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Should NFL eliminate PATs? How about limiting FG tries? Poll. Vote!; plus Ray Farmer, Heat-Lakers & more

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Farmer! You in or out?: Conflicting reports that Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer may have withdrawn from Dolphins' GM search are disconcerting to say the least. He's a frontrunner. If he's out, job could go almost by default to current assistant Brian Gaine.

Lakers at Heat tonight: The marquee for this matchup is unusually modest, though, with Miami only 6-5 this month while adjusting to Dwyane Wade's parttime health, and the Kobe-less Lakers mediocre at best. Kobe dropped in on a University of Miami business class yesterday then attended Canes' loss to Duke. Gotta do something with all that free time.

1aa1kickxpSHOULD THE NFL CHANGE ITS SCORING RULES INVOLVING PLACEKICKERS?: Commissioner Roger Goodell this week floated a very interesting proposal for a possible rule change eliminating the extra-point kick. I would add into the discussion an equally interesting idea to limit field goal attempts. A summary of both proposals is below. Read them, then vote in our poll and say why.

The NFL proposal for eliminating PATs (extra points): Goodell (pictured) says the NFL may consider eliminating the perfunctory point- 1aa1goodellafter-touchdown kick, which is roughly a 99 percent likelihood. His proposal: Touchdowns would be worth seven points. Teams would then have an option to run or pass for an added eighth point, but if they failed, the TD would be devalued to six points. (This scoring change presumably also would eliminate the seldom-used two-point conversion play). The negative: The change messes with tradition and, many would argue, is simply unneccesary. The positive: Everything else. Adds excitement and strategy, and lets you know who the daring/gambling coaches are.

The Jackson Carney proposal for limiting field goals: Jackson, 11, is the son of a friend. He had this idea while watching the Ravens win with six field goals: Limit teams to three FG attempts per game in regulation. The negative: Messes with tradition and, some would say, is simply unneccesary. The positive: Adds excitement, encourages going for it on 4th down, puts added emphasis on touchdowns, increases strategy as coaches gamble whether to save the third FG try for late in games. (Some say a better FG change is to vary value, such as 1 point for a chip shot, 2 for mid-range and 3 for 50-plus yards. But that could encourage teams with 3rd-and-long to intentionally lose a yard or two to add a point to their FG try. Teams also could circumvent the rule with longer snaps to artificially increase distance for an added point).

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