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December 29, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter / season final: 4.2%; plus Miami falls to Jets 20-7, misses playoffs

1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 30. Click on Random Evidence for the latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with Dolphins-Jets, and on Drama Not Done Yet for my column from Orlando off Saturday's Canes bowl beating. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Hurricanes-Louisville bowl game, season-ending CSM poll & more. 2) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter: 16.1%: See blogpost directly below for our final CSM poll results. Figure is lower than I think it should be following a 9-4 season, but I respect the verdict. It reflects the bitter taste of a 36-9 bowl loss. It also reflects that UM once was 7-0 and ranked No. 7 (remember?) for losing four of last six games.

Click on Dolphins Did What They Do: Disappoint for my column from Sunday's season-ending loss. In-game commentary is directly below poll.

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G16/SEASON FINAL: Results are in on the latest and last Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 4.2 percent overall satisfaction -- a season-low approval rating -- in the wake of Sunday's 20-7 loss vs. the New York Jets putting the 1aa1dsmDolphins' final season record at 8-8. This is the season-ending poll. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Because this was the last poll I asked that extra weight be given to the season as a whole. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 8:15 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

G10: 42.4% (7.2-v, 35.2-s) following 20-16 victory vs. San Diego.

G11: 7.8% (4.0-v, 3.8-s) following 20-16 loss vs. Carolina.

G12: 61.9% (12.3-v, 49.6-s) following 23-3 victory at N.Y. Jets.

G13: 84.9% (28.3-v, 56.6-s) following 34-28 victory at Pittsburgh.

G14: 96.3% (65.-v, 31.0-s) following 24-20 victory vs. New England.

G15: 13.4% (4.3-v, 9.1-s) following 19-0 loss at Buffalo.

G16: 4.2% (2.4-v, 1.8-s) following 20-7 loss vs. N.Y. Jets.

Yearly DSM results:

2013: 4.2% (following 8-8 season)

2012: 29.8% (following 7-9 season)

2011: 34.9% (following 6-10 season)

2010: 3.8% (following 7-9 season)

2009: 31.2% (following 7-9 season)

2008: 96.9% (following 11-5 season/playoff loss)

G16: N.Y. STINKIN' JETS @ DOLPHINS: IT ONLY MEANS EVERYTHING, THAT'S ALL: Final: Tannehill rough day with three INTs and a 42.1 passer rating exemplifies a miserable must-win performance by Miami. Watch for my game column online soon. ...... 4Q: Tannehill intercepted for third time. Done. ... NYJ lead now 20-7 with 26-yard FG with 2:59 to play, set up by Tanny INT. ... Forget about the playoffs. Tannehill intercepted (by old Cane Ed Reed) with 3:59 to play. All over but the cryin'. ... Dolphins down 17-7 with 4:18 left after 35-yard NYJ field goal. Miami playoff hopes on life-support. Priest walking in room. ... Huge gift for Miami as Jets blow 36-yard FG try, wide right. Seemed to go right over upright, a miss by inches if it was really a miss at all. ..... 3Q: Jets driving as quarter ends; MIA playoff hopes in great peril. ..... Tannehill intercepted by Dee Milliner one play after a near-TD into end zone appeared to be catchable but Wallace did not make the play. ... Awful. MIA goes for it on 4th-and-1 from own 48, Charles Clay carries, gets nothing; Jets ball. Dolphins' lack of a running game has become stunning. ..... Half: Miami is getting help in Cincinnati, where the Ravens are down 17-6 at the half. But Miami is not helping itself in Miami in a must-win game. Too little offense. Despite a TD pass Tannehill is only 20-for-22 for 118 yards, and the running game is run-down (again), with 28 yards so far on 13 carries. ..... 2Q: Stinkers up 14-7 three seconds before halftime on Geno Smith pinballing 7-yard run up middle at 0:03. Planes had a timeout left, so not that daring a call. ... NYJ squares it 7-7 on 1-yard run by 300-pound D-lineman Sheldon Richardson. ... Miami 7-0 on Wallace 5-yard TD catch from Tanny. ... Early concern that Hartline knee injury could be serious. His return is called questionable. Don't expect it. ..... 1Q: Dolphins driving, at NYJ 41 as quarter ends. ... Hartline 25-yard catch, but limps off field with tweaked ankle. ... Joe "Red Flag" Philbin wins another challenge for a first down; is now 7-for-8 on challenges this year. ... Oy. Brandon Fields celebrates Pro Bowl selection with 18-yard punt. ..... Pregame: Better than average Dolphins home crowd, but still lots of empty seats in the upper corners -- too many, given the stakes. ... This is when people will try to tell you the Dolphins crowd is "half Jets fans." No, it isn't. My visual guesstimate has it Dolphonics by maybe a 7-1 margin. ..... Original post: Well, being honest here, I am writing this at around 3 a.m. from Orlando, after columnizing off the Hurricanes' awful bowl 1aa1dol16 1aa1dolnyjshow against Louisville, followed by requisite post-game libations. So I hope this makes some sense. I hate the casual, inaccurate use of the phrase "must win" in sports. I love-love-LOVE that today vs. the Jets in the regular-season finale actually IS a must-win for Miami. I love that Miami is in the playoff chase, after last making it in 2008 and last winning a playoff game in 2000. I mean, are we starving over here or what!? All know that Miami must beat the Stinkin' Jets today and then hope either the Ravens lose or the Chargers win. I like all three happening. But that accentuates the fascination  here, which is that a Dolphins playoff berth will be all the more special for the trampling of the hated Jets to get it ... while an elimination at the hands of Rex Ryan's grinning face may be just too much to bear for Dolfans already stinging from last week's shutout loss at  Buffalo. Must win? Oh yes. Literally, figuratively, and every which  way. My pick: Playoffs! Dolphins, 24-20.

