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January 22, 2014

Should NFL eliminate PATs? How about limiting FG tries? Poll. Vote!; plus Ray Farmer, Heat-Lakers & more

1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 23. In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphin' best candidate and top candidate-who-isn't in GM search, two views of Heat struggles, defending Richard Sherman & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Farmer! You in or out?: Conflicting reports that Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer may have withdrawn from Dolphins' GM search are disconcerting to say the least. He's a frontrunner. If he's out, job could go almost by default to current assistant Brian Gaine.

Lakers at Heat tonight: The marquee for this matchup is unusually modest, though, with Miami only 6-5 this month while adjusting to Dwyane Wade's parttime health, and the Kobe-less Lakers mediocre at best. Kobe dropped in on a University of Miami business class yesterday then attended Canes' loss to Duke. Gotta do something with all that free time.

1aa1kickxpSHOULD THE NFL CHANGE ITS SCORING RULES INVOLVING PLACEKICKERS?: Commissioner Roger Goodell this week floated a very interesting proposal for a possible rule change eliminating the extra-point kick. I would add into the discussion an equally interesting idea to limit field goal attempts. A summary of both proposals is below. Read them, then vote in our poll and say why.

The NFL proposal for eliminating PATs (extra points): Goodell (pictured) says the NFL may consider eliminating the perfunctory point- 1aa1goodellafter-touchdown kick, which is roughly a 99 percent likelihood. His proposal: Touchdowns would be worth seven points. Teams would then have an option to run or pass for an added eighth point, but if they failed, the TD would be devalued to six points. (This scoring change presumably also would eliminate the seldom-used two-point conversion play). The negative: The change messes with tradition and, many would argue, is simply unneccesary. The positive: Everything else. Adds excitement and strategy, and lets you know who the daring/gambling coaches are.

The Jackson Carney proposal for limiting field goals: Jackson, 11, is the son of a friend. He had this idea while watching the Ravens win with six field goals: Limit teams to three FG attempts per game in regulation. The negative: Messes with tradition and, some would say, is simply unneccesary. The positive: Adds excitement, encourages going for it on 4th down, puts added emphasis on touchdowns, increases strategy as coaches gamble whether to save the third FG try for late in games. (Some say a better FG change is to vary value, such as 1 point for a chip shot, 2 for mid-range and 3 for 50-plus yards. But that could encourage teams with 3rd-and-long to intentionally lose a yard or two to add a point to their FG try. Teams also could circumvent the rule with longer snaps to artificially increase distance for an added point).

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I do like the version that has eliminating the kick and the touchdown gets awarded seven points, not six. Further, a coach can still choose to go for the old two point conversion, but it would only count one point, AND the caveat; if the team fails to convert, one point is taken away from the TD.

We would probably be saving seven minutes per game by removing the extra point kick.

Extra points are a lame waste of time. Get rid of em'

...or even the other proposal from the neighbor of an acquaintance, twice removed. He suggest removing touchdowns altogether, and awarding a point on field goals per ten yards. One for up to the ten, two up to the 20, and so on.

Brilliant! This removes almost all injuries, high salaries, prima donnas, while elevating the lowly, humble soccer player to superstar status.

I guess eliminating the extra pts is ok but I would keep kick-offs..

Pioli was just hired by Atlanta..thanks a lot Ross you asswipe.

Ross was never going to hire Pioli. Get real.

Too complicated, OC. The best I've heard is to move the ball from the 2 to the 1 yard line and keep the rules as they are. You can go for the kick or try to take it in to the end zone from a lot closer. Down there one yard makes a huge difference.

The rule that I would like to see more than anything to do with the PAT is what Brian Billick suggested giving each coach two challenges on penalties per game. Right now especially those freaking game changing penalty calls by the refs are killing me. If there was anyone who would use the two penalty challenges in the first 60 seconds of every game is you OC.

Here you go FZ, just cause I'm in a giving mood today:


yeah I know, Ross is clueless..

I'm kind of hoping for a blizzard to hit new york/new jersey just at about the same time the SB is starting..that would be great.

