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January 10, 2014

NFL's heavyweight Final Four: Patriots @ Broncos, 49ers @ Seahawks; plus who do you most want to win Super Bowl? Poll. Vote!

1) It is SUNDAY, JANUARY 12. Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with the merry lunacy of Le Batard's Ballotgate. 2) I keep reading and hearing that Alex Rodriguez is a "Miami native." He isn't. A-Rod has a slew of local ties, but he was born in New York. NY. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Le Batard / Hall ballot brouhaha, Heat and Bynum, more Ireland / Golden, Billy Joel & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

UPSET BIRD DAY / NFL SECOND-ROUND PLAYOFF PIX: 4 GAMES, 1 UPSET ON 'DOG DAY WEEKEND: The 1aa1divposNFL playoffs, a.k.a. The Time That Forgot Miami, continue with Divisional 1aa1fripixRound doubleheaders Saturday and Sunday, the summation of which will present the AFC and NFC Championshiop Game pairings. I like all four underdogs-with-points but only one 'dog to actually win outright: Carolina. Click on Playoff Week 2 Gems for all four of our latest, expanded prediction capsules, and on Miami In The Playoffs for my Friday Page column. It leads with the next-best things to the Dolphins being in the playoffs: All of the Canes and FIU guys in the Final Eight, not to mention the Gators, Noles and other state players.

WHAT TEAM DO YOU MOST WANT TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL? (OR FIND THE LEAST OBJECTIONABLE?): Down to the final eight so it's time to declare a rooting interest. Sorry, but NOBODY! is not a choice in the poll. Even Dolphins fans, or fans of other not-in-it teams, surely have somebody they'd most like to see win it all or find least objectionable. So, who that? Remember: Not asking who you predict will win. Asking who you want to win. Vote and say why.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blospost...


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New England................
Forgive me ............

Guy's check this Video out....
Last time I aw a Chick handle that amount of meat was Pam Anderson with Tommie lee....


If it isn't going to be the Dolphins(and naturally it isn't) then I couldn't care less...although that being said,anyone but the Pats...

I agree Anti. Tis the twilight of the Tom Brady idol...

Anybody but New England.

The Wife seems to put out more when New England wins.....

so the Dolphins were trying to set up a meeting with Eric DeCosta of the Ravens (that was Kaz man-crush) and he said, NO GRACIAS..

can't blame the guy, really.

on the playoffs?..anyone but the Cheat-Triots.

football talk..it looks that the Dolphins really like Gary Kubiak for the OC position..I like it, what about you guys?

I don't like it all that much.

How can anyone blogging here vote for the Patsys? Naples excluded.

It boggles the mind doesn't it?

Sorry Cock, Selfish reasons....
Not thinking with the right head.......

Seriously duke? Who the fu*k wants Brady to win another Superbowl? Your stock is dropping bro.


Just say it ain't so, Cleveland. My heart sinks to a new low as my favorite team mascot of all time is under fire from the Rainbow Coalition of "pimps, wimps, and chimps."


Anti...I would really, really be very dissapointed if you are rooting for the Patsies THAT reason, know what I mean?.

of course is easy for me to say since I lost track of when was the last time I had some koochie...

now Dukito, if you are of a lucid mind (which is debatable) then you have no excuse to be rooting for the Beli-cheaters, its just not right.

Who the hell voted for New England? The only thing worse would be voting for the Jets (had they been on the list, which they aren't LMAO). I would like to see Rex Ryan try to eat Bill Belicheat.

Tom stop stuffing the ballots for Carolina turn off that computer program you have running.

anti you will never be forgiven. your true colors have finally been revealed. you are The Bostonian.



read that chief Wahoo article this morning.....all I can say is WOW....

This is country has a new movement & its called....."The Pussification of America"

People talk about bullying, but go ahead & state a piece of your mind or your opinion & if its not "P.C." let's see if you dont end up being the brunt of the bullying....LIBERAL HYPOCRITES!!!!

