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January 08, 2014

Baseball brouhaha! Le Batard outed for giving Hall ballot to Deadspin; plus Bynum/Heat, more Ireland/Golden, Billy Joel & more

1aa1sicover1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 9. I'm straddling the Friday Page Dungeon and Random Evidence Laboratories today, working up my latest NFL playoff picks and Sunday notes-column package. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins move past Ireland and Sherman, FSU reigns, Machine Gun LeBron, more Al Golden, NFL playoffs & more. Pictured: FSU on this week's SI regional cover. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Click on A Necessary Change for my latest column, on the departure of Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland.

DEADSPIN / LE BATARD BALLOT ISSUE A FAUX-SCANDAL MADE IN PUBLICITY HEAVEN: So it comes out that friend and colleague Dan Le Batard is the writer who gave his baseball hall of fame ballot to the preciously anti-establishment website, Deadspin. I knew this but Dan had asked me to not share it 1aa1coop3and, frankly, I didn't think it was that big a deal. Still don't. After all, he didn't sell the ballot for profit, and his reason for giving it up was high-minded even if I happen to not share the view. He was tired of the "sanctimony" of writers who refused to vote for the Steroid Era guys like Barry Bonds on what he saw as misguided principles. A lengthy aside here: This was the first year I had a hall vote, from having been a member of the BBWAA the required 10 years. I did not give away my ballot; I filled it in and mailed it. How dull, right!? Unlike Dan I take the vote seriously and was honored to be part of the process. We could vote for up to 10 players of the 36 on the ballot. I chose to be very selective. I considered 17 but voted for only four: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas -- who all got in, and are pictured -- and Jeff Bagwell. No, I did not vote for any steroid guy. I just could not in good conscience include any on my first-ever ballot. I'll continue to promote the idea that guys like Bonds and Roger Clemens perhaps should get in someday -- but only if Cooperstown makes mention of their PED controversy for posterity on that bronze plaque. Likewise I'd want Pete Rose in the hall, if his plaque mentioned why he wasn't for so long. That, to me, is a fair compromise. And that stance, to me, does not make me a part of the problem against which Le Batard and Deadspin colluded so righteously. Two quick thoughts: 1) I love, love, love that Deadspin today refers to some voting writers as "attention-seeking trolls," a blindspot in self-awareness by a website that leads the league in self promotion. 2) I love that my buddy Dan must now act as if he'd have preferred none of this get out when in fact this is publicity gold, effing gold, for somebody with a daily radio show who fancies himself a cutting edge establishment-tweaker. As a final thought: The hall selection process happens to be pretty good, broader and more inclusive than the NFL's, for example, but not as unwieldy as the Heisman, for another. I like that the 75% requirement makes it tough to get in. And if the majority of voters feel the steroid guys are undeserving because they cheated, well, maybe that's the fault of the steroid guys, not the voters. Something for the Deadspins and Le Batards to consider as they high-five each other for stickin' it to The Man.

ON THE HEAT, ANDREW BYNUM, BAD KNEES AND THE FUTURE OF LEBRON JAMES: I'd say that the Cavaliers-Bulls trade this week has a ripple effect reaching all the way down to Miami, except it's more than a ripple. It's a potential tidal wave. Chicago dumps salary by trading Luol Deng to Cleveland for 1aa1bynumheatAndrew Bynum, then the Bulls immediately waive Bynum as expected in another money move. Ripple 1: Bynum (pictured as he might soon look) is now an available free agent, Miami needs a big man and Bynum wants to play for a contender. If that isn't a match made in heaven, it'll be close enough for Pat Riley. (Yes, yes, I am aware there supposedly is no great Heat interest in Bynum at the moment, but that could change). Ripple 2: If Cleveland aims to sign Deng long-term, which is the assumption, that would severely limit the Cavs' ability to make a run at luring back LeBron James after this season. Combined ripple: Miami gets immediate big-man help to help slay the Pacers and Roy Hibbert, and also sees its biggest obstacle to re-signing LeBron eliminate itself. That's a good week for the Heat. Bynum, of course, comes with disclaimers; why else would a 26-year-old former All-Star 7-footer be available in the first place? He has had attitude problems that helped chase him from Cleveland. He has had bad knees that shelved him all last season. So what? He's a calculated/big-upside gamble like Greg Oden (more bad knees) was, except Bynum is game-ready. Besides, Riley loves the challenge of taking other people's problems, wringing them through the Heat Culture and turning them out all shiny and new. It has worked quite fabulously with Michael Beasley. You next, Bynum?

