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December 17, 2013

Sochi Olympics: Shame and opportunity; plus Heat, Dolphins star in 2013 Google searches; '14 Mock Draft, Fins' playoff shot, Zimmerman art & more

It's Radio Wednesday!: They haven't fired me yet,  so I'm back in-studio with the Dan Le Batard Show today from 3 to 7 p.m. on 790 and 104.3 The Ticket, 4-7 on ESPN national radio.

1) It is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18. Click on Random Evidence for the latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with Heat-Pacers II. 2) To the several e-mailers who are asking: I have bunch of back-loaded vacation days I need to use before end of year. That's why I have had fewer columns lately. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins beat Patriots, DSM poll, Incognito news & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

LeBron questionable for Pacers game Wednesday: James missed yesterday's light Heat practice with a sore ankle and is questionable for the game vs. Indiana here tonight.

Dolphins will clinch a playoff spot this coming Sunday if...: ...Miami wins at Buffalo, Baltimore loses to New England, and Cincinnati loses to Minnesota. All three must happen.

SOCHI OLYMPICS: THE SHAME AND OPPORTUNITY: [Update: U.S. Olympic delegation at Opening and Closing ceremonies will include gay athletes, Billie Jean King among them]. The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are less than two months away. By degrees the world's sporting eyes will turn there, and what will be seen won't be all

1aa1sochi 1aa1sochi1pleasant, despite the Russian government's wishes and attempts at propaganda. Click HERE for a story about the Sochi governent's recent crackdown and harrassment of local activists protesting the Olympics' negative impact on the environment. The group Human Rights Watch has become involved to condemn the actions and accuse the government of treating activists like terrorists. Of course, the broader spotlight the Olympics will shine on Russia will help expose the country's human rights violations when it comes to gays. Pictured: The official Sochi Games logo, and a protest poster. Vladimir Putin sign into law a ban on "homosexual propaganda," seen as an umbrella law tantamount to criminalizing gays. Elton John, performing in Moscow this month despite protests, dedicated his concert to a young Russian who had been murdered because he was gay, and John spoke out from the stage against the law, calling it "inhumane." President Obama does not plan to attend the Olympics; the presidents of Germany and France already have said they will not. Soon Olympic athletes can make a statement of their own, one more literal. An Olympic torch of sorts will be handed to them. Skier Bode Miller already has called Russia's anti-gay law "absolutely embarrassing." Olympic athletes from here will have a unique worldwide platform, voice and opportunity to speak up for human rights. Perhaps it is generally impolite to criticize one's hosts, but if there is an exception to that, a Winter Olympics in Russia may be it.

THE FIRST 2014 MOCK DRAFT!: It begins. ESPN's Todd McShay beats the crowd with his 1.0 Mock today, and it has UM bowl foe Teddy Bridgewater, the Louisville QB, going No. 1 overall. Also notable: UCF's Blake Bortles No. 3, Johnny Manziel No. 4, Florida D-lineman Dominique Easley 21st, FSU defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan 22nd -- the the Dolphins -- FSU receiver Kelvin Benjamin 27th and Florida cornerback Marcus Roberson 29th. No Canes pegged 1R. As for the Dolphins top-picking a defensive tackle? Doubt it. A lot.

HEAT TITLE, DOLPHINS' BULLYGATE DRIVE 2013 SEARCHES: Google released its annual info on 2013 searches, with some interesting stuff from a Miami vantage. No surprise that LeBron James was the most-searched NBA player or that the double-champion Heat were the most-search NBA team. But the usually under-the-radar Dolphins are the third-most-searched NFL team, with Bullygate the obvious impetus. You want further proof? Richie Incognito turns up No. 7 among overall top athlete searches. Top searches by category:

1aa1ahernTop overall athlete searches: 1. Aaron Hernandez, Patriots accused murderer (pictured); 2. Adrian Peterson, Vikings; 3. Kevin Ware, Louisville guard who broke leg in NCAA Tournament ; 4. Jason Collins, NBA player who came out as gay; 5. Oscar Pistorius, "Blade Runner" charged with murder; 6. Lamar Odom, Kardashian-involved basketball player; 7. Incognito, Dolphins' accused bully; 8. Ray Lewis, Ravens champion; 9. Colin Kaepernick, 49ers; and 10. Lindsey Vonn, skiier and Tiger Woods' squeeze.

