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December 10, 2013

What bowl game interests you most? Poll. Vote; plus Brady on Dolphins, 2 sports-media notes, Heat-Pacers, Book of Mormon, SOPY Top 20 & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11. To the several e-mailers who are asking: I have bunch of back-loaded vacation days I need to use before end of year. That's why I have had fewer columns lately. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins win in snowy Pittsburgh, DSM poll, WQAM tops 790 & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

Two sports-media notes: One--Dolphins-Steelers game drew an 18.3 rating/39 share in Greater Miami market, about a 15 percent jump from what Dolphin games have been drawing locally. The bad news, the same game in Pittsburgh drew a 41.3 rating/66 share. Two--John Dimick has taken over as 790 and 104.3 The Ticket's interim program manager for the dismissed Tod Castleberry. Dimick is senior VP of programming operations for the parent Lincoln Financial Media Company.  

He's Lo-gone Morrison: Marlins deal 1B Logan Morrison to Mariners for reliever Carter Capps. The latter is 23, was a setup guy in Seattle who had 66 K's in 59 innings last season. Morrison was expendable, an underachiever due largely to injuries, although he did consistently lead the team in Tweets.

On Dolphins' playoff likelihood: I read the headline, 'Odds favor Dolphins making playoffs.' Um, no they don't, actually. The website I trust, makenflplayoffs.com, now has Baltimore at 55.54% for that No. 6 seed, and Miami at 37.45%.

THERE ARE 35 BOWL GAMES. THESE ONES MATTER: The college football bowl lineup is set. There are 35 bowl games. About a quarter of them have ridiculous names, such as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. 1aa1bowlsI am protesting that my six-win, bowl-eligible FAU Owls did not get an invitation. OK that's enough protesting. I have identified five games that actually matter, from a Miami perspective. They are: Hurricanes vs. Louisville, because it's UM's first bowl games since 2010, dammit. FSU-Auburn, because (duh) it's the national championship. Michigan State-Stanford, because it's the Rose Bowl and only other top-five matchup. Clemson-Ohio State, because it's the Orange Bowl in my backyard and we get to hear Urban Meyer pretend he's happy to be here. And UCF-Baylor, because it's the Central Florida Knights in a BCS bowl c'mon! The answer here may be obvious, or maybe not. What bowl game are you most looking forward to? Vote and say why.

BRADY ON DOLPHINS' DEFENSE: Patriots QB Tom Brady, today, on the Miami  defense he'll face Sunday: "They’re really good. I mean, they were really good [when we first played them], too. We didn’t do much offensively. We made a few plays there in the second half, but they’re a good defense at all levels. They really like their linebackers, they’ve got a really deep defensive line that can rush the quarterback, and they’ve got guys in the secondary they really like, the same safeties that have been there for like three years, and then [Brent] Grimes is playing great and Nolan Carroll’s been a great player for them. I mean, they’re a really solid defense. They’ve got a really good scheme. There are really no easy plays out there. They play well at home, and [it’s] always dog fights down there in Miami, so I think we’re expecting more of the same."

HEAT-PACERS: MIAMI LOSES GAME 1 OF 11-GAME EASTERN FINALS: Feels almost like that, doesn't it? Everybody in the East stinks except the Heat and Pacers, whose eventual NBA Eastern finals playoff 1aa1heatpacerscollision seems all but certain. Meantime there are four regular-season meetings to whet appetites and set the framework, starting with last night's 90-84 Heat loss at Indiana. Other season meetings are Dec. 18 here, March 26 at Indy and April 11 here. The general consensus is that the Pacers are better even though Heat is the two-time defending champ, and last night won't change those minds. Indiana is now 19-3 to Miami's 16-6; Indiana is No. 1 in ESPN's power rankings to Miami's No. 5. And neither team will admit today how much they wanted to win last night. The result was formulaic, with Roy Hibbert scoring 24 and Indiana outrebounding Miami 43-33. It would worry me if I thought Miami was counting on the (eventual) availability of Greg Oden as its secret weapon against Hibbert and the Pacers.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY / WEEK 14: UPSWING ON PICKS, HUMANE BULLET ON FANTASY: Let's get right 1aa1fripixto it... NFL predix: I went a solid 13-3 overall this past week and an encouraging 8-6-2 against the spread (two games were off the board when I picked them). Misfired on Miami, though. Had too much faith in Big Ben, too little in the Dolphins, or a losing combination. Fantasy: Greg's Lobos fell 142-118, though I thank Larry Fitzgerald for his 27 points. With the Lobos 2-12, our championship-round playoffs move on without me, of course. Anybody out there know of any team in any fantasy league with a record as bad as 2-12? I'm serious. That is epic awfulness.