Battioke '14, the promo video: Click HERE for two minutes of Shane Battier in a powder-blue disco shirt and his Heat teammates singing badly. It's a promo for his Jan. 27 Battioke karaoke fundraiser. Highlight: Chris Bosh rocks the creepy mustache.

WITH IRELAND AND GOLDEN, THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM: The biggest local sports news of the past few days -- GM Jeff Ireland leaving the Dolphins, coach Al Golden staying with the Hurricanes -- are
1aa1ireleftcomplicated stories with areas of gray. They are not easy, simple or neat. Reflections on Ireland going: The Dolphins and their suddenly former personnel boss are calling it a "mutual" parting. It is so rare there is truly such a thing. In this case there grew an awkwardness in the relationship between Ireland (pictured left) and coach Joe Philbin that made a continued working relationship difficult, and owner Stephen Ross ultimately pledged allegiance to Philbin. Things are not always as they seem. "Mutual" suggests Ireland in some way wanted out. He didn't. He was forced out. Now, moving forward, one wonders what preferred candidate to replace Ireland (Eagles VP Tom Gamble is
rumored) would want a job without the 1aa1alrightfreedom to choose his own coach. Reflections on Golden staying: UM's coach was careful and coy in hardly addressing at all what really went on with Penn State, leaving doubts about what did, or might have. What I have heard is that Golden (pictured right) and Penn State had a mutual interest but Golden sought a firm offer to close the deal and Penn State still wanted to conduct another interview or two. That wasn't good enough for Golden. Things are not always as they seem. Golden gets to appear in the wake of this as so committed to Miami that he would turn down his alma mater. But just last night, the NBC station in Philadelphia reported that Penn State still considers Golden a candidate. Things that make you go hmm. Interesting days for both the Canes and Dolphins.

BILLY JOEL ROCKS THE ICEHOUSE: He played the Panthers' arena in Sunrise Tuesday night and I caught the last two-thirds of the show after being delayed by the beaking-news column on Jeff Ireland. I've seen Joel in concert many times, so didn't mind that much being late. This guy always puts on a great show, and this was special, being his first down here in a long time. Wish he'd played Until The Night, but with a catalog like his he can't get to all the good stuff. A Billy Joel concert is like a Jimmy Buffett concert in the sense that the people there are more like worshippers than just fans. He has earned the loyalty.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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"I wish Dennis Rodman was Kim Un's Uncle"
-Jeff Ross

"I didn't vot for any steroid guys".

Lol Frank Thomas and Jeff Bagwell?

Greg got a BBWAA vote? When did he cover the Marlins in any capacity?

Jack Morris deserves to be in.

Greg. I've been posting for a wile that the HBO special Hard Knocks reveled to me 2 years ago that this was Philbin's team. Ireland was lucky he did't go with Sparano. I think Philbin should go as well. He may be a good camp coach but, I lost confidence in him as a game day coach. Teams prepare for Dolphin tendencies like redundant snap counts and predictable QB cadance. A great game day coach dosen't allow his QB to be sacked 8 times by a weaker division rival & then allow 7 more sacks the next time they play them. I don't care about the adversary the team faced. All teams go through something or another. A great coach will use his entire 53 man roster & taxie players to develop a blocking scheme to protect the QB. Use a tight end or even a back up guard in the backfield to protect your QB. How many times do we have to see Miller & Thomas bowled over & T-Hill flatened before he realises this? He never got it. The Game's the team won were on talent & out playing other teams like the 2nd NE game. Mostly won by the Defence. Philbin was out coached by the Bill's twice, TB Bucks, Balt Ravins & Jets. All 2013 teams with who were worse then the Dolphins. That's 5 losses where the coach did not prepare his players to be aware of opponents tendencies. especially the Bill's pass rush. It's as if he thinks he's coaching an All Star Team and can just say "we don't worry about other teams we just go out & play our game". It's B.S. Coach the dang team!

