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January 24, 2014

Dolphins' name Bucs' Hickey as GM; plus how concerned with D.Wade's health? (poll), UM-'Cuse, SB Top 10 SB topics & more

1) It is SUNDAY, JANUARY 26. Click on Random Evidence for today's latest notes-column package leading with the onset of Super bowl Week. 2) Can't Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus just get it over with, hook up, and start having Babies From Hell? 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL and possible placekicker rule changes with poll, Ray Farmer waffling, Heat-Lakers & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Super Bowl Top 10 storylines: Here is my annual Super Bowl Week lighthearted preview, in which an apparently self-loathing journalist pokes fun at the bombast of the Super Bowl and at the media that drives the excess. I think the word "Peyton" may be mentioned a few times. Click on SB Top 10 Storylines for the column.

Canes fall to 'Cuse: UM men lose at home yesterday to unbeaten No. 2 Syracuse, 64-52. Miami had its only lead at 47-46 with 8:20 to play but was outscored 18-5 from there. Canes feel like an NIT team.

Gone but not forgotten: Ron Fraser, the great UM baseball legend, died one year ago this week.

DOLPHINS' GM-SEARCH WOES START WITH OWNER ROSS: Now Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio also has said no to Miami. I think Caserio was just playing the Dolphins for a raise in New England. That's the problem right now. Others smell weakness in Miami, so Miami gets played. Top candidate Ray Farmer, the Browns assistant general manager, earlier withdrew from the Dolphins' GM search because of doubts about the club's 1aa1arosssfront office structure -- and that's squarely on owner Stephen Ross for either of two reasons, or both. Either Ross (pictured) is somehow failing to make that structure clear during extensive interview sessions. Or that structure is simply unappealing to candidates. Farmer after all was at least the fourth potential hire to rebuff the Dolphins. Either answer makes Ross and the club look bad. Ross has said publicly the new GM would have "autonomous power" over the roster, over free agency and the draft. Yet it is obvious the owner is splintering authority by extending power and influence to head coach Joe Philbin and team executive Dawn Aponte, who has come to play a sort of Black Widow role in this saga. One also imagines that prospective candidates may see lurking "advisor" Carl Peterson as an unsettling factor who's also in on the splintered structure. All of it has turned this GM hunt into a soap opera as much as a search. As the Dolphins Turn. So now it looks like the GM job will go to either the Titans' Lake Dawson, Bucs' Dennis Hickey, or an internal promotion for Brian Gaine. Obviously none can be said to have been the first (or second, or third) choice. The hire will be seen as a disappointment. It's like I've said for years, folks: It ain't easy being a Dolfan.

ON DWYANE WADE'S HEALTH ISSUES: The veteran Heat guard missed a fourth straight game in Thursday's win over the Lakers due to knee soreness and has now missed 13 of 43 games this season -- though he is expected to play today vs. visiting San Antonio. It is 1aa1dwadehealththe problem with the Heat that isn't talked about much, almost as if the subject were taboo, or not an issue at all. But it is an issue, for any or all of three reasons: 1) It suggests Wade, now 32, is past his best days and, by age or health, won't again consistently be the player he was. 2) It directly affects Miami's likelihood of a three-peat championship, if you reasonably think the knee issues may continue into the playoffs. And 3) It can only decrease the chances LeBron James will re-sign with the Heat after this season. Which is the most real or biggest of these three factors to you? Take a dip in our poll and say why.

Poll result: Hey, NFL. Leave the scoring rules alone: We asked in last blogpost about NFL considering eliminating extra-point kicks and another idea to limit field-goal tries to three per team per game. No, you said: 63.4 percent said don't do either and only 8.3% said do both. There was 25.2% support for eliminating PATs but only 3.1% for limiting FGs.

Click back. Will be updating/adding muc to this latest blogpost...


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I have loved the Fins since 1982….but Ross is single handedly doing what even Wannstadt couldnt do–destroy my love for the franchise…we are the laughingstock of the league..tx Ross

Yup pretty much trollkiller. The Dolphins hardly exist anymore...

Good for me I enjoy the company on here because it sure ain't the Dolphins holding my attention in any fond way...

