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January 26, 2014

What do you think of Dolphins' hiring Hickey as GM? New poll. Vote now!; plus Hickey reacts, Heat-Spurs, Grammys & more

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Super Bowl Top 10 storylines: Here is my annual Super Bowl Week lighthearted preview, in which an apparently self-loathing journalist pokes fun at the bombast of the Super Bowl and at the media that drives the excess. I think the word "Peyton" may be mentioned a few times. Click on SB Top 10 Storylines for the column.

1aa1dhickeyDOLPHIN SETTLE ON HICKEY AS LONG, STRANGE GM SEARCH ENDS: A Dolphins general manager search that saw at least three preferred candidates rebuff Miami ended today with the hiring of Tampa Bay Bucs director pro player personnel Dennis Hickey. Interestingly, Tampa Bay also had a GM opening and did not even consider Hickey for the job. What do you think of Miami's hire? Obviously none of us can know for sure for awhile, but what best expresses your intiial reaction? Take a dip in our poll and say why.

HICKEY'S REACTION TO HIRING: Via the Dolphins: “Miami is a great franchise with a historic tradition and passionate fans. The opportunity to work with Stephen Ross, Joe Philbin and the entire Dolphins organization to build a team that wins on a consistent basis is exciting, “ Hickey said. “The Dolphins certainly have talented players and I am eager to hit the ground running with our personnel and coaching staffs. We will all work together to construct a team that will make our organization and fans proud.”   

HEAT WHIP SPURS: Miami at home won 113-101 over San Antonio yesterday in an NBA Final rematch, with Dwyane Wade returning to action with limited effectiveness after four straight games out with knee soreness. Result had an order-restored feel, although Wednesday's visit by Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City should be a more heated test.

Poll result: Wide concern for Wade health issues: We asked in previous blogpost, and only 22.0 percent felt Wade's health (knee) issues were not a problem. Another 13.5% said the concern would decrease the likelihood LeBron James re-signs, 12.5% said it indicates Wade is past his prime, 6.7% said it hurts Heat's three-peat title chances -- and 45.2% said all three factors were real.

A FEW QUICK GRAMMY THOUGHTS: Is it an "Emporer's New Clothes" thing? Did no one close to the two 1aa1daftguys have the nerve to tell Daft Punk they looked like idiots carrying their helmeted persona onstage last night? ("Get Lucky" is a great song, though). Was that walking cane a prop or is Madonna really that old? Anybody else really tired of the aggressively inoffensive LL Cool J? I think Lorde has talent but the song "Royals" was way overhyped. The only category I actually cared about was Best Americana Album, but Mavis Staples didn't win and it didn't get on TV anyway.

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Don't hate it he has plenty of experience with roster building and scouting. Not the best candidate but the best we could get. I really hope Ross is right about Philbin he has placed a lot of faith in him hopefully it's rewarded for fans sake.

Enough is enough. I'm tired of Ross embarrassing the team I love. Screw him. Tired of wasting my money on season tickets for this inept owner to embarass this team on a National Level.

Ross is a donkey raping s***eater...

HICKEY'S REACTION TO HIRING: Via the Dolphins just now: “Miami is a great franchise with a historic tradition and passionate fans. The opportunity to work with Stephen Ross, Joe Philbin and the entire Dolphins organization to build a team that wins on a consistent basis is exciting, “ Hickey said.

Hickey already sounds like an a** kissing moron...

Hickey I don't blame you for taking cash and trying to bolster your resume though son...

Couldn't even vote as to how I feel about Hickey hiring because Ross is still the owner so it's ah superfluous...

Ross is like a box of chocolate s*** candy. That's all I have to say about that...

I would of been happier if Ross hired Casario. I hope this hiring works for the better but we shall see.


The thing that I took from this fiasco is think about this for a minute, 2 minorites turned them down. When 2 guys get the job they have to be looking for get the chance of a life time say no, something is fu***d up with this setup. I just read at NBC sports,this guy hickey was about to be fired by the bucs.It's easy to be a monday morning QB, but Ross should of told petterson to take a hike, and fired the whole bunch of them and started with a clean slate.What he sees in philbin is beyond me.

Bashing this new guy Hickey is pointless, its not the guy's fault he was hired as the GM, Ross is a clueless nitwit , he is the problem...let us all hope this guy proves everyone wrong.

