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January 17, 2014

It's NFL Champ Sunday! Who'll win? Poll. Vote!; plus Charlotte mocks Heat fans, LeBron's b-day words for Wade, IOC's 'anti-American' ruling & more

1) It is SUNDAY, JANUARY 19. Marlins avoid arbitration with Giancarlo Stanton, sign him to one-year, $6.5 million deal. Smart for both sides. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins hire Lazor as OC with poll, Lauren Tannehill's gun, Heat lose 3rd straight as Oden debuts, LeBroning, Heat White House visit, Clark the Cub & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Click on Super Sunday Twice for today's column by me previewing the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Also click on Random Evidence for today's Sunday notes-column package leading with the Heat. 

UPSET BIRD DAY / NFL CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF PIX: 2 GAMES, 2 UPSETS. OY!: The NFL delivers us Champ Sunday, the best day of football of all. Start with Patriots-Broncos and the 15th edition of Tom 1aa1fripix 1aa1afcnfccgBrady vs. Peyton Manning. Continue with 49ers-Seahawks and the best and most brutal rivalry in the sport. Delicious! Betting odds portend a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl. But I'm predicting a 49ers-Patriots SB with road-'dog upets in both the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Click on Playoff Championship Gems for the expanded prediction capsules on both games. Our usual Friday Page NFL column previewing Sunday's games will appear this week in Sunday's paper (Saturday online). Meantime, I'm curious how many of you agree with me that both Sunday games will be upsets. (I doubt many). Tell me in this poll. This is not asking who you want to win but who you predict will. Vote, say why and check back often to monitor evolving results.

Niners-Seahawks preview from Taiwan: Click HERE for a short Taiwanese animation video on the NFC title game. Strangely, it all makes sense to me.

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS MOCK HEAT FANS: Charlotte's arena played a scoreboard video mocking "bandwagon" Heat fans during last night's game, a Miami win. The club has since removed from YouTube the video that meant to embarrass the Heat but embarrassed the home team instead. Seriously, Charlotte? Really!? Yours is one of the worst franchises in sports history. You are in a position to mock no one about anything.

LEBRON'S BIRTHDAY MESSAGE TO D.WADE: Dwyane Wade turns 32 today and Heat teammate LeBron James posted a photo collage of the two of them on Instagram along with this message, shaded 1aa1heat2and verbatim: "Happy Bday to my running mate, homie, brother, and most of all straight up friend! The friendship we've created our rookie year at pre draft camp was pure and that's why we stuck together from that point on! Obviously didn't know we would eventually become teammates and do the things we've done so far. I came to Miami for 2 reasons. To play with U and to win championships and I can't thank u enough for the sacrifice you've made since I arrived homie! No matter what happens in the future we stuck together like brothers for life. And no matter what they say, u still a BAD Mutha-Shut-Yo-Mouth out there on that court! @dwyanewade. Oh almost forgot u old as dirt! Boy you look 40. Hahaha! #TreyBallBDay #YouASuckaOnYoBDay" That's not friendship you can fake. That's real. The chilling part for Heat fans: "No matter what happens in the future..." 

IN DEFENSE OF OLYMPICS' 'ANTI-AMERICAN' RULING: The International Olympic Committee told U.S. women's hockey goalie Jessie Vetter she can't wear her stylized helmet with the words 'We The People' (pictured) during the upcoming Sochi Games. The immediate reaction of any patriotic American might be 1aa1vetterhelmetrighteous indignation, but wait a second. The IOC has a rule against athletes engaging in all forms of "publicity or propaganda, commercial or otherwise," which makes sense and must be broadly applied to have any weight. Do I personally consider quoting from the preamble of the Consitution to be a play for publicity or to be propaganda? No and no. But it's a short leap from 'We the People' to 'In God We Trust' to 'Right to Bear Arms' to 'Viva Fidel' to 'Pro-Choice' to 'Support Gay Rights' to 'Run Hillary Run!' to 'Hi Mom' to 'Yankees Suck.' You get me? Better to not allow any sort of "statement," however benign, than to have to decide what's OK and isn't from a proliferation of them. Me, I think what it stands for makes 'We The People' one of the greatest phrases ever, but in the context of an international gathering, it is a poltical statement. I do think the Olympics can be a platform to espouse free expression. For example, I encourage U.S. Olympic athletes to criticize host Russia's anti-gay law in interviews if they are of a mind. But I can also see why literally wearing a message on one's sleeve (or hockey helmet) during competition might be prohibited.

