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January 06, 2014

Ireland follows Sherman ot the Dolphins' door; plus FSU's triumph, Machine Gun LeBron, Golden, updated SB odds & more

1) It is TUESDAY, JANUARY 7. Dear Progressive insurance: That "Flo" ad campaign is wheezing. Move on. 2) Click on Random Evidence for the latest Sunday notes-column, leading with Dolphins' indecision. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Al Golden staying, if-he-left poll, Clemson wins OB, T.Y. Hilton/NFL playoffs, Canes' near-shocker in Syracuse & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

DOLPHINS PART WAYS WITH JEFF IRELAND: Dolphins part ways with GM Jeff Ireland, a day after canning embattled offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in a move neither entirely expected nor a surprise -- but closer to expected. The move will be popular with fans. The team ended up averaging not quite 20 points a game, and somebody was going to take the fall after the collapse in those last two games cost Miami the playoffs. A source in the building had indicated offensive line coach Jim Turner also may yet be let go, and that Ireland's future still was being considered. Until now. Coach Joe Philbin is safe. The firing had to be tough for Philbin, who called Sherman "a mentor" even in dismissing him.

FSU'S IMPRESSIVE, UN-NOLE-LIKE TRIUMPH; FAREWELL, BCS: Very impressed by FSU's national-title win last night for the very reason it wasn't that impressive by margin. They had to work for it. It wasn't the usual: Seminoles sailing and winning by 40, instead rallying to win, 34-31. Give Auburn credit; it's defense dominated early. Also give Jameis Winston credit. He was brilliant only when he absolutely had to be. Congrats, Noles, for bringing the big prize back to the state of Florida. Original post: Florida State vs. underdog Auburn in Pasadena, Calif., decides the latest college football national title and ends the 16-year era of the Bowl 1aa1bcsnc14Championship Series, which gives way next season to the four-team College Football Playoff. FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said it right this week: "We all complain about the BCS, but isn't it funny how often they get it right?" Here's what else is funny, even when they got it wrong, when the final two teams were debatable, it was still right. Still good for the sport. The debate, the controversy and arguing -- all good. We'll miss you, BCS. Well, I will anyway. The only rancor moving forward will be the annual kvetching by the team ranked No. 5, the one just missing the playoff. I guess that'll have to do. Meanwhile, I like the Seminoles to send the BCS off into the sunset in style. You can have all the "team of destiny" stuff attaching itself to Auburn. I'll take Jameis Winston and that offense. Auburn's defense ranked 88th in the country, giving up 24 points and 424 yards on average. How on Earth can they stop FSU? Answer: They can't. They won't. The SEC's seven-year title reign ends as Seminoles raise the ACC banner. Pick: FSU, 41-27.

1aa1jamesmgunLEBRON HONES MACHINE-GUN SKILLS, JUST IN CASE: As player hobbies go, I'd imagine Heat braintrust Pat Riley and Erik Spolestra would look on this one about as approvingly as they might bungee jumping or running with the bulls. Nevertheless, there were LeBron and Mrs. James the other day at a local gun range, Lock & Load Miami, firing a M249 SAW belt-fed mahcine gun. LeBron is pictured. Click HERE for the 17-second video. This may or may not prove incriminating, should Roy Hibbert find himself mysteriously strafed by machine-gun fire in a driveby shooting.

Bynum to Bulls: Chicago acquires big man Andrew Bynum from Cavaliers fro Luol Deng. It's still a Heat-Pacers conference, but Bulls now could be a tougher hurdle for somebody. Bynum is a guy Miami would have sought to sign had a trade not been worked out and he became available.

Heat nickname jerseys: Heat made official the complete list today. They are, alphabetically: Ray Allen (J. Shuttlesworth); Chris Andersen (Birdman); Joel Anthony (Doc); Shane Battier (Battle); Michael Beasley (B Easy); Chris Bosh (CB); Mario Chalmers (Rio); Norris Cole (Cole Train); Udonis Haslem (UD); LeBron James (King James); James Jones (JJ); Rashard Lewis (Sweet Lew); Roger Mason Jr. (Moneymase); Greg Oden (G.O.); and Dwyane Wade (D. Wade).