SOPY FINAL 2013 RANKINGS: NOLES' WINSTON REIGNS: This was the second season of our blog-exclusive State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, a weekly updated list of the 1aa1sopy
1aa1jwinstonmost productive quarterbacks, running backs and receivers from the state's seven FBS college football teams: Miami, FSU and Florida, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. Florida State QB Jameis Winston (pictured) comfortably wins the 2013 state championship with 2,107 points. Canes QB Stephen Morris won the first 2012 crown with 1,900.5 points. Our simple formula awards a half-point for every passing yard and one point for every rushing or receiving yard, with six points for every TD scored or thrown. Standings are for 12-game regular seasons only and do not include conference championship games or bowls, so that all seven teams are on even footing. Here is the expanded final SOPY Top 20 for 2013: 

Rk   Player, Team-pos.                  SOPY Pts.

1     JAMEIS WINSTON, FSU-qb         2,107   Overall Champ / Top QB

2     Blakes Bortles, UCF-qb              1,981

3     Jacquez Johnson, FAU-qb          1,866

4     Stephen Morris, Miami-qb          1,560

5     Storm Johnson, UCF-rb              1,360   Top Running Back

6     Allen Hurns, Miami-rec               1,187   Top Receiver

7     Devonta Freeman, FSU-rb          1,165

8     Duke Johnson, Miami-rb             1,033

9     Rashad Greene, FSU-rec              977

10   Rannell Hall, UCF-rec                    918

11   Kelvin Benjamin, FSU-rec              910

12   Marcus Shaw, USF-rb                    898

13   Kenny Shaw, FSU-rec                    885

14   Breshad Perriman, UCF-rec           781

15   Karlos Williams, FSU-rb                 773

16   Dallas Crawford, Miami-rb             750

17   Andre Davis, USF-rec                   747

18   Tyler Murphy, Florida-qb              723

19   J.J. Worton, UCF-rec                    707

20   Stacy Coley, Miami-rec                 687

Note: FIU was only state FBS team without a player in final Top 20. Its leader, Lamarq Caldwell,-rb, finished 22nd with 642 points.

Cote's State of the State rankings: 1. FSU (13-0); 2. UCF (11-1); 3. Miami (9-3); 4. FAU (6-6); 5. Florida (4-8); 6. USF (2-10); 7. FIU (1-11).

1aa1bookmormonTHE BOOK OF MORMON: We saw The Book Of Mormon last night at Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the touring production of the controversial hit Broadway musical comedy. It's by the creators of South Park and lampoons religion, so the controversial part is pretty much guaranteed. I am not easily offended (the opposite), but suggest those who are stay away. Put it this way. One of the opening songs is called "F--- you, God." And there's a running gag referring to "maggots in my scrotum." Theater crowds skew older, and I got the feeling walking out that many left unamused. I liked the play but did not love it. I'd say I was disappointed based on very high expectations. The main storyline -- two young guys assigned to do their Mormon service in remote Uganda -- wore a bit thin for me. Glad I saw it to see what all the talk was about, but would not count this among the best theater I have seen. (Side note: Representatives of The Chucrh of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were handing out literature to arriving patrons, or attempting to).

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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BC versus Arizona Independence Bowl. Features the two best rb's in college football A. Williams versus K. Carey Dec 31 1230 ESPN.

Castro was telling him how well he treated his friends Beyonce & Jay-z....

Chip Kelly offense looking A OK Orange Bowl 4.

Brian Hartline likes cats? Or doesn't he?


BB, do you think that Hartline is a mulato or that he's been living in the hot sun of Miami too long?

I think he's just a bad ass white boy.

Like Gerry freaking Cooney.

Cooney? The glass jaw?

bad ass white boys aren't always perfect.

