written up as an anti-Castro piece.

Here, the saving grace was Al Diaz. He is and for a long time has been one of the best things to happen to The Herald, and he's one of the few really good people they have left. On this day he proved himself not just as a photojournalist, but as a human, too.

This guy posted as Snerdly Fackle. The truest thing that he said is about Al Diaz, and how "he's one of the few really good people they have left."

This guy nailed that. This was once a great newspaper and over the years it's become a mere shell of its former self. Too bad. "The times they are a changing."

Philbin just doesn't have it. Watching him attempting to do an interview is like watching Al Gore talk about anything that he knows nothing about, which is about everything. And, FZ, I was also initially willing to give Philbin some time to see what he could do. It did not take him long to alienate me and most other fans.

Mr. Cote - you are naive to think Philbin didn't know that Martin wasn't being "Harrased". Regardless bully gate is a bunch of BS. More relevant is Philbin's lack of leadership and credibility with his players. That, he will not regain, not sure he ever had it. It is very easy to see he is not the one to get the fins back to relevance. Be prepared for another 7-9 or 8-8 year!

FZB and Woody you're wrong. The Fish are going to the playoffs next year.

Home Schedule

Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens

Wins.. Buffalo, Jets, NE, Chargers, Vikings and Ravens.


Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars

Wins...Buffalo, Raiders, Lions and Jags.

Record... 10 -6

"Philbin was weighted down with the crap that that shitbird Ireland presented him with.." - tom

crap like grimes, patterson, tannehill, wallace, clay, pouncey, gibson, keller, miller and everyone else?

more "blame ireland" poopoo.
this team failed because the coaches didn't put the talent they had in the best position to win, on defense OR offense.

it is COMPLETELY on the coaching, and anyone who argues otherwise doesn't understand football..

"this “never” would have happened under Don Shula." - nick bouniconti

"Players leave here and blossom elsewhere. That’s a reflection of the coaching staff,” -manny fernandez

well, what would THOSE 2 know about good coaching?

as for the present regime, they almost killed tannehill last year; you all keep blaming the line, i say it's the play calling.
when the line is THAT inconsistent, you run more. you move your QB more. you roll him out and let him run, ESPECIALLY when he's a freaking former receiver who has speed.
they kept dropping him back, they never targeted his best receiver (wallace) until the last 1/2 of the season, and it screwed everything up, from our defense getting tired, (clock management) to our QB almost getting killed.
and you morons blame ireland.
meanwhile ireland was fighting with the staff on their refusal to play certain players, etc.
just insanity..

Tom..dude, you keep on ragging on Ireland which is fine but at the same time you refuse to even think of the possibility that some if not most of our problems fall on Philbin and his coaching staff..stop it.

there are a couple of local writers and some around the league that have stated that free agent players come here and become less productive and our players go some placed else and they suddenly start to produce, what does that tell you?

Philbin- lacks leadership which is THE most important element that a head coach should have.

Coyle-very average defensive coodinator.

Sherman-thank god his gone

Turner-everage OL coach-thank god he is gone too.

on another subject, for those that didn't think the back stabbing bitch was not in charge?..this was written by Adam Beasley of the Herald today.

"When Hickey was hired last month, the Dolphins announced that he would oversee all aspects of football administration and report directly to owner Stephen Ross.

Executive vice president Dawn Aponte will report to Hickey on “all matters,” not just the salary cap, the Miami Herald reported at the time.

But in the three weeks since, Aponte has shown that she remains in a position of great influence and might be more powerful than ever.

“She is the Dolphins; she runs the show,” said a league source familiar with the team’s dealings.

When asked how much Hickey has deferred to Aponte in contract negotiations, the source responded: “1000000000000000%” in a text message.

Given Hickey’s inexperience as a general manager and Aponte’s status within the organization, it shouldn’t be surprising that he looks to her for guidance.

gents..we is doomed.