Big Baby I honestly only voted once for Carolina. I was surprised they're the big winner here.

Overwhelming support maybe because they are new to the party I guess.

Tom, LOL.................

I am still pissed about that Superman crap he pulled in Miami though they won't get my vote. I actually don't vote in these polls anyway my motto is no fluff polls it makes me feel unedumacated.

Speaking of liberal hypocrites...

the patriots cheat there way to 3 super bowls, then have the unmitigated gaul & cara palo to complain about the rules to the NFL after the Carolina game...then couple of weeks later are gifted a victory against CLEVELAND with a phantom interferance call!@#$%

..Who the hell would vote for the patsies....Oh yeah, people from MASS-A-CHOCHA (Translation = many vaginas)

FU OB and I mean that.

OB4E, Been to Mass.,Your right, many Vaginas.......
Heck I Married one......

Anti...hahahahahaha ! that is some funny chit there !

but your blek...yes you are, he is ..hehe, great clip, of course I don't think is very nice of you to be making fun of my new son...

BB...Orange excludes Dolphin fans..so you are ok,right Orange?

muchas vaginas?..ok then


I didnt get personal, but I guess BB lives up to his moniker if F U is all u can come up with....

Perfect example of what I mean though, you would expect a better/classier comeback from those really educated MASS-A-CHOCHAN'S.......But since many vaginas are used to getting F U'd I guess he is just reverting back to his natural habitat....

What I am confused about is how can BB be offended about me talking bad about the patsies??

Me thinks we have a MOLE/PROVCATEUR/SUBVERSIVE in our midst.....& If your offended b/c your from there & have some childhood fantasies about how great it was...well tough tatas dude, why the hell did you move here??

You see BB I'm challeging myself to go beyond the usual parameters of my usually rice paper thin personas becuz well.. it's a way of breaking down alot of the absurd wasted energy caring so much about any of this stuff. Plus I get my jollies observing my follies and then cumming all over my blow up dollies...

dukey you sir are a class act...

Massachusetts is full of low life scumbags and liberal elitists, Big Baby fits the mold.

Say it to my face ahole.

Go 49ers!

Losing Three 4-Stars flips in 5 days to teams that are considered better overall programs with FAR better facilities...

Gaining Zero 4-star flips in months from teams that are considered better overall programs with FAR better facilities ...

But we'll get some unranked and 2-star leftover projects on signing and the lull days that follow to be the foundation of our 2-3 deep depth in the near future.

We're great outta the gate, but have faded in the homestretch yet again. We have gotten some nice top players to commit the last 4 years, but so many use our schollie offers as stepping stones to Top-20 programs.

Why ?


Golden and the Canes will be just fine, he is a great recruiter, if those players don't wanna be here then there's a lot that will..no worries.

and national signing day is still days away, I think sometime in late feb or march?..sorry I don't really pay attention to recruiting..there's still time to make up ground.

Posted by: Caniac | January 10, 2014 at 03:43 PM

Once again? Golden has done well on signing day his first few years, Coley, Howard, etc. Only reason he's losing recruits now is that he's still considering the PSU job.


either of the NFC west powers would be fine for me; i believe they are forecasting heavy rain for seattle, whch might not help the saints. absolutely don't want denver, and would be thrilled if philip rivers upset them again in colorado ( good place for vacationing these days, no?). san diego's QB had equal ratings (however they conjure those figures up) for both homa nad road games) of slightly over 100!!! (courtesy the street wall journal's grewat sports page). love the ferocity of both the seahawks and niners, and why not root for the incredible frank gore and his beast mode fellow runner marshawn lynch (pac-? from cal) will get home from the synaggogue for the 4th quarter and will watch the NE-colts game. so for me, seahawks, niners, chargers and don't care about the rest excepting to see what brady aand his coach can do with an injury ravaged team. love or hate the patriots, ya gotta concede that their run from the first SB year on, except for the year brady was out, has be "dynastic"; playing in a most mediocre division helps, but they still play 10 other games and always get the top dogs for having won the year before.

