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January 15, 2014

Dolphins' new O.C. hire Lazor: Like or no like? Poll. Vote!; plus Lauren Tannegun, Heat lose 3rd straight, 'LeBroning' video & more

1) It is THURSDAY, JANUARY 16. I'm back down in the Friday Page Dungeon today summoning this week's NFL playoff picks. Is that the Upset Bird I see? What is he smoking? 2) Mel Kiper Jr. in his first Mock Draft has Miami selecting Alabama OT Cyrus Kouandjio 19th overall. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): The A-Rod mess with poll, D.Wade's birthday yacht, NFL Final Four, Golden Globes & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

1aa1laurenshootsLauren's got a gun...: In the news, Lauren Tannehill, hottie wife of Dolphins QB, leaves an AR-15 rifle in a rental car. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Only readers of this blog know the backstory! We told you on Aug. 1, under the headline, 'Mr. & Mrs. Tannehill are locked and loaded,' that the couple occasionally shoots at a gun range. The Riflewoman is pictured.

PANIC! PANIC? Heat lose 3rd straight, debut Oden, trade Anthony:  Big, weird Wednesday for the Heat. Miami loses third straight game (at Washington) for first time in two years -- all three to teams with losing records. Greg Oden makes long-awaited debut, scores six points in eight minutes. And Heat trade reserve center Joel Anthony and conditional, lottery-protected draft pick for veteran point guard Toney Douglas in three-team deal with Boston/Golden State. LeBron James said, of the three straight L's, "Defensively, we're just not very good right now." No panic, though. The opposite. "We love adversity more than anything, " noteth the King.

DOLPHINS MAKE PROMISING O.C. HIRE IN LAZOR, BUT G.M. SEARCH LAGS: Bill Lazor (pictured) is the 1aa1billlazorDolphins' new offensive coordinator. He'd been the Eagles' quarterbacks coach last season credited with developing Nick Foles, and has a pretty solid coaching tree, having worked under Dan Reeves, Joe Gibbs, Mike Holmgren and Chip Kelly. (If only Miami's search for a general manager were going as well). Lazor said he's "extremely excited." He was noncomittal on the offense he'll run or his staff plans, but did say he'd call plays. He said Miami has a "strong nucleus" in place toward a wnning team, and said he's excited to work with Ryan Tannehill, saying he has "a lot of ability." Lazor spoke highly of coach Joe Philbin, crediting him as why he accepted the job. Click on Lazor Focus for my column on the hiring. Meantime what are your initial thoughts? You'll note the poll has no option for "too soon to say"; that goes without saying. None of us knows if this is a great hire. We're just looking for a gut feel based on what you know or have heard of the new guy. Vote and say why.

1aa1alebroning'LEBRONING' SWEEPS NATION IN 'HONOR' OF KING JAMES' FLOPPING: Remembering "planking"? Golf fans may recall "Dufnering." Surely most know of "Tebowing." Well, welcome "LeBroning" into the world of

1aa1alebroningleb 1aa1alebroningtInternet memes. Spawned in high-school hallways by bored teens whose life's goal is to do something that might go viral, #LeBroning is the act of intentionally flopping to the ground after barely being touched. Click HERE for a short compilation video. This may be the ultimate in James' career. Sure he's won MVP awards. Yeah he's won champioonships. But is there a greater honor -- a greater indication of worldwide celebrity -- than being mocked on the Internet?

1aa1heatwh14ON HEAT'S WHITE HOUSE VISIT: You may have heard by now that the Heat was honored at the White House on Tuesday for its 2013 NBA championship. Pictured at right: The most powerful man in the world, standing next to President Barack Obama. I watched the ceremony and wasn't even sure Obama was the most powerful president in the room. That was just before Pat Riley issued an executive order 1aa1dwadesneaksauthorizing missile strikes on Iranian nuclear plants. Pictured left: The sneakers Dwayne Wade wore to the White house, because nobody had the nerve to tell him not to.