Some loser troll critisized a post I made a few days ago because I was calling out Philbin. This troll said that he is a good coach and 8-8 season proves that! I could not even respond to such a stupid post. A coach that has first,second,and third round draft picks sitting on the bench,WTF? A coach who's team scored only seven points in the two final games of the season against bottom dwellers, and missed the playoffs? Forget the bully mess,this guy is not head coach material and never will be! We are in for a long season this year. Just sayin



I'm not saying that Philbin is the answer. All I'm saying is he's done enough in the presence of pretty tough circumstances to earn a fair chance to succeed.

Posted by: Tom | February 21, 2014 at 07:27 PM


Tom..dude, you keep on ragging on Ireland which is fine but at the same time you refuse to even think of the possibility that some if not most of our problems fall on Philbin and his coaching staff..stop it.

Posted by: FZB | February 22, 2014 at 07:54 AM

Conclusion? You, like your retarded friend, have a reading disability.

Boss Ross is mesmerized with Philbin because he thinks Philbin will implement here the exciting, high scoring West Coast Offense of the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately the Dolphins offense during the last two years resembled more a college passing offense rather than the WCO. And who's responsible for this debacle. Can't put all the blame on the OC. The HC dictates the offense he wants not the OC.

As long as Boss Ross believes in that fantasy, we are stuck and doomed with Philbin, a HC with the charisma of a loaf of bread and football strategy knowledge of a squirrel.

Philbin's theorem = I know nothing

To date, I believe Joe Philbin might find it difficult to lead a group of condemned men in silent prayer. I'm being sarcastic of course, however, I don't expect Joe's leadership capabilities, or the lack there-of, to change because there seems to be little evidence of it in his DNA. Joe is who he is and you either have it or you don't at this point in life, plus leadership, is largely "learned" over a lifetime of experiences, trial and error, successes and failures, shaping, being mentored, and is very tough to learn and exhibit/blossom for a man of his age at this late stage. The so-called born leader is the leadership exception, not the norm or the rule.

I see Joe more as a follower than a leader. A good follower. He seems out of his element as top dog. Not everybody's cut out for the leader role.

I don't blame Joe. He's the product of all the people who shaped and mentored him during his lifetime and over the course of learning his profession. He's a good man, but being so absolutely clueless (and seemingly dumbfounded) to the Martin situation truly speaks volumes of his leadership ability.


Which player left Miami after being coached by PHILBIN and performed better at his new team? Send me that list I can't wait to read it.

I also love it when former players or coaches suggest this (PussyMartinGate) would have never happened under (INSERT NAME). I heard Teddy Bruschi say that about Bill Belichick yesterday. What unadulterated boolchit. Let's see. Under Belichick the Pats have had Spygate and a murderer (Aaron Hernandez) running wild in Boston. Yeah it never would have happened under Belichick. He drafts and signs only the highest quality individuals. For the Pats, cheating...NO PROBLEM. Gun running drug pushing gang banging murderer.....NO PROBLEM. One player being mean to another...OMG NO FFING WAY!!! They would never let that happen.

Wow! A whopping 23.4% voted for Joe Philbin! He obviously has wide-spread support. Based upon this poll, Stephen Ross will give Philbin a 10-year contract extension because any head coach who screws up this badly and still has the support of 2 out of 10 fans has got to be good! Pathetic.

The main problem with the Dolphins last year is they had NO OL. 3rd string RBs. No #1 WR. No real TE and chit LBs. You can blame Philbin all you want for the steaming pile of horse manure he had to work with but those with half a brain no where the blame really lies.

With all of that working against him Philbin still had Miami a game from the playoffs. Give him a break. If it does not work out in 2014 he'll be gone.

You must be one of the 23.4%,

Jeff..yup..you got it.my friend Tommy-Son is part of the 24% crowd..

Yes I am a proud member of the 23.4% club. I'm betting that by this time next year our club will be 80% strong. Kind of like when good ole Christopher Columbus went on his voyage over the horizon. Did you know that only 23.4% thought he would make it. The other 76.6% thought he was going to fall off the earth. You're a modern day equivalent of a flat-earther.