A lot of truths in there but I think Philbin probably trusted Sherman too much to fix some those issues and it didn't happen. Give him a chance I would rather have it be "his team" than the alternative at this point that speaks to leadership.

Philbin wanted to release knucklehead Richie after water bottle gate but was over ruled by Ireland. That is one example to me of Philbin knowing what the heck he is doing as a head coach.

Quite a bit of drama playing out here in the sports world.
Glad that Ireland is gone and hope that a new competent GM will have the authority and insight to fire Philbin.

Golden has really painted himself into a corner. If it is indeed true that Penn State still considers him a candidate for the head coach position, I would love to see him tap dance around his acceptance of the job.

After his vague non answers as to what transpired last week it would not surprise me at all if he just slinks out during the night should they offer him the job. Almost wish he would go so D'Onfrio will be gone also.

Interesting thing happened yesterday, when at the presser announcing Ireland's release, a fan attending the event interrupted the official upon hearing the quote from owner Ross. The Dolphins' rep had no sooner read - "I want to personally thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication in building the team over the past six years," that a man in the crowd answering to FZB interrupted to try to correct the speaker in stating - "it was just two years. Three tops!"

Hahahahahaha. Besides yourself there was also a man there known as duke weeping with joy with the announcement that Jeff Ireland would no longer be with the organization.

Think I spotted Tom in the crowd too he drove all the way down from SC just to personally oversee the proceedings.

This circus will continue as long as Rosso the puckered anus face clown runs the show. No makeup is needed.

Our last 2 owners have been puckered anus faces we are really on a roll!

Would anyone be shocked if Dawn Aponte was appointed GM of the Dolphins? I wouldn't be at all some signs are surely pointing to it.

It's kind of what I was saying earlier. They need a contracts type disciplinarian who would hire really good talent evaluators to bring in names. I have no problem with the fact that she's a woman.

Good article here:


Stay tune for the big announcement of who my new son will be...

On another subject...I don't want that bitch Aponte on the organization any longer .

Wow! If FZB is that adamant, perhaps she would be good;-)

Pretty funny OC.

Big Baby I was nowhere near So FLA. I was actually went to the beach to dig your head out of the sand.


From Canesport....

"CaneSport had previously reported that Golden expected the deal finalized today. But when rumors of the Munchak flirtation circulated Sunday morning, sources told CaneSport that Golden informed Penn State that he wanted a contract to sign today. When it didn't happen by 4 p.m. - with pressure growing throughout South Florida - he backed out of the deal."

So, when the Sun comes up tomorrow, the deal could be back on the table ? If this guy, after his statement today, open himself back up for the job when Penn St. is done interviewing, he'll never be able to step foot in S. Fla. again without Police protection.

Crazier things have happened... Saban 2.0 ?

"There has been much speculation concerning my future at the University of Miami. While I am flattered that our progress at The U during an extremely difficult period of time is recognized, I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position. We are eager to welcome our student athletes back to campus next week and visit with prospective student-athletes and their families beginning January 15."

Nowhere in there does he say, "I'm 100% committed to Miami for the duration of my contract." that is a paper thin statement. And what he said today at 4pm can change tomorrow at 4pm? If Louisville called and ask permission for an interview, would Golden then be a "candidate for another position" because things change ? The other Penn St. candidates don't get offered and they come calling again? Man this guy is digging himself deeper holes that he might never get out of.

Posted by: Carl | January 05, 2014 at 10:33 PM


*** Things are not always as they seem. Golden gets to appear in the wake of all of this as so committed to Miami that he would turn down his alma mater. But just last night 1-7-14, the NBC station in Philadelphia reported that Penn State still considers Golden a candidate. Things that make you go hmm. Interesting days for both the Canes and Dolphins. - Greg Cote ***


If any Canes fans think Al Golden is 100% committed to Miami for the duration of his contract, you are only fooling yourselves. This guy and his Agent Brett Senior are still not making any further public statements or taking/returning any phone calls or emails. They are playing the University and it's fan base like stepping stones across a river and somehow remain high n dry by the press and certain overly emotionally involved fans that can't logically access this situation for what it is. Golden STILL is listening to Penn. St. Penn St. is in no hurry. They could take as long as 2 more weeks. And if Penn. St. calls Golden right now or in 2-weeks, he'll pick up before the 3rd. ring make absolutely no mistake about that.