Join us here for our live in-game commentary from the stadium...


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Brothers In Arms Till The End! Let's Do This.

Miami 27 Jets 3

Dolphins will dominate the J E T S Jets on their way to the playoffs.

All right now, Dolphins HAVE to win, let's see how our young team is going to react to the pressure...Tannehill will have to carry us.

Dolphins 24 -- Jets 13...let's go !

Brothers in arm's !!!!

Phins will beat the Jets today.Peiod.As far as last night s Canes game....I fast am questioning Al Golden s ability to lead Miami forward and have his team prepared for competing in big games.So far...Golden s teams can t do it.Last night...I saw the reincarnation of Jacory Harris minus of coure the interceptions.Stephen Morris the last half of the season has been a bust.The O line stunk and so did the defense...(again as usual).Only hope I saw or 1 player who showed effort was Gus Edwards.Art Kehoe s about washed up I d say though.For a supposed talented and big 0 line they didn t show up,were slow and mentally unprepared and played NOT SMART shall I say.Louisville had great players both on offense and defense who showed up...besides Bridgewater s great play.Golden s good at recruiting and a nice guy.Taking Miami farther is now looking like HE S IN OVER HIS HEAD.

Don Shula endorses Joe Philbin


I agree with Don. Philbin is a good coach and has earned the right to stay.

Brothers In Arms Till The End! Let's Do This.

Posted by: Big Baby | December 29, 2013 at 11:46 AM



firing randy shannon caused teddy b to opt out of his commitment to UM; another factor was UM's commitment to having the abysmal #12 start every game when jacorry harris was healthy. teddy bridgwater was a monster at NW high and would have displaced jacorry harris almost instantaneously had he stayed. we have been lauding teddy on this blogsite since early last year; a truly gifted QB-arm strength, ample when running, as they say on TV "a gifted football IQ". jameis is awesome, but i don't see how teddy fell out of the race for the statue when his team scored 35 in a losing effort. teddy b has a rocket arm, better than manziel, jameis, and the rest of the contenders, except formabe blake bortles. a bigger, faster, and possesses an arm better than 99% of the players now playing for college teams. UM made a good choice in replacing randy shannon, but it seems like the trend now is for QBs of color to play for a coach "of color". charley strong's team last night could block and tackle and had an imiganitive offense, much more than a match for the hurricanes, who were so inferior that they went against the trend that teams who give up safeties generally lose; the cardinals played as though that play never occured.

