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January 03, 2014

NFL playoff picks: 4 games, 1 surprise; plus Orange Boyd, waiting on Dolphins, Heat reigns in poll, Marlins ballot-stuffing & more

1) It is SATURDAY, JANUARY 4. New blogpost coming later today. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Miami's biggest sports story of 2013 poll, Dolphins' Ireland/Sherman in trouble, my top-10 new year's resolutions & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

1aa1discobClemson reigns as Orange Bowl + Tajh Boyd = Orange Boyd: Clemson upsets Ohio State 40-35 in 80th Orange Bowl. What a game! Tigers WR Sammy Watkins named MVP after an OB-record 227 receiving yards on 16 catches, with two TDs. Big as his night was, QB Tajh Boyd got my vote and should have won. He passed for 370 yards and five TDs, and ran for 127 yards and another score. Look for my column from the game online soon.

UPSET BIRD DAY / NFL FIRST-ROUND PLAYOFF PIX: 4 GAMES, 1 SURPRISE: The NFL playoffs, a.k.a. The Time That Forgot Miami, begin with Wild-Card Weekend, a partial misnomer because four of the eight 1aa1fripix 1aa1nflwcteams playing are division winners, not wild-card entrants. Anyway, the two NFC games are more interesting to me, the 49ers-Packers game is probably the sexiest of the quartet, and that is where the upset blooms -- Packers, at home. Click on Playoff Week 1 Gems for all our expanded prediction capsules, and on The Delighted Dozen for my Friday Page column ranking the playoff teams 1-through-12 on likelihood of raising the Vince Lombardi trophy. Hint: Can't we just fast-forward to Broncos-Seahawks right now?

The NFL playoffs by Independent Rooting Interest (IRI): I devised this last year, a Misery Index of 1aa1irisorts. Who should you root for if you aren’t a fan of any one team? Answer: Whichever fans are most starving for a Super Bowl. Add each team's number of seasons since its last Super Bowl (or pre-SB) championship and last title-game appearance. The combined number is the IRI index. Higher the number, greater the historic underdog. This year’s field: Chiefs 88, Bengals 71, Chargers 69, Eagles 62, Seahawks 46, Broncos 30, Panthers 29, 49ers 20, Patriots 11, Colts 11, Saints 8 and Packers 6. Note, Dolphins' last SB win coming in 1973 and last appearance in '84 would have equated to an IRI of 69.

HEAT REPEAT NAMED TOP MIAMI SPORTS STORY OF 2013; NO. 2 A CURIOUS SURPRISE: We asked in the previous blogpost, more than 1,500 of you responded, and the Heat's championship unsurprisingly 1aa1heatrepeatwas voted the top Miami/So-Fla sports story of '13 with 35.3 percent of the vote. Then it got interesting. Jose Fernandez's big year wound up second with 21.2% -- suspiciously, I must say. Jose was running in the 6-8% range, in fifth place, until a late surge that poll experience tells me was orchestrated ballot-stuffing. Perhaps by the Marlins? Fine either way. Democracy in action, no illegalities suggested. Dolphins' Bullygate (12.7%) finished third just ahead of the team's late-season collapse (12.2%). The NCAA verdict on UM (7.6%) and the Biogenesis/PED scandal (4.6%) were next. The other four options in the poll had very minor support. I unintentionally omitted from the poll the Hurricanes' ACC title in men's basketball, which might have challenged top top five.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Daniel Boone was a fag, he was a big fag

He knew what he was doin' when he pumped his cum into them.

He was a fag, he was a big fag

Not that there's anything wrong with it kiddies...

Jeff Ireland is a fag, he's a big fag

He knows what he is doin' when he pumps his cum into them.

He's a fag, he's a big fag

Not that there's anything wrong with it kiddies...

I work with the Marlins, they had 10 people to a computer last night on the Miami Herald website, now I know what that was about.

Mike Sherman is a gimp, he's a big gimp

He wishes he was a pimp but his dick is far too limp

So he's gimp, he's a big gimp...

Why did the Jets play so hard while the Dolphins choked?

They actually like their coach.


If this morning's report is accurate regarding Ross' conundrum, one would at least have to give some props to Philbin for presenting a "if he goes, I go" position regarding Sherman and to Ross.

Again, if true. I means another year structurally much the same, albeit, with a ridiculously short leach, which in my book, always has shown to fail, OR he starts from scratch. Either way expect another sub season.