POOR 'CLARK THE CUB': Chicago Cubs fans, last happy in 1908, are piling on against the club's new 1aa1clarkmascot, Clark the Cub (pictured). A Chicago Tribune poll finds 74 percent against the poor young fella. Little-known fact: Clark the Cub was named after longtime Miami Herald baseball writer Clark Spencer. Unconfirmed speculation: Clark (the Cub, not Spencer) is the illegitimate son resulting from a one-night stand between a sexually freewheeling Billy the Marlin and Cindy Bear, Yogi's ex. Suggested new marketing theme for the unpopular mascot: "At Least He's Better Than Steve Bartman!"

Poll result: Little support for A-Rod: We asked in the last blogpost how you feel about Alex Rodriguez 's fight against baseball, and 71.7 percent said they did not believe A-Rod and supported his full-season suspension. Only 15.6% believed A-Rod and felt MLB was out to get him. Another 12.7% were undeciced.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Clark the Cub is proof that at least one other professional sport franchise is more imbecilic than the Dolphins.

Smart guy, this President. Little did unsuspecting Heat players know that by each of them signing the ball they were actually signing up to Obamacare.

let the laser jokes commence..

I like the hire. A QB coach to further develop Tannehill, West Coast offense guy to match what Philbin wishes to play, a Chip Kelly guy. What's not to like?

who knows if this new Lazor guy is going to pan out but at least Philbin deserves a little credit for going with a young guy and new ideas.

hey the Heat traded Joel Anthony...there goes our C-Ship.

On paper, not a bad hire. Of course if they hired Pewee Herman and the Fish made the playoffs Pewee would be called "a freaking genius."

Wassup, OC!

Tannehill is going to have a "Lazor" type attitude to learn a new playbook.

Here comes the part where everyone shows up and acts like they have followed the career of Lazor.Give me a break.Oh well,at least it will be a break from the same shit getting repeated day after day.

in reality none of us know chit about the guy, let's all pray that Philbin made a good hire...

I like it that Ross is sticking to his guns and not capitulating to all these "highly recommended" GM candidates like Tom Gamble, who demand having control over everything; coaches, personnel, organization, etc.

Apparently, Gamble turned down the interview with the Dolphins, and was even puzzled that an OC was hired without having a GM in place to voice opinion.

I say great! Looks like Ross will go with the approach I've been selling -- to let the HC shape his organization as he sees fit, and sink or rise in doing so.

Oye, Gamble would have been a great hire here but of course that idiot Ross fak everything up, I doubt Philbin will last past next season here and then we are going to have to start all over again.

on the GM search, it sure looks like the new guy will have to have the approval of Philbin and Aponte, I'm sure they wanna make sure they can throw the new guy under the bus when they both fail..hehe

Well, here's stuff we should all generally know. We know that the Ducks have been a nightmare for everyone else in the Pac12, and that Chip Kelly was a big reason for that. We know that he brought his first year Eagles team to within a field goal of going on to the second round of the playoffs, and that this guy, Lasor was integral to an Eagles offense that played an up tempo style similar to what made Oregon so successful.

The experience that surrounded this guy should be something that excites Dolfans who should be tired and disgusted of seeing just the opposite for so long...boring, predictable, low pace, low scoring offensive offenses.

FZ, to someone who believes the GM should run everything, yes, Gamble would probably be your guy. I just don't agree with that approach.

What kind of guy takes a job with a lame duck slack jawed head coach? That future pay better be guaranteed. Back to Woodbine.

OC...I wish I had the same confidence in Philbin that you have....as a coach, he flat out laid an egg those last two games.

I hope I can come back here and admit I was wrong about him.

With the exception of Grimes,Clay,Wake,Soliai,Fields and Hartline I don't have much confidence in ANYONE in this organization...

OC...three of the very best young and up and coming talent evaluators have turn down the Dolphins request for an interview..


having everyone report to Ross is as stupid a move as there is, Ross is not a football guy.

Do we really expect anything more? It's shockingly un-shocking...

the other move I would make if I were Philbin is fire our defensive coordinator Coyle and replace him with Wade Phillips and go back to the 3-4.

but hey, what do I know.

looks like an interesting hire, going with the young and up and coming coordinator who's had some success.