Now, the real question is, does Penn. St. want Golden as much as Golden wants Penn. St. That remains to be seen. But he's put himself in this position of spin mastering this entire situation. Again, all he said in his statement, press conference and Joe Rose is, "I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position." ... PERIOD. Well how about today Coach ? Tomorrow ? In a week ? His agent wrote that very well crafted statement leaving him plenty of wiggle room. Commitment? Hardly.

So, if Golden is offered by Penn. St., which NEVER happened in the first place, will be offered or not offered, He's covered. But his true commitment to the University of Miami Football Program is anything but 100%. But then again, there are some of you that will turn blind eyes leaving yourselves to be blind sided time n time again.

No problem with Aponte being in charge either OC she seems qualified to me to run things she has to hire the right guy though for personnel many won't want to answer to her but hopefully a qualified person will.

OC...and the rest of U infidels..check this out.


Then tell me she's not a bitch...

Nice analysis, Carl.

All I know is that Golden is still our coach...and that's what matters, who gives a fack what happened between him and PSU?...

Life on the corporate ladder FZB to me that says she is smart. Get used to her I don't think she's going anywhere seriously though she is very well respected in league circles. Read OC's Bleacher Report article it's interesting.

Tom my head isn't in the sand I said Ireland might be fired earlier this year.

And OC...letting Philbin pick his own GM is a major, major , major blunder on the part of Ross.

Philbin isn't picking Dawn is probably but he will have some say. You're right it makes no sense but it's just crazy enough to hopefully work.

FZB, after reading Armando's post that you linked I found myself agreeing rather than not. If you've been paying attention to what I've been saying you'd see that that is exactly what I recommend.

Ross needs to hold one guy responsible (Philbin) and hold his feet to the fire. Organizations with internal power struggles seldom succeed.

Disagree, FZ.


But you were a Ireland supporter all year long. Come on now. You know it's true.

Come guys... D Aponte is a suit with zero knowledge on scouting and talent evaluation, we need someone that can take us to the next step...so if Aponte gets named the GM, who's going to have final say in personnel matters?

The bitch and Philbin both need to go.

As a fan sure but I wasn't misguided to the fact that his job was certainly in jeopardy and likely with good reason.

FZB is losing his mind I feared this would happen. It's ok FZ my son David Garrard left and it turned out ok it wasn't easy change never is.

OC...what I disagree with you on is giving Philbin all that power, if Philbin is allowed to select his GM then who has the final say on personnel matters?

No the coach coaches and the GM brings in the players...

FZB is not losing his mind. Come on give him a break. You have to have a mind to lose one. FZB never had one.

BB.. Lol

Hey I may start a campaign soon to bring my son Ireland back..anyone with me?

I'd rather empower the person directly responsible for the wins and loss of my team, removing as many hindrances as possible than to have an all powerful GM control who he hires to provide same.

FZ, that philosophy may be antiquated. I know of no organization in the real world where the HR department is held responsible for the success or failure of its bottom line.

No,FZB...nobody is with you..haha

We are with you FZB.


thank you for the kind words..hehe

well after reading this I feel a little better..


at least they are saying the new GM would have to be a football person and great talent evaluator, whew !!

and OC, the NFL is not the real world, the Head Coach has way too much in his plate with running the team to have final say on personnel both in free agency and the draft, the GM on the other hand has scouts and they spend the whole year looking at players, you may think this approach is antiquated but its the best approach in the NFL.

there are very, very few teams that have the HC in charge of personnel decisions.

If this thing results in a Super Bowl appearance maybe The Tuna will be remembered as the guy who hired Dawn Aponte.

Yeah,that's gonna happen...

...."the NFL is not the real world!?" What, do they have a different gravity? Are humans not involved? Do the laws of human nature not apply?

I think you're getting caught up in tradition, FZ. All the HC has to tell HIS gm is to go find me an OL guy with the first pick. I can't afford to field a project next year. I need a starter, and if you can't get me someone to replace Long, tou can look for another job. Simple.

...well, boss. I've got you Martin. The guy from Stanford.