Personally, I hope Ross chooses the latter. If your HC is loyal to his mentor - to a fault - it seems a far worse option than starting over with a new program.

One moe yr for Philbin and my boy Ireland..

and then all bets are off...

ps- if I'm Ross I would hire Pioli now as a consultant, just in case.

If Sherman goes fine but passing for 3900 yards and 24 td's with the worst offensive line in the league and a bad running game isn't all bad if you really look at it. Don't know if it is true but read today that it was Philbin who wanted to throw the ball most of the time Sherman wanted to run more.

Either way is bad. You either have an OC who doesn't know how to call a balanced game, or a HC who overrides him, thus exposing his own shortcoming.

I would support Sherman coming back unless the rumors are true that Tannehill wasn't happy with the play calling. Philbin should come back he is a good coach I don't the buy the "too even keeled can't motivate" stuff at all. Tannehill and the offense laid an egg the last 2 games can't tell if it's coaching or not actually. Wallace dropped a sure TD in the Jets game Matthews had a catch and run TD if not for the fingertips of Ed Reed.

Ross may keep everything the way it is this year simply because he is not ready to make a change, if you guys recalled Armando had an article a couple of months back in which he stated that Ireland had been giving assurances by Ross that he would be back for at least one more year.

all the teams that fired their HC's right after the season finished knew they were making changes and had already started with the process of bringing in people for interviews, cleaning house is a process and one that has to be done the right way, keeping Ireland and Philbin one more year will allowed Ross to make changes without being rushed.

just my two cents...but what do I know, right?

The team was not prepared and that's on Philbin. Does anyone think a Belichick or a Shula ever had that charge pointed at them? I don't think so.

They are all donkey raping s***eaters PERIOD.

Tannehill not being happy with play calling if true could be fixed. Big Ben and Haley weren't on the same page but look at the offensive stats Pitt had this year excellent.

OC calling for a new GM, and coaching staff ok then we will know very soon if that is happening.

Ross is a s***faced cockmaster PERIOD...

Shame on philbin if he wanted to run the ball more, and let sherman have his way. What the hell kind of a general is philbin if he lets one of his liutenants over rule him. As for tannah not happy with sherman, sounds like sour grapes for the way he looked this year. Just shut your mouth, and tell your hc, stay out of the press.

Ross has got to hate the choice he needs to make. He would much rather have had Sherman and Turner out and call it a day. But to have to fire everyone and start from scratch appears too radical for him. I'm sure he did not expect Philbin to react in such a eay.

My guess is that Ross will try to obtain any kind of information regarding how the league will sanction, or not, the team, then use that information to finalize a decision.

Naples I'm a Pats fan all the way this year seeing as how Giants are out and the Dolphins are dead to me now...

Other way around Naples. Sherman wanted to run more and Philbin wanted to pass more so Philbin got what he wanted. OC Ross should have seen the writing on the wall with how Philbin is reacting to the Sherman situation. They go way back it was easy to see that loyalty could have been an issue even though in the NFL loyalty is sometimes forgotten.

I also read that it's in Philbins contract who he picks for assistants and unless he himself is fired he gets to choose who stays and who goes.

Duke you do know that most Pats fans mock the 72 Dolphins and their yearly celebrations and hate Mercury Morris with a passion right?

NFL fans mock the 72 Dolphins, they're pathetic just like this franchise.

Shadow, you mean Manuel Arts was a black dude?

Dukito..You rooting for the Beli-Cheater's?..say it ain't so amigo.

me?..no fackin way.

let's see now, if I had to choose a team?...would like to see Carolina or the Bengal's (or both) make it to the SB...however the team to beat is Seattle, they just don't lose at home.

Hell, they should hate the 72 Dolphins we beat them like a drum every time we played them. Joe Robbie used to send limousines to their hotel to make sure that those Chowds got to the Orange Bowl on time for their annual ass whipping. Shoot, the old Boston Patriots were such a collection of candy assess that had the league not stepped in in 1974 the Dolphins were going to suit up the Miami Jackson High School Generals football team and send them out to play the stinking Patsys. Pete Rozelle had to step in and prohibit that little plan in order to save the reputation of the league.

No matter how many games the Chowds and their stinkin' Patriots win nothing will ever erase the two decades of ass whippings that Mr. Shula put on their collective assess.

