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January 19, 2014

Broncos vs. Seahawks in Super Bowl 48: Who wins? You decide, right here. New poll. Vote!; plus MLK & more

1) It is MONDAY, JANUARY 20. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL Champ Sunday picks and polls, LeBron's b'day message to Wade, IOC's 'anti-American' ruling & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Click on Super Sunday Twice for yesterday's column previewing AFC and NFC Championship Games, and on Random Evidence for my latest Sunday notes-column package leading with Heat.

Well, I blew it. I wrote that betting against Peyton Manning at home was like betting against tomorrow's sunrise. 1aa1denseasbThen I went and did it. Broncos win, 26-16, in a game not as close as score suggests. All Denver. All Peyton. You all had it. Denver was the pick of 69.6 percent of you in our poll. In the late game, 62.3% thought Seattle would beat San Francisco. I had the road 'dog again: Niners. And was wrong again. Seahawks, 23-17. Now it's the Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl the seeds and the oddsmakers predicted. In retrospect, I wish I'd stuck with Peyton but do not second-guess liking Niners. The question now for you: Who wins on Feb. 2 in the cold of New Jersey? Vote and say why.

 SB a betting tossup: Las Vegas can't seem to decide on a favorite here, with some books favoring Seattle by 1 point and others Denver by as many as 2. Early money swinging to Broncos. I think the line will settle at Denver -2 or even 2.5. Over/under seems in the 47-48 range, low for a Super Bowl, lowest, in fact, in 32 years.

1aa1amlkON MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.: It's MLK Day in America, honoring the great civil rights icon who would be 85 today if not slain in 1968 at age 39. I strongly reccomend a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, built beside the Lorraine Motel where King was killed. It is a profoundly moving experience.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Yes well as I said OC you called that one. I probably missed SF vs Seattle call too. WTF do I care...

Dolphins 6-10 next season. I'm probably in ballpark with that prediction though...

then again, on second thought...

dukimoto you are such a "negativo"©

© Copyright FZB 2013

With Philbin and whatever lame duck gm they can scrounge up due to Philbin and Ross plus the dissension on the team next year could be pretty bad. Probably not worth watching.

Zulumeister you are such a "negativo"©

© Copyright FZB 2013

eliminate "negativoism"©

See dukey, you got those two picks wrong because you failed to uncover and connect two seemingly unimportant facts; first, Jimi's last performance was in Denver, and duh! He was born in Seattle.

Story of NFL this season is officiating. In the end, one major call for Seattle affected scoring. Later, the 'fumble' non call had no impact as Seattle fumbled again. SF had a good thing going for the win and blew it on risky ball into the end zone. They have 4 downs, plenty of time and they go for the score. Even if they succeed, Seattle gets a chance to get in FG range.

Though the players and coaches have changed, Seattle gets another Super Bowl chance after the worst officiating in SB history ruined their first chance.

Glad to see the Pats get Omaha'd. Got to respect them going that far with a skeleton team.

Hey, Greg, who do you have winning the Super Bowl? Russell Wilson and Payton Manning are shivering waiting to see who you pick. damn, boss, you're even a bigger anti-pick than Woodcock!

Well that's quite the dazzling display of synchronicity concernig Jimi and SB teams. I did pick Seattle over SF but I really didn't think Denver would beat NE...

Home field is HUGE in Championship games. You take those same four teams and switch addresses and both NE and SF win.

If Peyton is the greatest, does he need all this help from the officials? The pic plays are the staple when they are in a third down. They have run them the last two weeks so obvious to anyone except Phil Simms and the officials on the field. The over or under number on the pic plays in the Super Bowl is four. Watch for it. You won't miss the foul, although there is an excellent chance the officials will!

There were a few calls that went against the Niners today but nothing that cost them the game. You wouldn't know that from listening to my friends who are 49rs fans as I was watching the game at their house. They sounded just like OC in every single game that a team that he's rooting of in any sport loses, "The focking refs cost us the game."

I mean, when we lost to Buffalo, I think 20-0, it was a total beat down by the Bills, I think that clown Tan threw for 98 yards, and what was the first thing that OC said to me about the game......."The refs killed us."

Classic. I've never seen a bigger homer and a more delusional individual.

Wassup, OC!

Woodcockster you are such a "negativo"©

© Copyright FZB 2013

I'm only a negativo when I think of Obama and the Democrats.

The Democrats, killing this country since 1828.

Richard Sherman, what a focking loser.

Negro al fin. Oh la cagan a la entrada o a la salida.