That's your solution? Martin? You're fired!

....see how easy that was? And I don't even have one one thousands of the intel those cats have access to, and it took me a mere second.

C'mon OC don't sell yourself short you have at least that much intel going on likely more.

Let's play Family Feud

We surveyed 100 fans and asked them:

How many games would Belichick win with Ireland building his team?

Our survey said:

1. two games (64 people, our #1 answer)
2. one game (27)
3. Eight games (9)
4. Sixteen games (0)


Could you write an article that explains who Dawn Aponte is? I consider myself a pretty well informed fan, but I have never heard of this person until I started reading the last couple days that this seemingly random person might have a say in the future of our beloved but beleaguered franchise and am a little confused. Help me out if you could.


Tony Fist Pump. That's funny. You just know that as a young eight year-old with glasses, Tony would get a special kick out of running towards the street whenever truckers approached and did his fist pump thing to see if the truckers would blow their horns.

LOL good one OC. Quite the vivid image...

What can I say, dukey. I'm just in a jocular mood today.

Glad you liked it OC I think Tony is fist pumping his late afternoon Tetley Tea Break right now. About Belichick I will say that he could get more out of lesser players than maybe any coach in the league. Like him or not guy coaches em' up. He readily admits that his favorite part about coaching is teaching players about the game can't ask for more than that out of your coach (walking away grumbling right now).

Probably a result seeing the Wicked Witch of the East get a pail of water.

So Ross is impressed with Eric Mangini's football acumen & the way the Jets do things. Ah yeah that pretty much tells you all you need know about Mr. Ross and this organizations ongoing downward trajectory...

I am impressed with Eric Mangini's acumen as a winning Defensive Coordinator in the NFL. Beyond that I haven't seen much besides some tv work in a suit.

Mangini is a vagina...no gracias

Belic-cheat would win a ton of games down here...if he had Brady, if not he would be mediocre at best..just like he was in Cleveland..

Beli-Cheat ain't no genius..child please.

So who would your pick be, FZB? Sauron?

So you didn't vote for Biggio?...your ballot should be taken away...
and Retard should never be allowed to vote to begin with.
Bagwell was a roid head too...

Do you know anything about what's going on outside of Miami?

He might have kept Biggio out he received 74.8 percent of the vote he needed 75. Biggio should be in anyone know what the LeBatard controversy is I heard something about it.

Sauron?... Que?... Please explain por favor.

He fell by two votes (it says). Greg's vote and probably the guy Le Batard gave his ballot to.

With 74.8 it shouldn't matter he will likely get in next time around.

A new GM needs to select his own HC.PHILBIN S A BIG...NO huge reason why TANNEHILL AND THE TEAM WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE FINAL 2 GAMES OF THE SEASON.THERE S JUST ZERO EXCUSES FOR THEIR LAYING an egg twice in a row.The guy from San Fran sounds decent so there s hope yet for the Club.Regarding Golden and Miami ....it s true that a majority of the Hurricane Nation could accept him leaving because D Onofrio would be going with him.THAT would be AMAZING...no....... MAKE THAT....FANTASTIC NEWS.Golden s acting like Saban now.Talk is cheap but we ll see in a couple days as the Penn State AD says they re very close to a decision and expect to make it by Friday.

belicheck.. hmmm..
he'd have kept a 3-4 defense, (like the patriots), enabling speedy guys like wake and jordan to roam the outsides and our running D would be, well, like it was when WE RAN the 3-4.
moving wake and jordan to the linebacker position immediately makes our defense better, and it improves the linebacker position by infusing it with our abundance of talent at the defensive line position.

on offense, well he'd most certianly RUN more.
after all, with the best QB in the game, he attempted 470 runs, to miami's 349.

yes you ireland loons; philbin's team ran the ball 131 times MORE than belicheck's team.

think about that..

and i don't want the BS excuses of "the line sucked".
sometimes it did.. USUALLY IN PASS PROTECTION.

there were 2-3 games where teams played us tight against the run, and every team has those games and that's when you rely on your QB.

we did that almost every week.

in addition, (you'll thank me baby for THIS gem), despite the fact that we all have witnessed tannehill's speed and running acumen, i was surprised to discover THIS glaring statistic:
tannehill, FOR THE SEASON, gained ZERO YARDS on 4th down.
as one of the fastest QBs in the league, one can be sure coach belicheck would have utilized that aspect of his game, considering also that tannehill had ZERO rushes for a loss.
tannehill was actually more accurate throwing on the run than dropping back, and factoring in the offensive line woes, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that putting him on the run, whether throwing or running, would've opened the offense and put the opposing defense on the run.

in short?
if bill belicheck was the coach of this team, 1/3 of the ireland loons wouldn't be saying anything, AND we'd be playing this weekend.
(philibin, for all his faults, actually beat san diego AND cincy).