Unfortunately woodcock it's that typre of thinking that keeps this fanbase and team stuck. It's all been erased. Patriots have gone to 7 Superbowls since Miami has last played in one. Sorry bro.

Big Baby, That sounds like a Pats personal problem. Not Dolfans sir...

Root for them all you want duke. Maybe I am just too close to the stench of all of their fans here.

Duke you do know that most Pats fans mock the 72 Dolphins and their yearly celebrations and hate Mercury Morris with a passion right?

Yeah that's the Pats personal problem to which I alluded..

And not one of those 7 teams could have lined up against the 72 Dolphins. No brag just fact.

Not going there thats a shadow versus kazaam classic but I don't agree with you.

Regardless on who is tasked with pulling the trigger come draft day, no one will be surprised that either the top Guard, or the second or third best OT will be Miami's pick.

Quite a few early boards have Cyrus Kovandjio going to Miami. That's the same Alabama starting Left Takle who allowed the Oklahoma pass rusher to race pass and strip the ball for that last TD late in the game. The big dude did all but tackle him to no avail.

My Christmas wish for this year is that some way some how Johnny Freaking Football finds his way on to an aqua and orange uni this year.

For this kid I would go Mike Ditka and trade five picks for the right to move up and take him. Trust me, there are going to be a slew of teams who pass up on Johnny Football only to rue the day they made that mistake on draft day.

If I had to choose between Ireland and Philbin I would most definitely go with Philbin. He has not had the best group to work with and its not his fault.

Dump the architect of this mess and give Philbin a decent shot.

Fire Ireland!

OC..there will be a couple of other tackles available where we are picking, I say just pick 7 lineman and be done with the offensive line.

no Tom..if you get rid of Ireland then you need to get rid of Philbin too, its not fair for the new GM to have to inherit Philbin.

let the new GM bring in his own people...and 4 years to prove himself one way or another.

He'll be snatched up by J-ville, da Raidas, or browns. He won't make it out of single digits picks.

Ross should follow the example of Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. Richardson dumped a non-performing GM and stuck with his coach. 7-9 last year to 12-4 this year. Not a bad move.

Philbin has not had a decent shot. And I really think he did a good job of keeping the team together and focused after the Martin-Incognito affair. I think the whole world expected Miami to fall apart after Martin bailed on the team. Well it didn't happen and you have to give Philbin some credit for that. He didn't panic.

Ross should follow the example of Richardson and dump his POS GM Jeff Ireland. At least give Philbin a fighting chance to make good here.

I got to go with Woodcock, Johnny Quest Football guy is next Stabler on and off the field...

Ross will keep the troupe (not a misspelling), and hold them to having a strong start next year or else...

Expect an interim coach come October, 2014.

I think you're right OC. That is what I expect but that is not what he should do.

Tom everyone expected Miami to be a non factor following Bullygate but it didn't happen and people should credit Philbin for that. As much as the last 2 games were frustrating you don't fire him over that. I might be inclined to give the whole regime one more year including Ireland but no playoffs next year and it's house cleaning time. Ross may have other ideas I don't know.

so that's it?..Ireland and Philbin back for another year?

alrighty then.

Tom, my impatience has grown by dukes and bounds. Philbin failed to have this team prepared for the two most important games of the year. He is either a poor motivator, or lost his players respect and will to play hard for him.

No amount of time, different GM, trusting owner will correct that.

Nice guy. No doubt, a decent football mind, but has yet to show that contagious, demonstrative drive that cause players to jump into burning buildings.

Blow it up from the Gatorade guy up.

no one with 1/2 a brain cares what you would do, tom.

brady's team ran the ball 470 times this year.

peyton's team ran the ball 461 times this year.

brees's team ran the ball 391 times this year.

river's team ran the ball 486 times this year.

stafford's team ran the ball 445 times this year.

our dolphins?

349 attempts.

brees, manning, brady, stafford, rivers and stafford ran more than we did.

THAT is the problem.

Turned you into an adverb, duke.

interestingly enough, we had a greater yards per carry than ALL of those teams except new england.
running sets up the pass.
we never committed to it, and it's the main reason why our season is over.

Why are you still talking about football David, you've been completely wrong about everything, you have no credibility.