"The Eagles' success offensively under Chip Kelly was also due to their balance; had nearly a 50-50 run-pass split in 2013." -adam beasley

be careful, adam. we know it's your job to study and report on the dolphins with access and resources NONE OF US here have, but having the veracity to criticize our play calling will get you in "ostrich crew"..

i like that move, FZB.
plus, i'd have access to the dolphins, as i personally know wade and am dear friends with his daughter; an amazingly talented dance choreographer for major shows and tours like ricky martin, and quite the talented dancer herself..

lol..."ostrich crew"..

every great offense in the NFL has a strong running foundation, if we can fix our offensive line everything else will fall nicely into place, its that simple.

FZB I was thinking of your most recent ideas and I could help but reflect on the fact that you wanted to keep Ireland.....

nuff said!

OC, when's your interview with Ross for GM?

OC, maybe you would improve your chances in the interview if you showed up wearing the same tux that Ricky Martin wore to the Golden Globes and you can tell Mr. Ross the names, dates, and all the nominations of all the winners........

Oye, OC, do they hire metrosexuals for general manager in the NFL?

Oye, OC, if you get the job are you going to give Tannehill and his "pescadito" wife the boot, and trade up to draft Johnny Football?

Kyper has Johnny Football projected to go #1 in the draft to the Houston Texans. If Bob McNair doesn't pick this guy and JF goes to another team and transfers his skills to the next level, not only will he kill himself but the Texan's fan base will have a long line of honor guards at his tomb taking turns peeing all over McNair's grave stone for as long as the Houston Texans play in the National Football League.


Oye, OC, what time did The Cunt of Monte Cristo give you for your GM appointment?


and, what recent ideas are U refering to amigo?

keeping Ireland?..in time, some of the players Ireland picked may turn out ok, who knows.

on firing Philbin?..boy, if you guys are not convinced after those last two games of what type of a coach Philbin is then I can't help you people.

OC for GM?..chit, you gotta make sure you are in good graces with Philbin and Aponte for sure buddy, and even if you are they'll throw your arse under the bus at the first sign of trouble just to save their skin.

hahahaha !

the cunt-of monte cristo..

Like the OC hire mainly because Nick Foles is the preeminent body of work thus far on Lazor s resume.Aside from that he s got some knowlege of Chip Kelly as an Offensive innovator and he s a young guy.So of course we all have to wait and see on him.Tannehill hopefully settles down in year 3 and plays to the strengths of both of them.It s exciting potentially and I ll take the optimistic tact until proven otherwise.

That's what I said. #1 to the Houston Texans. The kid was a man among boys. With the new NFL rules he will kill. Of course 20 years ago they wouldn't have even hired this guy to sell hot dogs on Sundays but in today's "slightly" more violent game than touch or flag football, Johnny F. can dance around back there and complete 70% while blowing kisses to the cheerleaders on the sideline.

The only thing that can stop Johnny at the next level are hos and blow.

And that's only if OC get's the job, grows a pair, tells the Cunt of Monte Cristo to blow him, gives Tannehill the boot, and then drafts Johnny. Here in Miami, Johnnie would be "Dead Man Walking." After three weeks in South Beach he would be on all four trying to snort the yard lines during games.

FZB- I find this new oc kind of interesting. Did philbin give ross his ok because he does not see the guy as a big threat?As for everybody thinking he did a great job with foles, unless he is bringing leshon mccoy, and that o-line with him, lets wait and see.This is a strange setup with the dolphins chain of command right now.I can't see Kraft thinking like this, but this is how jerry jones operates.

Kraft thinks exactly like that he lets his coach run the entire organization.

Oye Woodcock, metete el dedo por el centro del culo, nalga.

Naples...this whole scenario is very strange indeed...you have a HC doing his thing hiring his own OC without having to consult with his GM because we have none, then you have a cap expert with her own agenda , stabbing the prior GM behind his back and creating all kinds of internal problems with her own hidden agenda and her own vision of grandeur and then we have a team without a GM because Ross is to fackin clueless he has now decided everyone will report to him and the guy knows nothing about football..

Its a fackin circus down here, I wish I could be a little more positivo but I can't...