Golden is our coach, he is not going anywhere , I don't care what happened between him and PSU, and I think DoNofrio is getting a bum rap from all you Expert Cane fans.

You can't field a decent defense with bad talent, and Miami has had bad talent specially on the defensive line the last few years thanks to Coker and Shannon, we will be just fine now since Golden will be able to recruit free of the NCAA crap.

It takes time to build a program..

I want to say something about peds. STeroids have been around since the 70s . the steelers where using the. Baseball guys have been trying them too. There are probably a couple roids guys in hall already. Yes the roids era is considered 93-2000 basicly but when u toss in all the hall of famers that did greenies to recover faster over the years u have alot of hall of famers that took something to get by. So keeping the peds guys out makes no sesne since we already have cheaters in the hall .

i agree coach d gets a bad rap. Golden has done a marvelous job rebuilding miami but it was never a 3 yr rebuild once ncaa came down on them Especially when u consider how out of shape the canes where when he took over. Coach d at temple took his d from ranking 100 like miami to top 40 at temple for gods sake. he can do it again once he has the talent to work with.

Big Baby,

i don't believe that frank thomas used steroids; he came into baseball with an incredible athletic body, one which did not change as those of bonds, caminiti, sosa, mcguire... the guy was a power hitter with a great eye, one whose stats did not "spike" like those of sosa and bonds, who was already a shoo-in before he became the hulk that hit 70 homers and 755 or so balls out of the yards. let's see if my recollections of "the big hurt"- and he was big and strong, are accurate:


doesn't look like anthing but the stats of a great power hitter who also hit a lifetime .301, and a guy with a great eye, who as a slugger walked more than he struck out. now let's see your other candidate, jeff bagwell's stats:


in 1994, he went from three pedestrian season of under 20 hrs/year to hitting 39 in 200 less at-bats!! something fishy about that, i say.

David...Even if we don't go back to the 3-4 we still have the talent to fix our defense..

Resign Soliai or Starks ..move D Jordan to OLB ( his more natural position) , move Ellerbe to the other OLB position and Misi to the middle..

My reliable Penn State sources say the coach committee didn't have a concrete offer for Golden 'cuz they weren't really after him, at least not yet. They were freezing to death in Pennsylvania and desperately wanted a few days in Miami. In order to claim the trip's cost as a biz expense, they scheduled a short howdy with Golden, and that got the rumor mill grinding. Same sources also confide that Jerry Sandusky's application is not being taken seriously.

“From a professional standpoint, I’ve never discussed any other positions. As I said yesterday I’m not a candidate. I’m excited to be here." - Al Golden on Joe Rose Monday Jan. 6, 2014. 6:30am

1,2,3 LIES ... He actually said he did NOT discuss the Penn St. job with the Penn. St. people that went to his house on Saturday, CONFIRMED, from a "Professional" standpont ? How much more Lawyer speak can it get ?

This guy is flat out lying to all our faces. And when/if Penn. St. offers/ or doesn't offer Golden, and he stays, we're suppose to forget all about that?

You fans that say yes, it's forgivable, that's your right. But Golden and his undying loyality to his BFF D.C. friend over the loyality to the University of Miami and it's overall welfare is a complete and irreparable deal breaker and game changer for this 5-figure yearly donation Cane fan.

Tell a lie and eventually you'll need to tell a second... Tell a second lie and eventually you'll need...

"“From a professional standpoint, I’ve never discussed any other positions."

So maybe the "Professional Discussions" regarding other positions begin "sooner or later" perhaps Al ?