Poll result: Broad support for Lazar as new Dolphins' O.C.: Call it Bill Lazor's first win as a Dolphin. We asked in the last blogpost and you answered overwhelmingly in support of Miami hiring Lazor as offensive coordinator. Approval topped 90 percent with 46.7% "leaning favorable" on the hire and 44.5% "very favorable." Only 5.7% (leaning) and 3.1% (very) were unfavorable.

FINDING JEFF GILLOOLY: With the Winter Olympics near and a new documentary out on Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding, reporter Amy K. Nelson tracked down Jeff Gillooly, who infamously masterminded the knee-capping of Kerrigan on Harding's behalf. Gillooly is now Jeff Stone, living in Oregon. Fascinating piece. Read it HERE.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Broncos vs. Seahawks. I'm staying with the picks I had last October.

Not to mention that both Greg and Woodcock are going with SFand NE. Those two anti-picks are like money I'm the bank.

please no brady.. it's all i ask. i hate the 49ers too, but wouldn't mind them getting to the superbowl, only to have their hearts ripped out again.
el cholo.. on western?
haven't been in years, but it's still there. 1st mexican restaurant in los angeles i was told..

Broncos over Pats, Seahags over 9'ers

Seattle has best team in NFL, NFC rep should beat AFC rep in Super Bowl

SF and Broncos..I can't fackin root for Beli-Cheat

OC..care to explain why the man crush on Joey?

here's a repost of my last post from the old blog just because I didn't know we had started a new blog..

"Boys..today is "Positivo Friday" for me, I'm not going to call Ross a clue-less idiot, or D Aponte a power monger bitch or Philbin a sorry ass asswipe coach.

I'm going to be positivo regardless of who our new GM is and I won't bitch and complain that having a bunch of people report to the owner directly is stupid since the guy is not a football guy and I will adopt him as my new son and give him 4 yrs to take us to the promise land".

Posted by: FZB | January 17, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Sure, FZB, and since we are now brothers and worthy of insults, I can answer your question by saying that I've already answered your question, but apparently you either don't read them, forget quickly, or are so block-headed in your views that only a medium-sized neuclear device once detonated could break through all that dense pig-iron.

sad to see Davone Bess get in trouble with the law, he was a good player for us, hope he gets it turn around.

a good guy.


Interesting he was seemingly a model citizen in Miami. Reading that police report he's got real problems now. Browns will likely release him over this behavior. He was always on the edge being an undrafted guy made a pretty good career for himself but my guess is the Browns release him before he plays again for them.

oohhmm OC...I sort of forget things quickly, it must be because I'm getting old but anywho, sorry about my "you have your head up into Joey's ass" comment.

I'll make it up to you, next time your down in the 305 I'll take you to get a "media noche" for lunch at La Carreta.

If he was star player they would likely keep him. FZB sorry I have to agree with OC both he and I have explained in detail our rational at least in theory for supporting the current management structure of the team. You can choose to ignore the reasons but it does seem like you have this giant bee in your bonnet that won't go away. Woodcock seems to have the same giant blinders on that you are wearing I hope it's just not a female bias you have with Aponte because that would mean you are discriminating hopefully you're better than that.

no,no..no discrimination, I just don't think she should be sitting in any room with the owner and asking questions and interviewing our next GM and have so much power within the football team when she is just a cap expert that handles contracts.

she needs to report to the GM and be under him not as an equal to the GM..she should have ZERO say in football matters relating to the draft or free agency.

what Ross is doing is very, very strange and more than likely doomed to fail, hopefully I'm totally wrong about this and you guys can call me out on it.

FZB listen to yourself she writes Philbins post game speeches (as weird as that is) and they are actually good. She is much more than just a cap expert her title says as much.

Change is always difficult to accept I just think as fans we have no other choice than to try and find rational reasons for why things happen and then hope the new plan works out. Like I told you yesterday the results will speak for themselves.

I must really, really be old school since no one is making a big fuzz about it..

I mean, no other cap expert in any other team is an equal to the GM and reports directly to the owner instead of being under the GM..

we should see how it plays out.

No. I have NE (Good grief!) and Seattle (Good grief!)in the the Super Bowl. I'll be rooting for San Fran and Denver, however.

The Cunt of Monte Cristo writes his speeches?

No problema, FZ, after years and years of blasting the likes of Woodcock, I much prefer a more "civil" form of discourse.