I dedicate this to Stephen Ross and entire Dolphin "Braintrust."


Mr. Ross thanks for offering me the GM position with the Dolphins but I received a more fullfilling if not lucrative offer at Ace Hardware...

Am I the only one that thinks Ross is a good owner? Not his fault the candidates are stupid and don't want one of the premier jobs in THE WORLD.

Gabe are you related to te guy?

Yes Gabe you are the only one...

Gabe what matter wiff you????

Cum on everyone I know Gabe personally. He is a lovely man wink wink

Wow it's one of the premier jobs in THE ENTIRE COSMOS and no one wants it. Must be the boss...

If Pioli is willing to accept an assistant GM role then I am having a hard time understanding why these other candidates are turning down the opportunity to be GM of a team with some good pieces in place. Splintered leadership or not it's still a GM job for a well known organization. Hopefully it's all much ado about nothing just hire a guy who can oversee the roster and have him be competent that is all this team needs right now.

Hey We're friends wit Debbie! I used to romp with her...

Hire Dan Marino!

Yeah Darius and when team fully implodes on the teams last icon you'll be forced to get back together with Ryan Leaf...

No learn to enjoy losing Tony...

9.5 Quintillion to 1 Dolphins win anything remotely significant with Ross as owner...

I have already stated how I feel about Ross and his incompetence...the guy we hire as the next GM will be the 6th or 7th best option available..

The only way out with any future hope of rebuilding this
dysfunctional outfit is to get rid of everybody in
charge at the same time and start over with new people running things.

Selling the team to someone who will really try
to bring a winner back to Miami is not a bad idea either.

About Boss Ross:

I, unlike most, gave Stephen Ross the proper and adequate time and grace period to prove his competency. I never had an issue with him coming in and letting Bill Parcells continue running the team. I did however have an issue with the prior ownership giving Bill Parcells that job to begin with. Here was a man, who had historically been lacking professional character. Who while leading a New England franchise to the Super Bowl, was in negotiations with not only another team, but a divisional foe in the New York Jets! To me that is unforgivable and something that as an owner, would preclude me from even considering bringing him on staff. While he proved to be a superior to most HC, he again openly displayed his lack of professionalism when he admittedly was about to sign on as the Atlanta Falcons football Czar, while using their offer to get a ludicrous deal from our prior owner (and one who is a decent man, very similar I think to Ross), HW Huizenga, that would allow him to bolt at any time while keeping a King's ransom in compensation. Bill Parcells, the man who would bring us, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sporano vis a vis, Joe Philbin etc. To be honest, everything went off the rails further back when HWH allowed Jimmy johnson to name his successor, but I digress.

So I pragmatically understood Ross keeping Parcells. I never cared for or about all the limelight stars which were "given" marginal % stake in the MDs. It was silly, but at least did cause some national chatter, and as they say, any publicity is good publicity (uh, we might rethink that today my friends).

Ross also was overt in his willingness to spend money to build/buy a winner. That is a very positive virtue for an NFL franchise and its fandom. So he was doing well for the most part. And to be honest, I do believe he badly wants to win it all, I do. But that's when the chinks in the teflon began to appear. His handling of the Sporano/Harbaugh/Ireland hiring/firing was a fiasco. When he chose not to hire our DC Nolan after it became public knowledge, kept Sporano, and insultingly threw money at him as if that would placate him, and suffice as a public and professional apology, was just as bad if not worse. You neutered your HC and began to shadow your organization with a taint of dysfunctionality. Strike 1! A big 1.

The petition for public funds to renovate Joe Robbie Stadium, at a time which came in lock step with the Miami Marlins fleecing (not the Marlins fault, but the City of Miami's), of public dollars, while a very fair and necessary request, should have been delayed, should have been marketed better to the public, and led to rumblings of possible relocation. Strike 2. Minor, but still.

This brings us to the 2013 Dolphins season. Where to begin? From the inexplicable extension given to J. Ireland prior to the season, which was kept hush~hush, until a surprising start, allowed all kittens to be liberated from their money bags. Strike 3!

