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December 08, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 84.9%; plus Miami wins big one in snowy Pittsburgh 34-28, keeps playoff hopes alive; also, 'QAM tops 790

1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 9. Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with the Heat. 2) To the several e-mailers who are asking: I have bunch of back-loaded vacation days I need to use before end of year. That's why I have had fewer columns lately. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Sports-Radio Wars poll, Collball's Championship Saturday, U.S. in Group of Death, Nelson Mandela, Dolphins/NFL pix & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Poll result: 'QAM top 790: More than 1,000 of you voted, and our Sports-Radio Wars winner is WQAM with 49.7 percent of the vote, beating 790 and 104.3 The Ticket's 41.9%. In the barely-there division we had 640 Sports edging 940 WINZ, 4.8% to 3.6%. Thanks to all!

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G13: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 84.9 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 34-28 victory at Pittsburgh putting the Dolphins' 1aadsmseason record at 7-6. That's the highest approval rating since Week 3. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close (you may still vote), but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

G10: 42.4% (7.2-v, 35.2-s) following 20-16 victory vs. San Diego.

G11: 7.8% (4.0-v, 3.8-s) following 20-16 loss vs. Carolina.

G12: 61.9% (12.3-v, 49.6-s) following 23-3 victory at N.Y. Jets.

G13: 84.9% (28.3-v, 56.6-s) following 34-28 victory at Pittsburgh.

Next poll: Dec. 15 following game vs. New England.

G13: DOLPHINS @ PITTSBURGH: MIAMI TAKES A STAND, MAKES A STATEMENT: Final: The Dolphins beat the Steelers, they  beat the elements, they beat the doubts -- beat everything in their way on Sunday. Miami now 7-6 after a thrilling 34-28 road win led by Ryan Tannehill, Charles Clay, Daniel Thomas, clutch defense and great special teams. Terrific all-round effort has MIA still well in the playoff hunt, standing 7th in the jockeying for that NO. 6 seed. ..... 4Q: Miami barely survives a last-second Auburn-esque miarcle to win. Man! ... Wake and Vernon combined on sack. ... Sturgis 27-yard FG makes it 34-28 with a minute left. ... Daniel Thomas 55-yard run sets up short Tanny-Clay TD pass with great second and third effort by Clay. MIA up 31-28. What a game! ... PIT back up 28-24 on Big Ben 16-yard TD pass to Cotchery. Seems Dolphins defense is wearing down. ..... 3Q: Super catch by Hartline on 4-yard TD from Tanny has MIA back up 24-21. Terrific game. ... Lamar Miller out with concussion. ... Pick-six INT as Tannehill throws into coverage and Troy Polamalu brings it back all the way. Pittsburgh now up 20-17. What a huge momentum shift. ... Big Ben burns MIA secondary on 43-pyard catch and run to Antonio Brown; now 17-14. ... Daniel Thomas, back from injury and in PIT end zone on 4-yard run for 17-7 lead. Great day by Miami thus far. ..... Half: Encouraging half for playoff-chasing Miami in brutal conditions. Not much happening offensively; Dolphins have only 114 total yards, nclouding 48 on one dash by Tannehill. But big defense is leading the way. ..... 2Q: Jimmy Wilson blocked punt sets up MIA at Pitt 42 in last minute of half. ... Team from the tropics up 10-7 in the snow on Tanny 6-yard TD pass to Clay, set up by the Wake-Starks takeaway. ... Wake sacks Big Ben, Starks recovers fumble at Pitt 31. ..... 1Q: Ryan Tannehill dashes through the snow for 48 yards, leading to 30-yard Sturgus FG and Dolphs within 7-3. Miami settles in red zone again. ... Big Ben Roethlisberger to Emmanuel Sanders 5-yard TD pass in a snowstorm. Heck, it looks like a blizzard!... Snowing! Whooo! ..... Original post: Today isn't about distractions like Bullygate or about side-stories like Mike Wallace's return to 1aa1dol13 1aa1dolpitPittsburgh. Today is about chasing a playoff spot. Ain't it great!? Only when your team is in a playoff race do the games get bigger and bigger, and this feels like the biggest game of the season for Miami. Here's why. The Dolphins and Baltimore both are 6-6, but Ravens own the tiebreaker, so Miami must finish with a better record if it comes down to those two. Baltimore is favored to win today, so Miami must keep pace, or in effect fall two games behind with three to play. If both teams win today Miami will have an advantage with an easier closing schedule. Dolphins finish with Patriots here, at Bills, and Jets here. Baltimore ends with at Lions, vs. Pats, and at Bengals. I predict Miami will make the playoffs if it wins today, and won't if it doesn't. Winning today, alas, is a tall task. Weather figures to be around freezing, and Ben Roethlisberger is tough to beat at home. I give Dolphins a big upset shot but don't see it happening. My pick: Steelers, 23-17.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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Pitt. 21 Fins 16...........

