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December 28, 2013

Canesfan Satisfaction Meter / season final: 16.1%; plus UM loses bowl to Louisville 36-9, buried by Bridgewater

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Click on Drama Not Done for my column from Orlando off Saturday's Canes-Louisville game. And find in-game commentary directly below the poll. 

CANESFAN SATISFACTION METER: BOWL/FINAL: Results are in on the latest and 2013 final Canesfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 16.1 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Saturday's 36-9 loss to Louisville in 1aa1csmthe Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, putting Mami's final season record at 9-4. This was the fifth year for these polls in our blog, and thanks to the thousands of fans who participated. These polls are your invitation after every Hurricanes game to vote on your overall satisfaction with the team and season in a continuing weekly gauge of how UM football fans are feeling. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest you consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, program's direction, and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Because this was the final poll, I asked that you please give added weight to the season as a whole. (Not quite sure you did, honestly. I know it's tough to not give disproportionate weight to what just happened). Results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9:15 a.m. today/Monday.

2013 Canesfan Satisfaction Meter

G1: 82.9% (19.9-very, 63.0-somewhat) following 34-6 victory vs. FAU.

G2: 96.7% (71.2-v, 25.5-s) following 21-16 victory vs. Florida.

G3: 95.7% (77.2-v, 18.5-s) following 77-7 victory vs. Savannah State.

G4: 97.6% (67.9-v, 29.7-s) following 49-21 victory at South Florida.

G5: 95.8% (60.4-v, 35.4-s) following 45-30 victory vs. Georgia Tech.

G6: 82.3% (41.8-v, 40.5-s) following 27-23 victory at North Carolina.

G7: 68.4% (31.2-v, 37.2-s) following 24-21 victory vs. Wake Forest.

G8: 65.7% (28.5-v, 37.2-s) following 41-14 loss at Florida State.

G9: 15.1% (4.7-v, 10.4-s) following 42-24 loss vs. Virginia Tech.

G10: 5.7% (2.5-v, 3.2-s) following 48-30 loss at Duke.

G11: 51.1% (6.2-v, 44.9-s) following 45-26 victory vs. Virginia.

G12: 78.0% (21.9-v, 56.1-s) following 41-31 victory at Pitt.

G13: 16.1% (2.7-v, 13.4-s) following 36-9 loss vs. Louisville.

Final season results:

2013: 16.1% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)

2012: 80.9% overall satisfaction (following 7-5 season)

2011: 22.1% overall satisfaction (following 6-6 season)

2010: 4.2% overall satisfaction (following 7-6 season)

2009: 41.7% overall satisfaction (following 9-4 season)