Naples...what you said is correct, for two minority candidates to have turned down this job speaks volumes as to how Ross is viewed around the league...

Can anyone tell me who is even on the bucs team that is good? Can Tampa bay fans name 5 players This is a joke it will be another losing season for the dolphins and I wont even waste my time buying a ticket for this D+ organization

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

Just a thought- Hickey's first move should be to fire Ross.

Always with the negative waves FZB, always with the negative waves.

It s disheartening hearing Hickey was about to be fired by Tampa.Anyway,he was hired and I can now only hope for the best.I can t bash the guy because I don t know him or if he has good potential or not.I can only wait and hope alot on that.He s the new GM for Ross simply through attrition.He s a guy who can get along and THAT seemed to be the PRIMARY trait Ross wanted or needed.The guy s body of work as a talent evaluator and personnel man is yet to be proven.Naturally Dolphin fans can t exactly be jumping for joy with where he came from the and general opinions of him from the few who know him.Guess we have little choice but to agonize through another painful season that is becoming the norm under Ross as he meanders his way unknowingly throughout the NFL with his Dolphin franchise that seems in way over their head right now.

Is that a Hickey on Ross' neck?

Guess what Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, John Fox and Pete Carroll all have in common? They all made it to the playoffs this year and they were all fired by other NFL teams.

Getting fired in the NFL doesn't mean squat.

My teenage daughter should be Dolphins owner. She went last night and DID NOT come back with a Hickey.
This is such an uninspiring hiring.
If this guy doesn't hit it big, especially with the wealth of talent at QB (which leaves opportunity for the Fins to get a CB, LB or O-Lineman) The franchise will be set back another 3 years.
My gosh this is embarrasing. 18 years with the Bucs, and is not printed there. Yet Gaine was nearly made GM in a third the time. What does THAT tell you?

Sorry, I meant hit it big in the draft.

Great choice!!! Hickey and Coach Joe will be great together!!!

Any of the candidates interviewed would have come with question marks. That is what I find so funny. Each and every candidate, including Ceserio, began taking negative comments and shots from around the league when they became the LEADING candidate. Not saying this is an ideal hire, only time will tell. Just saying Farmer, Dawson, Xander, and even Licht all received some negatives from NFL "insiders", when they were reported to be THE guy.

Hey oddball...I ain't "no negativo" ...I'm a pragmatico...know the difference.

So now Armando reported that my new adopted son Hickey was basically going to be fired after the draft and he knew it and was basically desperate to get a job...of course Tommy-Son won't believe the report ...

So in essence our clueless, nitwit ( that's my new favorite word that I stole from Tom) owner picked the 8th best candidate for the position and filled it with a guy that was with Bucs for 18 yrs and was never considered for their GM position...all righty then.

yeah Ross is a total asswipe.

The reason Hickey was going to be let go in Tampa ,btw we do not know if that is true or just media rumors,is because they also hired a new GM and he wants his own people on board. Let's give this guy a chance to succeed. We all know he is starting off behind the eight ball with Ross as the owner and Philbin as his head coach!

Ohh, mmm...maybe Ross is a closet Jets fan ( since he is a new yorker) and is bringing our franchise down on purpose...

Time to get on board the "Realistico" movement...it's the only viable choice...you keep you expectations incredibly low(where they belong with this half-assed joke of an organization)and then when the inevitable reality hits and the Phins continue their run of average mediocrity you aren't let down...Realistico 2014....see ya next December at 6-10!!!

Maybe this guy can get us a coach next year and then be fired by Aponte, who will follow Philbin to Jacsonville and Ross sells the team to a real owner who at the very least gives a f**k about his team. I know, I know, time to wake up.

FZB, you sir, no longer have a team.

If the fins don't win in the playoffs then all three are done!!! I don't think this was a great hire but the guy worked in TB for 18 years. He is a scout, but that's all Miami wanted. I hope he can build an offensive line as a LONG TERM solution. Ross has F88ck## it up by never bringing in Philbin with a pairing of HC/GM combo when he was hired instead he was stuck with Fireland! Now I would bet Philbin is still here because of something in his contract. Or maybe the power struggle has something to do with Philbin/Aponte taking on GM duties, and just needing a high priced scout. To think IF the GM in KC could of been here in Miami with Philbin in his first season we would of been in the playoffs 2 times already. If they lose WE SUCK if they win ALL the COMPLAINING ENDS!!!!The other hope is that Ross sells the TEAM to a FOOTBALL OWNER NOT A DEVELOPER WHOS A CLOSET JETS FAN!!!