Well here goes the freaking dolphins again. Everything is lined up for the dolphins to make the playoffs and all they have to do is beat this lowly Crap jets team and they are pooping the pants as usual. This is brutal to watch. And Tannehill again not connecting with mike Wallace on an easy deep rout. This is brutal

Dear god are we really not going to the playoffs because we can't beat this horrible qb. Back. To back losses to qbs that shouldn't even be starters in the league. Ahhhhhhhh! !!

Boys, sadly the Dolphins are showing they are not yet ready to rumble with the big boys of the NFL...

Our O Line can't even pick up a yard...wow....well, if we lose we'll have better draft position, right?

Still want to keep Ireland, FZB? Or have you joined the land of reality?

I said it last week. I think we should've tried Moore. I see nothing from Tannehill. And the running offense is pathetic as usual as is the play calling. I said it last week, Phins will lose and Steelers will come out if nowhere to get it.



rex ryan is a good coach and will be retained, no matter what happenns here. knew going into buffalo>jets it wouldn't be easy and it hasn't. nice call on the tailback toss to the left side-more imagination in one play than is the whole game by miami's offensive geniuses. ain't over yet

Well it's not over, but it's getting close. On the bright side, did you see who is playing on the Dolphins kickoff special team? The third overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, Dion Jordan. At least Ireland is getting some use out of him. A much better selection than a LT that Miami desperately needed....if you hate the Dolphins that is.

Who sucks more Dolphins or the Candy Canes? It's a tie!

Can't wait to hear the homer spin on this one...1 td in two games with playoffs on the line...meet the new boss,same as the old boss...

Farewell playoff anyways they where going to get cremated in the first round the way they are playing and fzb why you want a better draft for if Jeff Ireland can't draft for crap look at the dion Jordan deal two draft picks he gave up for a player that has not even done crap and probably he will get trade or release any ways all the idiot has done is miss maneage the draft and cap salery.fire this clown once and for all and bring in a new hc and staff

I'm really beginning to be a Phins hater because they must hate their fans so much to do this to us. playoffs in our grasp. 2 easy last games. Last win at home. And we suck beyond sucking. Tanehill sucks guys. It's not all on him. But I kind of remember Moore having more energy and heart.


how does this literally burn his TOs in meaningless situations?


if #17 doesn't improve substantially next season, i fear the tannehill "experiment" will have failed. the guy was all over the place today and didn;t get any help from mike wallace in the end zone again.

Ive been watching this team for 30 years and this is the most disappointing two weeks ever. We had the chance and we once again fail at home. Changes need to be made now. Mike Sherman needs to be fired. 3rd down and 2 and we pass the ball behind the line of scrimmage??

Ahhhhhhhh! !!! This franchise has become soooo pathetic. What the hell have we turned into.


whos worse...dolphins or canes?wow both teams need to fire there staffs and start over!!!!absolutly disgusting

This is why I laughed for two weeks at people worrying about wtf KC and the Ravens etc were gonna do...Phins still a joke of the NFL...pathetic all around...

We'll I see we need a new qb too and trade tanne stink to who ever is in the market for a bench warmer

Done with tannehill. Trade him immediately and take anything you can get. Lauren married a loser. He is going to be a backup qb soon and then out of the league depending on his wife to make a living.

No wonder why kazaam left. Told him you shouldn't waste the number 8 overall pick on an experiment. You can't wiff on top picks. It sets your franchise back. Kazaam is in hiding because his loverboy tannehill is as big of a loser as his canes.

Thank you JETS for putting our pathetic team out of it's misery. Now I can watch the post game show to hear Ahole Philbin congratulate Rex Ryan and his team for playing a great game.

I just hope All My Sons Moving is packing up this bunch of clowns and getting them the hell out of Miami.

It's time to stop with the all the apologies for Ireland. He sucks and it is his personnel decisions which have cost this team a chance to improve. Miami is not better in any dimension. Miami's offense and defense are ranked no differently this year than last year, offense 28th and defense 20th (and probably worse after the Jets game). To some 8-8 might be considered an improvement over last year's 7-9. To that I say, seriously dude?

This team will remain mired in mediocrity until Jeff Ireland is fired!

I guess that the Dolphins team is on their way to a meeting of Underachievers Anonymous. Philbin should be sending out resumes for a coordinator position, and Ireland out to be looking for a job selling used cars.
Ross probably still doesn't have a clue that they are out of the playoffs and is running about trying to recruit some more celebrity owners.

