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December 22, 2013

Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 13.4%; plus Miami falls at Buffalo 19-0, hopes take hit; updated playoff picture here

1) It is MONDAY, DECEMBER 23. Click on Random Evidence for our latest Sunday notes-column package, leading with the good-old-days feel of the Dolphins and Canes both being relevant in December again. 2) To the e-mailers asking: I have bunch of back-loaded vacation days I need to use before end of year. That's why I have had fewer columns lately. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): NFL Week 16 predictions, Heat's statement, Duck Dynasty fracas, Free the Nipple movement & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

"What do you get Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for a wedding gift? Home Depot gift card? Fondue pot?" --Greg Cote

UPDATED DOLPHINS PLAYOFF PICTURE: Miami must win next week AND hope at least one of two things happens: 1) Ravens lose at Bengals, OR 2) Chargers win vs. Chiefs. (Game blog below poll).

DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: G15: Results are in on the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter postgame poll, and they show 13.4 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 19-0 loss at Buffalo putting the Dolphins' season record 1aadsmat 8-7. That is the lowest approval rating since Game 11. The DSM, in its sixth season, is a continuous weekly gauge of how fans are feeling about the Dolphins and their direction. Right after each game I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, season as a whole, direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. Polls never close, but results are certified official the morning after one full day of voting. In this case that will be around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

2013 DSM Results

G1: 86.5% (20.3-v, 66.2-s) following 23-10 victory at Cleveland.

G2: 98.8% (71.9-v, 26.9-s) following 24-20 victory at Indianapolis.

G3: 99.0% (78.2-v, 20.8-s) following 27-23 victory vs. Atlanta.

G4: 58.2% (18.8-v, 39.4-s) following 38-17 loss at New Orleans.

G5: 33.5% (4.3-v, 29.2-s) following 26-23 loss vs. Baltimore.

G6: 6.5% (3.8-v, 2.7-s) following 23-21 loss to Buffalo.

G7: 4.7% (3.0-v, 1.7-s) following 27-17 loss at New England.

G8: 50.3% (8.2-v, 42.1-s) following 22-20 OT victory vs. Cincinnati.

G9: 4.7% (3.6-v, 1.1-s) following 22-19 loss at Tampa Bay.

G10: 42.4% (7.2-v, 35.2-s) following 20-16 victory vs. San Diego.

G11: 7.8% (4.0-v, 3.8-s) following 20-16 loss vs. Carolina.

G12: 61.9% (12.3-v, 49.6-s) following 23-3 victory at N.Y. Jets.

G13: 84.9% (28.3-v, 56.6-s) following 34-28 victory at Pittsburgh.

G14: 96.3% (65.-v, 31.0-s) following 24-20 victory vs. New England.

G15: 13.4% (4.3-v, 9.1-s) following 19-0 loss at Buffalo.