Who really cares who the GM for the Dumbfins is? They should have gone after Highsmith, he knows personel and he knows the game. Just another stupid decision on the part og the Dumbfins ownership and front office. Go Canes!!!!

Despite all the Fin heartbreaks, disappointments, collapses over the years, I never would have imagined the they would wind up with worst NFL owner ever. Truly amazing just how low this franchise has fallen...

All the Norman Vincent Pealisms in the world are going to change this fact...

Oddball could you turn that Tiger turret around and aim it right at Ross' Learjet just for the hell of it. No Ross doesn't have to be on it. We're not bloodthirsty barbarians afterall..

Cote, where is the option to vote for "I'd rather have ten truckfuls of fresh horse manure dumped in my driveway than for the Dolphins to have hired this stiff?"

Cote always leaves off the obvious options...

Posted by: Naples Jack | January 26, 2014 at 06:44 PM

You know it's bad when black people won't even take the job amirite?!


Look at it this way he has to be more qualified than Ireland just by waking up and putting his shoes on. I read that Hickey was the best candidate at breaking down the draft and evaluating prospects. Caserio wanted to bring in Josh McDaniel to coach not sure that would have been a great option at all. Joe Philbin has hired two very good coaches in Lazor and Dufner. Hickey has knowledge let's see if can translate but it was not time to fire the coach yet. The roster is not bereft of talent I believe Philbin wen he says they aren't that far away from contending. Bring on the haters.

Just another day at Clown Shoes Central...why not bring back the stupid orange carpet and let all the pole-smoking celeb's walk down it smiling like the botoxed phonies they are...oh,and let the Bullygate "panel" walk down it as well,smiling and waving like goons...might as well go full retard at this point...so much fail...So.Much.FAIL.

Really? 8-8 is clown shoes central? Granted it's not good but I would argue that there are way more teams in the league that should have that label right now. Keep spouting 6-10 and everyone will keep looking at you this current GM has helped draft some pro bowl players and was part of a SB championship that has to be worth something at some level. The sky is not falling we have a QB and excellent receivers let's see what some coaching for do for that group before we continue to guess what may happen.

OC a sign of things to come for Tiger? How about that meltdown at Torrey? Sergio looks like he's ready to play are we on again this season? How about rankings this time at the end of the year we can do Majors again also.

Put me down as a Garcia fan, BB. Us Garcia's have to stick together, bro. Damn, there's a lot of us out there. Grandpa laid more pipe than the Transiberian Piping Company.

Yeah whatever,BB...keep spouting 6-10 and everyone will be looking at me?What does that even mean?...more like keep picking 11-5 and everyone will keep laughing their asses off at you...

When your team sucks,you get a Hickey...

Oye, FZB, I came home last night from a dinner party and when I turned the TV on the Grammys came on. I watched for about 5 minutes. I haven't seen such a collection of Chimps, Wimps, and Pimps since the last time that Jesse was relevant and he was on TV with his Rainbow coalition. The last time that I saw that many losers under one roof was when the Democrats had their convention in Chicago back in 1968. Thank goodness that when I switched channels I found a good old fashion tractor pull to watch on the Redneck Network. I had to wake up twice and take some aspirin and alka seltzer and drink a few hot toddies just to try to fall back to sleep but to no avail. The scene that was on TV when I turned it on of a group of alien looking hermaphrodites lined up to get married by some fat Aunt Jemima looking thing only to be followed out by an anorexic hideous looking female impersonator attempting to look like that putonga Madona was enough to give me the willies and keep me up all night.

Memo to CBS, Next year please put a warning message before the telecast begins that says, "Images on this show are not recommended for people with good taste."

Roid Rage at 10:58 AM...."Yes, and it counts!"

We have an unproven incredibly average qb and where exactly are those excellent receivers??Average/medicore...just like this GM hire...we got sloppy sevenths...right in line with the way this franchise has operated for a very long time... Wow,those homer glasses have the faultiest lenses ever made...but if it makes you happy to have false hope hey more power to you...and yes a decade of 6-10,7-9 8-8 is clown shoes...especially for a once "proud" organization in a large market...