On the bright side, this just spared the humiliation of getting thrashed in the first playoff game. Again, Ross has one last chance to clean house there and get some real competent coaching and management on this team. What a dream.

Ok, let me be the first to say this once again, as in seasons past....."there's always next year"

Let the EXCUSES begin....................

There are no excuses. Team is bad. Coaches/GM are among league's worst. Is that an excuse?

Every thing about this team sucks, The owners have no idea what they are doing, the coach's are lost, the players have no heart and the so called fans cant even show up to the start of the game.

Dion Jordan was the 3rd pick in the draft. Let that soak in.

Roethlisberger made Wallace, Tannehill exposed him for what he really is, a speedy receiver with no hands.......

And Dion Jordan was playing special teams today Mick. I hope the apologists let that sink in today.

There is no single person responsible for today as there was failure all around. However there is no reason Jeff Ireland should still be employed by the Dolphins or any NFL team.

FZB, Big Baby and the (real) SFB from Los Angeles are you still making excuses for our pathetic GM?

I have no experience. I would be a better GM. No doubt.

How about the league step in regarding our owner and dolphin franchise? They could cite the "screwing defenseless fans" clause...

They flag everything else


well, lamar miller ran 17 times and...THE DOLPHINS LOST!!! just can't be!! all the research was done, and it revealed when miller runs 15+ times the dolphins invariably win- what did the dolphins get with their "vaunted" running game? well, we aren't gonna be able to see how the team is gonna do running in the cold weather because the dolphins won't be playing in the cold weather, as the playoffs, which seemed so close just two weeks ago, have proven to be a mirage. has the news of the dolphin loss made it to california, they being three hours behind in the pacific time zone? we don't seem to be getting any response from the lamar miller fan club, which is fine with me.

Where are all the Ireland supporters? Because of Ross's past history, Ireland will probably get a 2 year extension.

We have no line. No clear #1 stud RB and ditto at WR where our group would be 3rd options on other teams. QB still a guess but recently he digressed.

Defense? Lol worst LB core in the league.

Ireland should be fired and if not why would you support this team? For the love of god the 3rd overall pick playing special teams? Are you freakin kidding me?

Where is the herald and can you please be our voice and hold this clown owner accountable?

2013 Jets 2 W Stinkin' Fish 2 L

What a disgraceful performance!

Boys, disappointing way to finish the year for sure, no excuses...they blew it.

Not ready for prime time.

If Ross gets rid of Ireland then I want Philbin el gonzo also, bring in Pioli as GM ( as I've stated before) and let him pick his coach...

Time to get ready for the draft kids...


"Time to get ready for the draft kids..."

Posted by: FZB | December 29, 2013 at 06:07 PM

Same verbage every year at this time..............

I have never been more disappointed in the Dolphins. Two straight horrible performances when it mattered most. 7 points in two games against 2 poor teams. This isn't about talent nor coaching. It is all about character, guts, and heart. In all sports there are players who rise under pressure and ones who crumble. It is quite obvious what type make up this edition of Miami Dolphins. BLOW IT UP!! START AGAIN!! Bring in a new GM, new coaching staff, and most of all players who will give it their all and rise above themselves when it must be done.

FZB, I'll take that as a "yes, I was wrong, everyone else was right. Ireland blows."

Ireland is busy working the phones right now to trade up to get an injured long snapper from Upper Central Eastern South Dakota Tech.
Ross has pledged never ending support for Ireland.

Hey Kotex,
How long are we going to have to wait for some puff piece on Ross and his trust of Ireland and Philbin?

Grew up in Miami, been watching the 'Phins since the 60's...I loved the team, especially in the 70's and 80's. Seems like the team went in the toilet after Shula left and this new ownership took over. Guess I'm old and nostalgic, but the Phins have neve been the same since, and these days it's hard to be a Dolphin fan. I agree with the comments here that the entire organization needs rebuilding. How can you explain the goat-screw we saw last week and today? Time to clean house.

The Dolphins had everything handed to them and they failed, all of you are quick to blame Ireland but I don't see anyone blaming Philbin..this team lacked heart , our play selection was horrendous...this was a total collapse and you all need to look at our HC.