OC, Home Field wasn't HUGE for Marino and Fins against Pats and Bills in AFC Championship game. Huh what about that Mr. Smarty Pants college gradeuate lol...

"Who wins?"

Hey man, it is like so obvious where the money goes. The Big TV squares got it all figured they can put Washington and Colorado names in the first Super Weed Bowl, along with the local color and reporting about the teams' home towns, in a massive promotion of the modern pot growing industry to get those advertising dollars flowing, into time-bidding wars against beer advertising dollars ... and who wins?
All the advertising money flows into Big TV.

Seattle and Denver may perform like Cheech and Chong play football?
Hey man, who cares who wins. Out in the parking lot the hometown fans' pre-game parties all have bongs on the tailgates.

Watching the games last week and again yesterday sure makes me wonder how far our Dolphins could have gone with a good head coach and a coaching staff that knew what they were doing? I still say we have a talented team (well the o-line not so much),but the coaching is pitiful. Just sayin

Harleyrayster you are such a "negativo"©

Woodcockster you get a double "negativo"© for blasting Democrats and our great president Barack Hussein Obama in one post.

Seahawks defense is nasty, but with 2 weeks to prepare, Manning will find a way to attack it. Also, Seahawks won't have the courtesy of the 12th Man screaming their heads off to disrupt Peyton's adjustments at the LOS. I'll take the Broncos - 27 Seahawks - 24

The one common thread in the DAAAFINS irrelevance has been Ross. He is clueless. 6-10 will be optimistic next year. Embrace the suck.

Neilcocksuckster I know you embrace being the sucker but you are such a "negativo"©

Belichick is whining again: "185 lb Wes Welker intentionally hurt my thug DB 215 1b Aqib Talib."

What's new in the land of perpetual excuses? Nothing. Boofuckinghoo


Highlight of the weekend.....Patriots getting worked by Peyton Manning.

Sunday's conference championship games were super like you predicted Greg but the lack of sportsmanship by Richard Sherman and Bill Belicheat is disturbing.Sherman should be a little less boastful and full or himself in victory and this morning's press conference by Belicheat was the typical sour grapes comments he usually gives after a loss.Sherman and Belicheat should be roasted for their poor sportsmanship by media and fans and hopefully the backlash will promote better sportsmanship by the Broncos and Seahawks before during and after the Super Bowl February 2.

Gee, I wonder how many "negativos" I'm going to get for this one. He he.

Oye, OC, I just read this in the LA Times. This guy wrote this in a comment on a story about Obumer. Word.

Obamacare is an utter failure.
Obama continues to want to divide Israel.
His support of Muslim Brotherhood is embarrasing.
He lied when he said that marriage is sacred union of a male and female.
He appointed Monsanto to head the FDA when he promised he would not.
Refuses to pull out of Afghanistan
Won't protect our border
Fast and Furious
Benghazi debacle.
Constantly golfs and vacations.
He physically bowed down to Chinese and Saudi Arabia heads.
He has the IRS audit his political opponents.
He caved in to Banksters and allowed them to continue to gamble in the derivatives market.
He lied when he opposed raising the debt ceiling and is now the biggest borrow and spend President of all President combined.
He continues to sign off on Executive Orders that take away our freedoms and rights.
Wanted to take away much of our gun rights but got stopped by Congress.
He refuses to go to Church.
He appoints tax cheats and banksters to high positions in government.
Continues to approve thousands of new regulations on businesses strangling growth.
Loans hundreds of millions to solar companies that went bankrupt.
Frequently visits evil Hollywood elite for fundraisers.
Lied about Patriot Act and instead extended it.

Woods, the dude forgot to include that in basketball, he shoots nothing but bricks.

After what #25 for the Seahawks said after the game I hope the Broncos beat the living hell out of the chickhawks. What an a$$hole.

Tommy, I started to root for Peyton Manning when he played at Tennessee. Rooted huge for him and the Vols the 4 straight times they lost to that miserable loser Steve Spurrier and the most hated Florida Gayturds. I was shocked and pissed when the kid had to sit there on national TV and watch un negro bemba walk up and take the Heisman Trophy that should have been his and his alone in what should be known as "The Great Heisman Robbery." And then I rooted for him big time every single time he played the focking Patriots, even if it was a pre-season game.