i picked the chargers.
after talking to a guitar player buddy of mine last night (at an amazing jazz jam), i was reminded that AT LEAST, as a dolphins fan, there ARE championships on our resume..
i never, (despite 2 of the most painful losses i have seen), harbored and deep hatred of the chargers.
plus it might help them stay in SD.
the panthers or seahawks wouldn't bother me either..

on a side note, anyone voting for the pats is completely ridiculous and cannot ever be taken seriously when discussing the dolphins.

last night's heat game was ANNOYING, to say the least.
not to worry my friend. when they actually play defense, no one can beat them..

ob-4-ever- As somebody who moved from NE 13yrs ago, let me give you some insight as to why I, and friends of mine moved to florida. No state income tax on any of my pension money. I can get people to clean my pool, my house, landscape my yard, dirt cheap. Real Estate taxes are cheaper because the school systems down here suck, and being retired I could care less.The people down here with any brains at all, send there kids to private schools. And the weather, who can forget that.The only thing I have to be careful about is, don't hire any rednecks to do anything technical around the house.

Sweet, and very well said, Naples. Thank goodness that rednecks are tame but they are destructive little bugers........

Dolphins should draft Kelvin Benjamin. We can fix O-line in free agency- can go no where but up in that respect. Dolphins need a receiver that will climb up the ladder and fight for the ball- true endzone target. Sound logic says O-line or D-Line if we lose a tackle...but where have the smart, conservative picks got us?

jordan was a conservative pick?
that was an insurance policy for when we lose either starks or soliai next year.

receiver? not quite.
we're loaded in that department.
with the emergence of matthews and clay, as well as a healthy gibson, binns and keller, receiver is that last position we need to be drafting.
wallace is an "end zone target".
we need tannehill to sharpen his long game, AND a coordinator that mixes more running and attempts more long passes the whole season instead of 1/2 a season like this year..

Last night's game was even more annoying,David...a double OT loss to those geriatric Nets...I know the regular season doesn't matter much but it's definitely annoying losing back to back to NY teams...the Birdman was taking up the slack at the end there...and Norris Cole gets better every game...it's just that time of year where there is a lull in their focus...they wil tuen it back on...

hey guys,

while the Dolphins have a major need in the offensive line and a lot of cap room they can't spend it all there, sign one guard on free agency and bring back McKenney for one more year at the vet's minimum, that will give you three vet's in the O Line when you add Pouncey to go along with two or three rookie picks in april's draft.

Kelvin Benjamin would be a great pick but in the second or third round if he falls that far but WR is not a major need at this time...this draft according to the experts is going to be very deep, there are like 80 plus juniors that have declared already.

we also need to resign either Soliai or Starks and Grimes for sure..bring back Patterson if he is willing to take a pay cut if not our two rookies CB's we drafted should be ready to contribute.

Losing to Jason Kidd again...wow...might be time for Riley to come down to practice heh...

Tom...I know its water under the bridge now but maybe the reason none of our rookies contributed much was because of coaching?

Philbin has not exactly set world on fire in his first two years as a coach and the last two games which were must wins he failed miserable and his team was not motivated or prepared and after the little power move him and D Aponte pulled has me more than a little worried about the guy, hopefully clueless Ross makes a home run hire with this GM and evrything turns out ok but I'm not holding my breath, I still think the best way to go is to hire a strong GM, clean house and let him pick his own coach.

Mock drafts all have Miami taking a LT with the first pick. That would be good, but before we get to the draft I would prefer to try and deal with the LT deficiency in free agency. Get a player who has proven himself in the NFL.

Best available UFA LTs

Branden Albert KC
Eugene Monroe BALT
Jared Veldheer OAK

It's all average/mediocre!!!! All of it...the players,coaches and staff...it's 8-8...it is what it is...