Greg your fantasy football team is 2-12 and you haven't been able pick any games right this season. Don't tell us where to go for playoff information please. Barry Jackson is likely a more trustworthy source at this point.

Raul and Obi shaking hands...why am I not surprised..fackin douche..Obi that is.

And my nominee for the ultimate bad ass white boy goes to the Zonk..no one tougher than him..

Dukito can verify what I'm saying...

My nominee goes to Ronnie Van Zandt.

FZ you are correct sir regarding Sir Zonk AYYYYYOOOOO!!!

Ed "McMahon" but who is counting On Great One. One two many martunis at breakfast...



Whoops oh forget it...

just goes to show u can rape someone and get award

or peep into a strangers bedroom looking for a lost puppy.

Who you calling a Barfly?

Micky you're one of my heros...


Ahhh Directors Cut Potter...


You guy's seemed surprised whn El Presidente Shaked hands with Raul, But you all have a short memory, Remember this??????


Look for Obama shaking hands with this guy sometime soon.............


mouning guys,

Anti...Obi and Chavez shaking hands?..I forgot about that one..

check this out guys, I was reading Barry Jackson's sports-buzz today and I strolled down to the comments section and guess who made a post?...

Jake Long and Mike Pouncey.

Not bad first round picks if you ask me, for picking linemen.

Just say what you really want to say FIRE IRELAND!! At least that makes more sense then trying to explain why he sucks and why he should get fired.

But I know you expect the 6th rounder Ireland drafted to be a pro bowler.

More than half the players that Ireland has drafted are still playing in the NFL. That is more than you can say about most GMs.

Posted by: Dashi | 12/11/2013 at 12:10 AM

yup...the dashi man, at least he's still around..hehe


Anti interesting pic. Raul looks a bit like a middle aged Jewish woman...

FZ can you bring back Potter and Kaz too...

Will you guys teach me how to keep women sexually satified? I'm tired of beating the bishop...

Whoops can I say beating the bishop on Cote's blog...

OC you have the most politically sound and lucid mind I've ever encountered. Thank you sir for being you...


These bowl games are mostly all yawners. Terrible matchups. Should have been Ohio State vs Alabama. Make the matchups intriguing and not boring.

Heat vs Pacers should be a great Eastern Conference Finals. That will be a war.

Holy cow, the death of Kazaam has been greatly exaggerated. Maybe his guppies died, research soured, so he came back.



Mr. Woodcock,

i voted for other, because of course i am voting for the rematch of the 92 freedom bowl- fresno mauling USC. even though theyhave played since- especially notable was reggie bush singlehandedly bringing USC back- i told my brother-in-law that fresno, with trent dilfer and lorenzo neal, was gonna beat our alma mater handily, which they did 24-7. rob johson and larry smith spelled doom for USC. larry smith was good at beating john cooper in big games (in arizona), but wasn't everybody?

You do know that I will be rooting for the Bulldogs huge, right, Shad?

Nothing would tell the world that you guys hired the right guy as allowing 60 to Fresno State at the Manure Bowl.

FAKE???? Whatever do you mean????


hold on now...a fake Potter and Kaz?..hhhmmm

say Pimple..finally your talking like an adult (not a ten year old)..you are correct sire, most of these bowl match-ups look boring as hell, probably the only games that I'll watch are the FSU/Auburn (go Auburn!) and the Canes/Cards..no real interst in any of the other one's.

both should be fun, hopefully our defense can keep them from scoring more than 45 on us..hehe

and no I don't think Kaz is back, that boy just vanished from the face of the earth, maybe he is in antartica...

Sometimes necessity makes for strange bedfellows. Oye, brother, don't you wonder about some of these Gringo sayings? Just sayin'. Any way, back to the story. As much as we dislike, (not hate like we hate the Gayturds, that idiot Kazaam never understood that.) the Noles, a victory by them over Auburn would be a shot in the arm for the ACC and every single school in the conference.

Haven't seen the spread but I think FSU crushes Auburn (sorry Tom). I think we're looking at a repeat of last years Alabama thrashing of Notre Dame.

duke glad you liked my Micky persona barfly and Angel Heart are solid movies.

you are right Woody, Cane fans don't really hate the Noles , nothing like our neighbor's from Gainsville but rooting for them?...I don't know if I can do it.

but yes the ACC would get a big time shot in the arm.