The O-Linemangate (can we stop adding gate to all scandals now? Please. It was the 1 word name of a complex for goodness sake), anyway. A distraction of epic and humiliating professional proportion, which while not downing an entire season, again dipped that all mighty brush, into a thicker and scarlet hue, visible to not only sporting media, but mainstream media as well. Strike 4! Australian rules apply now anyone?

And unmercifully, the end of the 2013 season collapse, not even showing up to put up what could at worst be considered a meager scrap, at the hands of our 2 woeful NY rivals, expulsing this now near dreaded franchise from the playoffs, and providing any semblance of positivity that was so desperately needed. Leading to what has turned into the biggest and final death blow to this now anciently proud franchise, and to wit, my opinion of Stephen Ross.

How can any Owner/CEO, when restructuring his organization, not start from the top down? How do you fire the man who helped cause such dysfunction to begin with, and not part with all those who he was responsible in bringing in. Yet you keep a HC who had never been a HC prior to this current job, whose fire and inspirational ability has always seemed to those on the outside, to be deficient. And, whose team never showed up for their biggest games in recent franchise history. Strike 5! or is that 6?

The subsequent, and prolonged to create, structural design and hierarchy thereafter, which has caused widespread national rebuke, and appropriate ridicule. Where professionals and peers who are in Jr. levels, are turning you down not only to interview, which is a travesty in itself, but a 2nd follow up interview, where in most cases, put ones odds of attaining their desired career advancement at better than 50/50. Struck down and out!!

Unfortunately, ones business acumen does not transfer across all realms and fields. In this case, certainly not to the football field.

Stop it they weren't the falcons, Texans, or Giants for gosh sakes look at what happened to those teams. This was a team that makes the playoffs easily with Branden Albert at LT yes Tom is correct about that. I never thought an oline could sink a season but I was proven wrong. Fix the oline and this team is in the playoffs with just a few additions/ subtractions.

Yup pretty much D-Rod. Nice eulogy...

BB with all due respect Ross is the anti-christ. Ah no offense anti...

"Unfortunately, ones business acumen does not transfer across all realms and fields. In this case, certainly not to the football field."

Well said, and this is the bottom line. "Jack of all trades master of none!"

If I had a dollar for every time that I've seen a doctor lose his shirt on a real estate or business investment I could lend money to Bill Gates.

Funny how everyone said Ireland was in win now mode. Well it looks like he wasn't he would still have his job and the team in the playoffs if he had gotten Albert what a dummy. Albert was easily good for one more win which is all the team needed.

D-Rod, well said amigo..1000% agree with you specially on the part of get rid of everyone ,hit the reset button and start new..

and yes, everyone around the league is making fun of our little circus down here..

We need a guy named Phoenix to buy franchise from Ross...

In a world of "us and thems" Ross has made Fins a them...

well, it looks like the Dolphins are not done interviewing first time candidates...


Thanks guys. I will always be a Miami Dolphins advocate though, and will hope and wait for brighter days eventually.

Life is too short to be hating my friends.

TGIF! and have a great weekend.

Consider we have 2 of the worst owners in professional sports between the fins & marlins..... & then people say "Miami has no real sports fans"......& "Miami fans can't fill up a stadium"...Maybe we are just not into masochism & don't like to throw our money away on garbage...

"Dawn Aponte, who has come to play a sort of Black Widow role"

Typical misogynistic response from woman hating Cote that cannot stand assertive women and feels threatened by them.

Denials are not about Ross. It's about insecure little men that feel threatened working with an assertive women.

I'm appalled by the numerous retrograde, misogynistic neo-nazis among nfl and dolphins media and fans.

sorry BB, I don't share your enthusiasm as far as retaining Philbin and Aponte..Ireland was part of the problem I agree but Philbin and Aponte where right there with him in the blame dept...way too many chief's at the top and not enough injun's.

so Mango, you probably wouldn't like it if I called Aponte a back stabbing bitch right?...ok I won't do it.


I would bring in Hitler/Mussolini/Mao/Saddam/ & Beelz-a-Bub himself to be my GM if it means winning consistently & going to the playoffs annually like in the Shula years....