Yes you didn't know that? Strange but true but if you watch postgame locker room videos after wins they are pretty good. Rooting for SF and my Dolphins wearing crooked cap guy Kaepernick yeah! Can't root for Brady. Can't root for Richard Sherman although I like Pete Carrol and would be happy for him. My son loves Russell Wilson and wears his jersey he'll flip if it's NE versus Seattle. Can't root for Denver and Payton face can we? I guess if it's the lesser of all the evils he really is a good guy. Hate SF traditionally so maybe Kaepernick love is now gone. I just won't root I guess then I hate very team not wearing agua and orange.

oye Woody, just so you know "tu amigo" OC me mando pal-carajo...just like you predicted..

Na-na-na-na-na...you started it:)

"Just as you predicted." We'll, that's a phrase we have yet to apply to FZB. He he he...

Sensitive, the boy is getting sensitive in his old age.

Bicho, was it really 46 degrees in Miami this morning?

lol..its all good my brother..no worries.

alright..check this write up by Armamdo.


he is talking about Edwards going to Minnesota as DC, also talks about our poor LB play the last couple of yrs and he brings up a good point, Dansby and Burnett were very bad here, right?..yet they went some place else and they both were great, Ellerbe and Wheeler were very good last year with their teams but very average since they got here, now everyone will say Ireland is to blame for signing them to long term contracts but what if the real reason for their play was our poor coaching?

I've been saying all along Coyle needs to go but no one is listening..what U guys think?


46 at 6 am and 45 by 7..dude, we even had to put the heater on last night, the missus even refused to take a shower with this old boy...hehe

its true what Woody is saying OC, don't be so "sensitivo"..

I don't blame Coyle I blame Ireland for trying to fix what really wasn't broken regarding our LB's. Bring in Brandon Spikes in FA he will be available he is a tackling machine.

BB..we are going to have to disagree on that one, to me Coyle is not a very good defensive coordinator.

now if he put Dion Jordan at OLB where he belongs?..I may change my mind on him.

Man, that's well digger's ass cold.

Woodcock you're obsessed with the weather this is the US of A it's gets cold here in areas sometimes yes I do believe it's true.

We can't all live in the lap of luxury in Manhattan Beach but your tv does sound nice.

My TV, what are you talking about, BB?

BB, I don't know if it's the humidity or the fact that housing is not built for cold weather in the 305, but when it drops down below 55 in the 305 people get frostbite, pneumonia, and die from exposure in record numbers.

You said you had an 85" inch tv to watch football someday you can invite me over and give me my Hartline jersey.

Funny just read Belichicks message to players following Colorado decision to legalize marijuana. "Don't go out there and be stupid". Davone Bess should play for NE.

listen to him BB..anything below 55 down here in the 305 is a catastrophe.

85 inches?..hhmm, I just have a 42 Samsung plasma.

I know I know about the weather I used to live in Florida myself for a few years. 42 not bad FZ you can get by with that.

BB..too damn late for Aaron Hernandez in reference to Beli-Cheats comment of "don't go out there and be stupid"

Hernandez was stupid way before he became an NFL player.


davone bess is in a lot of trouble-legally and personally- and that mug shot of him is a depressing sight. methinks he will never play in the NFL again. yes the guy was my favorite player, but as Big Baby stated, he was "seemingly" a model citizen, a word that the ole shadow used when talking about his off the field personna. i guess there was a reason that the new staff pretty much locked him out of the offense. that picture of him looks like 79th and biscayne or hallandale near the racetrack stuff. hope he can get his life together-he's in it real deep. so, so sad.

Sure, FZB, and since we are now brothers and worthy of insults, I can answer your question by saying that I've already answered your question, but apparently you either don't read them, forget quickly, or are so block-headed in your views that only a medium-sized neuclear device once detonated could break through all that dense pig-iron.

Posted by: OC Dolphin | January 17, 2014 at 11:43 AM

OC you need to forgive FZB. He can't help himself. It's the company he keeps.

FZB ever since your boy Jeffy Ireland was fired you want to fire everyone else....Coyle, Sherman, Aponte, Philbin, Ross....everyone. I think I agree with OC, it's a block-head thing with you.

ok now. I already stated that I tend to forget things rather quickly..hehe

and Tom, if you are reffering to my liberal friend David, leave him alone..he is okaydo.

and we still wait for Rossy-Pooh to make up his mind about our next puppet GM..tick,tick,tick,tick, or maybe Joey and Dawn have not made up their mind?..hehe


well, since you asked..

I don't think the Dolphins had very good coaching this past year on many levels both on offense and defense.

read the article I posted earlier that Armando wrote, very interesting about our players when they go to other teams they have better years and when other players come here as free agents they struggle..why do you think this is?

the main reason I want everyone gone is because sometimes its better to hit the reset button, no matter how difficult it may be...but you guys seem to want more of the same for at least one more year.