Next poll: Dec. 29 following game vs. N.Y. Jets

G15: DOLPHINS @ BUFFALO: PLAYOFFS ARE SO CLOSE MIAMI CAN TOUCH 'EM: Final: The Dolphins' worst performance of the season came at the worst possible time, a 19-0 loss at Buffalo seriously damaging Miami's playoff hopes. Tannehill had a nightmare, going 10-for-27 for 82 yards. The running game was all but non-existent. And the defense wasn't very good, either, gouged for more than 200 yards rushing. The playoff picture now? MIA no longer is in charge. Dolphins would be eliminated later today if Ravens win and if Chargers lose. Barring that, Miami would need as win next week and help -- a Ravens loss -- to advance. ..... 4Q: Moore throws second INT. ... Miami finishing game with Moore over Tannehill as precaution. ... Buffs up 19-0 now, late. Done. Awful, ill-timed loss by Dolphins. ... Tannehill back in game after missing a few plays. ... Moore intercepted one play after 49-yard completion to Hartline. ... Tannehill leaves field limping after a sack. Matt Moore in. ... Bison add 21-yard FG for 13-0 lead. Miami's non-existent offense will wake up now, and in a major way, or Dolphins' playoff hopes will take a major hit. ..... 3Q: Nightmare for Hartline. Seven times targeted, 0 catches, two drops -- at least. ... Bills' WR Woods ejected from game for throwing a punch. Miami needs Bills defenders to be ejected the way things are going. ... Terrible offense continues for Miami. It's now eight punts, five sacks allowed. ..... Half: Awful first half for Miami's offense, with 57 net yards, negligible rushing (9 carries, 9 yards) and seven punts. Is Miami fighting for a playoff spot or what? WAKE UP, MIAMI! ..... 2Q: Tannehill takes huge 3rd-down sack on blitz, wasting the Carroll INT. ... Nolan Carroll picks off Thad Lewis. Finally something good happens for Dolphins! ... Another sack allowed, another punt for Dolphins. ... MIA in 10-0 hole after 9-yard Fred Jackson scoring run. A little offense, please? ..... 1Q: Miami in first quarter: Four possessions, 15 net yards, four punts. Awful. ... Sure-handed Brian Hartline with a big miss. ... Rookie Bills WR Robert Woods torches Nolan Carroll for 57-yard pass play; Bills settle for 45-yard FG and 3-0 lead. Joe Philbin lost his first red-flag challenge in series; he's now 6-for-7. ... Two series, two sacks allowed for MIA. Not good. ... Dolphins punt on first series because of sack a bad sign. ..... Original post: Alarming! Alarming? Fire alarm at Dolphins' team hotel in Buffalo went off at 3:30 this morning. Sounds like shenanigans! OK back to football. The Dolphins' recent snowy win in Pittsburgh makes today's frigid, maybe sleety elements in Buffalo seem somewhat less scary, but make no mistake: Winning in upstate New York in December always has been a chore for Miami. Two 1aa1dol15 1aa1dolbuff13other factors give me an uneasy feeling about an upset by the Bills this afternoon. One is that the Bison have an NFL-leading sack attack that, combined with the weather, I think could make it a rough day for Ryan Tannehill. The other factor is just a gut feeling that Miami -- after three straight emotional wins over the hated Jets, at Pittsburgh, and over nemesis New England -- could be simply due a letdown/stumble. Having said all that, Dolphins catch a big break with Buffs starting QB E.J. Manuel and top receiver Stevie Johnson both out. Miami also should enjoy the incentive edge, fighting for that No. 6 AFC playoff seed while all Buffalo is fighting for (as usual) is its draft position. Miami can clinch a playoff spot today if it wins and if the Ravens and Bengals also lose. In any case, Miami is in if it wins today and next week vs. the Stinkin' Jets. So Miami's first playoff berth since 2008 is thisclose ... meaning the failure to get it will be that much more painful. I like Miami's chances of not failing, even as today's playdate makes me nervous. My pick: Dolphins, 23-20.

Click back. Will be updating/adding to this latest blogpost...


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chit, the Dolphins have played a bunch of games this season and they have all been pretty closed, I would love to see a blow out today by our guys but I think is going to be a close game when you consider the possible bad weather conditions.

Dolphins 27- Bills 22..

brothers in arms !!!

and on another totally unrelated subject. it seems that people are now beginning to realize what an asswipe Obi really is and are a bit disappointed hehe, too fackin late I say.


Expect the Phins to win today but within only a TD.That s because the weather conditions are ridiculous again.I m still on my rant about the NFL ensuring closed stadiums during poor weather time.Fair to both teams and much more fair to fans to be able to watch good playing,talent win the game that day - on legitimate merit.Game should not be decided by a slip or drop or fumble because of ice.How normal is slipping on an icy field in determining the outcome of a game?Think about it.Makes absolutely no sense.Anyway the biggest key today as always is how well Tannehill will BE ABLE to play.GO PHINS.

Boys I just checked the weather in Buffalo and it says low 40's and light rain, a bit windy.

No problemo...

Go Dolphins !

And one last thing...I will be wearing my old school 72 Dolphins undefeated shirt today, first time I'll wear it this season, we need good karma today.

Go Dolphins !!!!!

The Dolphins have played in colder weather IN MIAMI than it is in Buffalo today (now forecast to be 50-plus).

Do you guys realize it's going to 70 in NYC and Philly today? So hilarious how people in South Florida perceive weather.

Anyway, certainly not "frigid" for the game and no factor whatsoever. GO DOLPHINS!!

FZB you get your wish today. Blowout win for the Fins with a breakout day for Tannehill and the Dolphins offense....