Top NFL searches: Players--Lewis, Peterson, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kaepernick. Team--Ravens, Seahawks, Dolphins, 49ers, Falcons. Top NBA searches: Players--LeBron, Jeremy Lin, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard. Teams--Heat, Pelicans, Warriors, Spurs, Rockets. Top MLB searches: Players--Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Cabrera, Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig, Derek Jeter. Teams--Red Sox, Pirates, Braves, Indians, Rays.     

DOLPHINS' PLAYOFFS CHANCES PUT AT 56 PERCENT, BUT...: That's the good news. Makenflplayoffs.com computers say Miami has a 56.39 percent likelihood to make the playoffs. The bad news? That still ranks seventh in the jockeying for six AFC spots. Colts, Broncos and Chiefs already have clinched, then it's Patriots 98.46%, Bengals 79.78, Ravens 63.21 -- after last night's win -- then Dolphins. Miami clinches by winning its last two games, but that eventually hardly is a slam dunk.

1aa1artzimGEORGE ZIMMERMAN, ARTIST: Multi-talented George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin to death, has an original painting (pictured) for sale on eBay, and it mortifies and saddens me to say the bidding is around $100,000.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY / WEEK 15: STAYING HOT ON PICKS, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE IN FANTASY: Cut to 1aa1fripixthe chase... NFL predix: I went 10-6 overall this past week and a buoyant 9-6-1 against the spread (with one game off the board when I picked it). Nailed the Dolphins' upset win. Also bull's-eyed my Upset of the Week with Steelers over Bengals. "Aaawwwk!" Fantasy: Greg's Lobos won big in our consolation-round playoffs, 157-81, fueled by Dez Bryant and the Seahawks defense. That 157 was more than anybody in our championship round scored. Which is what losers say, I know.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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winter olympics?..what's that?

no comment on asswipe G Zimmerman, the guy needs to just go away.

Cote, I have a personal favor to ask of you, can you please pick the Bills to win on sunday?


George Zimmerman is an abhorrent human being.

Russia is paradise compared to what it was 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. People there should ask the older generation what it used to be like.

Yes, thanks to Glasnost and Perestroika. Obama should try them.

I don't think people understand how bad life in Russia used to be. Big picture the place is like Monte Carlo compared to when it was Communist.


the winter olympics offer much better scenery than the drab summer games which are inside stadia or swimaria. ice, snow, mountains,... a much better watch to the eyes of the ole shadow.

yeah but there are no half naked women running around, everyone is to damn bundle up..

Sochi? We don't need no stinkin' Sochi!

Fins can clinch Sunday that would be sweet no stressing on the last game of the year. I could see that scenario happening Minnesota has been playing much better recently.

as long as we win..I'll be ok with that.

Fins can be eliminated Sunday with a loss, Baltimore and Cinci wins, and a San Diego loss. Just as likely, Bills already beat Miami, New England obviously isn't the same team without Gronk, and Minnesota has been falling apart.

Minnesota just scored 48 on Philly if that's falling apart then you must not be keeping it too real.

the Dolphins BETTER win on sunday, that's all I'm going to say about that.

The way Miami is playing a loss would be nothing short of very surprising.


we all should be a little worried about this game on account the bills beat us the first time around and they match up very well on defense against our offense.

Always worried but Miami is on a roll and seem to be a team on a mission right now.

looks like a preseason prediction of 10-6 is possible for the Fins to attain.

watched miami game on dvr late sunday... wow. 2 weeks in a WOW fashion.

Tom,,, still like Matt Ryan over Tannehill? I don't.

Really Jimbo? That's an interesting take given Tannehill hasn't done anything yet. Yes this is a down year for ATL and Matt Ryan. Mostly because of injuries to key players (e.g., Julios Jones). But even in this down year Matt Ryan has a higher QBR than Tannehill. But don't forget the recent past. ATLs overall record with Matt Ryan as the starting QB is 56-24 thru the end of last season (2008-2012). That's 56-24 with two 13-3's and an 11-5. Miami fans would die for those numbers. When Tannehill starts getting to those numbers I might reconsider. Until then I still believe Matt Ryan is a better QB than Tannehill. Bottom line when the Fish passed over Matt Ryan to draft of Jake Long that was a mistake that set the Fish back at least 5 years. And that would be true even if Jake Long were still a Dolphin.