Miami Dolphin pro bowl selections...

C Mike Pouncey, DE Cameron Wake, CB Brent Grimes, P Brandon Fields

Coaching did not hurt these guys because they have talent.

Its incredible how stupid some fans are..I was listening to sports talk radio on the car and two guys back to back called all pissed off with the Dolphins asking/ demanding they contact Marino and or Jason Taylor to be hired as our next GM..

Really?... Can they be this stupid?


Those are our 4 best players along with Clay and Soliai...the rest are extremely average to downright bad...

Marino or JT would both be awful hires,of course...that's just fans thinking with their hearts and not their brains...

roid that eggzactly describes the OSTRICH CREW

Rot in Hell Sharon!

Owners and fans who continue to look for strong GMs to run everything may be missing the boat. This approach may have been the preferred path decades ago, when generalist outnumbered specialists, but I believe that time has passed. Gone are the days where GMs wheeled the kind of power afforded some sort of Grand Master. The pressures for winning -right now - versus the freedom and luxury in "building" a team transformed the emphasis on having a coach that is exceptional. One who has proven to outsmart their competition. One who can coach creatively and strategically. A coach who routinely gets the most out of his players and the circumstance.

These coaches do not grow on trees. More often than not, these rare individuals (naturally) expect to run their own show, afforded every restriction from their owner to run the team the way they want, and to hire who they wish to hire, including a subservient GM and staff that answers primarily to the HC, with tacit agreement from the owner.

Ireland was never a strong GM, and he failed miserably in building a team within the time allotted. Philbin so far has shown two glaring deficiencies required from strong, winning coaches; failure to motivate the players in preparations for two key games, and an absence towards demonstrating any kind of strategic out-coaching the other coach.

Lastly, Ross has shown only the desire to field a winning formula, but remains clueless on how to achieve that.

Off to Victoria, OC.

Oh, and BTW, ESPN's mock draft has the Phins picking a, get this, defensive tackle in their slot. As always our timing couldn't be worse, this apparently is not a good or deep year for "offensive linemen," all of the best ones apparently will be gone by the time they draft.

They have Johnny Football going to Jax with the 4th of 5th pick...


Here is why I disagree with you a little regarding Philbin.

1) It is clear Philbin was dealing with a GM who had ultimate authority on personnel and that he did not agree with the decisions made by his GM.

2) Ireland left Philbin short-handed in the 2nd most crucial aspect of the offense, the OL.

3) Philbin in my mind did an awesome job rallying the team after the Martin mess. When it looked like everything was falling apart, the team found a way to go on a good (and very unexpected) run.

Now I agree it seems the Dolphins were not prepared to play the final two games, but did you ever consider the fact that both the Bills and Jets actually have more talent than the Dolphins? Both the Jets and Bills ranked higher in total offense and defense than Miami this past year. And in the case of defense both the Bills and Jets (ranked 10th and 11th, respectively) were much better than Miami.

I'm just not sure it was coaching. Talent seems to be more the issue.

just my 2 cents

The team did not show up for those two games, Tom. That's on the coach.

Sure, I like Wallace and Hartline. Gibson can be serviceable if healthy. Clay has moments. We were near the bottom in scoring. Adding Benjamin would be a boon, a fan base energizing immediate aid to the new offensive coordinator. This is a deep draft, which is why we can get all the linemen we want in rounds 2-4. Benjamin won't drop to the end of the second unless he breaks his ankle at the combine. Calvin Johnson like skill set. The day Wallace fights for a football is the day Andy Reid wins the Super Bowl. Make receiver a strength to the point it's a potential tradable commodity. And Benjamin would have a higher ceiling than all of our existing weapons.


All I'm saying is it's not just coaching. Our team is talent deficient and that's not Philbins fault. Quite frankly I think it's impossible at this point to make a fair evaluation of Philbin. Same with Tannehill.