Or maybe "at the end of the day" is the "process" you'll take huh Coach ?

i get it, FZB..
my post was in response to the belicheck comparison.
there's a reason players leave this team and do better.
it wasn't ireland.
for every mistake he made, he made good moves too.
and the next GM, UNLIKE IRELAND, will start with $30 million of cap space.
when jordan, taylor, davis and jenkins are balling next year, you and i will be reminding folks who drafted them.. :) your son, and my friend, the great jeff ireland.

Jon Marcus...any of us would have explored the possibility of going to a better job, the only people we all need to be accountable to are our families, don't be a hypocrite.

Here are the facts..he is still our coach...and he is a great ambassador for the U...get off your high morality high horse.

David...I agree with You on Ireland, our coaching was his undoing...

If Ross doesn't fire Philbin he is clueless...sorry OC.

I'd rather have Wannstache than Regis Philbin...

I'd rather hire Mr. Sandusky than Wannstadt or Philbin...

shadow maybe it's me but I believe just about every baseball player after 1980 used steroids. I think Frank Thomas looked like the incredible hulk during his playing days. I think Ricky Henderson probably used performance enhancing drugs. I think Tony Gwynn probably did once he was exposed to Ken Caminiti late in his playing career. Basically I assume just about everyone is guilty of using PEDS. I use the eye test. Not always accurate but I am pretty comfortable with it. I refuse to be naïve like everyone else. Too much is made of the voting process anyway throw in PEDS and it's a topic that now bores me to tears. The HOF is a building celebrating good ballplayers nothing more. People are losing their minds about who gets in it's become ridiculous.

Additionally for Cote to say that "I didn't vote for any steroid guys" in his first year of voting is insanely dumb. There are probably 20 members maybe more of the HOF that used steroids and we will never know who. That statement proves what a sanctimonious boob he really is if he doesn't think Bagwell used then he should call Tom and have his head removed from the sand.

Lastly I am not saying that some of the players I mentioned weren't great players they were and would have been considered for HOF candidacy without steroids that list includes the likes of Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, Sosa, etc. It's just that trying to listen to people sort through who is a "known" steroid used versus not is laughable. It's called the steroid era for a reason I just assume everyone is guilty it's easier that way. Listening to people like Cote preach self righteous bullcrap just makes me laugh. Interestingly Frank Thomas was supposed to testify before Congress by video conference but there was a mystery technical glitch that prevented this from happening. The same year of all of the other absurd denials he wasn't called again to testify.

Pete Rose should be in the hall over anyone that used steroids...just my opinion.

I'd like to see Micheal Jordan in Cooperstown...

Hey Cote

Big Baby makes a good point. But your head is not in the sand, it's stuck up your ass. Here is a removal kit.


The steroid abusers ruined the baseball record book. For that, I will never support their induction into the Hall of Fame. Roger Maris should be the single season home run record holder and Hank Aaron should be the career home run record holder. If they fix the record book by removing these offenders from holding these records I will be ok with their induction as long as pre-steroids performance supports induction. In the case of Bonds and Clemens I think the record is clear both would be HOFers without steroids. I'm not sure about McGwire.

I didn't know that Dan Le Batard felt the same way that I do about the sanctimonious sports writers who don't vote for the steroid guys and criticize them for this and that, as if these guys didn't owe their livelihoods to the players, without the players and the games they all would be working at Sears.

Good for you Dan. Must be a Cuban thing live and let live and if you think you can put up hall of fame numbers artificially then by all means step up to the plate......

Oh, man, Tom, there you go sounding like a broken record. "The sanctity of the baseball record book." Are you kidding, what this is now sacred scribe to be locked up and protected at the Vatican. Give it a rest, Tommy boy, Pete, Barry, Roger, you think these guys don't belong in the Hall? Get real.

You Puritans sure know how to screw up a party. At the first Thanksgiving those Indian maidens came in to camp lubed up and ready to go. But no! Instead of much wumpin and humpin at the old camp fire you boys spend all night carvin' a pumpkin. Only a Puritanical white boy would stand up and yell at the top of their lungs that any one caught dropping drawers and bangin' squaws would lose their amateur standing and be banned from the Hall of Fame.

"So, you mean if I bang me some Pocahontas poon tang at this here hoot nanny I'm goin' up the river for life!"