Yesterday, I sat at home and quietly watched the clinic that he put on at Mile High Stadium, which will be known forever in Broncos lore as Peyton's Clinic, while sipping on a fresh bottle of Bushmills Irish Honey and loved every freaking minute of it. Hell, had that guy not dropped a bunny that went right off his hands at the end of the fourth he would have thrown three TDs and over 400 yards on the Patsys and Bellicheat.

Yessir, yesterday afternoon was a great one........That is until that focking abortion Pete Carrol and his band of gangster thugs beat the 49rs.

I already lit four of the large $5.00 devotion candles to St. Anthony and prayed that Peyton throws 8 touchdowns against focking Pete "I gave the choke sign to Coach Shula" Carrol.

I really hate that little twerp.

Hey Cock, Lets not forget these Pics Of the Prez.........



I wonder what Dapper Dave has to say about you post....

I actually wanted to see Frank Gore win a ring because this may have been his last chance at one. Now I will be rooting for the Broncos and Peyton Manning

Tom- The real highlight of this weekend, and the past 2 weekends was the fact that the dolphin players got to watch the games in there homes with the rest of the losers in the nfl. And as usual the dolphin fans got to watch teams that were not run by clueless coaches and owner.Teams with franchise QBs, teams that did not get shutout by the bills, and lose to the jets at home by 2 rookie QBs when all they needed was to win 1 game. Just think, your so called future QB put up 7 pts in 2 games!!!! Good luck with that.

Gee, Naples, did you really have to say that just when I was about to brush my teeth and go out and play 18 in honor of that MLK guy.....

What's it been, Almost 30 years since the fins made a Super Bowl???

Woodcock... Obama gets award for "Biggest Liar of 2013," "Habitual Liar of the Decade," "Best Selfie at a State Funeral," award. Most "mulligans per round of 18," award, The "Scandal of the Year," for Benghazi, The "Transparency Award" The Best Friend of Terrorists," award. The prestigious, "TelePrompter" award, The Iranians awarded him the, "Most Ignorant on Foreign Policy," award and the Mexicans gave him a "shout out for arming the cartels," When he isn't spending taxpayers money on vacations and the golf course he is busy awarding himself the "hands across the aisle," award and patting himself on the back for his most recent approval rating of 39 % up from 35% while still lying about ObamaCare signup numbers! You gotta love such an accomplished guy!

"Yes, and it counts!"

Anonymous, that has to be the leading entry for Post of the Year so far in 2014.

Woods, you going back-to-back? Did you get to play with Jim Brown yesterday?

hey FZB? THIS just in from barry jackson, or as tom would say, ANOTHER guy who doesn't know what he's talking about..
maybe barry has "sour grapes" because they fired ireland!

"So why is Dolphins owner Stephen Ross keeping Joe Philbin after ditching Jeff Ireland and Mike Sherman, rather than letting the new general manager pick the coach? Ross respects Philbin’s integrity, his organizational skills, the way he carries himself.

And some of Ross’ closest associates, including Carl Peterson, have told him that Philbin is not the problem. And there’s this: Ireland had the larger body of underwhelming work; Philbin --- who has multiple years left on his contract --- has had four fewer years to fail.

But if Ross polled a wide range of players and others for feedback about Philbin and this coaching staff, he would get mixed reviews. He also would be confronted with this question: What special skill does Philbin bring to the job?

“There’s not great respect for the coaching staff there,” said a close associate of several Dolphins players.

“Criticism of the coaches is consistent with everyone I talk to on the team,” said another associate. “You have some assistants who weren’t experienced or comfortable in their jobs. Some players said they didn’t learn much. It’s pretty disconcerting.”

And… “There’s not a lot of great teaching there,” said another close associate who speaks regularly with several Dolphins.

Let’s be clear: There are some coaches on this staff who do good work and are deserving of their jobs, including Kacy Rodgers (defensive line) and Darren Rizzi (special teams). Tight ends coach Dan Campbell has done a commendable job with Charles Clay.

Dolphins players generally like defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, but some believe Rodgers should be the coordinator, and the front office was unhappy Coyle didn’t find more ways to use Dion Jordan.

But this is troubling: One offensive player said he hasn’t learned a single thing from his position coach. Another who has been on the team during Philbin’s tenure said the assistant receiver’s coach, Phil McGeoghan, does a much better job than receivers coach Ken O’Keefe, and questioned O’Keefe’s acumen for the job. (O’Keefe previously was the offensive coordinator at Iowa and worked three years with Philbin there.)

O’Keefe, like several of Philbin’s hires, had a personal connection to Philbin, which made him appealing despite not having any NFL experience. Aside from coordinators, nine of the 12 coaches that Philbin has hired had never worked in the NFL.