No doubt they are in a bad way for the last 5 years but it's not a rebuild job. I think Tannehill can be more than average throwing for almost 4000 yards says so.

BB, anyone now a day with the new rules can throw for 4 grand. Look even some stiff named Tanesomething did it this year. Roid, to answer your question about where the excellent wide receivers are, one is currently playing in Chicago and the other one is currently on the Broncos roster waiting to suit up for this Sunday's game....

I blame Parcells.

Really the Dolphins had that first Bills game won. They lost it due to poor play calling / coaching. That win would have had them in the playoffs.
So with improved offensive line play, Thill sucking less, and better play calling....Hopefully 10 wins next year.

But of course we still have Casper the Friendly Ghost and his two one thousand yard 2 touchdown seasons and his stellar play down the stretch against Buffalo and the Jets was a thing of beauty. I could have beaten his whiteness in a 50 yard race while standing inside a burlap bag with my hands tied behind my back while smoking a Marlboro Red.....

Henry, there's a reason that they call you "Blind Henry."

So Brandon Marshall was great in Miami?
Marshall would be complaining about Tannehill for sure.
If Marshall is so great, why didn't the Bears make the playoffs?

Because they didn't win more games than Green Bay. Geez, Henry do I have to help you with all the tough questions, buddy?

Grammy's weren't great too many has been singers Pink should be singing and playing not doing Cirque dE Soileil show. No problem wi LCool J either he should be performing too he's probably still better than most of the artists now. Taylor Swift remains one of the bes muscians on the planet. They have to stop with all of these ballads and slow country songs though it's turned into a snooze fest more rock and roll please.

all right guys, its not all doom and gloom here..it just seems like it....Like the great late George Harrison said.

all things most pass...eventually.

Wood's..I was actually going to watch the Grammy's last night and then I forgot about it but according to your report I didn't miss chit...so there it is.

Roid..put me down for your "realistico" movement..I'll be in on it as long as Philbin is our coach and the black widow is lurking in the background or until Regis proves me wrong..which ever comes first.

and I don't want anyone bashing my new adopted son Hickey, its not his fault that clueless Ross threw a chit load of "dinero" his way..and who knows, my new son could become a stud GM..in time.

Wallace is close to losing it too Henry. Tannehill better find him open and often next season or I don't see that ending well. His recent assertion that he would have had "15 or 20" more td's though if things clicked is really just frustration talking he's not happy.

Big Baby- That is kind of a stretch to say that cessario wanted mc daniels as his head coach. I have not seen that report anywhere. Please don't tell it came from albert breer. After the mangini mess, mc daniels would not go to miami, after BB brought him back a second time.

Of course he's not happy, BB. When he looks at the opposite side of the field for his "complimentary wide outs" he sees a 5-8 inch midget running in quick sand drawing single coverage by some fat slob defensive lineman who peels off to cover "His Whiteness."

How in the world is a guy like Wallace going to get open. Hell, he would have a better wide receiver to play along with if George Wallace and his wheel chair came back from the dead and lined up for the Dolphins instead of the White Glacier that we currently have at wide out.....


You're such a jackass Woodcock Hartline is 6'2'' and caught 76 passes this year for 1016 yards. Ask any DC of any team and they will absolutely tell you they have to game plan for him on a weekly basis. If you want to blame something white blame the vanilla offense we ran.

Wallace isn't happy because Tannehill couldn't throw a deep pass worth a crap this year that's your answer.

Naples Mc Daniels would have been in Miami faster than a New York minute believe what you want I am plugged in.

I am have a mixed opinion on Dennis Hickey.If Hickey has the same success in Miami as he did in Tampa he will be the best Dolphin GM since the early 1980's.The Dolphins drafts have been so poor since 1984 that a blind mouse would have a better chance of drafting players.Hickey seemed to be the cream of a bad crop of GM candidates so my feeling of his selection is a mild wait and see mode.

BB, is that 6-2 wearing lifts or standing on top of a 50 gallon bucket?

Gee, Mayberd, maybe you should conduct the same experiment that OC did last week and observe closely to see how long it takes a fresh turd to turn into bratwurst.

Oh, and BB, thanks for reminding old Woodcock that his whiteness' name is Hartline. Woodcock tries to forget all unpleasantness as soon as possible.

BB..easy with my boy Tanny, all he need s is a running game and and offensive line to take the next step..

on Hartline?..he is just ok, I don't think he is great shakes either..what we need is someone like Demaryius Thomas on the other side of Wallace..now that would be dangerous for the other team's defenses..