You want me to believe that the Dolphins coaches sucked because Armando says so? You bought that line?

hehe, yeah I did actually.

hey, when's the last time you guys heard a really great song..here's the Neil Young..


Actually FZB I was thinking of your pro scout friend who never seems to be right.

Oye, BB, ask FZ or OC how big the TV really is when a Cuban says that his is 85" wide.

That's why the American girls were the easiest to impress when we got here. If you told a Cuban girl that you were packing 12 inches she knew you were talking chit, but the American girls just said, "Wow, can I see it...."

more like 17 inches with a code hanger as an antenna.

excuuuse people, meant to write cloth hanger..typing too fast..hehe


and Tom you don't even know 5% of what my NFL guy knows about scouting..no offense amigo.

86 degrees in the 310 today. Too hot.

Hey FZB no offense taken my good friend. Truth is I'm glad I don't know 5% of what your scout amigo knows. You base a lot of what you say on what he tells you. I'll just leave it at that.

FZB I'm sorry, I forgot to add....

no offense amigo.

Well, this one wasn't hard to figure out. It seems that the more religious protestants are the more divorces that they have. Duh! Now who the hell wants to be married to some boring pilgrim if the husband doesn't muff dive and the wife doesn't do anal...................................(Rim shot here.)


Tom...really dude..you actually think you know more about scouting than a current NFL scout?.. Seriously?...

All righty then.

He is a good friend, but you seriously think he can tell me the really good stuff?..child please, if he did and the information got out he could lose his job..

FZB I'm not saying I know more than an NFL scout, but you have to admit a lot of what your NFL scout amigo tells you turns out to be bullshit. So if he can't tell you the "really good stuff" and what he tells you is the "really bad stuff" what good is he to you or us? FZB...no offense my good friend.

FZB is a complete retard and if his "friend" is telling him the retarded nonsense he writes here then he should be fired.

No problemo Tom...I won't say anything else about any playa...

And fact..eat chit and die.

For example, I encourage U.S. Olympic athletes to criticize host Russia's anti-gay law in interviews if they are of a mind. But I can also see why literally wearing a message on one's sleeve (or hockey helmet) during competition might be prohibited

.....This From Greg(Lefty) Cote......
Cote your so far Right, I'am amazed you haven't fallen over and cant get up.............
Like a turtle.......


That was not me.

Fact is not me FZB but what he said is pretty funny.....sorry FZB.

Tom, just having a little fun with mr fact...that's all..later guys, off to Jacksonville in da mouning for a couple of days ...going to see the fam..everyone have a safe weekend.


Would love to see Brady win another Super Bowl. He is the Michael Jordan of QB's. Actually, he is better than Jordan if you factor looks and wife. He is a stud!

Oye, Coe, are you by any chance Co's sister?

My friend is set to retire from FIU after some 40 years and just found out that Obamacare is going to cost him $1,200 a MONTH! He's out looking for work to pay for his retirement.

The Democrats, horseshit you can count on since 1828.

I'm with Mr. Woodcock New England and Seattle in SB with New England getting another Vinny...

Woody how old is your friend? if 65 i hope he knows he qualifies for medicare. you can add medicare supplement plans for about $100 a month that essentially make health care FREE after that.

If under 65 he's screwed until he makes 65 thanks to the Obambulator.


Brady is clutch and Manning is a little yellow. Kaepernick is gazelle like and will beat the overrated Seahawks defense. Would love to see him shut up their cocky db and Coach Carol.

Tom Brady is my daddy. The Broncos will win only if my daddy lets us win.

“Players don’t see him as a really good X’s and O’s guy,” said one of the players’ close associates. “He’s just an organizational guy who’s on top of the scheduling and planning.”

A prominent network analyst who asked not to be named said Ross was fooled if he thought he was getting an offensive savant in Philbin. “His background is offensive line,” the analyst said, adding that Philbin wasn’t the coach primarily developing Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. (And we all know how this offensive line turned out.)

No, he's going to turn 62 in a couple of months. He was going to count on an early SS retirement benefit plus a modes retirement from FIU, but what he didn't count on was how much Obamacare was going to cost him for his wife and his health insurance. If he goes with the insurance provided by the retirement association it will cost him $1,200 a month for him and his wife. That is for a policy similar to the one that he had through FIU. If he opts to be covered by his wife's employer's insurance it carries a smaller premium of around $600 a month but has a huge deductible.

My friend is a double cancer survivor and his wife's insurance option would bankrupt them in an emergency with the high deductible costs.