31-17 fins

31Points for the Fins?????????????????

31 points is very possible for this team
Over a 3 game period!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN NFL Countdown said that the Dolphins will lose to Pitt and that Pitt will be the final wild card out of the AFC East.

What unadulterated bullshit. Pitt is 5-7 and to make the playoffs they have to win 3 of their final 4. No way. Not with Miami, Cincinnati and at Green Bay still on their schedule.

Miami wins today proving that Tom Jackson and Keyshaun Johnson are the Jeff Ireland's of NFL analysts on the tube.......

Dolphins 20 Pitt 6

It can happen...Phins 34 Steelers 31......

e's a oldie but a goodie............


Da Steelers 24 Duh Jeffy's 13

So much for a little snow...............
Have the Fins ever won I he snow???

Miami Hurricanes ranked 25th in the USA Today Coaches poll.


Say Anti...what's with that photo of those two homo's ?..WTF dude?... I just had lunch.

Boys..so far we is losing..we better get our chit together..and pronto...the Dolphins have not done very well in the white stuff...

Tom, What about the Gator's?????

The last time Fins won in the snow was probably in Chicago with Marino, Duper & Clayton...

Ahh, Tony Sparano and his magical fist pump routine...it never gets old.

FZB, Think that type of stuff goe's on in Russia????
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Yeah Jeffy's fist routine is alittle different than Sparanos...

Yes of course...not that there is anything wrong with it..hehe


The Gators football team is nowhere to be found in the college football polls. But they are rank so they got that going for them.


Did the canes show up to the acc title game for once or again as spectators? Can they just show up to the game? Just show up. You would think the acc was the NFC east. It's the acc. Show up to the title game once every blue moon! Brutal! U still sUck!

Oh boy..here we go again...

Georgia Southern in the swamp dip chit...

Just heard nurse got fired from local hospital for putting webcams in the restroom. Makes ya think doesn't it? So next time you feel like you can't wait to slap the meaty one think twice gentlemen...

You guy's think Coker,,, Ahhh I mean Philbin make any half time adjustments?????

Yep, There it is.................

Georgia Southern 26 Gators 20

4 - 8

Gezzzuuuss bessseevusss..we IS up again!!!... Go defense !... Stop those bastars!!

The Gators are the laughing stock of NCAA football


Even this little girl is smart enough to recognize the mindnumbing incompetence of Muschump.

Guy's Got the Old ball and chain in a foul mood.....
Pats trail 19 to 3....................

The refs in the Pats v Browns game should be banned from the NFL. The phantom interference call in the endzone was just outrageous. The defender didn't even touch the receiver. Makes you wonder if the NFL is actually just another version of the WWE. Pathetic!

Guys, I might get some tonight, The pats down 26 to 11 with 3 minutes left actually won...............
BTW, If you all think we'll win sunday,.Pass the joint....Brady.... I hate him....


The Pats didn't win. The refs stole the win from the Browns and handed it to the Pats. It was grand larceny.

Tom, Remember the Pats are the NFLs "Flagship" Team.....

31Points for the Fins?????????????????

Posted by: Anti Christ | December 08, 2013 at 11:16 AM

anti you need to apologize to Nino


but how in the world did the refs let the dolphins take 15 seconds of the clock by playing with the ball in the steeler end zone? the multi-lateral play would have been reviewed probably, but out of bounds with 10-15 seconds left is a possible different ending to the match. an as usual, charles clay is the most valuable player on miami. if he doesn;t break away from two miserable attempts at tackling, the dolphins might have to kick a field goal and be left one point short. anyway, it was fun watching all the element bowls and again we call for the demolition of all domes covering football stadia.

Yeah, 31 Points in that field condition.....
My Hats off............
Now this week in the AC House hold wont be easy, But hey if the Fins can score that many in that condition I expect 42 for them this week..........

I said 30 didn't nail it this week again but close. Can't believe A. Brown stepped out amazing luck sounds like it may have been reviewed says shadow though. Huge win that NE team is beatable looking forward to it.