If Ross makes a change then he needs to go all the way and get rid of everyone..

Noises heard coming from Ross' office.
Suck slurp suck slurp slurp slurp suck slurp slurp suck suck suck suck slurp
Ireland and Philbin whereabouts unknown.

The only football
in Miami that is worth watching is high school.mabey we can hire one of their coaches to coach one of these sorry teams,they will do a better job then the clowns we have coaching canes or phins.I is a bumb

Ireland is a bum.

"If Ross makes a change then he needs to go all the way and get rid of everyone.."

Posted by: FZB | December 29, 2013 at 07:54 PM

WOW! what a revelation! I think this has been offered up by hundreds of posters here over the last few years.

FZB, they aren't mutually exclusive. I'd fire everyone but Coyle. But, Ireland is a proven loser now. That's clear. He spent hundreds of millions, torched tons of picks for the same result. The wheeler/Ellerbe signings are a disaster that will continue to ruin the cap. The offensive line was literally the worst in the league despite all picks Ireland has put into it.

Philbin should probably go, Sherman should definitely go. But Ireland HAS TO GO. There's a difference.

7 points in 8 quarters of football!!! Enough is enough

Ross now MUST CLEAN HOUSE.After so many millions spent and for what?Our linebackers were younger slower,weaker and less smart but yes men.That translates to zero improvement.Ireland looked 2 games ago like the cat that ate the canary.However....even Ireland never dreamed the Dolphins and Tannehill could only produce 7 total points in their last 8 quarters of football this season.After Tannehill looked improved and stepping up.....for 3 straight games...he just as suddenly collapsed when his O line did too.(Can t blame him but just 7 points????Against 2 statistically inferior QB s and teams????Unacceptable.Philbin looked like he knew what he was doing until 2 games ago.The entire Coaching staff and players lost their confidence.That s Philbin ,the Coaches and Ireland s fault.The Dolphin Organization has fallen back again....if that is possible.How can fans get excited when a 40 million dollar receiver drops TD s in the end zone ?When their supposed long term QB cannot complete long/receiver wide open passes??????Wallace and Tannehill underperformed for the oodles of money they are getting paid.Dolphins crashed and burned (AGAIN)this year.Hats off to the Jets.They played well and deserved the victory though I can t stand them or Ryan.Anyway....kudos to them.They showed up today like real men....unlike the Dolphins did today.

They only thing worse than having to listen to jet fans all off season is the gaturd fans telling us that they suck, but the canes suck just a little bit less. And they'd be right.

Football in Miami is officially dead.

I think Golden has been calling Ireland for help in picking recruits for the last 3 years....

Scary resemblance.....

Golden s name won t soon be confused with a Charley Strong s.At least Strong KNOWS how to coach defense,can also recruit and get offensive players.Oh yeah....those players ALSO demonstrate on a field that they have talent ,strength and speed and passion and FIGHT.Stephen Morris played horrible the final 5 or 6 games.He will not make it far in the NFL ...if he even gets a chance.Foot speed too slow ,not smart enough and too laicidaisical.Had great promise headed into his senior season but displayed obvious fear of success/failure...whatever.Won t miss him next year believe it.Can anyone mention 1 player who stood out in the game last night in Orlando?Just 1?I know I can t.Don t care if Golden leaves for Pitt either.He seems still in way over his head here in Miami.

I expected more very mediocre again.

Nice to see at least I still have some fan boys following me later tools.

Can't wait to hear the homer spin on this one...1 td in two games with playoffs on the line...meet the new boss,same as the old boss...

Posted by: roid rage | December 29, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Post of the day.......................
How about them CHARGERS??????????

Let's Re-Cap the last 5 years............

7 and 9
7and 9
6 and 10
7 and 9
8 and 8.................................
I think the answer is clear, Even to Ray Charles....

I have one more year on my contract, so I won't be fired. I am recommending we fire the coaching staff as coach Philbin and Sherman have been horrible down the stretch. We are going to try and get Rex the toe licker, cause Philbin lacks a pulse. We had enough talent to beat colts, bengals and pats, but can't beat bills and jets when it matters? I'm disgusted as well.

