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January 28, 2014

Super Bowl With a Smirk debuts with Jersey whine on menu; plus new Super Brrr poll (vote now), Dolphins' GM-hire brutalized by fans & more

1aa1algo1) It is TUESDAY, JANUARY 28. Seems today's Smirk debut is attracting lots of eyes in the Northeast. A friend in Alexandria, VA outside DC sent me this screengrab of an algorithm that determines popularity of news articles and weights them by size. Catch me right in the middle 2)  No radio for me today due to conflicting assignment. I'll be at Dolphins GM introductory news conference columnizing off that. 3) Blog will be Super Bowl-intensive this week but not forgetting Heat and other stuff. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins' GM Hire and poll, Heat-Spurs, Grammy Awards & more. 5) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote and also on Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

Super Bowl Week Top 10 storylines: Here is my annual Super Bowl Week preview, in which an apparently self-loathing journalist pokes fun at the bombast of the Super Bowl and at the media driving the excess. I think the word "Peyton" may be mentioned a few times. Click on SB Top 10 Storylines for the column.

1aa1asbnj 1aa1asbnySUPER BOWL WITH A SMIRK I: JERSEY WHINE AND CHICKEN WINGS: The first of our five daily Super Bowl With a Smirk notes columns debuts today leading with New Jersey's pouting as New York gloms all the attention as host. Also included: Cheap tickets, Don Shula, Radio Row, child referees, National Chicken Council, a soprano and (spoiler alert!) solid information that Denver will win 31-28 in overtime. Click on Smirk I for today's complete debut column.

SUPER BRRR: OUTDOOR GAME IN FRIGID CLIMES: REFRESHING OR DUMB?: Chances are you think a NY/NJ Super Bowl is either a great idea or ridiculous. I suppose a few folks might be undecided. Another school of thought holds that where the game is played matters only to the host city; that fans not attending the game don't care. Today's poll offers no gray area, though, just a thumbs up or down. Vote and say why.

Poll result: Dolphins hiring Hickey as GM hugely unpopular: We asked if your initial reaction to Miami hiring the Bucs' Dennis Hickey as general manager was "pleased" or "disappointed," the poll drew our biggest response in awhile, and you trashed the choice. And even 86.0 percent were disappointed.

INDOOR FOOTBALL TEAM COMING TO MIAMI: It'll be called the Miami Inferno, will be coached by Pete Taylor and will play at UM's campus basketball arena. Officia announcement coming tomorrow.  

ON PETE SEEGER: Pete Seeger, the great folk singer and activist, died today at 94. I wonder if the 1aa1aseegerNY/NJ Super Bowl would pause for even a second to remember a New York City native who led a remarkable life? I wonder if any of the players have even herard of him? Seeger (along with Woody Guthrie) introduced America to its folk heritage, sang for migrant workers in the '40s and joined Occupy Wall Street protesters in his 90s. Folk music in not in my wheelhouse, but much respect for a passing icon of Americana.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Superbowl just another game my entire life never seen my team play in one as a fan. Good for the players involved it should be a good game if they get lucky with the weather which it looks like they will. Manning needs this one to cement his legacy no question about it. How bad are the Dolphins? Seattle, Tampa and Arizona have gone to Superbowls since Miami has this yearly reminder brought to you by Big Baby.

Dolphins dysfunction continues.

This isn't the first cold weather Superbowl either temp was around 35 when Dallas beat Miami all those years ago.

Take that back 83 Raiders I did get to see one almost got the goose egg that would have been embarrassing.

LOL Cote you wonder if any of the current players have heard of Pete Seeger? I would be surprised if even one had heard of Bob Seeger.

Bob Seger.

There you have it people just like I said last week Richard Sherman finally apologizes for talking trash about Michael Crabtree. I told y'all that was weak ass shi*t he finally figured it out. Now I hope all of you realize how stupid you sounded last week defending him.

Yeah,there isn't a chance in hell any players know of Pete Seeger...no how,no way...

There might be a couple who know Bob Seer but probably only because they maybe saw Risky Business...

Peyton has probably heard of Bob Seger that might be it. I saw Bob Seger in 1987 as a teenager good show.

well I hope is a good game but I'm rooting for blizzard conditions for the game just to stick it to Goddell...for passing on the 305 for SB's.

Bob Seger is the chit..never seen him live, I wish I had..this one is my fav..