Agree shadow domes suck. Look at what it did to Vikings mystique...

It appeared to me that Roethlisberger's lateral on that last play was actually a forward pass. Luckily Brown stepped out of bounds and Miami did not have to go to review.

Dolphins still in the playoff hunt. I actually think at this point they are the favorite with Buffalo and the Jets still on their schedule. 9 wins looks very doable.

I Joyced in my pants when I saw the 'pole' results.

Gut-check victory for never-say-die(lately anyway) Phins.Hope they beat the Pats because they re from Boston(and Bostonians always need humble pie).Good luck to Canes in their practices and onward to and beat Louisville in their Bowl game.

Huge win and in the snow at Pittsburgh. That's a statement game. Ever since candy ass martin was out of there and we got McKinney Miami is a different team. Tannehill, boy you just can't say enough about the way this guy has played this year. Everyone is playing well, that incident might have been what turned our season around. Philbin could easily have lost these guys but instead he's won the last two games on the road.

Say it to yourself, "We beat the Jets and the Steelers on the road at the end of the year."

When was the last time you heard yourself say that?

sure looked like a forward lateral from Bib Ben during that wild last play

DVR'd the game and was expecting the worst. One of my old friend's a big Steelers fan texted "Man, what game....." didn't read the last of the text since the game was over & I hadn't watch it yet. Wow, great win.
7-6 and still very much alive for the playoffs.

Philbin has handled the team well & kept the team focused on playing after the Incognito - Martin fiasco & loss to then winless Tampa. Fins may cut Ireland loose but Philbin will be retained.

Correct sir, the O line play has improved since Martin injured his vagina and quit playing.

Nelson Mandela..... is still dead.

Tom- STFU with your whining about the officals. I was surrounded by browns fans at my local sports bar, and the only person who bitched about the call was a women. The guys saw this finish coming, same ol browns was the thinking.

Hey Jack

Blow me. You must be both deaf and blind. I guess you couldn't hear the announcers who both said the call was BULLSHIT! Here's the picture Jack. He didn't even touch the receiver.


Russell athletic bowl!!!!! Whooooooopieeeeee!!!!!!! No bowl for three years and u all celebrate this garbage bowl game against a sorry school? Whoooopie so exciting!!! U guys are a bUnch of delUsional losers!

Show up to the acc title game u losers!!!! Bunch of smack talking and no results and all excuses

Senior nfl qb and U celebrate the Russell athletic bowl and think ur team is going I. The right direction? Bawahahahhahaha wait till next year when u have an inexperienced qb step in against those acc cream puffs. U might lose to duke again as well as wake forest Maryland and the rest of those garbage teams.

So the ref's gave the beli-cheaters another gift, well we are in the giving season right..

Naples, that was a horrendus, phantom call amigo, even you have to admit that.

And WTF was our defense thinking on that last play?

And who's this asswipe clown that's ragging on my canes?...another loser lizard?..typical.

And big Ben lateral WAS A FORWARD PASS, fackin ref's are blind.

I think I'm going to have to play the Doors, Break on Through to the Other Side. It's been quite some time that the Dolphins have been so mediocre that one can't help but to see them disappoint. Not today. Perhaps they indeed have broken through, as the old Dolphins would not have seen their Brown step out of bounds and the refs would NOT have ruled Roethlisberger's clear forward pass as such.

Great, great, win. Miami with the inside track with Baltimore facing three tough games and Miami with just one.

FZB, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Doesn't it feel weird saying goodbye to those 50-somethings?!

U and Fins heading in the right direction. We need to roll out Tanne some.

4 - 8


Georgia Southern 26 Gators 20


Retaining Muschamp


OC...thanks buddy..sniff, sniff..I'm getting a little depressed just thinking about it..60 already?? Where does the time go?

I know the missus is going to have a " surprise " party for me.....next saturday hehe, is just to hectic getting the whole fam together on a monday night, kids gotta go to school next day type of thing..its cool

And let me be the first one to extend early birthday greetings to David's mom in the 305 and Naples Jack better half...

Next weeks game is shaping up to be one of the most important Dolphin games in recent years, its going to be mighty difficult to beat the patsies and the ref's...but we are playing at home and I'm a bit more encourage by the play of our O Line the last couple of games..

Go Dolphins !