Would have been great to see the Chiefs win it all, after 45 years, but I will go the team least likely- Chargers. Wish the Pats and Broncos could somehow eliminate each other.

Dave I hear you on the long balls and running attempts. Problem is crrently, they can't do either very well. Tannehill is over or under on his deep throws and rated 11th worse of all QBs with enough passing attempts. Jets didn't sack and he still was off target.

I'd trade him and try to move up in the draft to get Manziel. The guy's got an accurate deep arm and he'll run for the first down not slide a yard short. Then go for free agents.

Anyone but Patriots for SB.

After that, I have no real preference. Love the city of Seattle. Not their coach. Nothing against Denver and Manning is great and not the whiny baby like Brady. Welker deserves a trophy, now that he's not with NE. Like the city of San Diego and the Chargers name and look, but don't like the QB.

It's a tough one..so just no Patriots.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, beauty contest episode. is trumping playoff football on my TV right now.

Holy biased officiating Batman. How many penalties is NE getting away with? Colt receiver ges taken down in a 2 handed tackle ..no intererence calll. Couple of holds on key plays not called.

NE FG kicker could hold the punting job too. Dump the punter for a field player.

If NE wins, need to root for Denver since the Chargers have no hope at NE.

Anther no call, on the Luck sack! What's going on here????

Got the Wife happy as clams with New England winning,Tonight I SCORE..............

Got to say I'am glad Dan Dierdorf is Retiring, This guy is "Tom Brady this, Tom Brady that" It's Man-Love at it's best....
Good Bye Dan(I Love Tom Brady)Dierdorff, You wont be missed....

ostrich crew?
tom, what makes you think you're a better talent evaluator than jeff ireland?
you have NO IDEA what kind of talent we drafted last year.
neither did the giants when they let wake go after camp opened that year.

THIS from barry jackson:
"A few people who were in contact with Ireland this past season spoke last week about how frustrated he was with decisions made by his coaching staff about playing time. One agent said Ireland would tell him something about his client and the coaching staff would then tell the player the opposite."

i wonder if any of those "frustrations" extended to the rookies as well?
none of us have ANY IDEA what kind of talent jordan, taylor, davis or even thomas are.

yeah.. guess it's easier to say ireland sucks..

as for the running, i have posted stat after stat that proved when we committed to running the ball with lamar miller, he produced.

tom, now the jets and bills were better than us, too?
why are you so quick to blame ireland but pass over any criticism of the coaching staff?

you throw out offene and defense rankings like they're the end all be all.

for one thing, we had a better record than the bills.

we were tied with the jets, but being we had a more difficult schedule AND had a better road record and conference record, well i'd consider us better than the jets as well.

ireland didn't leave philbin a "deficient" offensive line.
ireland is not to blame for the martin/incognito fiasco, or clabo, a probowler, taking most of the year to find his groove.
in fact, he signed mckinnie BEFORE the incognito fiasco.
they made a play for albert in the offseason but felt KC wanted too much.
stop blaming ireland for everything.
the coaching sucked this year, period.

This coaching versus talent debate will keep going in circles for eternity on this blog it seems...I've always maintained that it's just a big combination of suck...average/mediocrity all around in all phases...whatever your opinion the fact remains that the Phins sit out of the playoffs at 8-8 while the Patriots head to the AFC Champ game...yeah,the Pats team that everyone said was inferior this year and plagued by injuries...and that may be true but I learned a long time ago never to count out Belichick and Brady...as much as I hate to say,it's reality...meanwhile the Phins haven't won a playoff game in close to a decade and a half...so yeah...hard times for Phins fans and I am one of many who don't see it getting better any time soon...dysfunction just seems to breed more dysfunction...

Hey guys....

We are what our record says we are but I have a very strong suspicion that our coaching was to blame for most of our downfall this past year...not defending Ireland since he's gone already but I lost quite a bit of confidence in Philbin and his coaching staff.