It's not happening weather forecast calls for small chance of precipitation around 35 degrees. The league holds cities hostage now for the right to host a Superbowl either Miami improves their stadium or they aren't ever hosting one again.

Fire Lake on my Top 5 Seger songs FZB. Ironically "Miami" is a good song.

Nobody sounded stupid defending Sherman,you ding a ling...he only apologized because Carroll advised him to...so that the focus can be on the game...Michael Crabtree was the little sore loser bitch who wouldn't shake Sherman's hand...if it helped Sherman win he would do it all again...I wish the Phins had someone with half the fire Sherman does...maybe we wouldn't be a bunch of mediocre pussies...

and OC...who da fak are these clowns?


oye bra..you have aserrin en el coco if you like those punks..WTF dude?

Hey cluless check out MMQB from today not talking about last weeks apology. Here is an excerpt:

"No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. That’s not mine. It belongs to Irvin Himmel. Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game. If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this: Don’t attack anybody. I shouldn’t have attacked Michael Crabtree the way I did. You don’t have to put anybody else down to make yourself bigger."

yes I was talking about you as being a tired ass defender.

Just to be clear .... Bob Seger is not Pete Seger the guy there talking about in above article....BIG DIFFERENCE....

oh boy...U two kids fighting again?..can we all just get along?

OB4 Bob is starting to look like the late Pete Seeger but the guy is still amazing runs around like he's 20 doing 3 hour shows good on him at age 68.

Miami can host its next superbowl in the new soccer stadium!!!...

Or how about in the Big-Chalupa (Marlins stadium)...

Thats how short sighted our politicos are in this banana republic....

We will get new stadium's for BAseball & Soccer which draw exactly SQUAT locally (not to mention nationally)!! & leave football where we can host Superbowls & NAtional Championships & make tourist dollars to rot...gotta love it !!!

to me all the Seger's are the same..just like all the gringos think all hispancs are Mexican.

FZB, did you forget my postings of about 4 months ago where I linked three of their songs and LA david added the positive comments about how Daft Punk were doing good things in relation to studio musicians? Ahh, probably not. Son, best see your doctor about that short-term memory loss. Btw, I did purchase their album months ago.

no FZ we think you are all Puerto Rican.


LMFAO!!! that is classic.....

Hopefully this soccer stadium dooms the idiots in charge like the Big Chalupa made Alvarez change his career from mayor to body builder...(& failed at both miserably.)

If they can't get Cubans/dominicans/ & puerto ricans to go see a baseball game which is there native sport, what on God's green earth would make them think people will spend $1. to see soccer ??

♫ where have all the commies gone, long time passing, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn♩

Is that the team Beckham is proposing to bring to Miami? I think it might work those cultures like soccer I think but overall MLS isn't a huge draw didn't they just put a team in Orlando? I can't keep up went to an MLS game last year for the first time fun.

OB4 @ 12:53 PM, "Yes, and it counts!"

BTW after seeing the new GM hire I truly beleive it gives full credibility to my theory....

Ross has a dark room full of blind-folded chimps throwing darts at at a wall with "an answering 8 ball" replies on it!!!


don't ever confused a Cuban with a Puerto Rican if you don't want to get your arse whup..just saying.

Oye OC...those little punks you like have a little resemblance to funk music..but like the old saying goes, ain't nothing like the real thing baby.


"I purchased their album...."

Memo to OC; Bra, they haven't sold albums in years. What you think you bought and what you really bought are two different things. Not to mention the fact that you don't even have a music system to play whatever you said you bought on......

You completely missed the point as usual,BB...it's not about defending a particular player...the point was that this type of shit happens all the time...throughout the history of the NFL this type of thing has gone on and always will...the point is that there is just more media scrutiny which allows for more simple minded people can jump on a bandwagon and point the finger...self-righteous horse shit...get their panties in a bunch and feel self-righteous as if they have never said something that maybe later they regret(or maybe not)...I'm sure you have an unblemished record and have never uttered anything in anger or in the heat of the moment...give me a break...the only difference is millions of ppl weren't watching and nobody cared...

Great,hungry players are going to get an edge any way possible...and some forced PR apology won't change that(regardless of his level of sincerity,this apology was ordered)...this will happen til the end of time...GUARANTEED...it happens constantly and just cause you don't hear about every incident doesn't mean it isn't happening frequently...talk to some ex-players to hear what really goes on on the field,the locker room and yes sometimes on the air...