Did anyone see that offensive linemen squeeze solia's nut sack on that fumble,it was so obvious he did it on purpose. Weak..

fzb, congrats on the big 6-0! Have you considered getting a scrotum tuck? A gift both you and your wife would appreciate.

Nobody has been harder on Ireland than me (and I still think he should go). But, we are approaching the point where if he gets another year, I don't mind it that much.

Too bad Minnesota blew it against the Ravens.

scrotum tuck, hahahaha...

FZ we don't really get older we get better. Happy 60th paisan. Have a glass of vino and some fava beens on me. Yeah yeah nice win for Fins...

thanks guys...I'm going to try to "enjoy" my day to the fullest.

Dukito..yes I will have a full glass of "vino" tonight for sure..

Jimbo..scrotum tuck?...hhhmmm, I'm going to have to google that one.

whoooa Andrew, so you are saying if my boy Ireland is retained you won't complain?..this has been a strange year indeed.

boys, this game next week IS HUGE, can we pull it off?, remember the Beli-cheater has Brady AND the ref's on his side, mighty task ahead I say.


People are going right into the heat of Miami and stealing prime recruits. Heck, the Gators have had no success getting Miami Central players and both Cook and Phillips appear to be headed to the Gators.

Who is your QB next year? You think an inexperienced QB is going to get you to the ACC title game? What a joke. You are lucky your division is so weak in the ACC and you arent in FSU's division or have any other team in your division that is any good. You are feasting on weak opponents and even worse is you add teams like Savannah State to your schedule which is a joke. You think you play an SEC schedule where you should be allowed to schedule cream puffs, but you play a cream puff conference schedule and still schedule weak teams.

Despite that weak schedule U still stink. Teams are coming right into the heart of Miami and still stealing prime recruits and U think U will be back? What a joke.

Miami has fallen so far down they celebrate going to the Russell Athletic Bowl while real SEC teams are disappointed to play in any other bowl but the National Championship game. You think Alabama is celebrating their BCS bowl? They don't even care, like the Gators last year. It's NCs not crappy bowl games against crappy schools that matter to the real teams.

Throw a parade, RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL!!!! WHOOOOOOPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! There may be 10 UM fans at that game.

Crappy school
Crappy stadium
Crappy conference
Crappy division
Crappy recruiting
U are back!!!! SURE!!!!

Great and satisfying Dolphin win in pretty poor field conditions.Not as bad as some yesterday though.The NFL needs to change and make all outdoor games indoor during the winter.Only reason is to make them playable in a more fair way.Hockey does it so it s not about making the game of football softer to me.It s being logical with common sense to see TRUE athletic plays.Not lucky(un) slips or fumbles.Anyway...Tannehill played great except for his pick/6.Very forgivable when you see him running and competing,being a gamer and MAKING plays for the Offense.Credit Clay and Daniel Thomas for their great plays too.Was great seeing THESE Dolphins fight and the defense made Pittsburg know it wouldn t be easy to win against them(mostly).Overall team effort was outstanding and scoring 34 points was beautiful to see.THIS is what I expect from a Dolphin team EVERY game.The entertainment and talented plays make me think of the old days when the Dolphins were a very good team.Excellent win and GO PHINS.

This quote says it all:

“We are absolutely thrilled to accept an invitation to play in such a great game,” UM coach Al Golden said

Thrilled?????? That's loser talk. You should be disappointed to accept to play in that crappy bowl game. That is a joke especially with that schedule U played. Thrilled? That type of loser talk is acceptable at Temple but the fact it is now accepted at Miami shows how far U really are.
Thrilled to play on December 28th in the Russell Athletic Bowl against another school that feasted against weak competition. You don't think having a weak schedule artificially inflates your team, ranking, and record??? Ask Ohio State! Frauds! Just like Miami every single year for the last decade. FRAUDS.

Thrilled to play in the Russell Athletic Bowl. What a loser bowl game. Enjoy that snooze fest of a game. I am sure you all are THRILLED!!!!

Man, have you guys fallen really hard to be thrilled to play in a crappy bowl game on December 28th.

Don't worry you guys will be back in the preseason and then the season will hit and you will be right back to all the excUses. Ohhh Golden is only 1 year removed from the NCAA cloud. He has us going in the right direction...50 points allowed to Duke. 50 freaking point to Duke will take you 5 good recruiting classes to fix. You dont even have the injury excuse. At least the Gators lost most of their players to injury and have a solid team coming back but you got no excUses. 50 points to Duke and giving up nearly 50 three weeks in a row.