BOWL: HURRICANES VS. LOUISVILLE IN ORLANDO: LET ME COUNT THE SUBPLOTS: Final: What can you say? Teddy Bridgewater passed for 447 yards and three TDs, ran for another, and left Miami helpless all night. Now UM fans must decide if they saw an overall positive season this year, or if all theyh can see is the way it ended. My column from Orlando is now online (link above). ..... 4Q: Louisville misses late FG try. Miami still in it! (Sorry). ... Score now 36-9 after Gus Edwards' 2-yard TD run. ... Teddy's 1-yard scoring run on 4th down makes score 36-2. Felt like running up the score. Teddy leaves field mocking UM by making "The U" gesture with his hands, and turning that into a slit-throat gesture. Sad. ..... 3Q: It's now a 29-2 rout on Teddy's 3rd TD throw, this one 24 yards to Senorise Perry, abetted by abysmal non-tackling by UM. ..... Half: Distilling the why on a 22-2 Canes hole at halftime, I would mostly say this: Teddy is 19-for-26 for 231 yards and two TDs for Louisville, and Morris is 6-for-14 for 71 yards and a lost fumble for The U. Teddy is being Teddy, and the Canes offense is being awful. ..... 2Q: Teddy to Michaelee Harris for 13-yard scoring play and 22-2 Louisville lead (the kick was missed) 30 seconds before halftime. ... Canes finally show a spark with Clive Walford's 28-yard catch for a first and goal, but Morris loses fumble when hit in pocket. Awful turnover, terribly timed. ... Miami now 0-for-6 on 3rd downs. Offense sucks at this point. ... L-Ville up 16-2 after Teddy's 26-yard TD pass to DeVante Parker in end zone. He's like Pele' now. No surname needed. Just "Teddy." ... Miami now 0-for-5 on 3rd downs and O-line getting dominated. This will turn lopsided fast if UM offense doesn't find a way. ... Cards add a 42-yard FG for 9-2 lead. Canes defense hanging on, but offense must do something now. Feels like a game that could get out of hand unless Stephen Morris & Company make a stand, pronto. ..... 1Q: Miami defense holding its own vs. Bridgewater in first Q but offense has only 30 net yards on 15 plays. ... Cards add three-run homer I mean 43-yard FG for a 6-3 lead late in quarter. ... Canes didn't make it, but like the go-for-it- call on 4th-and-1 from own 45, even though it set LV up for that FG drive. ... Louisville up by the baseball score of 3-2 with a 36-yard FG. I'd have an "action in both bullpens" line here if it were later in the game. ... Canes 2-0 on safety when Deon Bush sacks Bridgewater in the e-zone. ... "Teddy" chants for Bridgewater. Still think more UM fans here, but Louisville fans seem louder. ..... Pregame post: Visual guesstimate based on orange vs. red in the stands is that UM fans will be in the majority. ... Miami in white uniforms tonight, Louisville in its blood-red duds. ... I'd forgotten what a dump the Florida Citrus Bowl is. The Orange Bowl in its last days was the Taj Mahal compared to this place. ..... Original post: I won't lie and say that being up in Mousetown to columnize off tonight's Russell Athletic Bowl ranks among career highlights, but 1aa1canesbowl13it's a bowl game that means something to the Miami Hurricanes, and so I'm on the trip and happy to be. Louisville (18th-ranked, 11-1) is a 3.5-point favorite over UM (9-3), and with reason. I give the Canes a big upset shot but love the matchup for the subplots. If you don't think this game is huge for Miami, let's count those subplots: UM is in its first bowl since 2010, after the scourge of an NCAA probe and two years of self-imposed bans. Miami last won a bowl game in 2006. A win gives UM its first double-digit-win season, a benchmark, since 2003. The opposing QB, Teddy Bridgewater, is a Miami kid who committed to the Canes but changed his mind when Randy Shannon was fired -- essentially turning his back on Al Golden and the restart. (Bridgewater and UM counterpart Stephen Morris are pictured). A win makes Miami ranked in the final post-bowl polls. Louisville is switching to the ACC so this is the first shot in a budding conference rivalry. And Louisville recruits South Florida heavily so this result carries weight there, too. That enough to chew on? It should be. I see an upset -- if UM can get pressure on Bridgewater, a large if. This bowl game is a letdown for Louisville, which dearly wanted the BCS bid that went to Central Florida. For Miami it's bigger, a deserved reward after all the program has been through. I think the Canes will want this more, and I think that matters in bowls without otherwise obvious stakes. My pick: Upset! Hurricanes, 31-27.


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I would surely like to see Miami win this and also think that they are capable of doing it. It all depends how well the defense holds up. If Louisville scores a bunch and gets a huge amount of yardage, hopefully it will be the last game for D'Onfrio (sp).

If Golden does not get a new DC next season, he will lose a large amount of support and respect around here. There comes a time to separate business from friendship.

This Miami vs Louisville game needs to be over in order for all ACC fans can start rooting for FSU to beat Auburn. The NC is on the line!

BTW - I can see the final score for this game already! Miami 19 Louisville 54

Let the season be over, Coach No D gets fired, and a restart for next year.

Miami Herald

by Manny Navarro

Who owns the edge? Miami vs. Louisville in Russell Athletic Bowl?


Edge: Louisville


Edge: Even. (The Cardinals have allowed the fewest passing touchdowns in the country (eight) and rank eighth in passing yards allowed (171.7).)


Edge: Louisville


Edge: Louisville


Edge: Even


Edge: Louisville.

PREDICTION: Louisville 38, Miami 27

Palm Beach Post

Who has the edge in Miami-Louisville Russell Athletic Bowl?

by Matt Porter

ORLANDO — Taking a look at Saturday’s Russell Athletic Bowl at the Citrus Bowl.

* * *

Miami (9-3) vs. Louisville (11-1)

Kickoff: 6:45 p.m.




Edge: Louisville


Edge: Louisville


Edge: Louisville


Edge: Louisville


Louisville, 35-21.


I thought U had so much talent and were picked to win the lowly acc coastal. How are U not better than a Louisville team in ANY phase of the game in year three of Golden? What will year 4 look like when U lose so many key players? Guess U'll look young and inexperienced all over again.

I'll tell U why ... Because U are a bunch of delusional, homer and in complete denial Looosers. Unranked, never a Conference 'Ship game, Bowl Looosers, no 10 win seasons, and we'll be back next year green n orange kool-aide drinks delusional dolts. And Navarro, Porter and the rest of the College Football knowing world are just Haters riiiet ?


Louisville 44 - Miami 26

Hey Greg - UM may get the upset, but it won't be because UM wants it more. There are a ton of S. Fla. kids on Louisville who are dying to beat the Canes. If L'ville wasn't playing UM, your thought that L'ville may not be too excited could be valid. Against UM, that is not the case.