Craig Biggio? Craig Biggio? Are you freakin' kidding me! This moron votes for Craig Biggio but he doesn't vote for Pete Rose and Barry Bonds. Amazing.

"Alright, since Pamela Anderson got caught juicing her titties with a banned plastic substance called XX, from now on, in now way, am I voting for Pam for the Slut Hall of Fame! Count me out boys. If they ain't real they're not my deal! No sir, the next time that the voting comes around I, Woodcock P. Woodcock will be casting my one and only vote, for none other than that paragon of innocence and 32 Bs, the lovely and chase Minnie Pearl......

Oh, boy. Comparing this stiff Biggio to Pete or Bonds is slightly worse than voting for Minnie over Pam for Slut of the Year.

Lebatard is an idiot. love Papi and his boyfriend bomani though.

Philbin should be fired as well. I blame him as much if not more than Sherman. Great coaches run the show! You think Belecheat or Saban don't control play calls or influence them in critical movements? philbin doesn't have the juevos! Plain and simple. He is an assistant coach at best.

I put up the "This stiff must go." sign right after the paper wrapper incident in the parking lot last year.

Any body that anal can't be good for nothing.

Any body is one word, Woodcock.

Picture this,

Fins are waiting to see what happens with Panthers in Playoffs, then will go for Mike Shula as next head coach and dispose of Philbin. A new Shula era in Miami? Think of the fan excitement and someone to work with our QB.


You all know what a homer and how positivo I am when it comes to my beloved Miami Dolphins , but this article by Armando on the behind the scenes crap going on between Philbin, Aponte and Ireland is disturbing.

I used to defend Ross but I'm through with him, not because he fired Ireland but because he is clueless, he needs to clean house, he needs to bring in a strong GM/ talent evaluator and allowed him to run the show..Philbin and Aponte 's agenda will be to save their own skin, he needs to man up and fired them both .

The problem is the best candidates won't even consider us because of all the chit going on internally.. I'm totally disgusted by the whole thing...

Well at least I still have the Heat...

Anti...thanks for the eye candy...yuuummmyy.

Philbin needs to go with the other 2 guys.He allowed his team to tank it/to lay 2 eggs the final 2 games.THAT s NOT on the other 2 cats that were just dismissed.All 3 need to go.Cerebral Philbin/Ross guy.....DID NOT have his team prepared either of the final 2 games and they were essentially...Playoff games really.Mentally and physically unprepared.Why does Ross think Philbin was not a large part of those 2 losses?Makes no sense.Philbin s not the most motivational HC either obviously.So now everbody MUST adapt to rigid Joe now eh?It s just so irregular/unrealistic to have a GM and an OC be selected to pre-exist/mesh with an already in place HC.Is that what Petersen is advising Ross to do?Guess so because Ross still has his own personal "man-crush" on with Philbin.

FZ, Ross needs to man up and fire himself, Aponte and Philbin...

Yes Woody the baseball record book is a sacred scribe to true baseball fans. It allows for meaningful comparisons of players across time because the game has remained the same across time. The steroid abusers destroyed the meaning of the record book. It might not matter to you, but it matters to me and a lot of others.

That said, I noted a path for HOF induction for players like Bonds and Clemens that you overlooked. IF their records are wiped from the official baseball record book I would be ok with their induction into the HOF as long as their careers prior to their steroid use supported HOF induction. In the case of Bonds and Clemens it seems clear to me they were HOF players before they started using steroids.

But is is also clear that BONDS WAS NOT ON TRACK TO BE THE ALL TIME SEASON AND CAREER HOME RUN RECORD HOLDER UNTIL HE TOOK STEROIDS. Wipe those records away and return them to their rightful owners, Maris and Aaron.

A few good wins and a several winning seasons and all this weeks drama will be forgotten. Don't think so? How many Butch Davis supporters remember his first three years at the U? Or JJ's first few years? Remember BC and Flutie, Maryland comeback from 31 down, Kosar hanging on team chaplin (a Priest) during the Fiesta against UCLA watching the defense give up score after score? Ending season on three game losing streak! Short memories after they accomplished what they did after building their program each time. Lopsided 35-7 loss to UT in Sugar Bowl that cost UM the title. Aaaah the memories how soon we forget!

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