2004 NFL AFC East 4th 4 12 0

2005 NFL AFC East 2nd 9 7 0

2006 NFL AFC East 4th 6 10 0 Jason Taylor (DPOY)

2007 NFL AFC East 4th 1 15 0 Jason Taylor (WPMOY)

2008 NFL AFC East 1st 11 5 0 Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Ravens) 27-9 Chad Pennington (CBPOY)

2009 NFL AFC East 3rd 7 9 0

2010 NFL AFC East 3rd 7 9 0

2011 NFL AFC East 3rd 6 10 0 Brandon Marshall (PB MVP)

2012 NFL AFC East 2nd 7 9 0

2013 NFL AFC East 3rd 8 8

A decade of Mediocrity..............

How is it not 100% the Dolphins suck donkey dicks? Just a horrible exhibition the last two games. With every thing on the line they played like horse shit. Ireland,gone! Philbin, gone! Tannehill, gone! the Offensive line, gone! the defensive line, gone! running backs, gone! wide receivers, gone! kicker, gone! the only guys that should have a job next year are the starting punter and corner backs. Just a horrible exhibition of football during the last two weeks of the season with everything on the line and they let the freaking Jets come down here and punk them in their stadium. I'm done with the Dolphins. Bye bye.

Why hasn't Ross clean house yet?
jets owner goes in the locker room and said Ryan will be back with the jets in 2014.
Ross Should have told our team that the GM and coaching staff are Fired

Tom, Has Dapper Dan said anything yet???
What about Big Baby??? Where are these guys??

I can't believe the comments I'm reading. Maybe everyone should take a day to breathe before posting because I'd like to think this is just the product of the utter disappointment we all feel for blowing the playoffs. But blow up the team? Trade Tannehill? Have you all forgotten the wins over Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and New England? Four of the six playoff teams in the AFC lost to the Dolphins this year. What about all the late drives that Tannehill led to victories over Atlanta, the Colts, the Pats?

I'm not satisfied with this team yet, but I believe Tannehill looks very good FOR HIS AGE. Let's stop demanding Marino-paced development from every QB. The Dolphins have some good players and need to add some more. No steps back needed yet; just keep moving forward.

anti not a word from dapper dave. i'm not surprised. no matter. to the thinking world it is clear ireland has to go.

by the way, the Tom post at 11:09pm is not me. So whoever you are....pick a new name. Tom has been taken on this blog for 7 years.

Guy's, Looks like Garrett From the Cowboy's looks to be available in a couple days, Ireland being a used car salesman will probably tell Idiot Ross that "He's A winner"......
Not only that He's a former "Cowboy" You all now Ireland LOVES everything from Dallas.....

To your point, A. C.,

The team's average record for the last 10 years is 6-10. Those who argue that yet more time should be given to those currently within the administration need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge that such acceptance is fine 'IF' there are unquestionable and demonstrated acts of improvements within their programs. I dare say that only a handful fans hold that view.

To these eyes, these are my observations:

A. QB is adequate, but doesn't process the kind of drive and control of the game's best.
B. Their running game is worse than any during these past ten years.
C. Their line play is near the bottom of all 32 teams.
D. They changed out a better run stopping LB group to better deal with those dinks and dunks from Brady. Penny wise, pound foolish.
E. Their receiving corp is just bad. Injuries played into that, as we never got to see what a healthy Keller would provide, but their backups were not serious threats.
F. (As in -- you got an 'F')....Sherman.
G. Nice guy Philbin, who entrusted Sherman, and as such, must be questioned for his philosophy. specifically, as it relates to what it takes to be a powerhouse in the league.
H. Last and not least, the architect, the GM whose vision remains foreign, and whose sculpted team fails to make significant jumps.

I'm Sorry Tom I thought I would use my First Name or a regular post. I would had awesome that someone that wanted to recognized on a blog would be more created then use a name like Tom. How about I use something like PhinPhan Tom so the few times that I do post they wouldn't confuse us.
By the way I am not saying blow up the Team if Philbin and company can't beat the Jets and Bills to get in the playoff they should not be coaching.
What we saw the last two weeks was two teams playing hard for their coaching staff and the team that had something to play for getting smacked around.

If Ireland has a "Vision" He needs glasses ASAP...