Lets see here,Cote commenting on Lebron Check,Talking about Russian policy, Check,Talking about Homosexuals(Not that there's anything wrong with that) Check......
Only thing missing here is something about what he perceives as the greatest President ever Barack Obama.....
Hummmmmmm, Come on Cote...

President Obama is not expected to attend the Olympics
Ohhhh Snap, I forgot, he did get Barack in there.....
Carry on Cote...

This game...................


Bills 24 Phins 16........................
Been wrong every week, Lets continue the losing streak............

not quite, tom.
dolphin fans with a brain would take tanny over ryan.
your "ryan's rating is better" is statistically correct, but tanny is missing as many people due to injury and o line drama as ryan is, and it's only his 2nd year.
and he's still got more TD's than ryan, with the other categories ALMOST identical.
jury is still out on him, and he is still improving by the week.
jimbo is correct; i'd take a ryan tannehill in his 2nd year right now over matt ryan.

another great ireland pick, along with charles clay, lamar miller, olivier vernon, koa misi, dion sims, sam brenner, dion jordan, derrick shelby and rishard matthews.
ireland picks making plays all over the field.
we actually have the 13th ranked youngest team.
when gibson, binns, and keller come back next year, (how about THOSE injuries, naples?), the offense should be scary.

I think Ross is keeping the Ireland/Philbin quinela together for at least one more year, I'm ok with it now...

David..you are right, next years offense should be scary as long as we can fix our offensive line, I think we should try to bring back Brian McKinney ( hopefully he still has something left in the tank) and with Brenner emerging at LG and Pouncey at center we only would need to worry about replacing fat John Jerry and Clabo...easier than going out and replacing everyone but Pouncey.

Bills 86 -Dolphins 3 ...I'm following Anti's lead here...we need all the help we can get, I don't wanna jinx our good fortune.

Count me in the camp that would take Tannehill over Ryan, Ryan is very good but he's always had great talent around him while our guy hasn't ...U guys remember when I first mentioned him in Jan-2012 ?.. Boy I got blasted when I said he would go in the top ten in the draft but my NFL guy sure was right about him.

really david? well each to their own but I'll take a proven record over promise any day. No doubt Tannehill is promise. But Matt Ryan is a proven pro. His record speaks for itself. Tannehill may turn out to be the pro Matt Ryan is but I already know Matt Ryan is a pro....56 and 24. First two years, Matt Ryan 20-12. First two years, Ryan Tannehill 15-15 so far.

Hey FZB Jimbo has credibility because he's not a homer. He actually puts thought to his opinions. Always has. I know he recalls that I was on the draft Matt Ryan band wagon back in 2008. That's why he has asked me about Ryan v Tannehill a couple of times. In hindsight you would have to say I was right about Matt Ryan. He would have been a much better choice than Jake Long.

As for your credibility on the Ryan v Tannehill choice unfortunately you have none. And neither does david. You two are the biggest homers (along with BB) on the blog so what a shock (NOT) that you chose Tannehill.

So I have no credibility because I'm a "homer"?... All righty then.

And I do agree with you that it was a huge mistake drafting Long over Ryan, at least you are not blaming Ireland for that blunder anymore...like you used to.

FZB on matters dealing with the Fish you ALWAYS go one way. Where's the judgment in that? It's like left wing lunatics who insist Obama is a good president despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Is Ireland responsible for Jake Long? Well here is what Ireland said about Jake Long April 22, 2008 the day they signed him.

"Jake was our guy from the beginning," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "Jake Long was on the top of our board for a long time. There wasn't a whole lot of debate. We thought it was a very good fit with the Miami Dolphins."


Sorry FZB Ireland is in part responsible for every draft and trade after he came to Miami.

Buddy he had to say that, what do think would have happened if after they drafted Long he would have said " we drafted Long but I think it was a huge mistake drafting him since I think Ryan would have been a better pick"..

Common Tom, listen to every GM after the draft, everyone they draft was a steal and they were the player they wanted all along but I'm telling you behind the scene Parcells made the decision to go with Long because he was targeting Flacco in the second round, Ireland was against the pick all along.

And that my friend is the truth as it was told to me...

No he didn't FZB. He could have said "Long was the top guy on our board." PERIOD! The "there wasn't a lot of debate" was HIS comments and it says HE AGREED with the selection. I think I'll take Jeff at his own words unless he wants to come out now and say he wanted Matt Ryan and was overruled by the Tuna. Obviously, if your friend is to be believed he has said that to someone.