Comparing Ross to Jerry Jones is not even a close comparison. Jerry Jones is an owner/ GM. Remember when Bob Kraft used to "meddle" into Parcells drafting when he was coach Naples? Ever since he became a hands off owner he has been winning he learned it was the best model and he stayed with it successfully. Ross is employing a similar approach by hiring people who know football and letting them handle things. Pretty much the opposite of the Jerry Jones approach. Interestingly the most recent GM candidate for Miami was general manager in Denver for three years and didn't have final say on player personnel. Looks like Philbin will be collaborating with the new GM on personnel let's see if it works why not.

Boys, here's the 7 blocks of horse shit drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2013. Lets see if we can do just a little better in 2014. Except for Jordan and the kicker kid who are these guys? I've seen pictures of people on milk cartons who played more for the Dolphins than these slugs.....


Gee, OZ, why the insults?

Let me guess, the Cunt of Monte Cristo got you the 7:00 AM GM interview appointment..........

Ross needs alittle Ginko Biloba...

Sort of wondering why we need a GM at this point. Just have Carl Peterson oversee the draft and consult with Philbin on it. Seems almost counterproductive to have a GM at this point if they will really only be responsible for "overseeing" the draft and doing some scouting. OC what's your take on this? If I am Ross this is what I would do they don't need another cook in the kitchen do they? I know they will hire someone but to me it makes sense just to promote Brian Gaine and call it a day if I recall you agreed with me on that OC.

BB...you already know how I feel about the roll a GM should have...

Yes you were very outspoken about philbin and ross being fired together but as tom pointed out you wanted to keep Ireland. I am now convinced he had to go .

I'm ok with the decision to fire Ireland , it was probably the correct thing to do after we found out all the bickering and back stabbing going on behind the scenes what I'm upset about is that Ross keeps on making the same mistake over and over again, its like he doesn't learn.

The fact he is keeping Philbin around is hindering the search for the best GM candidates, three of the very best young up and coming candidates have already turned the dolphins down, its ridiculous ..

FZB you sound like a load of sour grapes. You didn't get your way keeping Ireland so now everyone has to go. Come on dude Ireland had his 4 years and blew it. Give Philbin a chance with some decent talent. And give Aponte some credit. You were raving just recently about all the cap space Miami has until you found out Aponte is responsible for that and not Ireland.

I like the new OC hire. He did wonders with Nick Foles. My guess is he'll do real well with Tannehill who I believe has way more natural talent.

I can't believe I am about to say this FZB but you are the biggest negativo on the blog.

don't listen to tom, FZB.
TALENT in the NFL, like you and your scout friend say, may take a couple years to accurately measure.

tom is the guy that says this draft was an F because jordan had limited reps, and taylor and others were injured and, (shocking), could come back and beat out grimes or patterson at corner.

meanwhile measuring a coach is NOT a 3-4 year process.
the only thing that makes me lean A LITTLE towards poor joe is that drama he had to steer the team through during the martin fiasco. many teams would've crumbled, but we actually played our best ball of the season after that.
the defense played well, tanny was superb, and (SURPRISE!), we actually committed to running the ball NO MATTER WHAT.

i like the new coordinator hire as well.
watch how "awful" lamar miller is next year..lol

Philbin is the fly in the ointment for the Dolphins now. He did not want to fire his OC and refuses to get rid of the incompetent position coaches. I fear a power struggle between Philbin and whoever is desperate enough to take the vacant GM position in this dysfunctional organization will ensue and further damage the team. He has demonstrated that he is not NFL head coach material.