Suave, FZB, it's a done deal. Don't you know that Mr. Farmer is as good as in? Cote's source at Dolphins camp, "Manolito El Negro" the parking lot attendant already told Cote that Ross is bringing in the Genius of Lake Erie to resuscitate the Dolphins.

"Oye Manolito, traeme el hierro mio mi socio!"

I have a friend who just sent me the most disturbing photograph that I think maybe I've ever seen. It is a foto of Ambassador Stevens being tortured to death after the embassy attack in Benghazi. I will not post the picture here. Suffice to say that it is a horrendous sight. I don't know if this foto is real or not, has anyone else seen this photograph, and does anyone know if the foto is real? The caption says that Stevens was tortured for 7 hours after the attack. If this foto is real and it is just now starting to make the rounds I can only imagine the outrage that it's going to conjure up all over America. My first response was shock and then I got real real mad. Right now the way I feel I wouldn't shed one tear if they leveled every focking Muslim country in the world.

What's up,amigos...You guys still talkin bout the Phins? Poor masochistic bastards...

Cote's source at Dolphins camp is the janitor.

can you hear the drums Fernando...lalalalala, thanks OC that song was da chit..hehe, kind of a gay song if you ask me but I like it.

Come on, FZ. Come clean. You know that that song has multiple hits in your music library.

so let's say we hire this geniiiious from the mistake by the lake and he wants to sign a free agent but let's say Philbin doesn't approve and Aponte thinks it would cost too much and evryone goes to Ross to make a decision on the matter..

and Ross is not qualified to make a fuusball decision and then what?

ps--Wood's..I'm with U brother, let's nook all those muslims bastards...boy, if Kaz was here he would start calling me a war monger racist piece of chit right about now, I miss kaz.

Hey Woodcock, "what difference at this point does it make?"


If thats really out there I imagine the powers that be that want Hillary in next are not going to let it go widespread...


If its real it makes a huge difference, b/c now you know its all smoke & mirrors...

I have heard eliminating extra point, limiting to 3 field goals per half...

But I haven't heard this.....


MAke'em between 3-4 feet wide and I bet the long range attempts will go down drastically and medium range will not be automatic any more either....

OB4, you do recognize the quote, don't you? That was sarcasm born out of frustration with a healthy dose of "I told you so."

I agree with Mr Goodell's proposal on eliminating the extra point after touchdown and I like the 7 points for touchdown but if a team goes for the 8th point passing or running and fails then they would lose 1 point.I would make a few changes to help Kickers pick up chances for points lost due to the elimination of the PAT kick.One change is have a field goal worth 4 points if the kick is 55 yards or more and if a kickoff splits the goal post then a team earns 1 point like the CFL does.

Ross was never going to hire Pioli. Get real.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 22, 2014 at 11:49 AM

FZB and reality is an oxymoron OC. Sheesh...get real.


A source on Tuesday told the Palm Beach Beach Post that Philbin wanted to trade last offseason for Kansas City left tackle Branden Albert but that Ireland overruled it and said Jonathan Martin should remain the left tackle.

Albert will play in the Pro Bowl this Sunday in Hawaii.


More evidence that Ireland is a nitwit of the first order and Philbin has the type of football sense we really need.

I'm with OC. Give Philbin absolute authority over personnel with the GM being in an advisory role. That way it is clear to everyone who is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the Dolphins. No more mixed messages.

oye Orange..bro U still taking care of the missus?, man that's true love brother..congrats, either that or she is a great cook which is way more important than love after a while.

and on the ambassador deal, it makes no difference now, the stupid american voters don't give a chit and they'll forget what happened and what Obi and Hilary did and will probably vote that bitch as our next "presidente", jus go with the flow boys, we is facked anyways.

Exactly, Tom. Exactly!


Sorry for the confusion...makes more sense now....


Yeap still at it, hopefully she gets the green light to go full weight bearing next week..I will throw more than a superbowl party in that case!!..Don't know if its love/cooking or just more of a "force of habit" thing...To many "Looking for green card girls" out there ...and I hate using profolactics!! Too old to start over!!!

But after 3 months of this chit now I understand why they shoot horses !!!

I checked it out on Snopes.com and it has "undetermined" status. The picture is too horrible to describe. If it's real and it goes viral heaven help Hilary and those brain dead Democrats.