Either option is far worse than the insurance that they now carry. His only option, since he has to retire from FIU in two or three months as part of "the drop" decision that he made a few years ago is to find another job to pay for his health insurance. In other words, "work to pay for his retirement."

With the drop decision there's no other option that he has. The decision to go for the drop was taken years ago before Obamacare passed. Now he like millions of other Americans are caught in a catch 22. For well off individuals drastic governmental changes are no big deal they have the means to adapt instantly, but for the middle class, even all the planning in the world and logically playing by the rules doesn't help one bit when government makes a decision that radically changes the playing field and the rules of the game.

The OL was not my fault. I gave Philbin chit to work with on the OL because Philbin's background was offensive line. He's supposed to be an OL expert. That's why I thought he could deal with 2nd and 3rd line players on the OL like Martin, Jerry and McKinney. Won't make that mistake again. Won't get a chance to make that mistake again.

Is that you Kazaam posting as "Clean House?"

I'm watching the end of the Abhu Dhabi golf tournament and I can't believe the gallery. There's hardly anyone there watching and those that are there are all white foreigners. Where the hell are the ragheads at the camel races?

Woody I'm familiar with the drop provisions. Essentially he retired 5 years ago and his retirement payments have paid into another retirement account for his use after he stops working. It's a great way to build up a nice nest egg before actually retiring. That said, everyone I know who has done the "drop" has regretted it. If he is in an essential position FIU might agree to hire him back at a reduced compensation doing the same job. That would allow your friend to double dip collecting retirement benefits and a salary from FIU. It would also give him the insurance benefits he wants.

Unless he needs the money I would strongly urge your friend to defer taking social security until he is 70. Taking the benefit at 62 results in about half the benefit you would get if you want until 70. On average people who reach the age of 62 live until they are 87. That's a long time with reduced benefits.

I told him all that but that's good advice for someone who's young and actually starts his retirement planning early in his life. At this point he's out of options other than getting a job to pay for his insurance until he qualifies for medicare at 65.

As you well know you need eggs in different baskets to draw from when you retire and I'm afraid by friend has few eggs in too few baskets.

Based on his current situation he really couldn't retire right now and live like he thought he was going to. This as you know is a far too common situation.

Woody tell him to get that job, pay his insurance and bite the bullet on the social security for another 8 years. He'll be glad he did.

Wow 60 Degrees over in Denver.......
Thank you Global warming..

3rd and 3 pass!!!!

the NFL has turned into street football minus the flags tucked into the belts; plus what is this non-stop yelling of "omaha"? i guess peyton manning is a fan of the great SF band moby grape!!:


If your not beating the Pats by 15 going into the 4th quarter our going to lose....
Just my thoughts...

Yesterday I picked Denver and Seattle to win today.So far,Denver s pretty much got it wrapped up.I pick Denver to win it all.Strange how the Charlotte Bobkittens decided to mock last years Heat fans for leaving early in their Playoffs.I mean Charlotte is hardly a big time Playoff NBA team.Too funny.As they say though,by them following a WINNER in the Heat ....I guess it s more a thinking process of "imitation is a form of flattery".Trying to make fun of a World Championship NBA team (back to back) shows how jealous and desperate the Charlotte area is.

Cote, Woodcock, BB, dukey = 0
OC = 1

Naples, don't take it personal but, Yeah!!! Baby!!!

Down goes Brady! Down goes Brady! Down goes Brady!

OC, you were right, I was mistaken...

eyton Manning, what a great player, put on a clinic out there today. Loved every second of it against the Patsys. It only gets better if it's the Dolphins laying the wood to the Patsys.

When Peyton was a senior at Tennessee and they gave the Heisman to a defensive back from Michigan I thought it was the biggest case of highway robbery since the Indians were given some beads and blankets for the Island of Manhattan.

Next time we see Robert Kraft he would have retired that sickening white collared shirt and sporting a three-day old beard while wearing a solid black Jonny Cash shirt and dark glasses.

President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.


What a load of shit Mr President. When your approval ratings were 65% did all those white people who approved of you then not recognize that you're black? What a typical bullshit response from the president of perpetual excuses. How perfectly lame. Even the tingle down my leg is gone.

Pete Carrol in the Super Bowl, that sucks donkey dicks. I thought they would win but I was rooting for the 49rs huge. Kapernick gave the game away. Oh well, time to root for Peyton and the Broncos huge.

This is the first time in I don't know how long that the preseason favorites to make it to the Super Bowl actually get there. I wonder what the spread will be at game time.

Oh, yea, a bigger pile of horseshit you will not find than Obama and the Democrats.

The Democrats, killing this country since 1828.

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