And I think your "friend" has been feeding you a load of shit regarding Flacco. Flacco immediately prior to the draft was the 2nd ranked QB on most boards. And to think in a league that is always desperate for QB talent that the 2nd rated QB would drop to the 2nd round is absurd.

Flacco is currently the 30th ranked passer in the NFL how the Ravens are 8-6 is anybody's guess.

Clabo and Jerry need to be replaced. Ireland needs to make this a priority.

EJ Manuel 28th. Geno Smith 35th out of a possible 35.

Clabo has played better since being benched and Jerry has been ok he's a decent backup.

Ireland's Causality List

Matt Ryan
Dez Bryant
Jake Long
Chad Henne
Phillip Merling
Kendall Langford
Shawn Murphy
Jalen Parmele
Donald Thomas
Lex Hilliard
Lionel Dotson
Vontae Davis
Pat White
Sean Smith
Patrick Turner
John Nalbone
Andrew Gardner
J.D. Folsom
A.J. Edds
Chris McCoy
Clyde Gates
Frank Kearse
Michael Egnew
Josh Kaddu
B.J. Cunningham
Kheeston Randall
Dallas Thomas
Caleb Sturgis
Reggie Bush
Jonathan Martin
Richie Incognito
Brandon Marshall
Peyton Manning
Jeff Fisher
Branden Albert

And counting...

Including free agents on the list is pointless. Dez is a joke.

Dez Bryant has three more touchdowns this year than Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline combined.

Take him he's a loser.

Yeah,but you aren't a loser at all sitting at your computer screen talking about him.You get dumber and more delusional every time I check in to this place.Idiot.

I'll take the 2200 yards combined from Hartline and Wallace and call it a day. I heard Dez on tv speaking about his latest leaving the field episode and he sounded illiterate. Not a team guy.

That George Zimmerman is one wacky neighbor...

I like Stabler overRa an Tannehill I really must say...

I'm terribly sorry. I must have suffered a cerebral hemmorage or something. Meant I like Stabler more than those fiesty fellows Ryan and Tannehill...

this dude Jim Gallo is a bit of a wacko..

Usually when you get a #1 pick in the NFL he should stick with your team for awhile...(unless he is a complete bust.)Then to let him go while your obvious weakness is a position he plays just compunds the idiocy...

By the way how is our 1st round pick doing this year ?? I think the kid that picks up the tee after the kickoffs has seen more field time....

I must have missed something....

did someone possibly say that they would take Talleywhacker or Matt Ryan over Ken Stabler ??!@#$$

Clearly dellusional ---- and must have been lobotomized thru obi-care....

Hey FZ,

Gallo is right on with his list & he missed a few....

Blind monkeys throwing darts at a wall in a dark room could probably be better at picking talent than this guy...


Let me get this straight, (according to your statement above about hartline & Wallace over bryant)
So you would rather take 2 NFL players than 1.....Well I would like 2 women in bed rather than 1 too....

This from Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. For you Naples.

The Patriots have won four straight division titles, and are on the verge of a fifth, not because of a dominant defense, or superior skill-position players, or better college scouting than their AFC East rivals.

It’s because of two reasons — they have a better coach, and a better quarterback, than everyone else.

The Dolphins made a statement in their 24-20 victory over the Patriots Sunday: “We’re coming for you.”

Now, we’d be foolish to say Joe Philbin is on par with Bill Belichick, or Ryan Tannehill is morphing into the next Tom Brady. But the pair, both in their second seasons with the Dolphins, stood toe to toe with the Patriots twice this season. They jumped to a 17-3 lead against the Patriots in Foxborough in Week 8 before wilting in the second half, and finally defeated the Patriots Sunday for the first time in four tries (and the first for Miami’s franchise since 2009).

It was the Dolphins who were more athletic on both sides of the football — Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Rishard Matthews carving up the Patriots’ secondary, and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe flying around the field, shutting down Shane Vereen. It was the Dolphins who disguised their blitzes, confused the Patriots’ offensive line, and frustrated Brady in the pocket.

And it was Tannehill completing 67 percent of his passes, and making big throw after big throw in crucial moments, like the 24-yarder to Matthews in the final minutes and the game-winning touchdown pass to Marcus Thigpen, displaying perfect touch and accuracy despite having a defender in his face.