Goldens friend the DC coach is a gem. Keep him around forever!!!

U will be back in the preseason and it will last until the season starts! Enjoy it and enjoy that loser bowl game!

Georgia Southern

None of the Canes fans on this blog would ever spend as much time as you do posting about the Canes...nobody here is running around screaming that the Canes are world beaters...they are realistic fans who know the Canes are starting to climb back...we have a ways to go but we are happy the sanctions are over and are looking forward to the future...that is all...simple...

You on the other hand have a tremendous boner for the Canes...I've never seen anyone so gay for the Canes...you are their secret biggest fan...you can't stop thinking or talking about them...it's quite flattering actually...I guess it stems from the Canes having an upper hand on the Gators in literally every single category...can't blame you really...some people are always looking toward something they will never be...so please continue to be the Canes biggest cheerleader,I personally love it...it definitely speaks volumes about you..

Gator fans will just be happy if their team is ever as competitive as Wofford and Furman.

Georgia Southern 26 Gators 20

BOTTOM LINE....PHINS STILL are not playoff worthy. IF they make it, they are 1 and done.

They have a nervous QB/WR, coaches with BAD DECISION making. Dont' get twisted....the last time they played a GOOD team was against the panthers (see how that turned out) and against and even better team (Saints) it was worse.

Anyone not voting "very" satisfied after late season wins against the Jets and the Steelers is nuts.

I'm a genuinely sad person.

This team should be 9-5 minimum right now. No way I am voting very satisfied. Not that I vote anyway but if I did. Good win but big picture they have squandered some winnable games. A 5 game winning streak to end the year is the only thing that might make me vote very satisfied.

I meant 9-4 minimum. They should beat a NE team that can't stop the pass any longer and without Gronkowski period no excuses. A 10-6 finish and I'll vote very satisfied.

Hmmm....I would be a wee bit SHOCKED if Alabama says......"no thanks sir"....we do not deserve a Bowl game and neither do I as the Head Coach.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Too funny.ANY and EVERY College team will gladly accept a Bowl offer.Get real troll.Too bad Gators didn t get an invite.Wonder why THAT was????????????????BTW......any Cane fan knows the Canes ARE NOT back yet and the defense needs vast improvement.Why do u loser trolls keep trying to maintain your jealousy of the Cane Nation?We simply just KNOW we ll be back relatively soon as that is not negotiable.Just a FACT to us.GO CANES.

before I get to my point on the Dolphins, let me just say this..Pimple, dude WTF is wrong with you?..what are you 10 yrs old?.

we were very lucky to win yesterday, on that last play our defense wa gassed and out of position but I'll take it, 7-6 (not a great record) but still in contention for the playoffs, BB's point is we should be 9-4?..yup but should of or could of doesn't work, it i what it is, we are a young team learning how to win.

on Tannehill, I saw a guy that made a really bad read and gave the other team 7 pts but he didn't fold and finished strong, the kid is coming along, I think we got our franchise QB..bout time too.

I'm already nervous about the NE game....too bad they lost Gronk and that's a bad break for them but chit I'm glad we don't have to deal with that guy, he is a load to handle.

and how bout prop's for Daniel Thomas and Clay...

FZ looks like your son is coming back well at least according to Armando take it for what it's worth. Did you see the Sports Buzz column this week highlighting the number of contributing low round picks Ireland has picked? The future really does look bright for this team anyone saying otherwise really has no clue.


Don't be so sure. This year, the Dolphins already have beaten both teams they could be playing in the first round of the playoffs -- Colts and Bengals.

BB...I did read it and just read Armando is reporting Ireland's job is safe and will be kept...


I always said it takes three/four yrs to evaluate a draft and and a GM and it sure looks like some of his picks are showing major improvment, Miller, Clay, Vernon, Carrol, Wilson, Matthews etc.. heck even Egnew has played a lot better compared to last year..so Ross whant's to keep Ireland?..fine with me, let him complete his 4 yrs and let Philbin run the team, hey who knows maybe we do have the right GM and coach after all.

everything is tied to the QB and if Tannehill keeps improving then Ireland will be here...chit, even "negativo" Andrew is on board with the move (somewhat hehe)..

I wonder what mi amigo Tom has to say about it..

OC...getting to the playoffs with this O Line would be a major accomplisment.