BB..FSU is favored by like 8 pts...I think.

Easy money give the points.

not that I am advocating gambling...

Nick Saban is reportedly headed to Texas OC ya hear that?

Saban going to Texas?...nothing would surprise me about that rat-bastard weasel..

but I wouldn't care one way or another.

Not so fast. Auburn runs a wish bone offense from the shot gun formation and they have run it down every single team that they play. They have also played much better competition than FSU. It's going to be a much closer game than what you think. The champ is always the champ until someone knocks them out, and the SEC is the unquestioned reigning champ in college football. The one thing that FSU has going for it is that the game will be played in Pasadena and not NO.

Sounds like it's a done deal. I don't really blame Nick for leaving Miami he picked the wrong QB and really had no choice. I really believe that if we had gotten Brees he might still be coaching the Dolphins. Guy is a great coach that was a real missed opportunity him leaving.

Woodcock Missouri dropped 50 on them FSU might score 100.

Nick Saban is re-negotiating his contract...did you hear that...

Yes BB. You can't turn on a local sports radio station and not here about the latest scuttlebutt. What they are reporting for certain is that Saban has purchased a house in Westlake, which is one of the premiere sections of Austin.

Yes that Chip Kelly offense looking good

...without Michael Vick just like I told you....

Hear. (I hate typing on these tiny iPhones).


Saying Saban is a good coach is like saying the USA is a good superpower....

When you have all the weapons known to man its pretty hard to be awful.....

See Phil Jackson.....

You never said anything about Vick just that the offense wasn't going to work.

Saban is a great coach who in their right mind denies that? Phil Jackson is also a great coach a master motivator he had great players but he received maximum value on the talent he had because of his coaching abilities. Saban was also a very good assistant NFL coach ask the greatest coach of all time Bill Belichick (wow it hurts to say that) how he feels about Nick Saban and his coaching abilities.



I know your not to bright, but at least I thought you could read...

not to change the subject but have you guys seen the mess going on in Washington with the love triangle between the coach/owner and RG-III?

and I thought we had some problems.

BB..Saban would have left even if he had found a QB at Miami, he is a dictator, his method's would have never been well received by grown men in the NFL, he belongs in college not in the pro's.

as much as I rag on the guy, he is a great coach, one of the best ever.

BB, the asterisk these reporters place on the home purchase asserts that enough realtors have come forth to assure that Saban in fact bought property. That whether he bought the property for his personal use or for that of a member of his family remains uncertain.

oye Naranja..welcome back meng.

OC...you have a type writer on your phone?..wow, what would they think of next.

Coaching is a dictatorship at most levels not buying that.

The damn thing wants to autocorrect every freaking word!

Easy to be a so-called "great coach" when you have head & shoulders more talent than the other guy....

Once again the USA is a great superpower when it beats up on Iraq & Afhganistan....

If he was so great a coach why couldnt he hack it in the NFL??? .....

Wait a minute now that I really think about it...


to quote him directly "I will not be the next Alabama coach" - pay no attention to the mayflower truck behind me...

If you are a GREAT COACH - then you should be able to coach great at ANY LEVEL....

Jimmy Johnson won in the pros & won in college.....Whats Satans excuse....

Coaches are mercenaries and this is news OB? Stop feeling butt hurt saban would have been a fine NFL coach if he had stayed instead he bolted cuz of dumbtee.

Sounds like Saban would make for a good medical overhaul architect.

Gracias FZ....only here for a little bit though....

Wife had a "Traumatic fracture of the Tibial Plateau"
6 screws a plate and a 10" scar next to her knee....no weight bearing for 10 weeks....

So now I am nurse/cook/cleaner...basically Juanita the Cuban Maid

I do get my 1 hour break though !!


Thats like saying Saban could have been a great proctologist if only he kept his finger in peoples butts.....

That guy, Ezequiel Emanuel makes Jon Lovitz's pathological liar character in Saturday Night Live look like George Washington and his inability to tell one. Yeah, that's the ticket!

and now here's this report..on the Longhorn's job.