Who owns the edge? Miami vs. Louisville in Russell Athletic Bowl according to DelUsional Cane Fan ?








Edge: EVEN


Edge : MIAMI


Edge : MIAMI


MIAMI 55-2

Get a life faggot.

all right Cane fans, this is finally the last game from the chitty players from the Shannon era, good riddance..

Golden is bringing in a great class and will continue to do it for yrs to come, its going to take a couple of more yrs but we are on the way back..

go Canes !!!

ps- say pimple, let me be the first one to respond to your next post...fack U.

u are what you are?
yeah, an Fing idiot who can't stand the fact that UM is the most successful program in history..

The Hurricanes suck!!!!!!

Yeah dah u is headed in the right direction for the past 10 years. Straight in the ground.

What a pathetic performance in their biggest bowl game in over 10 years. Ugly.

U better hope golden bolts to penn state and take that sorry temple coaching With him.

Is it time for UM to decide if they REALLY want a football program?

Am not sure this school wants one anymore. Just a terrible showing.

what an embarrestment.disgusting..i thought the dolphins 10-0 loss to the bills in there biggest game in years was bad.wtf was this?how bad and unprepared could the canes play?please al golden go to penn state!!!!

Georgia Southern 26 Florida Gaytors 20

I don't believe in Golden or Coley at all and we already knew D'Onofrio was useless. What a crap program we've become

It is embarrassing not to play well in a bowl game. Miami should be embarrassed. But what is even more embarrassing and humiliating is going 4-8 and losing to the likes of Vanderbilt and Georgia Southern, a FCS (Division II) school. Miami is embarrassed. The Florida Gators were humiliated.

The Canes have hope with the NCAA investigation no longer hanging over their heads. The Gators have no hope as long as I'm the coach. I accomplish less with more talent than any coach in the country. Two top 5 recruiting classes the last two years and what did we get? 4-8, no bowl and losses to Vandy and Georgia Southern. Well I guarantee we'll never lose to Georgia Southern again. We removed them from our schedule for the same reason we removed the Canes.....FEAR!

Does the UM want a football program any more? What I saw tonight was unacceptable! If this is what it's come to just shut it down. I'm 56 years old and followed the Canes from their humble beginnings to the glory years. Nothing last forever but as a supporter you want to see some improvement every year. I believe Al Golden is on the right track. It's not gonna happen overight Cane fans

UM just quit. There is no excuse for a total lay down like this. I hate to admit it as I have been cautiously optimistic about Miami, but now I have absolutely no faith in the entire coaching staff. We were dominated on both sides of the ball all night and Golden looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights on the sideline. Pathetic.

Can we trade Coley for Pruitt?

Cote, do you think you could lose the stupid poll.

I hope that this did not cause Penn State to drop Golden like a hot potato as a candidate for their head coaching position.

Let's hope that changes are made on this UM staff, whether they involve Golden or not, the Canes need to be Bigger, Stronger and more fundamentally sound. They have recruited several 4-star level athletes who look average (at best)out there. Funny, Louisville and UM have many similarities and these kids played hard for Charley Strong! I would rather see wholesale staff changes than to EVER see Mark D'Onofrio on the UM sideline again...this guy cannot coach...period.

Thank you, Canes for another gutless, heartless performance and a waste of all fans" time for an entire decade. And thank you again to Donna Shalala for absolutely destroying the greatest college football team of the modern era.

The car saleman Golden has been revealed as a con artist of a football coach....... I inform my cane brothers and sisters that this guy was a joke.... Now please can someone tell this guy is really a better than Randy Shannon? Yes he's better at public relations lmao......

Hey Greg Cote, you are on target except for one thing. Even had UM won this game, the hype of a "10 win" season would be false. The schedule is embarrassingly inflated with meaningless wins against Savannah, FAU, S.Florida, Wake Forest...

i am so sick of al golden saying its all my fault i got to get it fixed, please al give me a break.

if you want to fix it you know what you got to do, stop blaming every thing on yourself you cant coach the entire football team stop being so lame.

Classic Hurricants gag job. Glad I turned it off at the end of the first quarter and didn't waste yet another Saturday night. Predictable, pathetic and embarrassing. Morris went out like I knew he would. Say goodbye to your NFL career. Al, please feel free to take the PSU gig and take your DC with you.

P.S. Seriously sucks to be a Canes fan. This program is a disaster. I'm so sick of being a Miami apologist. On and off the field, they continue to be the laughing stock of D1 college football. A total embarrassment for the last 10 years. Thank you DS.