Dolphins 37 Bill 3

Boy I hope you are right on this one Tom...

brothers in arms, FZB!.
good pick, tom. (seriously).
but just think; if we actually had a GOOD GM, your prediction would be dolphins 49 bills 0.

so true david and, more importantly, we wouldn't be in the position of having to win out to get the last playoff spot.

Go Dolphins!! got a rare Sunday off, watching the game in real time, not DVR'd and viewing hrs later.

IF Dolphins make the playoffs, WIN at least ONE playoff game,,, I'll be a happy camper. Say that scenerio plays out, I'd give Johnathan Martin a team award, some new award called "Golden Vagina of the Year" award. Team has rallied since the scandal & loss to Tampa Bucs. Kudos to Philbin & the veteran players.

Yes by all means go Fins! I mean WTF...

Agree Jimbo. Your scenario of Fins making playoffs, after ll they endured, does say a great deal about resilience of team and about Philbin as HC..

Vote Jonathan Martin MVP.............

2 Sacks already...
Was Martin reinstated???????

r the dolphins sleepwalking.wtf.everytime they have any kind of chance they come out like this...fking hate the gm,coach on down

Boys,...its ugly so far, the fackin offensive line is not protecting Tanny, our RB's are pussy's and can't pick up blitzes and our WR's can't catch the ball..

Are we going to blow this game?... WTF?

Did'nt They do the same thing last year in Buffalo???

No worries. The Fish are just teasing you. Last second wins are always more satisfying than blowouts. Look for Tannehill to engineer a last second win for the Fish.

Nice punting exhibition.

I said 9-7. That's how they'll finish. Typical dolphins fashion too, just good enough to keep the idiotic Ireland and the incompetent Sherman, just good enough to have a lame draft pick, but not good enough to make the playoffs.

Same old dolphins. NBA playoffs to look forward to I guess.

If Miami losses this game they're trying to tell Ross they want Jeffy to go...

Bills may generally suck. But the Phins' lines don't match up. Worst offensive line in NFL vs team that sacks a lot.

is this a joke?the punter is our best offens..how is this not on the coaches?they r truly not even trying.i prey they dont make the playoffs,,changes need to happen yesterday

Tom it's lookin' like you do know more about football than Ireland afterall...

I see the negative Nancy's are out in droves......

is hartline smoking crack?????wtf is he doing.this team doesnt deserve crap

Tanney, you keep throwing the ball right to me. Stop it.

Instead of 3 and out inside to 10, Bills with no receivers left, marching and eating clock. Worst played game of season. Playoff caliber?


dolphins better man up or... fatal doom awaits


I've seen enough, our guys are not ready for prime time just yet...well, better draft position I guess.


Miami has 62 total yards through 3 quarters. Not to worry. This game will be won in the last few seconds on a Tannehill TD pass the Cymbals Hartline.

And the final score will be???????

Miami 14 Buffalo 13

65 Yards in Offense, down 13 to 0.....
Que Dandy Don..............



so far, uninspiring Miami team. Bills QB Webster looking like Jim Kelly out there. LB Wheeler, only time you hear his name is when he f**ks up.

13-0, ain't over yet. Need the offense to pick it up and take it to the house.

Hope Tom is right on a late Miami win

I see the negative Nancy's are out in droves......

Posted by: Anti Christ | December 22, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Ye of little faith why do you doubt? i told you the final score will be....

Miami 14 Buffalo 13

I think it's time for W.W,T.B.D

(What would Tom Brady do)

LOL "QB Webster"?! With a hick name like "Jimbo" I guess it's no surprise that your a crappy excuse for a human being!

Tannehill hurt on another sack given up by O line. Moore comes in and throws a pick.
Something Wong

"What do you get Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for a wedding gift? Home Depot gift card? Fondue pot?" --Greg Cote

Who the F@ck Cares?????

We learned one thing, Moore throws long better,not underthrown always. Need to rotate QBs depending on long and short plays. Just kidding of course. Ex Phin Carpenter sealing our fate again.

SIX sacks. I guess The Tuna is to blame for this.

Penalty on Miami nearly every play. That's not helping either.

Are Ensign Chekoff and Davey Jones the same guy????

SEVEN sacks. Must be The Tuna who did this. Well either The Tuna or Bush.

What a choke job by Miami.

I think Jones is shorter at 5'0 than Chekov.
At least there were no punts when Moore was in. :). I think they should have left him in. His release was quicker, albeit inaccurate on that pick.
Wow, being shutout by the Bills. Carpenter is probably the happiest man on the field having beaten his ex twice.