We had the best "Player Relations" guy in the entire league, BB.....Ritchie Incognito.

more "i-don't-know-chit-about-football-so-i-will-poop-out-of-my-mouth tommy boy:

The main problem with the Dolphins last year is they had NO OL. 3rd string RBs. No #1 WR. No real TE and chit LBs.

no, dumb a@#. they DID have an oline.
and that line was not coached correctly. clabo, pouncey, mckinnie were all pro talent. incognito was a great blocker as well.
coaching screwed that up.

3rd string running backs do not average 6 yards a carry when given the ball 11 or more times.
you also do not run less than brees, manning, wilson and brady if you want to win.
that is on coaching.

no #1 receiver?
spare me. wallace was the fastest guy on the field no matter who we were playing, yet they never threw down the field until the last month or so.
we had 2 former 1000 yard receivers on this team. we threw the ball more than almost everyone, dummy.

no "real tight end"?
are you a clueless idiot or what?
ireland picked up keller, A MONSTER, and when he went down what happened old man?
do you remember?
he was ranked in the top 10, while not targeted as much as 4 of the others.

and those line bakers?
well, considering they were ranked higher last year, one must ask how they could get so bad so quickly, (and conversely, how dansby and burnnet magically managed to get better WHEN THEY LEFT).

maybe if they moved BACK to the 3-4, (considering we had an abundance of talent to run that defense with jordan, wake, misi AND the top performing linemen).

you are an idiot, tom.
stick to calling FZB a "retard" for using the word "fag"

the tight end that i was referring to above was charles clay; ranked #8 in the league over halfway through the season and who finished ranked in the top 10.

but genius tom says we didn't have a real tight end!

I am an all pro. That's what I tried to tell the Ravens before they cut me.

I'm an all pro too. That's what I said before Atlanta cut me. I said it again before the Dolphins benched me.

no, dumb a@#. they DID have an oline.
and that line was not coached correctly. clabo, pouncey, mckinnie were all pro talent. incognito was a great blocker as well.
coaching screwed that up.

Confirmed, (the real) david is the dumbest poster on this blog, and that's saying a hell of a lot.

Easy boys... Let's keep it clean..hehe

I said I was not going to rag on Philbin anymore but I can still call Aponte a back stabbing bitch and Ross an asswipe.

Hey Tom, tell me which of these made you feel good about failbin

Loss to 3rd string qb
Loss tto a winless team after our bye week (Tampa lost its starting Rb/wr early in the game)
Loss AGAIN to the same 3rd string qb
Loss at home with the playoff in play to an inferior team which had already defeated
Reading cue cards written by a capologist
Biggest locker room scandal in the history of th nfl and his response: I KNOW NOTHING

I KNOW NOTHING....that is what our fearless leader had for us

Think for a second about the great coaches of the past...do you see Lombardi reading cue cards written by a capologist?....do you see Landry not knowing an scandal like this in his locker room?......

Perhaps there might be worst coaches out ther (cam Cameron) comes to mind, but tell me none of this even gets you thinking that, hey man I think we can do better

Having Shula for our coach should gives us a good idea what a good coach looks like...failbin is no where near Shula, so he is no where near good

You guys remember the movie " The Russians are coming, the russians are coming!?

Well..here you go..the gays are coming, the gays are coming !


Tom..BB..do I get props for not saying the word fags?

The biggest problem that the Dolphs had last year was coach Philbin. Anyone more worried about picking up candy wrappers from the parking lot than getting to the strip club as fast as possible after practice is an ass hole.

Martin quits on the Dolphins on October 30th and the world comes down on the Dolphins and their players. What follows?

Oct 31 beat Cincinnati
Nov 11 lost to Tampa Bay
Nov 17 beat San Diego
Nov 24 lost to Carolina
Dec 1 beat Jets
Dec 8 beat Pittsburgh
Dec 15 beat New England

5-2 over the next 7 games with wins over 3 playoff teams. That's not leadership? Well of course not if you have your mind already made up.