Surprising since D. Thomas hasn't posted an above 4 ypc in his career. You know that I am not a huge running game advocate but even if we did run more it wouldn't have mattered much. Our oline was horrible how many times did we get stopped and 3rd and 4th down short yardage running plays? It just wasn't happening this year we had to pass more.

you need a dominant offensive line to run the football effectively in the NFL. Our offensive line? Not so dominant. I think it's pretty amazing L. Miller averaged 4.1 per carry behind that mish mash disaster.

Incognito is a good run blocker they really missed him this season.

"tannehill shrunk in the games where he was most needed to perform his best" - roid.

no he didn't.

he had some bad games, and he had some great games; especially the pats and bengals.. you know, "games where he was most needed to perform his best".

jimbo is correct.
he was getting very comfortable with keller.
then gibson.
losing gibson was tragic.

yes, we do remember the possibility of tannehill sitting behind a veteran; he has indeed been learning on the fly.

the results?

with 100 MORE passing attempts this year, (just ridiculous), he doubled his TD's (from 12 to 24), increased his interceptions by 4 (from 13 to 17), and increased his rating by almost 6 points (from 76.1 to 81.7.

the most glaring stat to me, however, is this:
his completion %, WITH 100 MORE ATTEMPTS, still went up.
from 58.3% to 60.4%.

as for "the way he looked this year" naples, i'd say with losing all his favorite targets, losing half his line, getting sacked a record number of times AND having a coaching staff committed to passing more than the best QB's in the league he looked pretty good.

david more to your point was the team more predictable yes. However I would rather see them try and throw it than watch what I watched all season which was running backs getting stopped for short gains or no yards.

An OL is a team within a team. Bad enough that Ireland equipped this team going in with what was tantamount to driving from LA to Vegas in the middle of summer with a faulty radiator (Martin), and a cup of water in it. Doesn't matter that every other part of the vehicle may be sound, does it.

i predicted 11-5.
i was wrong.
name one other thing i was wrong about?
yeah.. that's what i thought.
i'm sure you're pretty light upstairs, so read my posts S L O W L Y.

i'm posting STATS, douche bag.
and they don't lie.
unlike others here..

you are correct to a point about the line.
the fact he DID average that suggests that it wasn't the line, brother.
they didn't commit enough to running!
the numbers do not lie.

listening to the pregame on 710 espn, (for some reason in los angeles they broadcast all jet games.. the horror), none other than SCOTT PIOLI was talking about that.
it's not about numbers or even success.
it's about keeping the opposing defense honest.
he said when we DID commit we got enough success out of it and it opens up the rest of our offense.

it's a question of running 3-4 times in a row, no matter what.
we barely did that.
as for your comment "However I would rather see them try and throw it", well that's what you DID see.

as for my running/play calling position, i seem to be in the same camp of armando, scott pioli, adam beasley, and the other national broadcast teams.
you know; they guys that actually cover the team, have access to the players and staff, and one of the greatest GM's around, not to mention national reporters.

you can have shadow and roid!

FZB Ireland has to go. His player personnel skills have to be near the bottom of the NFL.

Let's grade his drafts

In 2011 he drafted Pouncey, Thomas and Clay. Thomas was a 2nd rounder so he is kind of a bust. Clay was a find in the 6th round but let's be real, that's blind ass luck and moreover he was drafted as a FB not the TE he is turning into. 2011 yielded no other players of note.


In 2012 he drafted Tannehill, Martin, Vernon, Egnew, and Miller. The jury is still out on Tannehill. Martin and Egnew are busts. Miller is a good 2nd RB alternative. Vernon is the real deal. A good pick in the 3rd round.


In 2013 he drafted Jordan, Taylor, Thomas, Davis, Sturgis. Jordan definitely underperformed his draft position. Taylor, Thomas and Davis are backups. Sturgis has not been great. 2013 draft so far in remarkably unremarkable.


Three drafts that Ireland has been in total control and he has drafted a total of maybe two quality starting NFL players (Pouncey and Vernon).

How about Ireland's free agent signings? Grimes is a hit. However, Wheeler, Wallace and Ellerbe are way underperforming their contracts.

Even worse, how about the players he let get away such as Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis?

Overall grade for Ireland ....


That's F MINUS which is below an F.

Dean Wormer would say: Mr Ireland... zero... point... zero. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

David not sure where you got those averages but it seems to me if you add in D. Thomas we were under 4 ypc no? Was that really higher than those teams you mentioned?

Tom you don't have to call D. Thomas "kind of a bust". So far he is one.