Worst offensive play calling I have ever seen. Ok, I get you can't run the ball. You only 13-16 points to win this freaking game. I also get you can't protect the QB in those 3-4 wide sets you keep using. I also get you can't win a game through only offensive trick plays. But, the other team is up 10-0. They ran what? One screen? NO BOOTLEGS, NO WAGGLES, ONE SIMPLE SCREEN, TWO DEEPS PASSES!!!!! You can't run a precision offensive when: the Qb has no time to throw with only four guys rushing and the weather is freezing rain. The should have use multiple: TE,WR,HB SCREENS; MOVE THE DAMN POCKET A LITTLE, MORE READ OPTION PLAYS, JUST THROW THE DAMN BALL DEEP TO A TALL RECEIVE (LIKE EGNEW) IN 1/1 COVERAGE. wHY THE HELL DO YOU ONLY KEEP RUNNING 5 STEP DROPS EVERY SINGLE TIME IT IS 3RD DOWN!!! No DECEPTION. YOU CAN'T PROTECT THE QB AND THE WEATHER SUCKS. Worst gave I have EVER seen Sherman call!!!

Go Baltimore and San Diego!! Knock this crappy team out THIS week!!

Can't wait to read all the positive spin the Herald writers put on this puke inducing performance. Suck slurp suck slurp suck slurp suck suck suck slurp swallow.

How can you go into a game, if you are a player, and play like this team did? The defense STILL can't tackle, and they can't because the coaches emphasized stripping the ball when they should have emphasized TACKLING. This coaching staff sucks.

"Best backup qb in the league"


shut out (probably) in a monster of a big game!!! buffalo tossing around miami OL like the proverbial rag dolls; it was said all year that the dolphin failure to run the ball would kill them in december, and murdered they got!! bengals and NE are in, and the dolphins need a miracle of combinations to creep into the postseason. SHUT OUT!!!!!!!

No worries guys, Jeff Ireland will just build an offensive line next year and it's SUPER BOWL CITY...

Did you guys see the teal pants and white shirts tho?

can't wait to hear the spin from the ostrich crew. david? FZB? Big Baby? sill on the Ireland bandwagon? an unbelievably pathetic performance from a way over-matched OL.

Get rid of tannehill. He is a bum. Get a first or second rounder while you can because he will be holding a clipboard in three years.

19 to 0 to the bills is disgraceful.

Nothing new here, business as usual at Mediocrelandia.

A first rounder for Tannefail? You got to be kidding. maybe a 4th. Tannefail is a fraud. Philbin is dead from the neck up. Ross is cluleless. Ireland has naked photos of Ross. We are screwed for many years to come.

Poor performance by Miami coaches & players. Guess they didn't want the win as bad as Buffalo did. Disappointing.
Now Fins are hoping for a strange combo of other game outcomes along with winning at home against the Jets next weekend.
10-6 prediction is shot.

Ireland's Causality List

Matt Ryan
Dez Bryant
Jake Long
Chad Henne
Phillip Merling
Kendall Langford
Shawn Murphy
Jalen Parmele
Donald Thomas
Lex Hilliard
Lionel Dotson
Vontae Davis
Pat White
Sean Smith
Patrick Turner
John Nalbone
Andrew Gardner
J.D. Folsom
A.J. Edds
Chris McCoy
Clyde Gates
Frank Kearse
Michael Egnew
Josh Kaddu
B.J. Cunningham
Kheeston Randall
Dallas Thomas
Caleb Sturgis
Reggie Bush
Jonathan Martin
Richie Incognito
Brandon Marshall
Peyton Manning
Jeff Fisher
Branden Albert


And counting...

Swept by the Bills. Ireland and Sherman should be held accountable. But Ross is too much of an idiot to see the obvious. If both are retained, 2014 is already lost.

Let's go Heat!