Tommy, I think you forgot the last two, you know the ones that would put us in the playoff

no, it's not leadership.
it's talent, dummy.
NO ONE in the locker room was divided; ALL of them thought martin was a punk and ALL of them supported AND wanted incognito.
what the F did philbin do but steer the ship?
there was no division, no infighting, no players blasting anyone, etc..
the locker room was already united!
and clabo performing up to his talent along with the addition of mckinnie (thanks jeff ireland) got the line tightened up a bit.
what's the big deal?
if ANYTHING, you can look at that run and say we should've beat tampa, AND the carolina game was lost because our running backs got the ball only 13 times the entire game, leaving JUST ENOUGH TIME on the clock for carolina to score the winning TD.
that's what 42 passing attempts PER GAME does, idiot.

you are the blindest moron on the blog.

tannehill 588 attempts

andrew luck 570 attempts
eli manning 551 attempts
philip rivers 544 attempts
tony romo 535 attempts
cam newtown 473 attempts
russell wilson 407 attempts

i suppose if you think tannehill is better than THOSE guys then by all means, keep screaming about ireland like a broken record while the coach responsible for that travesty still keeps his job

no, dumb a@#. they DID have an oline.
and that line was not coached correctly. clabo, pouncey, mckinnie were all pro talent. incognito was a great blocker as well.
coaching screwed that up.

David. David.

Just stop.

Big Baby,

i guess i believed that the americans of 2014 were a bigger, faster more able group than the one that forced OT on canadian ice in 2010. i guess the air left the balloon today, or the europeans are catching up. i can't imagine a swedish win over the canadians, who methinks are lacking big names-except for crosby- but are somewhat cohesive. 5 goals to finland- they just didn't even show up. don't know how mant times the USA scored today, but 3 would probably be pressing it.

Shadow the Canadian team is just better overall I think but like I said Team USA has made tremendous strides as have American hockey players. The gap is lessening but Canada is still Canada when it comes to hockey. Yes looks like Team USA decided to take the day off.

yeah!!! let's PASS MORE!
that was our problem!
the talent on the line regressed from last year, as most of the talent on this team does.
the question mark was martin; once they got mckinnie and martin split, we went on that run and things tightened up a bit more.
i am not saying the line was great; i am saying the coaching sucked, PERIOD.
and for all of those on here arguing that the line was atrocious, please explain how PASSING MORE was the solution, and not running the ball more?

This damn Ted Wells report doesn't seem to go away but this is an interesting story .


This just in, Martin is still a pussy and Ross is still a fackin itiot.


When I think about the nonsense surrounding bullychitgate I can't help but laugh out loud. Seriously, think about the conduct the NFL will abide...


This is a omplete list of every player arrested in the NFL since 2002. The list includes the punishment from the NFL and teams (i.e., cut, game suspension, fine, etc). As you can see almost all remained with their team and in the NFL.

This list shows us that players can commit rape, murder, robbery, deal drugs, beat their wives, permanently disable others, kill others while driving drunk, burglary, carry weapons illegally, steal, and a long list of other reprehensible offensives with little or no penalty from the teams and NFL.

Along comes Bullychitgate and it is clear that while the NFL will abide a lot gawd forbid if a player is mean to another player in the locker room.

The NFL is a ffing PC joke.

Big Baby,

the swedes playing w/o a couple of key players have been playing a gritty game. the breakaway by crosby was a major mistake; but the defense/goaltending has been op notch. the americans spit out the bit-5 to ZERO- is embarassing, and the "ladies" folding in trhe last 4 minutes and OT in a real "grudge match' -as all the games with the canadians are was a tough go with a very questionable penalty not helping; but two goals in the last four minutes is not very excusable.

Lots of talk about having NHL players stay home in 2018 wonder if that will happen some execs are somewhat outspoken about it. Seems to me injuries can happen at any time not just the Olympics maybe they don't like the league disruption either. That would be too bad to me it's fun seeing my favorite NHL players on teams like Finland, Sweden Czech etc.has been since they started doing it.

No H. Sedin, Zetterberg, or Backstrom surprised it wasn't 10-0 Canada. Canada no goals over final 164 minutes shutting out Sweden and USA on way to winning 3rd gold out of last 4 Olympics they didn't lose in the tourney. I credit Bruins coach Claude Julien an assistant who seemed to have made the team play his system which is hard to beat ask teams playing Boston the last few years. Carey Price good in goal but he wasn't tested that much defensemen for Canada were the story.

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