Vontae Davis isn't that good no great loss. I heard Bill Polian say that Phillip Wheeler actually had a good season this year. Based on what I don't know but maybe he did more research than I did.

ok guys..

I have said this before, football 101 says that teams that run the football usually win games.

David..very good post on Tannehill, the guy had nothing to work with and he still showed improvement from the previous year, he'll be fine.

Let us not overlook the fact that neither L. Miller or D. Thomas can pass block worth a crap. May satisfaction with this team continues to diminish but again secondary and QB ok we're headed in the right direction. Chris Clemons quietly had a good year I think we need to resign him long term. If Patterson goes priority number one after oline is getting someone to play CB opposite Grimes who I trust will be resigned.

Resigning Grimes is not a certainty. He will be highly sought after in the offseason.

Franchise him.


it takes 3 yrs to grade a draft...the only one that should qualify is the 2011 draft.

Pouncey-pro bowler-A
Thomas- average, nothing to brag about-D
Clay- a great find in the sixth round-A
Wilson-had a very good year, made a bunch of plays-B

all the people in the know (my NFL scout amigo) says if you can draft 1-3 starter's in any draft you are doing a pretty good job, Ireland found two in 2011

grade B plus.

2012 draft-incomplete

2013 draft-incomplete

"that's blind ass luck and moreover he was drafted as a FB not the TE he is turning into."

no, dummy.
when he was drafted, YES AS A FULLBACK, every report on him described him as a 3 way player who had success at all three positions.
it took a couple of years for him to find his niche on this team.
so in YOUR convoluted world, a draft that yielded a PRO BOWL CENTER AND the #7 ranked tight end in the NFL IS A C+?

That might work BB but Miami has other free agents most notably Randy Starks and Paul Soliai.

David your lashing out,petty and unimaginative name-calling and your desperate need to be right all the time are text book signs of an inferiority complex...the guy who has to resort to bringing in people's family members to be insulted or the most boring of all threatening to punch someone out(internet tough guys are sooooo passé)...you come off as one of those guys whose burning need to be right(and rage toward anyone who disagrees with you)overrides your ability to have a rational exchange without attacking someone personally...you are that guy at the party who always has to be right yet everyone else at the party knows you aren't always right and you are laughed at because nobody else gets that worked up about petty shit...it's a message board about sports,dude...but go ahead and throw out more douchebags and idiots and morons or shout at the rooftops about how you know more that everyone...or worst of all tell someone you played football and they didn't(so cheesy and lame)..it's all so transparent...and so god damn cliché...but go ahead because it's sad and funny in equal measure...someone has to be that guy at the party...the one that everyone see's through...might as well be you...you play the part well...

Clearly there are questions regarding the offensive play calling between Philbin and Sherman. Having such philosophical differences are bad enough for those who lead, without the additional handicap of having an offensive line that was a patchwork of disparate parts.

Offensive lines are teams within a team. Not only do they need to perform as one, but they all must be chosen for the specific style the team operates under. Months, if not years of playing together only serve to improve its performance. Additionally, proven systems from teams who have had such style in place for more than a couple of years benefit greatly, whenever new players need to be inserted due injury, or just new to the team.

Currently, Miami fails in all these areas; The coaches appear to be at odds; the system is a moving target, without tenure. And to make matters worse, the GM equipped the team with what was tantamount to driving a vehicle from LA to Vegas in the middle of summer, with a faulty radiator (Martin), and a cup of kerosene in it for fluid.

Starks and Solia will be tough decisions tom I didn't see a lot from them that says either deserves a lucrative long term contract at this point.

I would draft Johnny Football and trade Tannehill. We've already seen who Tannehill is and he's not the Messiah. Now Johnny Football, he can walk on water.......


we should try to resign Grimes and either Soliai or Starks and hopefully one or two free agent offensive linemen.

maybe KcKenney?..and draft at least two in the draft.


yes, the "jury is still out" on tannehill.
however, he finished the season ranked as the 10th best QB in the NFL. even with those issues.

so, a draft that yielded the 10th best QB, AND a defensive end that got 11.5 sacks and looks like a stud in his 2nd year, and lamar miller, and under used back who averaged 4 yards a carry with only 11 carries a game, well THAT draft gets a C, even worse than the one before.


Woodcock that would be an awesome pick but this franchise doesn't have the balls to make it.