Looks like chicken soup to me

DEVASTATING loss at crunch time in the season.A 9-6 record with a win today would HAVE indicated Phins had a good team.Now....a 9-7 or 8-8 team shows the mediocrity of this years team.7 SACKS.Yes fellas....we knew O line was bad but no one expected the O line to wave the white flag today in Buffaloe.RB s and O line couldn t pick up rushers or block them studs from Buffalo either all game long.Tannehill looked HORRIBLE from the get-go....YES.....the get-go.I had a bad feeling after his first series was so inept on HIS part.Receivers dropped many catachable balls.Tannehill overthrew receivers long and underthrew a few as well.The defense could not get off the field all game long.DEFENSE WAS ESPECIALLY INCOMPETENT ON 3RD DOWN THE ENTIRE GAME.When all your team needs is 2 wins to make the Playoffs and you DON T SHOW UP and suffer a MENTAL LAPSE in a KEY game....it s hard to respect a team.Dolphins historically.....TANK IT every FRICKING SINGLE YEAR.I M REALLY PISSED.

This really hurts....

Go Patriots

OK, Let Recap here................
It's only been 40 Years since last Super Bowl win....
It's only been 29 years since last Super Bowl appearance....
It's only been 14 years since last play-off win....
It's only been 5 Years since last winning season....
It's only a matter of time till Ireland Fields a play-off team, Come on guy's Irelands only been on the jon for 3years, Let's give him another 3 yearsm That's what David and FZ say he needs.....

hey tom?
buffalo is 26TH against the run.
lamar miller had THREE CARRIES.
(must be ireland's fault)
thomas had nine.
(again, completely on ireland, huh?)
sherman not only chose to pass against that rushing defense, but he tried to do it in a way that played to buffalo's strength, mainly, stay in the pocket, DO NOT ROLL OUT EVER, and hope the team that leads the league in sacks decides to not get any.
this game, as sloppy as it was, is completely on sherman.
HE lost this game, as he lost the other buffalo game, and the baltimore game.

warm weather team in a cold weather division, really what do we expect. Until the fins are out of the AFC east and in the AFC south where we belong(Indy to north.. BAL to east) this will be the repeat year in and year out. the NFL is built on parity and the Dolphins are suffering the geographical disadvantages the NFL fails to recognize it put them in. I say sue the NFL to get out of the east.

This is about coaching not rising to the level of not only their own talent but failing to call the right plays with the right sets to counter the other teams strength and your weakness. Cooy the Pats playback...real short drops, quick throws, use screens. Not of that materialized. My guess is that Sherman is using Kippy Brown's playback which consisted of five 3x5 index cards. On defense, another poorly called game compunded by inept tackling...again. Stop the run, make the practice squad bet you. How can Coyle and company screw that up...TWICE! Very frustrating to watch.

LOL At Frank, That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've seen all day..

Meant to say, "copy" vice cooy.

Ireland stinks, Sherman stinks, Ross stinks. This team stinks.

The Dolphins are also suffering from chronic ineptitude...




there are some nice side effects when you ATTEMPT to give your best running back more than, say, THREE Fing carries.
namely, your QB cannot get sacked when you run the ball.
we passed on 1st down.
we passed on 3rd and 2.
we passed when the temperature dropped.
when the wind picked up.
once again, blaming ireland shows you know NOTHING about football.
we attempted 33 passes against a defense leading the league in sacks.
in freezing rain.
mark my words, we will not be retaining mr. sherman's services next year..

Merry Christmas from the Phins....a big old lump of shit in your stocking...what a pathetic display all around...this is why you don't put the horse before the cart...embarrassing...

David, We can only hope................

I need a bigger key board or smaller fingers. Anyways I think you will get the gist of my post. The Fins have coordinator who do not fully grasp their oppontents and how to best beat them. Yes they both have forgotten more football than all of us may ever know, but we are talking about commson sense approaches to counter their strength. I have argued that Sherman has not coached up the offense and remain more convinced than ever that his stubborness in wanting to see Tannehill win in his system instead of building a game plan to better suit Tannehill has now reached an unacceptable level. If its not this then the game has long passed him by and the team would be better served by saying thank you and goodbye to Mr. Sherman.

Tom, You can also add Mike Sherman as another Ireland Hire......
Sorry Dapper, Cant help myself....

Did'nt the Fins take the jets out of play-off contention 2 years ago?????(Jason Taylors last game?)
I think pay backs going to be a B!tch next Sunday...

Real David in LA and I are aligned. Sherman's time has come and gone. He his now just a wart hanging onto to Tannehill. Time for Tannehill to cut the Sherman umbilical cord, ensure the Fins hire a real QB coach, and get this offense into the modern era.