One of the three who did, linebackers coach George Edwards, left for the Vikings last week and didn’t exactly get the most from his players here. And now Philbin has subtracted his most experienced coach in Sherman, whose work also drew criticism from players.

As for Philbin, a lot of players like him personally. What you don’t hear are words such as "innovative" or "dynamic leader."

One player complained that teams take on the personality of their coach and said because Philbin is flat and unemotional, the team too often plays like that. That has become a serious concern, but it goes beyond Philbin’s lack of motivational skills. Another said his personality better fits a coordinator.

“Players don’t see him as a really good X’s and O’s guy,” said one of the players’ close associates. “He’s just an organizational guy who’s on top of the scheduling and planning.”

A prominent network analyst who asked not to be named said Ross was fooled if he thought he was getting an offensive savant in Philbin. “His background is offensive line,” the analyst said, adding that Philbin wasn’t the coach primarily developing Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. (And we all know how this offensive line turned out.)

When asked last year what he likes about a particular player (Chris Clemons), Philbin said: “He keeps his mouth [shut].”

That philosophy is why Philbin either wanted to dump or was perfectly fine with losing productive players who spoke out, from Brandon Marshall to Reggie Bush to Karlos Dansby – all of whom were highly productive elsewhere. Ireland, of course, also had a major part in this.

There are some people in the Dolphins front office who see the deficiencies in Philbin and this staff, but Ross believes Philbin is part of the solution.

Regardless of whether Philbin survives beyond 2014, the GM and the coaching staff must have more of a common vision of players and how to use them.

“There was a huge disconnect between the coaches and management,” said one person who spoke several times to Ireland. “Jeff was frustrated. He thought his rookies should be on the field more.”

Instead, they played less than any rookie class in the league, because the coaches didn’t quite see in them what Ireland did.

Perhaps new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor will infuse some creative ideas. He has been an offensive coordinator only in college (Buffalo and Virginia), but he’s highly-regarded.

Lazor’s offenses at Virginia (2010-12) used a lot of motions, shifts and formations and tried to disguise plays.

“It’s an offense that takes a lot of time and a lot of work on trying to solve the puzzle,” former Auburn coach Gene Chizik said during Lazor’s tenure at Virginia. “It’s very problematic in a lot of ways because you have to limit what you can do [defensively].”

Iowa assistant Jim Reid, Virginia’s defensive coordinator during Lazor’s tenure there, said the offshoot of Lazor’s disguises and formations is “it’s hard to get a beat on how you would like to blitz them.”

At Virginia, Lazor said: “Teams know we’re going to run the power play. We just don’t want to make it look like the power play.” (Or, presumably, say "go-go" before running plays.)

Lazor ran a pro-style offense at Virginia but has considerable experience in the West Coast offense with Chip Kelly and earlier with Mike Holmgren.

By the way, Philbin hasn't completely ruled out additional staff changes, according to an associate. Offensive line coach Jim Turner's status could be impacted by Ted Wells' report on the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito scandal."

Damn Jack hit a nerve did I? OMG get a grip. Every year one team is a winner and the rest are losers. Your team is in the LOSER category with 29 others now. In two weeks we'll determine who the final loser is.

We like you Jack but your ffing team and coach as well as most Patriots fans SUCK. Come on Jack, Patriots fans are such drunken losers. The team was banned from hosting Monday nite football for about 15 years. And Miami fans got to see up close and personal just how obnoxious Patriots fans can be in January 1986 when New England beat Miami for the AFC title game. After that game drunken Patriots fans stormed the field and vandalized the Orange Bowl in a way that had never been done before.

Sorry Jack but the next best thing to a Dolphin win is a Patriots loss and the bigger the game the better it is.


just sayin.........

Have a great day, I am.

hmmm.. let's see.. i'll borrow from jim morin..

-saved the auto industry, (and 8 million jobs).

-presided over the recovery from the worst recession since the great depression.

-kept promises to withdraw from iraq and afghanistan

-began reforming the health care system

-record wall street earnings, record corporate profits

-budget deficit cut in half

-repealed "don't ask don't tell", fought for equal justice for women and minorities..

-kept promise to eliminate bin laden and other top al quaida terrorist leaders.

yeah.. worst president EVER! lol..