1aa1algstaysMORE ON GOLDEN STAYING AT UM: Click on Maybe Al Golden Means It for yesterday's column by me on the coach staying at Miami over overtures from alma mater Penn State. Coaches tend to lie, but it may be time to start believing Golden when he says Miami is where he wants to be. Him staying could also signal the start of Coral Gables being a destination job, not a stepping stone. Golden however, was unilluminating in his Monday press conference. The only real news to come out of it was his confirming there would  be no staff changes (meaning defensive chief Mark D'Onofrio is safe). Golden would not address the Penn State matter much at all, leaving to speculation whether he actually interviewed or was offered the job. Would have liked him to be more forthcoming on that.

Poll result: Golden leaving would have been largely accepted: We asked in previous blogpost how you'd feel if Al Golden left Miami for Penn State, and turnout was large and results surprising. A plurality of 33.3 percent said they'd feel OK because it was his alma mater, edging the 32.5% who said they'd be disappointed because he left a job undone. Another 20.2% said they'd be glad because UM could do better. The rest: 8.5% unsure/mixed feelings, and 5.5% angry/feeling betrayed.

NFL PLAYOFFS: FIRST ROUND'S BIGGEST LOSER? ME: King Sport's Wild-Card Weekend left me curled in a fetal position in the gutter. OK maybe that's a bit dramatic. But I was only 1-3 overall -- and a Colts miracle-rally from being 0-4. I also was 1-3 against the spread, hitting on only Chargers-with-points. Quick thoughts: 1. Road teams lost three of four; so much for fighting all year for the home field. 2. How can Cincinnati, the only team to lay down, move forward trusting Andy Dalton?

Seahawks now narrow SB favorite over Broncos: New Super Bowl odds out for the NFL's surviving eight teams, courtesy Bovada: Seahawks 12-5, Broncos 13-5, 49ers 11-2, Patriots 15-2, Panthers 11-1, then Colts/Saints/Chargers all 14-1. Exact-matchup odds leaders are Broncos-Seahawks 9-4, Pats-Seahawks 13-2, Broncos-49ers 11-2 and Broncos-Panthers 8-1.   

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I know you meant to say home teams lost 3 out of 4 Greg.

The 4 team playoff will turn into a 6 team, then an 8 team and every team left out will complain years from now. It will still be like having the BCS arguments.

FSU is going to crush Auburn. FSU has not allowed a rushing TD all year long. Think about that for a minute.

Cincinnati needs to move on from Andy Dalton very obvious.

Idiotic article by Greg Cote, the guy is completely clueless.

AL GOLDEN INTERVIEWED WITH PENN STATE SATURDAY!! It's a fact! So no, he didn't turn down Penn State, Penn State didn't offer him the job and proceeded to interview Jonathan Franklin Sunday.

If Al Golden was going to turn down the job without interviewing, he would have immediately released a statement Friday, as he has in every other job opening. If he was going to turn down the job after interviewing, he would have done it Saturday. Every hour he waited his recruiting class was suffering, he lost his best recruit, Travonte Valentine over this Saturday evening.

He didn't get an offer and the writing was on the wall when they moved on to interview Jonathan Franklin. He didn't turn down Penn State.

It will be difficult for FSU to end the SEC's 6th year title reign since the SEC already have 7.
Maybe your ACC bias is getting in the way of facts or judgement! We'll see tonight how good FSU really is!

Florida gonna crush Auburn ?? hmmm,,just like Alabama crushed em I guess..I'm takin Auburn plus 9 pts to cover,,winnings will pay the rent...hahaha.

I for one will not miss the BCS at all, games should be decided on the field of play by teams who have earned the right to be there and not put there by a fackin computer.

next year is going to be great but instead of 4 teams they should expand it to 8 teams...but 4 teams is a good start.

BB..on paper Auburn has no shot in this game but that's why you play the games, did anyone think three road teams were going to win this weekend? ( it should have been 4 but KC blew the game ).

go Auburn!!!

FZ I said Alabama was going to crush ND last year too and they did even Cote remembers that. Just saying.

hey tom!
you're coming to los angeles?
canters, tuesday night.
we can talk about the dolphins face to face!
we're doing all of dark side of the moon; it's our organ player's bday and it's his favorite record.
come to canters, pal.. i'll buy you a drink, too..

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | January 06, 2014 at 01:42 AM

reposting for the record.. lol
dark side isn't MY choice; like i said, it's one of the keyboardist's favorites and it's HIS birthday, so..

i actually like final cut too, but it's definitely more of a roger waters solo record.

animals and wish you were here are my favorite floyd records, but the syd records are pretty insane too..

david- Tom says he has no computer access until tomorrow. Tell the guy to get into the new century. I would worry about you two alone together anyway.