Don’t argue the Patriots are a depleted team now, because so are the Dolphins. Their offensive line has been patched together ever since Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin disappeared. And their secondary played the final series without their top three cornerbacks — Brady was throwing against a rookie third-rounder (Will Davis), a safety who hadn’t played cornerback in three years (Jimmy Wilson), and a safety who was plucked off the 49ers’ practice squad last week (Michael Thomas).

The Patriots are still the class of the division and will likely be the champions again. But the Dolphins proved Sunday they’re closing the gap.


Who gives a crap about a Mass-a-chocha newspaper....
isn't even worthy of wrapping fish in....

Winter olympics ???

This is Miami.......Who cares about winter olympics...

Only winter olympic sport here is how much ice you put in your daqueri's!!!!

hola Orange, and how are your nursing duties going amigo?

the list that that wacko Gallo printed is totally incorrect, more than half of all those names were not picked by Ireland but Parcells, just take a looksie at his last three drafts not before, he went solo in 2011.

just for the heck of it, see Beli-Cheat's drafting record the last ten years, you've be surprised how bad it is.

BB, nice write up from Ben Volin, right on the money, Beli-Cheat is a great coach and he lucked out with a once in a lifetime talent in Brady, he didn't even find the guy, Pioli did but he gets the credit.

Obnoxious Bowl,

Boston isn't called the Hub for nothing. Volin used to write for the Palm Beach Post covered Miami for awhile for many years was very good too. Didn't expect you to notice anything like that however.

I think "Naranja" is a bit frustrated lately but he's ok.

A wider, less provincial view might be in order 4U,4Ever. I'm here blogging from Keychikan, Alaska, and kinda partial to the ice.

Hola FZ,

Hanging in there.......midway thru 5th week of 10 week "process"....Feel like a division 2 team going into halftime against FSU down 60-0 asking my coch "Do I really have to go out there again for anither half"!!

Nanook I have been to Ketchikan beautiful place Alaska is someplace everyone should visit if they get the chance.

I think Nanook is the Dukes-Ter in disguise, hola Duke!

Nah. Nanook not into Hendrix.

If its not Duke, then Nanook you should move....

Me likes me Athabaskan and the Inuit fiddlers.

Sarah Palin can see Russia from there.

EXCELLENT post by Jim Gallo really shows how horrid Jeff Ireland is as a GM.

excellent post by jim gallo?..oh boy.

Big Baby- I read that article on line in the globe. As usual when it comes to a globe writer, he forgets to mention the name Gronk, Wilfork, and Mayo being out of this game and wilfork, mayo being out of the first game. He mentions grimes and carroll in the later part of the game, but forgets to mention talib and dennard in and out of the whole game because of injurys.I give tannah credit for playing a good game,lets go a little easy on this guy being the next marino. This guy violin is a florida guy. The guy he replaced greg bedard, was smart enough to leave the globe after a short stay. They can't keep beat writers at that paper.

Sounds like Bedard got a better offer from SI both he and Volin were good covering some bad Miami teams.

Michael Thomas AFC Defensive player of the week I could listen to that guy talk all day.

Nanook ah no, not Nanook...

It's Thad Lewis time again hopefully with different results. EJ Manual ruled out with swelling of the knee. Stevie Johnson not playing either. Miami should win this one.

Should have known when you spelled Ketchikan incorrectly duke.


I believe Naook might just be BB I really must say...

Maybe Nanook is really Nanook.

Maybe tin foil really is Dweezil Zappa.


You can't spell Namoock without OC and Ketchikan correctly while on a tiny self-correcting app that willfully chooses to change what you write.

Broken hearts are for a**holes...


maybe Nanook is from the planet Hoth...

I might be movin' to Montana soon just to raise me up a crop of dental floss...

You can't spell Nanoock without OC, and Ketchikan correctly while on a tiny iPhone armed with self-determining app that guesses what you really wish to write.


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Sometimes there's nothing to say, I'm in one of those moments...


FZ then I recommend you not speak senor. That'll be $80.00...

I say can I play chaps?

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Ah Sir Paul, Thanks I just puked in my mouth...

Paul you make me ashamed to be a man...

Lol...I say someone forgot to take their med's today..I wonder who.

Look FZ, yeah I did't take my meds today. I knew it was wrong and I did it anyway...

Actually I slipped 'em to OC. You know just for s***s and giggles...

NBA talk...saw a good entertainment game tonight between the Pacers and the Heat with the Heat able to pull out the win in the end..That Pacers team is loaded this year.

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