How pathetic, these lame old idiots can't even write their own idiotic comments about politics, they have to copy and paste some other old idiots thoughts!

hey LOL, there's been many things said about me on here, but even the guys that don't agree with me won't deny i've posted many a political opinion on here without help from anyone else.
and by the way, douche bag, it was a cartoon; i didn't cut and paste ANYTHING, just thought it was appropriate.
jim morin is a Pulitzer Prize winner. what have YOU done with your pathetic life? LOL!

by the same token, i love some of those other "old idiots" on here, but i won't criticize them for cutting and pasting.
the fact that anyone to the left of atilla the hun is considered a commie in their book is enough fodder for criticism in mine.. :)

Naples your franchise QB is not really a franchise QB any longer. 16 points yesterday. 13 last year against the Ravens in the playoffs. What 17 against the Giants as 2 td favorites? Criticize Miami all you want fact is if you had beaten us in December you would have been playing a home game yesterday so in a small way we win.

we called the decline of the mighty patriots this year; we were off a little bit as far as our division, but miami is definitely on the rise, while the patriots are in decline..

Wasn't even talking about you dave but obviously you're just as retarded as the rest of this lot.

As usual david we called it too early they went 12-4 but like Tom said any Patriot loss is a good one their fans are mostly low lifes. Miami still has a long way to go to get to respectability but at least they aren't rebuilding there is hope. Should be an interesting off season.

I smell a Kazaam.

Old idiot reference, superior self worth...yeah, that's Kazaam alright.

Tom- I am glad to see you have not forgotten that last time marino lost the AFC championship to the Pats. That is what losers do, they live in the past.Let me see, 1 SB apperance for marino,(LOST),Brady FIVE!!(3-2). Keep living in dream land, at least you have latched on to a good team in the panthers. It has to kill you fans to remember you lost to the Pats with Tony freaking Eason as the Pats QB.

No one respects a sore loser.

Looked like just a football play to me Talib is always injured anyway.

No, I'm the sore loser.

I was at that game Jack. Very disappointing given Miami actually had a shot to beat the Bears unlike the abortion the Patriots put on the field for that Super Bowl. My antipathy for the Patriots started at the 1985 AFC championship game, but not because the Pats beat Miami. On the contrary, if I hated every team that beat Miami I would hate every other team in the NFL. Rather, I hate the Patriots because their fans are colossal assholes. You generally being the exception.

So do I rejoice in the pain of Pats fans? You bet your ass I do. The only thing better than Manning working the Pats would have been the Pats winning the AFC championship game only to lose the SB on a last second 90 yard pass from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate. Kind of like the 2007 SB.

Big Baby- Let me see if I have this right. By your thinking, Brady is no longer a franchise Qb because they lost the last 2 AFC title games, and the last 2 SB? What you failed to mention in both SBs is, he had them ahead before 2 guys make an incredable catch to beat 2 weak defenses. Welker drops a huge pass right in his hands to win that last SB. So I guess rivers,brees,rodgers,kapernick,luck, and newton also must fall into that same catagory? But tanna-fail is a franchise qb? Right now the dolphins are a mediocre 8-8 team. They finished 3rd in the afc east, and last time we saw them lose to geno smith and the jets, this so called franchise QB puts up SEVEN POINTS,THREE INTs, in a must game to just make the playoffs!!! At least dolphin fans did not have to suffer the indignity of watching the future QB pitch another shutout, or maybe put up 7pts in the playoffs.

Real David- Not so fast with the decline of the Pats. Agree with you on the stock market. I had a record year with my portfolio, lets hope 2014 is just as good.

Brady 8-8 in playoffs since great start to career. Averaging 15.8 points per game in those 8 losses. They went 18-0 and then scored 14 in the Superbowl as 2 td favorites. Call Miami fans jealous, bitter etc that may be partially true but also true are the numbers I just laid out for you. I believe Miami has hired an OC with vision and creativity in Bill Lazor I will judge Tannehill in a few more years. Heck he threw for almost 4000 yards this year and improved in many areas.

Any thoughts on the Welker play Naples? That's some weak sauce Mike Parreira even said it was clean.

Don't forget you lost to Tannehill this year Naples.

The Dolphins suck. The only way they get better is to draft and trade better and to sign better players in free agency.

As much as I despise the Pats they are still the class of the AFC East and second is not even close. Brady is throwing to even worse WRs than Tannehill has. Shit, if Brady had Miami's WRs the Pats probably would be in the SB. If he had, Gronk, Hernandez and Welker they'd probably be in the SB. Expect NE to reload at WR for next year and come out blazing away.