Offensively we lacked imagination and we were very deficient in making adjustments at any time during the game, defensibly?... While some of you have stated that Coyle did a good job I think he is average at best, many have complained and blamed Ireland for our most recent rookie class and with good reason but Barry Jackson is reporting Ireland was frustrated with our coaches for not playing the rookies...sure its a lot easier to blame the guy but maybe both should be blamed .

I wonder if all this young players blossom and become great contributors in the next year or two you guys will finally give Ireland his props...I doubt it.

And speaking of doubt, I still think Ross is making a hhhuuuuuggggeeee mistake by not getting rid of Philbin...

Any word on who my next adopted son is going to be?

By the way guys...did anyone see how the Patsies beat the Colts yesterday?.. Yup, by running da ball..yeah..

Running,a QB's best friend..

Go Pats! It is time to embrace them. They are our DADDY/PAPI. As long as Brady and Belecheat exist, they will be better than the fins. Self acceptance is the key to happiness!

2013 Phins:
rest of staff-average/mediocre
record 8-8

Sorry but that's the reality...pretty simple really...all average/mediocre parts of an average/mediocre whole...it ain't rocket science...

WTF- Brady whiny? I guess you are to young to remember who the all time biggest whiner was, MARINO!! So lets see by your eyes the Pats won because of non calls not the fact that they beat the colts defense into submission, and made luck look as bad as tannahill looked against the jets in the biggest game of his life.

Pats won fair and square...

Marino was not the biggest whiner of all time...

Brady does whine a lot...

Phins are 8-8 and incredibly average/mediocre...

Pats will probably go o Super Bowl...

That about covers it...

Carlos Huerta....go Pat's ?....traitor

Ireland was frustrated when Philbin didn't play the rookies. What a ffing joke. Yathunk Philbin would have played the "rookies" more if Ireland had drafted players the Dolphins really needed? LIKE A FFING LEFT TACKLE!

When a woman gets a vibrator, it's seen as a bit of naughty fun.

BUT......when a guy orders a 240 volt Fuckmaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating pussy, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system………he's called a pervert!!

Oye, OC, I sent you the Fuckmaster 65 Senior Version for Christmas and I haven't heard back from you. I hope you're enjoying it, buddy.

WTF Woody where's my Fuckmaster Pro?

Damn that was funny!

Carlos, I'm sending you the Homo Fuckmaster 6900 fag version for your Reyes Magos present you fudge packer.

Fock the Patsys.

Woody...can I get one of those fuckmasters too?

This is what I've been saying all along...fire Philbin now!!!!...and take the bitch too!!!!


And Naples...Brady is a homo, whinny bitch..everyone knows that.

Ted Ginn Jr had as many TD catches this year as the $60 million dollar man Mike Wallace.

Reggie Bush had over 1,500 yards from scrimmage this past year, fifth in the NFL. That was almost twice the yardage that Lamar Miller had.

Brandon Marshall had 12 TD catches this year along with almost 1,300 yds receiving. That's more TD catches than the $60 million dollar man and Brian Hartline combined.

Dawn and Joe are friends with benefits. WHORES.



new reggie bush had a good year, but 5th in total yardage is pretty darn good. but one must consider he played with a decent qb and probably the best wideout in the NFL- luxuries (necessities) one doesn't get playing with the locals.

The refs in this Panthers-9ers game are so bad...

good game going on!!

the panthers couldn't get a TD out of two first and goal situations, and one wonders how much those missed 11 points will wind up knocking them out of the playoffs.

Roid, did you see all the non calls NE got away with when the game was still close? For the one game they may havebeen ribbed this season, they'v certainly been given enough payback games.

Notwithstanding, Belicheck and his OC's masterful game plan, those calls still make a difference in how the game played out.

Marino was whiny with his own players. Brady is whiny about getting touched and with the refs. Constantly whining for calls.

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