I agree on Grimes. He's freaking awesome and is far and away the best FA signing by Ireland. It's unfortunate that Ireland did not lock him into a 2 year deal. It's gonna be way more expensive to sign him now.

sure, roid.
you've been here 10 minutes and you already know everyone so well.
i've disagreed with plenty of people on here, pal.
i got personal with tom because he likes to hit below the belt then cry like a girl when it comes back to him.
nice come back on my post that ripped your tanny sucks argument into the dirt.

as you said so eloquently, it looks like you should put YOUR mouth back on tom's balls; you seem the most comfy there.
maybe he'll pat you on the head, too..

wow.. another gem from TOM.
let's trade the 10th ranked QB in the league for a selfish trust fund kid who hasn't done anything in the NFL!
sounds like a winner!

oye..what kind of chit is this?..we don't need no stinkin Johnny football, we already got our guy.

we need to fix our O Line!!!!!

I think Grimes likes it in Miami it shouldn't be too hard to resign him long term but we have a lot of FA's. Franchise him if you have to next season if you can't get a contract done.

there's another one!
hey guys!
ireland sucks because he didn't lock up grimes with a multi-year deal coming off a devastating achilles injury!

FZB I've been telling you all year the OL was a disaster. Of course we need to fix it. Question is is Tannehill the real deal? Maybe yes, maybe no.

david lol roid!!! If I remember he used to be sort of a troll here now he's acting like the man funny.

i agree, FZB.i do thik tanny is the guy.
accuracy and decision making improved this year, despite all the obstacles.
those are good signs.
let's get a coordinator that will balance the team out, hope that keller and gibson come back healthy, (that's as good a double tight end set as any in the league), and let's hope his improvement extends to his deep game.

and oh, i almost forgot..
let's hope the coaching staff decides to actually ATTEMPT to throw the ball deep ALL season, instead of just the last 5 games..

Mr. Ross, please execute order #2.



On Grimes you my friend is playing the result, Grimes was out there as a free agent coming off a serious injury and no one was offering more than a one year contract, Grimes has already stated he ill like to come back to the Dolphins, let's hope they get it done.

Dustin Keller would also like to come back, I would take another crack at him, hopefully he'll be healthy.

Miller is not a bust, the guy was running behind a pretty bad offensive line, most running backs need holes to run to get into the open, this guy had no shot.

D Thomas has been a bust, he will have one last chance to prove he is not.

yeah, baby.. roid is a real stud now, huh?
i wonder if he and tom are going to consummate their relationship..
isn't he a gator fan, too? that would explain quite a bit..

FZB they all say that until the offers start rolling in. Grimes is a very good player. He's not going to be cheap.

david we disagree at times and you're a hot head but a funny one at that and you bring a lot of knowledge to this board so keep posting! Screw the losers who say we were wrong about 11-5 so what it's just a message board as roid likes to say.

I've played team sports my entire life and I have played with fast teams, slow teams, big teams, small teams, smart teams, and dumb teams, and the one thing that all of them have in common is the word TEAM.

You don't find that in a box of Cracker Jacks it comes from a meshing of all the members of the squad to become a greater force than the combination of their individual talents.

At the NFL level there is not much separating the first team with the 32nd one. The great teams win championships because they are GREAT TEAMS and in this endeavor nothing but nothing is as important as great leadership. It flows down form the top, from the head coach all the way to the water boy. The reason that the Don Shula Miami Dolphins were a great team is because of Shula and his ability to lead and form a team that combined was greater than the sum of its parts. We haven't had that here since he left and we will be wandering in the wilderness until we find a leader like Shula to direct us back to the promised land.

It is now 1:48 PM Pacific Standard Time and Chuckles is still in the building.

Shula was great and won a lot of games but part of his legacy will always be not winning it all with Marino. You're really missing the boat today bro.

Boys, you notice how my words just flow like the smooth notes of a Charlie Parker sax solo. Take note, slugs, this is how you post a post in the year of our lord 2014!


BB, you're a nice guy, but I can't help it if you don't have, like the great Al Campanis said, "The necessities" to comprehend what's sitting right in front of your nose.

Precisely my point. Shula took a team to the Super Bowl with David Woodley. You think he was better than Dan Marino?

Yeah Campanis was so great he got fired for saying something no one in a position of power should say not a bright guy.

Woodley didn't complete a pass in the second half of that Superbowl. Not one. Should have rolled with Strock.

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