Reload? Yeah they already did that in signing Amendola to a big contract. Edelman will want market value in FA he had a great season. He won't be there to bail Brady out any more when he leaves. Lots of big WR's out there but my guess is it will be addition by subtraction for NE.

Edelman is a 3rd WR. Amendola wouldn't start for Miami. Belichick realizes he blew it with the NE WRs. Kind of what Ireland did with Miami's OL. They both cheaped it and it cost them. I doubt he's gonna make the same mistake again. Brady is still one of the top 5 QBs in the game but his window of opportunity is narrow. Maybe 2 years, 3 years max. It's clear that even as good as Brady is he can't win with practice squad talent at WR.

105 receptions 1056 yards and 6 td's for edelman this year he became a top flight WR this season. There will be a team that pays him market value for those services. Those aren't # 3 WR numbers.

Franchise number for WR's will be around 11 million this year.

BB, I think he missed 4 games....

I don't agree BB. Those are Brady inflated #'s. Edelman is a 3rd WR not a #1.

And he did not miss any games.

Naples Jack.

Never implied Edelman was a 1 but he may be closer to a 2 than a 3. I can tell you he will get paid and likely any team that signs him will not regret it. He's maybe the best punt returner in the league too.

Would he start on Miami in front of Hartline and Wallace? NO. And Hartline and Wallace are #2's not #1's. Edelman and a 3. Put him on Miami and he catches 50 or 60 balls for 500 yds. He may get signed for big bucks but only by a team who has an idiot like Ireland for a GM.

He's arguably as valuable as both of those players he had a better season than both.

We'll see. Edelman is a $5-$6 million a year guy at best.

You have to admit he exceeded all expectations for that team this year. I never saw that coming he was their best WR this year helped them win the division. Now they have to pay up or lose him.

All right now...before I get to what I need to get to somebody owes me some "dinero" for using the "negativo" word without my permission...my lawyer will be in contact soon..no bueno amigo...serious , serious chit going on here.

David...thanks posting that Philbin article from Barry Jackson, very interesting..somehow the new Ostrich crew (TOM, OC AND BB) want to keep this clown around for another year, WTF?

So, what are we up to now?... 7 fackin interviews?... And they still can't find our next puppet GM?..

Life is good again, the fackin Patriots are out of the playoffs, sorry Naples..

FZB you are such a "negativo"©

Shame on you Mr. Cote, you owe Ray Farmer a personal apology for that degrading, belittling, and flat out racist article you wrote about him.

Article was fair and balanced it did promote hiring on the basis of race but it also said the guy may deserve a chance regardless of race based on his ability. Love the "too hip hop" comment by our former CEO referring to Tomlin priceless man we have sucked.

Excuse me Dave and Naples, but you two guys don't really think that Obama had anything what so ever to do with the stock market gains do you? He had as much to do with the stock market going up as George Bush had to do with it crashing. President's have ZERO effect on the economy. Period.

Zero effect.

A Prophecy From 93 years ago
H.L. Mencken (born 1880 - died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition.

"As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."
---H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

So it was written and so it has come to pass.

Agua pa' los muchachos. Pa' cagarse de risa.


it's about confidence.
bush spent a huge surplus, put 2 wars on a credit card, and spent this country into a recession.
that DID have an effect on the market.
because obama REALLY IS a corporate friendly centrist, (much to the chagrin of our loonies on this blog), there is more confidence in the market and that is why it's doing better..

i was at that championship game in 86 as well, tom.
and naples, you can't have it both ways.
it's either a team game, (which i think it is), so saying marino only had 1 superbowl to brady's 5 doesn't mean chit, OR brady sucks because he's only won 2 superbowls out of 5?
it's a team game.
the only good thing about new england going to the superbowl in 86 was watching them get DESTROYED by the team miami beat that year.
your team had a nice run, naples.
it's over now, thank you..

The fans that go to SB48 better hope the game time is at 1pm and not 8pm because it will be colder than a well diggers a$$ in Idaho at 8pm. And to think Miami was told that in order to get another super bowl they need to put a roof on the stadium, wow what a crock of crap. Good thing about both teams, they both play in outdoor stadiums and both can get nasty weather. Should be a decent game.

Seattle rarely gets nasty weather and Paytons failures in cold temps are well documented. Worst idea ever to have a Superbowl in NYC in February. I hope the game gets cancelled due to a blizzard to prove how dumb an idea it really is. Both teams will be affected if it's cold but Seattle will have the slight advantage in a grind it out game. If it's mild or above 30 degrees Denver should win.

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