First off, I totally agree with OC. ON PAPER, and because off his associations and success as a QB coach, what's not to like about Laser?
In answer to "What kind of guy takes a job with a lame duck slack jawed head coach?" (Neil's Ghost), I say a helluva a SMART, aggressive guy who believes (quietly) that if Philbin gets the ax due to ANYTHING other than lack of offensive production...like an unwillingness to play certain players who don't fit HIS mold...Laser could be next in line for the HC job, if Tannehill makes spectacular strides forward. Why Not?

you are absolutely correct, IMAWriter..
and plus, unlike many of the doomsday "experts" on this blog, the miami dolphins are a talented team. we have serious talent on the offense, and filling the holes will be much easier THIS year than it was the last couple.
after all, this guy could've gone to the lions and worked with stafford and calvin.
it says A LOT that he chose miami.

i meant to say that unlike the "experts" on this blog, this coach actually thinks we have talent and he can win here.
then again, he, polian, beasley and armando couldn't know as much as say, TOM does.. :)

it really makes me appreciate don shula more and more.
no matter what type of talent we had, shula would figure out a way to win.
got czonk and morris and kick?
cool.. i'll run teams into the ground.
got david woodley at QB?
no problem.. we'll just keep everyone else from scoring with our defense.
dan marino?
great.. i will figure out a way to have every eligible receiver get the ball, including fullbacks and plenty of tight ends as well as receivers and we'll throw it down everyone's throat..

Nah, Dave, the draft was a failure last year because the guys sucked. There were more sightings of Whooping Cranes on the field at Joe Robbie than 2013 draftees. I refuse to give the class an F grade because I know that in rare cases when the stench is so strong an F grade is insufficient to measure the level of worthlessness of the rookies last year. The last time I saw a larger collection of dead wood in one place was the day the Mr. St. Helen's blew.

Dave, this team has "talent?" I saw better talent in the mariachi band playing at El Cholo than what I saw on the field at Joe Robbie last year. Surely, even Cantinflas towards the end of his career when he was almost 80 years old would have scored more than 7 points in the last two games of the year.

Nah, I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board. Somewhere, someplace, someone really screwed up and somehow jinxed this team. We have now sucked the big wally for the last 20 or so slow ones. Anyone thinking that we're going to be ready for prime time next year hasn't been paying attention.


7-9 that is, unless OC can convince the Cunt of Monte Cristo to tell Chucko the Clown to do something to bring in Johnny F.

5 and 11 next year....................

you're wrong, woody, and we WILL see next year.


Ross is great with celebrities and according to my sources he went by Ed Harris' recommendation to hire...




grasshopper, you read but yet you do not understand, re read what I posted..

"I'm ok with the decision to fire Ireland , it was probably the correct thing to do after we found out all the bickering and back stabbing going on behind the scenes what I'm upset about is that Ross keeps on making the same mistake over and over again, its like he doesn't learn.

The fact he is keeping Philbin around is hindering the search for the best GM candidates, three of the very best young up and coming candidates have already turned the dolphins down, its ridiculous "..

Posted by: FZB | January 15, 2014 at 09:17 PM

on giving Philbin a chance with better talent?..ok, no problem there if Philbin had demonstrated he deserved another change but in my mind he blew it big time when he failed to take the Dolphins into the playoffs this year, he had it all in front of him and he didn't have his team prepared and lost to two very mediocre teams, that is not the sign of a good coach.

Ireland was going to be back for another year but the reason he is not is because Aponte went behind his back and created all kinds of internal rifts in the front office but all Ireland wanted is for Sherman to be fired but Philbin refused, in the end he was let go but only because Ross stepped in and made Philbin fire his friend, having said that I do like the new guy coming in, he is young and hopefully will mesh real well with Tannehill.

on Aponte being responsible for all our cap room?..hardly dude, Ireland is the one that was responsible for not giving up our draft choices and fixing the cap mess he was left with by Parcells, Aponte is just a lawyer in charge of salaries and how they are drawn up, she did not make the decisions on the length of a contract or the upfront money etc.

in the end we are going to hire a good, competent talent evaluator but not the best one because of all the restrictions Ross has for the position, what you guys fail to see is that everyone is going to report to Ross who is not a football guy..just think about that.

but don't worry, once the dust settles and we have our new GM I'll support the new guy no matter what and I'll give him 4 yrs to turn the roster over which should not be too difficult since I think he will inherit a much more talented team than the one Ireland got.

Fins need some O line talent & line coach who can make them play as a unit. The new GM & his assistants have to be strong at scouting college players that can play at the NFL level. Last group brought in Jonathan Martin & G Thomas,, neither can play whether it is physical talent or desire.