I'm sorry you're going through this but I don't know what happened to your wife. Hang in there, brother. Those words "For better or worse." are the real deal.

Yeah but OC and Tom I thought Ross was already ultimately responsible for Dolphins success or failure and ah has been since he got in town. Yup pretty much...


Traumatic fracture of the tibial plateau.....happened on night of FSU/Canes game.....5 screws and a plate & a WHOLE LOT OF HOUSEWORK/MAID/DRIVER/Etc... At this point just looking forward to getting back to normal hopefully...Haven't seen a golf course in 3 months & that hurts me the most (Thats my drinking time!!)

Tommy-Son..you so funny, question for ya, let's just say we traded a #2 for Albert and rented out the guy for the rest of the year, do you actually think he would have made such a huge difference considering we had no LG or a RG or a RT?..no I say no and we would now be without our number 2 pick.

Ireland traded a 7th rounder for McKenney and he was more than a capable LT, now back to Albert, he also has back issues which is the main reason KC has not giving him the big contract he is seeking and is letting him walk as a free agent this off season..

now, Philbin wanted to make the trade, what a shocker, he is the coach and wants to win at all cost which is the reason you don't give him all the power and allow him to make the personnel decisions, if that were to happen then he would go after every free agent and trade all our drafts picks..no the correct way to do it you hire a strong GM and let him be the boss and the decision maker.

Forget it, Woodcock. Dennis Miller is right; the world has turned upside down; what was red is now blue and the reverse. Consider that a 10 yr old can be suspended from school for taking a bite of a toasted piece of bread and make-believing that it's a toy gun; that a convicted murderer decides he wants to be a she and we, the tax payers, have to fork over the bill to satisfy his desire.

The folks in control are those like Ruth in grammar school. You remember. The trogledite with stringy black hair and Roy Orbison glasses with elephant ankles, who surrounded herself with cats. Not cool cats mind you. Cats.

Sorry, OC, but I don't know WTF you're talking about. Ruth? What gives?

Man, you must really be in shock!

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she has a complete recovery. She should thank her lucky stars that she's being treated by doctors here in America and not in some third world dump. I'd like to see that fock Michael Moore have an injury like your wife has and try to get it fixed in Cuba. MOFO!

Couldn't Ross give himself an extended leave of absence/trip(s) around the world and leave club in ah more capable hands? I just don't get it. Why would a guy like Ross buy an NFL team when he seems to have no idea, not one iota nor clue as to how to make it and keep it successful? OC, you seem to be the voice of reason explain this to me please...

Oye, FZ, you're my Cuban brother, pero, that fish Ireland era un come mierda. End of story.

Because pro teams are one of the great investments out there. Whether they have cash flow is irrelevant you can't beat the capital appreciation aspect. Lots of rich guys and a limited number of teams to buy. It's just like buying art.

Dukey, that's not me talking, it's a direct quote from Warren Buffet.

Dukey, the quick answer to that comes by-way-of Harry Callahan: A man's GOT to know his limitations. ....obviously, Ross did not learn from Dirty Harry.

I dig art.

You don't have a clue, bro. You should learn your own limitations. Pro teams are one of the smartest investments that you can make. Trust me, the very last thing that Ross is is a fool.

Yes thank you Mr. Woodcock. It all makes sense now. OC you may have a point...

If Dolphins were art, they would be a Jackson Pollock...

Ross is mui smartico in bussnezz but he is a fool when it comes to fuzzball.

Ok, ok but why would a loving god let Ross by the Fins. Yes, yes I know free will. Oye...

Yeah or buy...

Back story to that, Briggs. woodcock and I have a mutual friend (Ernie el Pavo) who actually registered his personalized license plate with: I DIG ART.

Every time Ernie would drive up Woodcock would hit him with: "hey Ernie, who's Art?"


My sources tell me Darius Rucker has been hanging around Peyton Mannings locker...

maybe "El Pavo" es medio cherna..I mean he likes "Art"

You have no idea how many laughs we had at Pavo's expense. Man I miss those days.