Oye Naranja..excuse me Juanita the Cuban maid, the worst part is you're doing this out of true love and you're not getting paid a dime..hehe

BB, did Gronk play the last time we played NE?

and check this out...so this guy was filming guys "urinating" in the bathroom..hehe


can you say homo?...not that there is anything wrong with it..

F & A - FZ..... I have found out the hard way love is a four letter word....

BB, Rourke's The Pope of Greenwich Village was great flick too...

2 catches 27 yards no TD's woodcock they had a good game plan for Gronk that day.

Woody, don't forget to start Gronk against the Dolphins this week..

you guys think the Longhorn fans have a hard on for Saban?


All signs pointing to Saban leaving Bama despite what OB wants to believe.

Sabans wife last week came out dissing the Bama fans and saying they were spoiled or something if I remember last week. Never a good sign she's right and she's taking her husband to Texas darn it.


I am making a citizens aRREST.

No way Nick Saban is going to Texas.

woodcock- I think the dolphins game was gronks first game back.

Patriots preparing for your favorite player shadow now that Bess is gone of course. This guy looks like a keeper.

FOXBOROUGH -- Dolphins tight end Charles Clay has just one 100-yard receiving game this season, but he's averaging six catches per contest over the past month, and scored three touchdowns in that span.

Picked in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Clay is quickly developing a solid working relationship with second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and is explosive enough to get the full attention of the Patriots' defense.

"He can block in the running game, he definitely presents challenges in the passing game, as well. He can line up in multiple positions, he has speed, he has size, he’s very athletic, has good hands," safety Steve Gregory said. "He’s a guy we’ll definitely have to be aware of, he’s a guy who can make plays for them, he’s kind of been a go-to guy for them coming down the stretch."

Clay caught seven passes in each of Miami's last two games, for 80 yards against the Jets, and 97 yards (plus two touchdowns) in last week's win at Pittsburgh.

As impressive as his pass-catching numbers have been, Clay's work on the Dolphins' run game has stood out to Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"Probably the one thing that’s impressed me the most about Clay – we know he has a lot of playmaking ability, he’s fast, he’s very good with the ball in his hands after the catch – I’d say the thing that’s impressed me the most about him is his blocking. He really competes hard as a blocker," Belichick said. "He’s been matched up against defensive ends numerous times in the running game, guys like Charles Johnson from Carolina and guys like that, and he blocks them. He competes well with them. He’s definitely not afraid to stick his nose in there and be tough and competitive.

"I think he’s really a lot more than a receiving tight end. He’s a guy that’s a playmaker that helps them in the running game too."

Second game Naples he played against the Jets the week before.

I would love to see around 150 rushing yds from the Fins on sunday...yeah I know is probably wishful thinking but I would love to see it...

And I would also love to see about 4-5 sacks on pretty boy Brady...now I know THAT's wishful thinking but hey why not, right?


"free aaron hernandez" (remeber him)? well, they don't shlep you before a grand jury unless there is some probable cause. start looking for a new center.

Mr. Woodcock,

i was rooting for the bulldogs, fresno division, iin the freedom bowl and don't care if SC loses again. they don' have much up there but raisins, so a win in a bowl game against USC would make it a very nice season; didn't fresno lose just once this season?

OMG the AJC is reporting Nick Saban has signed with Texas.


Mr. Woodcock,

a 1 point OT win against rutgers, then beating cal-poly (i imagine pomona divison) and losing at san jose 62-52; maybe the worst one loss team in history!! they do have an offense and will probably outscore the trojans in a wild game. saturday at 3:30 means i won't see it-good.

Tom...if it was me I would personally choose The country of Editeria over Kenya..just saying.

And who can blame Saban, chit a bizilion dollars is a lot of dinero...know what I mean?

shadow right on serious business for Pouncey. You have to think that he knew a lot of the dirty dealings Hernandez was involved in and they want details. Hopefully it doesn't affect Pouncey but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if he was charged with something weapons related. Really hope not.

FZ I don't blame Saban for taking the kajillion dollars. I just feel better when he's not around...

Tom Brady always has a healthy respect for Miami D going back to the Zach Thomas and JT days those guys used to give him fits but the rivalry hasn't been that close lately time to change that.

That Book Of Mormon play sounds totally offensive and in poor taste. not surprised you attended that piece of garbage Greg you are usually offensive and in poor taste most of the time yourself.

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