The central & South american cultures which would be the only ones to actually go see a game probably:

A. Could not afford it..
B. Only follow the big names which are all in Europe..
C. Too busy selling hot dogs outside to actually go into the staduim...

I would never confuse the 2 FZ you generally don't look much alike I was joking. I am mister culture I went to college yeah!

OB4 @ 1:12 PM; "Yes, and it counts!"

Papo, estas on fire today, my brother.

Orange..it seems most of us think that retaining Philbin was a mistake and hiring a puppet GM (our 8th choice by last count) was an even bigger mistake but only time will tell who's correcto here.

me?..since I'm a total homer I hope I have to come back here and apologize to Ross, Philbin, the black widow and my new adopted son Tricky Hickey.

OB4 lots of fans in Caribbean Nations too but point taken Beckham might be dreaming did that get approved?

I think Sherman sort of broke the code when he publicly dissed Crabtree call me old school. What is said between the lines should stay between the lines in my view and now Sherman realizes this. That apology didn't sound orderd or forced to me it sounded sincere like a guy reflecting on what a jackass he was on tv.

There are lots of jackasses on tv though just listen to Deion and Michael Irvin if you want proof.

jackasses on TV?..none bigger than Warren Sapp.

or Skip Bayless

or Jon Gruden

or Donovan McNabb

or Trent Dilfer..

among a few.

ohhh Nelly !!!

It almost seems like being a jackass is a requirement for discussing sports on tv now.

El Woodcock still thinks an iPad is the garage he lived in for four years. Dude, ask your daughter to point out a digital file. Que clase de nalga!

Is there a bigger jackass than Shannon sharpe? Dissing our boy Danny like that you really do look like a horse Shannon. Of course Dan handled the diss with his usual class.

FZB, there is little doubt that you will ever be confused will Sherlock Holmes. Making connections is not in your wheelhouse either. But don't worry, you're in good company with Woodcock. Tell me, does the name Nile Rodgers mean anything to you? Anyone...? Bueller?

Hint: Sister Sledge, "We are Family."

Hank Haney says Tiger is too big now it must be from all of the steroids he has taken. Hank was more more diplomatic saying he "works out too much" hahahaha

That was my impression too, BB. Probably the result of trying to ward off injury. I would never bet against him, but he needs to reexamine what he's doing.

Are you now insinuating that you downloaded the robots music? Come one, OC, I now that the Austin City Public Library doesn't allow unauthorized downloads on the public computers...............

well again OC, all this Rodgers/Rogers are all the same to me, from Neil to mimi or to Roy or to Ginger...what the hell is the difference?

Oye Wood's...you know what OC is talking about?..maybe he needs to go back to listen to those asswipes punks he likes..

ps--connecting the dots eh?...oye no reason to insult me like that...hehe

you guys know when Dawn Aponte is going to have the news conference to introduce her new assistant Hickey?

Coach is her assistant Hickey will be picking players for her lol. Laughing but really hoping this set up works.

You know what they say behind every good man is a good woman.


I thought that was pretty funny dork.

Yea, telling the guy in front of her that he's a dumb shit.

Will the nagging ever stop?

BB..that was a good line..Yawns is just a miserable negativo guy..

FZB calling anyone "negativo"© somehow seems a bit perverse.

LMFAO I was talking about the super bowl poll but I guess I could have been talking about this blog too. Pretty sad that you three jackwagons yammer back and forth at each other all day hoping that someone will like something you wrote and letting everyone know you were "right" about whatever dumbass opinion you spewed yesterday.


Come on, Yawns, lighten up on OC, bro. You know he's living in Bumfuck, Texas, right?

