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Dolphins' name Bucs' Hickey as GM; plus how concerned with D.Wade's health? (poll), UM-'Cuse, SB Top 10 SB topics & more

1) It is SUNDAY, JANUARY 26. Click on Random Evidence for today's latest notes-column package leading with the onset of Super bowl Week. 2) Can't Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus just get it over with, hook up, and start having Babies From Hell? 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL and possible placekicker rule changes with poll, Ray Farmer waffling, Heat-Lakers & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Super Bowl Top 10 storylines: Here is my annual Super Bowl Week lighthearted preview, in which an apparently self-loathing journalist pokes fun at the bombast of the Super Bowl and at the media that drives the excess. I think the word "Peyton" may be mentioned a few times. Click on SB Top 10 Storylines for the column.

Canes fall to 'Cuse: UM men lose at home yesterday to unbeaten No. 2 Syracuse, 64-52. Miami had its only lead at 47-46 with 8:20 to play but was outscored 18-5 from there. Canes feel like an NIT team.

Gone but not forgotten: Ron Fraser, the great UM baseball legend, died one year ago this week.

DOLPHINS' GM-SEARCH WOES START WITH OWNER ROSS: Now Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio also has said no to Miami. I think Caserio was just playing the Dolphins for a raise in New England. That's the problem right now. Others smell weakness in Miami, so Miami gets played. Top candidate Ray Farmer, the Browns assistant general manager, earlier withdrew from the Dolphins' GM search because of doubts about the club's 1aa1arosssfront office structure -- and that's squarely on owner Stephen Ross for either of two reasons, or both. Either Ross (pictured) is somehow failing to make that structure clear during extensive interview sessions. Or that structure is simply unappealing to candidates. Farmer after all was at least the fourth potential hire to rebuff the Dolphins. Either answer makes Ross and the club look bad. Ross has said publicly the new GM would have "autonomous power" over the roster, over free agency and the draft. Yet it is obvious the owner is splintering authority by extending power and influence to head coach Joe Philbin and team executive Dawn Aponte, who has come to play a sort of Black Widow role in this saga. One also imagines that prospective candidates may see lurking "advisor" Carl Peterson as an unsettling factor who's also in on the splintered structure. All of it has turned this GM hunt into a soap opera as much as a search. As the Dolphins Turn. So now it looks like the GM job will go to either the Titans' Lake Dawson, Bucs' Dennis Hickey, or an internal promotion for Brian Gaine. Obviously none can be said to have been the first (or second, or third) choice. The hire will be seen as a disappointment. It's like I've said for years, folks: It ain't easy being a Dolfan.

ON DWYANE WADE'S HEALTH ISSUES: The veteran Heat guard missed a fourth straight game in Thursday's win over the Lakers due to knee soreness and has now missed 13 of 43 games this season -- though he is expected to play today vs. visiting San Antonio. It is 1aa1dwadehealththe problem with the Heat that isn't talked about much, almost as if the subject were taboo, or not an issue at all. But it is an issue, for any or all of three reasons: 1) It suggests Wade, now 32, is past his best days and, by age or health, won't again consistently be the player he was. 2) It directly affects Miami's likelihood of a three-peat championship, if you reasonably think the knee issues may continue into the playoffs. And 3) It can only decrease the chances LeBron James will re-sign with the Heat after this season. Which is the most real or biggest of these three factors to you? Take a dip in our poll and say why.

Poll result: Hey, NFL. Leave the scoring rules alone: We asked in last blogpost about NFL considering eliminating extra-point kicks and another idea to limit field-goal tries to three per team per game. No, you said: 63.4 percent said don't do either and only 8.3% said do both. There was 25.2% support for eliminating PATs but only 3.1% for limiting FGs.

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