OB 4Ever, don't forget Donna! If you consider her an "owner" you have the Three Amigos. Of course, you all know who I think is the worst of the three, and that's because I bleed green and orange. But of the Amigos the Marlins guy is in a league by himself. How anyone hasn't popped a cap in his ass for stealing 400 large from Miamians pockets is the story of the century.

Oye, FZ, el OC, just texted me, he says that it SNOWED 3 inches last night in Bumfuck. El pobre, brother.

He probably hasn't taken a bath in like a week..3 inches???? WTF !

Mango, I hope that you're three feet tall and a member of the "Flathead" Indian Tribe, so that when you finish scrubbing the floors, folding my clothes, and making my bed, I can have a place to hold up my beer can while you give me head......

3 inches? Can they even accurately measure such a minor dusting nowadays...

Ha Ha Ha Mango....

Mango sounds angry...

Mango, you're either the Cunt of Monte Cristo posting here as Mango, or you're TCMC's bull dike bitch who works her over with a strap on while the Cunt looks over the latest free agency lists and possible GM candidates.

Mango is keeping it real that was quite a response from Cote pretty sure he doesn't know her personally or what her football acumen is.

"A minor dusting these days...."


Wood's-Ter...can you believe that Tom, BB and OC wanna keep this fish Philbin around?..

Dukes-Ter...U still haven't come clean on your where-a-abouts?..so let me guess again..Vostok, Antartica?..which will explain your hallucinations so to speak.

I'm in the great Northeast FZ...

Clarify duke these guys think the Northeast means Duval County.

Oye, OC, this one will warm your heart, I can't do anything for your toes and the rest of you. Bbbbbrrrrrrr!


Oh, Donna Oh, Donna
Oh, Donna Oh, Donna
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N Donna was her name
Since she left me
I've never been the same
Cause I love my girl
Donna, oh where can you be?
Where can you be?



bro..that's not going to help the boy get a little warmer, here, this should do the trick.


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And no, the answers to these questions are NOT all “Barack Obama”.

Who said it?

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A. Lenin
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E. None of the above

3) "(We).....can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."

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Want to know something scary?

She may be the next president if you don't send this to every clear thinking person that you know.

Correctimundo, for the blog that's perfect but for that Geezer OC under 3 feet of snow in Bumfuck the last thing that he can see right now is his tallywhacker....

I think Nick Caserio will be the new GM in Miami he will do very well in that role.

chit Woody, if that's the case then I rather keep Obi for another 4 yrs..hehe

Structure in NE is currently similar in that Belichick makes final call on personnel. Caserio will have no problem with being a GM in that role plus he comes from a winning organization hire him now.

BB..if Caserio is the most qualified of the remaining candidates then rest assured that Ross won't hire him.

I think he will be among the most qualified having worked under Belichick for the past 12 seasons and essentially being an assistant GM for the last 5. I have faith that if they deem him most qualified he will take the job.

You can tell someone is well informed about politics when they get their information from chain spam emails.

Big test will be if he is going to stay loyal to Belichick or go his own way. Being a division rival it will be a tough choice for him if he is offered the job. Should be interesting Caserio declined an offer to be interviewed for Colts GM job in 2012.

big Baby- PLEASE!!! do not mention Belichick and coach T(philbin), in the same conversation. He has forgotten more about coaching, then coach T will ever learn.

Tom- I think it is time to throw in the towel on coach T.

I wasn't comparing their coaching abilities only the structure of the organization. Think Nick C. will branch out or stay loyal to Bill? If he takes the job we will know that Belichick overruled him one too many times on players for his liking and he's ready to be his own man.

I tell you that Coach Regis Philbin is the next Bill Belichick! DOH!

You may be right Jack but I'm not there yet. Philbin has earned at least one more year. Winning games against Cincinnati, Pitt, San Diego and NE after the Martin mess was way more than anyone was expecting. Two bad games does not define a coach. If it did, Belichick, Carroll, Fox, and Ron Rivera and a bunch of others now HCs in the NFL would all be unemployed.

What bothers me more is the cluster f*ck that seems to exist in the Dolphins front office.

so who would you like to see out in the front orrfisse?

the black widow?

from what I can tell only Tom, BB and OC are ok with bringing Regis Philbin back as a coach..Me?..he would probably make a good school custodian.