OC Dolphin,

whatever your thoughts about pete seeger's politics ( i would say he was pacifist), his group the weavers opened new alleyways for the folk music that made the charts in the mid-sixties- "walk right in", "there's a hole in the roof", and others. plus the weavers did the original workings of "a weem-awep"- turned into "the lion sleeps tonight" by the tokens- made #1 on billboard's hot 100 twice, and was given a new life by disney throwing it into "the lion king", and also went into the bible to make a few verses of King Solomon's Ecclesiastes to come up with "Turn, Turn Turn", as we all know as the byrds' second huge hit which stayed at #1 for three weeks in late november,65 and wa in the top ten for eight weeks. pete seeger was vehemently opposed to the american involvement in SE asia, and sang about it. here is one that the CBS censors fought tooth and nail not to sung on their network, but the smothers brothers got clearance for him to sing this on their show, which featured top talent in both comedy and music every sunday night in the late 60s:



do you think johnny cash was an unamerican commie for having pete seeger as a guest on his ABC show?


johnny cash, as american as can be, hosted pete seeger despite possible different political views.

here is the one CBS fought tooth and nail to keep off their network, but gave in to the smothers brothers and allowed him to sing "waist deep..." as true a song as would be allowed. one of the posters on you tube just changed the title to "waist deep in the big sandy"- how true!!

here is "waist deep in the big muddy":


Thought you and OC might enjoy reading and watching this article about Tiger.


And now the second and most sickening speech that you will hear today after Obumer's State of the Union tonight.


This whole NY/ NJ thing is the biggest non story ever now Christie and other politicians are butt hurt? Memo to NJ reps be glad anyone on Gods green earth was willing to set foot in Newark today for media day. Any money spent in that state is gravy money nothing else you aren't getting it otherwise New Jersey BLOWS.

Why does Ross insist on controlling the fate of coach? “I own the team. Let’s start there. When you are making decisions, team is working together. I want to know what’s going on. I do have an interest. I have ideas. I told Dennis: If I tell you to draft a player or play a player, you don’t have to listen to me.”

What a relief the Dolphins fate is in such capable hands. NOT!

I'd rather watch Dorf on Golf than Stephen Ross' Dolphins...

Hehe...Clueless Ross said the most important thing when he was looking for the GM was to find someone that could get along with the coach and work in harmony together,...wow.

No mention of getting the best qualified person or noting...what a fackin retard.

Obi's speaking tonight?... Ok then.

Anyone else been watching the new series on HBO, True Detective? If not, you need to start watching. It's awesome.

A treat from one of the women on True Detective


Your article, "Miami Dolphins GM Provides Harmony..." was excellent. I felt it was a very good job on addressing the state of the Miami Dolphins and their fans. I like that it mentioned the concern that the pursuit of Harmony (especially with Philbin) may have come at the expense of excellence in the GM position.

Of course, time will tell.

This is the third time that Ross has either replaced, or tried to replace, the GM or Head Coach. In all three cases, the process left a lot to be desired. Sparano was left in limbo while Ross tried to hire Harbaugh. Then loyalty to Ireland cost the Dolphins there first choice of Head Coach (Jeff Fisher). Now, the harmony with Philbin cost the Dolphins multiple choices at the GM position.

You are right that Dolphin fans are probably not feeling very confident going forward.

Anyway, great work! :)

'I felt trapped'

.... so I decided to try and take the whole team down with me.


at least coach and GM are on the same page; THAT MUCH i am grateful for.
i think with the continued development of the young players we drafted the last couple years, our free agents being used the right way with play calling that makes sense, and ONE MORE draft and free agency signing this offseason, we will be in good shape next year.

Always felt this was just about as perfect a song as any. Then again, I'm a pushover for clear, pure guitar notes, distinctive vocals and yes, long interstate drives within California.


Hey guys...

So girly man / closet vagina Martin said he quit the team because he felt trap....translation, I was not man enough to stand up for myself so I decided to take the whole team down and walk out on my teammates..

Maybe my new son Hickey can get back a 7th rounder for him...that's about all he would be worth..it will be difficult, the guy is a quitter...

We used to pay a 1$ cover in 1974 to see Bob Seger at the Funny Farm on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn Mi. He played there 5 nights a week. He was popular around the heartland until Get out of Denver took him national around 1975. Lots of great songs.

Sounds to me like Hickey has helped draft more impact players the last few years thsn Ireland and has a much better eye for talent. We are in better shape already.


bob seger had a minor hit with "ramblin' gamblin' man"- peaked at #20 nationally. i would think "night moves" was his first huge national hit. "get out of denver" was on "live bullet", and dave edmunds did a great version on his superb homage to many rock'n'rollers "get it". don't think that get out of denver was played at all on the radio stations in LA, but is certainly an incredible song played at warp speed.


here is the skinny on "get out of denver" ("get out of denver, baby-GO!!")

GET OUT OF DENVER, a la dave edmunds

faster than the original!!! witha much shorter, tighter geetar solo:


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