Okay, now that I got the niceties out of the way....Ireland Sucks. timeout Philbin is not the answer, an Ross needs to flush out all but like 12 guys and start anew. Anything short of that and let me be the first to go on for next year's prediction and call it 8-8 again and again, and again and......

Thank you PhinPhan. Great name by the way.

OC not sure Philbin is the problem. He's not had a lot to work with talent wise. And that's not his fault.

I'm also not down on Tannehill. Poor guy has seen the sky more often than dapper dave did in his "playing" days. Give him some adequate protection and a real #1 WR and I think he'll do just fine.

The Dolphins need a real NFL caliber talent evaluator as the GM. Let's hope Ross is listening.

Fire Jeff Ireland now! Bring in somebody knowledgeable like Jimmy Johnson even though its sad that he would not be interested.

Tom, on his best day, Philbin is Tony Dungy, but Dungy had One of those few Qbs who spit fire when things are not going their way. Tannahill is no Manning.

i'm here, tom..
why wouldn't i be?
"Mike Sherman needs to be fired. 3rd down and 2 and we pass the ball behind the line of scrimmage??" -tom

nice to see you've come around on THAT one.
and by the way, that wasn't the 1st time that's happened this year.

shadow, you're beginning to sound like a douche.
lamar miller had 73 yards on 17 carries averaging 4.3 yards a carry.
are you suggesting he should he have done MORE against the #3 ranked rushing defense in the NFL?
could it be that MAYBE, when your QB posts a 42.1 QB rating that MIGHT have something to do with it?
the last 5 posessions?
turnover on downs, interception, punt, interception, interception.

at least the line gave up no sacks.
but tannehill lost this game.
was it because he was missing hartline, (let alone his other favorite targets?).
i have no clue.
i do know that with the injuries and drama on the Oline, ireland had a team ready to go 10-6 and make the playoffs.
this collapse is not on him.

Don't get me wrong. Tannehill makes it into one of my 12 keepers, as does in no particular order; Grimes, Soliai, Wake, Gibson, Pouncy, Odrick. Hmm...maybe on second count, maybe only seven current players!!!

the run defense was abysmal as well.
as armando posted, it's interesting how dansby and burnett IMPROVED after leaving, yet ellerbie and wheeler REGRESSED after signing here.
coaching anyone?

oh, and mr "thinking world" tom?
ireland gets one more year, genius.
this collapse is NOT on him.
but sherman is gone, and rightfully so.
his calls cost us 3 games this year, and contributed to the BS the last couple weeks.

Miami failed on a 4th-and-1 play Sunday when Charles Clay, a tight end, not a running back, carried for no gain.

Miami failed on a 3rd-and-3 when a lateral pass to Wallace lost four yards.

way to go, sherman.. thanks

Add one more. Fields. But that about does it. Eight keepers and 45 eight-and-eight-er types. Toss I anew GM, a new HC with a proven track record (who likewise brings in assistants with equally proven track records)' and fans will have something other than what we've had for the past10 years.

David, we're in agreement through Sherman, the team underperformed. Whose fault was it to bring him in, and to create that "good-ole-boy" environment (OL coach with previous Sherman ties) that arguably cost the team two wins? Ross? Ireland? No, it was Philbin who laid that egg.

Who's fault.

I'm well trained. I told everyone I knew two weeks ago that the Dolphins would lose their last two games and not make the playoffs. No surprise.

Wow! A Noel sighting! Welcome back, Noel.

It's not anyone's fault except for Philbin. It's his job to manage the team and any coach for the Miami Dolphins has to do only three things, period. He has to beat the Bills, Patriots, and HE HAS TO BEAT THE JETS AT HOME ON THE LAST DAY OF THE SEASON WHEN A WIN WILL GET YOU INTO THE PLAYOFFS! That's his job and his only job and he failed miserably. The Bills loss last week, ok, on the road, trap game, but today, at home against the Jets with everything on the line and you come out sleep walking I'm sorry that's the head coach. I would fire him today.

Just finished talking to Woodcock. The dude is beyond pissed. Probably due to actually believing in the hype going into the Buffalo game. Lays the blame on Philbin more than anyone else. Works for me, but doesn't go deep enough into who was responsible for hiring Philbin in the first place.

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