David and Tom together?..oh my.

so, ohhmm , is it safe to say that my son Ireland and Philbin are going to survive this year and come back for another year?

there was another album I forgot to mention..Abraxas by Santana..a classic.

Anti..Welcome to the Machine was pretty good too.


at least I have an I-Pad but what's an I-Phone?

It's looking like they are safe FZ barring any bombshells in the Bullygate report. If true are they are likley on short leashes no playoffs next year could mean they are both out. Schedule to me looks more difficult than this past season. Did I hear duke say he is torn between Ireland coming back and being fired? Duke must not be feeling well.

Yeah,Final Cut was when the band was at their most strained...Richard Wright isn't even on that one...Gilmour has a limited role...only Mason is featured prominently on it...it's basically a continuation of The Wall...I love the Syd era also(as brief as it was)...

Really did the solo work of Waters and Gilmour also...Amused to Death by Roger Waters is such a great one...Jeff Beck does all the guitar work...overlooked gem...

What instrument you play,David? I've been playing guitar for 30 years...my band days are over though...

dig not did

Big Baby alas that Ireland remark of mine was dripping with bile and sarcasm my friend...

That explains it hard to tell with just the written word sometimes.

FSU has the worst/easiest schedule ever to this game...only the fraud of Ohio St. would hae been worse.
SEC is 6-2 this bowl season...and has a winning percentage in the BCS that makes the other conferences look like what they are...2nd tier.
Jimbo/Dumbo isn't on the same page as Gus as far as being able to coach em' up...
Seminoles get exposed tonight and lose by 10...they ain't playing Duke...make it 8 in row for the NFL'S Triple AAA league.

ND schedule last year was worse. Alabama isn't even the 2nd best team in the country if you ask me just worked out that way.

I meant Auburn.

Dukito..I know you like my son Ireland just a little bit, come on now, come clean.

BB, LeBatard seemed to be trying to evoke at best empathy & at worst pity for Billonaire Boys Club chairman Stephen Ross and his toady Ireland which seemed abit kissy a**ey imo...

ah Billionaire...

Roid and David,

I saw the Floyd way back in 1967/1968 when Syd Barret was still their lead singer at the old Hollywood Spordatorium, they actually shared the stage with another band which I can't remember now, but looking back that was an experience I'll never forget.

their music at that time was still evolving, it was a treat to be there.

and Shadow..yup, I love the Beatles, I guess you know by now.

FZ I love three of the fab four anyway...

That's pretty cool,FZB...I haven't talked to many people who saw Floyd with Syd...man,I spent so many nights at the old Snortatorium...what a shit hole,but a great shit hole...I went to hundreds of shows there(still have the ticket stubs)...that place was in the middle of nowhere...one road in,one road out...when it was still called Hollywood Blvd...the shit that went down in the parking lot of that place is legendary...I have some great memories from going there...of course some have been blurred heh...there is a Sedano's there now...

Crazy Diamond might be best Floyd song in all of it's 9 parts I believe. They were even decent without Roger waters in the late 80's I can do without that tribute band getting all of that play though not the same. The Wall was groundbreaking but watching it now makes me me feel old it looks ancient. Run and Dirty Woman best tracks on the Wall.

The Run/Dirty Woman is the same song...it's called Young Lust...

Crazy Diamond was a tribute to Syd...killer track...

The Wall is a great film but it's very bleak...Waters said he wished there had been more humor in it...

I saw Floyd without Waters at the Orange Bowl in 87...I think the cloud of smoke is still hovering...

Meant to Say Dirty Women is actually called Young Lust...Run is actually Run Like Hell...

None of the teams deserve to be in the final without it having been played out in playoffs. Everyone plays a different schedule during the season. I would like to have seen Oregon, Mich State and even UCF have a chance to play. All the other bowl games are completely meaningless and not one has sold out. Even the final is offering tickets below cost..I guess since it's in a large capacity stadium.

well the offense just got better..
my phone is blowing up with reports that sherman was fired!
good man, but not right for the talent we have.
roid, the "day job" is playing the drums and singing, but i play guitar, bass and keys as well.. getting into writing, production and music library stuff.

They don't make bands like Pink Floyd anymore they aren't about the current generation.

Yes it is official Sherman out.

hopefully the next coordinator can approach the offense by NOT running less than manning, brees and brady..

Well, McCoy roared forth a mouse.


Ask Shad what that means, OC. He he.

Wasn't sure Philbin had it in him to can his long time friend and mentor. Welcome to the NFL.

Oye, FZ, el niño sent me a text this morning. The temp in Austin: 21 degrees.