Charles Clay has been incredible what a player he has become next to Tannehill he might be team MVP (yes shadow still sticking with our QB). Tannehill might go over 4000 yards no Miami QB has done it besides Marino. Hartline and Wallace should go over 1000 yards each first tandem since Duper and Clayton if it happens. Offense playing better still room for improvement ranking isn't very good but I see progress.

Sherman is improving as an OC too I think good game plans but playing not to lose yesterday almost cost us the game. You have to go for the TD and go up by 10 not 6 throw the football maybe even twice play to win that shouldn't happen again in a similar circumstance.

we are going to find out that the GM, Coach and Offensive Coordinatior are all going to look like geniuses the minute we get a stud offensive line.

plus Tanny will look like the second coming of Brady.

A win Sunday FZ and people will start paying attention nationally. Right now they still think it's same old Dolphins but hopefully the team can continue to win if not then it is same old Dolphins but I think they realistically can win the next three games.

I said last week they can run the table prove me right Phins!

Off topic but it's funny watching Peyton yell back at critics who say he can't play in the cold. Bro your playoff record sucks when it's below 40 or whatever and blowing that NE game didn't help your legacy either. Just shut up until you win in the playoffs wouldn't that be easier. I like Peayton too but he's really not winning that argument right now.

well, I'm cool with Payton as long as he beats the Beli-Cheaters....sorry Naples.

BB for Fins to bounce back even to modest extent after going through the ringer is a significant accomplishment...

No doubt they seem to have rallied after Bullygate and Philbin is a good coach it would seem.

FZB your amigo says Ireland is still a nitwit and if Ross keeps him it is just going to extend our pain. Best case scenario is 9-7 and we sneak into the playoffs. Is that what you want? A 500 team give or take a game every year? That's what we've been for 15 years. This is no different. The only reason Miami is still in the hunt for a playoff spot is the AFC sucks.

That said, I am glad Miami won yesterday, I'll be rooting for them the rest of the way and pray that if we do sneak into the playoffs Ross sees the light and fire Ireland.

Resilience and audacity is the name of the game...

FZ…many happy (?) returns. LOL
If it makes you feel any better, I've been there and DONE THAT. Several years ago.(don't tell anyone)

Again, if it makes you feel any better, I'm still producing music with/for people 1/3 my age…and younger.
So, there's hope for YOU! Buhwahahahaha.

Seriously, take care of yourself not just for yourself, but for THEM.

Posted by: Fsu can beat duke what about U???? | December 08, 2013 at 08:27 PM
Hey, want to go BOWLING TONIGHT? Oh wait, you can't. Just collect the $$ from all the other teams in your cheating conference.

Posted by: FZB | December 09, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Now tha the birthday greetings have worn off, I can't tie Ireland to Tannehill, other than the fact the fan base would have KILLED him if he'd taken ANOTHER O-Lineman.
Tanny was the ONLY QB left…uh, other than Russell Wilson.
That said, I really like Tanny as a person, and as a player. He has Bob Griese's temperament, a good arm, and TONS of guts.
Not so most of THIS years draft. If Gilleslee, Jones, the 2 corners and and Sturgis don't pan out, this would be perhaps the Worst draft in Fin history. I'm leaving Jordan out for now, as his injuries and classes set him back. But, if he's not in regular packages, getting 35+ snaps a game, it would be a HUGE fail, considering how much we gave up for him. A 2nd round choice is still a 2nd round choice.

Next year, I meant

Your a Writer.. Good point, Dolphins 2013 draft class hasn't contributed much. G Dallas Thomas has been overwhelmed everytime he gets on the field.

JIMBO MD surmises that Big Dallas suffers from narcolepsy, falls asleep in his stance and wakes up when the ball is hiked and he's knocked on his ass by the opposing lineman. This works great to wake up tubby Thomas but does little for his football career or Tannehill keeping his brain intact.

The jury is still out on a final grade of Fins 2013 draft but at the moment it looks, feels, smells like an F... This position could change when next season starts, Jordan & CO step up and show something.

Both rookie CB's were known to be talented but banged up a bit. Neither has done much when on the field. Fortunately for Miami, Grimes has been lock down & healthy & Nolan Carroll has vastly improved starting all but 4 games this season. Add Jimmy Wilson into the Carroll category

Big Baby- I have to laugh with Payton running his mouth after beating the mighty TITANS. Even more laughable is he beat kirkpatrick, not Brady, not flacco, a bum in a regular season game. Not a playoff game, the king of stats in the regular season.

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