Dave in LA,
How's that FIRELAND acorn Dion Jordan working out?FIRELAND traded UP for a player that has had ZERO impact. FIRELAND needs to be fired for that F up alone.

Well looks like the Ravins are laying a big turd too, It's 17 to 0 against the pats... Humm.........

Huh is Sherman still with the Fins? I did not know that...

sherman was PHILBIN'S hire; they worked together in green bay, AND sherman coached tannehill in college.
i doubt very seriously that ANY GM would tell their new head coach who they had to hire for their staff.

i have no idea who you are, but you are exactly right.
they DO know more than we do, but sometimes it seems like they saber metrically out think themselves.
a game like today just SCREAMED for us to keep the ball on the ground.

I don't like running games. They're too how shall I put this.. too masculine for my taste. Simply not my cup of tea...

Dapper, Actually Sherman and Philbin go back eons,Sherman was Philbins English teacher in High School, That's got to make Sherman about 75....
Maybe Ireland should have done what Nancy Reagan was preaching 30 years ago...
"Just Say No.._"

jordan was injured, missed most of training camp and the 1st part of the season.
he's had a couple of sacks and hurries in limited playing opportunities but i guess that equals "ZERO IMPACT" to you, rasta.
like i wrote before, the giants let cam wake go after one year too, so don't get your dreads and yarmulke in a bunch..

(real) dave,

the DL of the bills, besides the numerous sacks, were not gonna give up any yards rushing to this line because the dolphins can't run the ball at all. whatever the low ranking of the bill rushing defense, it wouldn't be that bad if mike sherman and his "throw at all costs" were the bills weekly opponent. ESTABLISH THE RUN!?!?!?!?! not with a bunch of incompetent offensive linemen plating in the aqua and orange. lamar miller, daniel thomas, marcus thigpen- none of them could muster a 3+ avg running behind the dolphins line even if the season's starters were playing. it has been long known that mike sherman is only interested in throwing the ball, and today- 100+ yards en toto- is what a good team gets rushing inb a game. the dolphins will be in the same mess next season because they have no continuity in the offensive line, and no one rookie lineman (except maybe anthony munoz) could change things around instantaneouly. get set for a few more mediocre seasons, with the non "wonderboy" at QB.

MIAMI SUCKS....the fans, the Dolphins...you're all fair weather A*S CLOWNS....3/4th of you never attend games, you just watch on TV.

F**K MIAMI...this town might as well just get a soccer stadium, sell the Dolphins to a city that LOVES FOOTBALL (Miami sure doesn't) - this way, we can finally become just like any other SOUTH AMERICAN SLUM CITY...no NFL TEAM, but instead, a FUTBALL TEAM!!!

This place sucks for sports fans and for loyalty to teams...watch if the Heat don't win a championship this year, you'll be able to get a ticket to any game anytime....ALSO, UM plays up in Orlando next Saturday vs 11-1 Louisville...Louisville's side of the stadium is sold out...UM was alloted 13,000 tickets, and there are STILL OVER 9,000 TICKETS LEFT...fairweather A*S CLOWNS here in Miami. F**K this non-American city...can't wait to move back to the USA, where they FOLLOW THEIR SPORTS TEAMS, both PRO AND COLLEGE.

UMCanes, What are you trying to say??????????????

To further worsen the pain, yes the o-line isn't any where as tout rushing unit, it doesnt help when the run/pass sets are so obvious. The inside handoff out of the shotgun, dependin on down and distance is almost as predicable as the sun rise and set. The Fins with a supposedly lighter and quicker line should be able to pull a guard and tackle once in a while and push the run out instead of going into the line. And, while it was not working at first, we have all seen the ease in which Sherman goes away from it. Sherman does not want to ease into a successful run game plan by calling screens, draws, and using players like Thigpen on early downs (see Saints and Sproles) in the slot to force LBs to account for him. Sherman will sit back and go to deep drops (5-7) yards in some fantasy laced dream where the line gives Tannehill time to throw. This game was begging for quick counts, no huddle, quick passes....oh wait, the Bills did do that!

Well maybe it's for the better that The Fins don't make the play-offs, After all chances are good they'd face the Patriots in Foxboro......

Miami fans are the worst in the country in every sport, everyone knows that.

Cubans are crappy fans, they don't even go to beisball games, can't fill a 36k capacity ball park with a Cuban population of 1.21 million.

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