FZ give up your ideal personnel model wasn't chosen it's ok we still value your opinion stop being so stubborn.


@FZB and Mr. Woodcock: No need to hate women. It's not their fault your tool is undersized.

And if you are gay,please come out of the closet.

gezzuz Mango, a little sensitive today eh?...goodness.

maybe the reason Mango is a bit upset is because he is a real vagina?...hhhmm.

anywho, I do not hate women, I love them very much specially when they are attractive and curvy..

FZB you are such an negativo©. If I didn't know better I would think you are an asswipe©.

Geessh no wonder there are no women on this blog.

If I had a hammer I'd hammer in the morning la la dee dee dahhh...

I do not hate women, just that "back stabbing bitch"© "real vagina"© Aponte

you sir are getting dangerously close to getting sue for using the words "negativo" and "asswipe" without proper consent.


this type of behavior will not be tolerated much longer, please cease your blogging using those two words.

Ross needs to please sell the team. Or fire philponte.

I do not hate women, just that "real vagina"© "back stabbing bitch"© Aponte

Q: What's worse than a Jesus freak?

A: A peace freak...


was in NY for the week and didn't get close to a computer. hope all is well and after the Holy Sabbath i'll catch up on what i missed. was cold and tuesday snowed non-stop, bur Thank G-d, they had pushed the snow off the roads and we were able to make the trek from the five towns (woodmere) to my birthplace-brooklyn- and attended the wedding for which we went. catch up on the posts tomorrow night, and wishing all a great weekend.

hahahahahahaha !!!

doodooundies said..Ross needs to please sell the team. or fire philponte..

post of the day.

and BB..I can't imagine why we don't get any ladies posting here, we are all very mature bloggers here.

Copyright hahaha Mango is respectful of boundaries if nothing else, FZ...

Regis Philbin has gym teacher written all over him...

I'm watching the Mavericks Invitational from Half Moon Bay, CA on Red Bull TV going on right now. Man, those guys have more guts than brains. There's a huge swell hitting CA today, the waves were huge when I was driving into work this morning and compared to Mavericks the South Bay is like Venetian Pool. The finals are coming pretty soon if you want to see these cats riding 25 foot waves check out Red Tube TV right now.

FZ, if they put a gun to my head and said pick one I'd take Obi over the Pear any time of the week.....

Mango, please insert my left testicle in your mouth my right one is getting numb from all the sucking.

Big Baby- I have no idea what the story is with Caserio. I know he turned down a chance to interview with the colts, if he is smart he does not turn down any interview.He has to keep his name out there.

Now more than ever, Ross needs to sell or die. Sell or die sell or die sell or die sell or die sell or die sell or die. (a natural death).

Dukesickle, of course Austin's 3" were just a dusting. I measure cold by what I experienced going up Chair 23 at Mammoth in a complete blizzard with 30 mph winds and at 11,060 elevation.


Woodcock was just to my right and can attest.

Pic #78.... That's what I'm talking about...

Wow, that brings back great memories, OC. I would rather be at Mammoth freezing my ass of and skiing all day than shoveling snow in Buffalo at 5:00 AM just to dig out my car to go to work. Forget that.

Actually, #77. And any fear one may have about dropping off the lip quickly becomes secondary to wanting to get the hell off that driving, freezing gale.

Did you go through the whole slide show Woods? Kinda makes you wish you were there again, don't it?

Oh, yea.

This storm wasn't all that, but it brought a heavy measure of nostalgia. So it was only fitting to break out the 25 yr. Spanish brandy a fetch my snifter. Feeling no pain, Lewis!

OC, did you check out Woody Allen clip I left yah in last thread. One of my all time favorites. Man it's up to 17 degrees. You feel the difference markedly when you're out of single digits...

Don t know anything about Caserio.He apparently was involved at least some with helping to acquire the excellent talent NE always seems to draft and find available each year.Hope he s a good one and interviews well enough for serious consideration.I don t see ANY current GM candidates that would overwhelm anyone who is a Dolphin fan and hoping for some sanity in this Organization at the top.

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