Coach Golden, After three years you absolutely be critique on your coaching job. About a month to prepare and look this horrible is embarrassing. If you have one year left on your contract now make sure your staff, including your best friend the DC have to perform. Top 10 recruiting classes are great but coaches need to teach to reach the next level. Randy Shannon lived and died with Jackory Harris and Coach Al Golden did the same with Stephen Morris but he could of used Ryan Williams. Let's see what he can do with this incoming year.

went to the game last night had high hopes but quickly faded, I was so totally embarrassed to walk by cardinal fans after the game co'man the team surely quit in second qt. I say give Golden one more year to turn this around. P.s. We need some thugs on this sissy team

The fact that Philibin and Ireland should feel safe win or lose is part of the dysfunction of this team. Yes RT looks like he is growing into a good QB but what about the rest. This years entire draft has been a bust or at a minimum non-factor. Jordon was the 3rd pick that you traded up for and he seems lost because he doesn't have a position. Will Davis, Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Dion Simms either played sparingly or not at all in the case of Thomas. Last years draft seems just as bad, there's RT, Rishard Matthews and who else. Egnew has been a non-factor, Miller couldn't distance himself from Daniel Thomas and then there OV who has outplayed them all.

Sherman and Philibin preached pace and speed when they first arrived. Has anyone seen that offense? Defense has become a leaky sieve as Soliai and Starks have played not to get hurt and Jared Odrick is clearly becoming another of first round busts and Wheeler has done nothing close to approach that salary. Yes Ireland hit with Grimes but what are the odds he can sign him to a long term deal?

Sadly I really believe they should be a playoff team but after the clunker in Buffalo and the fact that it's the Jets in the way I really think this season ends today. And then the second guessing can begin about loses to Buffalo and a back up QB, winless Tampa and very winnable games against Carolina and Baltimore.

One word.....Unacceptable!

This is now and finally as of today,Golden's team and his total responsibility.(1) Too many critics discount the lack of talent. Question.....how many upperclassmen would start on any other ACC team? Answer maybe two! (2) Dealing with the NCAA and the negative recruiting is not being taken in account and in all honesty it should be. (3) I have never heard Golden say, even when the U was 7-0 that the U was where he wants them to be. (4) Mark "mother," May I and Lou Holtz can go to HELL! (5) Golden has said on many occasions, that Miami is where he wants to be, his family and even extended family have moved to South Florida, that Miami is a destination type job, he is not finished here by any means and intends to completely right the ship And no where have I ever heard or seen written that Golden "covets," the Penn State job, May must have been thinking of Schiano when he made that ignorant remark!(7)Apology not accepted,Mr Bridgewater! The whole Louisville team including Strong showed their ass last night, sour grapes? maybe, but it is what it is....but I know what I saw.

As painful as it is today to be in this spot as a fan, I stand with Al Golden every bit as much or more than I did with Phil!

Very hard game to watch, especially after a month of preparation. That said, with a top 5 recruiting class coming in and no clouds overhead I look for a different team from this point forward

I know several long time donors and season ticket holders who are seriously thinking of not renewing their season tickets or donating to this program any longer, if changes are not made.

Next years schedule only has 1 home game (FSU) that might sell out. UM will be hard pressed to make enough money to fund the Athletic Department, especially if long time donors bail on the program.

Well recruits of 2014, 2015 and beyond:

We need you;
please come for a visit;
stay a while.

To the 2013 team, always remember:
you guys were here when it all started over.
Thanks for coming;
thanks for playing.
Thanks for putting up with us - the fans, the bloggers.

And special thanks for beating Florida in the last Florida - Miami game ever. For that, you will never be forgotten!

Top recruiting class coming in. I've heard that one before. Hahahahaha

Now I see why to need that soft schedule so all Ur scrUbs can inflate heir stats and team record. Louisville took you to school. Put a clinic on your a$$. Ur close. Next year is Ur year. Once all these 3 star recruits step on campus u will be set. What a joke. Penn state wouldn't even take golden, watch. I bet temple wouldn't even take golden. Sorry record in one of the weakest conferences and schedules. Ur on the right track. Ur on track for another decade of sorry a$$ football. No hope. None. I don't think nick Saban could come in and clean up this mess. Charlie strong recruits Miami better than any canes coach. Ur a joke. Just give up on them until a real coach can come in. Shalala has bigger nuts than golden. Enjoy Ur sorry a$$ team!

Lahville took u to school as well as duke!!!! Too bad ur schedule was crap or u would be looking at a losing record.


U sUck

U will never be back

Golden for a long term extension

CrUshed by Louis-freakin-ville

Sorry team


I think the U should have gone with 3 straight years of self-imposed bowl bans.

just a little reminder that the U STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!

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