Lamar Miller is good enough to be an effective change of pace back getting 11 - 15 touches a game. A bigger, stronger back is needed for the tougher yards. MJD will be available but IMO he wants too much $, lost a step & has been physical beaten since carrying the rock for Jags. A younger version MJD, Frank Gore, Ray Rice type RB would be optimal.

one more thing guys, and this is for the KEEP PHILBIN AROUND CROWD..This is what Cote wrote yesterday and its been said by quite a few people around the NFL...

"For now just say the hiring of an offensive coordinator offers hope in a way the search for a GM to replace Jeff Ireland does not.

I can’t see how Miami will attract a top-tier candidate; three men it sought already have declined interviews. The Dolphins’ new GM will inherit a head coach (and now an offensive coordinator) he didn’t hire and doesn’t have the power to fire, and will step into a management structure that cedes much of a GM’s typical authority to owner Stephen Ross and to Philbin.

Eagles vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble is a guy Miami should redouble efforts to lure as new GM – especially now that Lazor, with whom he’s worked, is aboard. Gamble is well respected, but it would take Ross opening his wallet and ceding some authority to get him. That seems doubtful.

So the Dolphins have one major hire down now and one to go.

The new offensive coordinator might have much to prove. But that hiring is a good deal more reassuring than the pulsing uncertainty in a GM search that seems without rudder".

and that my friends is the problem, I like Philbin as a person but I don't think he is a top tier coach anymore for what he failed to do those last two games against the Bills and Jets and his presence is a major obstacle in the way for us to get a top of the line young up and coming GM..

FZB you just said in 1,000 words what I said you said in 40 words. You want Philbin and Aponte gone because Ireland is gone.

Stop and think a second my good friend. Before the Bills game would you have wanted to fire Philbin? Of course not. He navigated the team thru the Martin mess and looked almost certain to lead Miami to the playoffs. I dare say you were thinking he was a really good coach. Then two bad games and all of a sudden he's a bad coach that deserves firing. Really?

Sorry FZB I think my explanation of your sea change with respect to Philbin is more related to being pissed Ireland got fired than Philbin's performance.

just sayin...

One more thing FZB. Ireland did not lose his job because of anything Aponte did. If Ireland had put real NFL talent on the field he would still be the GM. Ireland lost his job because of chit performance. Stop with blaming others (e.g., Ross, Philbin, Aponte) for Ireland's incompetence. Please!

There is not great talent on this team...there are a handful of great players scattered amongst a sea of mediocre talent...it's really so easy to see,actually...

Bring in Reshad Jennings or Darren McFadden next year Otown can't sign both and we will be in business. Dump useless D. Thomas and keep Miller as alternate.

BB, Darren McFadden is the paper mache man. No thanks.

Damn, did you see that Tan's wife left an AR-15 in the trunk of her rental car? One thing you have to give the Tan's credit for is that they have adjusted to life in the 305 very, very well since they got here from Bumfuck.

I would rather have R. Jennings Woodcock an up and coming beast of a runner but Oakland likely doesn't let him get away. I like McFaddens potential but yes he is injured often still would consider bringing him in under the right circumstances.

Priority number one besides oline help is running back for this team. Some of the blame lies on the oline and Sherman but our rb's were arguably the least productive in the NFL last year I think L. Miller averaged 45 yards per game.

Don't know what Ross is promising the GM candidates. Possibly promising the candidate that if Phibin doesn't produce a winner in 2014, new GM can decide on Philbins replacement in 2015

That is ludicrous Jimbo that would never happen. Philbin is among the men in the room interviewing potential GM candidates.

BB, do you have any recent pictures of Mrs. T? I'd like to see if in addition to adjusting so well to urban life in the 305 she has also put some meat on them skinny ass bones and grown a proper 305 booty.

New GM will not have the authority to fire Philbin that's been establised. It's up to Steven Ross to make that call now maybe with a little input from Carl Peterson.

How about the Cunt of Monte Cristo, BB? What's her role in this horror movie? And, by the way, where are you getting all this insight from, OC?