Maybe Tricky Hickey can trade for Marshall for two number ones and a player to be named later, hopefully that player is TCOMC......

FZB I hope you're not defending Tanenhill's deep ball completion rates last season. He was at the bottom of the league last year he better improve or he won't be the answer in Miami simple as that.

BB..just a bit curious, you still think it was better keeping Philbin over a much better qualified GM candidate?

because you seem to be ok with your boy Caserio taking over as the man in charge and firing PHilbin in favor of McDaniels..

Was not in favor of Caserio/ McDaniel combo and that's what would have happened. I am not completely sold on McDaniel as an OC any longer never mind HC of my favorite team. I like the Philbin model for now.

Hennis Dickey must be a desperate loser. Who in their right mind would take a GM job where he can't bring in his own coach? Phailbin will be gone by the end of next season. Acunte will be gone by the end of the following season and Dickey will be gone the year after that. Leaving us again with the real problem. Rosso the puckered anus face clown.
Hopefully Rosso will sell this circus to an owner who wants to win more than making money. That or be dead in the next week or two.
The only thing that Rosso cares about is making money. Nothing else matters.

come on Ship..you can't blame this guy Hickey for taking the money, he's got a family to feed..blame Ross he is the only one responsible for this mess..

sell the team Ross, you asswipe.

FZB you are mutinous Tahitian pond scum. You sir, no longer have a team. Flipper72 will hunt you down to the end of the earth. There is no place of refuge for you in Dolfanland.

oye bro..la tuya por si acaso..

Finally, someone answered that Craigslist ad.

Will you look at FZB? He's a Freudian delight; he crawls with clues!

Embrace the SUCKNESS".......................

watch it Anti...you sir are going to be called a negativo by the new positivo crew...

He who don't know nothing, must know something, eh anti?

Welcome to the club FZB.

FZ, You mean the "Kool-Aid" gang???

Those that maintain Ross will yet prove he's a competent owner and the Fins will pull out of this nosedive with him at the wheel well.. Welcome to The Peoples Temple in lovely Guyana...

FZB reminds me of the priest in Caddyshack. Starts off being all proper and positive, then gets hit by thunderstorm Ireland, and now he's drinking heavily, slurring his insults and wanting to drag Ross chained up to the back of his battery-powered Prius along Calle Ocho.

Damn anti we're on same page. I didn't yet see yer Koolaide post when I posted the above...

Why are the same dumb shits who were completely wrong about everything related to the Dolphins this year still giving us their opinions?

Just asking...

The is no God...

Yeah and there is no God either for f***sake...

Oh Stephen Ross, I'm looking at you... You wore green so you could hide. I don't blame you - you're a tramp! Ooh! That was right where you wanted it! Ooh Mr. Ross, you're a little monkey man you know that? You're a little monkey man... You're lean and you're mean and you're not too far between either I bet, are ya? Would you like to wrap your brown shoes around my head?


Hickey has a good track record with Tampa, may be a very good GM

OC..girly-men drive Prius's..I drive a Chev P/U buddy, that's a man's car..now I do agree with U on that idiot Ross...we need to drag his little ass up and down 8th street for a while.

Holey Moley woodcock you were right I just saw a pic of Madonna from last night spookyville.

I've never seen tatas like this before..hehe


I believe that the correct expression to describe what that was impersonating Madona las night is "hideous."

And I know hideous well. In, fact I've had carnal relations with hideous on many a night under the influence of a large dose of adult beverages and Madona fit that definition to a T yesterday.

I would say triple the grocery bags and double the large consumption of Scottish or Irish spirits and then there might just be a chance for some action.

I'm afraid however that there is not enough spirits in the British Isles and grocery bags in America to help that Aunt Jimima looking broad that came on stage to pronounce them "hermaphrodite and hermaphrodite."

WTF, was that?

Cock, I can beat any Hag you had Coutts With........
Beat this........................


I made it through little over half missed that part you spoke about. Recorded the rest mostly to see one of my musical heroes Lindsay Buckingham. Thanks for the warning about that other part will be sure to erase that without viewing.

anti never tell you wife this. Even if she is the most forgiving woman in the world she will forever question your sanity. I question your sanity.


We all know "Mr. Woodcock" isn't interested...

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