That's cool,D...your band does covers only or original material as well?...I do mastering for a living...all post-production shit...

They need to make more moves but probably won't...I think we all knew if someone was going to take the fall it would be Sherman...good riddance....wish a few more were right behind him...

i have a couple of "bands" i play and write with.
but i am mostly a session drummer; that's the day job.
touring and recording, although i haven't toured in a few years. been mostly in town with some flyouts here and there..

CHIT !!!! 21 degrees ????..damn that's cold.

hey its coming down to like 45-48 in the 305 tonight and the missus already informed me we are not showering together and the heat will be on tonight at the crib, yeah we are pussy's...

so Sherman is out, well it was expected, I guess Philbin made a tough decision on his friend but we needed change, I think our O Line coach is next.

let's hope the new guy and Tannehill can hit it off and let's not forget the most important thing they need to do is fix our offensive line.

Sherman was just the tip of the iceberg in the Dolphin debacle. Ireland and Philbin are much more to blame for this mess. Both of them should be gone by now. Oh well, another crummy season in'14.

Complete BS. Miami could have tanked after Bullygate and they didn't. Philbin gets a lot of credit for that. Miami showed some fight almost until the end give him the benefit of the doubt right now. There isn't anyone who knows anything about football saying fire Philbin right now SHAKA ZULU!

Fire Philbin right now.

Only in racist Bahston is "SHAKA ZULU" a witty insult.

Really? Ok I take that back one person is saying Fire Philbin.

Bahston? Yeah like anyone here pronounces it that way only bad actors and tools like you.

Barry Jackson is reporting a couple of names the Dolphins might consider for offensive coordinator, Gary Kubiat and Rob Chudzinski..do any of those names make your toe's tingle?

I would also fire Coyle and replace him with Wade Phillips..but that's just me.

WADE PHILLIPS!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

You lost me there FZ. Chudzinski ok with me Kubiak? I don't want Kubiak anywhere near this team.

BB..that's what Barry is reporting...of the two I like Chud the best..he a U/M guy also.

Wade Phillips is a very good defensive coordinator but he runs a 3-4 which I think best suits our personnel..

how bout this, resign Soliai and Starks, now we have our front three, Starts, Soliai and Odrick..our LB's would be Jordan and Vernon at outside and Ellerbe and Misi inside..

Chudzinski got a raw deal in Cleveland how was he supposed to coach with three different qb's? Typical Browns move I don't like Lombardi though so that doesn't surprise me. Maybe he would be very motivated in Miami to prove he can coach.

Norv Turner is also available, he sucks as a HC but is a more than capable offensive coordinator.

Norv Turner sucks at everything dude.

i think chud would be perfect.
as for the defense, personally speaking, i'd LOVE wade phillips to be on our team, as his daughter is a dear friend of mine here in los angeles.
she'd hook us up with charger dolphins tickets when he was in san diego a few years ago.
nice man, GREAT defensive coach..

Son Of Bum is the most overrated coach in history.

I'm already putting in my prediction for next year with the current state of the team, that is if Jew Boy McCoy stands pat and doesn't come into the coaches offices with a flame thrower and spray gel from the floor to the ceiling;


Philbin sucks donkey dicks.

Madness: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


This is for all you cats who know who Rick Shaw was and what WQAM really was about......


Hey big baby, Philbin sucks the big one and the players think the same. Only Ireland is worse. Like Sparano, if Philbin is fired he would be scrounging for a coordinator's job somewhere. Maybe in college.

Oye Zulu-uno...

leave my boy Ireland alone...

I just don't see the logic in believing that Philbin isn't a good coach right now. All I know is that you don't hear a lot of people saying it here on the blog or in the media. I believe he deserves another chance as do most people I think based on how the team stayed together despite a MAJOR distraction this year. SHAKA ZULU!

Hey hows about Wanny for HC yuk yuk...

It's all so god damn middle of the road ,average mediocrity...Philbin,Ireland,the whole lot...might as well bring the orange carpet back and let some more celebrity douche nozzle's get a piece...Phins=yawns

Last year I gave you boys the easiest no brainer of the draft with the Honey Badger who was on his way to a possible all rookie selection as a fourth draft pick and starter at free safety for the Cards when he got hurt.

This year I'm going to give you Woodcock's lock of the year. Can't miss.

Take that fish Tannehill, a few draft picks if need be, throw in the red head and the blonde with the real short hair from the Starbrites, cash, and the Wolf of Wall Streets hermetically sealed original Rorer 714s to lube the deal and trade up and take Johnny Football with the Dolphins #1 pick.