El Pavo no puede salir. Esta mirando Los muñequitos! Hahahahahah

LOL. El Pavo, que clase de nalga. That had to be one of his worst decisions and let's just say we're not talking about a Salomonic type individual here.....

Time to bring running game back to football. Even I am sick of all the passing...

Oye, FZ, OC and I went to the house where he was living in each armed with a 24 roll bag of toilet papers and in a drunken stupor at 3:00 AM we TPd this huge tree in his front yard with 48 rolls. The damn thing was covered in TP for at least a year......

Really what's worse than public humiliation of being TP'D is having to clean up or have mess cleaned up for a price in front of prying neighbors eyes...

Cleaning? Dick, the damn thing couldn't have been cleaned if the entire Mexican Army came over and spent 3 weeks on top of the tree at Pavo's house......

That was a classic.

And his house was directly across the street from the front parking lot of the local middle school right in front of where the moms dropped off the kiddies. It was a sight to behold.

One of funniest pranks I witnessed while still in my teens was a friend of mine borrowing car keys of a mutual friend of ours and then driving to said mutual friend's house(he lived there with his parents)where he proceeed to do countless dounuts on his front lawn. I thought for sure I was going to stroke out from all the roaring laughter...

Coño, OC, we should have taken pictures....

Oye, I'm sitting here laughing like an idiot just remembering that night.

Oh, man, does OC have a peel out story for you, Dukey.....

Dukey, the guy responsible for tagging Ernie with the Pavo nickname was this cool Fonzy gue with a 428 Cobra who would spin two trenches out of Ernie's corner lot after every massive Miami rainstorm

His dad would race outside only to be covered in mud

In pure Cuban accent he would screa out: DEE NECKS TYNG I SHOOTE MY GONG


Never thought the Nfl would become a gimmick league but it sounds like that is where we are headed. Those proposed rule changes belong in the Arena league.

Totally agree with,BB...leave the god damn game as it is...the changes sound totally gimmicky...instead,spend more time worrying about the shitty refereeing...

There are merits in exploring ways to speed up the game. Those dumb EPs are automatic and studies show lengthen the game by an average seven minutes. The biggest argument will be made not by you or the Commish, but by sponsors who would get cheated out of additional time by which to sell more goods.

Fans, not you in particular.

Yeah,you know what else would cut down the time of the game...getting calls right and not spending an inordinate amount of time under the hood...way,way more time wasted on awful calls this season and the last few in particular...it seems to get progressively worse each season...

and I find it ironic that there are ways being explored to speed up the game on one hand while discussing a way to add 18 games to a season...and yes,it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize it's all about the benji's...

Start with making all fumbles reviewable roid the fact that they aren't means the system isn't working saw it again in the Seattle /sf game at the end. Happened to Miami in that Pitt game too a few years ago funny I noticed Steratore and his crew did both games. Keep the rules the way they are regarding scoring the only thing that might make sense it moving the extra point kick try back 10 or 15 yards. Heard Belichick floated the idea of getting rid of the extra point to Goodell.

did Ross come back from China yet?

I mean, the suspence is killing me on who D Aponte is going to pick as our next puppet GM...

We have a muppet as owner why not a puppet GM?

Boys, airline stocks kicking major booty ass over the past few months. United was up almost 3% today, Delta almost 4% yesterday.

Well, have we put to bed this Farmer guy for GM? Please, just say it ain't so.

Radio Shack up 18% today!

I think Shaq should own Radio Shack.

HA HA HA Warren Buffet offering 1 billion dollar prize to whoever can succesfully pick entire NCAA bracket. No one has ever done it. Odds are 9.5 QUINTILLION to 1. Same odds Fins will ever make it to SB with Stephen Ross as their owner...

March Madness bracket that is...

God please make it snow 5-7 inches at SB this year...

No I think Arnold Horseshack should own Radio Shack...

Yeah,except he is dead...

Actually, I think the descendants of Arnold Rothstein are at work here. A Heb hedge fund called Lifespeed Mgt. announced they had recently taken an 8% stake in the Co.

Shadow, I know what Jewish lightning is but how do you fake a flood?

I haven't filled out a bracket in well over 25 years but this year I can guarandamntee you that even my dog Sammy will be filling one out. What a great idea to get free pub. This is right out of the P.T. Barnum (stand up for Mr. Barnum one of my favorite Americans of all time) playbook.