Woodcock Ross himself has said new GM will have somewhat limited role. Dawn Aponte does more than just manage the cap she is a major executive that is respected around the league very smart. Her title is VP football operations or something to that effect. I actually think it speaks well of Philbin that he won the battle of wills against Ireland it speaks to leadership. Remember what Bill Parcells famously said while coach of NE. If you're going to cook the meal then you want to shop for the groceries.

You want me to believe the Dolphins will not get a good GM because Kotex said so? You bought that line?

david I agree the fact Lazor came to Miami over Stafford and Megatron speaks volumes. Unless it was strictly a money issue it means he sees a lot of potential with the team.

I never fucked anybody over in my life didn't have it coming to them. You got that? All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one. Do you understand? That piece of shit Ireland, I never liked him, I never trusted him. For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Mike Sherman fired. But that's history. I'm here, he's not. Do you wanna go on with me, you say it. You don't, then you make a move.

Manny shoot that piece of chit. No not Frank, Jeff!

"She's a lovely lady and my apologies to her..........."

He he.

Big Baby, I see you struggling here, and since I like you, let me help you out here, son.

Let's say that John Doe was offered two jobs with basically the same duties and salary. One job is in Detroit, Michigan the other is in Miami, Florida.....

Do you really need me to continue to draw you a picture here?

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Sorry, BB, I missed the little fact that it was Dapper Dave who said, and I paraphrase, "That it bodes well that Laser chose Miami over Detroit." You have an excuse, you haven't seen the sun in over two months in Boston and it's obviously affecting your ability to think clearly, but Dapper? Nah. He lives here in LA and today the weather is crystal clear and 84 degrees. There is no excuse other than Dave is vaping and tooting again, for Dapper Dave to utter such nonsense about why Laser chose the Magic City over a wasteland like Detroit, Michigan.

Big Baby- I hope you are not trying to put philbin in the same catagory with parcells with the grocerys comment? As for my comparison of ross to jerry jones, I was talking about both being clueless. As for the new gm, whos to say what ross tells the new guy behind closed doors. If you think for a minute philbin is in the picture for long, think again. There is a reason the word around the league is miami is a mess, up there with the browns, redskins, dallas, and the raiders.

Funny but coaches care about their careers numero uno. You think he's coming to Miami if doesn't think Tannehill can play? He isn't.

Naples I don't expect you to give Miami credit for doing anything right ever it's just who you are. Carry on.

Coaches do, but their wives don't! Everyone wants the finer things in life, BB.

Now, for someone like you who loves the northeast and lives in a city full of history, and frankly it's home for you so you're stuck since all your cousins and in laws live there. Therefore, you actually think that living in Boston when for four months of the year you can't see the Sun and under no circumstance can you just whip it out and take a leak in the great outdoors if you have to, that it would be perfectly normal for anyone in their right minds to chose to move to Detroit, Michigan over Miami, Florida.

I live 40 miles from Boston live closer to Connecticut and Rhode Island than I do Boston but ok. You avoided my question do you think Lazor is coming to Miami if he thinks Tannehill can't be great? Answer no he goes to Detroit to try and reign in Stafford since he has become a turnover machine this year.






I rest my case!

That looks like a virus wating to happen not opening that mess.

Let's just say that the images of Detroit, Michigan are frightful compared to the images of smoking hot girls in bikinis frolicking in the surf in Miami Beach....


Lasor is coming to Miami because he got a job offer that pays more than where he was, gives him more opportunities to advance his career than where he was, and allows him to move his family from something called Philadelphia,Pennsylvania that is such a historical dump that when the founding fathers had the opportunity to chose it or a swamp in what is now Washington D.C. chose the swamp..........

LOL Lazor is from Scranton, PA. Philly is like freaking Paris compared to Scranton.

This will be the last comment on this issue, BB.

When Berry Gordy, Mr. Motown himself, had a chance to get the fock out of Detroit and move to LA he jumped at the opportunity. Nah, if Mr. Motown himself doesn't want any part of Detroit, Michigan why would Bill Lazor want to go work in Detroit, Michigan?

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