Yea, we all know that our best girl, Betty Sue, with her 34 Cs and her nice girl "I don't do anal and I only suck on your birthday" approach is OK, but when you have a chance to dump Betty Sue for the Playmate of the Year you open the door and shove Betty Sue's ass out of your car and gun it and take the shortest, straightest, way to that honey hole!

How many offensive coordinators has Tom Brady had?

Bro, this guy Tannehill is alright but he ain't The Right Guy.

Now, Johnny Football has super star written all over.

Manziel looks good he will get chosen early but he could be a coach killer in the mold of some past pro QB's who took too many chances and threw bad picks. He strikes me as a guy who could be difficult to coach and play big in big games ie don't make mistakes and take chances. Tannehill isn't going anywhere anyway he has a lot more potential than you think. you were right about the badger though.

Do you really think that the Dolphins with Johnny Football would have scored a grand total of 7 freaking points in two must win last games of the year.

Hell, the last time Johnny Football put up just 7 points in two consecutive games he was still in the womb.

He wouldn't have put up 35 on the road in snowy Pittsburgh in December or beat NE when it counted. I want to give that guy another chance.

Its easy to say FSU had an easy schedule but they CRUSHED every team they played by an average of 40 pts. With the BC exception everyone like to talk about. Also look at the fact the 2nd and 3rd string player defensively and offensively finished the secound half of 8 of the 12 games they won.... Numbers don't lie but we'll see tonight. FSU by 24pts

Of course you do, BB. Say hello to Betty Sue for me.

"She's a lovely lady and my apologies to her......"

When "The Commodore" Cornelius Vanderbilt found out that steam trains had debuted as a new transportation system he already had a monopoly on the steam ship business in America. Did the Commodore say, "I'm comfortable with my ships." Hell no. He sold "every single ship that he had" and he used the money to buy all the railroads that he could get his hands on.

Innovation and improvement is the road to riches my man. Right now if The Commodore owned the Dolphs he would be shopping Tannehill to every team in the league and would have already made a deal with Johnny Football......

I think I toured his mansion in Newport or was it the Astors can't remember.

Dude, he put more than 40 at Alabama last year and Alabama had a better defense last year than Pittsburgh and New England.

I know you love the guy and maybe he will be a good pro but Tannehill ranked fairly well for a second year qb in some important categories. I would like to see what he can do in an offense that is more suited to his style before making a judgement just yet.

The "beating New England when it counted" got quickly cancelled out by "losing 2 straight when it counted much more"...Tannehill is average like 85% of the rest of this team and staff...I'd take manziel on this team any day of the week...give it a much needed shot in the ass...

No doubt he still has a lot to prove.

I'd rather talk about Pink Floyd than the Dolphins any day...hell,at this point I'd rather talk about floor tiles or mole crickets than discuss the Phins....sigh...

to me one of the most beautiful and greatest Floyd tracks was "on the turning away"...

and Roid..what do U think about this batch?..This is for my new Terraza.


Good song FZ some good guitar work in there my high school soundtrack.

Love the tiles,FZB...that's a good look...

Gilmour is a very emotional player...and a great vocalist...he rates high..

and I'll leave you boys with this one..listen to the whole thing...if you dare that is.


As long as Ross the puckered anus faced clown is in charge, the DAAAFINS will continue to be a circus.
Ireland = cluless drunk
Philbin = slack jawed robot
Embrace the SUCK!

Roid and BB...after Syd Barrett went crazy And Gilmour took over that's when the Floyd took off so to speak...just a great band..and BB you are correct, bands like that don't exist any more..

Ship shape...so I guess you don't like Ireland and Philbin eh?.. All righty then.

And Woody...Johnny football is a terrific college player but can he do the same in the pros?
i'm not so sure..

Mr. Woodcock,

did rick shaw leave us? i got to florida in 1998 and he ws still the morning drive time DJ in the highly formatted world of "oldies" radio. MAJIK just lays the same old same old "top 10ers" because as the afternoon guy told me that's what the people want!! like KRTH in LA, you can count on hearing "respect" by aretha franklin 3 times a day and never hear the original by otis. i remember moving back to LA in 2004 and they had a "real" oldies station that aired on both ends of the AM dial, and they played great tunes that will never be heard on today's corporate oldies stations that run 10-15 minutes of commercials at a time- BRUTAL!! although everything ever recorded is on youtube, i would still love to be able to listen to a "real" oldies station; however, methinks those days are long gone.