What if 500 guys win will that break Warren Buffets check book?

Temp is minus 4 where ole "feeling older than his age" dukey resides. This is when cold air moves from merely "refreshing" to quite painful. Man maybe we'll have "Ice Bowl" for SB. -32 windchill factor. I mean that's entertainment...

Not even Arnold Goldstein himself could arrange for 500 guys to predict the NCAA. But the premium is based on the risk and the odds are over "billions to one." You have to predict 67 games correctly. Hell, we only had like 3 or 4 guys here predict the Fish would go 8-8.

Warren Buffet didn't get to be one of the richest men in the world making dumb bets........

Duke, what are you doing my man. Go south young man....

Yea, but that ass wipe Al Gore says that the Earth is warming up. Que clase de come mierda. I hope he's freezing his ass off somewhere as I type this.

Dukito...WTF dude?... Minus 4 ? That's mui cold....bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrr. !!!!!!

Dukito....now YOU have to tell me where you live...

Yeah FZ but it just feels colder. Well if I'm remembering what news guy said accurately 9.5 quintillion is like 9.5 with 17 zeros after it. I thought samething Mr. Woodcock. Buffet doesn't make bad bets just absurdly, absolutely, like shooting fish in a barrel safe ones...

Cote & other lapdog libs... how's that global warming going for ya'll?

I am a traditionalist by nature but I do like the above proposal to change the NFL X-PT rule to justify either 6, 7 or 8 pt TD. This would add to the chess match of coaching.
Don't limit Field goals, doesn't need to be changed.

Woodcock. I have some of Benghazi photo's your talking about. Terrible indeed. They (men) raped Embassador Stevens because he's a homosexual. Lets see here so a bunch of homophobic goat f**kers want to shame an American man so they sex him up first.... right. I say nuke that region, cut off all aid or if they don't have the nut sack to do the heavy lifting,,, give Isreal a nice, big, fat, shipment of equipment, $ aid and let some real men take care of the dirty work. Career politicians & American media don't have the backbone or stomach for a WWII "win at all costs" mentality,,,, our current men & women serving in todays armed forces do,,, it's that they are working for cowards. Ask any vet who has served "down range" in a combat type setting for the last 5 years & they will tell you, more then 50% of our KIA's are because of the Rules of Engagement set by O'Blahblah.

typo - wrote "I have some" - wrong, meant "I have seen some.." sorry 'bout dat

Muhammad Ali celebrated his 72nd birthday this past Friday. When he first changed his name and joined the Black Muslims and refused to be inducted I was totally against what he did but over the years as I learned more and more about what it was all about and got the chance to meet him twice at Miami International Airport and just sit there and talk to him before we were mobbed by what seemed to be every single person who was at the airport I came around to a different way of thinking about him.

The two times that I sat there and talked to him he couldn't have been nicer. The first time that I met him it was right before he fought Jerry Quarry after he got his license reinstated and he was sitting in the main airport concourse with two smoking hot chicks and I just casually went over and said, "Hello Champ." and he just sat there calm as could be and started talking to me. I couldn't believe it. Once people realized he was there he was mobbed.

Happy birthday, Champ, and thanks for the memories.

Jimbo, agree with you 100,000%, buddy. The Vietnam war where 50,000 plus Americans died, every single one of those deaths I put squarely on the MOFO Democrats in congress and their rules of where and how the war could be prosecuted. I hate those bastards.


Yes Miami would have been much better up front with a pro bowl LT. Are you kidding me? If Albert is on the left side, Martin stays where he should have been from the beginning, RT, and Incognito is still with Miami playing a decent LG. That would have given Miami two pro bowlers on the OL, Albert and Pouncey, with both being in the most critical OL positions, LT and C.

Seriously FZB you need to step back and rethink things. If Ireland had traded a 2nd rounder for Albert AND drafted a OT with the 3rd pick of the draft that OL would have been set for a at least 5 years.

A decent OL and Miami would have played a playoff game this year. No doubt in my mind. Alas we had someone with your genes calling the shots.......so we were doomed from the beginning.

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