Mr. Woodcock,

this guy is a real mentsch!!! glad he is still with us and he was great even in the fromatted MAJIK. your youtube site didn't come through, but whatever it was i found this where rick shaw explains what it was all about- bless him:


Syd was only on the first album(Pipers at the Gates of Dawn)and on parts of Saucerful of Secrets(the only time Floyd had 5 members)...poor Syd never really recovered...the heavy doses of hallucinogenics helped erode an already fragile psyche...there is the famous story about Syd showing up in the studio years later when Floyd were recording and no one even recognized him at first...the lifestyle had taken it's toll...

Syd's solo records are bonkers...

Mr. Woodcock,

here is some stuff from the great KRLA- bob eubanks as heard when he was the all-night man and before he got rich by promoting the beatles at the hollywood bowl in 1965. had tons of great DJs- eubanks, wink martindale, dave hull and johnny hayes (who both befriended me and got me into the studio- big stuff). was bought by jack kent cooke in 1959 or so and turned it into a rock and roll station.


Mr. Woodcock,

forgot that the late jimmy o'neill was an 11-10 man before and while hosting "shindig"- the great TV rock and roll show on ABC. also, bobby (boris) pickett was a dj at KRLA when he wrote the incredible "monster mash" with lenny capizi.

I got no dog in this race but Half of my family are FS-Who fans...it'll be awesome to rub it in their face if they lose...I know that if FSU wins tonight it will help the ACC but fack it I can't root for the criminoles..

Huh I thought Wink Martindale was only the host on Jokers Wild.

Big Baby,

went to TV from the radio, as so many LA disc joceys did.

florida state getting destroyed!!!!

Watching Auburn putting a BEATDOWN on FSU.Great for Miami and now recruits can see they re not Numero Uno up in Tally after all.14-3 midway in the 2nd quarter.So Philbin can see his MENTOR get fired(Sherman) for an inadequate job because change is better but Golden says continuity with DOnofrio is better and change(changing D Coordinator is worse).Too funny.Guess Golden s smarter than Philbin.Case closed.That ends the DO nofrio controversy I guess huh Coach Al? Thanks for your disingeneuous explanation this morning to Cane Nation.Golden just doesn t get it and another MISERABLE of suffering once again with Golden s pal leading the defense.FSU is having a MELTDOWN....yes Brent they sure are.Auburn outcoaching Noles Coaches big time.Love it love it.

now fire the other bum from A&M (Tanne-fail)

unreal.. i HATE the seminoles.. oh well.. we'll be beating them in miami next year..

Sitting at LAX waiting for my red eye back to BHM. Tough way to lose. Auburn was the better team but made two very bad plays, kickoff return and 50 yd pass on last series. That last play was a killer. That said it was a great year for Auburn after going 3-9 last year with an 0-8 in the SEC.

On the Dolphins....Sherman is not the root problem, Ireland is.


When I saw the headline, I thought it was about Satan Saban..Oklahoma building a state to mock him after they beat Alabama. Mind can be very imaginitve.

I'm with those who think Tannehill is average at best and that Sherman is a scapegoat for Ireland's team building.

You can only do so much with pathetic talent on the line, receiving, and at QB. He tried running on 4th and one..fail. We let go of Bush and others. Our kicker blew a few games. Carpenter probably happy he beat the team who booted him twice,

Manziel hasn't been called Johnny Football all season. Texans said they may be willing to trade their #1 pick. We could package Tannehill, our #1, and another draft pick and see if Texans bite. They need a QB and haven't been talking about Mr. Football.

I still don't think we saw the best two teams in the nation, but as long as we got an exciting finish that'll satisfy many, Maybe they were the best..no way to know.

Auburn playing that close proves that FSU may have lost games had they played 4 of 5 teams of that caliber. The game only proves that the teams were even - only one can win. Auburn missed an easy FG and botched coverage and tackling the big play on the long drive as well as player getting hurt and pulling up on the TD kick return. The brainiac interference didn't help.

Alabama is better than Auburn, but missed 3 FGs and suffered the bizarre ending. And they lost to Oklahoma.

I want to see Michigan State , UCF, Oregon in a playoff. The first two lost one game barely. Oregon's conference was strong..they don't have a dominant team. A team that dominates a weak conference will go undefeated, while a strong conference with parity gees nowhere.
That's what it amounts to.

How does the 88th ranked team in defense get into the final?

Ross is the root problem Tom. A least he is at the moment and it's hard to imagine that changing...

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